Directly overlay and compare cellular carrier coverage maps! Perfect for travelers - research where you're covered across the USA!

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Coverage? focuses on helping mobile bandwidth junkies find cell signal as they roam. Save time looking up coverage on the carrier's websites, compare their claims head to head and better plan your travel routing to stay connected.

** The carrier's maps in your pocket: This app contains regional level maps based off of each major carrier's data map - as found on their website at our last update. Quickly overlay the carriers you use, to create your own personalized coverage map on your device.

** No internet needed: Our proprietary coverage maps are stored within the app on your device - no downloading needed! Quickly access where you're supposed to get a signal, even when you have none.

** Urban and rural areas: Maps are at a regional level, and cover the entire continental USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

** Carriers included: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile

** Know where to roam: view LTE, '4G' (HSPA+), 3G, 2G and roaming areas as inclusive overlays, focus on finding the coverage type you desire.

Check for a quick video demo. We created this app because we are full time RVers ('technomads') ourselves who rely on mobile data to work remotely. Keeping this app updated is a priority for us, as we depend on it ourselves!

Coverage FAQ:
Q: Why aren't the maps more detailed or released more often?
A: Our map updates require a lot of meticulous labor intensive processing. There's just no practical way to issue a new update everytime a new tower is turned on. We monitor new coverage and try to find balance between effort & staying current. This generally means at least a couple updates a year.

Q: What makes 'Coverage?' unique?
A: There are great apps out there that collect user submitted signal reports - we recommend them and use them ourselves. However, those apps are only useful in markets with an active user base. We took a different approach with Coverage? - we needed a tool to at least give us an idea of where signal should be - urban, rural, and out in the boonies. Sure, carrier maps aren't a guarantee of where signal actually is, but it sure is helpful to know which direction to head when you need it!


Named 'Essential Tool' by Wired Magazine

** Winner - 'Most Useful App' - iOSDevCamp

"this app can be indispensable" -


The original goal of Coverage is to help fellow frequent travelers keep connected and plan their routes.

The maps in 'Coverage?' are provided in partnership with Mosaik Solutions, and represent proprietary interpretations of the coverage reported by each carrier. You should not rely on the maps in Coverage to be perfectly precise or absolutely timely.

So far, map updates have been free - but to continue to support the ongoing updating and development costs, we now allow customers to subscribe to higher resolution maps that will be updated more frequently.

Coverage does not report or predict signal strength (there are great apps out there for that!). We can make no promises as to where you'll *actually* get signal.. there are too many variables - towers, device, terrain, weather, etc.

So… Got Coverage?

Coverage? App Description & Overview

The applications Coverage? was published in the category Navigation on 2010-12-22 and was developed by Two Steps Beyond. The file size is 49.38 MB. The current version is 2017.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Welcome to the newly re-written Coverage? - featuring fully updated maps, and support for subscribing to get access to higher resolution overlays and a satellite view basemap.

We’re excited to bring you this very first major re-write of 'Coverage?' since the app was first launched in 2010. This re-write presents a platform for continuing to bring out new features, keeping map updates sustainable going forward.

Aside from a lot of backend development and our new map provider partnership with Mosaik Solutions, this new version gives users the ability to subscribe annually to higher resolution maps, in app quarterly map updates, and usage of satellite maps as a background layer.

Not interested in a subscription? No problem - you’ll continue to receive FREE standard regional resolution map updates (the same resolution as before) throughout the year just as always - even if you first purchased the app nearly 7 years ago!

We appreciate your support through the years, and your patience as we’ve been hard at work getting this new version completed.

May the bandwidth be with you!

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Coverage? Reviews


Not too thrilled....included maps are pretty poor.  Minhala  3 star

I saw that there was an option for HD maps before I purchased this app. But I did not realize how limited the actual included maps were. I mean, you can't tell within 10 miles whether or not you'll have service. I could've used open signal and gotten that level of uncertainty for free.


5 stars!!  joeg888  5 star

Ah. I LOVE this app!!! It's perfect!! Great job devs!! I love how all 4 carriers are here!! Keep up the fantastic work, and I love the updates!!


Best Update! More Recommendations...  Dex61222  5 star

I like that you guys added a $5/year for Satellite coverage, HD Coverage (PS it's useful then blurs!), and a bit of changed color tones for technologies, just update the coverage maps more frequently because I love this app! Just needs to be updated because it mostly seems networks still have better coverage all the time, maybe wait for T-Mobile as they launch their 600MHz and watch their network go really far and close as ever to AT&T. (On the LTE side at least.) I would like to see this app get updated more frequent for more accuracy. I also forgot to mention that AT&T cut out 2G/Edge on 2017 as they will use spectrum for their LTE network. T-Mobile will wait cause they have many connections on 2G of IoT on their network. Verizon won't do it until 2020 and Sprint is unknown as their full voice traffic goes through 1X. GSM already can use 3G on voice and up while VZW has Voice Over LTE to make calls and use data at the same time.


