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Busuu - Learn to speak Italian [Education] App Description & Overview

Looking for the best way to learn Italian on your phone? Consider your search over. You’ve just discovered Busuu – the award-winning app that makes mastering Italian easier, more entertaining and effective for all.

Whether you’re learning for a higher grade, the chance to impress your work colleagues in Milan, a foodie trip to Bologna or for better conversations with Italian relatives, Busuu has got your back.

Jam-packed with first-rate features, we’re helping over 100 million people overcome their learning struggles, from lack of time and motivation to problems with grammar and vocab. We do this by helping our learners achieve their goals, one milestone at a time – and we want to do the same for you.



How are we doing this? We’re glad you asked. Whether you’re learning Italian on your iPad or iPhone, Busuu helps you...

– Kiss goodbye to stressful timetabling
We’re serious. We organise your learning time for you with our Study Plan. Simply tell us when you want to study Italian and for how long, then we’ll send you notifications to keep you on track.

– Ensure you never forget a word again
There’ll be no forgetting Italian vocabulary on our watch. Avoid word memory blanks with the Vocabulary Review. It’ll help you revise, revise, revise and revise until the words stick.

– Master grammar, once and for all
Italian grammar. Everyone’s favourite topic. Well, it might be once you’ve tried our Grammar Review. From Italian pronouns to the scary world of definite articles, we’ve got you covered.

– Master speaking with feedback from Italian natives
You learn a language to speak it, right? You’re in luck: with our Conversations feature, we’ll connect you with our community of over 100 million native speakers. They’ll be only too happy to help you with your Italian.

– Progress from beginner to upper intermediate level
Learning Italian from scratch? That’s cool with us. Or picking it up after a long break? That’s okay, too. Busuu helps you find your Italian level, and work your way up.

– Learn Italian from the experts
Our award-winning online course is created by our ingenious Italian language experts. They know their stuff, and they know how to get you speaking Italian fluently.

– Show off achievements with official certificates
With our official McGraw-Hill Education language certificates, you’ll have proof of your Italian language capabilities.

– Learn anytime, anywhere
Life can take you anywhere – and your learning should be no different. Download content on your iPad or iPhone and learn Italian on the go with Offline Mode.

– Master up to 11 other languages
That’s right, 11! Try learning English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Polish, Russian, Arabic or Turkish alongside Italian.


See what others have to say about Busuu:

● DtGV – Best Language App 2018
● 22 hours on Busuu = 1 college semester, according to a study


A lot of the features are free, but you will need a subscription in order to get access to all features of this app. Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current payment period. Your iTunes account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your Account Settings.
You can manage your subscriptions through your Account Settings after purchase.
Privacy policy: https://www.busuu.com/en/privacy/
Terms of Service: https://www.busuu.com/en/terms/

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- Easy to learn speak read write

This is a great way to learn a new language! I have turned many people onto the Busuu language app even some of my college teachers. You not only learn proper pronunciation and speaking a new language you learn to read and write in the language also. I do my lessons with a note book and write it all down. Also its good to make a friend with someone on face book from the country of which language you are learning and install a translator app for free like google translate and then you have someone to frequently communicate with in that language. I bought the full course LEARN TO SPEAK ITALIAN and have a friend in Italy with the same last nake as myself who lives like 20 minutes away from San Giovanni Di Fiorre in the Cosenza Calabria region of Italy where my family comes from. Im second generation and now when people say “ oh youre Italian calabrese do you speak Italian I can say Yes! “ Thanks Busuu for making it wasy to learn a new language at my own pace and the price is good too!

- Can be better

It’s exciting to know that I can achieve a certain level of knowing the language in x amount of time.. but the navigation can be improved. The layout of the pages can be improved.. I wished I can go to previous pages just to check something or I accidentally pressed the continue too soon. Would be nice to have a flash card section just to go over certain lessons with the examples .. if there is it’s not advertised well. I also wished there were more translations on things so I know what is said instead esp if I guess the answer and I have nooo idea what the sentence says. At least have a tap on the word option for the translation .. I’m not sure if I’ll reach my supposed intermediate level at this rate with how I’m “learning”. The layout irks me a bit since I accidentally push the wrong button of the instructions for the step is unclear, then I get things wrong because i don’t even understand the task. It gets frustrating and I can’t even enjoy the app.. it feels a bit like a chore.. but I want to learn so I keep using it to ideally meet my intermediate goal by the deadline.. and I paid for it. Many improvements can be made. Very nice photos tho, and I like the different voice pronunciations. Navigation can be better.

- The language

This app is by far the most effective learning technique I've used. You go back from the beginning chapter as many times as you'd like until you feel comfortable with the words and phrases. Exactly what I was looking for. It is very informative and you can interact with real people if you choose. I truly love this app!

