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Enjoy exploring the great outdoors? If you’re a fan of biking, hiking and running then Maps 3D is the ideal app designed for planning your outdoor adventures. Whereas other mapping apps are primarily designed for cities and roads, displaying hills and mountains as flat and lifeless features, Maps 3D is packed with amazing features that brings the great outdoors to vibrant life with valleys, hills, mountains and footpaths displaying in full 3D so you’ll know your exact elevation.

*** Featured by Apple with a main banner in the US App Store Navigation category! (02/2013)
*** 3rd place at the '2013 Best App Ever Awards' by in 'Best Outdoors Apps'
*** Over 1,700,000 global users!
*** TOP 1 App in Navigation in 75+ countries (as of 01/2017)

*** "The functions are helpful; the compilation of 3D maps is impressive." – Score: 1.8
*** "An app recommended for hikers, cyclists and horse enthusiasts..." iPhone & iPad apps in Test Magazine, issue 3/2011 – Score: 8/10


With Maps 3D you’ll have the option to plan, record and share your routes, turning your iPhone into a fully-fledged GPS device so you can log key coordinates and elevations. You’ll also have offline access to worldwide 3D map data which limits the drain on the battery and means that you can pre-load maps to store when you don’t have a signal.


As an added bonus Maps 3D offers 3D terrain and trip planning, so you’ll never need to worry about getting lost. Towns, streets, mountain peaks and lakes are all searchable, with an accurate and precise map display based on NASA scans of the Earth’s surface combined with the outdoor map OSM (Open Street Map) and the Official USGS topo maps.


GPX-tracks can be imported via iTunes, email, URL or Dropbox, and recorded tracks can be shared via email, Facebook and Twitter, great for showing your friends your latest outdoor accomplishments.


+++ Load maps in advance over WIFI or 4G before your trek, no internet connection needed thereafter
+++ Record your routes by GPS, all coordinates and exact elevations are logged
+++ Plan and evaluate routes directly in the 3D map view
+++ Search for towns, streets , mountain peaks, lakes - offline
+++ Distance traveled, current and average speeds all displayed for an ideal trek


Background GPS recording can significantly cut battery life

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Maps 3D PRO - GPS for Bike, Hike, Ski & Outdoor App Description & Overview

The applications Maps 3D PRO - GPS for Bike, Hike, Ski & Outdoor was published in the category Navigation on 2011-03-25 and was developed by movingworld GmbH. The file size is 24.76 MB. The current version is 4.1.4 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Maps 3D is ready for spring!
– To increase the contrast between the map and your track, you can adjust the map brightness. This could be helpful in difficult lighting situations.
– Improved track calculations
– Fixed camera issue with waypoints
– Fixed recording issue 
– Minor bug fixes

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The movingworld team is working constantly to improve Maps 3D. Any questions or suggestions for improvement? We'd love to hear them! Just e-mail them to us at [email protected]

Thank you for using Maps 3D!

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Great help on hikes  W3240298564  5 star

Saved me from getting lost a few times already. I almost never write reviews but I made exception for this excellent app. Far cheaper and better than many alternative apps. Only complaint, as many other has noted, is how the app always takes you back to your current location when you click to download so you have to scroll all the way to find the area you were looking at. This is tricky sometimes because you might have been looking at the location of a particular landmark not easy to find on the map in the first place.

ctj md

Fantastic  ctj md  5 star

I love the integration with both USGS topo maps ("quads") as well as OpenStreetMap. This has really helped me find my way on local trails, some of which are quite new. I just wish they had a dedicated iPad version and apple watch support too. But still a five star app.


Not so Awesome  Bobaboey  1 star

This used to be a great app. It no longer allows satellite view maps and is no longer useful for my uses. Too bad it was awesome once.


My first GPS tracking app  MichTros  2 star

A how to video in ENGLISH would be nice


Love the app  Ray15780  4 star

Great for hiking!! Many hiking trails intersect with other trails (that may or may not be shown on the map) so I find this app invaluable when hiking a trail for the first time. It takes away those nagging feelings that you may have taken a wrong turn. Hard to make mistakes when you've got the tracks for a trail imported to this app. However a big negative is how complex it is to import tracks. The instructions should be step-by-step and clearer to follow. Ideally there should be an easier way to import tracks but I guess once you get used to it, it's something you can live with.


Powerful tool with a learning curve  rcniman  4 star

I've used this pretty extensively to map hikes in and around Seoul. Almost always works well, although I've had it stop tracking twice - I THINK because I switched to too many other apps and Maps 3D was closed in the background. I now just remember to switch back to Maps 3D after using another app and all is fine. Perhaps that was even a bug that has been fixed in more recent versions, as it hasn't happened recently. At any rate, two things I'd really like: - the ability to show more than one recorded track on the map at a time. Maybe it is there, but I haven't found it. Like I said, there's a learning curve. - Apple Watch support. I'd really like to see my pace, distance, and altitude and be able to pause/resume recording without digging the phone out of my pocket.


