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Remote Mouse™ turns your iPhone or iPad into a user-friendly remote control for your computer. It simulates the function of wireless mouse, keyboard and touchpad, also provides a variety of specialty control panels, such as Media Remote, Application Switcher and Web Browsing Remote, which helps you perform specific operations more quickly. The small features designed for one-handed use or intuitive operations will also delight you.

Introduced on CNET, Mashable and Product Hunt, considered to be one of the most elegant and easy to use computer remote apps, Remote Mouse has been used by over 20 million users all over the world.

Watching an online movie? Giving a presentation? Or shutting down computer with one click? Nothing can be more convenient than a mobile phone remote that is right at your fingertips.

• Fully simulated wireless mouse
• Gyro mouse that enables moving mouse cursor with gyro sensor
• Left-handed mode

• Integrated with system and third-party keyboards, supports typing in various languages
• Remotely typing by voice if the soft keyboard supports voice recognition
• Supports for sending various shortcuts
• Displays different keypads for Mac or PC

Imitates the Apple Magic Trackpad and supports multi-touch gestures

Specialty Control Panels
• Media Remote (in-app purchase): Supports iTunes, VLC, Windows Media Player, Keynote, PowerPoint and Windows Photo Viewer, and will support more
• Web Remote (in-app purchase): Supports Chrome, Firefox, and Opera
• Application Switcher: quickly launch and switch between programs
• Power Options: Supports remotely shutdown, sleep, restart and logoff

Other Features
• Use the physical volume buttons on the mobile device for remote control (in-app purchase)
• Set password for connection
• Customizable wallpaper

Connection Method
• Auto connect
• Connect via IP address or QR code
• Connect via history

Operating Environment
• Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Mac OSX 10.6+ and Linux
• Works under Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G network

To Get Started
1. Visit on your computer and download the Remote Mouse computer server
2. Install and run the computer server
3. Connect your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi or hotspot as your computer

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Remote Mouse Pro App Description & Overview

The applications Remote Mouse Pro was published in the category Utilities on 2010-07-20 and was developed by Yao Ruan. The file size is 35.37 MB. The current version is 3.716 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Fixed an issue that older version could not be updated.

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Remote Mouse Pro Reviews


The best, but  1981mck  5 star

I love this app. I literally use it everyday all day. Couldn’t live with out it! But.....I keep getting a prompt to update to newest version. I updated 2 days ago, yet every time I wake my phone and use the app it asked me to upgrade. I have the pro version, and I’ve had it for years. It’s just annoying and I downloaded another type of mouse( it sucked bad ). Anyways thanks, and let me know if there is anything you or I can do.


Lacking  lusiphere  2 star

Needs Bluetooth connection. Cannot update when prompted.


Good  Kakusso  4 star

Good app. Exit button on media remote stops working when app is off focus and back on focus. You need to restart the app for that button to work again. 4.715 indicated version 3.715 download version.

Koku Gborglah

None functional apo  Koku Gborglah  1 star

The app does not work now. Even when I try to send a feedback it refuses to send.


Please bring back the shut off and sleep button option.  SEcoogs713  5 star

I really loved that option to be able to do that.

Hugh G Rection69

Bad Updates!  Hugh G Rection69  1 star

Updates always mess stuff up. Now im stuck having to listen to a song loop that plays in the background with no way to turn it off


Super  javiercubacuba  5 star

Super app la amo


Connectivity problem  wdecker55  2 star

This app is great when it works. Unfortunately, it disassociates at some point each evening when I’m watching Netflix. Incredibly frustrating.

James Y. Taylor

Works great  James Y. Taylor  5 star

By and large the app works great. I use it on several computers at home. It works with tethered routers in be home too.


Was great but not any more...  1hoon6679  1 star

App was amazing and worked perfect in the past. As of recent I have had a problem. I will paste my issue below because I tried to send in a support report through the app but was unable to send... I looked online but couldn't find a place to go to report my issue. So last place I feel I can be heard is here. App was 5 stars prior to this issue in my opinion but at this point it's just about useless... so here is my problem, I have an issue when moving the mouse with the app. When I move it across the screen it is not fluent. The cursor will be jumpy and will cause me to over shoot my target. In other words it appears laggy. I do have my phone connected directly to my pc through wifi sent out from the pc. In theory it should have a better response time since I'm not running through a router. I haven't used the app very much recently but have noticed that any time as of recent the mouse will be jumpy as I try to move across the screen.


Most used app I own  AJren  5 star

Totally worth the paid app and even worth the extra $3 for the media remote. So much more convenient than a mouse / keyboard, especially for watching media through vlc. The shutdown computer functionality and the volume controls make running a pc as a media device a breeze! Keep up the good work!


Buy By Parts  roddbrito  2 star

Gotta buy product twice to access “full-features”. Basic commands of a remote control are available paying again for the app. Half product, half ratings. Seems fair.


Fantastic  s70blackhawk  5 star

Absolutely fantastic APP. So worth it. Can’t fault it.


