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Enjoy all your membership perks with the Sam’s Club app.

Save time and shop easier every day with the Sam’s Club app. Make the most of your membership with these best-loved exclusives, including free Pickup, Scan & Go, Pharmacy and Free Shipping for Plus members. Save even more with Instant Savings and track your Plus Cash Rewards. Use the tabs at the bottom to find Home, Scan & Go, Account and more.

Scan & Go™ Checkout
Now you can pay for gas with the Scan & Go™ feature to save time at the pump. In the club, shop contact free and skip the checkout line. Just shop, scan and pay, all in the app.

Shop in the app, then schedule a free Pickup time that works best for you. We’ll have your order ready when you arrive.

Your Lists
Start your cart and easily reorder your favorite products, directly in the app.

Transfer prescriptions, request refills and manage prescriptions for the whole family for maximum convenience.

Membership Card
Quickly find your membership card in your account and access other membership details.

Shop and ship directly to your home or workplace – Plus members get free shipping.

Download the app and get the most from the club today.

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Sam's Club Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Save even more time with the Scan & Go™ feature. Now you can use it to pay for gas at Sam’s Club Fuel Centers. Or, skip the checkout line in the club.

Sam's Club Comments & Reviews

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- Loved until latest update

Since Sam’s first introduced the Scan & Go app, I have loved it UNTIL TODAY. This latest update disrupted my experience. Mid-shopping in-store, it kicked me out. I rescanned my 11 items, then it froze on the pay screen after I “slid” to pay; wouldn’t progress to barcode screen. The manager checked my account and promised the charge hadn’t gone through. (I should not have believed her.) She checked me out and gave me a printed receipt. She said I have to call the number in the app to check on the problem with the app. (That help number in the Scan&Go portion of the app at the bottom of the screen with your list of items is only available while physically in-club (I didn’t realize). I got home and checked my credit card charges—2 back to back—1 for Sam’s Club (matches printed receipt) and 1 for Sam’s Online (the Scan&Go app) for 0.15 cents more than the printed receipt. My credit card company said get back to us if Sam’s doesn’t fix it. Called the 888 number on the back of my Sam’s card. Nice lady, but she said I had to print out proof of the double charge and go back to the store to get the store to refund one of the charges. I’m glad it’s fixable, but I’ve never previously had this kind of problem before. PLEASE fix the app. I’m not using it again until there’s another update.

- Check Before Ordering Pickup!

The app lets you order pickup but NOT ALL STORES OFFER PICKUP! First and ONLY time I’ve ordered with in store pickup. I use Walmart Grocery app often and it works great. Same company so it should also be a decent experience, right? The app lets you order and then sends you direction that tell you to pull up next to the “Club Pickup” sign and someone will bring your order out. Yeah... They have a sign but there’s nowhere to park anywhere near it. So we drove around the parking lot and looked around. There was a cart associate so I asked him. He says, “we don’t do that.” His attitude was “duh, why don’t you know this?” So we parked and went inside. We were directed to a kiosk to check in. Because the app tracks your location, it marked the order as picked up and I couldn’t access my order. I couldn’t find an associate. Took about 20 minutes to figure out where our order was and how to get it. The associate that we finally talked to said that it happens all the time because the app feature launched without the stores being ready and able. It would have been faster to go collect what I needed and then check out.

- Jdjr2020

It was suggested to me that I download the Scan n Go app and bypass the long lines at “the” register or the slow moving, when working, self check lines. So I did. I couldn’t wait to try it! It was heavenly, the first time. The second time was a waste of time. Every time I’d scan an item the app would blink and end up back at home screen. It soon became too much like work so I got in one of the few working self check lanes and back to the way we were. Now I would expect this from a little fledgling operation just trying out some new technology, but this is a multi billion dollar company. All I can conclude is that Sams Club at the highest level just doesn’t give a d*#m. You can’t tell me they do. Spend a few dollars and pay somebody to make sure that the world’s largest retailer has working self check systems. Pay them to tighten up the screw that holds the credit card scanner so I don’t have to hold it in place while inserting my card. I thought self check was going to replace employees. I now see that they too are at work and not working. I believe if Sam Walton we’re alive and he walked into Sams Club on Covington Pike in Memphis and saw 9 self check systems and 3 with “Out of Order” signs on them... I believe he’d raise hell and put a prop under it! Sams, Operating like an under capitalized mom and pop. Sad.... Gonna uninstall app....

- No Notification of order not being fulfilled

So I ordered supplies from sams club in Dallas and go to select a pick up time. Seeing as it was 4:00 pm and they stop doing same day pick up after 3 (per app) I select a time when I can pick up my purchase after work the next day . I submit a pick up time for the latest time they have the next day because my job was far and I was anticipating traffic. So Now it’s the next day and still have not received an email stating my order was ready. So I get to sams at 6:55 pm and still no order ready email. So I go in so someone could check and after waiting find out that the items I ordered sold out earlier that day ( scheduled pick up day) I asked why my order was not gathered before hand since they were already holding money from my account. The club member proceeds to blame the system. I asked why I was not notified that my items were not in stock ( would have saved me a trip) again brings up the computer system. I asked why it wasn’t pulled earlier to make sure since I already had paid for it (still blames the system). All this to say that this app is pointless for ordering because it’s not accurate , doesn’t inform you of ordering problems and you still might not get your order even if you order days ahead. So I asked the club member to cancel the order( in which they did), but funny enough received two automated cancellation emails.

- Great app

I’ve been using scan n’ go since it’s inception & love using it in store. It saves time at checkout, & no more loading & unloading items in checkout lines! Also have done online ordering on my Sam’s Club app for curbside pickup since it started & love the convenience of having the shopping & delivery to my vehicle done for me. However, I wish that when I choose to place things in my online order cart for “pickup at store”, it would stop putting several of the “pickup” items in my cart for “shipping to me”. I have to double check my cart before checking out as there’s always items that end up in “shipping list” instead of free pickup at my local store! And NO, I’m not placing them there nor are they items that are clearly marked out of stock in store or online only! I’m looking forward to using scan n go app for fuel also. All in all this is a great way to shop at our local club without needing to actually enter the store. So convenient in store or out. Just need to fix a few glitches in app, but not something a quick review by me when ordering can’t address. I highly recommend!

- Order not showing in app for pickup / Forced to use location “always” and notifications

Updating previous review to include problems with seeing order in app. Twice now I’ve went to pickup my order curb side and opened the app to notify store that I had arrived to pickup my order and the app showed no order - very frustrating since it had shown the order ready for picky a few hours earlier. Makes the app rather useless to me and I have to use phone to call customer service to relay that I am there to pickup my order. I had previously used the app and was able to only make my location known when using the app and was also able to decline notifications, but now when I try to use the app to notify the store I am there for my curbside pickup, I am forced to have location on always and also forced to receive notifications through the app. Otherwise, the app won’t let me proceed in alerting the store I am there for my pickup. Obviously, I will either have to reset these settings each time, since I refuse to have app developers force me into setting settings I don’t want or I will just call the store customer service each time. This also frustrates me to the point of being less likely to ever use the app at all. Who designs these functional flaws and then gets it approved? If it’s unintentional, it’s disappointingly terrible quality control.

- Why did the update destroy this app?

I’ve used the scan and go feature EVERY week. Sometimes TWICE each week. Yesterday i allowed the app to update. Today the app doesn’t work on either of my phones OR my iPad. Oh I can scan. But I don’t see a list of what I’ve scanned. And that little thing called “check out”. Where the hell is it? Sams need to fix this app. They’ve reduced the number of associates in the store to check your order out. The self service lines reach to the center of the store. The Scan and Go app is the ONLY reason i shop at Sams. I need convenience. Not frustration. And don’t tell me to call their help line. Two updates ago the app stopped working. I called and got nothing. No answers. Just handed off to someone who was going to research the problem. 4 weeks later i received an email saying they had looked into my problem and i should go to the store for assistance. 3 months later an update fixed my problem. When the scan and go app works it’s great. But it isn’t working now.

- Problems with the scan and go!!!!!!

I have to agree with the scan and go app! I have used it many times and loved it!!! But the last time I was in the store and use the scan and go app, it was horrible!!!!! I was doing the same thing I always do and when I payed and was goof out the girl who checked my receipt found a hand full of items that hadn’t got on the receipt. I have never had that problem before, but the people who went through my cart to check what didn’t ring up made me feel like I was a thief. They went through my cart and and transferred all of my stuff to a different cart. The things that had gotten on the receipt the first time was set aside and they watched me to make sure it paided for on a separate receipt. I had no problem making sure that it all was paid, but I was still treated like a criminal. Then being as I’m disabled I asked if someone would help me unloaded the cart for me They said yes, but no one came to help. She just stood in the front of the store watching me. So I m not sure if I m going to come back anymore. I afraid that they would watch me to make sure I didn’t do it again. I have never stolen anything in my life and don’t think that I would start now. SO I AM NOT SURE WHAT TO DO. MAYBE JUST GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO DO MY SHOPPING. Sincerely Denette Eagle Plus member for over 10 years

- Application performance and suggestions

I have recently started using click n pull and noticed couple of issues. 1. Whenever I reach club and open app, it shows my order and ask me to enter my parking spot. Once I enter my slot, it gives me error saying “Something went wrong, please try again”, but in reality it worked internally and notified the associate. This is very confusing and it’s happening repeatedly for me. 2. We have family membership and it would be great to be able to see other person in click n pull and add rather than typing names etc. 3. In family membership, there should be option to share “click n pull” orders with other members of family (at least who are registered and have sams card) so that either person can use the pickup. Currently my husband is not able to view any order that I make for click n pull. 4. This app has some serious issue with internal memory or CPU utilization. Once I was using scan n go feature when it suddenly cause my phone to turn off and my phone stopped working. It wasn’t charging or turning on. Apple support told me that your last app caused gpu to crash and impacted working image and it had to be hard reset.

