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Get the App. Get the Map.® - Avenza Maps is a powerful, award-winning offline map viewer with a connected in-app Map Store to find, purchase and download professionally created maps for a wide variety of uses including hiking, outdoor recreation, and traveling. Free for recreational use, just pay for maps (or download free ones). In-app subscription available for professional users.

Our mobile maps don't need the internet to work. Carry maps around like books or music! Maps stored on your device and are always available even when not connected to WiFi or cellular coverage so that you can avoid data roaming charges when outside of your local network.

Going hiking? Find an official park or topographic map and navigate with only GPS (cellular data can be disabled), record your tracks, estimate travel times, and add placemarks and photos to share with others.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

• Locate and show GPS position and compass direction
• Record GPS tracks during your activities
• Drop placemarks wherever you are and add notes or photos
• Measure distances and areas
• Overlay search engine results on any map for offline use
• Handy map searching tools to find the map you need
• Load an unlimited number of maps from the Map Store
• Load up to 3 of your own geospatial PDF, GeoPDF®, GeoTIFF and JPG maps at a time
• Available in-app subscriptions to unlock the ability to import an unlimited number of your own maps

• Hundreds of thousands of free specialty maps available through the Avenza Map Store
• You can have an unlimited number of Map Store maps on your device
• Camping and hiking use including National Park Service maps and other regions of the world
• Topographic use including USGS and Canadian Topographic maps and other regions of the world
• Nautical and marine use including NOAA and FAA charts for North America and other regions of the world
• Maps for tourists, transit, travel, special events, historic and much more

• Import an unlimited number of your own maps including geospatial PDF, GeoPDF®, and GeoTIFF
• Recreational use only
• Ideal for enthusiasts who import maps for traveling, hunting, fishing, hiking, navigation and more

• Import an unlimited number of your own maps including geospatial PDF, GeoPDF®, and GeoTIFF
• Empower your organization with the full features of Avenza Maps Pro
• Required for commercial, academic, government, and professional use
• Import and export Esri® shapefiles (points and lines only, areas coming soon)
• Manage multiple users with subscription management system
• Receive priority technical support

The Avenza Maps platform is an all-encompassing solution for the use, distribution, and sale of digital versions of paper maps to mobile devices. We look to partner with map publishers who bring excellent design, diversity and value-added content to our platform. Contact us for more information.

• iOS 9 or greater
• iPhone 4S or better, 4th Gen. iPod Touch or better, iPad 2 or better

If you subscribe via iTunes, payments will be charged to iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription’s length is 12 months and it will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The account will be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of your selected plan. You may turn off auto-renewal by going to your iTunes Account Settings on the device. If you haven't subscribed through iTunes, you can manage your subscription through Avenza.

Privacy Policy: https://www.avenzamaps.com/legal/privacy-policy.html
Terms Of Use: https://www.avenzamaps.com/legal/terms.html

Avenza Maps App Description & Overview

The applications Avenza Maps was published in the category Navigation on 2010-09-19 and was developed by Avenza Systems Inc.. The file size is 45.03 MB. The current version is 3.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• Record GPS Track improvements: Settings added to provide more control over the horizontal accuracy, distance threshold, and time threshold. Settings added to the recorded track to calculate better statistics. Better error handling in case of low GPS accuracy.
• Added ability to automatically create folder as a Collection
• Improvements to the Add Maps screen
• Added an option to request maps to be added to the Map Store
• Notification added when attempting to download a map that already exists
• Image file format is now preserved when exporting to KML/KMZ
• Fixed an issue where lines were dropped when importing a KML with the Lambert projection
• Fixed an issue where app couldn't import with “avenzamaps://“
• Fixed an issue where temporary download QR codes containing non-Latin characters didn't work
• Fixed an issue where the Getting Started Map wasn’t reloading on backup

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Avenza Maps Reviews

Kris Colvin

Great App  Kris Colvin  5 star

I do a lot of exploring, and this app is an amazing resource.

Dan Philly

My most useful hiking app!  Dan Philly  5 star

I'm sad to see so many 1 star reviews. I find this app to be indispensable! There are plenty of free maps to download and for the paid maps part of the funds go to the map makers (the people maintaining the trails in most cases). I love the ability to plan my routes ahead of time and then export those lines to KML files and check the elevation gain via google earth on my PC. My only gripe is that the + and - buttons in the measure feature are too small and too close together so when I draw lines I often inadvertently hit the minus button. Please fix that!


Not impressed  star101  1 star

I bought a paper lake map and saw the note 'this map is available on your iOS or android device'. I followed the instruction and found that they wanted me to pay a few bucks for the same map. That was it, not interested. I will continue to use the iPhone map coordinates and the paper map I bought. It's worth noting that I will pay for enhancements... but subscription service fees and poor reviews is a red flag. I feel like I wasted 30 mins of my life trying to figure out the benefit of having this app is. Save your frustration and don't get this app until some effort has been made in improving it.