No Mac Keyboard Keys or Landscape Keyboard  Jellygoop  2 star

Fairly useless for controlling a Mac. The iPhone app does not show you a Mac keyboard with modifier keys. It only shows the iPhone keyboard (so no CMD, ALT or CTL keys). That’s pretty useless for controlling a Mac. There is also no landscape keyboard mode on the iPhone. The product shots in the App Store are totally out of date. Don’t waste your money.


Does Not Work! 6 months passed and Counting  hambalibashah  1 star

The new update fails to connect to my computer. Have done all the FAQ including uninstall/install. I am on windows 7 and iPhone 6 iOS 10.3.3. Detected my computer but failed to connect. Been passed 6 months and still no fix. Kindly fix it


Great until it stopped connecting  Fratticus  2 star

Not connecting to my computer. Have done every step in the FAQ to no effect. It detects the computer but fails to connect. I even tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. It did work for a couple days and I was really enjoying it. Quite disappointed now!

Samyy boy

Rubbish money grab  Samyy boy  1 star

Have been using this app, the free version for a while, decided to support this developer. Until I realised the pop up that said go premium had the price at 1.99, but charged 2.99 for the app. Then when you buy the full version you don’t even get all the features. Bad business strategy. Will be wanting a refund!


Simple, Easy, Fast  xGeneralGaming  5 star

It's perfect


Worth it  Hossein4285  5 star

This app is so good and helpful also it runs really smooth


Essential App  Green6ator  5 star

No word! Been using this app to control my now defunct media centre and it's awesome........that's no why it's awesome though. I recently had my Surface Tablet crack, making it unusable without a keyboard or mouse attached. I was ready to throw it away until I remembered I own the Pro version this app. Problem solved, keyboard and mouse in one hand! It's an essential app, you never know when it might come in handy


BEST , thx for the last update  Eghmehdi  5 star

I’m glad to using this app , WIRELESS MOUSE AND KEYBOARD IN MY MOBILE , i love it .

Non yuss

My call for help was ignored  Non yuss  1 star

Emailed support and they never replied, free version was more reliable. Constantly stops working because it can’t connect.


The ultimate accessory  Herbvee  5 star

This app is a definite must if you use a Mac/PC connected to your TV.

mike rhodik

Doesnt connect to computer  mike rhodik  3 star

No default connection happening. I have the pro version and still am not seeing any improvement on ease of access. When it works, its good. But ease of use is missing


Great when it connects.  illuzhen  2 star

More than half the time the app won’t connect to my computer. It’s awesome when it does connect.


Issue connecting  oligailladd  1 star

Always having trouble connecting. Dont have anyone to reach out to fix the problem


this works on my mac laptop  zlovestny24  4 star

this is the good remote app for the mac and the ios so i highly recommend this.


waste of time  F£lix-01  1 star

loses connection to pc many times 😡😡😡 Please, you can put a button on the keyboard to make screenshots in Windows (W + Print Screen). I would like to connect to my PC via Bluetooth. the app sometimes does not recognize my pc or is very slow. my pc has included Bluetooth I would like to connect to my pc via Bluetooth and that way the app works better.


I like it I like a lot  GunZmok3  5 star

This is just what I needed. I was planning on buying a small hand held remote that I could use when I have my pc plugged in my main T.V and this is even better now I can use my phone to do everything that little remote would ever do and even more.


Cool AF  rsl79  5 star

Really nice app. I use it on all my devices. Took me a while to figure a few thing out and of course there is more stuff you need to purchase if you want certain features but they aren’t absolutely necessary. I still bought them. I have the free edition and the pro. I use it all the time 👌 good job app dudes!


Mac User  Secretdose  5 star

I am a Mac user and the only downside is zooming in and out. Otherwise the app works very good and connects very fast too. Recommend it, you won't be disappointed.


Very good highly recommend  ojmck223  5 star

Very good works well, although it keeps losing connection but it literally only takes 5-10 seconds to reconnect

Ferdia Mooney

Keeps crashing  Ferdia Mooney  1 star

Worked perfectly until the new update. Now it won't even open.


Best app I've downloaded by far!!  YasminB1041  5 star

Great app, easy to use and quick to set up. Love how I can use it to control the laptop when hooked up to TV 👌🏻


Adequate  Johnnyomahony  4 star

Works as advertised, good control interface, keeps disconnecting and reconnecting though which takes time

Chade Fallstar

Excellent interface  Chade Fallstar  5 star

Really like the layout of the app and how it integrates with OS X to provide a smooth cursor pointing experience along with easy access to mission control among other nifty features.


Remote mouse  DiscoReaper  5 star

Without doubt the best app I've downloaded.......ever!!! Love it to bits.


Dies what it says  Alanmc10  5 star

Took two mins to get it all downloaded and set up, easy instructions. response is quick. Worth downloading.


Must have app for the lazy person  Snsjsnsjs  5 star

This app is great, very useful if your not near your PC, would recommend to everyone

Michael Kiernan

Brilliant!!  Michael Kiernan  4 star

Bit slow sometimes but by far the best and handiest app I've downloaded!!

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