- App ?

I started using the app a few months ago and liked it for a while. Then suddenly it wouldn’t let me log on; saying my user name and password didn’t match, which they did. I stopped using the app for a while, kept trying to log on from time to time, just to see if the issue would resolve itself, it didn’t. Finally I thought I would try changing my password, my account number wasn’t being use and I couldn’t do it. Next I tried calling the customer service number on the back of the card and was assaulted by an endless string of offers that I could get passed. Then I went back to the app and found another number. Finally I was able to get on a chat and got re-registered. At that point I thought I was good to go. So I went to the store, got on the app and scanned my purchases. When I tried to check out, my credit card information was missing and it took me a half an hour to figure out that to re-enter it. I have lost all my purchase history and don’t have any receipts because they were on the phone. I’m about ready to give up on the app.

- Lifesaver...Literally.

Sam’s Club has been amazing. The app makes it very easy to stay indoors and have very limited contact when you actually need to go into the warehouse. What are you are you are using the to ship items, pick up in store (they’ll even bring it to your car and load it up if you call them once you’re there), or using the app to walk through the store and both scan and pay through the app, this app really reduces stress. I wish Costco would stop staying stagnant and get it together for the new reality of social distance, limiting contact overall, and staying home when possible. Costco does not offer grocery pickup nor does the app allow scanning as you shop or paying when you’re done. Costco used to be my favorite because it was the first of the major warehouse stores to stock lots of organic foods. But the tides are shifting. Sam’s club has lots of organic and Non-gmo, and they definitely win when it comes to this handy dandy app to help many of us get through Covid.

- First experience using a shopping App

Today was the first time I actually used a shopping app. I downloaded the app about a month and a half ago but wasn’t really sure on how to use it. So today while at SAMs I decided this is the day where I’ll do my shopping with this app. I scanned all my items and because I was nervous I didn’t see the check out button. So I asked one of the employees for help. I felt real dumb when she showed me how simple it was. Two thumbs up for the Sams employee for her help. Since I had already scanned everything I was out the door almost immediately. It’s a great app but very sensitive it scans quickly and picks up any items with in your shopping cart. You can also see if you scanned any items twice and can remove them before check out. You can see the number of items scanned for easy tracking. It’s a great app especially if your in a rush. If the store wasn’t full of people I would still use the registers with a person. We all need job security.

- Update Product Availability

I use this app at least once a week. Without fail every time I use it the app says items are out of stock. When I go in to pick up the order everything that was “out of stock” is in stock and abundantly so. The convenience of the curb side pick up is negated because I still have to go into the store and grab 3-4 items that I couldn’t order when they were actually available but just not updated in the system/app. Every week for the last 2 months I try to order the 500 count plastic forks and every week it says they are out of stock, I know for a fact they are not. It’s been the same with the 5 gallon bucket of hamburger sliced pickles for the last 3 weeks. Also, don’t even try to get someone in store to help with these issues because apparently they have no idea why this happens. Which is fine, but at least a manager could start that process but they have the same response as the people working the pick up area...?

- Great app

I love the ability to order ahead from the app, and I really love the scan and go feature. My only two issues are: 1) In the manage your credit card section, I can’t toggle back and forth between multiple cards. When I log in, it shows all my cards, but once I tap on one, I can’t return to that screen again unless I log out and back in. There should be an easier way to switch between cards. 2) When scheduling a pickup I don’t like that it doesn’t allow for more than one phone number. What I mean is that if I schedule a pick up and use my phone number, then the next time, when the other person on my membership schedules a pickup and uses their number, I get an automated text saying “sorry to see you go, you won’t receive messages at this number any more”. Since there are 2 people on the membership, and most people have their own individual phones, the system should allow for at least 2 numbers. These aren’t major issues and the app has served me well, so all in all, I think it’s worth it.

- It’s for those that are smart-shoppers

It makes shopping easy and less time consuming. Before I go shopping I can check prices, availability and options to things I am looking for. I can make lists, shop online, order online and pickup in stores or ship something to my home. I typically use it to be more smart about my grocery shopping though. My shopping list is organized by store, so with this app, I can see what Sam’s has, how much they price the items, as well as information on the products like quantity and size. That way, I’m able to compare prices. It’s come to the point that when I’m about to buy a pack of anything at a different store, I open this app to see if Sam’s has it and for how much. Then I compare which would be a better deal. Since I’m in Hawaii, not all Sam’s products are available in store, but with this app, I can still see what I can’t in store. And with my certain membership, the shipping is free!

- Pro- Convenient! Con- Editing, removing, adding a credit card is almost impossible!

Worked wonderfully when I initially started using it however, when it came to removing an expired credit card, no go. When it came to adding a new credit card, no go. When I attempted to edit the card, no go. I also attempted to make the changes through the website on a computer and was able to make them, however, when it came to using the app those edits were nonexistent so I had one lone expired credit card on my app and could no longer use it. With this new update, Sept. 2019, it appears that I can now see the cards I added via the computer, but only when I select OTHER payment method, and BTW, the expired cards that were deleted are still listed with no way within the app to delete them. There is a BUTTON that says “delete card” with the ONE card that was my default, but after deleting the card remains as default and appears with all of the other cards that have been added and REMOVED over time. Seems old/expired/lost cards just cant be removed?.

- App Malfunction on a SATURDAY!!!

Was in the store yesterday trying to check out with my app & kept receiving error message. The store was crowded And the lines were extremely LONG, down the isles. I told my sister, who had items also & was receiving an error message on her app too that if we couldn’t check out on our phones we would leave everything in the cart right where it was. After 10 minutes of receiving the same error message & letting a few people cut in line in front of us, we decided to continue on through self checkout. We then discovered other people in line looking at their phones & decided to ask the couple in front of us if they were having trouble with their app & they were(which explained why the lines were so long) Being that I haven’t gone through a checkout line at Sams since the app debuted, it was very challenging having to find my membership card, scan items & find $$ to pay for my items. Praying the app doesn’t malfunction ever again!!

- Pickup scam

I have used this app for sometime to buy groceries for my grandparents out of town. It was very convenient as whichever family member that would be in the area could pick up what was bought and paid for for my grandparents. I’ve also used this when I was recovering from surgery or severely injured for myself. I would just shop in app pay in app and enter the name and phone number of the person that was picking up for myself or my grandparents. They would show their ID, order number, and it was as simple as this. I’m now recovering from a large abdominal surgery and cannot lift anything over 8-10 lbs, nor can I spend a lot of time walking the large store. So, I did my regular ordering and entered the name as usual, BUT apparently it is impossible for someone else to pick up for anyone that isn’t signed on their phone the account that made the purchase. They now want to have your location and you have to ‘check in’ to pick up your purchase. This isn’t convenient in anyway! I’m very unhappy. It’s very embarrassing that I work out a time for someone else to pick up my things and the store refuses to give it to them. Even when they have the receipt in hand.

- Great idea, extremely poorly done

I’ve used the app for some time and there have always been varying issues. When Instant Savings come out I always attempt to check them out through the app. There are ALWAYS simple mistakes as if no one actually checks what is input. Some items will say “no image available” which normally wouldn’t be a big deal but there is no item description either. So you have to click on each entry to see if it’s something you may be interested in. There are 19 of those right now. Some of the items will have a completely different item that what is described in the list. Some will have “$20 off ... or ...” so when you click on one you’re interested there is 3 different colors of the item you don’t want and no description of what you do want. It’s as if whoever updates the Instant Savings page only has a certain amount of time to get it done and no changes are allowed even if there are mistakes reported. And I have reported many mistakes many times. Every time I have reported an error the case is marked as resolved and most I haven’t gotten a single response. If you want an app for convenience and saving time, this one isn’t it.

- Loved this so much we bought more

We bought 2 of these for an upcoming trip to Vegas where they charge you $30 per day, per tube to use the resort’s cheap tubes. We figured if they were of poor quality, we would trash them at the end of our trip, and we’d still have saved money. Well...that didn’t happen!! We loved these so much that we even made sure to have the space in our suitcase to bring them home AND we bought 2 more for our own pool, and sent 2 as gifts for our friends’ teenage daughters who kept asking us if they could use ours. Perfect for lounging in the pool, soaking up the sun or reading because the mesh keeps just your heiny and hips wet. The cup holders are an added plus, as they’ll securely hold a can or bottle of water or even our large (40oz) hydroflasks. The sturdy removable canvas dries quickly and keeps the inner tube protected from bumps and scapes that may lead to others popping.

