iHunt By Ruger Hunting Calls Fish & Solunar Tables

A sports hunting app and game call with many extra features such as solunar times, weather forecast, tracking logs and more. Over 750 calls from 55+ species with ability to create your own animal calls playlist. More animal calls added yearly for FREE! Free to download (75 calls free and in-app purchase for the rest) so you can see and test our awesome features.


◆◆◆ Featured by Apple as “New & Noteworthy” sports hunting app! ◆◆◆

If you are a dedicated deer hunter, duck hunter, or other game, you must have our app. Our animal calls collection include: elk, coyote, moose, bear, pheasant, wolf, bird, duck, deer, wild boar, raccoon, and many other wildlife and predators. Includes species for S. Africa, Europe and Australia (full list below).


• Download and try the app for FREE. (75 calls are free and in-app purchase for the rest)
• Over 750 animal calls from 50+ species including coyote, moose, elk, pheasant, bear, predators, and other wildlife.
• Ability to create your own animal call Playlist of any length.
• Use Solunar Time to know when the animals and fish are active before you go fishing or hunting.
• Activity Log with Current GPS coordination or Location on Map features.
• Upload your photos or see photos from other hunters.
• Weather Forecast to know the wind direction or the weather situation before you go on your outdoor and hunting trip.
• Compass to help you find your way when you are hunting.
• Flashlight to follow animal blood trails.
• Learn about Ruger guns, rifles, and shooting tips.

The iHUNT Advantage:

With the Playlist feature you can create almost infinite number of animal calls. You can attract game animals more easily, even educated varmints because you can avoid playing the same call sequence twice.

The Weather Forecast lets you know the current wind direction. Now you can plan your hunting session and avoid being caught downwind from deer and coyotes.

The Solunar Times will inform you about the moon phases and feeding times of fish and game animals. Plan the fishing and hunting times with the greatest activity.

Use the Activity Log to make notes about your hunting and fishing trips. You can note what happened, what works and what doesn’t, what to avoid, or other observations that will be useful for you when you plan your next trip.

Available calls:
• Alligators & Crocs
• Bears
• Birds
• Bobcats
• Buffalo & Bison
• Chickens
• Chipmunks
• Cows
• Coyotes
• Crows
• Deer & Antelope
• Donkeys
• Ducks
• Elk
• Foxes
• Geese
• Goats
• Hawks & Eagles
• Jackals
• Mice & Rats
• Moose
• Owls
• Pheasant
• Prairie dogs
• Quail
• Rabbit & Hare
• Raccoon, Possum & Beaver
• Sheep & Lamb
• Snipe Birds
• Squirrels
• Turkeys
• Wild Boar & Pigs
• Wildebeest
• Wolves
• Zebra

There is no need to spend over $200 to get a specialized electronic caller. You can access all the calls you will need with various advanced features for a cost less than the *battery* of those devices!

If you need louder calls or extend the range of the calls, you can purchase our iHUNT bluetooth speaker. This device will get you the volume up to 110 db and give you more than > 50 yards range. Discount codes included with the app.

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iHunt By Ruger Hunting Calls Fish & Solunar Tables App Description & Overview

The applications iHunt By Ruger Hunting Calls Fish & Solunar Tables was published in the category Sports on 2010-09-24 and was developed by iHunt, LLC. The file size is 253.71 MB. The current version is 2.4.3 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

- Added 12 new animal calls
- Added controls for the new iHunt Decoy

Thanks for making us the number one hunting appon iOS for over 3 years.

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iHunt By Ruger Hunting Calls Fish & Solunar Tables Reviews

Duell shot outdoors

Product review  Duell shot outdoors  5 star

This product is fantastic! Works great for every thing! Weather, compass, good hunting times, animal activity and much more. Download the free app and than after you get to like it than upgrade to the pro version and see all the more great features!