- Busuu review

I have been using another language app for about 4 years. I find this app to be more superior in some ways. While Duolingo hammers words into your memory through repetition, you use interaction and conversation. I have only been using busuu now for a few days there is a couple quirky things I have noticed. Some lessons do not let you change an answer or go back. It’s easy to hit the wrong response on smart phone and no way to correct a wrong answer on certain lessons. Also the conversations. I wish there was a way to choose between listening to the whole conversation from beginning to end or one box at a time. I try to understand each box for words i may not understand but when you click the box it starts there and goes all the way to the end with no way to pause or stop it. Also wish there was a way to go back in the same lesson. Learning new words it would be nice to flip back to the beginning to refresh my mind. All in all I am really enjoying your app. Jim

- Fun and engaging

Busuu is great for learning a language. It explains what you are learning, and keeps track of your learning process so that you can go back to what you haven’t quite grasped yet. There is a special feature of community, so that you can help people learn your language, while others help you learn their language.

- Nice and fast

I like the interface, like that it works very fast. I like that I can see the list of lessons, I can see the plan of course. Lessons have a topic and good exercises of different types (choose flash cards, speak, write). It helps to memorize better. Also I hope in the next lessons I get more grammar information. Let's see!

- Best online learning platform I’ve ever tried!

They are the best, I’ve tried many others to learn Italian and I would say none that I’ve tried compare! They have real assessments and other people native to the language correct you, it’s a great system and totally worth the price

- Latest version ruined the review function

One of the things I liked about busuu was the review function. It had a variety of questions including listening to a recording and typing what you hear, as well as rearranging a sentence, and several other types. The new version only has one type: translate something into Italian. First of all, this requires typing for EVERY question, which is a drag on a smartphone. But more importantly, it only tests one skill, where the previous version tested multiple skills. This ruined the app for me.

- Love it!!!

I love this app because it goes beyond other apps I’ve tried. I like the way you can correct and get your answers corrected. The one thing I don’t like is that when you answer a question and get it wrong. The correct answer does not show up as part of the correction.

- A great app

Just in the short month that I’ve been using the free version I’ve learned basic conversations. Now that I’ve upgraded to premium at 30% off for the year. It’ll just get better.

- Such a fun way to learn a language.

I studied Italian many years ago but in the meantime picked up Spanish and subsequently “lost” my knowledge of Italian. This app is so well thought through and really makes it fun to refresh or study a language.

- Best app!

I really enjoy this app! You listen to actual people pronouncing the phrases rather than a computer. The phrases are accompanied by photos which make learning the phrases much easier.

- Great Learning Tool

This is a great way to learn a language. I was using another App but Busuu gives you a more in depth process of learning. I don’t feel pressured to lose my ‘streak’.

- Works for me!

I have referred several people to Busuu. Accessible, easy, and now with a learning plan to get things done by a certain time!

- Just started using

But already feel like this may be the app to actually purchase for learning Italian

- Learning Italian

This app is great! Makes learning a different language fun and easy. Well at least Italian has been fairly easy for me to learn

- Great app!

Really user friendly. Progression of lessons and revision is so easy to follow that you really feel like you will retain the information.

- Best language learning app

I have been using Busuu for years , it’s so easy and great for Visual learners or any type. Highly recommended.

- Great comprehensive learning

Great app, and great way to learn. Wish I didn’t have to pay for premium to take quizzes!

- Good stuff

Varied lesson plan, lots of different strategies to deep seed rules and vocabulary. Could have used more basic vocab to Kay a foundation but overall very good

- Best app I’ve found so far.

Interactive and moving in a way that it’s sinking in.

- Good companion to Duolingo

Both approach learning from different angles. I really like the ability in Busuu to have native Italian speakers correct my work.

- Amazing Italian Course

I’m really enjoying learning Italian though this program. Very easy to follow.

- Italian

I’ve just started learning like it so far

- First level

So far first level it is great and easy

- I love it!

The app is good for learning to communicate in other languages.

- Very engaging

There is good reinforcement and usage of language in simulated conversation.

- Pretty good

I think if you commit, it’s helpful. But I haven’t gotten far.

- Busuu

I would enjoy it a lot more if you didn’t have to pay for half of it!

- Fun way to learn a language

I love this app!

- Good 1st lessons

Easy to follow

- Asks for your email?

I don't like apps that want me to create an account and give my email address, I uninstalled immediately

- Good app!

Good app to learn some languages!

- PaduMerlotti


- Serjayo


- Bello


- Very good. UPDATED

I really like this app. I've been using it for about 3-4 days now and decided to buy the full version. I am very satisfied thus far. This is packed with a lot of content. If you do however buy the full version, you will have to sit there and wait to load everything into your phone. You will have to click on the courses then it will start to update/download full content one at a time... This does take a long time and you have to babysit your phone so it doesn't shut off (you will have to re-download). This took me roughly 45 minutes to an hour to download all content to phone. Also, please allow us to check messages and do more within the app, as oppose to launching the website.

- Amazing app!

