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A sports hunting app and game call with many extra features such as solunar times, weather forecast, tracking logs and more. Over 750 calls from 55+ species with ability to create your own animal calls playlist. More animal calls added yearly for FREE! Free to download (75 calls free and in-app purchase for the rest) so you can see and test our awesome features.


◆◆◆ Featured by Apple as “New & Noteworthy” sports hunting app! ◆◆◆

If you are a dedicated deer hunter, duck hunter, or other game, you must have our app. Our animal calls collection include: elk, coyote, moose, bear, pheasant, wolf, bird, duck, deer, wild boar, raccoon, and many other wildlife and predators. Includes species for S. Africa, Europe and Australia (full list below).


• Download and try the app for FREE. (75 calls are free and in-app purchase for the rest)
• Over 750 animal calls from 50+ species including coyote, moose, elk, pheasant, bear, predators, and other wildlife.
• Ability to create your own animal call Playlist of any length.
• Use Solunar Time to know when the animals and fish are active before you go fishing or hunting.
• Activity Log with Current GPS coordination or Location on Map features.
• Upload your photos or see photos from other hunters.
• Weather Forecast to know the wind direction or the weather situation before you go on your outdoor and hunting trip.
• Compass to help you find your way when you are hunting.
• Flashlight to follow animal blood trails.
• Learn about Ruger guns, rifles, and shooting tips.

The iHUNT Advantage:

With the Playlist feature you can create almost infinite number of animal calls. You can attract game animals more easily, even educated varmints because you can avoid playing the same call sequence twice.

The Weather Forecast lets you know the current wind direction. Now you can plan your hunting session and avoid being caught downwind from deer and coyotes.

The Solunar Times will inform you about the moon phases and feeding times of fish and game animals. Plan the fishing and hunting times with the greatest activity.

Use the Activity Log to make notes about your hunting and fishing trips. You can note what happened, what works and what doesn’t, what to avoid, or other observations that will be useful for you when you plan your next trip.

Available calls:
• Alligators & Crocs
• Bears
• Birds
• Bobcats
• Buffalo & Bison
• Chickens
• Chipmunks
• Cows
• Coyotes
• Crows
• Deer & Antelope
• Donkeys
• Ducks
• Elk
• Foxes
• Geese
• Goats
• Hawks & Eagles
• Jackals
• Mice & Rats
• Moose
• Owls
• Pheasant
• Prairie dogs
• Quail
• Rabbit & Hare
• Raccoon, Possum & Beaver
• Sheep & Lamb
• Snipe Birds
• Squirrels
• Turkeys
• Wild Boar & Pigs
• Wildebeest
• Wolves
• Zebra

There is no need to spend over $200 to get a specialized electronic caller. You can access all the calls you will need with various advanced features for a cost less than the *battery* of those devices!

If you need louder calls or extend the range of the calls, you can purchase our iHUNT bluetooth speaker. This device will get you the volume up to 110 db and give you more than > 50 yards range. Discount codes included with the app.

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Requires a wifi connection to download

iHunt By Ruger Hunting Calls Fish & Solunar Tables App Description & Overview

The applications iHunt By Ruger Hunting Calls Fish & Solunar Tables was published in the category Sports on 2010-09-24 and was developed by iHunt, LLC. The file size is 253.71 MB. The current version is 2.4.3 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

- Added 12 new animal calls
- Added controls for the new iHunt Decoy

Thanks for making us the number one hunting appon iOS for over 3 years.

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iHunt By Ruger Hunting Calls Fish & Solunar Tables Reviews


Great app  C.D.S.3  3 star

This is the only app that I have found so far that has a squirrel call. This is an update to the previous statement. For some reason the pictures will not upload.


Keep shopping  fatstrat101  1 star

This app could be great but it’s like the creators just abandoned it. None of the links work and I’m not paying for something that isn’t going to be kept up. I’ll keep shopping.


It’s an o.k. App.  Lowchap  3 star

It would be nice to know before you load the 150mb app that nothing will work unless you upgrade to the paid version. Also it would be great if the selections you hide would stay hidden. There are a lot of calls that just are not applicable depending on location. Some are also not labeled well ie.. deer grunt, dominant buck grunt, etc. what type of deer? Many of the calls are useful if you have a Bluetooth speaker to broadcast the sound.


