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Transform your photos into dazzling multicolor mosaics!

• “Delightfully quirky” —NY Times
• 4½ out of 5 Mice: “The animated effects throughout the app are truly impressive...” —Macworld
• “The result—something like a Seurat painting rendered with Microsoft Paint’s circle tool—is unique in the app world.” —Wired App Guide
• “Percolator…is a unique, well-done modernist app with a fun retro wink.” —Life In LoFi

• Create delightful mosaics from your photos
• Amazing Brews, each with their own unique look
• Intuitive dial-based controls
• Save to your phone or share via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email
• Try it with other photo editing apps — mix-n-match!

Happy Percolating!

Percolator App Description & Overview

The applications Percolator was published in the category Photo & Video on 2010-08-09 and was developed by Tinrocket, LLC. The file size is 50.49 MB. The current version is 2.5.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• Fix crash on iOS 10 devices

• Support for iPhone X screens
• Updated interface elements

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Percolator Reviews

Charles Walker III

𓃭𓅱𓆑𓇌  Charles Walker III  5 star


Susan Mango Curtis

Intriguing  Susan Mango Curtis  5 star

Creative imagination on steroids


Amazing!!!  DancerGirl🍭  5 star

Love this app! Just wish I had directions! I know there are so many features that I haven’t even begun to use this to its fullest potential!!

Liminal Indigo

Love It 💙💙  Liminal Indigo  5 star

I’ve had this app ever since the iPhone4 was brand new, and I still enjoy it just as much... perhaps even more so because the more you play with it, the more you learn how to use it. It’s the most creative and unique photo editing I think I’ve ever known. The possibilities are seemingly endless.


Fun!  mrgs54978  4 star

This app is fun but doesn’t do much for 1.99. More of a 99cent app!

Please update!  5 star

Lots of fun and stunning creations. I only wish it had more features and options!


So much fun!  menageriemom  5 star

Quirky and original. I use this app all the time.


Very fun.  Radiorevival  5 star

Very fun


You are the bubble of my soul.  akashacheif  5 star

You have expanded my creativity. For this I thank you from my heart!

Eric bob poop

Precolater  Eric bob poop  4 star

Precolater is awesome and very easy.


Love this app. So much fun, and it works!  DMedw  5 star

Love this app. So much fun, and it works!


One of the must-haves for the digital artist/image editors  JennMk  5 star

Percolator keeps on keeping on! From the makers of the equally-'must-have' WaterLogue and Popsicolor. Good app, one of the first of this kind of image-alterer and afaik hasn't been out-done yet. Nice work, Tinrocket! 💐👏💐 PS Do please keep updating??? Like many digital artists I keep Percolator in my elite 'front page ' folder and use it a lot. I keep looking in the update news hoping to see some new addition to the shapes maybe? Something? 😇 Edit Jun 2017 omg omg omg Percolator got updated!!! 🎉👏🔥💃🏽. First time in four years ?!?!?!? I'm so excited. Well. The UI is as clunky as ever but we forgive Percolator Bcs it's a quirky app. The 'use examples as presets' is nice. And it's optimised for the latest iOS. (That must've been fun - I can't remember what iPad we were up to in 2013 but four years is a long time in tablet years). So yay and thank you Tinrocket for not just shelving this funky little app. And, um.. would it be too much to ask for another update soon-ish with some additional functions? Pretty please?

Nate random

Awesome!  Nate random  5 star

Love it! Very creative and easy to use and interactive interface.

The Night Flower

Addictive!  The Night Flower  5 star

Love love love the latest update. The new Ray Ray Brew is amazing. I can't stop Percolating!! I'm addicted. Very cool app, would highly recommend it. I'd love an option to save my favourite style combinations though.


Fantastic!!  EmB0  5 star

Highly recommend! So many endless possibilities. Great ap.

Farty Bloomcheeks

Super app  Farty Bloomcheeks  5 star

This is an app that I've always loved. It works incredibly well & is definitely 5 stars!