I highly recommend this app, not just for people wanting to learn Italian, but for all the languages this app offers! I always wanted to use Italian and this app really made my dream come true. I have tried Duolingo. But, Busuu is much better organized and offered even more lessons and focuses more on grammar and writing too. It teaches you new vocabulary with interactive flash cards with pictures. The app also offers a quiz at the end and more exercises to help improve your language skills. Although you have to pay about $4 monthly for all of these features, it really is worth it. I hope you consider buying this app.

- Great tool

This was a nice extra tool to have while learning Italian. I really enjoyed doing the short lessons on my train commute. However, I upgraded to the iPhone 5 about a month after purchasing this app and now it will not update to my purchased status. I tried to reload previously purchased content 6 times and each time got an error message. It's too bad because I was only on beginner Level 1 and would have liked to continue working with this system. At this point I just don't want to pay twice for these lessons. I also wish the mobile and desktop versions would sync up to show exercises as complete on desktop once they have been completed on the phone. So far these are my only gripes...

- Outstanding!

Love this app! So far, the best I've come across. Plenty of practical, useful vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. Can work at my own pace and easily review weak areas. An attractive, engaging format, with realistic dialogue and fun presentation of practical situations. The paid portion of the app. is well worth the price, with a wealth of additional vocabulary and grammar, all presented in an organic, easily accessible format. Do you have Brazilian Portuguese!?

- Almost perfect, but not quite.

I really love this app and am surprised how fast I am picking up sentences and meanings. I find it fun and enjoyable as someone who knows zero Italian. I wish I could give it 5 stars. But I can't. The sound isn't working at all, so I can't hear any correct pronunciations. Also, the final review often is missing the text part at the top, which you're supposed to find the matching picture/dialogue for. That makes it pretty hard to pass this section since I am forced to guess which one it is supposed to say, and I often guess wrong. If these bugs get fixed, I will definitely give this a better score.

- Really helpful for Italian language review

I'm not sure that this format would be best for learning Italian from scratch, but I took several semesters in college and this app is helping me brush up before our trip this fall. I like that there are so many different sections and topics covered. I haven't purchased anything yet, but I plan to as my vocabulary advances. I wanted something that would allow me to practice in my ipad, because I'm tired of spending so much time at my desktop, and this app is definitely doing the trick.

- Great for Intermediate learners

There are so many free apps out there for learning your first few phrases of Italian, but this goes far beyond that. Excellent for vocabulary enhancement, especially as words/images and their respective sentences are grouped according to topic. I was having such a good time that I purchased an add-on module as well. Mine is an older iPod touch without constant net connectivity, but no problems. I've spent hours with the app and have only found two minor goof-ups so far. Great job! But do please bring down the price for add-ons!

- So far so good

I'm definitely a beginner, but I understand and speak well enough to carry a casual conversation. I haven't fully gone thru the free lessons yet, but already there are words I didn't know. Usually I'm much more advanced than the typical beginner program, and I've looked through quite a few. I will probably stick with this one for a bit and use it to supplement my studies. I'm pretty optimistic this program will be beneficial to my workouts.

- An essential App for learning Italian.

The best feature is the writing lesson/community corrections. You answer a short question as part of the lesson and then it is corrected by native speakers who are learning your language. It's great. I like being corrected by native speakers and I like correcting lessons for others. The feature makes learning co-operative even though it is on an app. I use several apps for self-study and this is one of my essentials. Worth the money.

- You did a great job...

I just buy the spanish version and now I'm testing the Italian one and going to buy it and plan to buy the German one and going also to buy the English one, that show you how I like this apps. :) very simple to use and fun. I hope to see other language like Chinese and so on... I really appreciated your good work, is really helpful for me. Sincerely Thierry.

- Cool but...

This app is cool for learning languages, but I think the tests at the end are a little weird. The part where you have to rearrange the words to form a sentence is ridiculous. I think this would be helpful if we had the English translation so that we know that the sentence is supposed to say. Just giving us a bunch of words and saying "make the sentence I'm thinking of" is kind of impossible and very frustrating.

- Loading problems solved

I had a lot of trouble loading the lessons I purchased, but the problems were apparently due to my slow dsl connection, because when I took my iPad to a place with a really fast (cable) internet connection, all lessons loaded within just a few minutes.

- Good language ap

The free lessons are a great deal... I was able to get a good idea of how the app works and whether it would be worth paying for the rest of the lessons. I was able to learn some useful phrases for my trip to Italy from just the free lessons alone. I'll probably pay for the rest of the lessons before I come back to Italy again this year.

- Not very accurate

This is a nice try but the Italian is not very accurate or the normal conversational. You will be confused about many uses of personal and formal for a small example and will have to unlearn. Also the sound did not work on my ipad2 so that made a big part of the app useless. That is the problem with most of these apps. They don't really understand how to teach a language and try to be experts on too many languages. You are better off with a tutor and a web app that will just help you practice.

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- Fun and convenient Language family

I’m so glad to have discovered The Busuu language app. It makes learning Italian so much fun and it broken into bite sized modules I can conveniently fit into my day- at lunch time and on public transport. The answers are instant so it’s very gratifying and I love that native speakers correct your written and spoken answers and you can also help others who are learning your native language by assessing their responses. It’s like a language family!

