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Friendly is a fast, simple and secure app to access you Facebook and Instagram accounts. With over 10 million downloads, it is the leading Facebook app alternative for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac.

Friendly Plus with Ad Blocker is the premium version of Friendly Social. It includes Friendly's popular Ad Blocker.

Unlike the official Facebook application, Friendly has been optimized to save space on your device, and preserve your battery. With Friendly, you only need one app for all your Facebook, Instagram and Facebook messenger needs.

For users with multiple Facebook or Instagram Accounts, or families sharing a device, Friendly makes it easy to switch between accounts.

Friendly offers many ways to customize your Facebook experience:

- News feed Option: order timeline by Most Recent or Top Stories
- Facebook Messenger (no need for an extra app)
- Pick your favorite color
- Setup a 4-digit passcode to secure access to your account
- Quick navigation to your favorites friends
- Configurable Ad Blocker (save bandwidth and block ads and trackers)

For Instagram accounts:
- Photo zoom
- Access Instagram on either iPhone or iPad
- Switch between multiple Instagram accounts
- Pick your favorite color
NOTE: You cannot upload photos to Instagram using Friendly. This is unfortunately a limitation of Instagram, which does not let third-party app post pictures. We will add this feature as soon as this is made possible

Many other small features differentiate Friendly from the official Facebook, Messenger and Instagram apps. To name a few:

- Edit Comments
- Add photo to comments
- Copy and Paste text to other applications
- Save Images
- Save to Pocket
- Save to Reading List
- Article View by Readability

And don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything

Message us at:
or by email at: help @

- Facebook® and the Facebook logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc.
- Friendly is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook

Friendly Plus for Facebook App Description & Overview

The applications Friendly Plus for Facebook was published in the category Social Networking on 2010-07-21 and was developed by Friendly App Studio. The file size is 52.03 MB. The current version is 7.5.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Welcome to Friendly 7.5.1
Thank you for using Friendly! This update focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements. Please report any issue you find on our Facebook support page. Thanks!

NEW - Long-Press to copy in messages
FIXED - Issue with input field scrolling out of view in some cases
FIXED - Issue with video downloads
FIXED - Long press interferences with likes
FIXED - Crashes occuring when selecting web page's content
IMPROVEMENT - Advanced setting to disable the Long-Press to copy feature

What's new in Friendly 7.5

IMPROVEMENT - Reducted binary size and startup time
NEW - Shortcuts to facebook Watch and marketplace in the Facebook menu
NEW - Settings assistant in home feed
NEW - Long press to copy / share posts and comments
FIXED - Photo Upload in comments
FIXED - Issue with keyboard hiding text field in some cases
FIXED - night mode issues on fb
FIXED - HD Videos Download
FIXED - Photos Download issues
FIXED - FB Notifications
FIXED - Photo Viewer bug
Various performance enhancements

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Having Issue?
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Friendly Plus for Facebook Reviews


New Update  Bsrewolf  1 star

Another update and still can’t long click to save images in messages. You people don’t listen do you?


Update is bad.  THAMBU DANIEL  1 star

The recent update is messed up the UI. Very unfriendly especially Linkedin

Greeg Rivas

la recomiendo  Greeg Rivas  5 star

la aplicación es muy buena


SMH  TreoRenegade  3 star

If there's a way to mark notifications as read, without tapping each, I can't find it


One star for invasive review  Fleebnork  1 star

Don’t interrupt usage of the app to ask for a review or you get one star.


Friendly  Ccks4ever  5 star

This program is a one in all that I really prefer. Add blockers work great. It’s become my home base for social media.


Really buggy.  Septembersrain  1 star

You can't open a post someone replied to. You have to scroll through a groups page to find the post yourself. When you are sharing a post, you can't see what you are typing. You have to press done just to see it. Also having trouble getting the curser in the right place when I need to edit/change a word. Lastly, if you try to copy a post you wrote after you pressed edit, it'll crash the app.


Notifications don't work  Omglouise  3 star

The app is a great concept... I love everything about it with the major exception that the notifications don't work, which is a huge drawback.


Screen slides when typing  McPhizzle  5 star

Hi. This app is brilliant with the exception of every time I type, the screen slides out of view so I can’t see.


Friendly Plus is ‘Friendly’  faelynne  5 star

Been increasingly irritated with regular FB app changing my preferences every update, limited control of security profile, difficulty switching profiles. Searched App Store for alternatives when I realized that I had Friendly Plus already. Very happy with the number of personalization options included along with the ability to go to Desktop version to access all controls of my profiles. Really happy with ability to switch between profiles. Have been using this app almost exclusively for Facebook.


not sure the update is a good one :-(  Bresque  3 star

buggy as hell so far, sorry. crashing all the time. ios 12.1.2

Wabi Sabi Fractal Inkblot

Still a struggle.  Wabi Sabi Fractal Inkblot  2 star

Less ads is great, but it still sometimes throws me to the top of my feed (like the fb app) even if there is no new content. It has difficulty playing videos and live stream. Videos that were live do not scrub—there is no way to go back ten seconds if I miss a word or forward if I want to skip the boring bits. It also has confusing glitches when saving photos; still will not scroll through photos properly and why is there a friend’s name randomly at the top when the photos are not theirs? Why do I sometimes end up at the top of my feed when I leave an article? (Some of these things are what I hated about the FB app.) I got fed up with wrestling with this app and deleted it. I was already stressed, but this app exacerbated that. For me, it is not a ‘friendly’ app if I still struggle with it. The developers need to observe some of the user flows, and see where the app is not flowing. I may come back to it after the next update, it is still better than the fb app. But for now I’ll just access fb on my mac and perhaps use it less, which is probably a good thing.


