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Due - Reminders & Timers [Productivity] App Description & Overview

What is due - reminders & timers app? Due remembers all the things that you need so you don't have to.

Because it repeatedly reminds you of things until you act on them, it‘s impossible to forget anything.

Most importantly, it's lightning-fast to set and postpone reminders, all thanks to a clever time picker and natural date parsing.


1. Persistent & Effective
Auto Snooze repeatedly* notifies you of missed reminders until marked done or rescheduled. Choose between intervals of every 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

2. Fast to Set, Fast to Postpone
A time picker with 12 preset and fully customizable times lets you set due dates and postpone reminders in record time.

3. Natural Date & Time Parsing
Due can also parse dates and times that you typed or dictate and offer to set the due dates and times for you.

4. Countdown Timers
Precise to the second, perfect for making the perfect soft-boiled eggs, brewing your coffee and more. Set them up once and reuse them forever

5. Powerful Recurring Reminders
From the simple daily and weekly reminders to the complex every-3rd-Wednesday-of-the-month kind of reminders

6. Keep in Sync**
Use iCloud or Dropbox to keep your reminders and timers in sync across your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

7. Works Offline, Completely Private
There is no account to sign up for. We don't store, and we can't access your reminders and timers. And you don't need internet to receive reminders.

8. Accessible to Everyone
Automatically adjusts text size according to your system setting, and offers full VoiceOver support. Due is also localized in 17 languages.

* By default, auto snooze repeats 5 times, and can be configured to repeat up to 10 times. Due can auto snooze any overdue items indefinitely when you launch Due or act on any of its notifications.
** Sync on Mac requires Due for Mac (sold separately)


When you purchase Due today, you will have access to every feature in the app today—no further purchase required.

You will also get access to all new features released one year from your date of purchase.

The optional Due Upgrade Pass subscription allows you to continue getting access to all new features released one year *after* your date of purchase.

And here's the deal: Every feature that you have unlocked will remain available to you, forever—even if you stop subscribing.

Even without a subscription, you'll always receive bug-fix and compatibility updates for free. These updates add support for the latest iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. They also help ensure that Due continues to function well on the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS and watchOS.

Due has a pretty good track record with that.

To illustrate: If you've purchased Due back in 2010 for your iPhone 3G running iOS 4, that very same app in 2022 is now optimized for iPhone 14 Pro Max running iOS 16. It even works on devices that didn't exist back then, such as the iPad Pro and the Apple Watch.


Our terms of use and privacy policy is available here: https://www.dueapp.com/terms.html


Due requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 12 or later.

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Due - Reminders & Timers Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Due - Reminders & Timers Version 22.1228 November 2022

• You can now preview the result of a synchronization during the first synchronization • Users are now encouraged to set up sync to keep a backup of their data in the cloud • Sped up onboarding by reducing number of screens • Improved stability.

Due - Reminders & Timers Comments & Reviews 2023

- Best Timer on iOS

tl;wr: Buy the app, get the in app purchase-- it really is that awesome. I know what you're probably thinking: "Why do I need a timer app when there's already a app included on my phone that does this?" Two words: Auto Snooze. This feature allows you to be notified when a task, reminder, or timer is due and gently nudge every so often until the task is marked complete or the time is reset. Let's say you're like me a need a reminder to stop playing video games and get back to work. I set a timer for 30minutes and an Auto Snooze of 1 minute. When my timer is up at 30 minutes, I get notified. When I don't clear the alert, I get notified at 31 min, 32 min, 33 min, and so on. This allows me to finish a level or get to a stopping point while not leaving the door open for me to play another three hours. Due is also a place for reminders and tasks that need to be completed. The "date and time picking" interface is great and easy to use. While I personally don't use this feature as much, when I have used it, it has been quick and painless. Seriously, if you ever need to set a timer or remind yourself of something AND you need a little bit of nagging to get it done, this app is the one you want. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

- Great app!

The best reminder app available. I’m really enjoying this app, it’s beautifully designed, easy to use, and so convenient to have. The snooze function is what I really appreciate. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch but sometimes reminders don’t turn on if I’m streaming video or music, after I close out on whatever I’m doing, I get a bunch of notifications all at one time. Hopefully that can be fixed. I’ve been using the Alarmed app by Yoctoville, and I’ve been looking for an alternative- this app fits the bill and I’m so glad I found it. The only thing I wish it had is a greater selection of sounds to choose from since I like to associate different reminders with different sounds (saves time not having to look at my phone every time I have a reminder). Please consider including such sounds as musical instruments, animals, and human voices (like the Alarmed app), I would definitely pay extra for additional sounds. Also, it would be great if you could pause a reminder. Thank you and I look forward to future updates. Keep up the great work!

- So far, so good

I just got this and so far I’m excited. Right off the bat though, here are some things I wish I could do with this app. 1. Categorize the reminders. Perhaps with color coding, I wish I could categorize things as home, work, weekend, exercise, entertainment, kids, vacation plans, etc. Not only would this allow me to see the difference, it could also allow me to get reminders for “home” from 7am to 9 am, but then if I don’t address, the reminder starts up again at 6 pm (or other such modification). 2. Share some reminders with family members. For example, if my husband and I both have Due, I could set a reminder to “Change the bedsheets” that shows up on both of our calendars until one of us marks it as complete. If the suggestion in “1” was implemented,” then I could set a category to “shared task” and have everything in there shared between us. If this were implemented, I could insist my whole work team use Due, and set reminders that were accessible to everyone, where anyone could check it off the list. There could even be badges or kudos for people who check things off other people’s lists.

- Now with a yearly subscription 👎🏻

This is one of favorite apps of all time. I hate the thought of not using it. I refuse to be forced into a yearly subscription though and I don’t care if it is $4.99 or 0.99. I paid for the original app thinking that was it. Version 3 came out and I paid again to upgrade. Now we have widgets which truthfully I have been waiting for some time for. I updated due today and big surprise now they require a yearly subscription for widgets to work. I understand that time went into planning and development for this feature and I am WILLING TO PAY FOR IT, ONCE!! Saying that you will get all upgrades for the next year is not good enough, I’m still paying $4.99/year for features that I have no way of knowing whether I want or not until they arrive. So unfortunately unless there is an option within the next few days for a one time in app purchase to unlock this feature I will find another to do app that will work with widgets and delete this one. I swear I miss the days of paying for something and getting what you pay for. Now it’s subscription this and subscription that everywhere. I understand that everybody need to make a buck but I’m not looking to make an investment into a company. I just want to buy a dang product and have it work.

- So far so good!

I’ve only been using this app for three days. But the past three days have been the most productive in months. I love the gentle alarms and the ability to have them remind me as often as I choose; without being overwhelmingly annoying. I’ve tried to create similar schedules/lists on my own in the past, but I’m usually instantly irritated by the alarm which hinders my desire to complete the task. Even when I’m doing nothing, I can’t stand interruptions, and this app provides such subtle, yet insistent reminders, it’s as if I want to please it, because it’s so “polite.” Seriously. I also really REALLY LOVE being able to pull the widget onto my home page, so I always know my next task at a glance. (I just discovered this was possible because of this app,) I’ve tried a few other apps in the past too, and this is the first one that I find myself responding to. It’s uncomplicated; which eases set up, and thereby does not frustrate me into “trying again later” as is usually the case. I love everything about this app so far! Thank you!!