- Keeps resetting and emptying my cart while I’m using the Scan & Go

I love the concept of what this app offers. However, numerous times while I am shopping in store and using the barcode scanner to add the item it will 8/10 times force close and empties everything I already scanned in. There is only one location close enough to me I go to and the reception to use the app is hit and miss depending on what areas of the store you’re standing. I’m all for this feature but ever since it was all integrated into one app it has never been the same since. It’s frustrating especially when at times I’m scanning last item and go to checkout and pay, when I slide the bar to process payment it continuously circles and freezes. When I am able to pull it back up and try again it force closes! After all the work of scanning and maneuvering everything to fit in the shopping cart based on how I will load it in my car, I frustratingly proceed to stand in line... my soul reason for using the app goes right out the window. So frustrating

- Frustrating

We live in a very rural area and Sam’s is an hour away, we do a months worth of shopping here. Ordering through the app and doing curbside pickup has been awful. The first time (3 months ago) the app was incredibly slow, cart wouldn’t update and got kicked out 3 times before I could actually place my order. Last month for whatever reason it kept telling me that all the fresh produce I put in my cart wasn’t available for curbside and I’d have to go into the club to purchase it, then they forgot to give me 15 items but that’s not the apps fault. I just got back from picking up my order today and realized that the app took things out of my cart without telling me when I went to check out, locally the stores don’t sell the things that were removed from the cart so running to the store and grabbing it isn’t an option. I’ve honestly never had such a hard time using ordering curbside pickup through an app, we’re honestly thinking about driving the extra 30 min and switching back to CostCo.

- Updating Dec 2018....Makes Shopping Slow

The update has greatly improved the app. Fixed the Instant Savings issue described below. Also improvement in search engine as my iPhone example discussed below, now provides much more relevant results. The default to All Items when searching is still annoying though. Prior review.... It’s okay, but too slow to get any real shopping done. For example, most images of Instant Savings sale items do not show on screen...just a gray diamond box and the savings amount. And with no item description, you have to click on the > arrow to see what it is. The search engine is clunky. For example, I wanted an iPhone case, but despite specifying that, it returns results for Galaxy cases before many of the iPhone items. Also, the Online Only vs “All Items” filter always defaults back to All Items each time I search for another product. It should stay in the shopping mode that I choose.


This is the second night I’ve had to stay up to get a time slot. I had a time slot the first time I tried to do this.. and then the next morning, I didn’t! The entire process of this online ordering and pickup, was the worst I’ve ever experienced and I’ve done it many many times, on several different sites. -well before the virus as well. You should not have to “check out” 27 times before my time slot saves. This has been the most stressful and hectic process. It’s already stressful times, and now you make it even worse. You should do the exact same process as the Walmart app does!!! Why you don’t, is beyond me. So disappointed in this entire process that I’m never doing it again. I will just switch to Costco and send my caregiver inside the store to get the items I need. Also, Your app can not handle the amount of people getting on it. -which should be fixed by this point and you need more time slots!!! Especially if this entire process is going to be this freaking horrible and have this many glitches. Ugh. Just terrible. So disappointed.. and still suffering from anxiety from the process.

- Worthless

I was excited when the app added location services. This works great on the Walmart grocery app. I can check in using that app so that the staff knows when I’m on my way to pick up my order. Their app recognizes when I’ve arrived at the store and asks me which parking spot I’m in, and the associate walks out with my order. This makes the process so easy for me. When this feature was added to the Sam’s app, I was excited for the process to be as easy as it is when I pick up an order from Walmart. However, when I attempt to check in using the Sams app, it tells me that I have to turn on my location services in settings. They have been turned on since I downloaded the app. The app doesn’t recognize that they are on and I’m stuck in an endless loop. I used to be able to check in using the app even though it didn’t recognize when I was at the store, but now I cannot do that because it requires my location services be on before it will allow me to check in. So now I must check in manually after I arrive at the store. The upgrade to the app has actually made the process more difficult.

- Late and waited over an hour

I ordered pickup and the lady told me to wait for a few minutes, it’s been over an hour and I still haven’t received all of my food. Not only is it late, but they also made me wait over an hour for pickup. I thought pickup was supposed to be fast (hence why it’s order and pay online and pick it up) so that I could save time. I could have just went in the store myself and bought the food items and it would have been faster than their inadequate pick-up, if you could even call it that. I asked an employee to check up on my order and she literally said I don’t know the lady that’s supposed to help me and just left. She couldn’t have check up on the lady in charge of my order? But just left without saying anything!? What improper customer service!

- Sam’s Club

They need to learn from Walmart on how their Club Pickup should operate. 1st thing is get their own phone number that someone answers immediately like Wal-Mart Grocery does. Tired of waiting for Customer Service to pick up only to tell me you have to come into the store to tell Club Pickup their app is not working and you are there for your pickup order in space 1-4. The whole point of Club Pickup or Grocery Pickup is to avoid coming in the store. This has been going on, off and on for over a year and it still hasn’t been fixed yet. So get a Club Pickup phone number that customers can call directly if the app isn’t working. Wal-Mart has made it work so why can’t Sam’s!!! 2nd thing is Customer Service in Davenport, IA rarely answers the phone. Just give it a try and see for yourself. Then if you do get someone, don’t be surprised when you are being transferred, your call gets disconnected. I know things are crazy right now but, I have addressed these issues with management for a year now. No change, so I will voice my opinion through a poor rating. Which probably want matter either.

- Orders

I sometimes get products that I order they arrive in bigger box with lids off and places tore in side of products and when I order oxyclean it always has alot of the powder outside of box and is not open but mashed or ripped I have reported still receive products mashed ripped, open ,,, I love the prices and shipping,,, But I almost did not renew ,,, because there is no toilet paper or paper towels maker mark that is available to ship and there is never in store or online either Lysol spray at all or toilet paper or paper towels ,, I am trying to be understanding about products available because of covid,, but it will be a factor in deciding to renew member ship,, I drive 2 1/2 hours to get the Sam’s closest store and I have went earlier when the store open different times still no Lysol and limits so thanks for products and prices but I do pay a membership fee And this stupid nickname is a bit much use my name if need be it keep saying everything I want to put is used lol

- Application feedback

I started using the application yesterday and it has been very essy in some areas but extremely difficult in others such as: 1- I registered myself and now I wa t to add my husband and I can not find how. 2- the system did not accept my address 3- I entered my credit card to pay but it did use the info to pay my order... i do not understand why 4- There are 5 items that were “saved for later” There is no place that states what will happen. Will the system alert me when the items are available? It states that shipping is free in all items, which I assume that they are going to be ordered by you and when they are available you will automatically promote to a cart and wait for my approval. Is that how this works. How long should I wait???Those are questions I have. 5- I consider you could have a great application but if there is not a service that can help you navigate on it, it becomes very cumbersome for people like me, although I consider myself a verse person in this type of device. 5- I tried to chat and it put me in waiting list, at least that is what I understood; still almost 5 hours after I have not received any signal that the person is available for me. I will appreciate if an associate could contact me or answer those questions for me. Thanks, Genoveva Yordán

- Life is not fair

The worst customer service I have a seen in my life I am a regular customers are the tire at Sam’s Club, I went this morning shortly to make sure arrive on time and I will be serve the first, I approach to the coroner ask him nicely if somebody can take a look for my tire to see if they need to be replaced or repaired. Customer service agent name is Mike, he asked me are you going to bike tire? Tell him not yet until somebody took a look up them, he told me I have to wait until somebody’s coming in and enter the information in the computer because we don’t have anybody, suddenly a second customers approach, and ask him how can I help you, he said I need the battery to be checked out he told him he’s going to take a while at least 30 minutes, he ask him another question would you like to purchase a battery., customer said yes .immediately A customer give his credit card . Immediately he was the first I was sitting at seven in the morning wait, for the store to open. Very very very bad customer service, are we not recommend Sams Club tires to anybody

- Happy but Cheesy help

I needed some fancy Colby shredded cheese and I asked one of the workers if they can get me some from the freezer and the gentleman told me that it was gonna take too long but I can try back when he calls somebody to help him get it down. Instead of just telling me that he was not going to get it, I waited around for an additional 30 minutes when I went back he told me sorry everyone is on lunch break. I guess lunch starts at 6:30 for everyone that works form lifts. So I guess I will have to drive an hour tomorrow when I could have got what I needed today but just say you don’t have it if your not going to attempt to help me and upset me is all I’m saying. I spend between 300 and 400 dollars every week in here and just wish I didn’t get a cheesy response. Everyone else was very helpful though.

- Amazing app

This was one of the most wonderful experiences that I’ve ever had at SAMs! When I walked in the store the lines were not very long, but by the time I was ready to leave, they were extending back almost to the middle of the store! I was so discouraged, and actually thought about just leaving everything, until an employee walked around telling everyone about using the Sams app to scan and go. I was able to do just that, and was able to finish my transaction and walk out in about 10 mins (which included downloading the app, realizing I had forgotten my password, setting up a new one, and updating my form of payment) as opposed to at least 30 mins like the other people in line. I showed the woman at the exit my barcode on my phone and I was on my way! What a brilliant idea!!!

