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What is guns'n'glory app? Who needs heroes when you can play the bad guys? Take up a smart, strategic position and lie in wait at the canyon to ambush settlers, stagecoaches and the gold train. Leave no witnesses! Play this innovative game if you’re bored of standard tower defense games or you’re simply looking for a great mobile game! Get Guns'n'Glory now!

• Defense Strategy-Action game with mobile units
• Recruit the craziest Wild West Gang ever
• Choose between lots of unique units
• Upgrade your bandits
• Discover new land in Alaska, Nevada and Oregon
• Collect mighty power-ups
• Arm trains and boats to fight from all side
• Awesome cartoon graphics
• Fun and innovative gameplay

What would the Wild West have been without its charismatic villains? Boring! So take a walk in the cowboy boots of Billy the Kid, Jesse James or Butch Cassidy to become a real, low-down bad guy! Form your own gang by recruiting cool cowboys, crazy Mexicans and brave Indians. Take up a smart, strategic position and lie in wait at the canyon to ambush settlers, stagecoaches and the gold train. Rain bullets, lead and flaming arrows down on the pious pioneers! If your victims look like they might escape, set off in pursuit to stop them from alerting the Sheriff! When you have bagged more than a fistful of dollars, you'll be able to afford cannons or a steam train with a Gatling gun to send around the level!

You can play Guns’n’Glory entirely for FREE, though various items are available via in-app purchase. If you don’t want to use in-app purchases, please deactivate them in your device settings.

Thank you for playing Guns’n’Glory!
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Guns'n'Glory Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Guns'n'Glory Version 1.7.514 September 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Added support for 64-bit Removed dead link to online high scores Improved support of high resolution iPhones.

Guns'n'Glory Comments & Reviews 2022

- Can’t believe the game is still here

I’m shocked to see this game is still in the App Store since many games come off of the App Store after a few years but I sure hope this game isn’t leaving the store soon since I have so many great memory’s and times playing this game

- Nice to see this game still here

I played this game when I was little. I was surprised to find it in the App Store one day. Still after all these years it’s still a fun game to play when there is no WiFi

- What happened to this game?

Liked this years ago on my kindle fire, but this version on iOS is different. No upgrades except from the chests. Missing some characters, and difficulty ramps ups way to fast. Stuck in level 2, unsure which section, but way too many settlers coming through. I guess I give up. Would pay for no ads if I could actually play the game.

- Needs updates

I really like the game, thinking about purchasing it but it needs to be updated so it can fill out the screen for the iPhone X

- Ads not showing?

The game said that ads weren’t showing, and after a while of that, it made me buy premium. If ads aren’t showing, then that’s a problem on your part. I’d love to give this a better rating but I can’t until you fix your sponsorship issue.

- My childhood

Played this many many years ago and found it once again today, still as fun as ever

- M waiting for more level and updates

I love this games waiting for more updates and lavel to come ....

- Meep Table

I remember when I got a meep tablet back n the day when it was poppin and this game was on here and it was my favorite so glad this game is still runnin

- Old memories

I been playing this game on a flip phone and now seeing it on the IPhone brings me joy

- Favorite Game Ever

I’ve had this game forever and have continued to play it.

- Painfully slow

This game has such potential, good graphics, fun characters and challenging maps but Maaaaan is it slow! This game desperately needs a speed up button. I got through 3 maps and couldn’t take it any more.

- Graphics

Once you can improve the graphics and gameplay, this game will be a banger!

- Freezes

It keeps freezing when I play the game. It never did that

- Game

Love the game. This game has been around for years! Rightfully so! Good strategy defense game. I like it!

- Dishonest developer

I paid to have all levels and all states opened but I still have the same six states only and the same levels with ads. I would give a negative rating if I could

- What happened to ww2?

Where is the world war 2 guns n glory game? That game was so fun.

- Great app

Awesome game found this when I was a child still fun as ever

- WW2 Guns n glory

When is the WW2 version coming to IOS?

- Needs Restore Purchases button

I did enjoy the game prior to reinstalling it. Now I’m prompted to buy the same premium content I already paid for. No way. Disappointing.

