Directly overlay and compare cellular carrier coverage maps! Perfect for travelers - research where you're covered across the USA!

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Coverage? focuses on helping mobile bandwidth junkies find cell signal as they roam. Save time looking up coverage on the carrier's websites, compare their claims head to head and better plan your travel routing to stay connected.

** The carrier's maps in your pocket: This app contains regional level maps based off of each major carrier's data map - as found on their website as of our last update. Quickly overlay the carriers you use to create your own personalized coverage map on your device.

** No internet needed: Our proprietary coverage maps are stored within the app on your device - no downloading needed! Quickly access where you're supposed to get a signal, even when you have none.

** Urban and rural areas: Maps are at a regional level, and cover the entire continental USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

** Carriers included: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile

** Know where to roam: view LTE, '4G' (HSPA+), 3G, 2G and roaming areas as inclusive overlays, focus on finding the coverage type you desire.

Check for a quick video demo.

We created this app because we are full time 'technomads' ourselves who rely on mobile data to work remotely. Keeping this app updated is a priority for us, as we depend on it ourselves!

Coverage FAQ:
Q: Why aren't the maps more detailed or released more often?
A: Our map updates require a lot of meticulous labor intensive processing. There's just no practical way to issue a new update everytime a new tower is turned on. We monitor new coverage and try to find balance between effort & staying current. This generally means at least a couple updates a year.

Q: What makes 'Coverage?' unique?
A: There are great apps out there that collect user submitted signal reports - we recommend them and use them ourselves. However, those apps are only useful in markets with an active user base. We took a different approach with Coverage? - we needed a tool to at least give us an idea of where signal should be - urban, rural, and out in the boonies. Sure, carrier maps aren't a guarantee of where signal actually is, but it sure is helpful to know which direction to head when you need it!


Named 'Essential Tool' by Wired Magazine

** Winner - 'Most Useful App' - iOSDevCamp

"this app can be indispensable" -


The maps in 'Coverage?' are provided in partnership with Mosaik Solutions, and represent proprietary interpretations of the coverage reported by each carrier. You should not rely on the maps in Coverage to be perfectly precise or absolutely timely.

Ongoing map updates have been free - but to support the ongoing development costs, we now allow customers to subscribe to higher resolution maps that will be updated more frequently.

Coverage does not report or predict signal strength (there are great apps out there for that!). We can make no promises as to where you'll *actually* get signal.. there are too many variables - towers, device, terrain, weather, etc.

So… Got Coverage?

Additional information about The HD Maps Subscription:

This is an auto-renewable subscription, with a duration of one year.

The subscription fee will be charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase, and will automatically renew each year unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period.

Current subscriptions may not be canceled during the active subscription period; however, you can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

Coverage? App Description & Overview

The applications Coverage? was published in the category Navigation on 2010-12-22 and was developed by Two Steps Beyond. The file size is 46.05 MB. The current version is 2017.9 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

NEW: Corrected issue related to crashes when purchasing, and restoring purchases.

Prior Update: This update includes the latest maps from all carriers, along with improvements to the HD Maps version, new clearer licensing display on the info screen, and some bug fixes based on crash logs.

AT&T 2G Maps have been removed, as AT&T has now fully shut down its 2G network.

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Coverage? Reviews


Disappointed: Old Map Detail Removed  nvng  3 star

This app previously had a decent local map which was removed a couple versions ago. Some may be willing to pay a subscription just to see a map. There are many other ways to see coverage maps without paying a subscription fee. The developers remove something that was previously part of the app and now charge for it. This app is no longer recommended.


Updated to HD and app crashed 100%. Fixed.  JimThePCGuy  4 star

Updated subscription on iPhone 7+. Info page still says "No Subscription". Selecting "Restore Purchases" and app crashes 100% of the time. iPad version works properly. App support site doesn't let you submit a bug report so I'm doing it here. Update: Subscription issue fixed with new update. Updating review to 4 stars. If the app support email address was easier to find it would be 5 stars.