- Fantastic

I prefer it to other language apps because it feels most like a planned lesson. Helpful hints and explanations make sure you really get the language. Plus I love the community aspect and peer-assessment. Well worth the subscription!

- Studying Italian with BUSUU

I am really enjoying studying Italian with BUSUU. It takes you through learning the language step by step. You can plan your own study and do it in your own time. It’s great. I’ve been studying this way for a few years. The administration is all quick to help with any problems it queries you might have.

- Awesome Language learning tool!

This program breaks down language learning into simplest bits as possible. Learning Italian has never been made fun as this. This is above the rest..!!!

- Great but

I love this app it has helped me speak Italian and understand my Nonna and nonno but I can’t level up and do more learning because I have to get pro and I can’t get pro and I can’t get pro I’m not aloud so please fix this I need to know how to speak Italian and I can’t do any lessons Grazie Ciao

- Love this app! Bring Croatian as a language!

Please do more languages!

- Review

Would be nice to have some things go a little slower

- Good

Easy and quite fun

- Almost excellent

I love the interactive quality of this app, and being able to rate myself on how well i am learning. However its brilliance is marred by the fact that i give the correct answers and the program marks me wrong. Not only that, in one beginners section, it marks every answer to the question wrong! This is frustrating. The program needs to be gone through so that in the quiz section it gives accurate answers. Apart from this i am finding it very helpful in teaching me the Italian language.

- Very educational

It is a very well made and educational app that does teach very well. I feel like ive learned so much in the last 3 days and it continues to get better, thanks for making this and i hope there will be a wider selection of languages to choose from in the future cause i would like to learn other languages using the same things as this app. I wish the best to everyone that has made, used or using this app and in there study of a language.

- Just ok

I find this app a little erratic and there have been recent updates made which make accessing my course impossible. Now I can't use it at all. You would never be able to become fluent in a language without comprehensive lessons in grammar, so don't think you are going to learn the language by using Busuu alone

- Encountering bugs

I bought the beginner's course and many activities are useless because you choose the correct answer and the program tells you that you are incorrect, so none of the answers work. This means that you can not proceed to the next question. For example one of these problems is occurring in the speech review questions of the Present Simple course. Very frustrating considering I have paid for these courses... And to make it worse after redl the app after iOS upgrade I can't use the lessons I paid for without purchasing again... Very disappointed

- Excellent

This App works for me. The online learning modules are designed for self paced learning, and it comes with good audio and visual aids. I also find the online community helpful with the writing exercises. You also can help others learning your language too. Well done Busuu.

- Italian beginners

This is great fun. It probably suits those who have some language learning experience already in that it progresses to sentences quite quickly and you have to work out the grammar. However, you can repeat and revise lessons as often as you want to. I haven't got far enough to know what the point of earning berries is yet.

- Love love love this app!

This is my favorite app for languages I've been looking for something like this or years! And well worth the extra $5 to unlock more activities. If you are learning a language you've gotta download this app!!!

- Great app

Busuu is a good entry way into learning a new language. I have both the Italian and French apps and they are pretty good. I would like to see options where you can start to write sentences yourself in response to spoken questions or comments. An option where they do not give you any clues.

- Everyday Italian

I find this course an excellent base for every day conversational Italian. I particularly like the idea of the community members correcting each others work. It is also a good mental exercise correcting other members work in constructive manner.

- Great app!!

This app is an excellent study tool if you have a sound knowledge of the basic Italian. May be a little confusing if you have never learnt any of the language though.

- Wonderful!!!

The best language app I have used so far! It certainly makes learning different languages easier. I highly recommend it.

- Pretty good so far

So far I have found it good, hard work on my own but I like that I can leave it for a while and come back to it. For now it's free until I learn the basics, then I'll pay to upgrade and learn more.

- Excellent

Did a lil bit of Italian in school but I'm learning new words here and teaching my Italian family words they never knew as well. Highly recommend

- Tigerblue40

Busuu Italian is an excellent app. I've tried a few different program's and apps with little success. But I'm remembering far more after using the busuu app.

- Easy to use

Excellent app have tried many varing apps to assist me with learning Italian this is by far the easiest and most effective

- Class lessons

Use this app during class lessons. My students are glued to the screen and respond well. The short lessons keep them really engaged. But there are lessons that have incorrect answers

- Great app

This is the best Italian app that I have come across. The games are stimulating and easy to use. Only down side is that you have to keep buying new levels as you complete the old ones.

- Ripped off!

Loved this app until i paid for the extra part of A2 only to find after payment it said "your clock is not set correclty, fix redownload and you wont be charged again". My clock is fine. I redownloaded. Same thing . Paid twice. Really upset with this app what a let down and how do i get my money back? Or get what i paid for

- Great app!

I've purchased the full version and some voice recordings do not match the words shown. Can you fix this please. Other than that thanks for a great app.