- Good game

I say this is a good game but it take so long just to beat a level

- Great time killer

Just chillen at the laundry mat. A good time out. LoL

- Ads not showing...

Bought Alaska map for $0.99, and making me pay $2.99 for removal of ads. Please fix that.

- Fun

It’s very addicting

- Amazing

Amazing just the best game ever

- Too bad...

Loved this game. It has seriously gone down hill. Will be removing it from my iPhone.

- Strategy game

This is this is the Best strategy Game ever

- Good 👍

I was kid playing this game 👍

- Awesome Game


- Please update liberty wings to IOS 11/12


- Great

Love it


This is absolutely my FAVORITE game!! Some games are interesting for only a week or two, but I have had "Guns n Glory" on my iPad for a year and a half now and it is still my most played game. Even when I replay a level, it is always different and there are so many ways to play and so many options! Plus, when people at work stress me out, there's no better way to get the anger out than by picking on the settlers in this game! I did all the levels on "Easy" first then on "medium" and I still love going through them all again! The characters are really funny too! And the new special effects had me cracking up today! They are GREAT! It's a great way to kill time while I'm waiting for my husband when I pick him up from work.

- Lol


- Guns n glory - awesome

I've had this game since I bought my I-pad one two years ago. I am a gamer and have played just about every genre of game out there. From hi-tech to puzzles. Pound for pound this is the best game in the market. You actually have to use some skill and thought into you strategy. It is eloquent in its simplicity and you are an idiot if you don't buy it. Totally worth it and I hope they add all fifty states. Perhaps other countries and eras like the roman empire?! Thanks for the countless hours of help dealing with boredom in numerous flights around the world.

- Awwwwsssoommme

This game is one if the freebe one's that you won't be dissapointed in downloading and now with the new leves and upgrades adding on every once awhile it make's it even better. Honestly I don't know if it can get any better then it is already!!! This game hads perty much everything, action, okay story line with a strategy. Is like Puzzles meet Action with a funny violence theme that's great for all ages and it's free, it's a win, win situation!

- Better and better

This game keeps getting better and better! Great job of adding the new units to the older levels. I like only being able to use one sniper for each level, otherwise the game would be too easy! Keep up the good work!

- Lots of fun

I have fun with this game. Need to fix characters locking up and unable to move. Use to happened rarely, now, way too often. Not sure what paying $7.99 for additional levels actually gets me? How 'bout a preview?

- Love both IPad & IPod app(s)

Found this game way back with 2nd gen IPad. Played it when the map packs weren't developed--loved it then; to the extent that after a 14hr day at work this game was the first thing I did when I got home. Now I am playing it again on the kid's IPod. Love it love it

- Worth the 5-Star! By Iznogud

I hardly get hooked on games - except if it is very challenging. HandyGames, you did a great job! I'm hooked! I can't wait for the other levels. Problem is.......I always stay up till 2am when I don't get distracted by wifey and kids

- After all these years...

First played about three years ago; still addicting to play! Always played on a friends' device; now I have it for my own enjoyment.

- A Great Beginning

Great new take on TD which is hard but you guys pulled it off. Fun, Original, Difficult. But...only 4 units to control and upgrade! And only 10 boards!. Great job, but if your jumping into the seas of TD you are gonna need more to stay afloat. $3 for 10 boards and 4 units will not last long in popularity-my prediction.

- Great game

I have played tons of TD games, not many as fun as this! I'd recommend this to anyone. Have no issues with crashing, iPhone 4, recommend restarting device before playing for the first time.

- Really cool game

No joke it's awesome And the ads aren't even cancerous like most other games it's a tiny box in this game. Also how in the world is this amazing and full of content game only 26 megabytes??? Is this even possible?

- Help

Love game! Looking forward to upgrade but when I tried to download it just says waiting and doesn't finish. Please fix. Can't wait to try new maps.

- Still a favorite

I've had this on my iPod touch for years. I occasionally forget about it buried in my "games" folder. But every time I rediscover it I enjoy it just as much.