- Zero affect and “oh well attitude”

It’s great to have the app to check out. I have had some concerns about the recent changes that Sam’s Club made and pressed my concern only to be met with zero affect, and an “oh well attitude”. 1. When Sams club decides not to allow for overnight restocking, the effect to the customers was to have to navigate large pallets of product, and when help was needed...everyone was too busy stocking to help. 2. Tried to purchase a gift card at Christmas, another customer says the system isn’t activating the gift cards. When I asked about it, again met with zero affect and an “oh well attitude”. I was there to buy $200 in gift cards, had to take my business elsewhere. 3. I shop at the Sams Club at Long Beach Towne Center, my daughter and I were self checking. We had 18 items. The zero affect, and oh well attitude service representative comes to us and pulls our basket away replacing it with an empty basket saying that we had to move each item if we had more that 10 items in our basket. I know this isn’t true, I’ve been using self check out for a year or so and NO ONE EVER SAID THIS. I believe is my was a power control issue she had. Then had to nerve to act friendly as we left. Very passive aggressive behavior. I don’t believe that the customer is always right, you have a job to do and I need to get my shopping done. I’m an in and out shopper. I or anyone don’t deserve to be treated with such sustain.

- I’m Happy!

This store always has the order ready, great selection and the staff are great! But the reason I gave only 4 stars is because the app allows me to pick up my order and I can pull in the designated area and check in, then the staff will bring out my order. Great idea and MAN ALIVE, awesome service, if it would actually go like that. I have tried at both stores in Knoxville TN and neither follow thru with this service. It’s like this service isn’t important or needed, so let’s just forget about it! Well, I am telling you this service is needed, if you want to offer SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Enforcing this service for pickup has to come from way up high in the chain of command! You offer this service, but your stores are not following through!!!!! That means that I’m not getting my money’s worth!!!’?

- App update

Overall I love the app! Being able to scan my items pay for them and walk out the door, after greeting and getting scanned again of course. But I’ve been having an issue the last couple of times I’ve used the app. I open the app and then it tells me it’s been updated and ask if I want to try the new version. I click yes, and then it takes me to the list to where I scan things and everything is good from there. Why does it keep asking me to update the app? I’ve gone to the App Store to see if there is another sams app I’m missing and it only shows this app and it’s functional. So that’s annoying. Please fix that issue. I haven’t had any problems with freezing on me. Otherwise it works as advertised. I wish Walmart would adopt this for Oklahoma.

- Recent Frustrations

I love the scan and go app for the way it works in the store. However, with the recent change made to Sam’s Club’s operations due to COVID-19, I’m very disappointed at how poorly they have rolled out their pick-up program. I don’t even know what hour of the day you need to be awake to schedule your pick up date and time. I have tried at midnight, I’ve tried mid day, I’ve tried the exact time the club opens up for the day and nothing works. They also only schedule one day out which is ridiculous to me. So here I am, on my 7th day of needing groceries yet I can’t even promise that tomorrow I’ll be able to arrange a means of getting them. I will likely not be able to. So who knows when I will be able to shop at Sam’s again even though I pay an annual fee to be a member...

- Not ready for prime time

I downloaded and used the app twice before it quit working. That was a shame because the 2 times it did work, it was a real nice convenience and a time saver. But after those first two uses it quit working. It first refused to recognize my password for some reason. Then when I tried changing my password it then refused to accept my one and only email address. So I tried creating a new email address but then the scan and go wouldn’t allow me to log in, saying I already had an existing email address. When I asked for help at the store help desk they were polite but obviously frustrated with the problems folks were having with the card. I still haven’t got it to work. So overall, I rate it a 3. It’s a 5 when it works and a 0 when it doesn’t. I sure hope Sam’s gets some of the talent that put this scan and go software in place to work fixing it.

- Convenience at a fair cost.

I love Sam’s club, because they give the everyday joe. The opportunity to buy like a business in effect. Thus saving them money and more importantly time. Let’s face it in today’s fast paced world. There’s no more important commodity than time. That’s what you’re being given by businesses like Sam’s. Selling in bulk and at fair cost. Allows you to not only save money. You don’t have to give up quality, as there quality is second to none. Also, you aren’t taking that bi-daily trip to the grocery store we’re not only is food overpriced. Often it’s garbage quality. They’re always marketing something you’ll see that you had no intention of purchasing. Yet like so many people it’s a good deal. Well these reasons, and others. Personally, are why I love Sam’s. Peace and love.

- The App lies...

I tried to place an order at 1:00 pm today. Right on the page where it tells you to select a date & pickup time it states, “All orders places before 3pm will be ready for pickup the same day.” But every time I tried to select the time and date that was shown as the ONLY option in dark blue, it kept telling that time wasn’t available. I tried it several times. Finally went out, closed the app and then went back in to my cart. When I get to the select date and time for pickup the only valid time listed was tomorrow! It was approximately 1:30pm now. Still before 3pm and I’m in the eastern time zone. I even called the store and they said yes the order would only be able to be filled tomorrow. Again the app clearly states order by 3pm & pickup the same day. The lady on the phone told me they could transfer me to someone but they were going to tell me the same thing. REALLY??! Please update the app to state if you don’t order by 1pm you’re outta luck trying to pickup your order the same day. ?

- Best sam’s in SWFL

We do all our shopping here for our home and our business. Associates are always friendly and nice with exception of some that make you feel like your are stilling because the way the check you out. No problem with us, we always pay for all our items. Just wish that they were a little more friendly when doing it. We know is part of their job, they could make it more fun by saying, I don’t know you, however, you know the process. Any way, over all we are thankful of the people that take care of us and smile even when is the end of the day and they still standing for us. The customer, who sometimes take all services for granted. We love our Sam’s and the wonderful people that work in it, making it a great place to shop. Thank you! CG

- Customer service

As a business owner we know that customer service is our number one priority and it saddens me when you come into a club like Sams Club that I frequent 3 to 4 times a week spending between four and $600 each visit so do the math that’s quite a bit and every time I come in there always seems to be one or two employees that have terrible attitudes I had a cart full of $700 worth of groceries and some of the stock guys were cutting off in front of customers older people pushing carts without any regard to them being the customer first it saddens me that that such poor training on management that you can address such issues as customers come first because at some point there’s another wholesale club somewhere waiting for that customer

- Hit and miss

Not sure if increased shopping demand due to COVID-19 is negatively affecting the functionality of the Sam’s Club app, but it doesn’t work as well as it did 6 months to a year ago. Recently the app fails to add items to the shopping cart when I select items from my recently purchased items. No matter how many times I click Add Items to Cart, the cart tally just flickers a couple times and then remains at 0, while the Add Items button continues to show whatever number of items were selected. I had to open up each item’s separate description page in order to successfully add them to the shopping cart. To compound the frustration, when I hit the Back button to purchase other items I would get an error dialog box: Service Failure, Please Try Again Later. Only after several attempts would the error message clear and I could then move back to other pages/sections. These are just a couple of the recent flops; there have been other issues, like a general crash of the app, but I’ve forgotten the specifics at this point, probably because I just don’t use the app as much anymore out of past frustrations. A retail leviathan like Sam’s Club needs to get on the ball and have a perfectly functioning app (one that they often promote and encourage club members to use), especially in this day and age of nearly ubiquitous online shopping.

- App Needs Upgrades

The app would be much better if it provided the aisle number where merchandise is located in your home store. I would like it much better if it let me choose whether or not I wanted to pick up an item in the store or have it shipped. Right now this app won’t let me have something shipped if it’s available in the store. I don’t have time to go pick it up! I want it shipped, but the app won’t let me select that as an option. Very annoying!!! I just placed an order to pick up the item it won’t let me ship. I checked the box for getting notified via text when it is ready for pick up. I immediately received a text stating we’re sorry to see you go-you will no longer receive texts at this number. What gives here? I have a plus membership. This is not the type of customer service I expect. I’m very disappointed with Sam’s Club right now.

- Love it but....

I love how the developers enhanced this app by adding scan and go...BRILLIANT. I also love the scan to pump but there’s something going on. I used this successfully a few times after it launched with no problem but my last three times, after my camera scans the 2-D barcode, the pinwheel continues to spin. I’ve tried shutting my iPhone 12 down and back on again, same result. I tried forcing the app to close and reopen, same result. I actually had to leave the gas station and return for it to work one of those three times. If it’s a connection issue, perhaps the club’s wifi can extend to the pumps to maintain the same connection we receive in the club? Otherwise, there may be a bug. Please fix it, I love it so. What an innovative, out-of-the box solution to these COVID-19 times. I’d love to keep using it.

- I like it , but needs improvement

This is For the first time I started using sams club. I have been a Costco member earlier. Sams club is good, but it needs improvement. Costco has better quality of Kirkland products, sams needs to improve quality of members mark products. People are ready to pay some extra bucks for membership, provided quality is good. I went to a sams in Irving, tx with a friend, who was a Costco member, and I wanted to show how sams is better than Costco. However , the store was in very bad shape. Things were not arranged properly and things were thrown here and there and store was lousy, lighting was bad. It had a very bad impression on me and my friend. See some online reviews and they talk about where sams is lagging. Everywhere they talk about better quality of Kirkland than members Mark. I want sams to succeed. if you are really serious about this business, improvement is needed. As a first choice , people join Costco and not sams. This perceptions needs to change. Better marketing is required. Good things about sams than Costco: More number of products. Online interface is better and plus members have a lot of benefits. Pickup is better.