Well done  cfoodchef  4 star

I like the variety of calls. I would like the ability to arrange the order of the call to my liking, having to scroll through the ones I don’t use is frustrating. Also, fix or remove the dead links from the app. I have had good success on foxes with this set up. Battery life is better than expected.


Not free at all  Gsxjcbbccocooddd  1 star

You only get pointless stuff for free

pastor clint

Great app  pastor clint  5 star

I love the amount of info this app provides. So far it has been right on for deer activity. So far I have fired two rounds and harvested two deer.


Restore purchases not working  JoeBarba  1 star

I purchased the deer calls last season and when I went into the app the other day I realized they were all locked again. Trying to use the restore within the app didn’t work so I emailed their support. Very simple fix, right? Terrible back and forth emails like they had no idea what the app was or the paid portions and at one point told me to get a serial number off of the speaker. Speaker? I never mentioned a speaker in my emails and they have no idea what I am asking for and have been no help. I included the purchase receipt on the first email. Apparently they need another $5 that bad?


Go buy Lotto Ticket  Frus-Tra-ted2  1 star

Installed - most features useless unless you pay; tried to buy 'deal pkg' - dead links - uninstalled! Not going to pay for something when you can't even check out 'offers'. Buyer beware!


Review  uEnvy91  5 star

Great app for tons of great sounds. You will not be disappointed.


LOVE  Lolabelle82  5 star

Now, I will say I am an avid Ruger supporter and always have loved anything by them. Living in the woods this app has become very handy to scare off predators and unwelcome small guest in my home (the mice and chipmunk calls) I'm a bird hunter and while I do not use this app for those reasons I love being able to take pictures of wildlife spotted and the coordinates VERY SMART!!!

Dingo Dave-r

Hunter  Dingo Dave-r  3 star

New upgrade good but you Ruger advertisements are so big use a lot of memory


Great App  Chappotreb  5 star

Love this app, would be great doing a few more Australian animals..


Great product  PeterSabbath  5 star

Works really well. Hooked up with a blue tooth speak is a killer. Fallow sound recording is to softer when compared with other sounds. New update runs well


Calls all gone  Spudda26  1 star

After update all calls have disappeared. Please fix


Good app  Vinni717  4 star

I love this app because it has more than I animal call! And the only negative thing is that some calls are a bit hard to hear but overall it's a fantastic app

#1 hunter🔪🔫

I hunt  #1 hunter🔪🔫  5 star

This app is great


Good fun  Sonnova91  5 star

Lots of different types of calls to use Easy to operate Can shear and upload hunting photos and lots more


Wow!!!  Lincolnpony  5 star

I had this app along time ago and it is amazing so I'm getting it again!!!!!


Not good  Bowman9998  1 star

It is poor that when you up date the app that you loose items that you could access unless you pay again. Would not recommend this app now


Must have  Shifty6666  5 star

Thanks for a great ap. definitely worth the $$$. Thanks.


Ihuntbyruger  anytym  2 star

Went to ruger, updated. Said it had a new wolf sounds. Now i don't have any wolf sounds. This is a bunch of s---. Deleted ruger, went to reload and it says it doesn't support paypal when i have been using paypal for my netflicks payment through itunes and app payments.


The best  Outd00rs51890  5 star

Use this twenty four seven. Has everything you need


Wolves category no showing  Merlotmassacre  5 star

Everything works as needed but wolf category is not showing up. I'm not hunting wolf but figured I would mention something so you guys can look into it.


Was great, but then..  Kolache7  1 star

came the update. Lost all the calls!


Does not work  Rogerdoger07  2 star

3 stars for now update doesn't work all my calls have disappeared


Arrangement  Kmac4096  1 star

I don't particularly care for the way the animal calls are arranged now. The old way was very easy to use and you could find what you were looking for quickly. Why can't we just leave things alone?


Great app  Hiso167  5 star

I use this thing all the time it's recently made it to my front page of apps

Buck hunter 58

Like the new update!  Buck hunter 58  5 star

This is a great app that continues to evolve. The new slide to hide feature and the new calls-quality of the calls continues to be high.

Coyote caller

Owner  Coyote caller  1 star

Yes, it also wiped out all my calls as well. Only calls on playlist remain. It automatically did the update on its own.


Ihunt rocked.....pre-update.  OregonGrizzly  3 star

The update wiped out all calls except those in my playlist. Deleted app, re-downloaded, still nothing. This needs a quick fix by company.

iHunt By Ruger Hunting Calls Fish & Solunar Tables Comments

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