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Life360: Find Family & Friends [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Protect and connect the people who matter most with comprehensive safety features for life at home, on the web, and on the go — all in one place for added value and convenience. Enjoy modern, advanced tools that go beyond a basic GPS phone tracker.

Bring your family closer with comprehensive safety features designed for busy, modern life — all in one place for added value and convenience. Go beyond basic GPS phone tracking with smart tools and anytime, anywhere emergency support.

Life360 membership offers a wide range of all-new services. Highlights include:
- SOS to send a silent alert with your location to family members, emergency contacts, and responders.
- 24/7 Emergency dispatch that’s always on call for your entire family. Even if you can’t call for help, we will.
- Family Safety Assist for comprehensive real-time specialist support anytime, anywhere, and in any situation.
- Identity Theft Protection to safeguard each family member’s sensitive digital information and white glove restoration service, including up to $1M in coverage.

Explore Life360 for free
Download Life360 and get started with advanced Location Sharing, 2 days of Location History, and 2 Place Alerts to see family members come and go from your top places like home, school, and work. Protect your drivers and passengers and respond to a car crash faster with automatic Crash Detection, and stay safe on the go with automated SOS.

Upgrade to membership for premium features and tools, backed by 24/7 specialist support and emergency dispatch. Find the plan that fits your family’s unique needs and try free for 7 days.

Life360 Platinum
Be prepared for anything, anywhere with all the features of Life360 Gold, plus:
- Family Safety Assist: Disaster Response, Medical Assistance including a nurse helpline during the pandemic, and Travel Support with a team of trained, live agents
- 24/7 Roadside Assistance, including 50 miles of free towing
- $500 in Stolen Phone Coverage
- ID Theft Protection & restoration with up to $1M in coverage per person
- Credit Monitoring

Life360 Gold
Protect your family on the go with all the features of Life360 Silver, plus:
- A full 30 days of Location History
- Unlimited Place Alerts
- Individual Driver Reports to see how (and what) your drivers are doing behind the wheel
- Crash Detection with emergency dispatch and live agent support
- 24/7 Roadside Assistance
- $250 in Stolen Phone Coverage
- SOS to send a silent help alert, plus 24/7 emergency dispatch to your location
- ID Theft Protection & restoration with up to $25k in coverage per person

Life360 Silver
Make daily coordination a breeze with features like:
- 5 Place Alerts to stay in step
- 7 days of Location History
- $100 in Stolen Phone Coverage
- Crime Reports to see and avoid dangerous situations
- Family Driving Summary

Disclaimer: Continued usage of location services while the app is in the background can excessively drain battery.
But not to worry, we’ve spent 10 years developing our location technology and our algorithms always keep battery usage to a minimum, even while you drive!

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Life360: Find Family & Friends Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Introducing Life360 Bubbles, a new option to customize Location Sharing for your Circle! Create a temporary Bubble to share only your approximate location for a set period of time. All safety features remain on, always.

Life360: Find Family & Friends Comments & Reviews

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- The death of trust and good parenting

Edit: The newly added bubble method is a great way to keep safe while still giving your kids some degree of privacy. This new feature actually makes me want to update my review from a 1 star to 4 stars. I still believe that incorrect usage of the app creates a bad relationship of trust between your kid and you but these new features help kids be independent and helps their parents know they are safe. Honestly what this app does is show parents lack of trust in their kids. If your kid is sneaking out all the time who’s fault do you think it is? It’s YOUR fault. It’s a reflection of you bad parenting ability. A good parent builds trust with their kid where they wouldn’t go against their parents. This app destroys trust. If you are tracking your kid you think they won’t do stuff or sneak out anyway? Kids are smart obviously much smarter then you. After testing this app there are various easy loopholes to make you seem like your somewhere else or to break the app from working in general. Maybe instead of pushing your kid farther from you and putting them in chains you should take the opportunity to address the issue and build your relationship with your kid. This app is greatest at pushing your kid away from you and allowing parents to take the easy way in addressing the issue while ruining their relations with your kid.

- This is hands down the best and most important app on our phones! Thank you!!

As a user of Life360 for many years, I can’t say enough wonderful things about this app. With our family spread across the county, Life 360 gives us all extreme peace of mind. Even our 23 year old son (at the Naval Academy), and our 20 year old daughter in college, appreciate knowing where we, their parents, are. It was incredibly easy to locate them if I had to pick them up at a high school party. If they needed to contact us because they wanted to come home, yet didn’t want their friends to see notifications of texts going back and forth, we’d communicate through the app. Most importantly, because we are their parents and we’ve paid for their phone, that is just part of the deal. We’ve paid for your phone and your plan, then you must have this on your phone at all times, and they’ve never had a problem with that. We’ve never used it as a way to spy on them, but in this day and age in this crazy world, it’s a tool for increased safety. Actually, our 20 year old daughter appreciates us being able to “check-in” on her whereabouts and safety without having to call or text all the time. This was especially useful when she was in high school. There are so many great aspects of this app, and it’s incredibly user friendly. I will continue using Life360 for many, many years to come. Thank you Life360 for peace of mind and the ability to have a good night’s sleep for these past 6 years.

- Thank goodness

I had a hard time letting my daughter go places because I just didn’t trust people. After getting this app I started letting her go to playdates and sleep overs all I asked from the parents was to inform me of any plan changes. Well sadly this family thought it was okay to drop off my daughter and theirs to another house to babysit so they all could go to the bar. The app reported she was in another location and I called her only to hear her say she was uncomfortable and the kids they wanted her to babysit were under 5 years old, she didn’t know what to do or how to keep them from screaming. I was furious my daughter has never took care of kids or trained to. I called the parents and they acted as that was not a big deal. It was 11pm about to be 12am, I told them you ether get my daughter and her friend from that house or I will drive down there and I will call the police for endangerment of all the kids. My daughter normally is 5-10 minutes away from our home but this family relocated and now were a hour away. I was upset but not wanting my anger to get the best of me. It has been three years now she has gone once or twice for sleep overs but now they respect my wishes and always let me know if they plan to go to a playground or something else. This app gives me a peace of mind and lets me know where she is at all times today she’s 11 years old and understands the importance to report herself and voice her questions and concerns.

- One of the best apps I have purchased

There are so many ways to use this app. As a busy mom, I like to put in alerts when my husband reaches a certain point on his commute home so I know when to start dinner. Also, finding my lacrosse player kiddos on a huge lacrosse tournament field has been stressful in the past, now it is easy to locate and keep track of the three of them on a busy tournament weekend. I understand that there is controversy about spying on my kids whereabouts, but as a parent it is nice to know that they are where they say they are going to be, or to know where to pick them up if they don’t know the address. And with teen drivers, having the crash detection and the high speed alerts gives me a lot more comfort when they are in the roads. My kids all know that we have this app and that we occasionally look in on them, but we also balance that up with having adult conversations about responsibility and in reality having the app allows them more freedom with us. I would highly recommend this app for parents as one of the many tools we use to parent and protect our kids. We have added my mother to our circle and she gets such a huge kick out of seeing where we are on any given day. I think it gives her a sense of closeness even though we live states apart. Also for me, as she is aging. Having a general idea of her daily activities can help alert me if something is off. Highly recommend!

- Good app and here’s why

I get so many people (mostly teens) feel like it’s an invasion of privacy and such, but it’s better than some other apps out there. With things going on today, I can see why a parent/parents/guardians would want to see where their child/children are going. Im 21, so I grew up with technology changing from flip phones to staying out until the street lights went on and change to people sending texts and FaceTiming on their phones. I also know sometimes kids (not all) can be dishonest and not tell their parents their true intention or location, in other words, you shouldn’t hate this app unless you have something to hide. There are apps that monitor what you do on your phone, so having your family just knowing your location truly shouldn’t be a problem. Im going to University in a different country from where my family is, they use it to make sure I am safe because they are 10+ hours away from me. This app also lets me send out an SOS in case something were to happen. Along with this my family uses it with older family members as well. My grandmother is almost 90 and it keeps us in a good state of mind to know where she is at all times. Overall, this app isn’t something to hate, it gives families security that you’re safe. And like I said, you shouldn’t have an issue with it UNLESS you’re trying to hide something

- Love Life 360!

I purchased this app when my 16 year old began driving almost 2 years ago. I found it very reassuring to know where he was, of course, but the (safety) circle and drive detection are truly my favorite features. The circle alerts you, and other selected people of your choice, if the car has been in an accident. It can be used to call for emergency services, tow trucks, etc. It’s a fantastic feature to have. I hope we never have to use it, but you just never know. The drive detection feature is also terrific. This feature gives me a weekly and daily snapshot of my child’s average driving speed, her braking, rapid acceleration and other good information. Not only does it let me see his driving habits, it also helps with our insurance costs. The longer he drives safely and follows the law, the more of a discount we get. I’m sure this depends upon your insurance provider, but insuring a teenage driver is expensive so every little bit helps! Now, back to the location services. I have a daughter in middle school now and I really appreciate being able to locate her at all times. She and her friends like to walk and bike and we live in a frightening world. I like the comfort and security of knowing I will always be able to locate both of my children. I highly recommend this app. It is a great tool for families.

- Good

As a teenager it must be hard to understand why any parent would want you to download the app Life360. After sitting down and hearing arguments from both sides, I understand. The app is more than just for tracking your kid. With functions from battery life updates to car crash alerts it can be more than helpful in reducing stress in stressful situations. Don't get me wrong, some parents do abuse the power of the app and it can really have a negative effect with your parent/child relationship. Speaking from personal experience i'm not a fan of this app. To be fair this is coming from a 19 year old whose mom was controlling and abused the app. From calling me questioning my whereabouts to showing up to my exact location just to see me doing exactly what I communicated to her. After moving out I decided to keep my app on. Show her that I can make smart choices regardless of her tracking me or not. On the other hand it can indeed save a life. I had a friend get into a car crash on his way from a night out and a notification was sent to his parents and they could use the app to locate him and go to his rescue. For that reason I can't bring myself to say i hate the app or say it should be deleted. It was created with nothing but good intention but it's like putting candy in front of a baby and saying no. It wont work.

- This app isn’t THAT bad

Life360 was made with the purest of intentions. This app is used in my family for the crash detection. It’s an incredibly helpful part of the app that allows my parents to be alerted if I ever get in a wreck. I also use it in groups with my friends, not in a creepy way, but usually as a conversation starter, like, “oh, I saw you went to the mall the other day! Did you get any cute things you wanna show me??” Or more often to make sure that, say a friend goes on a date and it looks like they might be driving off to a sketchy area, we can check in with them to make sure they feel safe with the person they are with. It’s so helpful. Parents, friends and family that abuse the app ruin it for everyone and are taking away from the true purpose and meaning of the app. Just use it right a TRY to trust your kids. 99.9% of the time, they aren’t doing bad things, they are just making good memories. And to those kids who lose their parents trust by making very poor choices, please just make good choices, then we won’t have to worry about all this. Other than that, I feel like life360 is pretty cool if used correctly :))

- Peace of mind, life saver

My family has had Life360 for 5 years, since my son started driving. He is now in college. I always explained to him that by having access to his whereabouts, I didn’t need to call him or have him call me all the time. I held to that promise. Even in college, when I need peace of mind, I check to see he made it back to his apartment. I never comment to him or ask him to call me all the time. He understood that as a Mom, I would worry about him. I also gave him access to my location when he went to college as a sign of mutual respect. Life360 came in handy when he was 16 and was in car accident. He didn’t know where he was and within seconds I had directions directly to him. He’s had multiple accidents and this tool has helped out each and every time. I turned off the capability to monitor his speed and driving halfway into his senior year of high school because I knew it was time to trust. Plus, the conflicts over the information began to wear on me. Early on, it’s was very helpful and productive. After a year or two it just became a source of conflict. He’s 20 now. I can see his location. anytime I want, though I rarely check. It has helped me be a better, less nagging parent.

- Best app out there for busy families, hands down!

