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Learn Spanish with Busuu [Education] App Description & Overview

Looking for the best way to learn Spanish on your phone? Consider your search over. You’ve just discovered Busuu – the award-winning app that makes mastering Spanish easier, more entertaining and effective for all.

Whether you’re learning for a higher grade, the chance to impress your work colleagues in Madrid, a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Buenos Aires or for better conversations with Spanish relatives, Busuu has got your back.

Jam-packed with first-rate features, we’re helping over 100 million people overcome their learning struggles, from lack of time and motivation to problems with grammar and vocab. We do this by helping our learners achieve their goals, one milestone at a time – and we want to do the same for you.



How are we doing this? We’re glad you asked. Whether you’re learning Spanish on your iPad or iPhone, Busuu helps you...

– Kiss goodbye to stressful timetabling
We’re serious. We organise your learning time for you with our Study Plan. Simply tell us when you want to study Spanish and for how long, then we’ll send you notifications to keep you on track.

– Ensure you never forget a word again
There’ll be no forgetting Spanish vocabulary on our watch. Avoid word memory blanks with the Vocabulary Review. It’ll help you revise, revise, revise and revise until the words stick.

– Master grammar, once and for all
Spanish grammar. Everyone’s favourite topic. Well, it might be once you’ve tried our Grammar Review. From the Spanish subjunctive to the difference between ser and estar, we’ve got you covered.

– Master speaking with feedback from Spanish natives
You learn a language to speak it, right? You’re in luck: with our Conversations feature, we’ll connect you with our community of over 100 million native speakers. They’ll be only too happy to help you with your Spanish.

– Progress from beginner to upper intermediate level
Learning Spanish from scratch? That’s cool with us. Or picking it up after a long break? That’s okay, too. Busuu helps you find your Spanish level, and work your way up.

– Learn Spanish from the experts
Our award-winning online course is created by our ingenious Spanish language experts. They know their stuff, and they know how to get you speaking Spanish fluently.

– Show off achievements with official certificates
With our official McGraw-Hill Education language certificates, you’ll have proof of your Spanish language capabilities.

– Learn anytime, anywhere
Life can take you anywhere – and your learning should be no different. Download content on your iPad or iPhone and learn Spanish on the go with Offline Mode.

– Master up to 11 other languages
That’s right, 11! Try learning English, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Polish, Russian, Arabic or Turkish alongside Spanish.


See what others have to say about Busuu:

● DtGV – Best Language App 2018
● 22 hours on Busuu = 1 college semester, according to a study


A lot of the features are free, but you will need a subscription in order to get access to all features of this app. Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current payment period. Your iTunes account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your Account Settings.
You can manage your subscriptions through your Account Settings after purchase.
Privacy policy: https://www.busuu.com/en/privacy/
Terms of Service: https://www.busuu.com/en/terms/

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- Good Balance

Good balance of structural grammar and vocabulary. It can be overwhelming to have too much vocabulary thrown at you at once, but in this case the emphasis is on learning the grammar so you can plug in new words as you go. I like the social aspect where strangers correct each other’s answers in their own languages. I’d just like an easier way to report potential mistakes inside the app.

- Would be perfect if I only wanted Spain Spanish

Is an effective learning tool, with a mix of conversation, vocabulary, grammar lessons, & the best part of all the real-world corrections from native speakers. However, I have found much difficulty for me as I have been learning Latin American Spanish for some time now, and Busuu seems to only recognize/teach Spain Spanish, which is very different. They do sometimes, in their “Tips” section, include phrases that are different in Latin America, but I would much rather prefer a non-Spain Spanish language course offering. If they did that, I would definitely go Premium. It’s just not worth it for me at this time since they are so focused on how Spanish is spoken in just one country of the entire Spanish-speaking world.