- Pure Magic

I have been an iOS user for many years now. Last December I found out about Due. It so seamlessly fills the gaps on reminder updates that I seriously can’t live without it. Why Apple doesn’t just buy this app and enter integrated into their OS I’m not sure. It truly is useful. There hasn’t been many applications that I’ve recommended to all my friends and family, until due. I have slowly been moving my random reminders into here, and it’s great. I love the fact that you can set a repeating reminder and check it off only when it’s done. Have a dentist appointment in six months? Add it to due. One of you reminded each day to do something and only check it off when it’s done? Put it in due. Have a meeting at work? Outlook will remind you 15 minutes before the meeting, then your head is down working on other things and the meeting comes and goes. Now I can alert myself every minute and coast all the way till The last moment to get into the meeting. Game changer for this procrastinator. Thank you developer for doing this.

- One of the few indispensable apps

This app is probably the most used in my productivity portfolio. I use it for anything that I MUST do: take meds, call someone, check on something at work. It is so effective because it does one thing better than any other app I’ve ever found: it bugs the you-know-what out of you until you get something done. For example: I take medicine every day at lunch. But my lunch time varies, anytime between 11-1. I have a reminded set here for 11, and it reminds me again and again (based on an interval I select) until I mark it completed. So, at 11, it dings me. If I ignore it, or don’t hear it, or don’t have my phone on me, it will ding me again, and again, and again, until I mark it complete. This is the behavior I need. An app that reminds me once and then ends up in notifications is useless to me; I need constant reminding until I have the time and focus to mark it done. This will be the best $5 you spend in the App Store. I’ve been using it for years now, and, as I said in my review title, it’s indispensable.

- Best companion for someone with ADHD

This app has changed my life completely! I was diagnosed with ADHD back when I was 5. I’m now 26 and in the past few years I’ve been learning a lot about my disorder. Learning things like how to remember to complete tasks on time and how to prioritize them. I’m not gonna lie, I sucked at remembering anything no matter what I did. Hence, having ADHD. Though, since I downloaded the Due app, everything’s changed. It’s like your own personal assistant hired only to remind you repeatedly of your daily tasks and to keep you on track. It’s default setting is to remind you every 5 minutes of a task you need to complete/start and it won’t stop reminding you until you act on the notification. Example: I set the app to remind me to upload pictures of our new employees to our website. When it reminded me I was out grabbing lunch so I tapped the “+30 min” option so it would remind me again in 30 minutes. Then when I got back from lunch it reminded me again but I was busy talking to a co-worker at the moment. So then 5 minutes later it reminded me again and I had to tell the co-worker I needed to go work on something. When I was uploading the pictures it reminded me once again but this time I tapped the “Mark Done” option. I know it seems like it would get really annoying but if you’re a person who’s really forgetful, this app will change your life! Highly recommended!!!

- New problems. Previously used this APP every day

Review #5 Great app, but now the app has new problems caused by the recent IOS updates. The MAX number of times that I can be reminded is now 10 times which is not enough. I often miss those alerts because I am away from my phone. Additionally the app shows a number next to the app’s icon. Mine shows a 7, but I only have 1 past due alert. I guess the other 6 alerts are for the future alerts. That simply does not make any sense. So I have completely stopped using the app. I am now using only the calendar app in IOS. Review #4 on Due. This is probably my fourth review on Due. I use it all the time and it's simply the best reminder system that I've ever found. review #3 Over the years this app has been enhanced and improved. The current edition is spectacular. It easily handles any number of reminders. I can even assign the unique sounds. On various occasions I've emailed the developer asking for feature requests. Every one of them have been added. I can imagine that other users were clamouring for the same additions. Look no further, because this is a must have reminder system. High credit is due this developer! This is my most used app. Thanks.

- Fantastic fast reliable UI with best feature set of any to-do app!

This app is basically almost perfect. I’ve been designing consumer product user interfaces for 35 years - and whenbthe iPhone first came out and first batch of “to do” apps came out they all frustrated me like crazy. I would check once a year and still be disappointed by all of them. Then about a year ago I discovered Due and I’ve been using it every day completely seamlessly since ... sorry it has taken me forever to write this review. I don’t want to reiterate the key features and benefits - those are described very well by Due - I just to add that it is rock solid, reliable, fast performing, and completely intuitive UI that uses the available screen real estate to minimize the conceptual and mechanical complexity of using all the most common features. I use this app as a teaching example in excellent UX and UI design and to use as positive model in teaching task analysis. Bravo team Due!!!

- Fabulous if it just…

I love this app…I was using Alarmed and it was one of the top 3 apps I use on a daily basis…a HUGE part of everything I do daily and hourly. However with the new update and some inconsistencies I was experiencing I had to search for something new. This interface is so easy to use and EXACTLY what I need EXCEPT…I used mine for EVERYTHING…lists, errands and even scheduled reminders but I had a place to write notes within my reminder and this was a key feature. For instance…Errands as my reminder and then I listed out my errands to do in the notes, homework…listed out each piece of the assignment, groceries…my list that I needed and I could view it as needed while I had my reminder open. This is where I feel like I may be toggling between 2 apps and I don’t want to do that but since I paid $6.99 I feel it’s wasteful not to use this app…I’d really say 3 1/2 stars because of that issue. If you have a few words for your reminder and nothing more…go for it.

- Can’t live without!

I have had this app for years and learned recently how I absolutely cannot live without it! I recently turned it off while on a vacation. Got back and was super busy. Forgot to turn it on. Boy was that a mistake! I missed so many important items. Stuff that repeats weekly monthly quarterly annually you name it. Sometimes you forget how many reminders you need, and how many you have set up. I encourage everyone to support this app and purchase the upgraded version. It is super cheap and is a fantastic app. Most apps are so expensive and not useful. The creator really cares about this app as well… most apps never do fixes or listen to folks using the app trying to get help with problems. Not this creator. Always reading and fixing issues in updates. USE this app. PURCHASE the upgrade so we can all continue to save our lives and stay organized with these awesome reminders!

- Can’t live without this app

I use this app for quick things I want to get done, and then repeat it daily/weekly/monthly ~i.e. daily meds or weekly bathroom clean. For weekly bathroom clean, you could set it to repeat every Saturday at 9am no matter what. Or set it to repeat at exact time of completion such as exactly one week out from complete day. The swipe gesture to complete a task is so satisfying. Swipe it away, and next week it’ll be there again to remind us to clean bathroom. The postpone window is also quick and easy. Not ready to clean at 9am?! ~just let the reminder sit there if you want and all your reminders form a todo list. Or, you want to postpone it until 3pm so it’s farther down your list?! Click into it and quickly pick predefined times such as 3 PM or 6 PM or 9 PM. Much quicker gestures compared to all the other reminder apps. It’s so simple and elegant like I said it’s very satisfying to use.

- Inspirarional!

Due helps me focus on the important things when I am innundated with many things to take care of in a typical week. There is an interesting effect about writing down what to do and being reminded of it again and again as I sometimes end up not feeling like doing it. I may choose to delay it by an hour, three hours, or a day, but I actually end up doing the task eventually more than likely (I began to think more seriously about the power and benefits of writing down long-term goals and recite it every morning, too). Another huge takeaway from Due is its elegant design and intuitive UI and UX. I make a living as a programmer and often feel challenged or lost when trying to keep the UI clean and simple (Yes, I have enormous respect for those UI and UX designers who make this internet-driven, device-saturated 21st century a better, more livable place). I find Due a highly inspirational app especially for programmers.

