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Download the only English dictionary app you’ll ever need, and get a thesaurus, word games, and quizzes, too!

With more than 2 million trusted definitions and synonyms, the ad-free Dictionary.com pro app is the leading online reference for language lovers everywhere. Make learning fun with word games, access voice-activated pronunciations, and oh yes, we’ve made the dictionary work anywhere you are—even when you don’t have Wi-Fi.

In addition to trusted reference content from Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com, our new pro app includes:

- Word Puzzle – Can you score a perfect 10? Unscramble the letters, and find the words!
- Quizzes and word games: Take your word knowledge to the next level
- An ad-free word search experience!
- Word of the Day: Expand that vocabulary!
- Thesaurus: Get synonyms and antonyms alongside your dictionary definitions.
- Audio pronunciations: Never mispronounce another word!
- Voice search: Find the definitions you’re looking for anywhere, anytime.
- Lightning fast offline access
- Grammar help: Better writing, right at your fingertips
- Example sentences: Find out how to use words when you write and speak.
- Customizable word lists: Never forget the new words you’ve learned.
- English spelling help: Not sure how a word is spelled? This app will find it out for you.
- Learner’s dictionary: Find extra information about word usage for English learners.
- Encyclopedia: Learn more about the words you love.
- Idioms and phrases: Explore the ins and outs of the English language!
- Medical, Science, and Rhyming Dictionaries.

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Dictionary.com Pro English Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Calling all word lovers, we have updates! Empty the dustbin, because we’ve swept out all the bugs! Let our spelling quizzes help you take home the trophy for your own spelling bee (the only bug we like to see around here). Bonus: Take a scroll stroll through the Words of the Day whenever you want a little language refresher.

Dictionary.com Pro English Comments & Reviews

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- Longtime User and Great Lover of App

I’m always curious. I really like this app because it just feeds my curiosity. With the exception of the other daily use apps, like Safari/Google, time clock, and calendar, this is my most used app. I love having verbal pronunciation because I’m not always right with the phonetic written pronunciation. As another reviewer stated, I really appreciate this app because before I used to keep notes on words to look up later that I had come across in writing or audio that I didn’t really know the definition of. But by the time I’d great to looking up the word on the net, I’d likely forget the provenance of the word’s usage. Most of the time I have an idiomatic or casual knowledge about the word but I like to know truly what is the definition. Along the way I’ve been very surprised to find that the definition is completely different than what I’ve thought. In fact recently I discovered that there is a word I often hear used and have used it as well but completely incorrectly. Long time ago Dictionary integrated the Thesaurus which is excellent since I also always like to see the synonyms and antonyms of the word I’m looking up to not only solidify the definition but also to expand my vocabulary. I would recommend this app to any wordsmith like me.

- Improve use & enjoyment of language, with this perfect blend of conciseness & thoroughness

I use this app all the time, and it’s right at the top of my list of favs (surpassed perhaps only by Blue Letter Bible’s app). I have always loved words, and a mentor once gave me a sage admonition never to use a word I couldn’t define. He insisted it was arrogant. I’ve found his challenge has helped me be more precise in my thinking, humble in my attitude, and appreciative of others’ wordsmithing skills. And it makes learning from others more fun. Well, this program just facilitates all these. In the world of language, it allows for real-time, “point of care” use and learning. I’ve looked up things while in hospital meetings (I’m a physician), while waiting in line, writing emails or other documents, and writing reviews for iPhone apps. I love the etymology tool, as it helps make definitions and nuances easier for me to remember, and the words themselves more vivid & enriching. I suggested the app to my son recently, as I’ve found that regardless of what kind of work we do, communication that shows attention to word usage (as well as grammar) captures people’s attention — and rightly so. If you want to improve your use, understanding and enjoyment of language, I think you’ll find this program very valuable. Strongly recommended!

- audio no longer works since last update

since your last update, the audio no longer works on iphone XS Max, when trying to use pronunciation feature. i’ve been waiting for a new update to correct this feature for several weeks. i have now started looking at other apps that have this feature. up until now, i have used your app for many years without any problems that i can remember. however, this is a very important feature and used very frequently, now rendering the app useless to me fifty percent of the time. please take note. Not so fast there “wrongpants”. Your audio is STILL NOT fixed completely... it does appear to be working on iphone when manual ringer is turned on, however, not when turned to vibrate, such as my phone has always been set to for many years. So whatever you have altered is still not being picked up by your brain trust, which means you are still unaware. These little details are big deals to phone owners who have their phones set up in specific ways. Anyway, this little irritation is so unnecessary. Why fix things when they are not broken? Why post updates when you don’t test basic features? One unnecessary improvement shouldn’t negate basic features. Good luck with all that, there are plenty of clueless app providers out there so your not alone.

- WordMan

Paid for an add on, then another. Next a fourth and fifth sold as a package with one I already paid for. Discussed with them. No intelligent response like I was speaking Liechtensteinian if they have. It’s like $2 for one $6 for two and $18 for. No understanding that they’re charging their best customers the must. Also, I bought their idiom dictionary and put in a dozen idioms. Their response to my frustration was to send me one idiom with a tone of “here’s one.” At that point, I realized I lost about $20 and was puzzled as to how they wrote a fairly simplified dictionary .(wondered what their source” was because it was realized a valuable lesson for $20. The dictionary was six dollars and and the remain $14 was worthy at that price for more caution and within a year of my story Apple as lots of choices of dictionary seemingly at no cost I guess it’ll have a fee or ads as that seems to be the Apple wsy. I Have NO criticism of Apple and every (I guess usually) they are the King or Queen or both of one of the best soft and hardware tech firm companies if you’re retired. I’m a technology actuary and except for word processing/graphs I like to be the boss and run a PC instead of Apple running me. This is too long and will be more susinct.

- Constant crashing is the biggest flaw... but not the only flaw

Both this and the free version constantly crash. Like others, I found the advertisements incredibly frustrating and vastly excessive, but as a writer, I decided to invest in the pro version. What I discovered was an app that should be better, but is plagued by numerous flaws. The crashing occurs often and is obviously frustrating. So much so, I started referring to my Alexa for word information instead. I have also experienced the app stating I need an internet connection when I’m clearly connected and with all other applications working on my device. The voice recognition for looking up words is also inferior, and results in so many inaccuracies, it cannot be trusted to be useful. Lastly, I tried to download the offline version via the app settings multiple time unsuccessfully. I wanted this app to be great, especially after paying for the pro version and utilizing the website, but it’s just not at this chapter in its existence. I will be looking to see how similar app’s perform.

- Really helpful app

I have to look up words I see or read that I’m not familiar with. It drives me crazy to not know what something means. I have a long list of words to look up and learn which at the time I heard them, I didn’t have time to stop and look up. I like that I can have the words in question voiced to me also. That’s a big help. And it keeps me from embarrassing myself by pronouncing words incorrectly. I rarely pay for a lot of apps that charge you to get rid of the ad’s, but this one was worth it. It’s very easy to navigate when you’re in the app. I just love having a Dictionary in hand whenever I need one. There isn’t a downside to having this.