Spontaneous Adventurer

Extremely Disappointing  Spontaneous Adventurer  1 star

I have purchased numerous paper versions of USGS, NatGeo, and Benchmark Recreational Maps. The PDF versions in this app are terrible, not at all what is available from competitors and a huge disappointment. I'm bailing before I waste any more money on this.


Not wrth it  robgen  1 star

Without being able to import anything this app is only a front end for their store. And it has far fewer gps features than most nav apps; basically a pdf viewer. If the paid version CREATED geotiffs it would be worth it, but juust a viewer? Nah.


Subscription  shred4rob9  1 star

The new subscription model is ridiculous. 40 dollars a month to upload and use my own maps is outrageous. I will not be using this app anymore.


Greed  CBLong1  1 star

Why should I pay a subscription to track my GPS on a PDF? Stupid


Outrageous  Afk090  1 star

I paid for this app with specific features, those features have been taken away and now I most pay 30 dollars to Import my own files. Despicable.


Now a yearly subscription nope  Lwkalis  1 star

Will never use again.


Company got greedy  AvidHunter1  1 star

I wrote this app a stellar review in 2012. I own a business that provides geoPDF maps for hunters and USED to recommend this product to my clients. So long Avenza. Charging money for something that you had freely distributed for years places you on the same level as a crack dealer.


Subscription fee is outrageous  Esivers  1 star

$30 a year to import and display my own maps is completely outrageous. I would pay a nominal subscription fee gladly, but this is extortionate. Another once great app goes into the toilet by removing a basic function.

4x4 camper

Best PDFs map app.  4x4 camper  1 star

Best PDF map app out there. You can buy USGS topo maps, USFS, Trails Illustrated, just about any map you could desire. Some you pay for, others are free. My favorite aspect of this app is the ability to add photos and comments for trip planning and/or during your trip. If you like to explore like we do, you can look over your maps to see places you marked to revisit. This is especially a great app if you are a photographer and were in a hurry the first time through. You can snap a few images, note sun angles and return. Support is usually quick and they have responded well to my questions. My only want is to have this app be Apple Pencil/iPad Pro enabled so I can add tracks and join them. Highly recommended. UPDATE! Since they have implemented the fees, I am not able to move several maps to a new device and even signed in, I cannot access the search feature. A workaround to move my maps support said is to buy a temporary subscription. I paid lots of money for my maps. I would like to buy a few new ones and update several older ones and cannot do that. Very disappointed.


Stripped of all usefulness...  60Mpilot  1 star

This app was a go-to app for every military aviator I know. Now they have stripped the app of all usefulness unless you pay $30. Now, every aviator I know is going elsewhere.


Great app, subscription kills it  Jimbob.1000  1 star

App is great for dirt biking in he forests, using free DNR maps. It's too bad that the subscription is $30/yr. It's too much for what it is.


Fee is ridiculous  shakinbacon  1 star

I used to use this app in conjunction with CalTopo to import maps for backpacking. It was free. Now that they charge an insane $30/year for that feature, I'm looking for another app--maybe Maps n Trax as mentioned previously. Was a great app before, and it's seriously a shame that the price is now so steep. The most I'd be willing to pay is $5-10 a year.


Completely disappointed    1 star

This used to be hands down the best app for hiking, biking, etc. Now they want to charge absolutely ridiculous prices to import maps that are free. It's not like the maps are even Avenza's. Like others, I will be finding a new app. Hope your greed ends your business.


Ridiculous expensive subscription  Luis01110001  1 star

You are only able to add 3 maps before you are required to pay an outrageous yearly subscription of $30. A subscription for this kind of all is ridiculous. I understand charging a one time purchase fee, but not a super expensive subscription.


Extort-O-Matic  Troxel  1 star

Used to be a great tool for viewing detailed custom maps that we created in our GIS system. Now suddenly we're supposed to pay an annual ransom for every device used by our company just to view our own maps?!? Sorry, that math doesn't work. We're going back to paper.

Tac nav crashes

Another used to be great app destroyed by the developer.  Tac nav crashes  1 star

The annual charges for this app are ridiculous considering what you once were able to do with this for free. It's like they wanted to completely destroy their product. Too bad because it was a great app. Maybe lower the price to something sensible like a one time fee of $7 or $8 and you may get some customers back. In the meantime people can check out Maps-n-trax which can basically do the same things and doesnt restrict you to 3 maps. Good job Avenza...


Really?!?  s20055  1 star

Never should have changed how "free" and/or "custom" maps are handled. Charging $29.99 annually for this is a deal-killer.

Avenza Maps Comments

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