- Major flaw with scan n go

This app used to be great, since 2 updates ago its gone to trash. In order to use scan n go you have to scan an item as soon as the app loads, if you are idle for short period of time the app hangs after you scan an item forcing you to crash it and reopen to continue. I have reported it and the response I got was some stats about how many users use it and how many have reported errors and some other nonsense. Hopefully they realize that most people will just uninstall and move on rather than report it, but based on the fact that there has been 2 updates since I initially reported the issue nothing has been fixed I highly doubt anything will be done anytime soon. I guess Sams Club would rather be reactive rather than proactive when it comes to these things. I’m hoping it doesn’t cost them business/customers because I would really hate to see our local club shut down as has happened to the majority across the US.

- Sams Contactless Pickup

We have been using this service since it started in April. It is a lifesaver. The app is so easy to navigate and shopping is a snap. We love the notification by text that order is ready. Usually order is ready early which affords us even more flexibility. The staff that rolls out our order is always so friendly, courteous and eager to please. The only thing that is a bit of a negative is that paper products (like Membersmark paper towels and toilet paper)are not gettable through this system. That made us start a Walmart pick up account. Let me tell you, their app is no where as intuitive and easy as Sams. Strange that is the same company.... Keep up the great service and pass on our thanx and appreciation to the Plattsburgh,NY staff.

- Photo Upload impossible

Use of the app in general has become much more user friendly when shopping. I’m a huge fan of san and go services (especially with trying to shop with a toddler). However, using the app to upload photos for printing is virtually impossible. Having an iPhone with well over 48,000+ photos, the process to upload photos requires you to start at the beginning of your library and then scroll down to most recent photos. To alleviate this, I attempted to create an album. Still it finds albums that don’t really exist in my library (hundreds) and even after adding photos to the album, it won’t recognize all the photos in the album. After finally finding the one photo I wanted printed, it freezes and then does not upload the file. Needless to say, using the phone app to get photos printed is unusable.

- Sam’s VB is in decline

At any given time, the refrigerator cases where the prepared foods and cheeses are displayed are completely empty. Today was no exception only, this time, heaping carts of shredded and block cheeses were sitting around, nearby. How appetizing—-room temperature-or worse-products that should be refrigerated, sitting out as if on clearance, except these are first price And forget the previous option of seasoned steamed shrimp. Once she was off her cell phone, some floor manager said Sam’s would no longer sell this shrimp option because of “sales.” Maybe if Sam’s would offer them in the same location instead of shifting around and, if they could be displayed in an actual refrigerated case (as recommend by the Health Dept) they would be appealing to shoppers. As it is, it looks like Ollies is now in the refrigerated food business and are leasing all of the empty cases in Sam’s. At least Ollie’s admits to being in the business of selling refurbished, second hand merchandise and they don’t charge me for a membership.

- Really confusing app

I do plenty of online shopping and plenty of order online and pick up at the store shopping too. Sam’s app is incredibly confusing and cumbersome. The check-out process has way too many steps and each step takes a surprisingly long time for the screen to load or refresh. And sometimes the app just crashes and you have to start all over again. It’s nice that you can order things online to have them shipped and also order online for in-store pick-up. But the process is so difficult that it took me like three days to finally get enough time to do my shopping, sort out the pick-up vs. shipping instructions, and place/pay for my order - between slow loading, app crashes, and confusing instructions, it was always more time than I had to spend at one time.

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- Sam's Five Star Website

Love Sam's Club !! Pricing and Quality of Products ! Very Competitive to other Clubs !! I myself Prefer Sam's Club !!!

- Crashes

The app crashes a lot but otherwise it’s fine

- Great app

Handy to have!

- Need to be able to access with Canadian address.

Can't sign in and use this app like I would like because I live in Canada. Called the help desk and they can not help either. Interesting that in this day and age, you only get the full value of the site or app if you are from the USA, even though you pay the same membership fee. Wake up people, think big picture.

- Bad app

This app keep crashing..... Would love it alot if it would work good ...

- Great app - fix for Canadians

Works great!! No issues. Excellent layout For those with sign in problems - I suspect you are Canadian, as I am. It's our postal code that screws up the sign up process. When trying to sign up for online log in it tells you it's a bad membership number - this is not the case. Call your local SAMs club and have them change your postal code to the zip code of the store. Problem solved

- Amazing app!

Amazing app! Shopping is so much convenient now!

- Doesn't work

I tried several times to enter my membership card and every time it asks me to enter a valid membership number. I was in the store yesterday and my membership was valid but the app doesn't think so!!!!!

- Well done

Very nice organized and well sorted

- Great!!

Easy to use, perfect

- Canadians don't waste your time. Ii doesn't know we exist

Waste of a download north of the border. I am only keeping it in the event I go south. But looks like it will fall short. There are amazing dept store apps out there. This one is not it!! John

- Tweeking needed

Tough to use when searching through the tire part. Searching by size optipn would help.

- Great idea but falls short!

This app has some benefits and is nicely laid out. Unfortunately it falls short of a great app. Click n pull has very limited inventory, the app crashes often, and at times freezes. Store maps are inaccurate for some stores. I think this app needs work.

- Works perfect

Love it. It's a SAMs club app hence works perfect with SAMs club in States as Canada does not have any SAMs clubs.

- A+


- Doesn't work in Canada

The map part doesn't find anything in Canada.

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- WONDERFUL....but make sure you put a card on file before you go!

Our experience was fabulous! Being able to scan things, then when we changed our minds, just put it back and delete it from the list. You are able to look at the total as you go. If you are like us, usually we get a bit carried away while shopping at Sam’s Club. Using this you are able to watch your budget and not have to put things back while the cashier is rung up items. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A CARD ON FILE BEFORE GOING! This was the only draw back. We had to stand in the middle of the store and find a card to enter for payment. I just assumed PayPal would be used. Now, we are fully prepared! What a great convenience and we will be back soon!!!

- Clean App with EASY & Scan Checkout

I have been utilizing the SAMs Club App for a few years. First the ‘Scan & Go’ All which has now been discontinued and integrated into the main app interface. It is simple and makes shopping a breeze. Upon exiting the store, Associates scan a few of your items and often count to ensure accuracy but it makes in-store shopping nothing short of a breeze. I appreciate the ability to see in-stock items and navigate in-store pickup or delivery as needed. I would love a pickup feature much like competitors (eg, Target) which allow “its ready” and “you’re on the way” pull-up station external to the store. However that does not impact the current functionality of the app.

- Features not working

I have used this app several times in the past, but for the last six months at least, I have not been able to send a prescription in via the app. I always have to call it in after several attempts to do it with the app. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app, I always stay updated to the most current version. I can get through the whole process of scanning my prescription in but when I submit, it says that I have to “enter a pick up time”. Which I had already done… So I do it again, and again, and again, and end up having to call my prescription in after all of that. I just downloaded the newest update, and still cannot submit a scanned prescription, and also cannot add my Sam’s card to my phone’s wallet. I love the idea of this app, but will not continue to use it until these things are fixed. I also will not recommend it to anyone.

- Frustrating.

I have been using the scan & go option since it was made available, and I’m absolutely loving the service, as it usually works perfectly and definitely saves time each week. My only complaint at this point, is with the lists within the app. Repeatedly this week, I cannot access the lists. Two different lists, are failing to load, and it is literally the only list I’m trying to use at the time. I already deleted one of the trouble lists, and had to recreate it from memory. Now, as I’m trying to create the list for my next grocery shopping trip, I cannot get the list to open. I keep getting, “Sorry! We’re having a little trouble. Please try again. (155). It has been happening since the last update. Written on Dec 13, 2020

- Issue with employee at this store.

Have been in on two different occasions and the same girl (last name Oliver) was absolutely no help. The first time was an issue with a gift card that was not magnetized. Said they could not help and actually told me to go next door to Walmart. I went back the next day and told her I had contacted the corporate office and they told me to come back and get a new card. Guess what? She actually was able to do it on my next trip all the way back to the store. Wow! Have her the benefit is the doubt that maybe she was having a lazy day or honestly didn’t know. A month later, after making a return and realizes a few hours later ( same day), went back in and she was there again. Explained to her the card they had credited had been closed and asked if she could reverse the transaction. I didn’t care if they even put it on a gift card. She said they couldn’t s anything. I’d have to call corporate. I’ll make that call tomorrow...

- Totally fed up with Walmart stores

So many things going wrong lately with terrible customer service. Loved scan and go until today. Went to Sam’s and all lines at registers all the way to back of warehouse. My husband and I older and it’s difficult to stand for long periods of time so I was thrilled that I had Scan and Go. But when I went to use the app it said my version wasn’t recognized or supported. So I downloaded the newer one. Then it wouldn’t let me sign in so I changed my password by y’all sending me an email. When I clicked on the link to recover or change my password I kept getting an error message. So long story short I was unable to use the app at all and had to stand in the ridiculously long lines anyway. On a holiday that includes a cookout type event you should have every available register operational but as Walmart is noted for you didn’t do once again long lines with very irate customers. I’m about to say enough is enough!

- Disappointed

This is the third time I’ve used this service and the second time I’ve been disappointed. When I checked in at the designated pick up area outside, I was redirected inside to pick up the order, there was no associate available and no designated area to pick up my order. After talking to three different associates I was told to go to the checkout area (registers) and find someone with a green vest. I spotted an associate in a green vest and approached them. Told them I was there for my order and was parked at the store pick up area outside, she apologized for the delay and said she would be right out with the order. No one asked for my name, but did bring the order right out, again no one verified who I was. The associate left the order and returned inside after delivery, how did she know I was the right person? Again, Walmart does it right, why can’t Sam’s Club, very disappointed.

