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The world’s #1 Boating app! A favorite among cruisers, sailors, fishermen and divers. Find the same detailed charts and advanced features as on the best GPS plotters. This app includes the Navionics+ subscription. To subscribe for other areas, tap Menu>Charts>Add Region. Alternatively, a free version is also available on the store that offers basic features and you can upgrade to Navionics+ In-App. To enjoy charts in HD, search for our iPad apps.

NAVIONICS+ includes:
√ Download of the following chart layers:
-NAUTICAL CHART for all essential cartographic reference detail. The most accurate and thorough set of information based on Hydrographic Office data, Notices to Mariners, new publications, our own surveys, and reports from users. It provides port plans, safety depth contours, marine services info, tides & currents, navigation aids and more.
-SONARCHART™ the award-winning 1 ft/0.5m HD bathymetry map that reflects ever-changing conditions. Be part of the community and contribute by uploading your sonar logs to enhance it.
- COMMUNITY EDITS made by users (rocks, wrecks, etc.) and shared for all to benefit.
√ CHART UPDATES: we deliver more than 2,000 updates every day! Updates as frequently as you like!
√ DOCK-TO-DOCK AUTOROUTING creates detailed routes even through narrow waterways and channels, based on chart data and navigation aids. POIs are automatically shown nearby your destination.
√ NAVIGATION MODULE for advanced route planning with ETA, distance to arrival, heading to WP, fuel consumption and more!
√ ADVANCED MAP OPTIONS: overlay Satellite/Terrain, highlight Shallow Areas, filter Depth Contours, and enable a Fishing Range to target key fishing areas.
√ PLOTTER SYNC: Compatible Raymarine, Lowrance, Simrad and B&G models can transfer routes and markers, update charts, activate and renew subscriptions of eligible plotter cards and upload sonar logs (only Raymarine) for improved SonarChart™! Learn more at
√ WEATHER & TIDES for real-time weather data and forecasts. Access daily and hourly forecasts for your favorite locations and get wind, weather buoys, Tides & Currents overlaid on your map. Buoy data from NOAA can include wind speed, gust and direction, air pressure, water temperature, wave height and other relevant marine data.
√ TIMELINE where you can see all the photos taken while tracking, POIs and Navionics panoramic images.

Navionics+ is a one-year subscription. Download detailed maps by zooming in or from Menu>Download Map: they will reside on your device even after expiration. You can renew your subscription with a discount of up 50%. If you don’t renew, you can still use the charts you previously downloaded, along with several free features: TRACK, ROUTE, DISTANCS, MARKERS, WIND FORECASTS, MAP, SYNC my DATA, MAGAZINES & GUIDES, GOVT CHART in US. Plus, enjoy SONARCHART™ LIVE to create personal 1 ft/0.5 m HD bathymetry maps that display in real time while navigating. Upload your sonar logs to build even better local charts for your area connecting wirelessly to a compatible sounder/plotter.

Does not include Bermuda, which can be found on Boating Caribbean & South America. Visit for the lake list.

Have a plotter card? If the registered chart card of your device has expired, you can order a new one directly from this app with up to 50% off! Go to Menu>Charts.

Updates are available with iOS 9.0 or higher devices. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Boating US&Canada App Description & Overview

The applications Boating US&Canada was published in the category Navigation on 2010-08-30 and was developed by Navionics. The file size is 124.62 MB. The current version is 10.7.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixing and optimizations

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Do NOT download  Widudjwnaiq  1 star

They removed free access to automatic routing! A sleezeball move to get more subscribers and screw those of us who enjoyed functionality after buying the app.


Buyer beware  Røck  1 star

Like the other reviewers, I purchased this app a few years ago and use it all the time; especially when scouting new lakes. The company realized they could make more money and claim they sold us a subscription which expired (although there was no mention of it being a subscription when it was originally purchased). If they have done it once they will probably do it again...

Pw henderson

Unethical  Pw henderson  1 star

Twice I have paid full price and had my charts 'expire', blocking me from updating or loading the area I've paid for. It's not ok. I am a pro boat captain, all oceans.


Was a better app before last update  Justicetc  3 star

Was5 star now 3. Yesterday I was using this app with sat overlay and using its topo feature to confirm its placement. Today I updated, and you have to pay for the same old features. I'm not sure I like an app that's getting less features in its updates. Been a user for 3 years now. What's the deal? Currently browsing for other options.


UI is Ok; continuously uses data in background  Desh7  1 star

UI is Ok; continuously uses data in background even when I've force closed the app, which burns battery and, well, uses data. They only provide the option to Always use data or Never, whereas most apps give a middle option. Screen lags and glitchy.


Navigating Alaska Waters  DHRranger  5 star

I found this app to be very helpful when navigating the coastline of Southeast Alaska. I live on Prince of Wales Island and use this application every time I go out. When first using it I was surprised to find how accurate was. I use it to avoid shallow water and hidden obstruction as well as for tracking my course and speed. This app has many other features including weather and tide


How much did you pay?  Sssttteeevvveee  1 star

This is actually a very good app....but the App Store said the price was $14.99....I thought. I was billed $34.95. That's messed up.

Blake Sellers

App crashes  Blake Sellers  4 star

I have an iPhone 6 Plus and I am having an issue with the app crashing after a few mins of use. It crashes when I try and scroll up or down the map looking at areas of concern for navigation. After about a min of doing that the app just crashes and closes and takes me back to my iPhone home screen. This didn't happen on the previous version only the new updated version.

Happy Saint

Pop up ads  Happy Saint  2 star

I'm throughly disappointed that I now have to deal with pop up ads every time I use this app that I paid for. Put it back the way it was without ads.


Works well - looking forward to more data  intoski  5 star

This app seems pretty nice. The last version had issues that made my position jump every few seconds. It's more stable now. My only gripe is that I would like to see more data in less traveled areas. Hopefully this fills in as people use it and upload their sonar data. Of course, once I get my fishfinder/gps, this will be redundant. Not a big expense for the security of a backup charting solution.


Cool Tool  Sjameson  5 star

Used this to get through the fog on Lake Ontario last month. My Garmin went out and had to use the app. Got us in safe and sound


Awesome  Eagleba  5 star

I had a problem with the search function and navionics tech support came through and helped me fix the problem. Their level of support is most impressive and this app is a must have for boaters.

Mr cash money

This is the worst, save your money.  Mr cash money  1 star

This app does not work. They will not refund your money. it will cost you to download the new version when they fix it. They have got me twice. It's a scam.


Needs work  skidrum1s  3 star

The basic app is fine. My parents live in Matlacha Florida. Google satellite image is perfect but the chart overlay is inaccurate placing canals in the wrong spot, in fact they cover there home. You could never use this to navigate the canals and that raises the question of accuracy in the pass where it's shallow and easy to ground.


Fishermen's dream!  Lukescountry  5 star

This app is Awesome! I have went fishing several times an works great! Thank you for developing this app!

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