The best app out there for busy families, hands down! Pre-Covid, everyone in my family had busy schedules - my sister travels a lot for work, my parents travel a lot to golf, and my brother commutes about an hour for work. This app keeps us all on the same page. My parents are able to sleep more soundly, knowing where their kids are, that their kids are safe, and knowing that if we were to get into an accident, Life360 is right there. For me, it even gives me peace of mind. Before we had Life360 there were a few times my brother would go out with his friends, forget to call/text them, and not come home. Which left my parents worried sick, and calling me to try and figure out where he was. Now that we have Life360 this hasn’t been an issue - we are able to just check the app to see where he is and where he’s been to make sure he’s somewhere safe. We’ve even used it to find his lost phone before. The SOS Help Alert button also lets us rest easy, knowing that when he is out, if something were to happen, he could just use it. I honestly feel like if you care about your family’s safety, you should have this app.

- Awesome

My daughter and I witnessed a car accident and I asked her to call 911 while I went to get the driver out of the vehicle as it was filling with smoke. My daughter went into panic mode and had no clue where we were, even though we drove through that area everyday. She was almost 15 at the time and I thought if she ever had an accident of her own , she would probably react the same. A few weeks later, I ran into an old co worker of mine and she told me about this app. We downloaded it and I fell in love with it. We added My dad, who is retired, to our circle and when he hears about accidents etc that’s in our area or daily routes, he can look and have peace of mind knowing that we are safe. My daughter now 17, had a accident over the summer and just as I suspected, when she called me, she couldn’t tell me where she was. I’m so glad we heard and downloaded this app. I was able to see exactly where she was and get help to her as she was almost an hr away visiting relatives and I was at work. You never know how you’re gonna react in situations until it happens, so for the teens that don’t want or like this app, it’s for your parents peace of mind and not necessarily a violation of privacy.

- Love this app

My whole family really loves this app and gets a lot of benefit from it including my 14yo and 17yo sons. We got the app as soon as my oldest first got a cell phone and it was great because we all knew what was going on so we were on the same page. My youngest son loves to know when his dad is on his way home from work. If the kids are at a basketball game we know when they arrive and when they leave. Then when my oldest started driving it was a non issue. We all were already enjoying the app. Even when my son got lost in construction on his way to his gf house I could see where he was and guide him out. If we are meeting my husband for dinner we can see where he is and he doesn’t need to call or text while driving to tell us when to meet him. If I’m cooking, I know when they are on their way home and I can start cooking. I know when they kids leave the school to head home. They don’t have to call or text me when they arrive somewhere. They feel like I’m not nagging them cause they aren’t having to constantly CheckIn with me. Even my youngest who is fiercely independent enjoys the app cause he can also see where we are.

- Best app I’ve used!

This app has done so much for me and my family. Anyone with teenagers understands that we, as parents want to make sure our kids are safe. This app allows us that opportunity. There have been times that my older teenager is going into work before dawn, or driving home before the hurricane weather begins. Those moments can be nerve wracking for me. I am able to utilize this app to make sure she’s driving home or how far from home is is located. That way I am not calling or texting her which would be distracting. When my daughter first started driving to college, it was an hour away and she had to go through really rural towns. She had pulled over because the weather was so bad but she wasn't sure of her exact location . We were able to see on the app where she was located and it gave us directions to her and her vehicle. Most parents can relate, but There are times she goes to a friends house but forgets to let me know she made it. This app, once again, provides me the security of knowing she made it there so I do not worry. I will recommend this app a million times over. Definitely worth every penny!!

- Amazing

I am in disbelief this app works great I recommend it to anyone whoever the creators are please don’t change a thing continue to keep it the way it is and make small upgrades in the future but only if we the app users are able to decide if we want to add that feature or not the simplicity of this app is great and lets me keep up with family and friends hopefully in the future you can make a deal with one of the bigger mapping companies out there and get this as a standard feature on any mobile device I will continue to use this as long as you keep it at this amazing price and also keep the free version add free as well if anyone is looking for something to help them stay in touch with Family And Friends even if you have children that are caring mobile devices I recommend buying this app and installing it on there it gives you a peace of mind you know where they are and how long they have been there and it gives you pinpoint information that any self-respecting parent would need don’t just take my word for it download that today and start your free trial trust me you will be thankful you did.

- This is a must have app for our family:)

I love all of the features this app has. It tells each other what battery percentage our phones are at, how long it will take for us to get to our family member,I have it set up to let me know when my kids arrive/ leave home or school or anywhere they have to drive that is really far away, I pay the yearly fee for crash detection and it’s peace of mind. My husband and I even have it set up to alert us when we are at the grocery store in case either of us need something😃I have had this app for at least 5 years. MyHusband and I were in a car accident while I was on the phone with my daughter my husband was driving, someone hit us head on, that’s the worst case scenario being on the phone with my daughter when it happened, she was frantic and upset and her boyfriend said just look at life 360 on your phone and we can see where she is. We weren’t far from home so they drove to where we are to make sure we were OK. When my daughter moved out she told me to leave her on it just in case she were in an accident and we could find her:) THIS APP IS DEFINITELY WORTH HAVING 😃

- The BEST Peace of mind app

As a full time working mom, Life360 has been my best friend with helping me locate my kids when they’re not responding & give me the ability to see their route travelled. It alleviates stress when I’m wondering where my 15 yr old son is when he’s past curfew, and notifies me when my kids have reached school and home safely. If you’re child turns off Life360 you are notified immediately and you can send a request they turn it back on. It’s helpful seeing if my husband is on his way from work to gauge dinner time or possibly request he swing into a store on his way home, all depending on location. This way I’m not disturbing him while he’s driving. I like that it lets me know when phone batteries need recharging and so much more! I have the basic free plan, which has been ideal for my small family. If I had a larger family I would upgrade in a heart beat. We are a very busy family with many moving parts and this app empowers you to protect your family, supports better communication amongst the family and gives you peace of mind every day. Thank you Life360! You’ve been a life saver!

- Not accurate

I swear that if my husband wasn’t sitting next to me every time that this app said he was at other places, we would have some serious marital issues. No joke. Every single day, all day long for the past several months, it dings my phone saying he’s left and returned about 6-8 times all the while, he’s sitting right next to me. With his phone right next to us. It’ll place him at random parts of the neighbor or across the huge lake we live by. I guess that could be an error where it’s pinging back and forth from different towers but there’s times where it puts him 45 minutes away at some random location. What is going on with this app?? You need better towers to ping off of or more people checking on updates and fixing bugs. Whenever he’s broken down or needs me to take him something on a job that I’ve yet to go to, I need accurate location information so that I don’t have to interrupt his work to have him give me an address or directions. That’s why we have this app. Please please try and fix this bug. And it’s not just his phone because he’s gone through 2-3 phones already and this app will do the same thing on each phone. I like the ease of which I can locate him (when it’s working properly) and I don’t want to get another app.

- Life360

I am a mom of two young adults with Autism. I love Life360 because it helps us stay in contact and make sure we are all safe. We share our location with my sister and my husband’s brother and wife. I introduced them to Life360 and they love it. Two years ago we were at Bush Gardens Virginia and my husband and daughter decided to go on a roller coaster ride. My daughter gave me her phone but my husband insisted in keeping his. When the ride was over he received a call from Life360 telling him that paramedics and other emergency services were in the way. They call me and my sister too. Because of the movements detected by the app during the roller coaster ride, they thought my husband had been in a terrible accident. That is peace of mind, knowing that if any of us gets in an accident they will call emergency services for our love one and notify the person chosen as emergency contact. What is more is that we live in South Florida and the app new our location. I always use this example to tell people, specially teens, that this app is not about keeping them under surveillance, but to ensure their safety as well as our.

- We totally rely on this app

We use all the features. If the location accuracy was more prompt without wifi it would be perfect. As it is, with my daughter about to start driving, I know I'm going to use this more and more. She has it on her phone as a condition of having a phone and so far she has found it valuable for herself as well as for us. She has used it when she was lost and needed me to pick her up. I was able to just hit the button that gives me directions to her location. She uses it to know where I am and when I’m going to be home so she gets her chores done in time. We’ve used it when we got separated in the mall and wanted to come home and I’ve used it to find her in her school so l could bring her the stuff she left at home. Now that she’s driving I’m able to see how fast she goes (not fast). My kid is very responsible and we trust her. Somewhere along the way the app was involved in that relationship. Which came first: trusting or trustworthiness? I don’t know and I don’t care. The new feature seems like a really great way to build a sense of trust between parents and teens.

- Needs Work!

As a parent of use this app for over five years! The improvements have been great but they still need a lot of work! The accuracy is not as accurate as it claims to be!there needs to be a way to control your locations of cool received them and who does not receive them as a parent! I'm sure when they work out the bugs it will be a very good product! But as far as any other program out there this by far would be the best! However it still needs a lot of work! Getting a little better. This was my review a few years back and since then they have filled the void and made the improvements in addition to adding new features! As a parent, I’m very happy with this app because the accuracy helps me keep my kids in check but it also helps me keep in touch with adults and older ones in my family. If someone is having medical problems, car problems or we just need to meet up and they don’t know exactly where they are, all you do is press on their location, get the directions and go! So Simi please! You’ve come a long way Life 360! Good job!

- Life 360 is a lifesaver

This app gets so much hate because of how parents use it and how teenagers want to be sneaky. I downloaded the app, and just had it by myself for awhile. I got my mother to join my circle, and then my best friend and her mom. We did not have the upgraded plan or anything. We just had the standard Life360 free version. Let’s start off with a week prior, I was on Life360 checking my settings and changing my notifications, and I noticed that the Crash Detection feature was turned off. I turned it on for everyone in the circle and didn’t think anything about it until a week later. On Saturday, September 12th, my father and I were passengers in a really bad wreck. Within minutes of us wrecking Life360 had texted my circle telling them to check on me with my phone number and location and was beeping asking if I was okay. After the wreck, and seeing how Life360 could’ve easily saved my life we upgraded to the gold plan that way it will call emergency dispatch if that ever happens again. I have a whole new perspective on Life360 now. It saves lives. Thank you Life360!

- Love this app

Let’s face is in all our lives. Our kids will leave home in the middle of a blizzard without a coat before they will leave their phone behind. Living in a four season part of the US weather plays a big role in the driving habits of our family. I like knowing my children are safe, maybe stuck in traffic or going slow on icy roads, but not in a ditch somewhere. We live rural and knowing I can call for roadside assistance for them if I can’t get there faster is peace of mind for me. I don’t consider knowing where my kids are spying. If I know they are driving and I wanna see how close or how far they are I can look without texting them or calling them while they are driving. When they forget to text and say they got there safe I can look and see if they made it. Spying is baby monitors and cameras. Life 360 is just navigating this crazy world of technology and teens a little easier. This app has saved our bacon as adults a few times, and allowed me to help our kids a few times when we wouldn’t have had any other way of finding them in a bad situation. Won’t live without it.

- Worth every penny!

My 16 year old son had a boating accident. I was at work and went to check my phone when I saw I had received a voicemail from Life360. Initially I only knew my son was on the lake and Life360 had detected a crash from his phone. He was with his best friend and neither of the boys were answering their phones. His friend’s dad is a firefighter and called the local station so about 10 minutes in we knew the station had a call about a boating accident with juvenile males with facial lacerations. Getting to the location Life360 gave was the longest 20 minutes of my life. Happy to report my son had a few stitches and bumps/bruises but he and the other boys are all good! He has a broken Triton windshield to remember the occasion by. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Extremely proud of his best friend’s quick thinking to get the boat under control. We have the paid Life360 subscription and it is worth every penny. They knew my son had a crash! They knew his location and had sent emergency services to the area long before I could even get there. Absolutely terrifying but I’m so grateful for the service they provide!

- Parents Unite

I think the world of life 360. I am a nurse and have worked with children most of my life and I’m concerned about what’s happening to our kids in this world. I like knowing that I can check to see where my kids are with the tip of a button. My recent year I have gone through a divorce and with my children being young and going back-and-forth between two households this allows me assurance to know that they’ve been picked up from school or taken to soccer. I feel that it is sad that our children have learned how to negatively affect businesses by rating an app as a group in order to affect their own needs. However, I feel our kids are very misled by technology. I am not a big advocate of technology however I do appreciate life360. Two Halloween‘s ago it allowed us to find my daughters phone after we were trick-or-treating. She sure it’s on my 360 with a great thing then! It is not to follow my children 24/7, it is to protect their safety and check on them occasionally once a day. Thank you for all that you do and I appreciate this form of safety in technology.