- Good but not Exceptional

I have always loved the origin of words. I always liked my dictionary nearby to look up meanings while reading. Since I purchased my first iPhone, I downloaded “Dictionary” on the recommendation of a magazine article, and like a lot of your reviewers, the dictionary and thesaurus did not disappoint. However, like many of your reviewers, I find that the examples of partisan politics in many of your articles disturbing. Those of us who enjoy using your app are bright enough to understand that arguments and examples from both sides of the “aisle” can be brought to bear in many of your otherwise informative articles. Bringing politics into a subject where it has no specific role is cheap, gratuitous, and beneath the purveyors of such a wonderful app.

- What if???

This app is amazing and I use it all the time. It provides so much more than a regular dictionary. Now, the question is what if??? I recently began learning Spanish and my question is what if they were to make it possible where the word (in 2nd language of choice, such as if you were learning Spanish) can be presented with the word you were looking up and if selected be pronounced??? This could be a huge breakthrough if this were to happen and there could be a small fee paid for this monthly or yearly for being an additional service. It would only make this app so much better and far more popular!!! I hope they read this.

- Enjoying to use and comprehensive

I love using this app. This app is not a one trick pony and does it all in a user-friendly environment. To further improve the usability of the app, I think all sections (e.g. definitions, thesaurus, learners) which are divided by tabs can be put together on one swipeable “General” tab. In that case, you don’t have to press 12 tabs one by one for a thorough investigation of a term considering the fact that many of them are irrelevant or without entry. Tabs can remain there as anchors for faster access to a specific part of the General tab.

- Should stick to definitions not opinion

I have really enjoyed this app for the most part. I share the word of the day with a friend almost every morning and we really like it. She is an avid crossword player. What I find unacceptable is that the extra articles tend to lean on the trendy politically correct or just downright liberal end of the spectrum. Since I'm not one of the millennials it seems to target, I actually know a bit of historical context for many of these articles and it's not as they portray them. It's not "balanced" or objective. I would like to see these little tidbits of interest be just informative not simply opinionated, trendy and vapid. If your going to include these at all do a better job. Or maybe include one of those disclaimers that says this is just an opinion.

- Organize Favorites?

So far I really like this app! But to take this to the next level I recommend having a way to organize favorites somehow. When learning vocabulary it has been proven that we learn more effectively by organizing words by ‘meaning’. Why not allow users to custom make a folder or place holder? Additionally syncing to iCloud in this respect would be ideal. Developers please take note and consider this tweak for your paid supporters. Would be worth 10 stars if they could add this feature... I hope I don’t get asked again during my session(s) to rate your app, especially since I denied notifications at the root level.

- Tired of politically correct & liberal agenda

I agree w/ the about the ads being ridiculously pc & always pushing the liberal agenda. The truth is no longer spoken or taught & democracy is out the door. These articles are so skewed to the left it is sickening. Unfortunately, in this new far left era there is no room for thought, consideration, or fairness for all. The rhetoric, like our rights & lives, are no longer equal. Equality should be for all people, all voices & all opinions. This should be seen in the information, entertainment, media, & on line venues as well. The new left equality is only for the left & truth, honesty, & fairness are being ‘left’ out. Try equality, the founders of this country found it to be worth fighting for as we all should.

- Good with some annoying issues

I really want to give it a 5 star but there are problems prevent me from giving a satisfied review. The dictionary itself is great but the app is terrible. It got frozen and crash every now and then. I can never download offline dictionary, it gives an error message every time I tried saying there is an error when communicating with server. I emailed the support team but never got response. Fix the problem! The problem is solved I got offline dictionary now.

- Tweaking idea for great app.

I find this app heads and shoulders over most dictionary apps, however, I’d like to see some major updates and improvements in the area of utility beyond the conventional word-search mode. For instance, it’d come in very handy if words saved by the user under favorites could pop up every once in a while - along with their definitions - at a user defined frequency. This will keep that section dynamic instead of “dead in the drawer” awaiting exploration via a very cumbersome scrolling process. I do so hope someone in the development team is listening. Thanks.

- Outstanding resource, well designed

Even the most erudite writer will occasionally need to verify spelling, or confirm the meaning of words or phrases. The Dictionary app is as close to perfection as you can get. It has a gargantuan number of words. The synonyms are a life saver when your memory has drawn a blank. It won't teach you grammar or polish your shoes, but it will keep you out of trouble at least 99 percent of the time. Do you know a better way to spend a few bucks? I don't.

- Privacy Controls (Intentionally?) Confusing

In general I like this app but the privacy controls are not intuitive to access (requires a long press on the “do not sell my info” menu option) and the toggle switch for “sale of personal data” is unclear (does the toggle on allow or restrict such sales?). Hopefully this was (a) an inadvertently poor design that will be fixed in a future update rather than (b) an intentional design decision to comply with the letter of the law while confusing users and allowing the company to profit from the sale of data from users who would prefer to keep such data private.

- Better than the others

This app is definitly the easiest to use. Being able to switch quickly from dictionary to thesaurus and being able to quickly jump from one entry to another from the lists makes it seamless to look up a few words very quickly. great for writers, english langauge learners, or rememerbing that word that was on the tip of your tongue! no phone is complete without it!

- Used to be my favorite app

This is the perfect example of ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’. What was once my very favorite app, and used for all my writing, is now INCREDIBLY confusing with their latest update!!! I understand they’re trying to compartmentalize the results to your word, but all they’ve done is make it confusing by taking the thesaurus results out of alphabetical order and organizing them into colored boxes and groups based on relevance. They’ve taken something simple and made it unnecessarily complicated. If there is a setting that switches from ‘relevance’ to ‘alphabetical’ please let me know. I will return with full stars!!!

- Doesn’t function independent of the internet

Hello, Your dictionary is generally very helpful, but only when used under the umbrella of the internet. I’m certain I have a paid version, and it was my understanding that it would also function as a stand-alone app, not dependent upon the internet. I am frequently working at remote locations, and am unable to use it in those situations. As I recall, I “downloaded” the dictionary in the past, but to no avail. When the internet is available, I can throw any word I want out there for spelling and definition just by doing a random internet search. However, I’d like something that is readily available when the internet is not. I don’t mind upgrading or paying extra for such a feature, but I abhor the idea of needing a quick confirmation of (what is typically) a simple word or idiom only to be told an internet connection is required. Please advise.

- Good definitions, often terrible examples

I cannot give this app five stars because the examples often seem to have been picked randomly by some algorithm with no understanding of the context. For example, when I looked up “meme” today the example given was in French, and the only relationship with the definition given was the occurrence of the four letters MEME. Needless to say, that four-letter word in French has a completely different meaning. This is an extreme example, but English instances are quite common.

- One touch definition and reverse button wished

This app has saved much time in conversation over the years. Adding a feature which enables ... 1) touching a word 2) proceeding to ask whether or not to open a new window(screen) for that diction 3) once opening that diction, offering an option to return to original screen via reverse button on top left ... Would help greatly. Keep doing the daily word.