Missing a star because historical data is important  JoelStickney  4 star

I purchased the upgrade for $4.99 to get HD maps and I think it should include past years so we can see how each carrier is growing in their coverage over time. But otherwise, great app :).


Great Update  markbyrn  5 star

As long as the app is frequently updated for currency, I can well recommend. The HD option is a nice addition.


Essential app  Shard  5 star

This app has been a godsend for me. I'm a professional lorry pilot and this app is my go to resource for ensuring I'll be able to FaceTime with my daughters each night from the road. The new High Res maps are a welcome improvement to what was already an outstanding product.


Love the update!  JadenKeuten  5 star

Opted into the $5/year subscription immediately when given the option. I love this app! Thanks!


Makes it really easy to compare providers  Blakeintosh  5 star

Version 2017.4 is a great update! The new optional high resolution maps are outstanding and I'm really glad to see that the developers found a way to make the app more sustainable for them to keep developing it. I happily subscribed as soon as it was available. I'm looking forward to the quarterly in-app updates. One feature request that I hope the new background changes and mapping partnership will help to facilitate...I would love to see US Cellular's network added to the app. Their territory covers 23 states and their LTE speed and bandwidth is on par with the bigger guys.


Exactly what it says it will do  Zoboflobby  5 star

Update 4/17: Still and awesome and excited about the new subscription for HD maps! The maps are a really good gauge of the cell coverage you can expect. Remember they just overlay the carriers map onto Apple maps so if it's wrong it's not the developers fault!

surpreme awsomeness

Amazing App  surpreme awsomeness  5 star

This app is very useful for getting a heads up on roadtrips. much more simper to use than the actual carriers maps, specially side by side.


Great for RV travelers!!  Jdcmom1963  5 star

I use this app to help find the best routes when traveling. I depend on the internet and cellphone coverage for my work. And, with the updates made to the coverage maps, I know I have current information. I recommend this app, you won't be disappointed!


Invaluable Tool for Full Time RVers!  Versatile1609  5 star

Great app. Thank you for the continual updates in this ever-evolving space.


Great coverage viewer  Slipstream85  5 star

Love the maps of service area and best for travelers and people looking to get a new service provider.

Oma Storm Chaser

Worth it for sure  Oma Storm Chaser  5 star

This is a necessary app if you do any traveling. Worth every penny


Easy!  IrreduciblyComplex  5 star

Much easier than comparing on carrier websites! Its not perfect, but then again neither are the carrier websites.


Not as detailed as carrier websites  CA_Tallguy  2 star

I mostly have used this app to compare coverage between carriers but if you have a decent network connection and you are only interested in one carrier, then it seems you get much more detailed and fresh info at the carriers own websites. Really no reason to use the app in this case. As of this writing, I am only seeing very, very broad coverage and trying to zoom in on something the size of an rv park or even a small town is almost useless. If you care enough about spotty coverage areas to need this app, then the fine details are probably important... Like which side of the lake might get coverage? This app isn't telling me that for my current location but carrier website does. This app does work without a connection, which is marginally useful at best. Perhaps if you are way far out from coverage area or a free wifi hotspot to jump on for a few minutes? Or to save a little on mobile data? If the signal resolution were as good or even close to carrier websites then it might be handy to have it stored offline for instant access. But even then, if the data isn't fresh, then not so much.


Works well for me  MBAgro  5 star

The app works fine. I put it to work immediately and it helped me decide which RV park to visit next. Loads quick and the ability to isolate the different major carriers for signal strength is great since I have more data on my ATT plan. When zooming in I can see the different shades of a carrier’s strengths and found this to be accurate when visiting the park I chose based on a strong signal when comparing it to where I was at the time. Nice work you guys!


Indispensable for Travel Planning  gyropilot  5 star

As a full time RV'er, this is one of my go-to apps for determining which cell carrier has the best native coverage in the areas I plan to travel through and stay at for an extended period. It's helped me avoid costly data roaming mistakes. Very useful and it's updated regularly.


A must have App!!  hmgusa  5 star

This app is so great. I highly recommend it to everyone.


Pretty good actually  Nerdtalker  5 star

Developers have been doing a nice job parsing the carrier maps and bringing it all down into one app and one place. Nice having breakdowns as well. Only thing that might be useful is a time stamp for each map on when it was last updated.

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