Very happy with friendly for Facebook!  charliereallyisagirl  5 star

Got sick of facebook's issues a few of years ago when I couldn't change timeline viewing from top stories to most recent. Asked the brains trust and friendly was one of the apps suggested. Downloaded the free version to trial, changed over to the paid version in under a week, have never looked back! Now I have control of my timeline, don't get hassled to download resource hogging FB messenger and don't have to deal with the issues my friends that use the FB app have to deal with, it's very satisfying! There are the occasional glitches in the app, usually when FB changes something and the developers haven't caught up but it usually gets fixed quotes quickly. Overall a great user experience. Have converted a lot of people to Friendly for Facebook+ too.


Nice alternative to the Adfest FB app.  unix_43  5 star

It’s a cool alternative to the official app. Night mode could use a little more time. Some text can’t be read in certain instances. It works but on my jailbroken device darkfacebook tweak has been perfected I can see the slight differences. As others have mentioned notifications don’t seem to work unless the app is manually opened. Not sure if it’s a limitation of the coding or not only the creator knows. I’m sure they are aware of this if the updates haven’t fixed it then so be it. One thing I just got myself an Apple Watch series 4. It would be great if support was added in the next update?. Unless Apple has put its foot down and won’t allow it?.


Bad app.  GrittyGrunt  1 star

What’s happened to this app. It won’t load timelines on mine or my friends and I can’t edit or delete. I am using the iPone XS.


The best  elizabeth65  5 star

Love Friendly


Facebook made easy  hoeyr  5 star

Great app, pleasure to use!


Friendly Plus  TheHelenaR  5 star

Great app that shows me friends’ posts in correct order! It doesn’t force me to the Messenger. And it really DOES save the battery!!! 👍🏻👏🏻 The best app for Facebook 🏆🥇


Buggy  Jkessnah876  1 star

Crashes every time I open an article like VICE, IFLS, etc I want my money back


Great when it works  Memie89  2 star

I am unable to load a News Feed at all - I just get the following error message: The page you requested cannot be displayed at the moment. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.


Stopped working  Franuyshssndhr  1 star

The Facebook account doesn’t load anything more than one or two posts. It keeps saying “There are no more posts to show right now”


Unable to download videos from Facebook  Sportsguy123po  3 star

With this update we are unable to download videos from Facebook and Facebook messenger


برنامج رائع جدا  Nazarmizhir  5 star

شكرا على هذا البرنامج الرائع والمفيد


Bug in latest update  JCarlosGarcia  1 star

Unable to upload videos in Pinterest. Also has bug in Facebook video sharing. If you visit your Facebook page, enter videos section and click any video, it auto plays the video but no longer has the “share” option. New update now makes it impossible to visit a page’s videos section and share any video, it only has a download cloud icon but no share abilities. The Facebook app allows sharing videos when you view a video but not this app. Finally, on Facebook pages, you cannot invite friends to like your page, it simply searches for friends to invite but never loads them to invite them.


The best client for FB and Twitter. Keep up the good work!  rja3d  5 star

No complaints with this app. Works flawlessly for me! Thanks


Can’t copy caption on Fb pages group  Jassi7865  1 star

Hello sir I love friendly+ but have a some issue I can’t copy comments or caption on Fb post. And can’t see my pinned post of facebook group from Official facebook I can see my existing pinned post on Fb group

Daddy Boog

Good presentation  Daddy Boog  5 star

I love using this app. Easy to navigate due to steady updates and the multiple platform format is excellent! Recommended 😎


Pros & Con  Jame1964  2 star

Pros: You can have more than one account Cons: It doesn't integrate with other apps & it doesn't have all the features of the face book app. The one that annoys me the most is when someone comments or likes a comment you made it won't take you to that comment on click.


Nice!  Stepwild  5 star

I've been using Friendly+ for 5 years. The best Facebook client available. Great features! Multiple accounts. Ad block. Still offers the different feeds. They're gone in the Facebook app now. I really like the dark theme. The only negative is it doesn't seem to scroll down far enough on the newsfeed and user's timelines. But that's a small issue. It's nice to be able to check Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all in the same app.


Friendly  thecurethetop  5 star

I’m loving this app!! Better than FB in a lot of ways.


Friendly for Faceebook  thening  5 star

This is really cool!


A good one  Daverogk  4 star

Seems to be a good alternative to the native application,thanks


Much better then originals  Zed23  5 star

So much more useful then native app. Great and it's getting better with every update.


Very good  lestiltix  5 star

Better than native app


Well worth the upgrade.  Lordofthepkerthings  5 star

Loving this app over the facebook iPhone app. No need for seperate messenger. All ads removed even in links. Would like to be able to upload video that's the only thing.


Nearly amazing  Srobify  4 star

Very good app. Quicker and does not crash like the FB genuine app. Well worth the purchase price. Try the version with ads to see how you like it. Runs smooth.

Martin from Ireland

Has become very poor  Martin from Ireland  2 star

Slow to load and very unstable. Shame, used to be very good.


Absolutely terrible!!  vonThien  1 star

If I could give this app no stars I would!! It takes an age to load, is constantly crashing, the messaging service never worked and is generally a nightmare to use. I bought the plus version thinking I'd get a solid app. Complete rubbish!! I want my money back!! I recommend using the real Facebook app which is now compatible with the iPad and is a joy!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH "FRIENDLY FOR FACEBOOK"!!


Michelle  Shelleypip  1 star

Does everything I need to use on my facebook page... Perfect for us e wi my iPad.. Only thing is that since I updated the app and it facilitates more than one user it's slowed it down.. I only want one user and don't like having the app slowed down. Otherwise it's good though.

. Conor .

Okay  . Conor .  3 star

Good app but some problems which seriously need to be fixed.

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