- Issues with an another app

This is helpful dictionary is great. I have a problem with an another app of your company, I mean “thesaurus” which before IOS 11 was working perfectly, now it is not at all, it isn’t slow or stops suddenly, no, it does not totally work due to the compatibility issues. I paid for that app, either you develop it to 11 or give me my money back! Thank you so much.

- Dropping Apple Watch

I have no problem paying for this app after they drop the support for the Apple Watch in the free version. Now they stoped supporting Apple Watch on the paid version the one feature that I actually use all the time. How does any developer think it’s right to drop features in a paid version of an app. Buy this today and it’ll be gone by tomorrow. What a joke. Update - Happy to see that the watch has been included with this last update.

- Use almost everyday

I love this app but purchased the upgrade with expert English feature as well as grammar and tips. I have yet to find a word that had either feature available. It would be an awesome app if it actually offered these items. I would love to see an option to compose a sentence with the word of the day and sentence corrections as a true learning tool. Thanks !

- Fix

dictionary pro is my go to source if I’m looking at learning a new word/phrase.. it’s been excellent so far until the recent update. After updating, all the features that comes with it vanished into thin air.. can’t tell if it’s a glitch or it was intentional on the part of the developers.. I can’t find the idioms, example, learners encyclopedia and all the other functions that it came with.. would be glad if this could be fixed in the next update.

- Outstanding, Versatile Dictionary and SO MUCH more!

Quick, intuitive look-up of words, but the Word-of-the-Day, the Grammar nutshell Points, the etymology, the interesting "Most-Common Words of ---", are just a few of the intriguing features included in this Application. Certainly this App is more fun, interesting, and useful for the intellect than the insipid games of our era. Couldn’t have said it better.

- I want dictionary, not a political app

After reading your political commentary on the definition of “emergency” and whether it describes what’s happening at our southern border, I’ll be deleting your app. Interesting that you end the commentary by saying our divisions, as a country, feel like an existential crisis, since you just exasperated the divisions with your commentary. You could have expanded on the meaning of the word and uses of the word and let the reader decide. Instead you took a position and didn’t give the other side of the argument fairly. Perhaps what makes it an “emergency” is that no one has done anything about for decades.

- HPilot33

I like the dictionary and Thesaurus look 👀 ups. So far this App is nice 👍 to have and to keep abreast of terms being used on a Daily basis for People Who Like To Effectively Articulate an Issue/Viewpoints Using Smart Language Skills and Various Communications Are Important Life Skills To Learn from, Improve upon and keep up with in their daily lives! Education and Communications Skills, Math, Sciences🔬,History, Open and Freedom Of Thought, Debates, and Discussions are/Should Be a Two Way Street in a Democratic Society!

- Word of Day notifications need more!

Great app and provides exactly what I need, when I need it. However, I have signed up to receive the word of the day everyday, but the only thing is when it sends it, the notification that gets pushed through only has the word on it - it needs to include the definition too! I hate having to then open the app to read what the word means and therefor hardly ever get around to doing it, hence it being a useless feature. SEND THE DEFINITION IN THE PUSH NOTIFICATION ALONG WITH THE WORD OF THE DAY PLEASE!!

- Network Manager

Good product. It works great for looking up definitions, which is the primary purpose of any dictionary. This app promises an additional feature, Word of the Day, to help improve your vocabulary and educate. Every time I try to look at the word of the day, I'm presented with the word from the past (apparently the last time I looked at it). Refreshing it to the current date is extremely difficult and often not worth the time and effort. There is room for improvement here.

- Having issues with IOS 14

5 stars for my history with app, 1 star recently... Love the app, have been using for about 8 years, but... having some issues with it recently. I will type in a word and it will pull up a completely different word and definition. When I use speech recognition , it shuts down the app. Any suggestions? Thanks!

- App less useful now

This has been the only app I use for quite a while. I write a lot of content and I’m always using the thesaurus feature as I write. Open app, dictate the word, get my synonyms then I’m out and back to writing. Recently though, every time I try to dictate a word the app opens the mic, sits there for a few secs then crashes immediately. Frustrated that my go to app now has this irritating glitch so much so that I now open up google to use their dictation feature so my writing flow doesn’t stop. When will this bug be fixed?

- So good, but it misses the mark

I’ve used this app for a long time and have enjoyed the various educational amenities that the developers offer through it. It is, definitely, a superb tool to have at my disposal when I am seeking diverse language for my professional writing. At times, the articles are very informative. I love it. The downside to the app is the political bias found in numerous articles, many times presented without a solid foundation. It attempts to push an agenda to change culture based on opinion through a medium that is trusted based on its scholastic basis. It insults academia.

- What's in a word?

Update: I am not happy with this latest Ext update!!! Why do I know how to go back to switch a button so I can view the thesaurus? The whole app was much easier to use before. Why change what users are happy with?! My first review: Use this paid version on my iPhone & iPad all the time. Most complete dictionary & thesaurus out there. No glitches. Can hear proper pronunciations. Luv this and word of the day and slideshows!

- Devs won’t respond (update)

Bought the app for Apple Watch to have quick access to my favorites and the watch app will not sync recent and favorites. Reached via email, Twitter and Facebook and no response. Going to try and get a refund from Apple. Just downloaded WatchOS 5.2 and now the watch app fully works. Changed rating to 5 stars. Still never heard from devs.

- Words

Every aspect of history contacts a barrage of language made up of many a word tethered together to create the conscious thought verbally. This is beauty. Dictionaries in general create more artistically woven conversation’s daily. It’s a joy to have it at my disposal. The app always works great too, though I seem to loose my saved purchases from time to time. Odd, but it’s cool

- Please fix this glitch!

This is a great app, and I use it all the time. I love it, except for a weird idiosyncrasy in which words that are supposed to be in quotes or parentheses are instead preceded and followed by a strange set of letters and symbols that make no sense and create a lot of confusion. I assumed that this would be cleared up eventually, but it has been going on for well over a year, maybe two. Am I the only user who experiences this?

- The Perfect Companion!

I love to read all kinds of books - even technical and scientific books on my iPhone or iPad and often encounter words for which I don’t know the meaning. The Dictionary app makes it quick and easy to look up a word and then get right back to my reading! Dictionary makes increasing my vocabulary truly fun!

- Was a 5

I received a notification that the developer responded, but I can’t view the response. The latest update seems to have fixed the issues I reported previously, but I haven’t used it enough to determine whether it’s worth more than 3-stars yet, so I’m hesitant to rate it higher. Still, it’s much better than the 1-star it was. Previous comment below: Now whenever I enter a word, the app selects a different word for me. I just searched for a word and the app presented the word fiduciary. Searched again and sardonic appeared even though I selected the word I searched. Previous comment below: Every time I use the thesaurus and scroll through the search results the page resets to the top, making it difficult to continue scrolling through the entries. It’s very annoying.

- An awesome app. Wish it had more

I’m an English learning who lives in the U.S for 1 year now and this app is really useful for any level learner. I got the paid version because I don’t want to see ads and I have satisfied with my purchase. I wish they would come out with an Mac OS version of the app or en extension for safari or chrome or any sort of accessible way. I don’t feel like the browsers is a good way to use.

