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Note: Ringtone Designer allows you to make ringtones anytime, but you need to sync with iTunes to get the ringtones into the Settings section of your iPhone. Don't worry. It's quick, easy, and we even have a video to show you how.


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Never pay for another ringtone! Ringtone Designer Pro is the first app to allow you to make unlimited ringtones, text tones, and alert tones using songs in your iPhone's music library. Simply select a song you'd like to use, swipe the audio wave to select a short clip, and create your ringtone. It's that easy! Get started creating custom ringtones and text tones for everyone in your address book.

-Create unlimited tones from songs in your iPhone's Music library
-Create unlimited text message tones and email alert tones, and more
-Use the microphone to turn anything you hear into a ringtone
-Create ringtones up to 40 seconds long with 0.2 second accuracy
-Get a free text tone pack from TextRocker.com!
-Works on ANY iPhone running iOS7.0 or later. (Also works on iPod Touch)

Ringtone Designer Pro 2.0 App Description & Overview

The applications Ringtone Designer Pro 2.0 was published in the category Music on 2010-07-31 and was developed by BLACKOUT LABS. The file size is 1.18 MB. The current version is 2.0.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Updated to support iPhone X

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Ringtone Designer Pro 2.0 Reviews

Thomas Dogpack Cole

Outstanding  Thomas Dogpack Cole  5 star

Truly makes it so easy to formulate your own song 40 second ringtones. Thank you


Waste of .99!  Strangemodegirl  1 star

Tip... read most recent reviews first rather than the auto sorted. Usually I do and I have no clue what I was thinking with this. It doesn’t crash on me but only one or two songs will actually play with it, and not the ones I want to use.


Didn’t work for my iPhone  Puckpeople  1 star

Waste of money. Not easy and simple.


Trash don’t buy!!!!  GoBullz01  1 star

Doesn’t work it glitches every single time it’s the worst app in the world


Que gran app  raleric  5 star

Me encanta esta app es fácil para hacer ringtones ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Does not work!  Crobderg  1 star

Save your time and money and find another app. This one does not work.

super duper trash

Trash  super duper trash  1 star



Keeps closing out  83Dav  1 star

Was able to use this app once and now it just closes out.


Waste of money  mikest99  1 star

It won’t let me do anything. App keeps crashing.


Only crashes  Schmona20  1 star

I enjoyed the free version but i wanted longer ringtones so i downloaded this one and once I downloaded one tone, it wouldnt let me create anymore. Now it just crashes whenever i click another song. Dont get this app.


Don’t buy  Nerifay  1 star

Doesn’t work 😥 App crashes every time I choose a song from iTunes 😬


Awesome  ms_julie  5 star

Best tone maker!


Does not work on iPhone XS  Crissy07  2 star

I tried. It doesn’t load under file sharing. And it was not easy to find the file sharing as it does not come on easily. Is this going to work in the new iOS update? Found the file sharing then there is no data under ringtones although I have saved it.

Chip Hotfist

Crashes immediately  Chip Hotfist  1 star

Whole app fails on trying to load a song from Apple Music. Fix please?


Won’t work?  DZinHD1961  1 star

As soon as I select a song it shuts down. Rebooted phone. Reinstalled app. Still will not work. Not much point paying for something that doesn’t work first time. Very disappointing.

Pesto and Mars

Brill!!  Pesto and Mars  5 star

Far simpler than garage band blah blah toooo complicated🙈🤓 This easy peasy....


Crashes  Aniatak  1 star

I tapped on a song and it crashed. Deleted app, downloaded again and still the same result. Please fix.


Useless  Roland59  1 star

No search function and crashed every time


Pure and simple  Rudestar1  5 star

Love the app


Great app  V3RM1N  5 star



Booo  cee26785  1 star

Paid for it and it keeps force closing 🤦🏾‍♀️


Need money back  es57873  1 star

The app just keeps crushing it won’t let me do any thing


ALWAYS CRASHES  jklzxcvnm  1 star

Let me do 1 ringtone and since it always crashes. Disappointed that I payed for this, may not have been much but still. Would NOT recommend to anyone!


Annoyed  FlatbushBorn  1 star

I’ve used this app to create ringtones for both my iPhone 7+ and iPhone 8+ and it worked fine, no problems. I just got my IPhoneXS Max on Friday and every time I go to make a ringtone the app crashes and closes. I’ve tried deleting and downloading again and still nothing. Considering this was a paid app I’m beyond annoyed. FIX IT !


Works on purchased songs  jmurf69  4 star

I have figured out that it seems to work on songs purchased in iTunes or downloaded from a computer using iTunes. It does NOT work on songs downloaded using the iTunes music subscription. Otherwise, it’s a decent app.

Jennifer from Russellville

Waste of money  Jennifer from Russellville  1 star

Doesn’t do what it says and crashes. Waste of money!


Worst purchase ever  mairsnjoey  1 star

I paid for this app and it shuts down every single time I select the song I want to make a ringtone out of!!!! Tried multiple times over the last 3 weeks and same thing happens! And there is no direct way to contact the seller!!!!

Alexandria Southwell

I don’t even want to give 1 star  Alexandria Southwell  1 star

A dollar or not, an app you pay for shouldn’t crash. As soon as you select a song, it crashes every time. I’ve deleted, redownloaded, restarted and it’s all the same: it crashes in the same place every single time.


Cannot apply tone  sparkmaker  1 star

YouTube tips didn’t work


Doesn’t Work  Bnl0  1 star

I am furious I paid money for this app. I created all kinds of ringtones a month back. I followed their instructions to the letter but the ringtones would not sync to my phone. I emailed the developer, which I now see was a waste of time. Save your money and find some other app.


HORRIBLE  Abbynobs  1 star

Seriously?? I paid for this app and it keeps closing when I want to create a ringtone, I don’t even wanna rate it a star but I guess I have to in order to get my review out there. DO NOT buy this app, it keeps force closing when you go in to create a song


Very good  15/1/12  4 star

Easy to use for the most. It would’ve been better if the tones would go straight to iTunes and sync to phone rather than saving them to the pc from iTunes and then drag them back to iTunes.


Best app for creating ringtones  Ballybawn  5 star

Love love love this app for creating my own ringtones. It's so much say to use also. Highly recommend it.

Keep 'er Lit

Top Class  Keep 'er Lit  4 star

It took me a while to get used to it, but when I did, it was top class.👍


Excellent  Richmau578  5 star

Does exactly what its ment to. No problems at all. 10/10

City mad man

Best Ringtone App  City mad man  5 star

This app is probably one of the only ringtone apps that your able to download the ringtone that u created


Bloody brill  Betty33!!  5 star

Great app, would be better again if the ringing tone was longer but other than that excellent! 😀

Great Irish Golfer

Denis Kirwan  Great Irish Golfer  2 star

Poor When I tap the watch video button nothing happens


Excellent App  Munsterman1  5 star

This is a great App. Really user friendly. Just make sure to watch the tutorial video on YouTube at the end when you have saved your ringtone. It all worked easily for me. I'm using iTunes


Awesome app  Codmax  5 star

Great app easy to use

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