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Viber is the FREE, simple, fast and most secure messaging and calling app. The messenger of choice for over 1 billion users worldwide! Text now for free and make high-quality crystal-clear phone calls.

Viber is completely free. All you need is a data plan or Wi-Fi connection and you’re good to go. Make free international calls, send text messages, open a group chat, and so much more! Download Viber today to connect with people, no matter who they are, or where they are from.

Why is Viber the best messaging app for you?

Send Free Messages
Staying in touch has never been easier. Send a free text message, share a photo, a sticker or GIF, a video or any other file.

Make Free Audio and Video Calls
Make crystal-clear audio and instant video calls to friends and family for free!

Open a Group Chat
Catch up with friends, family and coworkers by opening a group chat for up to 250 members.

Chat and Call with 100% Privacy
Thanks to end-to-end encryption, any type of information you share on Viber will always remain between yourself and the person you’re talking to. Any message you send makes its way from your device to the recipient’s in the form of an encrypted code that only their device can translate to plain text using an encryption key. Encryption keys exist only on user devices and nowhere else. So, no one — not even Viber — can read your messages.

Self-Destruct Your Secret Chats
Start a Secret Chat which will let you set a self-destruct timer for every message in your conversation so that after your message is read, it’s automatically deleted from your recipient’s phone.

Express Yourself with GIFs and Stickers
Words can only say so much! Express your every emotion with over endless of GIFs and over 35,000 stickers from the Viber Sticker Market.

Start a Viber Community with Unlimited Members
No matter what you’re interested in, you can now start your own Viber Community! Interact with an unlimited number of people, about a shared topic or passion. Enjoy more admin controls than ever before as well as new conversation features in a unique chat space where you get to call all the shots.

Enrich Your Conversation with Chat Extensions
Spice up your conversations with a variety of useful Chat Extensions including easy access to your favorite links, GIFs and videos, Yelp, YouTube, Booking, Spotify and more.

Make Low-cost Calls to Landlines with Viber Out
Call landlines, non-Viber users or anyone who doesn’t have an internet service or a mobile phone with Viber Out’s low-cost international calling service.

Viber Out Subscriptions are a bundle of minutes to call a specific destination, which are purchased in-app and renew monthly or weekly depending on your plan. If you subscribe via iTunes, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account when the purchase is confirmed. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your Account will be charged for this renewal up to 24 hours before the end of the current period at the rate of your selected plan. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal at any time by going to your iTunes Account settings on your device.

And so much more:
● Mention friends in a group so they don’t miss out on anything
● Broadcast messages to multiple contacts
● Pin messages to the top of your group’s screen
● Reply to any specific message within a group chat
● Share your location
● Exchange contacts with friends

Viber is part of the Rakuten Group, a world leader in e-commerce and financial services.
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Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls App Description & Overview

The applications Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls was published in the category Social Networking on 2010-12-02 and was developed by Viber Media SARL.. The file size is 241.91 MB. The current version is 9.9.6 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

Create a poll in any group chat or Community, and watch how members vote live in the chat.

Send longer, better audio messages in any Viber chat:
Record up to 15 minutes
Record hands-free
Rewind or fast forward when listening to messages

New in Viber Communities!
Send private messages to other Community members while keeping phone numbers hidden from each other.

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Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls Reviews


5+  Pikineeess  5 star

Viber самый лучший месенджер!!! Качайте и пользуйтесь с удовольствием! Много смайлов, стикеров))) вам понравится)) RLADHE


Отлично  Dds123dds321dds  5 star

Очень люблю это приложение! Удобное общение,куча стикеров,никогда не виснет как многие подобные программы!


Confusing interface Does not sync contacts  WowANestOwner  3 star

Does not sink and use the same contacts on my phone as it does on my iPad. Why does my same account on my phone not show up with the same contacts on my iPad. Also, user interface is very confusing.

Микка Максим

Не плохо  Микка Максим  5 star

Хорошие приложение Очен помогает, когда нужно срочно написать какую-то информацию и скинуть фотки и видео K4DBKQ


Лучшее приложение!  keksik2188  5 star

Приложение классное , очень удобно с друзьями переписываться , с каждым обновлением все лучше. Всем советую , класс!SMQHVC


Request  AdnanSalihi  4 star

I wish i could change the sound of viber calls , not just notifications,other than that this app is amazing


Fghhf  ваа153  5 star

Fghhhgfgs dhhehr ehhrhejr behehhdje evhrhejr ehjehejrj rjjejejrj ejejjejr ehjehejr heheje


Отзыв  iploxobuttakim  5 star

Друг посоветовал скачать приложение, по началу я подумал что зачем мне оно? И когда я установил я был в шоке. Я встретил множество своих друзей, одноклассникови родственников!