- Very very useful

I don’t do many reviews but since this app has helped me numerous times with spellings, definitions, and the part of this app that has been especially useful, the thesaurus. I’ve first downloaded this app and paid for the full upgrade over 5 years ago and have nothing but praise for it. 5⭐️ ✌️🙂👍

- Ok, for the US

This is a good app, but many of the definitions and articles are correct for the USA only - for example when talking about regionality, an article referenced “the south”, rather than “in the southern states of the US”. The articles presume the reader is in the United States. I also agree with other reviews that the articles are also very left-biased, without acknowledging that bias. The articles would have more credibility if they were written more impartially.

- Search suggestion bug

This app is generally very good, however I notice that when I tap a search suggestion, I am brought to a totally different word. “Shallow”, “Superficial”, “Deep”, and “Pro bono” are some of the words I have been brought to when tapping a search suggestion. Different searches will bring me to the same word. For example, tapping the search suggestion for both “weapon” and “impenetrable” has taken me to the word “shallow”.

- Great dictionary but

I use this dictionary all the time and it truly comes in handy when I don't have access to the internet! Highly recommend for one who wants a convenient dictionary. However, I would love if this could be integrated into the dictionary lookup feature native to iPhone, because I would replace the Apple and Oxford dictionaries with this alone.

- Words Matter

This is by far my most favorite app. I’ve been using it for years. Told a friend of mine about it a few years ago, and from time to time we text each other with sentences using the word of the day. Thank you for having one of the most useful apps ever created. 🙏🏿

- Problem with audio

Audio only works with plug in headphones. Not sure about wireless headphones since I do not own them. Never had problem with audio with(out) headphones prior to last update. Other than this I still use the app as normal of course to look up definitions of words. Although I do rely a lot on hearing the words for the correct pronunciation.

- Most used app on my phone

I love this app. However, for me it's lacking one huge feature. Flash cards for my favorites list!! I'm marking words with favorites so I can review and learn them. Seems like an obvious needed feature!!! I scanned a few reviews and a lot of other people are asking for the flask card feature or something similar. Please, add this feature.

- Is it possible to just ‘flip through the dictionary’?

It seems to be impossible to just flip through and find words. I open the app and only get access to “The Word of the Day” not exactly the only reason one needs to access a dictionary. The settings don’t seem to work either. My faulty memory seems to recall a better app than what I’ve seen over the past few months.

- Double notification

I’m getting two notifications for the WOTD. One at the top of the hour and the second one two minutes later. They are both temporary banner notifications. The other two notification types are working normally.

- Great app but disappointed

I payed for this app and use it often, love it! Although I can’t give a 5 star rating because I was very disappointed when I opened it on my ipad it wanted me to PAY AGAIN! I have many paid apps that the full version works on both iphone and iPad WITHOUT AN EXTRA “DOUBLE” CHARGE! I just cant justify this greed. I paid a LOT for the FULL VERSION of this app and would expect to be able to use it on either of MY devices.

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- Alternate View

I love this App and have used it for years. The only frustration with it is that it doesn’t work in landscape. If you are creating a document or email and need to look up a word, you have to detach the keyboard and rotate the iPad. It would be wonderful to have the app auto-rotate like most other Apps. I would be happy to pay for it too.

- Annoying

I used to like this app but after recent updates it has become incredibly annoying to use. I scroll down to read the definitions of a word and the top part of the page suddenly expands to hide half the information. Sure I scroll up again and the information fills the screen again, but you can't just scroll up, you have to scroll down to read what's there. So you're forced to read in a tiny gap where you can only see a few lines of text at once. Please do away with this ridiculous animation effect and restore usability. Thank you. Added Dec 2018: Updated to latest version but horrible UI hasn't been fixed. App obviously not meant to be used on older iPhones. Problem #2: the stories and articles are in the smallest possible font, and in light grey. I literally cannot read them. Zooming in makes the type bigger but also makes the lines too long for the screen so I have to continually pan left & right. This app is just too annoying with no consideration given to a pleasant user experience. I give up, looking for another dictionary.

- Fabulous

I am content knowing that I got my moneys worth purchasing the full edition. Offline use and the learners edition are convenient features of this application as they allow you to expand your vocabulary anytime and anywhere. Highly recommended for purchase of the full edition.

- Better than other well known publishers

Bought this after much frustration with the Oxford concise dictionary and thesaurus. This app does the job much better and left me wishing I’d purchased it in the first instance.

- Works again on iPhone

Update: issue described below appears to be fixed now. Very useful app. —— The search is bugged making the app useless. Input a word in the search field, it appears in the list. Click on the word in the list to view the definition and it brings up an entirely different word. No way around it.

- Great app, use it often

Works well and stays on my home screen because I use it all the time. I love all the features and extra dictionaries and thesaurus.

- Room for improvement

Hey guys; When you look under the search engine of the Dictionary app, you will see several menus to choose from such as: pronunciation, show you IPA, Favourite & more, also just below these menus, you also have Definition, Treacherous, Learners, Origins, Examples, Grammas, Encyclopaedia, Idioms and many other menus, unfortunately, there’s none for Imageries or videos. I think it’s necessary to include these information! Perhaps you can also include short videos relating to the definition of the word! I would have given you 5 stars if the above mentioned were included! Kind Regards, Chuck

- Life saver

Hey creators of this app. This app is great thanks for making it. I’m in a season of lots of study which involves lots writing. Why only four stars? Well because after updating it the full version so I loose the ads which is great the app no longer expands into a full page on my IPad which I use A LOT and also does not turn with the screen - if I need to type. This may be due to the app getting made for IPhones only. But if you makes these subtle changes I will rate again with 5 STARS and be forever grateful. Thanks

- Can’t download offline dictionary

Can’t seem to download the off-line dictionary. Have tried a number of times over a few days and have uninstalled the app as well. Nothing seems to be working. Otherwise the app works perfectly fine.

- Great app.

Great app I have it on both devices. It helps me with spelling n meanings. Then teaches me some new words n fun games.

- The best app I’ve ever known.

It’s the best. It’s educational. It’s fun to use and user friendly. However, I’d of loved to see it synchronise with a computer (so have an account on it). I would of loved it to have some export capabilities so one could export words saved to another platform. Thanks

- Do NOT buy! Buy anything else.

I purchased this app after using the free version for years. Within moments I found it extremely slow on the new iPad Pro, it requires 2x zoom to fill the screen and it takes 3 to 5 touches for the app to pronounce the words. It is very frustrating. I do not recommend.

- Massive bug

I’m typing in a word in the search bar to get the definition. In this case I type “hyperbole”. I press on the word and I’m taken to the definition of “present”. I try again—same process, same word—I’m taken to another completely different word. Pretty sure this isn’t how a dictionary is meant to work! 🤔

- Doesn't work offline (anymore)?

After a good while tried to use while offline, with "Offline Dictionary" downloaded and turned on, and... no worky. Spins a wheel, then tells me to connect. :(

- Headley

What has happened to the ‘Origin’ source in the dictionary. For many of us, etymology is the most interesting and informative material.

- Fantabulous!!

The app is fit for purpose. I am just loving it to use. Pronunciations can be made country specific i.e. US, UK, AUS, IND etc.