- Great app, but..

For an app that makes you remember things, it does its job pretty well. However, I don’t JUST use my phone. I use my macbook too. And if a reminder goes off while my phone is on silent, I don’t see it. There is a mac app for Due that allows syncing and notifications, but it hasn’t been updated in 2 years (yeah you read that right: 2 years). It has a very rough design and syncing is still very inconsistent and doesn’t work every time. I just really really really wish that the macbook app was, at the very least, updated and modernized. 2 years is way too long for an update (especially for a mac app that costs 10 dollars). Is this app great? Yes, the iphone app is great. That’s why I gave it five stars. But the mac app needs an improvement, and helping the mac app also will help the iphone app, since many users are invested in the ecosystem. It would drastically improve our user experience.

- **love** the app

I have one app I had been using but it is unbearably slow to use on a regular basis. It did not do that when I first got it. It has slowed over time. I do not think it is my phone because all my other apps work at a decent speed. That is the only one but unfortunately, it is the one I use the most. My phone timed out before it finished what I would set it out to do! That is unacceptable to me. I have asked repeatedly to get help on the issue and got nothing. Bad juju. I notified them that I was going to look elsewhere for a more timely app. I will no longer be using that app now that I found this one. I do not mind purchasing a product if I get my needs met, within a reasonable cost, just not a ‘monthly’ or ‘yearly’ or whatever fee. I hate the auto deduction from my account. There are so many features to this app!! It just keeps getting better as I continue to use it. 🥰

- Even if you have another task management app you need this one too

Other apps have lots of list making features to plan all the things you need to do. But—they can’t remind you at an exact time. Reminders can remind you but it’s not quick to postpone/re-remind. This app does both. It’s soooo easy to make a quick task and a time to remind and it’s just as easy to postpone 5, 10, 60 minutes or even the next day. Want to remember to do something when you get home? Set it in Dues. Traffic bad and you’re not home when it reminds you? It will keep reminding you until you either mark or complete, delete it, or postpone it for a later time. It’s easy to do any of those three. It offers many settings an options as to how you want to be reminded—such as sound or vibrate. I love this app and so does my wife and teen.

- Fantastic

This is the first review I have taken the time to write. Of the countless of apps I use, the developers of this deserve the feedback and praise the most. This app is easy to navigate, works flawlessly with my Apple Watch and keeps me forgetting pretty much everything. The snooze functions are life saving and the repeat occurrence feature is amazing. The only fault is that the app doesn’t actually download reminders directly from my brain. Occasionally I forget to put reminders and tasks into the app and then I don’t do them. So maybe in version 4.0 they could have some sort of brain hook-up that just takes the reminder of the task or appointment I have right from my brain the moment I have it...? Just an idea. Aside from that I can’t recommend any tweaks or changes I would make. Five enthusiastic stars.

- Definitely a lifesaver for must-do tasks

I usually don’t write reviews for apps but I use Due enough that I figure I should return the favor. I was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago and it has been a struggle remembering to do things. I’ve learned a lot about my disorder and one major thing I’ve learned is that for some tasks normal to do apps don’t work for me. If I have to do it I need to be bugged about it until I actually commit to doing it. I use Due for those tasks, whether it be cancelling a doctor’s appointment so I don’t get charged a fee or calling a prospective client back. The new features of Due 3 are worth the extra cost, too, I think, especially given how much I rely on the app. The true black mode does look excellent on my iPhone X. Good job to the developer—I’d be chuffed if the app breaks or if they stop development!

- Attractive, Engaging, Career Saving

I’d finally grown desensitized to my iPhone calendar alerts, which inevitably blend into the background with a barrage of other notifications. As a result, important events and appointments got missed. The Due app has been phenomenal for these reasons: 1.) you can customize each appointment reminder with many more options for snooze and recurrence; 2.) you can customize each reminder with its own unique alert sounds and the app has tons to choose from, all of which are interesting/pleasant to the ear; and 3.) the app itself is attractive—not just visually, but for its array of notification sounds and haptic feedback options. I never write these kinds of reviews, but Due is around winner (and is really getting me back on track!). — With thanks to the developer.

- Doesn’t work for the one thing I bought it for.

It does a terrible job with silent notifications/vibrations. I was hoping to have it vibrate silently in my pocket for certain intervals on auto snooze. Although it hardly vibrates, it does a single “thud” which you likely won’t even feel most of the time, and then it takes another minute for it to do another tiny thud, which you also won’t feel. Surely the creators of this app would understand that not everyone needs a loud alarm? If you’re in an environment where you can’t pester those around you with an alarm every couple of minutes. Very disappointed in this app, spend your money elsewhere if you can or find something for free. The app should make your phone vibrate like you’re getting a phone call, something you can actually feel. And it should vibrate until you stop it. Much like an Apple alarm. Instead, the vibration is virtually nonexistent, and it only does it once per action. Terrible app.

- The best reminders app

I’ve been using Due for several years now. I was using it pre-iOS7, when it still had beveled interface like the rest of iOS at the time. This app, and especially its developer, are SO on point. This app receives constant updates, bug fixes, and new features. I have very few apps that receive as many consistent useful updates as Due. If you need a nagging alarm because you need to be reminded of something throughout the day until you find the time to complete it, Due by far is the best choice. The only thing I wish it had that it doesn’t (yet) is a feature that allows me to choose how many time I want the reminder to go off and until when. For example, remind me to drink water every 2 hours, up to 5 times in a day... or every 2 hours between 8am and 6pm. I have no doubt that the developer will add this functionality if there is enough demand. I rarely ever write reviews... I’ve written a small handful in the past 6+ years, but Due deserves it. I’ve tried most reminders apps, including the feature-packed but less-user-friendly Alarmed... And Due consistently outperforms and innovates over the others. I’ve got everyone that works for me using it too.

- Due is the best nagging reminder app!

If you are like me, you need to be reminded constantly to do the things that are important to you. I always get distracted by something shiny but Due is there to remind me, repeatedly if necessary. The latest upgrade to the app makes it even more wonderful to use on a daily basis, making snoozing of reminders much easier and with more options. It’s still minimalist, which I like, but has just enough additional features to improve on perfection. Can you tell, I really like this app! I’ve tried practically every other to do list and reminder app, but none of them come close to being as effective a reminder to me and my procrastinator behavior. Due never gives up reminding me! And that's a good thing.

- Great app

The app is awesome, the developer seems to really care and I hope the app will be around for a long time to come. I'm not a fan of subscriptions and appreciate the upgrade pass model, paying for upgrades you feel are worth while or passing if not, but being able to keep all previously paid for features permanently. My only concern is if I subscribe and then immediately unsubscribe kinda of a paid upgrade its good for a year, but I have seen complaints involving other apps where customers are having trouble unsubscribing and continued to be billed. I'd love to see a onetime lifetime payment option offered, and would seriously consider purchasing if offered. Anyhow keep up the great work, and if for any reason the app can't be maintained, I hope Apple would consider purchasing Due and keeping it around, it's that good.