- Love this app

I have used this app since my oldest got his license which was 5 years ago. Until they get 500 miles under their belt driving on their own this app brings me peace of mind that I know they have gotten to their destination, be it school, job or friends safely and on time. Knowing all the tendencies I had as a teen and young driver to think “I knew it all” , the ability to see how my teens are driving, as well as know their safety as passengers, is a huge help as a parent. I don’t track my kids whereabouts all the time, in fact I rarely check & they appreciate knowing where I am and when I’ll be home as well. Using the app cuts down on unnecessary texts to me about where they are or planning to be. Honesty about where they’re headed, have been or left/arrived at a location, this app holds kids accountable, cuts down on arguing and I think builds trust between parent and child. It’s easy to use, setup and set or disable notifications and like the added ability to send messages from the app. I have three driving now and I don’t know where I’d be without this app.

- LIFE360

There is so much that I could say about life 360 this app is amazing not only can I or any one in my group at every minute second of the day know where my family members are my mother-in-law,my sons, I mean everybody; this is a lifesaver it’s the best app you could ever ask for to have on your phone to make sure that your family or friends are OK at all times of the day if they are lost and you’ve got to find them it’s that simple if you do not have Life 360 you have got to get it right now today this is the best app by far than any other app we have used everyone in my family loves it everyone started using it; it’s just amazing and the best part about it is if you have elderly parents, grandparents and they’ve got phones you can keep an eye on them to know where they are and to make sure that they’re OK which is great it gives you satisfaction, peace of mind knowing that your family and friends are all OK. I URGE you to get your phone and download life 360 app on your phone today you will not regret this! You will have Peace of Mind daily with a little less stress!! #LIFE360

- Truly a wonderful app

This app has helped me so much in making sure my kids are safe. I recently divorced the father of our two girls, 14 and 11, who is also an alcoholic. I have heard the stories of why kids don’t like the app because parents spy and torment, why parents hate ghost mode but here is my story and I hope most of the users don’t have to have it for. The reason I purchased life 360 was after a terrifying event where my ex was so angry, he was driving over 70 miles an hour on a hilly dangerous road with a 45 mph speed limit. Our daughter inside the truck ended up calling 911 she was so afraid, police showed up to his house, and nothing was done. He smelled of alcohol but because he was now home there was nothing they chose to do. They told me if I had proof of his driving recklessly they could have helped our now terrified daughter, because her word wasn’t enough. I downloaded the app the next day. This app has given me peace of mind when they are with their dad and the SOS feature is a true blessing. So thank you for developing something like this that helps keep me kids safe.

- Car accident

Hi My Daughter was in a major accident She was not seriously injured but very shaken up. She was unable to make a call for help. Upon the moment of the accident the Life 360 app recognized the accident occurred and automatically contacted the local authorities. Life 360 called my wife since she is the administrator and advised her of the incident. All of this happened before my daughter could realize what happened and started reaching out for help on her own. My Daughter was unable to give us a location of the incident so I was able to locate her via the app and get directions to my map via the life 360 feature take me to their location which is another feature the app provides. This incident proved to my family that having the life 360 app is a valuable tool whenever anyone gets behind the wheel because you never know when something can happen and you are unable to perform the tasks that the app did automatically. Fantastic App recommend to anyone that commutes anywhere no matter what your means of travel is ie... car,motorcycle,bicycle and even a skateboard

- For the empathetic parent

Our family uses this app regularly. Believe it or not, the most frequent use is when our teens use this to see where we parents are... (meaning how far away their ride is!). It was especially useful while we had a home construction project (and kids in three different schools) to be sure we could coordinate kid collection and not leave anyone stranded in an empty and unheated home too long. I’m glad to hear that the developers are taking into account teens’ concerns around privacy and independence, as this app has always seemed to me a much more transparent and thoughtful option for families building trust and responsibility than spyware apps. A sweet side note is that my HS senior told me his friend group uses Life 360 themselves to facilitate outdoor meetups (!). This app is no substitute for good communication, but it is a good support for communication, in that it reduces the number of times a parent needs to check in. It has enabled our kids to feel more confident out on their own as well. Thanks for staying open to feedback, and keep up the good work.

- A Very Good App

I’ve download and have been using Life360 for a few years now and love it! I can keep track of my family members wherever they are going and where they’re at while on the road. I would like to give this a five star rating but unfortunately there’s a few things about this app that should be improved. One, maps or mapping needs updated. There’s a roundabout built near a school years ago yet it doesn’t show it on your map. Secondly, there are times I’m tracking where my kids are on the road and it shows on your map they’re still near the school yet they are have way back home when I texted where they’re at. It’s like the icon gets stuck and won’t move. I texted your Company about those issues but got a reply to try doing certain things but that didn’t really help. To this day, maps are still not updated and icons still gets stuck and won’t move from time to time when driving. Please please fix those issues right away so I can give you a five star rating.

- Invaluable

Have had this app for over 10 years... when Apple came out with Find my IPhone, I still chose to keep this app and use it still on a daily basis. I have the free version which U feel still provides lots of data. You can input up to 3 saved locations which is enough for me and set up alerts in your circle if someone leaves or arrives at one of the locations. It shows the speed of driving on others in your circle, how long they were at a certain location and can go back at least 24 hours to see where they’ve been (if the need arises). Others in your circle can also get alerted when your battery is low so they can remind you to charge it. All this is with the free version and I know that if I had the need for more locations or the crash detection or any of the other fabulous paid features, I would absolutely subscribe to the paid version in heartbeat. I trust Life360 to provide me with accurate, up to the minute information on my partner (and vice versa) and it has never failed us in 10 years. Thank you!

- Great for our family and for our Ministry!

My husband and I have had this app for a while and we love it. Having a teenager is difficult enough and then trying to keep up with him is another difficulty. We have found it to be very helpful as a great tool for accountability. It works so well we started using it for the ladies in our Safe House , which we rescued from sex trafficking as sexual exploitation, after six months they will start working or school. When they leave from our Safe House it allows us to make sure they stay safe and get to where they are going. We also use it with the ladies that graduate from the safe house and want to move into our Apartment complex and do another year in our Intern Program. So for safety and accountability they have to down load app so we know where they are or if they don’t return from work or anything looks suspicious then we contact authorities for help. Thank you Life 360 for making life a little easier with our teenager but also for making life safer for ladies who are rescued from sex trafficking.

- Traveling Mom of 4

This App is the absolute best. We have used it to locate my son’s phone lost on a ski run, allowed my teenage kids to stay engaged in fun without having to take “mom calls” because Mom can still see they are at the agreed destination, and relaxed as a returning college student was 2 hrs behind schedule because he stopped for a nap at a rest area on the freeway. We can also see when the kids are in class or driving so we know not to call. My groups can see where my business travels take me during my 200 out of town days per year. They can all see if I am in the hotel or airport or office. I do have to admit, my most frequent use is finding my husband in Home Depot after we inevitably get separated. Life 360 has been part of our family since my 22 yr old college student began riding his bike to middle school. Now, we even have Grandma in our group. Then, when she wanders, we know where she is. I have tracked 2 kids throughout their year in Europe, and Grandpa for his Peace Corp stint in the Ukraine ! This App should be called Calm your Mom.

- Privacy? None

The main problem with this app is the toxic environment it creates within families. The toxicity stems from the bottom issue of trust which the parent does not give to the child and forces them to have this app installed. This in turns creates a “Big brother” scenario where daddy and mommy are always watching over you. this 1. Strips any sort of privacy from the child, 2. Gives them a reason to dislike their family straining the relationship further. The CEO will act like he is “with the kids” and made a tik tok account. In this he stated that “he was threatens to be fired” and investors are going to pull funds if he created “bubbles”. Common sense dictates he is lying because this not only does not give power to the kids of the app but also the admin of the circle can disable this option discrediting this entire feature. The problem which this app will face in the future is the fact that the kids that were subjected to this will absolutely not want to subject their kids to the same thing and will never create a toxic household due to lack of trust. This will over the course of several years drain the $$ from this app. The creation of this app might have been a good cause but it’s current use stands on mistrust and claims it’s for “safety” I see this app to be avoided

- 360 Gives you Peace of Mind

As I get up in age, I realize the importance of family and friends knowing where I am. At first my son would not load the app on his phone, because he felt that it provided a means for us to spy on him. I explained that he was a grown man and that I had no reason or interest on knowing where he was. I explained that I was asking him to load the app, as a way to keep track of me, since I’m elderly and live alone. After about a week, he came around, and also realized that it worked both ways. It allowed me and his sister to make sure he was also ok. Over the years, there have been a few times where we needed to contact one another, because something in one of our travel patterns were out of the ordinary. Each time, although few, it provided that peace of mind, knowing that there was not a problem. Although I have not added all the available features, at some time in the near future, I will be doing that. It’s very easy to give Life 360 a 5 star rating, and I have recommended it to several friends.

- Must have!

We absolutely love this app! Stop looking around. Get this app and be done with it. Our youngest daughter is away at college (she’s downtown Chicago & we’re in suburbs.) This app has quieted nerves multiple times. When she studied abroad in Israel (yes it works in a different country!) we always knew where she was and this allowed me to sleep soundly when she was in for the night. I didn’t have to bug her with texts! Total peace of mind! And now with protests suddenly erupting we all agree we need to look out for each other. It’s hard to know what’s going on in the news while out and about. When something goes down we easily check to see if anyone is in the volatile area and reach out with an update if necessary. No texting and waiting for response... just click app and instantly know. It’s funny though, she really likes keeping an eye on us. Daughter: “Mom why were you at the doctor for 4 hours? Did they find something wrong? Where they doing a bunch of tests?” Me: “No dear. We stopped for lunch next door lol.” Nice to know you’re cared about!

- Best safety app EVER!!!!

I absolutely love this app, not only does it notify you when people arrive home, you can choose other locations for check in also, work, school for the children, it will also let you know when your family leave these places. Just think your home, you know your partner has left work because the app notified you, but they don’t arrive home, you can check the app to see where they are, broken down car no phone battery, it tells you there last location when the phone was on, you can go rescue them, or heaven forbid a car accident, you can locate them, also gives your speed, which is good for young drives, I use this app also for my children, we just moved to a new country, if they go out with friends, what if they were left? I can get directions to there location. This app gives me piece of mind for all my family.... there safety is my top priority and I have explained the app to my children and they understand why we have it, and they have both mum and dad on there apps too.

- A must have App with kids

Our family started using Life 360 several years ago when our oldest started high school. We have 3 kids with a 7 yr age difference. We let our kids know what life 369 was about. Gave us a peace of mind that they were where they were supposed to be and as they got older they were not reckless drivers. As parents we are also on the app and the kids know where we are too. Whether it’s us being on the way to pick them up before they were driving or if they were on the way home, to work, to school without having to bug them all the time. It does create some accountability and trust. You can set alerts for arriving or leaving places, check travels, check speed or god for it accidents. Our daughter is now in college several hours away. It still gives us a peace of mind knowing where she is or if traveling home or to see friends. We do not watch their every move and do not feel that we need to. It like ‘find my iPhone’ but easier and more perks even on the free version

- Great Resource!👍

With family members coming & going... School, Work, Various Weather Conditions, Odd Hours, Teens driving older vehicles etc... It gives my family and myself peace-of-mind being informed and updated on everyone’s whereabouts and safe arrival! This great app eliminates that built-in worry-wart mentality of fearing that dreaded phone call when one can quite simply view a family member’s various arrivals and departures to all their destinations and even watch their in-transit drive live in progress! Talk about Peace-of-mind being able to monitor your loved one’s to eliminate unnecessary worry! This application and it’s simple but very useful technology is a godsend and an extremely viable service that is a cutting-edge service that has become a necessity for my family and will be for anyone who truly appreciates the well-being of their loved one’s! Thank You Life360... 🥰 You have our backs and your life-changing service provides us 360 degrees of awareness about each family member’s current location 365 days a year!!! 👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- My lifeline x 3 people & peacekeeper

I know 5 star reviews are not really 5. Honestly this app is probably my favorite in my whole phone and I live on my phone. My husband rides a motorcycle and sometimes his Bluetooth helmet gives him issues and he can’t answer while riding. I live in Florida where the older people just pull out in front of cars so you kinda be a ninja if you are on a bike. Let’s just say I was on the phone a couple times with police to check for him before I got this app. My father in law is in his 70’s and starting to lose his memory so it helps to just have a way to check on him without having to call every 5mins to check that he is ok. Of course calling is so much more irritating to him. It is the same with my son. I don’t have to call to say are you almost home to know if I need to put his dinner away for him or if he is around the corner. I don’t mind calling everybody but let’s face it if I can just check Life360 it makes me seem FAR LESS irritating. Love love love this app. Can’t say enough about it

- Great app

Love this app. We’ve had it for a few years and it is a great tool with teenagers. There is no need to micromanage and they’ve always been honest about their whereabouts. Recently, our son was heading to the beach and I checked to make sure he arrived safely. I noticed he still wasn’t at the beach and had been at Walmart for over 30 min. (He’s normally in and out of stores) I sent him a quick text and asked if he was okay and he admitted that he locked the keys in his truck. Apparently, he was worried we would be upset because he was far from home. I drove to him and located him right away with the app and told him things happen and not to worry. Our kids told me the other day that the creator of this app feels parents abuse it and use it to stalk their children. I asked them both if they felt that way and they immediately replied “no.” We are mindful and so are they; at the end of the day, we all know one another’s whereabouts in the event of an emergency. As a law enforcement family, that is important to us. Thank you.