Overall great; usability could be improved  ironmanny  5 star

Overall this is a great app for planning and tracking a hike. The ability to view location and tracks offline without a cell signal is fantastic and helped me a great deal during a 2 week backpacking trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico, where the boys are responsible for navigating, but having a 3d map of the routes as a backup was so valuable. It helps me during a hike to check the terrain to see how much more uphill or downhill I've got to do before giving the knees a break. A couple of usability improvements would be greatly appreciated. 1) When downloading a map, it would be nice to have the default map area be the area currently being displayed, not the current location. The use case is this: I've downloaded a route or waypoint list and now want to download a map of the area. I choose "Add New Map", and the default region is my current location, and I have to pan and scroll over to where I hope the waypoints are. So annoying. 2) The process to import a .gpx file is cumbersome and not intuitive. Save to Dropbox, then Open the Maps 3D app, then go to Track List, then Import Tracks, then choose Open Dropbox, then Select the File, then Export > Open In ... and finally Maps 3D. It's a convoluted exercise that I wish was easier.


Good mapping  Elkman918  4 star

Good mapping software and views. Use this app every day for hunting. Thanks


Very professional app  Memosh5  5 star

I have been using this app many years for hiking in mostly state parks. The ability to view the terrain in 3d is awesome. I downloaded detailed offline maps, so I can use them even if there is no data signal. Before hiking, I plan a route and if I am hiking alone, I share a copy with my wife, so she knows where I am going. The distance and elevation information helps me know how difficult my planned hiking will be. During hiking, I record my track and see how far I have gone along my planned path. Later at home, I export my tracks, organize in a text file and and view them online using I hike about 200km each year, and this app is an indespensible tool for me. You need to invest some time to understand how the app works, but it is worth it.

one of the boys

Why?  one of the boys  2 star

Used this app for a long time. Enjoyed it also. Why is it STILL buggy with screen "blackout" when panning/zooming with all the latest hardware/software?


Apps TopAApps 3 star

Maps 3D PRO - GPS for Bike, Hike, Ski & Outdoor - movingworld GmbH -


Does everything you need  remix_connoisseur  5 star

Interface is a bit clunky / buggy, but once you figure it out it works fine, and gives access to all kinds of maps and features.


Update killed app  ConnieDodson  1 star

iPod Touch 5 9.2.1


Best tracking app I have seen  EdLewis2  5 star

I do a lot of working out: skiing, running, riding &c. This app takes 3D tracks of any activity with ease. Use it for sharing experiences, tracking your training or whatever. Another plus is that it does not have a lot of useless glitz like many competitors have. Recommend. I last used the app for a skiing training run this morning and will use it again tomorrow.

Ed st

Does NOT work!!  Ed st  1 star

Freezes while downloading maps. Says map server busy or unable to download map for all the topo maps. Only mapquest & US Geo Maps work. I want a refund... Using Iphone 6


Far from useful without offline map  shyul  3 star

It is paradox: no cellular signal in the wilderness when I want to use this tool.


Great hiking and offline topo tool  Craiglathrop  5 star

While I hesitate to say anything bad about Gaia as they have a cool team and seem like a nice group, I've been having nothing but trouble with their app recently. Especially crushes while trying to use things in off-line mode. I found this app recently and it's exactly what I've been looking for. It's actually kind of surprising how hard it is to find a good off-line topo map app. The user interface is exactly what I needed, downloading off-line map areas is simple, and the overall user experience is what I've been missing in every other app I've tried. To the developer, I hope you plan to update this more in the future. I would have easily paid more for this app. You might be under charging.


Works great for me  Squint39  5 star

Free maps, even a selection available. Offline works great


Great app but..  JackyZach  4 star

I'm surprised to see an update as it's been so long from the last one. Love the app but I'll make one suggestion that could bump up my rating to 5 stars. I want to be able to switch between maps while choosing an area to save for offline use. If I want to go on a hike but the trail is far from any highway or road how can I tell which area to save other than by saving a very large piece of land in a general area I think my hike could be in? It would save a lot of trouble.


This is truly an amazing app!  Dmytrenko  5 star

I use it every time I go hiking and it always performs perfectly! It helped me find the way in a lot of difficult situations.


great app  Bhnu  4 star

My go to for keeping track of exploratory and fitness hikes. However, reading precise time points on the graphs is unfortunately not possible. Otherwise a great app.

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