- My most used App

I used this app several times a day, every day. I use this app for a simple personal thing like buying milk and paying bills on time, birthday reminders, etc and for business reminders, like setting future employee review meetings and other complex reminders. The app is very easy to use and the snooze feature is awesome. The developer is constantly updating the app so it stays current and relevant. One feature request I would like to have is having integration with my google calendar for appointments (or any other calendar application for that matter) in just one entry. This would eliminate a double entry and work with two different apps. I hope the developer like this idea and use DUE on the next upgrade 😉

- Does NOT allow you to add tasks by voice on watch, despite what listing says

The listing for this app claims that it works with Siri and that it works with the Apple Watch. But after I paid the non-refundable $8, I learned that it doesn’t work with Siri on the Apple Watch! It offers two options, neither of which work. The first is to use Siri to add tasks to apples native task list, which the Due app is supposed to periodically import. I tested that; it does not happen. The second option is to set up a shortcut in Siri. When I try that, the system asks permission to add the task every time I try to add one, and even when I give permission, I get an error message. The listing for this app should make it clear to people that it simply does not work with Siri on the Apple Watch. There is no way to verbally add tasks to this app with your watch. It is really unfortunate that I have no way to get a refund for a product that doesn’t work.

- Excellent

This App has darn near changed my life. Especially now that I’ve figured out how to connect to Siri so that I can say “Set Tickler” and dictate a to-do reminder while driving (which seems to be where I always remember things I need to do). It is not a full-feature GTD system or a replacement for a standard to do app. But as a reminder system, it is unbeatable. I know of nothing else (and I have hunted) like it. As my son-in-law said, once I turned him on to it, “it will hunt you down until you get the task done”. That is exactly what I needed. But not for everyone. Most folks I’ve proselytized to about it don't end up loving it. But for some, like me, it is a precise fit for a specific need.

- The app I have always needed

Due has become one of my must have apps for my iPhone as well as my desktop. What I most appreciate about this app are its’ many features. You can select alarm sounds, repeat items, sync with the Desktop app and for those who like me are very busy you can snooze alarms using presets. As someone who is not only very busy with many tasks but ADD this app is a real asset to my productivity. Before getting this app I would set reminder alarms and when I was very busy turn off the alarm trusting myself to remember to complete the alarmed task when I finished my current work. More often than not I would forget to do the task that I had set an alarm for. Due’s easy “Snooze” feature solved that problem.

- A lifesaver

I'd been trying to find some way to help my ADHD for years. Nothing else had proven effective. I kept not remembering schedules I set, getting accustomed to and learning to ignore alerts and reminders. If I'd known about this app when it had first launched, my life would be a lot different right now. If I had any complaints at all, it would be the lack of custom alert sounds. I find a lot of the sounds built into Due very... subtle, and while that's fine for things which aren't urgent, sometimes it does still slip past my notice for much longer than it should. Especially if I happen to have fallen asleep. But that's largely an Apple problem and not something the Due developers can do much about.

- Life changing until it stops working and you don't realize it

This is probably more an issue with iOS and how absurd it has become lately, but I absolutely couldn't function on the level I do without this app. And then it quietly stops working. As someone with ADHD, Due helps me get things done. Unfortunately, it will just stop importing reminders from iOS randomly and I won't realize it. My workflow is "Hey Siri, remind me to do blah at x:xx time">iOS reminders>Due auto import>Due bugs me. I also use the iOS reminders and the home screen widget for reminders without a due date and they stay there without getting imported (which is great!). When this works, I'm on top of the world. Then iOS just puts Due to sleep or something and it stops importing reminders and iOS will just quietly tell me "hey do this" and go away never to be seen again. It has been happening basically since I started using Due almost a year ago. Since then I have done a DFU restore on my iphone 11 and set it up as a new phone to fix other issues but this issue remains. Any insight from the developers would be appreciated as this app truly is a lifesaver.

- Love this app!

I was skeptical at first about this app. I was using a different app of this nature but was growing increasingly uncomfortable with it because the developers hadn’t updated it in a couple of years and the trust factor was kicking in - it had given me reasons for that. Well, I began looking for a replacement app - online and in the App Store. I stumbled across Due and everything I read about it and the screenshots convinced me to give it a try. The learning curve was a little more than I expected but I quickly caught on and it wasn’t long before Due had reeled me in and I’m now hooked on this app and have deleted that other unreliable app. Due does what it promises - to remind you and me when it’s time to do something. I use it primarily for reminding myself to take my meds - my schedule is complex and without Due or something like it, I wouldn’t be able to stay on track. I also use it to remind myself about doctor appointments and physical therapy appointments plus other unrelated things. Due is well worth the money - it didn’t take long before I was convinced and fell in love with this app!

- Amazing app! DEFINITELY should buy! Only a few bucks.

I use this app probably 5 to 10 times per day, every day. I get so busy as a college student and husband and a father of a two-year-old girl that I can get so distracted by one thing that I completely forget another thing that is also important. This app keeps reminding me until I actually get the task accomplished, so that is the primary way that it is better than simple alarms that my iPhone comes with. I can have it remind me every minute every five minutes every half hour every hour or once a week or once every two months; there are so many options. Buy it. You definitely will not regret it.

- Great app!!

I’ve tried almost every reminder app out there and this by far is the BEST! Would just like to see a couple of things...is it possible to turn the actual reminder red instead of the little side bar, I’m thinking that would definitely stand out more for an ovdrdue reminder. And, instead of continue to show the current date with tomorrow’s reminders showing could you just put tomorrow at the top and then switch to that current date the next day? Also, possibly consider putting the times that the reminders are due to the side or right under the reminder, that would help be able to just glance to see when your next one is due. Thank you for continuing to update this excellent app!

- The organization app I actually use

I've tried using a calendar app or some kind of fancy to-do list, and while a lot of them are really cool I eventually give up on them cause they don't do enough for me for how much time I spend writing stuff down. The only exception is Due, which makes it so easy to set reminders that I don't even really think about it. The notifications give you a bunch of clear options on when your phone should bother you, and auto-snooze means it'll gently bug you until you get thing done. I've relied on this app for a really long time and I love it as much now as I did when I first started using it. Dev keeps on top of things too. Good stuff.

- Can’t be without it

I’m always trying to find apps to help me organize my ADD brain and there’s no shortage of those. I have tried various apps over the years and they ended up sitting on my screen unused...until I downloaded Due. Believe me when I say, I cannot be without it. I’m a huge list maker and have to write everything down or I’ll forget it. That’s where Due comes in. I write down what I need to get done later that day or the next day and it reminds me. Get this though... I can write down a reminder for months ahead of time! What other app lets you write a quick reminder in 2 seconds that you can actually depend on?! This app is a game changer.

- I keep this app in my my iPhone dock

I find this app essential! I keep most of my to do stuff in OmniFocus, but items I cant afford to miss being done I add to Due where it persistently reminds me at an interval I pick. Now that it has the full access delay from lock screen where you can very quickly pick any amount of time to push out your item to a time of your choosing it is ultra convenient. My only wish for this app is that it had snooze intervals above an hour. Adding fully customizable snooze interval would be all the better. That aside there is a reason Due has been in my iPhone dock for several years!