- Not if you’re from North America

They had this on sale for half off for a year and I mistakenly took advantage. I paid because it seemed like a great deal to learn european spanish. Well the lessons are boring and tedious and it’s like going to school which is not fun. But what I don’t like is the community. It’s full of pompous europeans, mainly the British. Every British person I’ve come across is an arrogant, rude, pompous jerk who doesn’t hesitate to say how inferior your English is compared to them. To them, they are always right and your English is wrong. They try to be subtley rude and then one guy from the UK said my opinion didn’t matter because he is a native English speaker, as if I am not. They have ruined my desire to learn european spanish. I am happy learning perfectly good Latin spanish on Duolingo. I paid for a year and after 2 weeks I’ve had enough of the British.

- It’s ok

If you just wanna look at the words for 10 seconds It’s not helpful and I’m totally deleting it bc it’s not that good like 20 mins a day isn’t helping at all It doesn’t sit there and do it until you get it right Like a teacher would so it’s not the best app to learn a diff language on but ya’know it’s the only app I found so far so I’ll look for more but I recommend adding more teacher-like stuff in it like sitting there and repeating it until you get it right over and over again AND! OH AND you can’t make EVERYTHING premium like I’m not buying that I want to do a quiz without having to pay for it thx a lot NOT bye! (Sorry if I’m being a Karen i just really wanna learn Spanish)

- Good stuff, but there's nowhere to complain!

It weaves together a lot of the language elements, so it feels more natural. It doesn't focus on one particular part, which would be boring. It prioritizes conversations and the social setting, which is a good thing. I wouldn't have written this review if there were A WAY TO REPORT BUGS WITHIN THE APP! During the "fill in the order of the words" exercises, you can't scroll down to click on the bottom boxes, of the answer cuts them off of the screen. This forces you to restart the whole lesson. Get on it, it's a simple fix. Make it scroll down.

- Great

It’s a really clear and direct way to learn language. I have the premium version and I don’t regret the investment, I use it daily and I feel like I’m retaining so much information. I think this coupled with watching programs in my target language will help me to reach fluency soon. I tried to learn on my own, but I always felt as though I needed some guidance with grammar and now I have it.

- Great app for learning a new language

I use Busuu now for one week and I it is fun to learn a new language with it. The videos and audio files are very helpful and the additional information about grammar is much better than in other apps. So far the best app that I have seen for language learning (considering it’s price).

- First time Spanish learner

So far so good. I initially signed up for the free version. Upgraded to the paid due to the really good deal offered and I could not pass up. I will update my review as I use the app more.

- Great app, just one beef...

This is great for learning to speak. It has you speak a bit and sends it to native speakers to correct you or give you kudos. The only problem I have is in landscape on my iPad, the keyboard covers up the sentence it wants me to complete. I have to hide the keyboard to see the question. Pain in the patella. Anyway, other than that it is pretty darn good.

- Love it

I give 4 stars because I did the placement test and it wants me starting at level 49 and I am not ready for that. I have to keep sliding to the top and it is annoying. I do like the app and I confidently feel my spanish is improving. I am using this with rosetta stone and duolingo in a daily basis. Hopefully I will be at conversational level by 2021!

- Busuu Membership

Membership is great but I accidently bought a year when I was meaning to buy a month to demo it and Busuu and Apple will not undo it or reply back. ¿Qué terrible? Gracias to Busuu I now know how to terribly write a review in broken Español. I took three years of spanish and this app is not necessarily geared to people relearning spanish but great for those who need to start from the very beginning and mimics most formal classes.

- It’s a great app! I just wish it was free 😔

The app itself is free it’s just you have to get a membership to unlock all the parts to some lessons. Some lessons would have no locks 🔒 on it but other lessons would have one lock 🔒 on it our more. There would be some lessons that had locks 🔒 on the whole lesson.

- Can’t subscribe

The app is usually great. (Although expensive). However, it’s not working currently after the latest update, specifically the subscription panel; keeps saying “no connection” and does not display the subscription options. So I am not able to subscribe. Will change this review and rating once it’s fixed. Sorry had to do it this way, the customer care is not responding clearly via email. Best.