- Order online with pickup issue

I tried to place an online order for some groceries earlier today. I was able to enter the order from a list and place the order. The check app asked me to schedule a date/time for pickup. I attempted to select a date but instead when that failed, there was an option to be notified by text/call when my order was ready for pickup. I filled in my contact info, saved that info, and then tried to pay. The app wouldn’t accept my order. Irritating to enter all that info and not have the order accepted....if there is a staff shortage to assemble the orders, the software should just state that and offer a pick-up date in 3 or 4 days.

- It used to be great

I have used this app for the length of its life. I found it wonderfully convenient to order online with no minimum purchase (unlike WalMart!) and pick up my items within a couple of hours. Now, at least one of my regularly purchased items (a carton of half and half—we are heavy coffee drinkers!) doesn’t come up at all, either through a department or generic search. Mini Moos, Silk Almond something and then broccoli (what?!) are listed. Other items occasionally bring up the same chaotic search list. This can’t be so hard to fix. And an additional frustration...I appreciate a notification that my membership will need renewing. I DON’T need it to start showing up at least two months before I’m due to renew! Please align your in stock items with your algorithm, Sam’s, and we’ll all be a lot happier.

- Lowest cost retailer

I am finding that some of Sam’s Club items are cheaper at Wal-mart at times. I am constantly questioning the cost of certain items. A customer pointed out to me that the 3 bottle pack of Chlorox bleach is way overpriced in that bleach is bleach chemically and that I could buy 3 bottles of the generic brand at the Dollar store for $3. I have been having to monitor Coke product prices at Sam’s and Wal-mart. Gas too. I feel I should be able to buy at Sam’s and automatically be getting the best price at Sam’s. I like the frequent $2 discounts on items I use. I recently bought an iPhone from Sam’s. Afterwards I realized that I could done better by buying it from AT&T. Some of the things I was told were not true. I felt cheated. Buyer beware.

- Always what I need when I need and as much as I need

Sams Club has been a godsend during this COVID pandemic. I can get the items I need and the quantity and quality I need for the things I need. They’ve only been out of a few things: like Lysol, like the rest of the universe but other than that I’ve had no issues ordering online. Delivery is prompt and packaged well and saves me from having to go inside the store as it’s usually packed. Even though masks are required some selfish self centered ppl wanna shove their recklessness in everyone else’s face and walk around with no masks. I wear mine for my elderly parents. Their safety and protection is paramount. Sams has helped me in my efforts to stay safe for them by online shopping!

- Why can't I get to item detail screens more easily?

Hey there Sam's - I have a GRIPE about Your Otherwise Excellent App‼️? Why Is It That The Only Way I Can See Detailed Info For A Product (its Item Page) Is To Do A General Search First And Then Tap On It In The Search Results List?? I Want To Be Able To Get Details By Tapping On It In A Shopping List Or In An Order Display - Actually Anywhere The Item Appears In A List.!!! This should be pretty basic functionality ? - right? Maybe this deficiency is simply related to the device or software I'm using?? I use an iPhone 6 running iOS 12.1 I Hope this can be remedied without passage of an Act of Congress in its next session. Thanks - I'll be on the watch for improvement.

- Scan & Go is the way to go

I don’t usually write reviews; however, my husband and I just left Sam’s Club. The closest club is about 55 miles from our house. We used the Scan & Go app for the first time, and I’m so impressed, especially on this chilly and snowy January morning. As designed, we scanned the products as we put the items in our cart. I like how the app shows a running total. It helps keep our family on budget and cognizant of not buying impulse items. When our shopping was finished, we checked out and was able to get in and out in less than 30 minutes. If you are a busy family with little people, this will be a game changer for you.

- Glitchy

This review is for the app itself. The store employees are great. Very frequently there are items that do not appear in the app that are in store. These are not specialty items. For example, I buy blocks of Sharp Cheddar for my business every week. They never appear on the order guide, so I have to go grab them when I get there and check out with a separate transaction. Not a big deal, but kind of negates the convenience of the whole thing. Also, the app now requires “all the time” location services and notifications to be enabled in order to check in for your order. So now I get an email, a text and a notification for every order, as well as a notification and email that my order was picked up and an email and notification to review my experience. It’s a lot of unnecessary contact for, what should be a more simple transaction.

- Latest ‘forced’ update CHARGES YOU TWICE

Use at your own risk. Totally worthless now and may double charge you even though it says error in payment. Been using Scan ‘n Go for a couple of years now and it was great but unfortunately there are MAJOR ISSUES with latest ‘FORCED’ update. Two issues: First, it freezes constantly when scanning displaying ‘searching’ on some items and will not cancel or back up forcing me to close the app and wipe out my entire cart. Second, it errors out when attempting to pay (but may still charge you anyway)...wiping out your cart and forcing you to re-enter all items. When I did get the transaction to go thru after a second attempt, it wouldn’t give me a receipt and said see Service desk for receipt and they had no idea what I was talking about AND i found out IT CHARGED ME TWICE! I had trouble getting a refund because there was no proof I didn’t have 2 carts of the same things.

- Reason for my 1 star review

Ordering through the app is no problem but I’ve had many issues logging into my credit account with Sams where it states there was a problem with the information provided. Multiple times I have sent in requests for feedback on this issue and have received nothing to this date. Also I have found that products or items that now appear in my frequently purchased items are no longer going on sale though since I’ve been shopping at Sams (years) these products have been on sale on a regular occasion. Now when a family member or friend of mine who also has Sam’s membership logs in they have these items on sale occasionally like they used to be for me when shopping so it makes me suspicious of the company profiling peoples accounts.

- Everything works great except the pharmacy portion

I have been unable to see it refill my prescriptions on the app or online. I I've tried deleting the app more than once. One time I was actually able to see the place where I would add information to see my meds and do the refills. After adding all that I tried to click on continue and nothing happened. This has been very frustrating! So I deleted app again and was hoping to see that area again to fill it in to ACCESS everything but still no luck. It would be nice to reset the app so that I can start over. I'm not sure if something is blocking this app from doing what it should. PLEASE HELP! Jackie

- Cannot Log In Cannot Find Password

Forced to join as member to buy some scarce supply. Registered and system does not allow me to check out. Tried 3 different credit cards still cannot proceed. Logged out to refresh, denied my password. Tried to find my password, however after I input my email address, a message flashes through the screen and closed. No human eye could possibly capture this flash so I input my email address for 7 times to see “thanks for your patience while an email is on the way”. 10 minutes later, no email received, account is locked and supply is gone. Wasted over half an hour on this stupid app. I think Sam’s club is using this supply to bate new users. New users are registered but unable to purchase. Deleted all my sams club apps right away and decided never to even touch this store. I was new to the store anyway. Such a bad strategy to get new members, such a ill-functioned app.

- Used to love it

I used to love this app in it’s early stages before it was integrated in the Sam’s app. At least once a week I would go to the store, scan my items and be done. It was incredible. Then, they made me “upgrade” to the Sam’s app that was going to allow me to still use the scan tool and so much more. Needless to say this has not been beneficial for me. Since their update 19.7 The scan tool is pretty much useless to me now. I used to login to their Wi-Fi and start scanning away, now it’s the thinking circle of nothing. I thought I had found a way around this by bypassing use of the Wi-Fi and just using my phones network, but after I had scanned all my items in my cart and went to the pay button it told me that it could not process my order. If this app isn’t fixed I probably won’t go to Sam’s much in the future just because I really hate lines and feel spoiled by the apps once great excellence.

- Convenient

The app is very convenient, when it work. I received a e-mail stating my order was ready for drive-up. Arrived to the store my app wouldn’t work. I ask one of the guys that was in the parking lot for help because he worked there and was told I needed to go into the store. About 10 minutes later it finally worked. Then I had to wait longer. It seem to work for others that arrive after me. I was the 1st one there but the last one to leave. I’ve been inside the store as well. Scan all items with my phone, go to pay and the app will not work. Had to stand in line to pay. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it do.... Aside from that when it works, the app is very convenient.

- Friendly and clean

I have shopped at Sams Clubs as long as I can remember. I would drive over an hour to shop at Sam’s. I was elated when I learned we were getting on in our county! I have been so pleased with the availability of items and with the staff. I have used the optical department and found the employees there to be knowledgeable and more than willing to help with selection and advice about what is worth my money. The meat department is also helpful and willing to custom cut a tenderloin for me to serve my family and friends. The greeters and receipt checkers are always kind and professional. The store is always spotless and well lit (which is VERY important) You can be proud of this store.

- Bring Back Old Scan & Go

This app is nothing but problems! It will scan an item and when second item is scanned it says searching and apparently never finding until you close app and start over. Sometimes your previously scanned items are in the cart and sometimes not. Last visit all items in cart were scanned after several open/close cycles it was time to checkout... It kept saying something went wrong please try again later. I did and after several attempts it finally went through (same card). Proceed to the door only to find out several items magically disappeared, always fun looking like a thieving scam artist...thanks for that! It behaves this way on both cellular data and in store unsecured WiFi. The original stand alone was far superior and always functioned flawlessly. There is an old adage that Sam’s should have adhered to..if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

- Not sure what happened?????