- It’s not working for me

It’s a very rare thing for me to spend money on an app, but this one convinced me to take a chance. I was under the impression that it wouldn’t let me forget things because it would nag me until I marked it as completed. That has not been the case for me. Sometimes the alerts don’t come at all, or are easy to miss, and other times they seem to come at another random time—The app just started “nagging” me at 2:30pm on Sunday afternoon about a medication I was supposed to take at 10:00 Friday night. Luckily, I remembered on my own. At the same time, it started dinging about something i was supposed to do yesterday morning. Better late than never? Not always. I feel like I wasted the money to buy this app since I don’t feel I can trust it to actually remind me on the correct days/times. FYI—I’m running the most current iOS and the app is up-to-date as well.

- They added ads to the ap

Unfortunately the developers added ads to the ap. Yes the ads are for their own upgrade but it is large taking up the space one reminder would use, is always showing, and it has been weeks. I didn’t know I would be forced to buy the ap again at every incremental release (3.0 to 3.1 - eg bug fixes and minor changes) or have to live with ads after having used the ap for such a short time. Very disappointing and obviously the way the developers intend the product to continue as the ads for the updated due not only were emailed to me but have been in the ap for weeks now (not just a day or two or even one week which is quite long for an ap used daily).

- Even better than you think it will be

This has really improved my productivity significantly. I’d be willing to bet that when the developer was thinking of names for the app, “Nag,” was considered. Although that word has a negative connotation, this is the strength of Due. On a daily basis, multiple times a day, I can be heard to say, “Hey Siri, remind me to call Johnny Appleseed in three hours,” or “Hey Siri, remind me to take my antibiotic at 3pm.” At the assigned time, I’ll get a quick notification. If I know I can put it off I just ignore it and it will keep reminding me until I hard press the notification and select done. Or I can snooze it for any amount of time, including hours, days or weeks. I do have one request for the developer: I’d like to tell the app to stop reminding me of either ALL items or at least the snoozed ones, for an hour or so if necessary. Admittedly this can be a counterproductive feature, but used wisely a user would likely be more productive when in the middle of a project, for example.

- Love This App!

I’ve used the Due app for several years now. I originally purchased it for my teenaged son, who has ADHD. He needed something that was going to constantly remind him complete his tasks until they were actually completed. I googled best reminder apps for ADHD and Due was one if the options. To get him to use it, I started using it. I can’t function without this app. Now I never pay a bill late!! I know when my auto deductions are going to hit my account because I set set reminders for them. My credit score has improved because I use this app! I use the app to remind me to do the things I must do!

- Life Changing

I can say, in no uncertain terms, that this app has changed my life. Its flexibility, nagging, and ease of adding new reminders, has made it possible for me to do the little things that I always think about doing but never have time to do until I already forgot about it. This app changes that. Now, even if I don't have time to do something, I never forget to do it. I just push it back 10 minutes. An hour. Tomorrow at this same time. I can't stress enough that Due is the single most indispensable app I've ever used. It's just incredible. Now, if only the desktop app was just as good.

- Great for recurring events and nagging

The nagging being a good thing. I don’t know who has a life where they can do what their reminder says to do at the moment it pops up. Worse yet is the system tools that just pop up and never say anything again. Maybe if you don’t have as many alerts as I do that’s fine. Due will keep prodding me till I acknowledge it, which is exactly what I need. Worth every penny just for the few things I need to be harassed about, but I keep finding new things to put in it. If you ever thought you’d like to use reminders but they’re too easy to ignore then this is for you.

- Great for those things you absolutely NEED to get done!

I have fought with using calendar items, reminders and alarms to remember to complete some tasks, and inevitably I would dismiss a notification thinking “ok - I haven’t done it yet, but I will - right after I finish this...” and then promptly forget about it. Due is the actual solution to this problem - sometimes you just need to snooze a reminder for a little while - other times you know you can’t get to it for another hour or so... Due gives you options, but doesn’t just give up after telling you once. Just what I needed!

- I use Due EVERYDAY

I’ve been using this app EVERY SINGLE DAY for 3 years and I love it. It’s a life saver for everything, I can’t list all the ways it helps me out, but here are a few: meetings, when to change the air filters in my home, doctor’s appts. , bills that aren’t on auto-pay, birthdays, to-dos I need to jot down when my boss calls me when I’m in line at the grocery store. This app helps me keep my calendar from getting to clogged. I can input reminders here instead. It’s got a clean, easy to use interface that I can operate with 1 thumb. And now it’s got a black interface. Gorgeous!!! Love this app. Keep up the great work!

- Great app!!

Update 2021: Love it. Nice new feature just added that allows working with the reminder directly from the notification screen. Update 2020: I use Due every day. I have all of my repeating tasks in it and it bugs me until I do them. The new widget is great. You can adjust the color to be whatever you want, light or dark, independent of the system. This is my most used app. It is simple to use and keeps me reminded of the most important things I need to do every day. It has a nice design and some very clever ways to input and to view reminders.

- Like it a lot...

But, it needs to sync after every entry or update. I have to manually push from whatever device I add a reminder or update an existing one from, and then pull from the other to get the addition/update. Right now, I get a reminder from two devices. I move it forward a day from one device, but I still get reminders from the other until I manually sync it. I've got it set up to sync automatically from both devices. Maybe syncing is on a schedule, but it needs to be immediate. Thanks, like the app though! Also, my apologies if there is a way to configure the app to do this. I just haven't seen a way yet.

- This app saved me from depression

When someone close to me died four years ago, I felt like I couldn’t keep my thoughts straight. I didn’t want to do anything, even things I liked, and I didn’t have the energy to do much more than exist. A friend then recommended this app in an unrelated conversation. My difficulties with attention and organization improved very quickly, and now I can’t think about living without this app! I owe you guys my life. Even though I’m still periodically depressed, I have an easy way to stay on track when my mind just can’t figure it out the old fashioned way. 🙂

- Much Better Than Apple Reminders

Due app is a vast improvement over the Apple Reminders app. The list is shown as today, tomorrow, next 7 days and future. This is a better layout that the list in Reminders. It is very easy to set the due date. The only reason, I gave it four stars instead of five, is that there is no way to set an end date for repeat reminders. This is useful for things like prescriptions that cover a limited number of days. It can be useful for reminders to feed the neighbors pet when they are on vacation. That is the only thing I miss from the reminders app.

- I LOVE this app!

I have purchased and used so many reminder/calendar/scheduling apps, but none for very long. They weren’t nearly as intuitive to use or as easy to make changes or set reminders. I would use a calendar app (or 2), with separate to do apps and reminder apps. I could never seem to get what I needed and wanted from one app. I couldn’t imagine not having a calendar app but didn’t want reminders cluttering it up. This app truly does it all, intuitively, quickly and efficiently. And it only took me 74 years to find! Due just works!

- Awesome, and Live Saving!

I’ve been using Due for over two years now and I cannot live without it. There are so many things going on in our lives now that if I don’t have this kind of reminder system I would probably forget half of my to do list. I rely on it 24/7 for personal and work related tasks. Love the fact that you can add the reminder to your Calendar as a meeting right from the app. The apps keeps getting better and better with each update. Kudos to the software team, for all the hard work.

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- Honestly the best task/organiser app!

Wish I’d found it sooner. Due covers everything I want in a task / organiser app after trying countless other apps which didn’t really fit what I want or had features missing. Since then I have purchased the iOS app, the MacOS app, and support development with a yearly upgrade pass (though the first year is included in the purchase price and after that it’s optional, which adds new features to you when they are released within the time you are actively subscribed - this seems the best model and wish more apps did it this way as it’s not forcing you into anything, and personally am more likely to support due to that). Anyway, thanks to the developer for creating such a great app - it really helps people like me!