I’m a 25 year old that loves this app specifically for safety purposes, due to constant long commutes as well as for road trips. I share this with my close friends and family (different groups). I have family in Colorado and in Texas and if one decides to travel by car to either or state we make sure one gets to their destination safely. This app is not a joke nor for stalking purposes. This is literally the key for safe travels unlike the “find my phone” app; pretty useless in comparison to this app. This app is hands down the best app out there for security purposes ! There was an awful occurrence 2 yrs ago, that if we would’ve had this app, it could have saved multiple lives. Unfortunately, all they had was the “find my phone” which once the phone was “dead”, the phone location disappeared from the map and unable to locate. Long story short, I truly wished we had installed this app on those phones and maybe we would’ve had a positive outcome. Please get this app, you will not regret.

- Invaluable tool for family safety

When we were introduced to Life360, I was in-part skeptical of battery consumption, privacy concerns, and overall user experience. After a couple years of using Life360, it has become an invaluable tool to help my family- especially my children with mobile devices. This tool has helped with my kid’s wellbeing and safety, and has supported positive habits for driving accountability. We chose to use this app as a condition for our child(ren) to have a mobile device, and full transparency, they didn’t like it at first, but soon discovered it actually offered greater freedoms in a safe manner. The transparency goes both ways, too - we use notifications/alerts to help coordinate pick-up and drop off at events/sports; messages for when someone arrives at the store and can pick up a few last-minute items; and timing of meetings or meals for when one of us leaves work. All around a powerful app that is simply helpful in many ways for our family.

- This is a Great App

I have been using this app for a little over 2.5 years now and my family loves it. We originally got it because as I was primary driver for the kids to school and daycare, etc. I wanted my husband to be able to easily locate us if something happened and I wasn’t on time and unable to respond so we formed our own little family circle. I thought it was great that we could pin our frequented locations and receive alerts so that I’m not always have to pull up the app to look. We had gotten my, at the time, 8 year old a phone solely for emergency communication purposes when he was away from home. I loved being able to tuck his phone away in his bag and know he had arrived at school, left school, arrived at the daycare etc., since we all know kids don’t always communicate well on their own. We have even added extended family members to our circle and used it when they took extended vacations and even a cross-country road trip. If they didn’t check for a few days in we could do so with ease and compare location to itinerary. If they lose cell service or the phone dies it will still hold their last confirmed location. Then when those members are back home they just turn off their location services and we don’t get day-to-day alerts for them. I know we are still learning all of the offered features that come with this app but we have really liked the peace of mind it offers. I don’t see us discontinuing use any time soon!

- Life 360 and peace of mind

As a mother of three children, with my only daughter being the youngest and a young driver, Life 360 has been a tool that has helped me and my daughter in a few different ways. It has been a navigational tool that has helped me help her navigate with her driving when she has found herself unsure of directions at times. It has helped me be at peace with knowing where she is while on a date. You want to give your child independence with outings. My daughter likes to go shopping at times by herself. She has been approached several times by young men giving her their number and complimenting her. We all know that sex trafficking is real. Having a tool to be able to look at where my child is gives me the peace of mind I need while giving her space and freedom. My daughter mentioned just the other day, that it’s the kids that do not have a close and trusting relationship with their parents that are against Life 360. I encourage families to have it for the safety of their children.

- Working Mom’s view

Everyone worries, it’s a natural ‘thing’. Life360 brings some peace of mind. I originally installed it for my own tracking and invited my daughter and closest friend. I was working long hours, using mass transit, and tired. In general I was worried that I might not always make the best decision and/or get caught up in some sort of chaos in NYC. Knowing that someone could track me, at least know where my phone was gave me a little more sense of security. I won’t lie... I did watch after my daughter. She was in college in NY and living the life of a young person. Like I didn’t know what a college student does and what hours of the day!!!... please, of course. But, Life360 did not jeopardize our trust because neither of us abused the privilege it provided and the additional safety we felt. Not everyone will, can or should have the boundaries I have with my oldest daughter. As with everything and with all technology... it is what you make of it and how it is used. For me, I really like Life360.

- Peace of mind

My family has been using Life360 since my kids began driving and it's provided me so much peace of mind being able to check where my kids were at any time. For those thinking it's Big Brother or invasion of privacy, what I told my kids was if you own your car and pay for the insurance, we'll stop using Life360. For me, my concern was not only safety for my kids but extended to the possibility of the vehicle being stolen or vandalized. Also, I reminded them, if you're going where you say you're gonna go, this is not an issue. I wasn't checking all the time, but there were random times I did and caught my son going elsewhere, not his study group. Both my kids have graduated college and my son who pays for his car and insurance is no longer on the app but my daughter is. It's come in handy when her car broke down and she didn't know where she was. Life360 guided service to exactly where she was. As I said, it's a peace of mind app and highly recommend it.

- Safety & security

I have been using Life360 for going on 4 years in about 2 months. It has been a lifesaver in so many different ways. I’ve been able to use it for what I’m guessing was it’s original purpose, keeping an eye on where my children are. Teens tend to get themselves into bad situations 😂 Other ways it’s come in handy...My wife got lost in the mountains driving back from the coast one winter night due to a highway closure from a fatality accident causing a detour. I was able to get enough pings to continue to tell her what her next turn should be. We got her & the kids home safely thanks to Life360. I’ve used it to locate my children at their soccer match when my phone map couldn’t find the roadway/parking lot turns to get to the actual field. I’ve also use it to be able to verify my location for people for different circumstances. I know this is only the tip of the iceberg but I am out of time. This is an A+ app, every family should have it.

- Life 360 Saved My Daughters Life!!!

My daughter was T boned on her way home by curfew on a summer night back in June after someone ran a red light... and THIS APP SAVED HER LIFE!! They called 911 and reported the accident and paramedics arrived within minutes! She walked away from what could have been the absolute worst day of my life with only a few scars and and I 100% owe it to Life360 for being there for her. There is not a worse feeling IN THE WORLD than the thought that your child unconscious laying on the street somewhere with no one...😞 but the fact that they offer this service for pennies a day is worth every single one I have for a piece of mind!! With her now fully recovered and attending an out of state college and another son in high school that drives, this app LEGIT lets me sleep at night and not have to text them 50x a day asking where they are or wondering are they safe... I already know just by simply checking this app. Just get the app. Save yourself the heartache and stress. That’s all. ♥️

- Great app! Safety first!

I love life 360! I have leveraged it as a tool to raise awareness from my teenage driver. I have to say that I initially offered full trust with the car he started driving at 16. When he totaled it and followed it with 2 speeding tickets I knew something had to be done. Clearly there was a lack of awareness with safety. First we waited to get a new car and had chores associated with it, second the condition was to installed 360 and have it on in order to earn the privilege to drive. I have asked him to review his own drives and cell usage weekly and we discuss. This is not about tracking and following. I love the reports, am happy for the. Not to be exact in address and location/ I just need an idea of where he is at and how he is driving! This is the absolutely perfect app for us. It’s easy to use simple, clear. Anything we can do to have reporting geared towards the driver is extremely impactful. Thank you for proving us with this tool to make the world a safer place to drive in!

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- Family Safety

I had used this app for myself and hubby as we ride motor bikes so often ride alone- this gave us peace of mind to track each other. Then introduced the whole family with teenagers who love the fact they can see were each other is if they need to contact them for safety as our granddaughter is a first time driver and we know where she is. Would highly recommend. Mick & Cheryl

- What’s changed?

I’ve had Life360 for my family and early teenagers for a couple of years and it’s been brilliant for peace of mind and knowing when they leave home, arrive at school etc. However, it seems since this latest update introducing the bubbles, suddenly our family notifications don’t work properly. I get notifications all night and day telling me the kids have left home and arrived home when they are sitting right next to me. I’ve tried increasing the tolerance on ‘places’ and makes no difference. I’ve messaged support and never received a reply but my ticket has been closed. Disappointed. My kids will be driving in the next year or so but at the moment I would be reluctant to pay for the extended driving version of this app until it’s working properly again. Admin@Life360... can you help!!?

- Peace of mind and convenience

Life360 is a fantastic way for our family to keep track of each other. The app makes it so much easier for my wife and I to coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs for the kids as our live locations are visible. Also provides peace of mind when one of the kids starts walking or riding to school independently, and the geo-alerts let you know when they’ve arrived safely. Even my 16 year old has seen the benefit of the app as he can see when we’re leaving work and will often request a pick-up if we’re in his vicinity. Definitely recommend.

- #ghostmode

This app use to be absolute garbage and allowed narcissistic parents to stalk and harass their own children but now ghost mode is allowing a bit of privacy and altogether has made it a lot more fair and is still and effective way of staying safe so overall this app is fantastic and cheers to the creator for listening out and risking their everything to improve the app because for people who are unaware they actually almost lost their job for this because others didn’t agree but he stood his ground and made this app reasonable so I overall recommend this app for parents and teens

- Comfort at my fingertips

I love this app! I feel so much better being able to see where my family are at the touch of a button and check where they’ve been, especially my teenager! You can even see the average km/h they were driving and how much battery % is left on their phones and zoom in to see google earth rooftops and exactly where the ph is if you lose it. They have really covered all bases on this app it’s the best. Absolutely 5 stars!

- Accurate and easy.

This app is probably one of the best on the market. It is accurate, and informative. It’s very helpful for family members who travel long distances away from home, for that added peace of mind of knowing where family members are when travelling at night or during busy periods. It’s also good to keep watch of speeds, especially if a certain family member has a lead foot whilst driving. Highly recommend this app.

- Actually helped me get my phone back!

So my family have used Life 360 for around 2 years and has always been helpful, but as of an hour ago this app has truly helped me! I was at a plant nursery where someone tried to steal my phone, and with my daughters help from her phone connected to our account helped us track down the person who took it. I am truly thankful for this app helping me get my iPhone 11 Pro back. Thanks Life 360!!!

- No Regrets

This is so useful to know where our family members are at all times. We don’t have to wonder if the kids made it to where they were going, if someone is a little late we can check how far away they are and if God forbid anything should ever happen, we would have a much better idea of where they have been in order to find them. Our family love this app.

- Tracking like a boss

Yo, I'm mot a tracking freak, but it helps out a lot when my family get notified when I'm at the shopping centre so they send me what they meed without me having to call them one by one. It is so helpful with my job as well since I get paid hourly, so the application has all the hours, to the minute, that I've been at my workplace and I can use it to show my boss. Really good app.

- Great

Easy to use, has helped my anxiety by reassuring me that my husband is nearly home/stopped at the shop/still at work etc, instead of worrying that he’s had an accident. Anxiety makes no sense, but it’s nice to be able to alleviate it on a day to day basis using the app. Can add other people to your circle (with their permission, of course), so great for the whole family.