Impressive!!  Topgp  5 star

Thanks for such a beautiful app, really amazing from the effects to the clever interface. Fantastic work, well done.


Percolicious!  tominator_66  4 star

One of my favourite image mod apps. Would have been five stars if you could save your own style combos. Please add this feature if possible to make your app even more useful.

Funky funky town

A new favourite  Funky funky town  5 star

I love the effects and it's fun using it. Looking forward to an update with more effects!


Waste money, the photos look terrible  51mmy101  2 star

I don't like it.


Wow  Reido84  5 star

Ive bought all three of this artists apps. Its to bad there is such a plethora of junk out there in app store and gems like this get lost in the shuffle. Whomever developed this app & other waterlogue is pure genius.


Wow  Reido84  5 star

Ive bought all three of this artists apps. Its to bad there is such a plethora of junk out there in app store and gems like this get lost in the shuffle. Whomever developed this app & other waterlogue is pure genius.


Blah  Noorlq1  2 star

All the reviews were great o I bought it, but really I did not think it was all that.


Super Excellent!!!  Miguelito7777  5 star

Beautiful, amazing app, highly recommended...these guys know how to make a professional and beautiful app...just like Popsicolor...

Mortal Coil

Great app  Mortal Coil  5 star

Really fantastic tool!


Malísima  Madmadrazzi  1 star

Malísima te obliga a poner sobre tu foto original o estrellas o anillos o nubes , y todo lo que hace es modificar la apariencia de las mismas, pensé que se podría modificar una foto 100% desde su original metiendo efectos que te dieran diferentes tonos , filtros, etc. lo cual NO sucede pues como dige, tu foto estará FORZOSAMENTE bajo estrellas burbujas o siluetas aburridas y cursis, cero profesional.


Unique  Milkpop  5 star

This app is so fun and interesting! I really enjoy playing around with the settings and seeing the outcome! It's different and it's pretty!


Fun new way of seeing photos!  _nathanlucy  5 star

Very clever app.


This app is wonderful  Hiko303  5 star

After using this, I could probably narrow my collection of photo editing apps down to this and maybe 5 others, from the over 30 I have now. Dev obviously thinks way "out of the box, and it really shines through. I hope that future updates can somehow retain the pre-ios7 interface elements because they make this app feel cool to use, though iphone version might benefit from larger controls. For less than the price of a cup of coffee, so much enjoyment!


STILL ONE OF THE BEST!!!  Cobak  5 star

This is one of the few apps (out of hundreds, or maybe even thousands in my case...) that I bought years ago and continue to use on a weekly basis to either create new wallpapers, edit/experiment with my photographs, or just marvel at the endless possibilities. Two teeny requests: 1) Please make the user interface scroll wheels at the bottom a bit bigger because they're so tiny it can be hard to move them where you want. 2) Add some more editing options, such as color, shapes, blending modes, etc. All in all, YOU FRIG'N ROCK DEVS!!!


Easy to use, great effects  Eve453  5 star

Good app for getting filter effects on photos similar to filters in photoshop.

Kayt Hannon

Not great  Kayt Hannon  1 star

Not much you can do unless it's very undetailed pictures you are editing


Good  J.B.Goode  3 star

Definitely a unique app, the control over editing isn't as good as the description leads but it's still good, would be a lot more usefull with more adjustment controls,so at the moment I think it's a little expensive for it's limited usefulness , perhaps the developer should develop the app before moving onto iPad versions and such..three stars is perhaps a little harsh but it really needs a fine tuning menu!!! Then it would be exciting!


Boils over nicely...  Vercoda  5 star

What a hot little app - yet with no risk of spillage! Great! Actually, I have several little arty apps, each of which is unique, but nothing quite like this. What it does, it does incredibly well and - if you have a image particularly suited to its settings - it can create some superb images. (And, of course, you can then edit them further in another app, or drag off your gadget to Photoshop further.) It may be something of a one-trick pony, but What a pony! So, thanks guys.... I'll assume that the programmers are bubbling over with talent, and look forward to whatever app they invent next. In the meantime, this app's to go - and to keep...

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