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We've been working hard to fix any and all crashes in the app. If you're still experiencing crashes or freezes after installing this update, please contact us at [email protected] A quick email to our support team helps our developers identify and resolve crashes faster.

Hartford Courant: Your source for Connecticut news App Description & Overview

The applications Hartford Courant: Your source for Connecticut news was published in the category News on 2010-10-07 and was developed by Tribune Interactive. The file size is 63.39 MB. The current version is 4.6 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Leaner, faster, better. We've been working on some performance enhancements to improve your experience. We also fixed a bug that was keeping our iOS "Today" screen widget from showing recent top stories.

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Not the same  Greatnsmall  3 star

I have or supposedly have 7 day digital access but the paper isn't at all the same as the print version. At times I get a message that I have read one out of five allowed (free access) articles yet my bill says I have unlimited access tithe digital Courant. It's not always easy to navigate, I find myself unable to read the entire article when I can't find where the continued part is. Maybe a good would help but it isn't the same as reading from the paper.


Don't understand bad reviews  rcallahan1991  5 star

I dont understand the bad reviews of the Courant - Im a regular reader and subscriber and enjoy the coverage of both national and local news - the app layout isn't quite as intuitive as some other news apps but far from the worst and it lets me stay updated with all the topics I follow. Push notifications lag behind Times and Post for instance on national news, but can't get any better source for state and local. If you live in CT this is definitely the way to go (as long as you have a subscription). Stay informed and think critically as with all news sources!


Regular reader of e-newspaper  IJoeB  5 star



Great app.  Kubs44  5 star

Rely on it regularly. Get all the news quickly. Easy to scroll through. Thanks, Courant.


Update:  22223219  1 star

They got worse!! Changed to 5 stories free for a month. Same news everywhere else for free and they want to charge for horribly written stories and biased commentary and writings. Pitiful! Deleted! I do not normally write reviews however this I felt warranted. The stories are generally quick but informative but subscription based? The Courant's content is minimal! Laced with both grammatical and spelling errors. When I click a story I expect content not a short sentence or 2 to follow up the lead in then nothing! The NY Times I would pay- The stories are thought provoking and well written and worthy of my money.


Needs some work  BruceTr  2 star

I receive both the paper and digital editions of the Courant. I find it difficult to read today's stories on the digital editions and separate them from previous days. There should be a filter to select the stories from a particular day. I would also like the app for the iPad to include a feature on which appears on the website showing a digitized version of the day's paper using the same layout. This way when a friend recommends that you read a story on the first page of the local section you can find it easily. Finally, a newspaper is not a newspaper without comics (sorry NYT and WSJ). Why can't I read comics in the digital edition?


Support your local paper!  TheMostObjectiveBeing  5 star

It's important that we support our local papers which are crucial for keeping us informed about our community and holding politicians accountable.


Meets my needs  NLR2  4 star

No problems but not a high intensity user.

djr brosi

Very annoying  djr brosi  1 star

Many minor glitches to be endured. The app now repeatedly scrolls up to the first article in each category while I am reading further down. There is not much to read in the Courant. Why give subscribers added incentive to leave?

Eastern ct

Garbage  Eastern ct  1 star

Useless...long story, already tried to post my long tirade on this app as a review...does not show here...what a waste of time.


Random App Store Opening  Johngalt78  1 star

Why the fu*k does this constantly open the App Store? Total bull

Luis Rodriguez

Horrible  Luis Rodriguez  1 star

Keeps sending me to the app store every time I open an article. Extremely annoying.

Hartford EF

Awful  Hartford EF  1 star

This app is terrible. The articles aren't kept up to date, the ads are huge, and now, it automatically sends you to the App Store to some random game page whenever you try to open the app or a new article! Just awful. Definitely removing this app and finding my news elsewhere!


Amazing  ByeByeAndroid  1 star

As hard as it is to believe, this app is even worse than the worthless paper. When you click on a story it auto opens the App Store to some worthless app. Is there anyone at the courant that knows how to do anything? The HC will not make it another five years let alone another 250.

Lucaya Bill

What's with the App Store business?  Lucaya Bill  1 star

Every time you start to look at an article, the app automatically jumps to the App Store page for whatever app is being advertised. Incredibly annoying.


Annoying  543kid  2 star

It's always behind on the news and now it opens the App Store immediately for you to download a game that's advertised on the Courant. That's just going to drive away users


Terrible!  Leomtk  1 star

This app was never very good, much like the newspaper, but since it is one of the few sources of local news I've kept it. Now that it opens the App Store at random, likely for advertising dollars, I'm going to delete it very soon if it doesn't stop. Don't bother with this app until they at least stop the pop ups.


App Store pop ups  CTMaineah  1 star

Hard to read the news with constant pop ups from the App Store. Sorry courant, I want to read the news not download candy crush.

Fustrated mom

Still way behind  Fustrated mom  2 star

Every time I use the app, it inadvertently opens the App Store. All they do when there is an update is include more adds.

5 min mike

Opens App store  5 min mike  1 star

Now when you click on a story it will automatically open the app store for whichever advertisement is on the page.

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