- Nice to have

But, few words still missing eg: ‘eejit’. Now a days I am not getting audio pronunciation.

- Great tool!

It is always very helpful and reliable.

- Why?????

iPhone 6s. It does not slide upright enough to see from history and below. Do I do something wrong. Was never a problem before.

- Dictionary

Great app I use it frequently, very handy!

- Awesome

Can't live without it

- Gold

A versatile and comprehensive resource! Satisfies my word fetish perfectly : )

- Good

Happy with the app.

- Good, aside from the accent.

Would expect there to be an RP option for pronunciation to alleviate that irritating rhotic R the Americans insist upon.

- Pronunciation button does not work

The button doesn’t work after the latest update.

- WOTD isn’t updating

Love the app, but WOTD hasn’t updated for nearly a fortnight now.

- Best dictionary created for

I highly recommend this app to everyone and anyone who is looking for a "good" dictionary. Features of this dictionary has got me captivated, if it can't get in the first 5 minutes you've really lost me but this particular app has it all: translator, it pronounces the words, examples of how it can be used and it's all there when you search a word! Also, it's got a variety of things to look at which is interesting. I say it's better than a dictionary you buy in store!! I'm doing nursing, so I search a lot of medical terms and this dictionary has catered for it; it has upgrades which is suitable for many. Everyday this app has a word of the day, my challenge is to try and use it once throughout my day. It is efficient and it's there if you are ever stuck.

- Sans Portrait

Does not show in portrait on iPad, hence cannor use keyboard.

- pronounce doesn’t work

hit the pronounce button and no sound comes out.

- In a word, useful.

Great for quick reference and very user-friendly. Am loving the easy-flick between dictionary & thesaurus component. Am now word genius amongst friends and pretty sure high school English teacher would be impressed by array of language and terminology in personal journal, which now reads more like Earnest Hemingway novel rather than grade 2 'what I did today' worksheet. Have had to self-enforce official 'Dictionary app ban' when attempting crosswords as found that appeal of puzzle solving capabilities through app's extensive range of words (AKA using app to cheat because it's awesome), begins to override sheer enjoyment of deciphering puzzle. (Also defeats initial good intentions of attempting crossword in order to increase brain power and ward off Alzheimer's.) Basically, Dictionary app is great. Get it.

- Finally

I was outraged by the previous interface change that was a complete disaster. I loved this dictionary so I kept using it only because of its content. Finally there's been another overhaul, and this time it's so much better. Everything makes sense again. It took quite a while but I can recommend this app to all my friends again without having to add the caveat 'I know the interface is horrible but-'. It took you guys long enough but thank you devs. I'm really loving this app. I've upped my rating back to 5 out of 5.

- Very good app

Not 5 stars because the developers have gone down the greedy path of ridiculous in app purchases. Their 'free' app usually gets customers in, then the little irritating stuff like adds or having to buy 'premium' features because you need them, resulting in paying a significant amount of money for a 'free' app.... I am so over this marketing trend/approach that is all about milking us for as much money as they can. The other irritating thing is when you have already purchased an app and its premium features, they create a new one that is 'so much better and enhanced' that it is a completely new app - look different but are the same... and you have to buy it all over again... sorry for the rant, but I am so over it.

- Word Nerd Must-Have

Are you a word nerd? Need to double-check the Australian spelling when your auto-correct keeps Americanising everything? Doing a crossword and you can't quite remember if (X) is a real word, or maybe you're doing a cryptic and the synonyms are eluding you? Want to know the etymology or even the wider historical origins of a word during an awesome brunch linguistics discussion? Just like learning new words and where they come from? This app is invaluable. Get the premium version and all the updates and you'll never be bored or lost for words again.

- Couldn't ask for anything more!

I have had the free app for about 2 years now looking up words when I needed them at school. However I'm in my senior year now and I needed something more powerful. Hence I bought this app. It has paid itself off over and over again. With all the packages that come with it, it really makes it a powerful learning tool. I LOVE the word of the day. Best app I have ever bought, could ask for anything more!

- Great but favourites could be improved

All-and-all, a great app. However the favourites section could be improved by showing the definition of the saved words while browsing the favourites list. This would be a big improvement on what I currently do. For example, I have to select the word in the favourites list to be able to read the definition, then I have to exit the definition to go back to the main menu, only to click on favourites again to get back to my favourites list. If it isn't obvious, I use the favourites list to help me remember new words.

- The point of the in app purchases?

Well can't exactly argue with getting all the paid additional content for free! It's really about time because I would often search for words that weren't on the database, rare yes but they weren't specifically technical either. Now with these updates this app is finally worth the price. So glad they've made this decision. Respect your customers and they give you good reviews! :)

- Great reference app, but not perfect.

This app is awesome and worth its price. But some problems still occurred. 1. The mobile app has no access to sign in as the desktop website does. Which means I cannot synthesise the word list with my previous account. 2. The thesaurus list is lack of definition and discrimination - In other word, not well organised. When I was searching some common word ("think" for example), the long word list made me confused. 3. The two-finger zooming design responds slowly and not comfortable to use. I think a slider would be better.

- Great, but subtle ads

This was a five-star app for me as it fulfilled its purpose wonderfully, let me save favourites to learn words later and had great features like pronounce and example sentences. The latest update however pushes people to buy their add ons for the science and medical dictionaries by including specific words from these dictionaries in the word suggestion list and allowing us to view their definitions only after buying the add ons. So the paid app for no advertisements now has advertisements for its own add ons.

- I hate 'word of the day' 

I have followed instructions on how to turn off word of the day but It does not work for me! Very very annoying as I find that with word of the day loading it takes way too long for the app to load and start up! I have usually used this app in the past many many times a day but because of the annoying word of the day taking a while to load I have stopped using this app as much! Please fix this problem! Before word of the day automatically loaded this app was fantastic, totally worth 5 stars!

- Total ripoff

Sorry I was wrong. After writing my hasty review and sending an email to the publisher they promptly replied and actually explained how to access the extra content. You don't directly access the upgrades, but type in the word then the extra features are available. In my defense it's not completely intuitive, hence the 4 star rating, but once you know how it works it is indeed worth every cent and more. So I would like to completely retract my original review.

- Great app that sure comes in handy!

I'm one of those people who forever seems to be looking up words that I don't know. This app is definitely one of my most used ones, especially now that my new Collins Gem School Dictionary is not up to scratch. The only issue I have, is with the French-to-English translation which appears limited. But yes, definitely recommend this app for the dictionary and thesaurus !!!

- Great value

I do love this App and the website, I teach English (ESL) so this always comes in handy for referencing as well as motivating students to increase their vocabulary by giving solid, reliable definitions and use (as well as backing up my teaching!). Something else that's great are all the little trivia presentations provided about word origins, use and history. Great value for an App!

- Rip off

They don't tell you when you buy their app that you have to keep paying for the voice search feature to continue working. That's awfully stingy. It's also misleading, bordering on false advertising. Also, if they're going to charge for extra voice searches, they ought to improve it's accuracy so you don't waste paid searches because of it's shortcomings. Also, if you buy x number of voice searches, there should be a feature where you can check how many you've got left (and not just take their word for it that you've used up all of what you've paid for).