- So-so

The app will definitely let you grasp the basics. But it does miss out a few important things at the beginning like sentence structures and feminine and masculine uses for words. All in all a good beginners app.

- Really good

Nice varied learning process. Enough free content to see if it is right for you. Certainly worth a try.

- One of the best...

I have been learning Italian for some time and I find this app is improving my vocab and my reading and writing skills. Worth trying out.

- Great App

Lots of good content. Tried the free units and ended up buying the full version for beginner. Only downside is grammars are not explained. I ended up founding a separate website to study grammar.

- Terrific

Loved it online now I can do it bit by bit anytime. A 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 ap. thanks

- Great learning tool

This app is a good tool to aid learning a new language. The audio is clear and spoken by native speakers. No explanations of grammar but that is why it is only an aid. The vocabulary is good.

- Great App

This is a great way to learn a language. Easy to use, good revision tools, recommended

- Very good

Feel like it helps better structure sentences than most apps

- Great & easy to use

Great, quick & easy to use

- Awesome

Excellent application for those who want to learn Italian quickly!

- Great app.

Very useful app for anyone interested in learning the basics of Italian language.

- Awesome

This a fantastic app! Really easy to use and fun too !

- Italian

So I bought this App few days ago but after several attempts still can't get past a frozen travel screen so unable to access any lessons- not happy :(

- Great for beginners!

Good app to start off with. Great thing is you can go at your own pace.

- Excellent

Contains all aspects for learning a language. Very helpful and fun as well. Thank you.

- Best language app

Excellent, very easy to use

- Great App

This is the best Italian language trainer I have found yet! The quizzes are fun to do, loving it! :)

- Worth it

Excellent for practical exercises, and correct pronunciation.

- Fantastic

Great app, easy to use, very effective! By far the best.

- A great way to learn a language

I enjoy learning with Busu. Very intuitive and supportive.

- Love it

Awesome app and easy way to learn a language

- Great!

Easily the best language app I have ever used!!

- Love it :D

It's great, I highly recommend it. :)

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- Fun fun fun

Quite a fun app. I’m learning Italian quite quickly.

- Great

It’s really informative and has really helped with my Italian!

- A fine little language app

A great app for little five and ten minute sessions. A great complement to a more formal course of study or for study on your own. Having at least a study buddy is always better for language learning, though.

- Great Starting Point

I've used this app for French in the past. It's a pretty good place to start?

- Good

Really good for as a starter kit, the picture-word association they use is very effective in helping you remember what youve learned.

- Perfect!!!

Love this app!!! Fun, creative, easy to use! I have learned a lot with it!!! Perfect!!!!!

- Excellent language learning

Very helpful and easy to use. The phrases and pictures help to remember and make the vocabulary stick! Easy to digest chapters and constant updates are appreciated :)

- Tres interessant

Facile et contient une bonne bases

- Parfait

Parfait. Très bien fait et gratuit en plus.

- Great Intro to the Italian language

I just started the first two modules and am very impressed with how easy the application is to use. It combines auditory, visual and writing capabilities that allow me to learn more effectively. I am looking forward to completing the course.

- Italien

Vraiment bon !

- Classement de Busuu italien

Très utile pour s'exercer a la bonne prononciation de l'italien. Beaucoup de vocabulaires et phrases. Mais l'exercice pour construire une phrase défile trop vite donc on n'a pas le temps de lire ni la phrase italienne ni la phrase écrite en français!

- Pretty good so far

Just started using it as a refresher course while travelling in Italy. So far so good. Not too pleased to see that many of the courses cost so much but that's life I guess.

- Excellent

Sa marche

- Très bon outil

J'aime bien la progression des cours de Busuu. Assez lente au début pour ne pas se décourager et bien soutenue pour progresser.

- Excellente façon de réviser une langue oubliée

J'adore m'y remettre avec Buzuu. La communauté apporte une valeur ajoutée au produit. Bravo!

- Excellent

This is a great way to learn a language. All my in laws are Italian and this helps

- Great!

Awesome app for learning a new language!

- Buusu. L'italien

Superbe application pour apprendre l'italien!!!

- Learning at its best

For anyone who puts in a little effort, the reward of learning is priceless!!

- Above the rest

I'm definitely not one to write reviews but this app deserves to be talked about. I learned more in one night than I have in a week trying other programs. It's strange how everything you learn on this program sticks. By far the quickest way to learn a language and everything you need is right there at your phone.

- Italian course

This course is fun and easy

- Learn italian is fun

It is So fun. I learned few words in a couple of minutes and I've been able to understand few words of a text in italian on wikipedia. This way to learn is really good, except for the part where you have to pay. 😓

- Très bon

Simple et instructif

- super

instructive et diversifiée,belle app pour apprendre une langue étrangère

- Great App

Great app for getting the basics down. Simple and great feedback.

- Top of the line

Wow!! Great app and I recommend it to all.

- Super

Très bien et même amusant !

- Busuu Italian

I just started, looks easy, well structured, step by step. Later on I might be in a better position to leave a review. Stand by....