- Love this app for whole fam tracking and movements

The app provides knowledge and security to know where everyone is. I feel I can have kids safe to know they have bit more independence to go about activities and day. We have had few incidents and life 360 got them out of trouble as could see us or brother and sister. Through Covid this has been life saver for travel and more.

- Best available

This app is truly the greatest on the market, I’ve been using this on my children for about a year. The largest complaint from my children were the minimal space of privacy but this ghost mode addition is the absolute best thing for this app. I can know where my kids are but giving them much more privacy, best update ever!

- Useful app

I have continued using this app as it allows family members to immediately see where each of us are located. My grand daughter loves watching her mum drive home to us. I can check to see when family members are on the way to family gatherings and I can make sure our grey nomad members are moving and are safe at night.

- Good but the sound notifications are not helpful

I like the app but I think that there are issues like when we change phones and numbers and if there is no internet it doesn’t work say if the carrier you’re using has bad reception everywhere the. This app is not useful. Also would be good to have more free functions like adding work, school, uni, etc

- Safety in mind

Great way to help keep a family of different platforms safe, also helps with finishing lost devices. Have never found another app capable of doing everything Life360 has been able to do seamlessly.

- Best kid tracking tool ever

Notifications and fast access to location information makes working parent life so much more bearable. Always know where your kids are without asking them. Notifies when they arrive at school and back home safely. This has been massive sanity saver for me from primary to teens.

- So useful

This app is so useful. I can check how far away my husband is coming home from work. Or where he is if out. I can check on family to make sure they are safe when traveling. This can give so much peace of mind. And help for planning busy days and evenings.

- Great app, when it works!

We have been using this app for several months now and found when it works it’s a great benefit. But there are times it just does not update. Even though people are using the same routes at the same time most days sometimes it will just not display movement or notify when someone has left or entered a predefined location.

- Peace of mind

This app gives me peace of mind as I can see at a glance where my 16yo daughter is, and she knows she doesn’t have to call me to ask if she can go to a friends house etc. having said that, she’s very honest & reliable so she doesn’t mind having the app on her phone.

- Absolutely fantastic

Being a dad of teenagers, I was always worried about their wear-about , specifically at night. This app has been a blessing to know where they are and are on their way home in real time. Thank you for this App guys. Still exploring the many features. 😍👍🏼

- Love This App

It works well and is great for keeping track of family members. I can check to see if my daughter is still at work before I phone her, if my husband is on his way home for dinner yet, or up at the golf club if running late. It is fun when anyone travels to tune in and see where they are, anywhere in the world, and follow their movements. You can see them moving along if they driving, (and check if they are speeding). It has found many lost phones over the years. Definitely, recommend it.

- Love it

This is a great app. We love using it as it’s great to keep up with location of family members and if there’s a problem we know where to help. I also like how there’s a notification on when the person is nearby.

- amazing

After loosing my brother in a crash last year, this app has helped my family by letting us know where we are, if we have a crash they get an alert and it has honestly been the best.

- Safety is number 1!!!

This app helps me relax, it’s fantastic that I can track my child’s travel to school and back home. It lets you know when another member of the family needs to charge their phone. It’s safe and gives me peace!

- Life 420

Life 420 is so tuff, it allows you to suss where the boys at, who’s at the esh, hold long till they arrive at the esh, but most of all there is no escaping the shame of digging the boys to go to the misses. All round Life 420 isa brilliant app and would recommend for all those out here lookin for a way to track the lads

- Love this app

My family uses it to keep track of everyone including my kids (only for safety and if I need to find them urgently). Accuracy is pretty good. Have recommended this app to so many friends and family.

- Happy

My husband and I love this app and we use it as it is meant to be used. I use it everyday, in business and also personal life. We have nothing to hide. I will be glad when it is up and running how it should be.

- Great app

Great little app we use it all the time. Casually though it doesn’t track a person and it takes a little while catch up to where they are, but otherwise not too bad

- Great family app

Everyone uses this in our family of 7! We would be lost without it and it’s amazing how much we use it to trace our travels to get specific times and locations.

- Extremely helpful for the modern family

We have been using this for a number of years, it is an invaluable resource for our family.

- Easy to use and peace of mind

I have been using the app for the last 3 years. It is quite accurate, easy to use and constantly improving with new features.

- Great!

This app is awesome for families! It is soo much better than Apple’s find my friends! It has live tracking which is incredible, and you don’t even have to pay premium for it! Loving this.

- Very Handy App!

This app comes in really handy for when my wife or work late, or finding each other in a shopping centre, etc. we even used to find my wife’s phone once!

- Touchstone

Just downloaded the app on my Samsung with frustration but got it working. Then more trouble adding my husband on his phone. I stupidly skipped my ID photo and that’s where it all fell in a heap. Finally got that done but now I want to add the app to my iPad which I take with me. I have given up, won’t be loading it. Didn’t like my password etc etc. This app needs a lot of work I feel. In fact I have deleted it. Shame!

- Lessens Stress

In knowing that my diabetic spouse may find himself with an unexpected health issue, I find I’m less stressed if he’s behind schedule, because I can see where he is and compare it with his work plan. Not stalking at all, just caring.

- Great app to keep family notified of each other

Feel safe having the app as you can see where everyone is at one time.

- Mendelson

It’s the best tracking device. My children are with my family in Perth, I live in QLD and can see where they are all of the time. It’s reassuring and wonderful from a mothers point of view.

- Useful app

Great app to use to ensure family members are safe. Also great for when phones are misplaced. This app finds your phone and lets you know where you last had it

- We love it as a family

It’s part of our daily must have running apps that makes our family safe and easy to manage. Love it.

- Great app

My whole family (yeah even my teenagers) love this app, in this busy life, it’s good to know the location of your loved ones. I also recommended this to family and friends

- Love Life 360!!!!

I was recommended to use Life 360 and it is the best app!! Our son started high school this year and it is a perfect way to know that he’s arrived safely at home or to school. It soothes & comforts my nerves! I would recommend this app to anyone.

- Amazing tool

Love this app. My kids can see where I am and I know when they are caught in traffic. My elderly parents keep track of when we arriving to pick Them up! So good.

- Great!

Helps both us and our daughter to know where to meet, or whether we’re close to pick her up. I recommend it any opportunity I can get

- This is a fantastic app

This is a great app, my family use this to share our location. It’s so useful when my daughter was travelling overseas. I can follow her locations and movements.

- Life 360 is great! Highly recommend.

Great! Easy to use, very helpful. I feel safe knowing my family can track my location when I’m walking the dogs.

- Awesome tracking app

Life360 is a really valuable app. It’s great to keep a track on the whereabouts of family members as well as check on the driving speed of teenage drivers.

- Very helpful

Notifies me whenever family member arrives home or left. Tells you the top speed they did during the trip. It’s a must have.

- Excellent app

Love it , can talk to people overseas for free when wifi is available , has secret messages that disappear if you want your messages be private , love the stickers can use , l love this app

- Good app for family

I'm very happy with this app, just used for few days. I can see where my all family going etc. thanks

- Great app

Nice to have something to know where family is if they are busy or you just need to be see if it’s safe to call them! 😊

Payoneer 💰

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- Great service

It’s enabled our family to keep in touch without having to always call and ask “Have you left yet? We’re waiting!“ or “What time are you going to be home?” It makes things a lot easier on both sides for us and the kids.

- If you hate your kids

this is how you lose your child's trust and friendliness. please never download this app if you plan on tracking your children or your partner without their consent. this is so blatantly disrespectful and creepy.

- Life360 Sucks

The purpose of life360 is to ensure the safety and security of your family/friends etc. It’s supposed to help build trust between parents and teens yet does the opposite !!! It only leads to more controlling parents and a more toxic health environment. The owner of this app should be ashamed as it only created greater issues for families leading to unstable homes and as bad as mental health issues.

- don’t use it to track ur kids

it’s a great app for friends to keep each other safe. just don’t force kids to have it as a way to track them.

- Ruins relationships

This app is perfect if you your children to lose all trust in you as a parent. It’s an invasion of privacy and should not be used to monitor everyone at all times.

- Great app!

Love knowing where all my family is! And knowing everyone is safe

- Horrendous

If you want to have a terrible relationship with your children and give them trust issues for the rest of their life, I’d highly recommend you start with this garbage app. :)

- bad app

ya no.

- Eww

So creepy

- hate it

hate it

- Not so great anymore

We used to love this app but it has just gotten steadily worse at tracking my husbands Samsung. His phone shows him in 1 incorrect location and mine shows him in another incorrect location and my daughters shows him in a 3rd incorrect location. Kinda frustrating

- The free version is great

It allows us to keep tabs on each other with alerts when someone leaves home and the ability to set up multiple locations on the map. This has been great for peace of mind when going out that someone knows where I am. The app also shows what time they arrived at that location. When we are away from each other it is nice to be able to get an alert when they have arrived at their home base.

- Don’t use it

This app sucks it doesn’t work

- Trash


- It glitches to much

My mom has it and it says low power mode enabled when it’s not

- Awful app😡

I hate this app very much it smells like water😢 I suggest you take it down before I get major back on you fham😈🔌

- Terrible customer service

Terrible tech support. Takes hours and even days to hear back when there’s issues. I’ve cancelled my subscription until they actually help me instead of just taking my money.

- Convivial et précis!!

Convivial et précis!!

- It’s okay

It’s OK it’s good because I found my girlfriend on here and I found that she’s not lying about her location she is where she said she is so I’m happy this app just fixed my life with my woman Because now I believe that she is where she said she is and this app doesn’t lie

- Unnecessary notifications

I don’t need to know that my sisters battery is at 7%. She knows.

- Great app for the safety of our family especially our kids and teens!

We all feel safe

- Yesss

I love this app because it helps me find my phone when I lose it!

- Very bad

Hacker got my kids phone and kidnapped him. Had to pay 2M$ in ransom. If you want the bad get this ab.

- 360 travels

Love the program I would like the updates to be a bit quicker I was able to follow my son on his trip from Tennessee all the way back home providing a great relief to our family .

- Stopped working last week

No longer works on iOS 11. I used this app daily for YEARS, and now I have to find something that will work with my old phone. Glad I’m not paying for Premium!

- Great app when it works

It’s only job is to provide accurate location in real time. So when I see that it hasn’t updated in the last 2+ hours it’s pretty much useless. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times as well as hard rebooted my phone and no luck. There are no pending updates either.

- I hate this app

I really don’t like this app the timing is off when it says I’m leaving home and flushes out and puts me on a random street when I’m somewhere else don’t use it!!!!!!!

- Location sharing

I like the app but location sharing only ever works for one person and I don’t know why but if this problem is fixed the app gets 5 stars

- Yup


- Awesome app

I find this app to be pretty accurate compared to some. And user friendly. Even tells you what the other persons cell phone battery charge is at. Totally recommend it 👍👍

- Excellent app!

My daughter goes to university in the states and having Life360 is fantastic. I am able to see where she is at al times if I need to. It gives the security to know that she is safe! I recommend this app to anyone!!

- A treasure app

Living in Northern BC and having to drive long distances, it’s reassuring to know the app shows the location of each of us.

- Perfect App for Families

I absolutely love this app as this app enables me to keep a track of my family members in real time. All features are great.

- Wonder no more

Our family has the app. It gives me piece of mind.

- Excellent app

Found this to be great app, works cross platform. A great safety tool to help the family keep track of each other.

- Great

Is a little slow at times but great to use.

- Great

Love the detail. Love watching my wife drive down the street.

- Great app!

Has come in very handy while dealing with children to teens to seniors.

- Pretty great app

Me and my boyfriend use it on each other and it’s nice I love it

- Pretty good app.

For your basic tracking app it works good. Could be a little faster or more accurate. But not enough to really complain about.

- Précision

Consultation rapide

- Great app

Love this app we all know where our family members are. Feels safe!

- Love it

Even thou I have the non paid version, it gives me all that I want. Works great for what I am looking for.

- LOVING this app!

This app has been working flawlessly since my last review, I’ve updated it to 5 stars! We love it! The accuracy and speed are just what our family needs to feel safe and secure, thanks Life 360 for an amazing app!!