- One of the originals and one of the best

Been using Due since my iPhone 4. It was brilliant & a game changer then. It’s been on my front screen since then and won’t be leaving. The simplicity is what won me over - the ease in which it is to create a reminder is why I’ll always use it. I find the widget for the app to be far more useful & interactive than literally all other iOS apps. Plus the options available when a notification pop up are excellent. The developer has crushed it.

- Good except for some minor system issues

The app itself is a brilliant concept. I haven’t been able to find an app that repeatedly reminds you until you get it done. I like how easy it is to add a reminder also and the timers are a win so I can also track my time. Only issue is that the sound on the reminders only occasionally work when my phone is locked. I’ve followed the “Troubleshooting” advice on the app numerous times, I’ve ensured my phone is not silent, I’ve made sure both the app and phone is updated. But still the sound only works occasionally. This has meant that I’ve often not heard reminders and therefore missed them.

- When you really can't forget something

I use OmniFocus for "proper" task management, but for quick one-off reminders, or things that you really can't afford to forget, I love Due. Recurring, nagging reminders are terrific. For example, every month, it reminds me to pay rent. The alarm goes off, I'm not at a computer. I snooze it for an hour. It goes off again. I pay my rent, hit the "done" button, and the same task cycles forward a month. Simple but brilliantly effective. So useful, it's on my home screen. Get it.

- As lazy an app as I feel

It’s bad. Don’t bother. Literally every single app on the market is better than this. It’s the Notes app you have on your phone, but harder to use, as you have to tap a bunch to get a due time set. No easy reorganising, no categorising by work or home or chore etc easily, no auto schedule, no relevant or decent integration... the list goes on, but my list won’t be in Due. I’d rate it 1 star if it was free; it’s something you’d expect a uni student to make for free to bolster their portfolio with their first app. Because it’s paid, I have to write that it’s less than 0 stars. Even better, they ask you to subscribe for their “yearly” new features. Get this - besides some recent MASSIVE updates this year (wait for it...... widgets...! Yes, I was being sarcastic), they’ve only actually delivered updates for one year out of the past half decade. So not only is this the crappiest most featureless app I’ve ever downloaded, it’s also the worst I’ve ever paid for. And I have to wait forever to request a refund. So save yourself the effort I now have to go through.

- My second brain

This app has taken so much pressure of me I am speechless. I have an amazingly busy family/work, with so much to try to remember to do. But now Due does most of it for me, and I don’t feel like a failure because I forget things which will get you down. Now I can do it at the time or date I set or just move it forward to another time. Best thing since sliced bread!👍

- Unreliable alerts

This is nicely designed app but it just doesn't work properly. Reminders keep sounding alerts even after you defer them for hours later. The Sound switch in its settings allows you to turn off sound alerts but it takes no effect on your existing reminders. So there is no way to stop alerts sounding other than to disable notifications in the iPhone or iPad Settings menu. The reminders deferral and sounds switch are both just not working, which makes this app annoying during meetings, appointments, or just early in the morning.

- Great app!

I have completely outsourced my memory to this app. Helps me remember to do things on the way home, keeps track of upcoming events, plus things I want to do, but aren't important. Simple interface, easy to use. Lives up to its description. I sync across various devices using Dropbox and it is seamless. I’ve used it for years without any issues. If I could give it 10 stars I would.

- Best Reminder App I’ve tried!

I needed an app that would assist me in remembering long lists and especially many repeating tasks. This was very best of the many that I tried. It’s very easy to use, the ability to keep reminding you to do something has ‘saved’ me many times and the interface is very clear. I only have one wish - that it would have the ability for me to choose different fonts! But, I’m addicted to fonts.

- Use it everyday

I use this app everyday for reminders about life. It’s easy, fast and constantly improved upon by an active developer. Totally worth the cup of coffee I pay each year to keep this app on the improve. Has the 2nd tile spot on page 1 of my home screen. Essential if you need reminders of any kind. Timers are a bonus 😀

- Love it

I use due to remind myself about everything in my life, bills, appointments etc. I love that it continually reminds you until you either mark as done or reschedule which is like having a 2yr old nag you until you give in and just give them what they want. I haven’t missed an appointment or paid a bill late since getting this app 🤣

- This app saves me on a daily basis

I can’t tell you enough how often an Reminder used to go off when I was in the middle of something important. I’d check it off with the intention of doing it in a second but just after I finish what I was doing ..... but then get sidetracked and forget !! Aghhhhh so frustrating!!! Not anymore thanks to this awesome app!!!

- Very efficient and flexible

I use Due extensively for reminders - for both tasks (obligations, commitments) and possibilities I want to remind myself of - and have been for over a year. It’s very flexible, and very efficient. For me it compliments my task manager: it’s better for things I actually want to be *reminded* about. Highly recommended.

- An absolutely essential app!

While I use another app as my main task manager, Due is used for all time sensitive tasks that absolutely need to get done. Being able to set the frequency of occurrences is the big advantage. There are frequent app updates including new features

- Simply Perfect

I have downloaded and tried almost all similar apps. If you want the sweetest, simplest and most cleverly designed get this one. You'll use it all the time. It works brilliantly with the Apple Watch too. It may be minimalist but it is smart .. for that I love it! Great design whoever you are!

- Easy to use!

Just downloaded and love the look of the features, would LOVE if there was a setting for the reminder to be set earlier than the due time - eg meeting at 4pm, but would like the reminder 1 hour before. Thanks for what looks like a great app, can’t wait to start using it.

- Great app

I use this every day to remind me of all the little things that can be so easy to forget. The app has all the features I need. But it would be good if the app could set recurring reminders for specific days of the week Eg. 9am on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Instead I have to set up three different reminders on each of those days to repeat weekly for the same thing.

- Good app

I’ve heard such good reviews of this app by Mac Power Users that I didn’t look hard before buying this one. Nice design work. But I have found recurring dates a bit inflexible. I was surprised that I was asked for an annual sub upgrade when I tried adding a timer. Really? But this seemed to disappear after I declined and the functionality now works as expected. A glitch ?

- I love this app

I love the quick interface and the highly customisable repeats. But most of all I love that I can update Due from my IPhone, my IPod Touch or either of my 2 IPads and they are all synced together perfectly (oh, and it works on my APPLE Watch too). Awesome.

- Fantastic

I've tried so many reminder/calendar/omnifocus type apps but I use this one all the time. It has helped me a lot, especially with the persistent alerts. Just one thing, PLEASE update the macOS version to look similar to the iOS version. And with larger text? Thanks!

- Does what it says.

Due is the most reliable reminder system I have ever used. The only issue I have had is iCloud syncing, so I only use it on my phone. Problem solved, since my phone is always with me.

- The app that helps be the most

There are lots of reminder apps around. This one is simple to use if you just want a reminder to do something. Has good snooze settings. It’s easy to set and change and set again for the next day.

- Overall a great app

Overall I love this app. Easy to use and set reminders. Love that I can also link it to my phone. Just wish I could link a photo or file to the reminder.. eg bill, invitation etc. my only other wish is that the phone app had more options (eg. 1 day etc) when a task is due.