App crashes  SayXyzzy  1 star

App crashes when you have a subscription and try to view HD maps. Just wasted $5 on this.

Albert Cumming

Absolute waste of money. Don't buy this.  Albert Cumming  1 star

There is nothing here that you can't get for free from the websites. Also what does show up is grossly inaccurate. I live in an area that has almost zero coverage from some vendors, and very good coverage from ATT. The app shows them at the same for all of them. I feel cheated. Definitely no worth the money. Practically a scam.


T-Mobile coverage outdated  NorCalOffspring  1 star

T-Mobile LTE coverage is horribly outdated.


Need More Updated Maps...  Dex61222  4 star

While the HD Maps is such a handy feature than before, Some of the maps are outdated while all the companies are adding more LTE cell sites than before like T-Mobile and Verizon aggressively adding cell sites where they can put one. T-Mobile will have band 66 which massive LTE coverage will be expanded. Also AT&T cutting out 2G tech and Verizon shutting down some 1x and 3G sites. Sprint also has coverage in Nebraska which is covered pretty well.


Not too thrilled....included maps are pretty poor.  Minhala  3 star

I saw that there was an option for HD maps before I purchased this app. But I did not realize how limited the actual included maps were. I mean, you can't tell within 10 miles whether or not you'll have service. I could've used open signal and gotten that level of uncertainty for free.


5 stars!!  joeg888  5 star

Ah. I LOVE this app!!! It's perfect!! Great job devs!! I love how all 4 carriers are here!! Keep up the fantastic work, and I love the updates!!


Missing a star because historical data is important  JoelStickney  4 star

I purchased the upgrade for $4.99 to get HD maps and I think it should include past years so we can see how each carrier is growing in their coverage over time. But otherwise, great app :).


Great Update  markbyrn  5 star

As long as the app is frequently updated for currency, I can well recommend. The HD option is a nice addition.


Jo Anne Smith JotweeterAnne 3 star

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KriegerKlone Ms_Maxine 3 star

@isteintraum: 600 straight days of coverage for Kushner's use of private email, right?


Kathy Meyer kathy101252 3 star

@JohnCopper16: Isn't it wrong when John McCain screws over Americans while he & all members of House & Senate get A+healthcare coverage?

Wyatt brooks.

Needs updating  Wyatt brooks.  1 star

Sprint and T-Mobile are way off. Please update.


Good overview, but...  ChrisPoz  3 star

Provides a decent overview of coverage on a global level, but there are many holes that aren't shown. I recently changed over to Sprint and this app shows coverage in areas of western NJ where there is no coverage at all.


Not All That Accurate  BugBitten  2 star

I know Verizon has good coverage in the Florida Keys but this app doesn't show that. Most of the rest of Florida shows Verizon LTE coverage but I have camped in places where that wasn't the case. Not useful for me.


Fantastic app  Crachie  5 star

Very accurate to the carriers maps, with many updates. Definitely worth the $.


An app for anyone that travels  Love2basket  5 star

Whether you are an RVer, a summer vacationer or travel cross country for business you need this app. Nobody wants to be without their cell and certainly not without advance warning. It will also help you decide on a cell provider based on where you need to use your phone.


Great for RV travelers!!  Jdcmom1963  5 star

I use this app to help find the best routes when traveling. I depend on the internet and cellphone coverage for my work. And, with the updates made to the coverage maps, I know I have current information. I recommend this app, you won't be disappointed!


Invaluable Tool for Full Time RVers!  Versatile1609  5 star

Great app. Thank you for the continual updates in this ever-evolving space.


Great coverage viewer  Slipstream85  5 star

Love the maps of service area and best for travelers and people looking to get a new service provider.

Oma Storm Chaser

Worth it for sure  Oma Storm Chaser  5 star

This is a necessary app if you do any traveling. Worth every penny


Easy!  IrreduciblyComplex  5 star

Much easier than comparing on carrier websites! Its not perfect, but then again neither are the carrier websites.

Coverage? Comments

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