- Leçon d'introduction

Très sympathique et conviviale. Facile à utiliser. On apprend vite!

- Excellent!

Presents basics and allows for continuous review of previous lessons if needed. Audio, text and imagery = excellent teaching/learning method. Molto grazie ! Love it.

- Learn Italian with Busuu

Well designed app that makes learning fun. One minor glitch already mentionned: dialogues sometimes cut off at the end.

- Fun!

Très bien

- Great

Many lessons at each level for free. Paying a bit unlocks many more lessons. If you want to learn, you will not get bored. Some of the best lessons are writing and submitting your work for peer review by other users who already know the language you're learning. Haven't been keeping up your studies? Kind email reminders are sent to encourage you. Only glitch is a few dialog lessons (two people conversing) sometimes cuts off the last sentence. Haven't tried other competitors products for comparison, but can't see a reason to switch. Overall, good, solid product.

- Love it!

I have been trying to learn Italian for years. I start studying but then lose interest. What I love about this program is that it is fun, interactive, involves a community and KEEPS my interest. I love it so much that I have my kids (who are homeschooled), using it to learn French! They look forward to their French class!

- Great


- Great

Excellent job to learn the fundamentals an also well to get more advanced

- Magnifico

Simple to use and extremely engaging.

- Vraiment très bien!

Je prévoit un voyage en Italie ce printemps. Je trouve cet app vraiment bien fait avec de bons exemples je ne dit pas que je vais parler Italien parfaitement, mais j'aurai au moins quelques expressions.

- Amazing!

This is great! :D


Not bad. You do get results.

- Awesome app

Very good app. Grazie Busuu

- Love it

It is very convenient and easy to use. Love it. Grazie

- Awesome best app ever!

Best app ever!

- J'adore tout simplement


- Very easy to use

Excellent app

- Pratique

Facile à utiliser

- Busuu italian

The service provided by the busuu team is fantastic!!! I recently had trouble accessing course levels that I had paid for and used before. They just stopped working. I sent an email and got an immediate reply. A couple additional email exchanges to clarify some questions they had and I got step by step instructions telling me how to restore my previously purchased levels without any additional cost. I couldn't have asked for better support and service. Also...I have Rosetta stone's Italian course and it is good, but this busuu course has been a HUGE help in my development! It truly is a complement to the Rosetta stone programme. It fills in the blanks and allows you to get the vocabulary you want or need NOW without waiting for rosetta stone to get there. It also aids you in seeing the grammatical patterns that you have to intuit and figure out on your own with Rosetta stone. I like the way that vocabulary is introduced in categories (for example, feelings, adverbs, questions, drug store, etc. I highly recommend this and the upgrades. You won't be sorry.

- Super !

Je commence seulement à apprendre l 'italien et j'adore vraiment. Merci Busuu.

- Good supplement to Italian studies

Hearing Italian spoken and presentation of the vocabulary has all been very helpful as a supplement to classes. Mi piace!

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- Best in its category!

The more I work with this app (I'm doing Italian), the more impressed I am with both the content and the quality of the app itself. It covers all the bases -- listening, speaking, reading and writing -- and makes very creative use of the iOS user interface. Most important, it makes study fun and interesting!

- Great

Amazing app. I tried to learn French and it didn't capture my attention so then I turned to Italian in light of my friends recommendation. As soon as I picked up this app I Could instantly tell that this was going to be a great learning experience and it sure has. I can now tell my girlfriend (Italian) ti amo and we cam have conversations it the amazing language of Italian.

- Best language program on iPad

I work in the travel industry. I just started this course a few days ago, and today someone came up to me on the beach and started speaking Italian- I was able to understand what he said, and even converse with him! I am so impressed, I just downloaded the paid lessons.

- Crashes

I love it, now that it works fine. I know some people have had some problems with it, but an (eventual) update was all I required. Only a month ago, I had posted this: I'm sure it would be great if it ever got past the first question of the first lesson. Fix the bugs and I'm interested.

- Bsuu

Do not buy the expanded version. I paid for 4 (2 beginning & 2 intermediate) and they cancelled after 4 months. I don't recall seeing a time limit when I purchased them. The lessons were good while they lasted though. Since I posted this review a few months ago, I have updated the program twice. It still does not let me access my expanded Verizon's purchased. Warning to all that you have limited time for your purchases and then it is cancelled.

- Great tool!

So far I'm enjoying the exercises that go over reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing where you can receive feedback from other members. There's a premium membership you can purchase for extra features. I haven't checked yet, but I hope it will allow me to repeat the exercises rather than just review them.

- Very effective

I really like it and take advantage of each module to learn correct grammar and pronunciation; however, I recommend that you get someone to practice with. Otherwise you'll never achieve fluency :) I have tried other applications and this is the best one so far (and very inexpensive).

- Busuu

I have learned so much with Busuu in the short time I have been using the program and have had so much fun. I have spent years and have used many resources to learn the Italian language without much success. This program is amazing!!!! You have hundreds of "friends" to help you if you want or need them. I only wish I would have known about Busuu sooner!