I down loaded the App about 2 months ago and loved how I could scan my items as I shopped and didn’t have to go through the check out. I just “checked out” on my phone with my credit card and showed the receipt on my phone to the person at the door as I left. I loved the convenience of also having all the items listed in my account making it easy for any returns or re-buy items! BUT today something happened to the App as it tried to download the new update then just stopped working! A pop up shows on my phone every time I try to open the App that says, “this app can not be downloaded.” I just removed the App from my phone in hopes it would “re-set” itself.....BUT NOW I CAN’T even re-install it!!!!! NOT GOOD! NOT SURE WHAT HAPPENED! ???

- It’s Love!

I’ve been using this app since its debut and it’s complete love for me! I never go through the long frustrating checkout lines anymore. Shopping with this app is so much quicker and I no longer have to wait in line, especially with my children whining about being bored and hungry and fighting with each other because they’re tired. This app allows me to shop more often and spend more money. That can either be a good or bad thing. Haha! I will never go through the line again unless I have to, which is usually only once a year for my reward points. Oh, and I love how all my receipts are stored safely in one place and I don’t have to worry about losing them.

- Awesome App Until Latest Update

I have liked this app since it was released but unfortunately until the latest release the app has serious issues with Scan and Go. The app only allows me to scan 1 or 2 items then subsequent scans goes to the eternal item search with never finding the item. I can shutdown the app and reopen it and then I can again scan 1 or 2 items and that’s it. So, lately, I have found myself closing and reopening many times to complete the order. If I do have a large shopping order then I have to go to the cash registers instead of using the app. I have other family members with their own membership experiencing the very same issue, so it least me to believe the “bug(s)” introduced lately is not isolated only to me. Please fix this issue, this was a great app and saved so much time and effort at the store. I would hate to abandon the app altogether.

- Pick up option

Sunday was my first pick up from ordering on line and I have to say, this is the way to go. It took a little time to pick out my order, but it was worth it. I ordered 4 cases of water and “I didn’t have to lift them onto the cart or in my car”. ?. The lady who loaded my car was super nice and professional. Attitude was good and personal. I tried to tip and she said they couldn’t accept tips or they get reported. Now this is one thing I would suggest improvement from Sams Club. During this economic state of depression, I would suggest to allow the employees to accept tips. It would boost morale and give the giver a good feeling of helping out.

- Misrepresented savings

I have to drink protein shakes by doctor order. Listed as instant savings of $4.00. In the store I saw no sign of limit. I bought 2 chocolate Premier Protein Shakes because they were out of the peaches and cream. When I went online just now to order 2 peaches and cream it would only give me savings on 1. I tried ordering the Premier Protein Fiber bars which showed instant savings of $4.00 per box. It wouldn’t let me have savings on those either. I clicked the little “I” button and there it said limit three. I guess they added the 2 chocolate purchased in the store last week and only let me order one more of anything Premier Protein, including both shakes and bars. What a rip. I am very unhappy with the false advertising.

- Rethinking Upgrade to Plus

I upgraded to Plus to get the “free” shipping, which seemed like a great deal if it kept me from having to go inside the store during these uncertain times, and I wouldn’t have to deal with the dreaded parking lot. Since upgrading, I’ve noticed a few items that have different/higher prices if you opt to have them shipped, even with the Plus membership. Also, I’ve had two instances where items had to be returned because they were poorly packaged and damaged (canned soda), and another item was dated to expire in one day (coffee creamers), and poorly packaged with at least 20% of the creamers arriving smashed and leaking. The items were cheerfully refunded, but of course, I had to drive to the store & stand for a while in the long customer service line.

- Great app that keeps improving

I shop at both Costco and Sam’s. This app has tilted my shopping to Sam’s more. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I want to see a sorting by club only, and I encounter errors selecting the last available pickup day/time. Turns out when there is only one time slot for a day showing it almost always means the app won’t let that selection process. Also I wish I would know a day pickup is not available before I spend time filling a cart. This may be a problem only experienced in Covid so I can see why time spent developing this warning has not been done. Last wish... can we get a back order waiting list or alerts when things get back in stock?

- Member

Disappointed with the inconsistency of asking to see your membership. Only some Saturdays they asked to see my card during the week no one asked to see my membership. I asked her why me and not everyone who walked through the door. She got irritated. During the week I have my work ID on but that should not make a difference. No one is allowed to purchase anything without a card anyway. I have a digital card and it took me a little while to access my card (sight issues). By then I don’t want to shop. If it was required daily to show your card then I would have taken my card out prior to walking up. Attitude is everything. I hope the was not racially motivated by the employee.

- Disappointed

The website did not give the 1.70 credit on any of the 3 orders of the Holiday Glitter paper plates. They were advertised at $6.98 each but posted the full price for them. I tried to put in several orders and worked with a girl named Precious last night who ended up hanging up on me when she told me I was not entitled to the discount and I asked to speak to her manager. I waited on the line for a long time and then was hung up on and got a dial tone. I called back and received a message stating that no one was there to answer the calls. Very disappointed in the time spent. I have now ordered but still with the incorrect pricing. I feel Sam’s is better than this. I’ve never had a problem before ordering on the website. I have spent several hours on these few items and it still is not correct. Thanking you in advance for any assistance you can give to get this corrected.

- Charged me twice

I used to use the standalone scan & go app every time I shopped at Sam’s, and it was always smooth and seamless. Now that app doesn’t work anymore and I had to use this instead a few days ago. The “improved” app was freezing, so I restarted my phone to get it to start working. I’m not sure I can blame that solely on the app, but everything else was working at the time. I did my shopping, scanning everything as I went along, then tried to pay. It kept getting an error, so my wife got impatient and got in line. I never got it to go through and give me a barcode or receipt. While I was in the checkout line, I checked my bank and saw that the purchase was pending. I asked the manager who was roaming around the registers, and she said it was a mistake and would be reversed. I paid for my stuff at the register (again) and stopped by the customer service desk to ask about the app charging me. They assured me that it would be reversed, and if not, to come back and tell them. Sure enough, as I’d feared, the charge went through. Now I’ve got to make a 100 mile round-trip and try to convince their customer service that the app charged me in error. Of course, I have no receipt to back up my claim. This should be fun. Only use this app if you have extra money laying around...

- Out of date

I use my Sam’s club frequently. Lately the store has gone downhill. There is rarely a person nearby to ask for help. Today a man wanted turkey bacon and no employees to help. They were out but no one there to ask if there was more in the back. I encountered out of date hot dog buns and even eggs out of date and it wasn’t just one. There were multiples of each out of date. A few weeks before that I found out of date pimento cheese. It was a month out of date and mislabeled pricing on hot dog buns. The sign said one price but when you got close it was for a different product. Underneath that piece of paper was the price for buns which were twice as expensive. Misleading and the actual price was hidden. This also happens with salad mix. So, I’m hoping we get a Costo near where I live. This Sam’s is out of date if you ask me.

- BEWARE- no way to cancel an order in app. CS agents have NO clue what their policies are

I used to use this app A LOT to make ship to home orders since we’re Plus members. I’ve had TONS of issues when picking up the order, but that’s been the store and not the app. Now I find out that there’s no way to cancel an order made with-in the app itself. Then the app will tell you to call their 800 number to cancel, to which the person on the phone says they are unable to do the cancellation- you have to call the store. When you call the store, they tell you only the 800 number can process cancellations!! Seriously?? FIX THIS!! If you’re not even charged until you do the actual pick-up, then what’s so hard about providing an option to cancel?? That way perishable good won’t go to waste because they’ve lost days of shelf life because the order doesn’t get picked up. FIX THIS!!

- Scan and go!

Scan and go saved me 30 minutes of waiting in a checkout line. I wanted to buy a gift card bundle and was unsure if I could purchase through scan and go. My mom waited in line while I searched for an employee. When I found an employees she let me know that I could purchase all my items through scan and go and my gift cards would be waiting at the exit for me. I scanned everything, payed, walked over to the checkout line and sure enough... my gift cards were waiting for me! I saved a lot of time and money on this shopping trip to Sam’s Club. Will definitely will be using scan and go on my next visit.

- Experience

When we pulled into the parking lot of Sam’s we watch the young man ( employee) outside whose suppose to be retreating the shopping carts and flat beds sitting on the kiddie seat of a shopping cart on the side of Sam’s on his CELL PHONE. We walked in Sam’s no flatbeds, so my husband walked out the store to ask the young man to find him a flat bed and it took him FOREVER to find the flatbed. When we left out of Sam’s after shopping that same young man was STILL ON JIS CELL PHONE and shopping carts were all over the parking lot . There were about 8 shopping carts around our truck and other cars. This was just lazy, isn’t that his JOB!! Why is he there if he’s not going to retrieve the shopping carts.

- Same day pick up???