- Wonderful!

This is an amazing app. I highly recommend it. Though it does move fast through lessons. So beginners that are just starting Spanish might have to review or repeat multiple lessons. Other than that amazing.

- Great app

I used a lot of app like duolinguo but this one is much better, it makes you improve quicker by not letting the student being passive all the time

- Great app

I used a lot of app like duolinguo but this one is much better, it makes you improve quicker by not letting the student being passive all the time

- App so fire

App is really good haha tons of features. Sharing and grading with natural speakers. The premium deal is worth it. Just buy it early and they won’t harass you every 5 seconds.

- Busuu app

Geared more toward Spain than Latin America. Will lock in your answers before you are ready for some exercises. You cant scroll back to the previous screen. Overall though very well done.

- My favorite Spanish learning app

This app keeps me more alert and focused than other apps and audio books

- Discount Offer Not Working

Tried to avail this on several occasions already but it doesn't redirect to the subscription page. I keep receiving the offer to upgrade but unable to avail of the offer. This happened 3 to 5 times already... almost giving up and frustrated enough to switch to another language app.

- Great app, but

I’m still not sure how to work the flash cards. How to delete them. It’s rather confusing. Not clear enough for me. Sorry

- Worth every penny

Have tried many other language apps. This one is my favorite. Worth the price!

- So far great

One thing I really like about Busuu is that it incorporates reading, writing and speaking. I also like how it repeats key parts of the lesson for reinforcement.

- Incredible

I learned so much already, can’t wait to try it on my Spanish speaking friends 🙌...

- Best language app

Best language app I’ve ever seen! Paid to go premium within one hour of using it!

- Easy to Use

Enjoying the app. It’s like playing a game while learning you vocabulary and sentences.

- Satisfied!

I have to learn the language to communicate with Spanish-speaking clients at work. Busuu is easy to use and effective.

- Good app

I like this app, but some of their photographs are ambiguous, making it difficult to know who in the photo is speaking to whom. Do I need él or ella? Or usted? They should provide more context for the situation. The explanations are good for the grammar.

- Best language tool eeeeveeer

It’s fun, it’s simple and engaging and leaves you wanting to continue on when a lesson is over.

- The Best

I tried and tested the top 6 apps on the market for language learning. I chose this one.

- Excellent for Spanish

Love it. Easy to do. Hope I will be able to learn enough to be fluent. Thanks, Mohammed

- Fairly good

Some of the grammar explanations and questions are not very useful. Also, they put some very easy material much later and some difficulty material much earlier.

- Great

It’s the best method of language learning I’ve tried since traditional classes

- Enjoy Busuu very much

This program helps learn correct grammar, very important in speaking.

- Bridget

This is the BEST Spanish language program I have ever done!

- Spanish learning

Very helpful strengthening my Spanish speaking

- Having fun

Having fun learning Spanish

- Great app

It’s a great app, helps you to focus on studying languages

- Comprehensive learning

I like that busuu teaches vocabulary relevant to daily life.

- Amazing app

I love this app because it is a grate way to learn Spanish.

- very good

very good to learn when I am new

- Grate app

Grate app that i ever seen about Learning English . thank for developer of this amazing app❤️❤️❤️👍

- New beginner

Feeling like I will be fluent in Spanish soon!!!

- Feedback

There should be different dialects of Spanish offered others then the Spain Spanish Also there should be more énfasis of conjugations

- Excellent App

It is so easy to learn Spanish with Busuu.

- Good app

This app is very easy to use.

- get to meet people all over the world

help each other learn languages

- Best language app ever


- Amazinnnngggg


- Spanish

Great app

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- Highly recommend

Definitely worth the $40/ year subscription. Highly recommend and you actually get to learn and interact with with other native speakers from the app. Better than other language apps.

- Excellent for learning as it teaches through all senses

You get to hear, see a picture, read the text, pronounce yourself and write the text. It's bright, visual and fun with the added bonus of connecting you with a community of language learners.