Ok  Mel41562  2 star

It has calls I use but they must be for northern whitetail cause all I can use are the does and fawns the others are too deep for my area, good crow calls. Can't use anything else though just not right.maybe the hog calls haven't tried.


Why the heck would I need a chipmunk call?  AKITALUVER  3 star

Ok. Most of the calls are for species I'd never use.


Disappointed  Sschubert001  1 star

I thought I hit the jackpot with the variety of calls. Well I didn't and the speaker was WAY below my expectations. I have started coyote hunting and the howls cut out throughout their use. Very disappointed after reading the hype in this product.

O'Neill Outside

A guy  O'Neill Outside  5 star


Boba non

I Ruger call selection  Boba non  3 star

I should have checked the call selection before I purchased the speaker. There is not a selection for cougars. And most of the calls are only a few seconds long. Otherwise I am happy with this ecaller.


Unhappy customer  Chadsee  1 star

I purchased The ihunt app a few years back and I loved it up until they made it where it only works with their Bluetooth device. I paid $10 for a useless app because now you have to buy their speaker which comes with a free download.


Very Disappointed!  78961  1 star

The app is free but very little works unless you pay to upgrade. Very misleading to call this a free app.


No volume control  TexasJäger  2 star

This app has a huge number of game calls but No volume controls. Other apps for calling game do.

Not You Too

Great  Not You Too  5 star

I like it. Easy to use. Works great. Speaker has a good range. Already brought in some crows, which is hard to mimic.


Ihunt rocked.....pre-update.  OregonGrizzly  3 star

The update wiped out all calls except those in my playlist. Deleted app, re-downloaded, still nothing. This needs a quick fix by company.

Flashlight works great!!!

Updated but sounds went away  Flashlight works great!!!  1 star

05/24/2016 ...I performed the required update. ALL sounds went away!?!? Cannot restore sounds!!! What happened??? App USELESS after this update!!!!


Great app before the update.  Aufan88  1 star

Used this app often for hogs but now the only calls I have after the update are the three I had on a playlist. They need to fix this


Wiped out....  JP-MO  1 star

The May 23 download appears to have wiped out all out the calls on iPhone/iPad.


Don't update  Finkgrinder  1 star

After updating I can't find any of the calls. They made a great easy to use app impossible to use.


Ihunt  Mab5035  1 star

People need to stop posting free apps that are only free to download and not free to use. Free means free. If I wanted to purchase an app I have a lot to choose from. Now I have an app on my iPhone that I can't delete. If I do it still remains with a cloud. People are so dishonest these days. Even says I can try it before I upgrade. Another lie. Very disappointed.


Great app  Redhotrunner  5 star

This is a great system & good quality sounds!

Bwana Bubba

Mobile Device Game Calling - Going light in the pack  Bwana Bubba  5 star

Though, I am in the early process of using this product, I find it to be a winner. I use an Apple device myself, it allows me to go light into the field. The APP is easy to use, with many features that are free. The game calls are the best I have heard and the variety of calls are over the top! Other features, such shopping or just looking at Ruger firearms is fun, plus being up to date on new Ruger firearms. There is many more features for the hunter or anyone else that ventures into outdoors. Just think about hearing a noise from an animal, bird, or reptile you could go through the calls and know what is out there. Those that hunt for predators, you have it made to call them in close enough to shoot. How about using the App to study the game you want to hunt or even observe. In the near future, I will give a full review from using the App in the field. You'll find it on Archery Talk and Bwana Bubba Adventurers. Frank Biggs aka Bwana Bubba


The best game amplifier  Noelbum771  5 star

I hunt Ruger amplifierI bought it and works at 50 yards like they say and it comes with over 1000 game calls to hunt turkey and it works I recommend it to anybody


Worthless  NCstrutntom  1 star

That's 5 minutes of my life wasted. Actually took less than 5 minutes to determine this app is the worst of all the hunting apps.

iHunt By Ruger Hunting Calls Fish & Solunar Tables Comments

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