- Almost perfect

I use this app all the time. I'm an avid reader and I'm always looking to the app to help me learn & understand new words. The word of the day feature is also awesome. I do wish however that I could access the app through widgets from my lock screen. Super quick, simple. I wouldn't have to put the book down, unlock my phone, open the app, search a word. Wash, rinse, repeat. I'd love to pick up my phone & search immediately.

- Really useful

English is second language, but I really love learning it. This app provides quick access to the definitions because of the offline mode which is my favourite feature. It's easy to find synonyms for most words when needed. Really useful features overall. Love it!

- Good... But Incorrect word of day

The word of the day push is always incorrect. Wether it's because I'm in Australia I don't know but I get the push always in the middle of the night. Even if im up at that hour and I click it straight away it isn't the same word the app lists as word of the day. Suggest reprogramming to reveal word at customizable times and go to that definition not a predefined tab. Predefined tab would be good if you could make it work. Seems hard with time differences.

- This one of my most used apps

I was amazed at the amount of scientific words available. This is a must have app if you are studying. I use this app constantly to check words I'm not sure about. So far I have been able to find most of the words I have been looking for 98% of the time.

- (':

I admit I am VERY stingy when it comes to spending my iTunes credits, especially when an app cost more than $0.99. However, I do not regret buying this app. Not even one bit. Learning new words while reading books comes in handy in the offline mode. Thank you for that feature. I love it! :D

- Fantastic!

I love the fact it actually lets you search words offline, rather than making it a fully-online app. The only online part is the word-of-the-day feature, which in itself, is pretty spiffy, too. This thing has words that not even my Oxford Australia dictionary has! Love it!

- Smarter everyday

The search function is quick and easy to use. I use the favourites function just about every day, though it could do with better navigation, since my list has gotten quite long since I started with it.

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- I use this for everything

Great app, always provides multiple well-labled definitions and I love the word of the day feature.

- Most comprehensive dictionary with games

P.S, when do we get the new logo and thesaurus orange background?? Thank you very much for this update! 1) Word puzzle game is great! 2) Dictionary is comprehensive 3) Synonym of the day is a fresh touch (it would be even better if the words in word of the day and synonym of the day can be clicked)

- A Word Lover's Dream

Unfortunately the new update came with a problem - part of the entire page is cut off on the right side of the screen. Please fix! This is one of my favourite apps, and now I can’t see part of the definition, extremely irksome!

- Illogical and difficult as they miss the main reason anyone's would want a dictionary app.

I will be switching apps. If they don't fix the inability to switch between the favourites list I have created and the definition of each word why would anyone bother to stay with this inferior app. We create a favourites list so we can study and review selected words. It's just to much work, vs other similar apps that make it so muchMore efficient to logically switch between a word and its meaning in the favourites list.

- Love it

Anytime I hear a new word, and want to know it’s meaning, I have it in a touch!

- What quiz?

I was looking forward trying to the quiz in the new version, but every time I try it, the app kicks me out! So much for that new feature.

- Not working after update

I downloaded the paid version a few years ago because it’s an app I use on a daily basis. A week ago I would give it 5 stars. However, after the last update on October 3, 2020. The app crashes when you search a definition. I hope this issue will be fixed quickly at which time I will revise this review accordingly.

- Not that great

I’ve been using the free version for years but decided to upgrade when I couldn’t find the word kae (a jackdaw or jay). So, it turns out that the first word I entered wasn’t in the dictionary. Also, bident is not in the dictionary. A two-pronged implement like pitchfork. A weapon associated with Hades the ruler of the underworld.

- This should be the #1 dictionary

but its having some issues rn with when you type a word it auto replaces the text with your last searched word. pls fix

- Unfailing useful.

When not sure about word context this app helps tremendously. I expect that its’ data is supported by web sources and therefore is contemporary in its results. No faults found on any searches. If this review appears unexciting that’s only because of how well the app works.

- They will sell the iPad and iPhone version separately. So greedy!

I paid for the version without ads on my iPhone, now I wanted to download the app for iPad but it turns out I need to pay again. No other developer does that. Never supporting you again.

- Etymology of the word has disappeared

I paid for the ad free version of this app years ago and have been happy with it. However the most recent versions no longer provide the etymology (the historical source) of the word. That’s a deal breaker to me... I’m deleting the app and 5 minutes ago purchased OED.

- Pamdrew

One of the best apps on my phone

- App crashes

It was running good for me for a while but now it crashes only seconds after I open it. It’s really disappointing considering the fact I spent money on this app.

- A pronunciation problem.

Love this app however recently the "pronounce" option is not working. Could you fix this as my wife who is a francophone uses it often and I lately for strange name ... how to pronounce: Uyghur for example. Thanks for your attention Christian

- Pretty good

Very useful app indeed

- Heavy user

I’ve relied on this app for several years, big fan. A minor but constant annoyance would be that the far right side of the search bar doesn’t “listen” to taps... I am someone who is inclined to use my right thumb, and every time I want to search for a word I end up stabbing hopelessly before remembering that I have to reach or use my left thumb. MINOR flaw, I know.. but just making a note...

- Great app. Vocabulary builder?

I use the app often. One thing I could use within the app is a vocabulary builder type function (flash cards come to mind).

- Great Dictionary and Thesaurus App

Love using it this for my reference needs! Especially this no Ads version.

- They remove features

What’s the point in updates if they remove features and don’t bring anything in return? The app had a translator which I enjoyed using. I updated and now it’s gone. Why did I update?

- Love it

Love it

- Awesome

Great app for clarifying the meaning of words that I don’t know and for alternative words for use instead. I would not use my phone ow iPad without it!

- Good


- Love it, but...

Still cannot get into app since last update, keeps crashing, please fix, thanks.

- Nice app

I like using this dictionary app

- Great app

Awesomely awesome fantastic app

- My Go-To Dictionary...

I can’t fault this app in any way. It’s more than a dictionary: word games/quizzes, videos about things like their “Word of the Year”, also, the Word of the Day (which most of these have, tbh) is actually very educational. Love it!

- Great app

Great app. Comes in very handy.

- Incredibly Awesome!

Yes!!! Just INCREDIBLY AWESOME! Well done. Keep up the great work

- Average app

Add a scanner!

- Always there, when you need

I love the app - being English as a second language, always there for me, to save me from embarrassment :) A big THANK YOU 👍💯

- Suggestion for UI

Overall Good but the interface does not allow to switch back to the favourites list after tapping on any word in the list to see its definition.

- Easy to use

Love this app

- Very good

I like it. Easy to use and helpful. Helps me learn how to spell as I search out many words and there meanings.

- yes


- A very useful writer's tool

More than the dictionary (which is handy in itself), the thesaurus has proven to be indispensable for my writing.

- Very reliable

Simple and always a go to dictionary for many subjects

- Once a gem, now just junk

Originally a useful source of definitions, this app has devolved into a midden of obstructive click-bait.

- Love it

It’s an app that I use and check every single day to learn new words. Great app

- Very useful

Use it a lot

- An excellent dictionary

I have found it full with rarely used words as well as common ones. Its definitions have been helpful.