Dessert  Coulindez  5 star

Polniy chill bro


Nat  примччапр  5 star

Otlichnoe prilogenie


Rear facing camera dark  Annoyed_orange_74  3 star

App is good but rear facing camera is so dark compared to iOS native camera app, I wish they would fix this, iPhone 6s


Enough with the stickers!  DaveCo_ok  1 star

I can either turn off ALL notifications, so I miss calls and messages, or I can enable them and be bombarded with random sticker messages - “Yay, new sticker for you to use even though you never use stickers and would disable them entirely if possible”. Of course, respectable people know when it is too late to call or message, but Viber doesn’t care and will wake you at any hour of the night to tell you about some awesome new sticker. Viber, you have an awesome platform, but interrupted sleeps have caused me to delete you. For the love of all that is good, give us an option to disable sticker notifications.


Update broke the app  SorryOfficer  1 star

Last 2 update broke the app. iPhone 8,1. iOS 11.3.1


Всё очень хорошо!  Fyodor_171  5 star

Каждый день переписываюсь с друзьями.Ничего не лагает даже если плохой интернет!


Kansans  лалва  5 star

Очень зооошо


1ACVM  Fbkhda  5 star

Приложения хорошее ,все работает ,лагов нет,очень доволен,1ACVM


😎 cool  Alex148898  5 star

Very good app your friends are always the one to get a hold of me when they have a phone 📱 is that way we could just do DLFLPL this week it will take what I’ve heard from people in my life so much but it’s a lot better now than yever uoe


Resend to unsent media  Nirazzz  1 star

It is so difficult to resend the media which was failed.We have to retry them one by one. This thing is very very difficult. Make it send itself while connect to internet for 5 star.


Review  Spanner181  5 star

Love viber. Wife lives in Thailand. Because of Viber we chat everyday

Gobby's Topsy

Useless  Gobby's Topsy  1 star

Used this app all the time. Now wants all restrictions off. Leaves the iPad vulnerable to grandchildren accessing in app purchases and anyone else who got hold of the iPad.


Problem  gia-77  1 star

I did not get activate code in my number . I sent 5 mails to the support team but nothing changing .


Viber call out error  sarahhdzc  1 star

I recently purchased credit to make an international call and now it isn’t letting me place the call and its saying Viber Out purchases are blocked. Contacted customer support which is just by via email and I have to wait 48 hrs for a response. This stinks


Late notifications  jebotesvakinicktaken  3 star

Lately not getting notifications unless open Viber on IOS 12.1.2 , iPhone


Time of reading  VO-architects  5 star

Amazing app. But I would suggest only one thing, when somebody reads the message it would be good to see also the reading time- hour. Keep doing amazing things


Have blocked my number for 2 months  Studio155  1 star

Viber has blocked my number for no absolute reason for 2 months and refuses to give me any reason. Go for WhatsApp- better app than this crappy automated support system who copy paste rhe same reply all the time


Crashes all the time  NemesisPo  1 star

the application is constantly crashing when it enters and exit, plus images can not be sent when sreenshoot is made


Buber  Shermuhammad  5 star


lily from ca

Not working  lily from ca  1 star

Says contact developer. Have iPhone 8 Plus. Disappointed with viber.


Wonderful App!!  Kenpelkez  5 star

It is a great app that brought our family together as if now they are closing by. Thank you!!

BY DashaR

Хорошее приложение  BY DashaR  5 star

Все отлично работает!!

Crystal_Waters 2547

Would be a five but...  Crystal_Waters 2547  3 star

Ok so I love this app! Everything about it is great... one thing is that I don’t know how, but my entire account is gone. I haven’t changed my phone number and my number isn’t in any complications. Sure there is a feature in place to backup your data but I didn’t know it was there. I have no idea what happened. So long story short I’ve lost all contacts and all my friends contacts and all my conversations. It’s kind of sad as I have used this app for years and now I’ve lost many fun conversations with everyone. Besides that I love it and I will continue to use it, like I have been doing for many years. It’s great to keep contact with everyone you know!

Anna Nic Gabhann

Fantastic!!!  Anna Nic Gabhann  5 star

Absolutely love Viber , it’s a fantastic way to keep in touch with my brothers in New York etc. 👍

Irishguy in Japan

Can’t attach more than 10 photos at a time...  Irishguy in Japan  2 star

Can’t attach more than 10 photos at a time...

Margo lol

Needs a new update  Margo lol  4 star

I wish u can have a real filter not stickers it would be sooo fun to send it to friends and family many people want that

cute prep

Best app  cute prep  5 star

Really good and please don’t listen to the other comment that says rubbish thanks for making this app and its a great app to communicate

you dont knwo me ok?

Good App!  you dont knwo me ok?  5 star

The best texting app ever!

clon girl

Viber calls  clon girl  3 star

My phone don’t ring sometimes when a call come in only way I know I have missed a call is when a message come from the person who have being trying to call my internet is perfect the phone could be in my hand or on a table in front of me and it would not ring I have moved to different rooms in the house and it’s the same


Screen freeze iOS 12  didigray  1 star

Screen freeze iOS 12

#Unhappy user#

Block contact option  #Unhappy user#  1 star

Can you please make sure that when we block a person from our contact list, this person may not be able to send the message successfully on their end because it made them believe that it reached their contact at that time for it doesn't show any ⚠️ .


Australia  bellabridget  5 star

Very good

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