- Nayan Sarvaiya

Excellent Application

- Great app

Happy with the App but I wish we can have more places to add for location . Locations are too general. My kids love it too being able to locate me :)

- Terrific

Great app

- Needs to be more accurate

My daughters school is a kilometre away from our home yet it notifies me when she’s at home and school constantly I never know which location she’s actually at

- One of the better apps that I have tried

So useful

- For family

Best to monitor your family at anytime

Libertex 📈

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- Helpful for families

This app has been able to help keep everyone safe while also allowing my niece to have a little more freedom with her friends since her and us know that it can be used to help keep us safe. Alerts for battery life are helpful reminders for her to charge her phone and she uses it with her friends as well at times. The idea of it is not to spy but to assure everyone that all are safe and secure. With this app she can use it to check where I am if she is waiting for a ride. There are countless ways a family can use this without kids feeling like they are on a leash but stay safe. It’s great way to confirm arrival when traveling. My sister went on a trip and didn’t have the address of her friend’s house where she would be. She checked in on the app and that let us know just in case anything happened. I think it’s important to explain the app is for safety to kids so they realize it’s not a tracker but a way to be sure they are safe.

- Peace of mind for parents

I love the confirmation that my kids are making it to their destinations safe and sound. It was especially important to me when they and their friends began driving, so I could make sure they were driving safely. I have a very straightforward and honest relationship with them. Although they were ‘hesitant’ at first to download the app, I simply explained that they were driving in a vehicle with insurance paid for by me and that if they were where they were supposed to be, they would have nothing to worry about. 😉 I don’t ‘stalk’ them by any means, but as a parent of a daughter, it’s nice to know I can drive to her location and directions are provided with the click of a button, should she need me! It’s a wonderful tool and brings peace of mind to all parents who know the worry of having our hearts out there in this great big, crazy world! One day, these teens will have one of many ‘Ahaaa’ moments when they are in our shoes!

- Safety

This app is something even my teens & adult college daughter appreciates! They know that if they get into a car accident or don’t show up somewhere because something happened, mom and dad have their back and have a clue. My middle schoolers know that mom and dad know and care if they get to school when they walk. My college student talked her best friend into getting the app and at least letting her follow her so someone knows if she isn’t safe or where to find her in that instance, since her friend didn't want her mom to have her location. A mature young person appreciates what this app offers. Unfortunately, quite a few young people have poorly rated the app so their parental accountability would be taken out of the way and they could do risky things. Maturity realizes that even as an adult we let someone know where we are going and when to expect us back so that the people who love us don’t worry and so we can be safe. This app is awesome for that!

- We’d be lost without this app! (Literally! lol)

When my son turned 16, he suggested this app for our family, to give us peace of mind, knowing he was was safe while out with his friends. Yes, totally his idea and we were very pleased with his responsible attitude. 😁 Now that our son has moved into his college dorm, he has created a Life360 group with his roommates as well. Anytime one of them is concerned about their friend’s location and well-being, it’s an easy check on the app. There’s no need to be anxious if I’m unable to contact my family members by their phones, I automatically see they’re safe. This app has also been useful to help our family members find their way back to their destinations while lost, or to reroute them through a road closure. My best friend uses it with another family, since they are both single moms, to help keep the kids safe. (“It takes a village!”) Thank you for this amazing app! It’s brought us reassurance and peace of mind!

- Awesome app!

My daughter was in a car accident coming down the mountain in the rain one night. She hydroplaned and came to a rest against the concrete barrier after spinning across three lanes of traffic. She was in the inside lane with cars coming toward her head on. The app alerted the rescue who were on there way within minutes. It also gave us turn by turn directions to her since she was not sure where she was. This app has given me peace of mind knowing that if she or any of the family is in an accident that help is on the way and alerted. It also gives me peace of mind knowing that after talking to my daughter about the safety purposes and letting her know the benefits of this measure , that she is comfortable knowing why the app is downloaded. It is all about open conversations and safety. She is now in college and still keeps the app on her phone even though she is an adult because she knows that it will help her in an accident and gives us peace of mind.

- I love Life 360

More accurate than apps I have used in the past. I have been able to give people directions because of this app when they were lost. I have been able to have talks with loved ones who were driving too fast. I have been able to follow loved ones on their long trips to make sure they were okay and made it to their destination safely. I have been able to greet people exactly when they arrive at my home. After being in an accident in 2018 on my way to work and my husband needed to know where I was, this app has given much comfort. I never wanted that to happen again where he didn’t know exactly where I was through the panic. Love it. I always plan to use this app. Give it a chance and I am pretty sure you’ll love it too. I would like to also say, when my kids start driving, or even going out with friends, being able to see if they are driving responsibly is comforting as a mother.

- Amazing Location App

If you’ve ever worried of the whereabouts of a loved one or experienced an emergency situation this app is for YOU!!! In today’s time, no one is 100% fully safe when out and about. The app allows you to track whom you choose and create private circles. Everyone doesn’t need to know where your at such as other location sharing services. Life360 give peace of mind at all times. Our dog even learned the alert sounds and knew when my husband arrived or left home or work. I can go about my day never worrying if all is ok and my husband likewise has the same peace of mind. When someone says they don’t want to be tracked 🤔 we hear that from many but in today’s climates that is foolishness. Protect yourself each and every time you leave your home. Download the app. You’ll make the right decision. Glad my husband & I both have the app. Happy users for over 5 years. We wouldn’t use anything else!!! Love Life360!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Great App

This is a great app. It works well with real time updates. The only downside is that location services and Bluetooth need to be on all the time and it kills the battery life but how would it work, otherwise? We are very happy with it. Having a teen with a phone has made life a little crazy but Life 360 has been great keeping track of him. He also likes keeping track of his friends and got several to use it, as well. My hubby has a long drive at night on rural roads and we decided he needed it in case something happened. So this family loves Life 360. It also saved one of our daughter in law’s life. Her husband installed it on her phone and hid it there because she was suicidal. (He was an OTR trucker and gone a lot). He gave a friend and myself access to her. At one point, she took off and parked in a full parking lot with a common vehicle, to kill herself, and because of Life360, we found her and sent the police in time. Thank you, Life 360.

- Perfect for anxious parents with teenagers or young adults.

I bought the paid subscription and it has bedrooms so worth it. I got this the day my daughter got her license. It is so scary for parents to just let their child drive off. With the app I know how fast she is driving, if she uses her cellphone while driving and and hard brakes. Also if she had an accident it will alert me and the authorities. Many new features also comes with road side assistance. Now that she is 18 I can tell if she is at her boyfriends work, also any family members that downloaded the app. Only one person has to pay then everyone else can be invited into your circle. Even though my daughter is very responsible it was our deal, she would never turn this app off and I would give her more freedom. I have told many parents about this. Anytime I wonder where any of my kids are or what they are doing I can just look at the app. So glad I found this app.

- Family appreciates convince in these times

I have had this app since it came out. Like all apps it has it's occasional problems with GPS accuracy and freezing. But I do see them trying to fix those issues & the services have really come a long way! I have six children & a Husband & we have never had a problem with trust like some people say this app is used for. It actually just comes in handy for many reasons! If you have issues with dishonest people this won't help. You can turn off the services and claim anything if you are already dishonest. In the world we live in this app definitely helps in many areas. If there is an accident, teens are speeding occasionally, on there phones while driving, or just checking in! I would give it 5 Stars but I know that the GPS complete accuracy is just a few updates away! Update: it definitely has corrected all flaws! I am very happy with this app now! Five Stars ‼️


I love WAZE because it is LIVE!!! It has constant updates by its users, unlike the traditional map apps out there. Additionally: 1.) it picks the fastest route from point A to point B; 2.) it automatically reroutes me if there’s a problem ahead and shows me how much time I’ll save by taking the alternate route; if there is a slowdown and no alternate route is suggested, at least I can “look ahead” on the map what the problem is and about how far down the road until things let up. During Hurricane Ike, we were in Houston at a hotel but due to the expected downed power lines, (hotel had no generator) we decided to take a bold chance and flee to Dallas. There were road closures everywhere but thanks to WAZE, lead us to I-45 thru passable back roads. We made it to Dallas, safe and sound with our 4 dogs late that night through all the wind and rain. 3.) informative alerts as to road hazards, alternate routes, animals near roadways, and yes, speed traps. This app is a MUST HAVE, and may I also recommend the app WEATHER ALERT so if you’re ever traveling at night, it will alert you to such things as tornadoes as well as providing you with a LIVE radar map. Again, I am a believer in WAZE and would say it is a Top Shelf, DESERVING of placement on your first screen of apps on your phone!! Note: if you are a trucker, some reroutes are meant for “regular” motorists - and may not be recommended if you are in a semi. 😂

- What a great app

I have been using Life 360 for over 4 years and it has given both my wife and I a real piece of mind, not only with our kids, but also our aging parents who still drive. I remember specifically one evening when my father-in-law lost his phone in the middle of a 32 acre field and since we had him connected to Life 360, we were still able to pin point his phone in the dark of night and find it. I have also used it to fill out trip reports on mileage reimbursement when I have forgotten to track it earlier in the day. This app is a very good thing and if kids are complaining about it, the parents didn’t do a very good job of explaining how much they love their kids and the piece of mind a parent gets when their child arrives safely after just starting to drive on their own. As long as the kids have nothing to hide, they should feel good that their parents love and care enough about them.

- Useful and gives us parents a leg up in the digital age

So much of this digital age works against us parents, Instagram, snap chat etc. this app helps us stay connected to our teenagers getting their licenses and venturing out into the world. I live the hard breaking, speeding, cell phones use and accident detection for our teenage driver. And it helps us have a little peace of mind when our newly minted teens beg to walk to a friends house or walk home from school for the first time. And as an added bonus, we reminded the kids that it also allows them to keep tabs on us: example: when given a list of chores to be done while I’m out grocery shopping my son would get sucked into a video game and I’d get home, his chores still not done and he’d get grounded, now he check life 360 and when I’m headed home he jumps up and runs around like mad getting his chores done. Hey, whatever works! I’ve turned all of my mom friends in to it.

- Best app on my phone

As the mother of older teens and young college students, this app is absolutely essential for my peace of mind. It is not about spying on my kids, it is about their safety. And I simply had an honest conversation with my kids (one of many) and they’re intelligent enough to understand this. No arguments whatsoever from them about downloading this app on their phones. The fact that Life360 has lost their 5 star rating due to the malicious actions of teens really emphasizes the need for this app. Some parents have no idea what their children are doing. I’m sure this wasn’t the first troublesome act by those kids... maybe life360 could have tipped off the parents that their kids were up to no good. Assuming the parents care. Regardless, if you’re a parent that cares about your children’s safety, get this app and talk to your kids about why it’s important. It’s one of the most important things you can do as a caring parent!

- If you’re thinking of giving this to your kid please read this!!!

I’ve never been a bad kid. I’ve never snuck out, I’ve never done drugs, I’ve never been drunk. I slipped up and I accidentally didn’t tell my parents where I was going and so as punishment, they gave me this app. It proves to me that they never really trusted me, they were waiting for me to mess up and the one time (that’s right, one and only time), they swooped in and gave me this app. Being a teenager is hard enough. Our whole generation grew up way to fast and sometimes we just want to have childish fun. This app monitors everything we do and makes us be even more of an adult. Besides, most of us don’t even have the energy lie and keep ourselves alive. Taking away a persons privacy destroys their opinion of you. You might just feel like your kid is a liar and want to see where they are but to your kid, you just gave them another reason why not to like you. I didn’t give this app a one start because it does what it’s promising but, it’s still low because I would never recommend it. After all, strict parents make sneaky kids.

- Best app for friends and family

I first started using Life 360 a year ago with my 16 year old when she first started driving. It gave us comfort knowing that she got home safely when we were at work. She didn’t have to constantly text us when she got where she was going, so it was a win-win for both of us. Then we started using this app with a group of 12 of friends while we on a ski trip in Colorado. It was the only way we could find each other on the slopes and was a life saver! Someone even got separated from the group and was lost, but we were easily able to find them. Now, we even use Life 360 with our aging parents. My father in-law has early dementia and sometimes will still drive but not remember how to get home (yes, I know – he shouldn’t be driving). Before using this app, we would have to send search parties out to try and find him. Never again – unless he forgets his phone.

- Great Safety App: Saved my purse!