- Best reminder app in my life. Try it today! ;)

Hi, I love your app that I cancelled my todoist subscription. Separately will you consider adding alarm functionality into your app? Like the alarm will keep sounding when the due time has reached with recurring due date options?

- End date for repeats

Hi, I’ve recently purchased this app and find it very useful and easy to use. One feature that would be helpful is to have an end date or number of times for repeats. An example would be for sports training that runs for a season rather than indefinitely.

- A must have app

It's so easy to set up reminders and push them off when you are done. Repeated reminders really works like a charm and it's such a simple yet effective app! Use it every single day.

- Love it

Due is well designed, flexible, reliable and consistently updated. And I love its payment model, which is so refreshing in a world of almost universal subscriptions.

- The only reminders app that works

Without the constant reminders things get forgotten. This app revolutionises reminders.

- Save my skin so many times!!!

Great app! I've been using it for a long time now... Please don't make the app too complex or change it too often... Remember the KISS approach! 😊

- Couldn’t figure it out.

Lots of great ideas, I thought, my problems are solved! Pity I couldn’t work out a way to get reminders without calls coming through. I contacted the support team but no reply yet to see if there is a way around my issue.

- Unreliable

This is an interesting app but not reliable. I find that sometimes I clear a reminder then a bunch of others from the past pop up, like there’s been a blockage, which is annoying as I have to clear them all. I only use it for non-critical stuff. Alarmed is still my fav reminders app.


With a busy lifestyle, often it’s the little to do things, that one forgets.....not so any more, with Due. Downloaded the app only four days ago and I’m loving its, ease of use. Thank you Due3.

- Due

This is great but I lost ALL my reminders when I had to restore a backup to my phone. Really annoying. Please put in a PRINT function so I can print them all out just in case.

- My goto reminder system

Brilliant app loved it from day one, handles all my reminder requirements, so easy to use, no issues whatsoever and I never miss a thing!

- Great app

Simple, effective, allows you to see all appointments, receive alerts and set repeat events.

- Life Saver

This is the most versatile, persistent and flexible reminder app I know. It’s ADHD proof and helps me to plan the important actions I don’t want to miss. Easy to use.

- Almost perfect

Love the app -love the recurring reminders and the saved timers! App is almost perfect! Would love it if there was a widget and also options to have a reminder repeat multiple times a day :D

- Functional Brilliance

Does everything I could want for the purpose. Intuitive UI everywhere it’s accessed. Never fails. Nice work. 👍🏻

- Really quick and easy app!

Excellent app that keeps me on track

- Giving praise where praise is Due

Awesome app, use it everyday, couldn’t be without it now and easy to use.👍

- A great product

This app is now my primary source for upcoming and repetitive actions. It is very easy to use and works well.

- Brilliant & Easy2Use

I’ve been using Due for over 4 Years and it is far superior to anything like it... Loving Version 3.0 Thanks Boys - Keep it up :)

- Use it on a weekly basis.

A really good and useful app, I mainly use it for small reminders. Only wish it could interact with my calendar. But over all a really good app.

- Best reminders

This is the one thing well kind of app. It pesters you with continuous reminders. That is the one thing

- Indispensable app

I use, and rely on, Due multiple times per day. I love the lightweight nature of the app. A must have app in my opinion.

- Excellent

The best reminder app on the iPhone due to the automatic repeating reminder notifications

- Best reminder app yet

Have tried plenty and this one is easily the best.

- Lost all data

After using for two years lost all reminders I had put in to app. Apparently my paid app was no longer paid up. No notice whatsoever . Just an app with no data

- More Time

Love it gets me through projects and helps me focus

- Love this App

The thing I like most about Due is how quick and easy it is to add an entry.

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- The only app I can say I use several times everyday

This app although simple in concept is the most usual of all apps. It will remind me to take that pill or pay that bill, and it won’t stop reminding you until you acknowledge that reminder. I love it especially for future reminders, there it keeps me on track. So happy I found this app. Congratulations on 8 years of making a top 10 app.

- Long-Term Clutch Player

Tried various apps before, during, and after getting this one. It’s been a good while (2yrs?) and I keep using this daily. Easy to manage, fast to mark as done or snooze. Right balance of simplicity and tenacity (nag away at me). The end point is, I reliably get crucial repeats or single tasks done, on the dot.

- Due

I use Due every day! It keeps me organized.

- My Favourite Task Reminder App

I have tried so many reminder apps and nothing compared to Due. I struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and have a difficult time staying on task or remembering what I need to do. I could not function without this app. Love it!


Can’t live without!!! Best one out there!! 👍👍

- Indispensable

Can’t imagine not having Due on my iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, and iPad. Indispensable.

- I Use This Everyday

Use this for many things everyday and love it. The pestering reminders are priceless for those with ADHD.

- the best app?

i can’t remember how long i’ve had this app, 10 years? anyway i use it every day, even though it’s probably not perfect i would hate to be without it, it’s regularly updated even though it “just works” and i don’t have to pay a fa&@ing subscription for it. if only all apps were like this i would probably still love my iphone!

- Expensive, but so worth it

I was looking for an app that can constantly remind me until I complete the task. The default reminders app didn’t quite work and I found myself forgetting time sensitive tasks. Due is very simple to use and does exactly what I need. I use it to remind me about my vitamins, exercises, bed time, watering plants, counting calories after the meal, or about payments. I like that you can mark the task done from lock screen. It would be nice add an setting to automatically mark the task done after midnight, for daily tasks.

- Great app

Feature request : collapsible reminders lists on iOS , as it is offered on Mac.

- A convert

Update 29 March 2022. Due is also available on the Mac. If you have one, don’t wait; rush to the AppStore and get the Mac version. It makes Due even better. Update 17 Sept 2019: I deleted the Apple reminders app from my phone. Now if I say “Hey Siri” (and what I’d like reminded) the reminder is added to the Due App. Nice upgrade to my still goto reminder app. I heard (Thanks to Kelly Gumont via the MacObserver podcast) about the feature that an entry can continue to remind you until the task is completed. I jumped in and purchased the app (admit that I was hoping it would be free with access to all the features via an in app purchase) and am happy I did. It is now my go to reminders app.

- Convenient

Love this reminder app, so easy to use! I pay for the upgrade and love the dark background and other added features.

- Meilleure application pour des rappels récurrents

Très bien conçue pour des rappels récurrents et des minuteurs qu’on utilise souvent et qu’on ne veut pas oublier. La fonction qui fait sonner l’alarme plusieurs fois tant qu’on ne l’a marque pas comme complété règle le problème de recevoir une notification et de l’oublier 2 minutes plus tard.

- The Best

I don’t normally write reviews for app but this one is an exception. Due is exactly what I needed. A fast and easy to use reminder app. I don’t need anything complicated like different folders or sections. I just need a list of reminders and I need the app to work perfectly on my phone,ipad and most importantly my Apple Watch that will remind me when it matters. Due check all those boxes. My favorite feature is that the smart language is extremely powerfull while supporting multiple languages (I can write ‘tomorrow’ or ‘demain’ which is french for tomorrow and both will work) and it takes me only a mere second to create a new reminder. I can also snooze or report a reminder easily with the little menu either from notification or on my phone or Apple Watch. If you run your life with reminders like me then Due is a most have. Give it a try and stick with it for a couple of days and you’ll never go back to your old app or workflow.