I am ordering at 12:55. Yet I can’t pick up my order before 4:00pm. Ridiculous last time I got a text that my order was ready and sat outside waiting I had forgotten a couple of things and went in and got them and still waited on my order to come out I finally went inside and picked it up myself. Don’t be advertising something you can’t live up to . Order by 3 pick up same day? I don’t think so! I have a Dr appt tomorrow on that side of town and could be there by 11;30 or so could run another errand (backtracking)and back there by 12:30-1:00pm Would really appreciate my order being ready by 1:00. Thank you. From now on I think I’ll just stick to Scan N Go. Alene Bear

- Kudos to Sams with the Scan and Go App

I visit Sams at least once per week. The Scan and Go App has always been a favorite but even more so during the current pandemic. Now that Sams allows the scanning and purchase of alcohol through the app, only having to provide proof of age at the door, makes this app a WINNER! There’s no reason to wait in line unless you’re purchasing gift cards or some sort of software that is kept under lock. Being able to shop without contact at the checkout and waiting in line is awesome. This app makes it possible to maneuver through the store and avoid contact with others. Thank you Sams.

- Pay as you shop

This is a great app. When I approached the checkout line on Saturday afternoon and saw that all five or six lines were busy with lots of people waiting all I had to do was pass them by and walk out and show the person at the door my cell phone receipt. I passed everybody because I already paid. I avoided at least a 30 minute wait in the long checkout line. This app is wonderful. This was my first time using it. My only complaint is doing a review before I got out of the store and into the car. This could have waited until I at least got home and got my groceries into the house and put away.

- Convenient but many glitches

I have been using this app for a few years. It has gotten better. I like to order my groceries and pick them up the next day. I know exactly what this particular store carries but I will sometimes get a message that a certain item is not available. The app gives me the option of starting with a past order. But then instead of bringing everything from that order I have to go through each item and update the quantity. Since these are items I order frequently, it would be nice to just have the option to carry everything over without clicking on each item. I do like the app but it takes me an hour or longer to order online because of all the unnecessary steps. Also, the app gets stuck frequently.

- Fantastic!!

Being disabled and on a strict budget it’s really hard to find products that actually work and are priced low enough to actually leave a bit extra to spend on groceries!! These are almost as good as the “name brand” but you get far more for a lower price. One thing I appreciate is they’re not as bulky/thick as some others with the higher absorbing rate. Makes it less noticeable but still gives you great protection and the cloth like pouches are even nicer as they don’t tear open in purse/pockets like the plastic type pouches do. Just the “little things “ that help make an uncomfortable/embarrassing issue a bit easier to deal with.

- When it works it's great, really bad when it doesn't

I love the scan and go checkout. I've used it probably five times and it's really convenient and saves time. HOWEVER the last time I used it the app crashed as I was paying. It wouldn't load and restarting it didn't help. I had to use a cashier. It ended up that i got double charged, once on the app and once at the register. Thankfully I used the same credit card that I have on the app so I noticed it. Sam's doesn't have a process for resolving this kind of issue. The customer service line is all automated and doesn't have the option, and the store can't resolve it either. I'm having to dispute the charge through my credit card company. All the time I had saved using the app has been consumed by trying to fix this problem, and in the mean time I paid twice. Not happy about it at all.

- You’re NOT out of stock. Stop lying!!!

The only reason I’m a Sam’s Club Member is because I need Nitrile Gloves - Medium. I truly hate being a member but I NEED these gloves. The in-store customer service is horrendous. So, I thought I would buy these gloves online and avoid the employees and the hassle of going to Sam’s Club. Every time I try to buy these gloves, the app puts them in the cart and then tells me they are out of stock when I go to checkout. STOP LYING!!! I know you’re not out of stock. There are pallet-bunches in the stores. Don’t even start telling me that you only have them in the stores and they sell so fast that you can keep them warehoused long enough for online shopping. Who do you think is buying them in the stores???? ME! So here’s what you do, ‘cause obviously your company has lost the concept of supply and demand, if you are selling out so fast, BUT MORE!!!! Plan accordingly!!!

- This Could be a Great Ap

There have been improvements with expanding statements on iPhone software where two finger expands the statement so it’s large enough to read. Please add fingerprint ID p/w for ease as all other bank apps allow this. I still have a 50/50 chance of the ap opening to my account as half the time I get “something went wrong login again”....when that happens the ap is now dead to login and I then go to the desktop login on phone from a browser—only way to get to my account when that happens—also unnecessary security issues with SAMS chip card, so am forced to use competitors cards at W~Mart.

- Club pick up

Several things have come up when I have used the app for club pick up recently. Many items I chose for club pick up now require me to purchase more than one of that item. I end up leaving those things off my order. Next, when I arrive at the club for pick up, I sometimes wait 20+ minutes for my order to be brought out to me. Finally, if an item is not filled in my pick up order, I am not informed of the missing item until I am searching for it at home, and I realize I never received it. I wonder if I’m better off skipping the app and just going in the club. One thing that has not failed me is the scan n go feature. This has been very helpful with no issues for me.

- Walmart’s app blows Sams out of the water.

I do grocery pick up through both Sams and Walmart. With Walmart some things that I’ve noticed that are better are: 1) ability to select a time desired to pick up prior to completing shopping. For instance if I am wanting to pick up by noon they might say complete your order by 9am to for sure get your spot. 2) I can add to or edit my order without starting a new order. For example if I place an order the night before they will usually say that I have until 1:45 am to edit my order. I use this feature all the time. 3) there is an option with Walmart to select substitutions allowed. Not so w Sams. 4) selecting a time at all sometimes gets wonky. I’ve had it to where I’ve had it one minute say the time I wanted wasn’t allowed then if I bounce back and forth on days then it will let me choose that time.

- Member service desk for a return

I am frustrated at the new remodel of the member service desk at the Provo Utah store. I haven’t ever had an extended wait time when returning items at sams. There were 3 registers and 3 representatives working the desk if necessary. Recently Sams in Provo has remodeled and moved the membership desk to another spot. At the new location there is 1 register that the associate can use for returns. I recently waited in line with 13 other people for 50 minutes because there was only 1 cash drawer that could do returns. There were 2 associates that were happy to assist anyone who didn’t have a return but because there was only 1 cash register they could not assist in returns. It was very frustrating to sit and wait. The associate was very apologetic as her hands were tied because of the lack of resources (cash register) to help speed the process along. This is concerning.

- Scan and go glitch

I use this app for all my Sam’s club shopping. I love the ease and convenience of the scan and go feature. Recently my husband and I have had issues with Scan and Go. It opens up in store fine but when we’re done shopping and ready to checkout it kicks us out and tells us to sign in to our account. After that, the scan and go gets stuck in a loop of “please sign in” and won’t function at all and all of our trips purchases have to then be scanned at a register. This is very frustrating and ends up taking more unnecessary time while our grocery are getting warm in the cart. This glitch negates all the convenience of the scan and go feature. Please fix this problem soon!

- Online Order pick up

My review is based on the online order pick up. I know there are associates that are shopping for the customer. However the associates need to be educated on where the products that the customer is asking for is located with in the store. I did an online order and they told me that Glenda’s cashews were not available. However I just went into the same store myself and I found where the cashews in the same spot. They are located in a weird spot. Which is where the baking goods are located spices etc. and not where the rest of the nuts are located within the store. But the associate still needs to be educated on where to locate the items with in the store.

- Ordering online and picking up in club

I love the idea of ordering online and picking up in club. Unfortunately when you check in on the app as instructed to do , to let them know you have arrived and ready to pick up, you are still forced to wait( some times as long as 20 minutes).Also, depending on which person is behind the counter, you might be told quite nastily that “there’s one line !and you will have to wait on the membership / return line ( which by the way is ridiculously long ). Ordering online and picking up in the store is a great concept, if the actual pick up was simpler.

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"Questionable Sam's Club Decisions", or "Was I Day Drunk on a Thursday Afternoon?", or "Oh My Fucking God /r/Cooking Please Help Me Do Something with All This Crescent Roll Dough and Smoked Maybe-Gouda" via /r/Cooking

Braulio Gonzalez

In total I bought two bottles of wine mine and Lupe’s bottle but if I go to Sam’s club tomorrow I’m definitely buying another bottle of wine to get drunk Monday night.


#SAPNAP: I’m a Louis Vuitton dream I’m a gucci dream I’m a Sam’s club dream


punz doesnt know what a sam's club is what

the “system” is fucked , whats new

Sapnap = Sam’s Club Dream

Jim Helten

@donwinslow This appears to be at Sam’s Club. Self-deprecating humor. I get it. Good one! 😄

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Just bought my own Sam’s Club Membership for $25 on GroupOn #adulting

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You Can Tell When That Stimmy Drop Cause Mfs Leave Kroger And Go Straight To Sam’s Club😂

On this day in 1868, Sam Allen was born. Sam joined Swindon in 1895 as a member of the club's committee. In 1902 Sam become manager, a position he held until 1933. Sam then become club secretary for 13 years, until his death in 1946, 51 years after joining Swindon

Kendra Taylor

My mom bought me a whole bunch of lounge sets from Sam’s Club for Christmas and they are the most comfiest clothes ever 😂😂😂

Amelia Brown

@BlakeStejskal Wait hold up Sam’s club chick fil a nuggets???!!!!! That’s a thing???

CFA Peppermint Chip Milkshake

@ameliabrownm Get the ninja foodi. We’ve been air frying the Sam’s Club Chick Fil A nuggets and they’re really good! Also pressure cooked non-fried chicken and it was aight.

Retired Side Nigga😇

@GumboGoon Kinda yea, its off i-10 and the tollway by sam’s club but theres one downtown off montrose

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@5ashionable That’s fair, but I can’t support Sam’s Club 😂

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