- Bugs

I like the lessons and really like the app but every other lesson and it crashes. It freezes, the screen goes black, it takes you back to your home screen OR the words your supposed to be matching up just disappear. I keep going back to where I got kicked off and keep going on with the lesson so...still recommend it! Lol.

- So far I like it a lot!

I'm going through the free sections pretty fast since I've already learned basic Italian, but I like the format. And you can review a section multiple time. It will mix stuff up so it's not exactly the same. I like it well enough I will consider the upgrade depending on cost.

- Impressed!

I am very impressed with this course and enjoy learning something new every day. I will admit that I get a bit nervous on the writing category, however, it encourages me to write in Italian better. And I appreciate and learn more when someone returns my attempt with corrections.

- Not bad!

My best friend is an exchange student from Italy and just recently had to go home. I'm spending a couple weeks Italy with her next summer and so I'm hoping to learn Italian this next year, or at least a majority of the language. I'm impressed with this app, and think its pretty helpful. I'd recommend it.

- Pretty neat app

This app has videos, vocabulary, dialogs, for the price paid I did not expect the high quality. It has levels too, from beginners to advanced students. I took classes at college and did not want to forget what I learnt. Great app, lots of vocabulary, native speakers and real life situations. A must.

- Learning Italian

I'm about to start taking beginners Italian in college this fall and I was looking for something to help me boost my knowledge. This app is fantastic I've been using it everyday on my iPad since I've downloaded last week. It's very helpful it has great dialogue, and fluent playback. Great work!

- Great fun learning

Really like the program because, since it's on my iPhone, I can practice anytime I get a break. It's a great program to learn words and sentence structure. The only difficulty I have is with the interactive section where I have a hard time figuring out what I am supposed to do. That's why I gave four stars.

- Great app

I am just getting started, but it is fun and doesn't seem like work at all. It wants you to register through Facebook. I don't know why. It is easy to understand, and there are brief quizzes along the way. But only the very brief intro is free. Each module is $5

- First day

Learning the introductions on the first day. Has pictures, correct sentence structure, with the opportunity to expand the use of vocabulary, and little tests to help you . But I would repeat each one several times, which this does allow one to do.. Overall, I am happy so far.

- Like the words and picture combos

I'm enjoying learning the basics through words and phrases and the pictures that go with them. It makes it easier for me to learn this way since I'm a visual learner. Thank you for creating this app!

- Very Nice

Im only 20, been planning on learning Italian and now I finally am. I love the fact that the app gives you the words whether by text or audio, and then quizzes you extremely well at the end of each lesson to buffer the language. Very good app

- Learn Italian with busuu!

I just love this program. The Exercises are fun & easy to work through. The fact that you can see the words & pictures, hear the words & sentences spoken in Italian, & can actively complete quizzes makes this program a winner for me.

- Some programs don't work

Upon answering questions, I came to one which None of the answers were correct according to the program. It was frustrating as it would not go to the next question. I shut off the program in an attempt to reboot and restarted the module, when I came to the question again it did the same thing and didn't recognize any question as correct.

- my #1

this app made it to my Dock right away, fun way to learn a language, offline lectures, as soon as you get online your progress (and berries) syncs to your account, the next big thing would be a speaking exercise!! 2 thumbs up for this one!

- Great in addition to online tools!

Buono! Compared to the online site, this app is very basic in its offerings. However, it's wonderful if you're using the mobile app when on the go and the website when at home. I use this app every day on my commute to/from work.

- Opportunity

What a wonderful chance to learn the language of my grandparents. Yes, I should have taken advantage of the opportunity to do so when they were alive, but, the priorities of the young don't always make the best sense. However, this app is a joy. Thank you.

- Great for visual learners!

Best Italian Lesson App, Thank you! Quick lessons tie visuals with words, focusing on how you would interact with people & the language, not just vocab. Plenty to get you started for free and then you can purchase additional lessons in the app if you like the style.

- Fun Interactive App!

Great app. The immersion into the language and the interactive features make this a practical app. Looking forward to my trip knowing I can do a bit of conversing when I'll need to. The $$ is worth the upgrade too.

- Some glitches

Love most of this app. But must pay to upgrade past very basics of "Hello, my name is...". Also, the comprehension exercises sometimes tell you all the answers are wrong-even the correct ones. Frustrating to know the correct answer and still get marked wrong! Makes me doubt I'm learning correct Italian in other exercises.

- Doesn't sync between devices

I've purchased level b1 for my iPhone, and now I've got an iPad and would be really comfy to learn the same thing on both of them. But it asks me to pay again. Pay for what?! For 10 words and one dialog for one topic? It was already overpriced, but buying it for every gadget is out of the question. This program is good just because there is not much out there. All it does is teaching u some vocabulary.

- Still learning

This helps a lot. My heritage is Italian and I would love to learn to speak it since my parents didn't teach us at home but my grandparents taught them at home when they were kids.