- Read this or fail fffffff

Such a great game you play it once then again and again and again and again inthen you're mom goas honny it's dinner time nooooo I'm to busy but then there went youre iPod sooo yahhhhhhhnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

- Ok, need update

Good game, but still have bugs. Once in a while you can't control the characters. They won't move because you can't select where to move. This happens at least once every time i play. Very annoying. Have to exit app n open again.

- My husband and I love this game!

He has the Kindle fire and I have the iPad2 and we play with each other, against one another, and helping each other. A great time passer!

- Best game and Best thing is It's free

Well, This is a Must download.... It has Hours and hours of play... I am writing this review after i spent whole my weekend playing the same Game...!! I love it... :) Keep up the good Work...!!

- Fun but hate that I have to pay to make the ads disappear.. :(

This game is a fun little tower defense, very sneaky making the customer pay $1 to make the ads go away. I should have known that free is never really free... Other than that, a fun game.

- it's really fun..... but still have a problem...

I really like this game for killing time, but there is one big problem.... when you play it, this game will go back to ipad home screen, that's mean you'll lost the save and have go back to play the stage again. that's all...

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- 5 stars

Really good relaxing nice music a huge variety of troops challenging waves it’s really fun highly recommend it one of the best wild West games! and the way they did it was Great. by the way the intro is the best

- Playing it for a decade!

Been my fav soothing and relaxing game since 2011.

- Great

Add levels 7 and 8 it’s been long enough. Expand keep it as is simple and fun to play.

- One of the best tower defense games!

Very clever (mobile "towers") - can't stop playing this on the iPad! Plenty of different strategies with a good sense of humor! Nice to play a tower defense which is original in it's design. The further you get into the game the better it becomes. Highly recommended!

- Great but...

It's a great game but I reckon it needs some way of upgrading other aspects of the game such as how many settlers are allowed through before the sherif comes and upgrade the gold all the enemies (starlets are worth)

- TD Addict

I really like this one you have to,keep looking to find the new stuff popping up but you get good at it and can win all levels with various strategies.

- Luv it

OMG couldn't believe this game could be so addictive, needs more levels, gone through everything too quick!!!!! Maybe add some different gun abilities. Great to play on iPad.

- Great TD game with a twist and new characters

Love the new characters and power ups! Bit shifty tho having to pay to remove ads.

- Good fun

Great to play when my wife is talking. I just turn down the sound & she thinks I'm doing stuff for work!! Haha And I like taking out settlers. Yeehaw!!

- Spectacular

It so fun building your little outlaw army and how the people are oblivious to everyone getting killed. Love the game! 👍

- Love it

It is really fun it gets hard in the end but its still very fun

- Like it

It's really fun but has some downs like it doesn't have many troops or maps!!! Please do a update.

- Not bad

Good for what it is, could be a little faster moving though.

- Enjoyment

not a complex game but thoroughly enjoyable, did not even notice the adds, great

- Addictive!

Fun app ! Play this over & over !

- Guns n Glory-Great Game

Great game -the most favorite game -simple but interesting. I enjoyed so must.

- Great game! Ads aren't too annoying :)

Great game! Ads aren't too annoying :)

- Dgtuth

Give me more levels new guns

- Far

Great game to pass time

- OMG !

Angry birds is nothing compared to this !!!!!!!!!! WARNING: may cause high level of addiction !!!

- Yeahaw!

This is a great game but mostly I don't like being on the bad side but still this is a good game

- awesome game need more levels

heaps addictive game best ipad app ive played so far needs more stages finished in couple of hours but left wanting more

- Shoot em all

Stick em up

- Top fun

Good time waster

- Annoying adds

Couldn't get past add dominating bottom part of game screen. Game is good but not worth the annoyance.

- Guns n Glory - Love it

Lots of fun. Simple to use.

- Awesome

My favorite

- Cool

This game is one if the best tower defence games out there

- Gunnglory

Very addictive game!

- Awesome

Nice game that I have ever played

- GREATTTTTT...... GAME!!!!!

Awesome time filler when your bored....

- Guns n glory

It is the best game ever

- Mad

This game is so fun..