- Best reminder app

Great app for your reminders. Great for reoccurring events and integrates with Apple Watch.

- First impressions

Just bought it - looking for a more complete app than Reminder with Apple Watch integration. Not too impressed with the selection of sounds in Due - most are too short. It would be helpful if we could import our own sounds (like Reminder). I have a reminder in Reminder to drink water at hourly intervals and a longish water pouring sound for it that I found online and imported.

- The best reminder app, bar none.

Killer feature: Auto-snoozing reminders; pings you gently at set intervals (1-60 mins) after the due time is reached so you don’t forget a task because you were busy when your alarm went off. Would love to have: Recurring timers that could be set as [(last day of month) - (X days)]

- Not a lot to say

I don’t have a lot to say, except I use it every day and frequently throughout the day. I have many todo apps but I rely on this app for tados that need to be done today!

- Love this App

I love this app. I use it everyday. I could not find a helpful reminder app that worked the way I wanted. So I would put all my reminders in my calendar. This was difficult to mange and cluttered my calendar. With Due I can quickly put even the most basic reminders in easily. It is so easy to create, delete or forward the reminder. Like I said - I love it!

- Feature Request

...long-term and very happy user here. Have repeatedly returned to Due after trying other combinations...currently find Due + OmniSync the best for me...Due for almost everything and OmniSync for complex projects. Feature request: could you please implement logging of completed recurring tasks? I find it necessary to confirm date and time of these, and logging would help a great deal... Will post in reviews also... Thanks & Cheers, Tom

- The BEST reminder app

I’ve been using this app for years, and it has never left my home screen. It’s simply the quickest, easiest reminder app. The nagging notification is the key to its brilliance though. Auto snooze and quick adjustments help me organize my day. Having it buzz my Apple Watch as well it the icing on the cake. The subscription fee seems very reasonable as well.

- A great way to push you if you’re a procrastinator

I found this app the most app that worked for me, I don’t have the most consistent job or routine so many to do apps have the underlying assumption that there’s a clear structure to the week. This app does a fantastic job at making that barrier to entry more realistic where we all can benefit from easily reprioritizing tasks if things move around, while also making sure you get reminded often, sometimes relentlessly to do what you might have snoozed. So that balance is something this app does that made me more productive.

- My #1 app of 2020

If Notion was my #1 app of 2019 then Due is my #1 app of 2020. Feature request: need a solution for when I’m out of town or on vacation. I want to stop all daily reminders for 1 week. Or I want to disable some temporarily. Or I want multiple Due “profiles”. I turn a profile on and off depending on where I am. Maybe my “travelling” profile has different daily or weekly reminders than my “home” profile. I don’t know what the exact solution to my problem is but when I’m travelling or on vacation, the tasks that I need to be reminded of change a lot

- 5 stars

This app just gets "slicker and slicker" with every upgrade! If I could give it 10 stars I would! Thanks to the developers. Still awesome after all these years!! Last update with ios14, very buggy. Please fix I used this app a lot. Thanks

- Frustrating with widgets

Wonderful app for $6.99. However you would expect to have a lifetime of updates. As soon as widgets came to iOS I was really looking forward to adding widgets... but nope it costs a monthly subscription.

- Amazing!

Thanks for supporting the smart widget on launch! One suggestion: making it more clear in the widget that events are actually due tomorrow and not today, but other than that, it’s perfect!

- Great App. Needs 2 Features

Great app...very easy to use. Definitely recommended. Needs option to not automatically delete original task in the task App from which a task has been imported and tasks with no specific time should be available on the same screen as time-specific tasks rather than on another menu. Still, a unique and reliable App

- Easy to use

I am a big fan of this reminder app. Would be even better if it could integrate my calendar, but even with this feature it is a gem.

- These guys are pro at squeezing every sent from you

Constant new features locked by subscription

- Watch complications are broken

There’s also no way to contact support so, obviously, the developers prefer one star ratings as a form of communication.

- ??????

Why would anyone use this app rather than Apple’s Reminders?

- Scam alert!

This developer sells you the app to let you know later you need to get into a Subscription in order to get future updates. What a scam.

- Best way to not forget anything

Awesome app.

- Helpful for my ADHD brain!

I love this app. It’s not perfect but it’s the best I’ve found by far. It’s customizable and simple and so effective. Syncs well to desktop app but I prefer the mobile.

- Search no further

Used this for years, very happy with it, and appreciate the dev(s) actively upsetting and debugging. If it’s features look like it has what you need, you’ve probably found what you’re looking for 👍

- Great App

This app has been 100% accurate, it’s helped me remember for extremely important things, and have never had a problem with it.

- Such a help

This app has been a lifesaver for me. I have an incredibly poor short term memory. If I put a reminder into Due right as it comes to mind It cuts way down on my forgetting to do things. When it’s time to complete a task or go to an appointment it chimes at me until I press complete ☑️. Many times it takes 4 or 5 cycles of chimes for me to get something done but I guarantee without the app I would have completely forgot what I was supposed to do.

- I’d be lost without this app

If you have ADHD, you need to give this app a try. It’s my auxiliary brain!

- Great!

Great UI and functionality! My only complaint is that we can’t create folders for specific reminders.

- The Best

Due is simply the best reminder app on the App Store. Hands down.

- Very helpful

Could be a very helpful to most

- Recommend because of the persistent reminders

So far- the persistent reminders are good.

- Perfect for my ADHD

Thank you, an extremely useful and functional app. The only thing it can’t do is read my mind to perform the tasks that I set reminders to do!

- Quick easy to use

Has become my default todo app. Quick to generate a todo (even quicker now with Siri integration). Even quicker to defer a reminder both on my watch and iPhone. Only hassle is that it’s almost too easy to defer a reminder :)

- Enfin!

L’App qui a enfin remplacer celui d’Apple. Due = incroyable!!!

- Thanks!

Best app ever to help my adhd self stay organized! I miss way less appointments and forget way less things that need to get done.

- Reminders stop

It works ok if you actually do the thing it’s reminding you to do. If you don’t mark it done it eventually stops reminding you and not only that, it won’t remind you of anything new until you mark the old things as done. For example I have pills to take every day. If I don’t mark them done one day then the next day it doesn’t remind me to that day.

- Good, but needs a pre-alarm

Needs to add the ability to set a pre-alarm for an appointment. If they do that, this would be 5 stars.

- DUE App.

Due is the best app and runs my life. Set it and forget it. Love sending it to my wife’s Due so she can double remind me. Without Due I am toast.

- Best app ever


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Due - Reminders & Timers 22.12 Screenshots & Images

Due - Reminders & Timers iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Due - Reminders & Timers iphone images
Due - Reminders & Timers iphone images
Due - Reminders & Timers iphone images
Due - Reminders & Timers iphone images
Due - Reminders & Timers iphone images
Due - Reminders & Timers iphone images
Due - Reminders & Timers iphone images
Due - Reminders & Timers iphone images
Due - Reminders & Timers iphone images
Due - Reminders & Timers iphone images

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The applications Due - Reminders & Timers was published in the category Productivity on 2010-09-15 and was developed by Due Apps LLP [Developer ID: 387681526]. This application file size is 66.93 MB. Due - Reminders & Timers - Productivity app posted on 2022-11-28 current version is 22.12 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.phocusllp.due