- Excellent


- Can't spell

Love it. Use it all the time.

- The voice dictionary is NOT included in the price

The fact that voice-to-text dictionary requires additional purchases should be disclosed in the description of this app, as this is the ONLY reason I purchased it. I feel scammed.

- Love the app but there's a glitch

The pronunciation is not working. I hit the button but it's doesn't pronounce.

- Good but...

I don't like paying for an app only to find more ads buried within the app . I don't to be reminded that there is a science app or whatever.

- Lousy support

Does not allow 'restore upgrades' after you re-install the app. Very poor app support!

- Perfect

App is a perfect dictionary

- Thank You For Ad Free Version!

I was one of those who complained about the ads. I am more than happy to pay $3 for an ad free copy of this excellent app. Thank you for listening to your customers!

- Update over-writes word list

I like this app but... I love being able to retain new found words as I read and I had a huge collection of searched words in the Recent list but this new update has completely wiped it out. If my former word list still exhists on my ip[hone somewhere I would like to have it back.

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- Another Longtime User and Love the App

Love All, but seriously wish the Word of the Day would show ‘Correct’ answer in a different color. Research shows the green used is difficult to read for a certain part of the population. Please consider changing the ‘Correct’ color to black to ‘reinforce’ the correct answer. MUCH THANKS!!!

- Why does the free version have a more updated interface that the paid version?

I love what this app has to offer for its paid version. I wish that the paid version was updated to the version. When will we get that update? I also which this app included psychological terms as many of the terms I would use to write clinical notes I cannot go into the app to find definitions for. I’m not sure why these terms wouldn’t fall under the medical dictionary.


It's the best especially when one needs medical or the encyclopedia variations! when I’m reading a paper/report often times I Need the document clarified So therefore I need the medical version or looking for an extended view or synonym. I purchased the extension and as far as I am concerned it was the best money (inexpensive too) I be spent on an app!

- Are You Tired Of “Dumbed Down” Language?

Have you ever felt you’re actually living in the future portrayed in the film “Idiocracy?” I tried it, loved it and purchased EVERY available IAP. This App provides an incredible amount of information, quickly and it’s always right at your fingertips. Highest Recommendation!

- Great app, however...........

Great App, however I’m not too stoked they axed the Thesaurus App both for iPhone and IPad, both which cost me my hard earned money, not too mention there WAS in-app purchases in the thesaurus app, I whole-heartedly supported without a question and then BAM, they turn around and stab their supporters in the backs and kill the thesaurus app

- Word of the day

I love the ‘word of the day’ I post the ‘word of the day’ on my Facebook page every day in hopes that more people are willing to expand their vocabulary. Society is becoming more and more comfortable with slang words and that just makes us look and sound as if we’re stupid people.

- Everything’s good except the example section

Gave a five star. I love this app specially, the learning section which is mostly covered from Collins dictionary. Pronunciation perfect. However, the example sentences they used in the example section are WIRED and artificially difficult. Seems like copy pasted from elsewhere.

- G Nixon

I use this app many times a day. I always read the word of the day. Sometimes I remember and most of them I forget. But over the course of a few years, my vocabulary has grown substantially. Look up any word you hear you don’t know and this app will be invaluable to you

- Very helpful for me!! But, some improvement needed

I’ve come to use this app as my go-to. However, on all dictionaryapp pages make it easier to contact you. It would greatly help! Under Caress, why isn’t caressing there?? Caressable is. Is this even the right spelling and is this even a word?? How about under Caress, have Caressing as the example of an adjective!?

- Very good :)

I use this app on a daily basis and really enjoy it. I’ve noticed that the last slideshow was “back to school quotes” (at least a month old), will there be more in the future? It seems that the slideshows were updated more frequently in the past.

- Please improve accessibility!

I like the app/site but many people I know (myself included) are turned off by the tiny font and lack of font size customization. I’ve been using this app on and off for years waiting for this feature and am always unpleasantly surprised to see it has not been added. Please consider improving font scaling options for people who are visiually impaired, or who simply wish to avoid unnecessary eye strain. Thank you!

- Big Shot

I love this app.. I have it on my iPhone, iPads everything in which it can be installed.. I have a 9 year old that has started reading and spelling way over her grade level and wants to know how to pronounce ever word that she come across.. This app helps me look smarter than I really am.. Thanks

- Suggestion

Create a widget that allows one to look up words without needing to unlock the phone. It would be located in the same place the other widgets are (swap left all the way, for me). Maybe edit the word of the day widget? Maybe offer it to pro users only?

- Great App

This is a great app. It functions well and does what it’s supposed to. I do however, prefer previous versions of it that are slightly more user friendly with a more appealing interface but the current version does not disappoint! I would highly recommend this app to anyone with a mobile device!

- Work Horse

This app is an example of how to do it right. It has been giving me exactly what I ask for, every time I ask for it, without a problem, without any annoying intrusive adds for many many years. It just works!!!

- Words matter to me💁🏼

I utterly adore words! I cannot stand not knowing the meaning or proper spelling of a word. I bought this app hoping to never have either of those things slow me down again! Also, I really enjoy the word of the day aspect of this app teaching me new words!

- A must have for everyone

Dictionary app is great! I hate going to other online dictionaries and dealing with all the adds and bad formatting. Dictionary app now includes the thesaurus, so now with a simple press you can switch between Dictionary and Thesaurus - It's just too awesome!!🎼🎶🎸☕️☕️☕️❤️🐓 Love Chicken

- Overall, probably the best dictionary out there.

I have one issue with it though: navigating between definitions in my favourites list is extremely cumbersome, sometimes I am writing a formal letter and I want to use some fancy words I’ve bookmarked. Would be nice if I could go back and forth between definitions and see a sneak preview.

- I took off a star

I have removed a star because this app has become impossible to use with voice recognition. Germane is not Jermaine. Proper nouns should not be the first thing to come up and similar sounding words should show together. Either get together with Apple to fix the problem or fix it yourself. And I have no accent! Stop using “hooked on phonetics” for pronunciations.

- Pronunciation Key Missing

This app has many good features. Short articles about words, meanings and origin are interesting and fun. I really miss having the IPA pronunciation key which used to be an option. Now we only have the audible. Nov 2019: Your latest update fails to improve on what I felt made this the best app for word lovers. The past words no longer includes brief meanings in the same box. Fancy, colorful, but not particularly useful.

- Great

Not a big fan of newest set up, have to click more. But great for everyone, even the lazy as I. I do wish I could change the time of the notification of the word of the day, with my schedule change.

- Dictionary

I have the pro version it is supposed to have medical terminology included. I looked up “succimer” A common medication for lead poisoning in children. The dictionary gave me 12 different words none of them were what I asked for. I copied and pasted the word into Google and got an exact definition and explanation of what succimer was for. Try this yourself don’t be shocked. Google is for free and it’s the finest dictionary the world has ever produced. Dictionary should be listed under games and a poor one at that.

- Very Useful

I have multiple dictionaries on my desk. In my line of work it's important to know precisely what words mean. Most of the time this is my go to dictionary. The definitions are clear. The examples are helpful and, it's easy to find out how a word is to be pronounced.