- Tons of gully fun

Tons of fun

- Guns and glory

Great game. Heaps of fun

- Very Addictive

Great Game

- Great game

Fun to play, thanks guys

- Best game ever

It is a great game :)

- Superb!!!!

Very nice game!!

- M

Loved it!

- great game

i love this game

- GB

Great app best ever



- Guns and Glory

It is awesome!

- Love it


- Chick

Good game!!!

- Joe

Heaps good

- great game!!

great game!!

- guns n glory rocks

Fun fun fun.

- Oh wow

Good game

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- wnsa

Have been playing this game for years and always enjoy it.l don’t buy many games but l did buy this one

- More levels please !!!

Best game around. Would pay for more levels.

- Cool


- Great game but greedy developers

It was fun to play but if you’re not connected to wifi it won’t allow you to play because without wifi the ads won’t show and those greedy developers wants those ads dollars so you need internet for an offline game

- I love it

It coool

- Guns n glory

Make it so it doesn't kill ur battery so quick, other than that I love the game

- Awesome.....

But please add more lvls and more characters to use it's awesome 5 stars

- Great game

Such an addicting game!!

- Fun

Meilleur jeu

- Awsome

Great game can't play it enough!

- Fun

Great fun

- Great and very amuzing

Very fun, easy, no stress

- Bon

C'est un bon jeux pour passer le temps!

- Too funny!

Kills the time, when you need to!

- Wicked

So addictive!!

- Awesome game


- Fun

Good times...

- Add more levels please!!

Please add more levels. Awesome game!!!!

- Awesomer

Soooooo fun!

- Very cool!!!!

Can't put it down

- Good job

Great game

- Great job

Great job

- Gviu

Yui gas e nia bopu fe

- New guns'n' glory??

For when the nre guns'n'glory on iphone? This still good!!

- Goood


- Gun and glory

Wonderfull game, innovative gameplay for a tower defense...

- Very good

This game is a good pass time, it's easy to get addicted to so use with care

- Lots of fun!

Good gameplay,one of the best free games!

- gun bros

This game is fun and awesome

- 5star

Very good game

- Awesome

Cool game

- Lovely


- Cool

Awesome game

- Good game!


- Awesome game

Great game wish there were more free games like this. I'm enthralled

- Awesome game

Awesome game, I hate the ads though.

- I love this game

Great game. I've been playing it all the time and had fun every time. One of the best.

- Fun, but slightly buggy

Very fun games, but movement bugs makes it frustrating.

- Game crashes all the time!!!

I've just bought another update... This latest update crashes every time that my wireless connection is down. Very frustrating!!! Besides, the ads don't bother me at all, but now the game keeps interrupting me, asking me if I want to pay to stop seeing the ads. Now THAT is annoying!!! I already paid for the game!!!

- Addictive

Great game

- Yeeee-Haaaw!

Gotta' love being the bad guys! Too much fun!

- Love this game

Best game app by far

- Keeps crashing

Good game but won't load after update

- Fix it please

Love the game but won't load after the update

- New update

The new update doesn't work, it crashes the second you open it.

- warning

extremely addicting.

- Love it!!

I love this game! I was addicted in no time! I highly recommend!

- Nice game

So cool with defender cowboys

- Good game!!

I didn't get far in the game! Is there endless? Good balance of classes and enemies! So far so good!!!

- Instantly addicted!

More levels please.... Then I'll pay. Otherwise good overall.

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@Kerry_Shark Guns’n’Glory WW2👍

Guns'n'Glory 1.7.5 Screenshots & Images

Guns'n'Glory iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Guns'n'Glory iphone images
Guns'n'Glory iphone images
Guns'n'Glory iphone images
Guns'n'Glory iphone images
Guns'n'Glory iphone images
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Guns'n'Glory (Version 1.7.5) Install & Download

The applications Guns'n'Glory was published in the category Games on 2010-08-19 and was developed by HandyGames [Developer ID: 316574911]. This application file size is 51.48 MB. Guns'n'Glory - Games app posted on 2017-09-14 current version is 1.7.5 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.handy-games.gunsnglory