- Perfect learning style

Is easy to pick up and works great for visual learners and those who learn through hearing and interacting. Flash cards can't do this effectively for me so if stuff doesn't seem to work and your struggling then I strongly suggest this!!!!

- Effective and great for listening

I have been using it for 2 weeks to learn Italian and it has been very helpful in learning quickly. I went from zero to basic Italian speaker and reader of short sentences in 2 weeks!! Recommend !

- Learning Italian

Great app. Super convenient to have in my hand whenever wanting to learn a little Italian . I love that people that actually know the language edit my sentences and conversing is possible . It's fun editing others sentences as well (:

- Worth buying

I'm just beginning to teach myself how to speak Italian, and this is a great app for it. Maybe not the best, but certainly worth trying at least. I got the demo and then bought more lessons within the first five minutes; I knew it wouldn't disappoint. *Recommended*

- Keeps it interesting!!

Truly impressed with this program. Definitely recommend this to anyone who have easily gotten bored with other programs.

- Best way to start

Great way to get you ahead of the class when your going to take a class or go abroad. You may not be fluent But you will definitely be able to survive.

- Fun

Great fun. Makes learning quick. Only complaint is I wish it read everything out loud. It does most things. Conversations at the end are helpful in learning. You can also do quiz as much as you want & it changes every time.

- Busuu

I love it. It set up in such a way that you actually retain the information you are learning. I liked it do much I upgraded from the lite version to the pro. It a great language learning tool.

- Great stuff

It may not be the greatest app ever, but it sure does give a lot even in free mode. Very grateful of the service and will definitely be a paying customer with them from now on!

- It's good if it doesn't crash

I like the lessons, but the application crashed. I paid the $3.99 for the B1 upgrade but could not get access to the upgrade after the crash and no apparent way to reinstall. So beware... Enjoy the app while you can because it may not function for very long.

- The best I've seen so far!

I've tried a few other Italian apps. This is far and away the best. Gets you started with phrases that you can use right away and it's fun! Highly reccommended.

- This is a good start to learning another language

It allows you to go over material as many times as you like. There are quizzes and reviews. It works for me!

- Awesome!

I love Mindsnacks because it's fun, engaging, interactive, holds my attention, motivating, and effective fir learning a language from all angles-- visual, oral, auditory, and written. I hope they add more languages and continue improving and updating. I would like to see it function both horizontal and vertical...

- Love it!

Such a great way to learn a language! Most if the site is free, and if you don't want to pay for the rest, you don't have to. Completely optional, and so easy! Much better than Rosetta Stone!

- Bella!

This app is amazing. I am learning Italian and it's easy! You can 'rinse & repeat' as much as you want until you get the accent correct. I will definitely pay for the premium course ASAP. I'm very happy.

- Great App!

I love this app!!!! I am studying Italian for my foreign exchange trip to Italy next year, and this has been the best app I've found. It makes the memorization really easy to remember. I definitely recommend this app!

- Audio problem

It's really a decent app and helping me to learn Italian, but some audio data has a problem. I purchased the beginner level content and I noticed that some of the conversations are cut off, though it is not at a serious level.

- Great app!

My wife and I are planning a trip to Italy. We wanted a portable app to learn the language, this is just the one. You can work at your own pace, as fast or slow as you need. Great interactive programming

- Tons of learning material

A lot of vocabulary included. Good quality audio, great pictures, and fantastic quizzes. I am really impressed with this app. This is a "must have" app to learn a language. Great job!

- Great app!

I'm liking it so far. Will complete the free lessons and then decide if want to pay for the rest. Similar to Rosetta Stone which I have used before. Busuu is way more affordable for the level of learning I'm looking for. Glad I found it!

- Good app.

Only thing i wish you could unlock everything in one purchase or individually. Also some of the words are spoken to fast and i can't catch what they are saying!! Other than that awesome app!!!

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Busuu - Learn to speak Italian 22.9.1 Screenshots & Images

Busuu - Learn to speak Italian iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Busuu - Learn to speak Italian iphone images
Busuu - Learn to speak Italian iphone images
Busuu - Learn to speak Italian iphone images
Busuu - Learn to speak Italian iphone images
Busuu - Learn to speak Italian iphone images
Busuu - Learn to speak Italian iphone images
Busuu - Learn to speak Italian ipad images
Busuu - Learn to speak Italian ipad images
Busuu - Learn to speak Italian ipad images
Busuu - Learn to speak Italian ipad images
Busuu - Learn to speak Italian ipad images
Busuu - Learn to speak Italian ipad images
Busuu - Learn to speak Italian Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Busuu - Learn to speak Italian Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Busuu - Learn to speak Italian (Version 22.9.1) Install & Download

The applications Busuu - Learn to speak Italian was published in the category Education on 2010-09-17 and was developed by Busuu Limited [Developer ID: 370806574]. This application file size is 173.05 MB. Busuu - Learn to speak Italian - Education posted on 2020-09-10 current version is 22.9.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.busuu.italian.app

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