TEENAGERS, just because the app isn’t the right fit for your family doesn’t mean its a bad app! So many of the one star ratings are from grumpy teens who feel over-monitored. They should be giving their parents a one star review, not the app. It is a great tool to keep my family safe, and we ALL love knowing where everyone is because we trust each other and the kids CHOSE to install the app and participate. If my kids didn’t want it then I would still have loved the app just for my husband and I! I also owe the quick return of my purse to the app lol! I left my purse at a park with my phone in it. We monitored its location with my husband’s phone but it started moving before we got back to the park. Luckily it was just a police officer that had picked up my purse and we followed him back to the police station. But at least we got it back right away because I could follow it with the app!

- Whole family used this

I got on Life360 hesitantly when my mom asked me to. I was 40 with an adult child and a almost driving teen. It was great because my parents traveled from the states to Mexico sometimes weekly. It was nice to keep track of them in case anything ever happened or if I could not get ahold of them I knew it was because they were driving in areas with now cell service or they were just down on the beach. I made my daughter download it and made it mandatory while she was still under my household since she was a new driver. She hated it but knew it was helpful many times even on her end looking up to see where I was before she would call. Like all apps, sometimes you need to refresh and it would show someone going somewhere a block away from where they were when they were with me. But the technology in my eyes and what the app does for safety reasons is a five star.

- Life Saver

We got this app years ago when my husband was driving us home and I was in the back with our son. We were stopped at a light and the car’s behind us started blowing their horns. When I said something I realized my husbands sugar had dropped too low while he was driving and I didn’t know where we were. My sister lived 15 minutes away but I didn’t call her cuz I was afraid to panic her since I wasn’t sure where I was and I couldn't take my eyes off of my husband as I pleaded with him to drink a soda and my toddler was crying in the back seat. This experience scared me to silence and it took me a week before I could repeat it to stop my nightmares of what could have happened. Today, My circle has 12 Of my closet family members, just in case we ever have another emergency. I love this app, it gives me peace of mind knowing I will be alerted immediately God forbide something should happen to my loved ones.

- Family Support

I trust my kids, so there are times when people find out we use this app they are surprised. Then I explain the peace of mind and support that it gives all of us. One of the best features is that my kids can also track me. Before they were driving this was invaluable, because I tend to be late. They could just pull up the app and see how far away I was, or call me if they see I hadn’t left work yet. Now they are driving, and my daughter is a freshman in college. I love little things, like not having to send a nagging text to see if my son is on his way home for dinner, I can just quickly pop in the app. I also love the big things. It gives me the confidence to let my kids go farther, for longer periods, knowing that I don’t have to expect them to check in multiple times a day. Now with my daughter at college I offered to remove it, but she still wants it just in case.

- Hesitant teens

My kids were hesitant to be tracked, why wouldn’t they be? But once my husband and I offered to be tracked as well, it felt better to them and they agreed - kicking - yes, but now it’s part of our life, and we all love it. If I text my 17 yo and ask where he is, I get “why do you not just look at 360?” Pardon me son, didn’t mean to inconvenience you!! I have my 75 yo mom on here too, she agreed when I told her “mom, when I don’t know where you are, and I cannot get in touch with you, I panic”, so now she looks to see where we are too, it’s all good, for all ages, nice to know where people are. Great way to find your list phone too, easier than find my iPhone and doesn’t rely on being turned on. I have zero complaints about this app. If your kids are fretting, tell them this “if you have nothing to hide, why hide? Also, if you want to drive, this is part of the deal, plain and simple” works for us!

- This is a great app for parents and children.

My daughter actually recommended this app for me . I use this app only to protect my daughter. If she ever needed help, I could pinpoint her location quickly. You will also get alerts if the app detected an accident. I know this works because my phone fell onto the floor board while I was driving and a representative called me right away to make sure I was ok. Since this app is on her phone, I have no need to put a spy app onto her phone. I want to give my daughter her privacy as much as possible but if your teen refuses to down load this app and to leave it alone. You can use programs that will see all of the pictures, text and emails of your teenager. You can also be copied on all snap chat, Instagram and Tic-tok feeds. Life 360 is a much less invasive app for parents and all teenagers should respect that. If not, just use the programs that can see everything they do!!

- Peace of mind and useful in number of ways

I love this app! I highly recommend it. At first it was used for my new 16 yr old driver to make sure they got where they were going but quickly saw how this app could be used for the whole family. For me it is not about spying or not trusting my kids it is about having a sense of security that everyone is safe when traveling and gets where they are going. I use it with 2 adult children and a teen and they can see my activity as well. We even have used it for an elderly parent. We also added a family member one time to our account when we did a long trip so someone knew our whereabouts during the trip. It has also giving me opportunities to talk about speeding when it takes place with my younger child. This app can be utilized in so many wonderful ways! Thank you for providing a way to stay connected in a positive way!!!

- Life 360 Is Life Saving

My brother was in a wreck and the only way we were able to locate him and know he was in a wreck, was through Life360. He was in a different state on some business and had driven a long distance and had fallen asleep at the wheel. He was 30 minutes from his destination, and when he hadn’t arrive in our worry, we turned to Life360. He had driven into a wall barricade, all airbags went off. Thankfully, he survived with minimal injury. But his car was still along a major interstate, and he had become unresponsive to even help himself. We were able to locate him through Life360 and have police go to his location. Life360 saved his life. You never know when you’ll need a tool like this, but it’s always good to have it. Even if it’s idling in the background to only be used in an emergency. Everyone needs to have it downloaded and have their immediate family connected. This is a MUST!

- Comforting!

I love this App! When my teenage son started driving 45 minutes away for soccer practices/games this became my lifeline. I set up the field as a point of notification so it would send me a notice when he arrived and when he left. I also did this for school and for home. It really eased my mind knowing that if something happened I could pinpoint his location. I also like that it shows his speed as being a new driver I know his tendency to be a little fast is normal and it helps me to keep that in check. I know the kids don’t care for this app and I understand why. However, parents that keep an eye on their kids tend to have kids who are not as likely to be in trouble. It’s my job to teach, raise and be responsible for him, and thanks to technology the whole world has access to him. Given all of that, me knowing where he is far out ways any uncomfortableness he may complain about.

- My kids us it more than the parents

Originally we used Life360 so I could locate my kiddos as they transition from one house to another and out with friends. That occasionally happens when they are late but its evolved into a tool my kids use more than I do to see where I am. My daughter uses it the most. They are home in virtual school and I am in field sales driving all over three states. They don’t really have to ask when I’ll be home or where I am because they have a tool for that. They split their time between two houses and it helps them to know where I am that day. My spouse and I use it to time dinners and coordinate the day depending on how far away the other is at that given time. At first 360 was about safety, and that is still there, but it became more about coordinating, sanity and being able to know that one another is “right there” on the map and heading home soon.

- Best to keep track of kids and kids keep track of me!

I have 2 teenaged drivers, one away at college and one that splits his time between his fathers house and mine. This app has been a lifesaver keeping tabs on them. When they (and their friends) first started driving I loved that I could tell my daughter or her friends that they were driving too fast. Or make sure they’re not using their phone while driving. Love that I know when they arrive at school or home or if they’ve left home! It even helped me locate my daughters exact location when she was in an accident and it notified me. (Thankfully they were okay). I have the paid subscription and it’s well worth the annual fee for peace of mind but even the free edition is a great tool! Highly recommend to all my friends, especially when they start driving but even when they first get a phone, it’s great to know where they are.

- Peace of mind!!!!

Our family loves this app!!! And my husband and I are still using it even after our kids are grown and out of the house! It let me know my children had made it safely to their destination without having to remember to call me each time like I had to when I was a teenager. And it gave my kids peace of mind being able to check and see where we were too...especially if we had to bring something to them or pick them up from an activity. I love being to check and see if my husband left the office yet so I know to start dinner or wait a little bit. I even have my 84 year old father on it who lives alone. It gives me peace of mind seeing he is out and about in his community and I don’t worry when I call and get no answer as I can see he’s out and about and busy. Our family loves this app and I will continue to use for as long as I can see!

- Chantel H.

I am a parent of 4 and this is the best app I have ever had ! It has helped us find our children when they have had flat tires and when they got stuck in ditches. They didn’t know the names of the streets but that didn’t matter because this app led me right to their exact locations. It can also help hold children accountable for their driving. You can tell how fast they are going, if they are hard breaking and even if they are using their phone while driving. My husband and I are also on the app for security purposes. In the world we live in safety is important and this app can let my spouse know where I am. It has also helped me plan dinner by seeing how close my husband is to home so I can have it on the table as he is walking though the door. Whoever created this app is a genius and a lifesaver to our family ! I would recommend this app to any family.

- Peace of mind

I’m reminded everyday how precious life is. Losing a brother in a fatal car accident is difficult. I can’t help but wonder if Life 360 was around at the time of his passing maybe, just maybe first responders would have been alerted quicker and arrived sooner. I’m so grateful for Life 360 and the sound alert that my family members made it safely to their destination. It’s a shame Life 360 lost so many ratings for reasons it should not have. I’m a mom of three and I can honestly say I don’t use the app to spy on them. It’s comforting when they are running late and forget to call me and I can just pick up my phone and check their location without them being distracted to call or text me. I don’t understand why teenagers have no problem sharing their location on a Snapchat app, but ruin the ratings on Life 360, an app that is actually useful. Thank you, Life 360 keep up the great work!

- Long Term User

My approach was different with my teen daughter. We agreed the App would let me see that she did get to her location and that I don’t have to call and bother her all the time. Life360 helps to continue our mutual respect - yet helps me as a parent to know my daughter is safe. Now, after 5 + years of using the site - my daughter attends a University and we still share Life360. It makes it easier to see her drive distance when she is coming home, to know her route history for safety measures, and to ease my mind and not feel Concerned about her when she is out and about in her life. I don’t question her...I just can see that she made it home and is safe. Peace of Mind. Frankly, at times....she likes to check on me in the same way...that I got home after a long drive...etc Peace of Mind for her too. The App can be used as a real positive. Thank you..Life360.

- Best App for Families and peace of mind

I have four children and two elderly parents. Life360 has been a godsend. Two of my children are in high school and my mother has chemo every month. I have set my alerts so I can see when my kids arrive at school after a meet so I can pick them up, with out them having to call me. Also, I get alerts when my mother leaves her treatment center so I can run over to her house and help get her settled after her treatments. I also can see when my kids leave work or school. So I don’t worry if practice runs a little late. If I haven’t been alerted, then they are still at school/work. My teen daughter loves it because she always knows where I am. And my parents love it cause they have it set up to alert them whenever I am at a store they like, so they can send me their list. We have even used it once to find my son’s lost phone. Best app ever!

- Such a lifesaver!!

My sister lives 13 hours away from me and my daughter and elderly mother love to take road trips to go see her. This app is a way that I can take the drive with them. I can look up places for them to stop for bathroom breaks, which tends to be frequent, or help find them find a hotel when they need to stop. It gives me tremendous peace of mind to know that I can help navigate these things for them so they are not trying to do it while traveling. Additionally, should they ever have a breakdown along the 10 hour stretch of I-10, I will be able to tell the towing service where to go. There are just too many uses for this app to list, it is more than a watch dog app of wayward teens, it is a safety net for all kinds of situations. I will check it to make sure my mother gets home safe when she is driving from my house at night. Very useful app!!!


Do not waste your money! I purchased the gold membership (family plan of 5) just in case I was ever to be in a car accident. This would provide me with crash detection and towing. Unfortunately, yesterday I was in a car accident. There was no crash detection alert sent to my family. Due to COVID-19, I could not ride the ambulance with my family members that needed medical attention, so I was left with my un-drivable vehicle. I then started to use the Life360 tow service. The call was dropped after I began the request. A few minutes later, Life 360 cancelled my Gold membership. I still had 3 months left on my policy (I paid for one year membership) upfront. They made it nearly impossible for me to contact them. Hours later I finally got in contact with them. The representative was unable to explain what happened. He refused to give me a tow, refused to refund me my gold membership money, and then hung up on me. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY with these SCAMMERS. In the scary time of an accident, you need someone that will help you and come to your aid. Life360 FAILED to do this. They took my money and left me stranded.