- Superb!

Love the app as its my ultimate reference keeping it close on my home screen! One question, being at distant offline areas most of the time, is there anyway to download the pronunciation of the words offline? That would be WOW!.. Way to go!

- Think I may have to look for a new app

Was a fan for years- but the latest update is such a drastic revamp I think I may need to look for a new app. It used to be a streamline process to find things, quick and easy to read and find what I was looking for, but no longer. I can adapt to big changes, just not in the blink of an eye.

- Having major error when searching the word

After the typing the word and select it, it is showing the definition of unrelated word. I end up just closing this app then just search it on google. I purchased the app but I think developer is purposely doing that so that we buy the new version. Because the new one is not having that problem. Also, the fact that it is not letting me restore purchase with that one.

- Clear and clean

I love this app. It’s useful, clear, clean, and easy to use. I would hope they would keep on improving. Plus, they should create a better access than to copy and paste the word each time is too much work. Needs to improve this area.

- Help me here

What’s stopping this app from including all words? I just now looked up “rekel,” having run across it in a New Yorker article set in a Hasidic community. The app didn’t have it; I needed to switch to a web search. It’s not as if the dictionary needs to limit the number of its pages. I’ll pay for an expanded vocabulary. Why not offer an upgrade whenever my search comes up empty?

- Mostly good

I mainly use the word of the day part, but I get frustrated about two things: when the definition options use an example (this giving away the answer) and when the word is used as part of the definition.

- YES!!!

They brought the Watch app back! (Not having it got REALLY annoying... REALLY fast). Also, I’m liking the fresh, new look. Now, if we could just get iOS 14 widgets for this app—and the iPad version (along with a LONG overdue app refresh)—I would be a very happy camper!

- Necessity

This app is a must have. Whenever I get a new phone or device this app, along with my banking apps, are completely standard. I use it multiple times a week and I'll never go without it.

- Hey please fix ASAP

When you search for a word and are provided with the definition. If you click on a word in the definition provided it will open another page but never load up the definition. If you decide to search after that, the app will automatically crash. So when you search for a word, X, you have to make sure not to click any word provided in the definition of the word X or else the app will crash.

- I use this app daily.

I love the word of the day and example sentences provided for context. I will say the app occasionally crashes or requires you to return to the home screen to complete a word search, but hoping these are minor issues that can be fixed in regular patches.

- Favorites

I would like to review my favorites more easily. Now it’s one at a time with several taps to get back to my list. Put in a return to favorites while viewing one so I can easily do a memory drill.

- This would be a 4 or 5 star app if...

This would be a 4 or 5 star app if not for the politically charged articles of extreme left (not liberal) thought. Articles covering subjects that have not a reason to insert one’s own policultural (my own neologism for what they do) ideologies to influence the mind of the reader. The writers for this app are not to be classified as liberals, as I myself am liberal in many ways. They are Marxists with revisionist views on history. Marxist not in the economical sense but very much in the cultural.

- “Update Created Favorites Section to stop working

Generally like this app, and use it daily. But, the latest “update” created an issue with the favorites section. You can no longer scroll down your saved words. Also, the favorites section is less than useful as whenever you look at a saved word, you cannot to directly back to the list, but have to start all over from the beginning. Another unfortunate aspect of the app is that you cannot sync your saved words with a browser on a laptop. This app could be so much more useful. And, they gotta fix that bug!!!

- Almost perfect

This app is fantastic. I really appreciate that you can download the dictionary for offline use, and it’s pretty responsive. My only gripe is that I wish I could sync my favorite words with their website or between devices. That would be great.

- Suggestion

One thing I wish this app would have - unless it already does and I’ve missed it - is the word frequency scale to the side of the definition. On the website, to the bottom right of a word, it’ll include a scale of how many English speakers know or use the word.

- Voice Search Horrible

When I say Egalitarian, the Apple watch result is "hey gala terian". Google search can make out the word when I pronounce it the same way. Why can't the app? What's the point of having this on my Apple watch if it can't recognize the words I'm speaking?? Needs fixing.

- Major improvements over the past year. Still room for improvement.

Major improvements over the past year. I’d really enjoy a landscape mode for reading the articles, though. The text can be so small.

- Very useful, but needs update

Good app, with an extensive collection of words, but I cannot scroll my favorite words anymore. This bug greatly diminishes the usefulness of this app. Also, a landscape view option would be helpful, though not as important as fixing the favorites scrolling problem.

- Focus on words, not feels.

The app has been helpful for quick research, however their social media team needs to be revisited. Checking the twitter feed absolutely reveals the political leanings of your social media team and the following they have is quite uneducated. A site truly focused on word definitions and spelling should be embarrassed by this.

- My experience .

I am a Lawyer. I have been using the Dictionary. Com Pro app in my devices for quite a long time. It has greatly helped me in my studies for my profession as well as for my personal interest in other subjects. MA

- Slang

I love the dictionary. Been using it online for a couple of years now. Just one feature suggestion: can you add slang to the dictionary? Not just a few common slang words but all the slang. Thanks 🙏🏿!

- One annoying thing

The search box should clear the input after you exit a definition!! Why it doesn’t do this is beyond me, but it forces you to click a tiny x within the search box before typing your next word, or to manually delete out the previous word. Devs, PLEASE FIX THIS!!

- Always by my side.

I keep this app at the ready at all times and use it multiple times through the day. It’s clear and simple and helps me learn new vocabulary daily.

- iPod Touch issue

This app worked great until the June 5th update when it began cashing on my iPod Touch 5th generation. After a subsequent update on June 21st, it began working again so I revised my rating upward. IMO this is the best dictionary app available.

- Same opinion with “Upset Long Time Customer”

I paid for example on normal app and then paid again for Pro. But audio is still out of reach. I sent and email to your support team but receives no feedback yet. This is not how you supposed to do with your customer. I have been using and introducing your app to many friends of mine. Now I stop doing this. I no longer pay anything relating to your company.

- Why the huge white space?

While I like this app, I have yet to figure out why there is a huge white space right under the search bar. There should be productive use of that area and not just a large blank white space.

- Love it

Works great though it would be nice if there was some sort of way to keep a record of all the words you looked up(besides the recent list) I also like the logo

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Chinese English Dictionary Pro by Sing Fu Chan

Dictionary.com Pro English 8.9.0 Screenshots & Images

Dictionary.com Pro English iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Dictionary.com Pro English iphone images
Dictionary.com Pro English iphone images
Dictionary.com Pro English iphone images
Dictionary.com Pro English iphone images
Dictionary.com Pro English iphone images
Dictionary.com Pro English iphone images
Dictionary.com Pro English iphone images
Dictionary.com Pro English iphone images

Dictionary.com Pro English (Version 8.9.0) Install & Download

The applications Dictionary.com Pro English was published in the category Reference on 2010-08-11 and was developed by Dictionary.com, LLC [Developer ID: 308750439]. This application file size is 30.49 MB. Dictionary.com Pro English - Reference app posted on 2020-11-29 current version is 8.9.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.reference.dictionaryadlite

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