- Life360 is THE BEST safety/tracking app around

My family have been using the life360 app for years now and it has been a life saver on more than one occasion when we are trying to locate or in more accurate terms “get to” each other because some one has a flat tire or some other personal news that they’ve needed help with. And on a more serious occasion, the “crash alert” went off telling each of us that, one of our family had been in an accident, giving us the immediate notice we wanted and needed to get to her, to help her when she needed it most! Although our kids DO find it “annoying “ sometimes, they have actually grown to appreciate it, not only because it has helped them on numerous occasions, but also because they know EXACTLY where we are at all times too! This app is a “MUST HAVE” for any family and well worth the price!

- Bubble mode

This is exactly what kids were asking for. I just wish it would’ve come out while I was in high school cause my mom downloaded it when I was a freshman and said she wasn’t using it to track me but to keep me safe. While I know that is true, she had moments were I wouldn’t tell her where I was going and she called me and demanded I go home. It drove me crazy, in college now and have asked her numerous times to delete it. I have given her no reason to keep a leash on me, never snuck out once. 99% of the time I told her where I was going, I always call her when I got back from either school or work. Thank you for finally listening to teens. I hope the CEO of Life 360 doesn’t get fired because of parents switching to other apps because he is just trying to help the teens and help parents be a little less overbearing and let kids have freedom.

- Long-standing customer

This is the most wonderful app and I came to it after AT&T friends and family was sold and slowly not supported. It has helped me sight my daughter as she has taught in varied, and often rural locations. I began checking on her safety and security when she was in her 20s, and she is in her 30s now. We want the app to last, and frankly get fearful that it may get “too successful” and thereby tempt the owner to sell (as noted, we saw this happen before). Life 360 is a blessing to families and people who care about each other. Life 360 is usually extremely accurate, but one learns over time to be tolerant with the sometimes whims and lack of perfection of cell tower GPS locations, and one also learns to check for safety and not intrude on the comings & goings of one’s loved ones. I also appreciate that my loved ones can watch out for me in these often troubled times.

- Peace of Mind

We are thankful there is an application our whole family can use, together, and WITH each other. As a parent, we like to give our kids more personal responsibility with their devices. Part of that revolves around teaching them how to use devices responsibly. The other revolves around keeping people informed of their intentions and following through on their commitments. Life 360 allows us to do this by providing us with alerts as people get to their destinations. This application actually saves us from wondering “did you get there?” or having to remember to call and check in. And, it goes both ways. Our kids can do the same with us. We don’t use the driving features yet but I’m excited to see that, as we have the need for those features, we can capitalize on them as our needs change. Keep this application solid!

- Keeping our family safe for over 5 years!

In today’s challenging times, parents need a strategy for raising children that enables them to spread their wings, develop independence, and grow self confidence, while maintaining a safety net for life’s bumps and uncertainties. Our family (3-generations) has relied on Life360 to provide safety and piece of mind as we raised our daughter, taught her to drive, and sent her off to college. Although she is now an independent young woman, she remains in our network so we can all stay in touch in case of an emergency. Sometimes our teens don’t appreciate our monitoring their behaviors and driving habits. As responsible parents, however, that is our job. They’re learning. We’re the guide. We establish relationships of trust that we can verify. Life360 is an invaluable too in that important aspect of our parental responsibility. The value, however, extends beyond our youngest family member. Life360 has become a security link with our family’s elders, enabling them to continue to live an independent, self sufficient, life while remaining connected to those who provide support as needed. Just checking-in every morning gives my mother the peace of mind that we are making sure she is doing well. I have, and will continue to, recommend Life360 to my friends and family members. It can be a life saver.

- Technology Coach - Great Parent Tool

I serve and Instructional Technology Coach for a large school district in California. We serve over 40,000 students. This is an app that I recommend to my parents. I am also a parent of four children. Not only do I have the free features, but I also have access to the upgraded features. When my children ride in the car of another person, or they drive themselves, it is nice to know exactly what speed they were traveling at. Today, the roads are sometimes quite dangerous. I appreciate that I have data to support whether or not the driver was using quality driving practices. With four children, I don’t always know exactly where they are. Sometimes after playing at a friend’s house, they might travel to somebody else’s home. Instead of sending text messages to multiple parents asking if my children have decided to play at someone else’s house, I can easily use this tool in order to locate them. Also, if my children ever accidentally leave their phone somewhere, I have been able to track down their phone using this app. Yes, I have a Find My Phone. However, this is yet another layer of data collection that allows me to determine exactly where they have left their device. This app is easy to use and other parents tell me they like using this app as well.

- Excellent app for families

I’ve had this app for years. We first got it when both my boys, still teens at the time, got their first cell phones. The deal was that as long as I pay for the cell phone the app remains on their phone; simple as that. Now I have to say I’m fortunate because my boys saw school as a social event and never considered skipping so we never used it to police them, it was more of a safety net, for them and for us. The boys are both in college, 23 and 19, and they still have it on their phones, as do my husband and I. It gives us peace of mind to know that if God forbid anything happens to any of us, we can at least start from the last point they were at. This app is not to make sure my kids are home, or the hubby and wife are behaving, it’s just peace of mind for that possible “what if” moment that hopefully will never occur. I highly recommend it.

- Family usage

This app has been great for our family. I am able to see where my children are at any given time. For my older children I am able to monitor their driving habits as well. My younger children don’t really need the app but they enjoy having it and being able to see where mom and dad are if we aren’t with them. My oldest daughter was in a wreck recently and the app was amazing. I had not upgraded at that time so did not have crash alert but was able to pin point exactly where I needed to go after I was informed of the wreck. I have now upgraded and have crash alert and it gives me so much peace of mind knowing that if there is a wreck help will be on the way immediately. They only issue I have is there are times that it does not update but this is likely due to living in a rural area and having sketchy service at times.

- Love this

We use this for our family, that includes my husband, me, our adult daughter, adult son and our daughter in law, we have recently added our pre-teen granddaughter. I think the best thing about it was during the CA campfire in Paradise we were able to see where our kids were and that they were safe. We also use it just for fun and to tell our daughter to stop driving so fast. At airports it makes it easier to know where to look when picking up family. I also use it to see where my husband is when on his way home from work and if I should start dinner, or to surprise him with lunch. He works all over Southern California and if he is on the road I know I can call without interfering with a job. We use this app multiple times a day and I love it, even when we are on vacation in other countries. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

- Love this app

My family has been using this app for quite some time. Though my kids tease about me being a watchdog hover mom, they also like knowing that I can find them if they need me. Also, they like to know where I am. It makes them feel safe. My daughter has some anxiety issues and it helps her to be able to find me and know where I am during the day if she isn’t with me. It helps me know when my son is headed home from football practice so I can make sure he has a snack. It helps the whole family! My mom is also in our circle and it helps me know she is safe without bothering her constantly. It has come in handy many times. Also, my Son left his phone on top of his car and it fell off in the middle of the road in town. We were able to find it thanks to Life360. It was an $800 phone so it was definitely worth having Life360.

- Need to alter

many parents use this app to keep location of their children, especially in this day and age and because children are going out unsupervised at a much younger age, they need to make sure they are where they say they are. aside from the safety features for children that have started driving, this app needs to designate the status of each member ie child, adult, spouse. if the admin, most often the parents, enters a child into the circle, the child should NOT have any access to change ANY setting NOR be notified of PLACES when added. parents are keeping track without being announced. i do not pay for this app so my minor children have authority on any of it. i get that this is a circle based app, but the majority of people using it are parents to their minor children. BUBBLES was a horrible idea. giving minors too much freedom. the fact that THEY the children can go in their app and add a BUBBLE is extremely disappointing. they should not be able to do that. the admin should be the only o e that can make changes when it involves children. spouses, either can have access.

- Peace of Mind!

With two children always on the go & my hectic schedule as well, I was always concerned/worried if they arrived where they needed to be. My son is diabetic so it helps ease my mind greatly to know he's safe. Recently my daughter for engaged to a deputy and you can imagine the worry with that job, so it's nice to know that everyone is safe! Sometimes they text, but sometimes they forget. So...with Life 360, I can just open up my App & see where they are & it puts my mind at ease. It also sends me alerts when they get to certain frequent destinations as well. AND, believe it or not, they've gotten old enough to worry about mom sometimes too, so they'll check on me with the app too and make sure I arrive safely to my destinations as well. I HIGHLY recommend this App for families that want peace of mind or need to keep track of loved ones, no matter their ages!!

- Life 360 helps our family

We have really liked Life 360. Have had it for years. I’m in it with the kids and they can see where I am which is helpful when I am on the way to pick them up from an event or practice. I tell them to stay safe indoors until they see on Life 360 that I’ve arrived and then they come out to meet me. I’m able to keep track of my son when he’s out biking for hours and when he wrecked I was able to see exactly where he was on Life 360 to find him quicker. When my daughter was traveling for school I was able to set an alert for when she left the location to travel home so I could gauge my time to pick her up once they arrived home. The school was only going to give us a 30 heads up once they were almost home. Life 360 enabled me to plan my afternoon knowing for certain of her arrival time. Life. 360 is more accurate than apple’s “find my” app. I use Life 360 instead of find my so I have more location accuracy. This is a great app that delivers great information and they keep delivering more great features. It is very accurate with locations and I wouldn’t want to keep up with a busy family without Life 360. I’m a paying customer of Life 360. Have not been given any free service for this review. I honestly just like the functionality of the app.

- An app that puts my mind at ease

One day I heard that there had been a motorcycle go over the edge of a mountain road...that my parents were supposed to be on that day. Thankfully they had decided to change their route that day and they had answered the phone when I called. I had also been frustrated over not knowing if my son who was working nights had made it to work ok (I would wake up in the middle of the night and not get a response from him). After telling a friend she told me to download this app. My parents, my husband, my kids, and my brother’s family are all on my family map and I feel so much more at ease. I don’t check it on a daily basis just only if I can’t get ahold of one of them due to them being at work or out of signal area. I love this whole family loves this app! Thank you so much for helping to put us at ease!

- Best of all - bar none

I have been using 360 for at least 5 years and have noted the following: Accuracy is excellent The app is literally loaded with very useful features The app is very responsive about 90% of the time (keep in mind the distance from ground to satellite and how many users are tapped into the same communication band) The User Interface is straight forward and very user friendly The 360 team is constantly improving nearly every aspect of the program Considering the changes in our technological environment that occur each and every day, I can’t think of a better way to keep users satisfied and reassured than staying on top of the numerous variables the 360 team encounters and addresses in a timely fashion Support is very timely I have witnessed no more than an hour between question and pertinent response and 100% of the times the problem was not the app but rather more home based such as neglecting to run an available upgrade to all devices in my circle On the personal level, the app lends to my reassurance that my wife is safe and if there is a problem I am assured of her location and I have the fastest rout to get to her so that I can render whatever help may be needed I can go on all day but would like to close now with one suggestion - - - ”Keep up the good work 360”

- LIFE360

We love the app! Quick story, one day I went to the local store with my son, he went in and my phone made a noise, i checked it and your app was there. It was showing the letters M and K. So when my son came out of the store I asked if he knew what it was??? He said no. So I asked my husband he had no idea. Then my son (age18) at the time, said “i put it on your phone, I come home and your not here and you rarely answer your phone. So we laughed about it, and it is now 2 years later and we still have it on our phones including my husband. My son travels for work and comes home on weekends directly after working 4 hour drive, then leaves Monday morning At 2 am its dark, long drive, animals out and about, not a very safe drive. I am awake at nights so I make sure he is driving and he gets to his destination safely! So THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! Mary Q

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Life360: Find Family & Friends 20.8.0 Screenshots & Images

Life360: Find Family & Friends iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Life360: Find Family & Friends iphone images
Life360: Find Family & Friends iphone images
Life360: Find Family & Friends iphone images
Life360: Find Family & Friends iphone images
Life360: Find Family & Friends iphone images
Life360: Find Family & Friends iphone images

Life360: Find Family & Friends (Version 20.8.0) Install & Download

The applications Life360: Find Family & Friends was published in the category Social Networking on 2010-08-10 and was developed by Life360 [Developer ID: 309681604]. This application file size is 111.67 MB. Life360: Find Family & Friends - Social Networking app posted on 2020-12-15 current version is 20.8.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.life360.safetymap

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