- Excellent

Great app. Can go back over lesson...helps heap

- Accessibility

I wish that the subscription didn’t cost so much because I am a kid trying to learn other languages young and doesn’t have a job yet to pay for premium, but aside from that, this app is really good.

- Great app

Easy to follow. Great for any levels.

- Going to upgrade!

Fantastic app and website to match, I'm going to upgrade when we have some money! You can go through at your own pace and converse with people who speak Spanish trying to learn English on the website. Just wondering why the alphabet isn't available on the app but is on the website?

- Love it!

I'm actually remembering the lessons!! I love this app! The flash cards are great, and so far, I'm even remembering and understanding the written lessons. Explanations are great and there is help an email away, should I need it. The activities are fantastic. For once in my life, I actually have NO COMPLAINTS! Learning something and no complaints? It must be a good app!

- Supporting L2 development

As a teacher, I find that this app is very effective in supporting second language development. The visuals, simplistic outlay, amount of content learnt in one session, and the way it is recovered to reinforce what has been learnt, is very effective. Thanks Busuu!

- Excellent and easy to use

Such a great app, I want to subscribe but not sure if the money comes out monthly or if it comes out all at once yearly. Help?

- Great app

Very good program, great community, easy to pick up hard to put down. The advanced modules are a bit expensive though, if this was changed it would be 5 star

- Great!

The exercises are great and really help you to understand and remember words, phrases and grammar. Wish there were more exercises in the free version though.

- Loves!

I need to know Spanish well enough to do my doctorate in Spain, and this program helps me improve my vocabulary, pronunciations and grammar in a simple format I can review daily. Muy bien, busuu!

- Great app

Really good app for learning Spanish, I love that you can correct other users and they can also correct you. I would prefer to learn Spanish from South America not from Spain. Nicer accent.

- Solid Spanish app

One of the better ones

- Great App

Yes a great app indeed. Just wish each section was a little longer. Maybe a speaking section so you can pronounce correctly.

- Brilliant!!!!

Definitely get, I just wish the add ons were a bit cheaper.

- Ms

This is a great app if you are wanting to actually learn a language.... Not just flash cards, it uses memory practices and games to keep you engaged!

- No better

The best app of its kind that I could find

- Actually pretty good not really a dictionary tho

Not a dictionary but a handy tool

- Brilliant app, best one ive used

Great feedback from community, well structured approach

- One of my favourite apps!

I love it, it's fantastic and incredibly helpful. A+++

- Great!

A perfect app for revising and/or learning Spanish. The exercises are fun and make remembering vocab easy and enjoyable.

- Warwick

Really enjoying the lessons, helping me to navigate my way through Chile.

- Great apps!

Always wanted to learn Spanish with apps, I can learn a lot!

- Great Learning tool

Great Language learning tool 100%

- Great concept!

Love it: it's good, free, I can do it in my own time.

- Aborida

A good app but could have been a little easier starting

- Easy app to use

Good app for first timers

- Fun learning

Great for vocabulary and interactive learning. The Spanish is quite specific to Spain though and there are no conjugated verbs - so not great for practicing grammar. Lots of fun.

- It's great!

Easy to use and practical! Gracias!

- Needs iPad bugs fixed

Works on my iPhone but not my iPad. The second & third exercise in each lesson don't work, gets stuck on 1st qn. Very disappointing.

- Good job

A well thought of app. Thankyou.

- Awsum!!!

Very good and easy to follow :) excited to learn espanol

- Really good.

A really good way to learn

- Great

Learning Spanish. So good

- Buusu Spanish

Great Spanish app

- Very good

Absolutely good.

- Great and helpful app


- Good


- Disappointment

I paid but I didn't get it !!! That's not fair !!!

- Awesome

Love it

- Enjoyable

Great app

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- Parfait

C’est parfait on peut apprendre une langue sans payer même s’il y’a des choses en plus que l’on peut payer je peux très bien apprendre l’espagnol sans payer merci :)😄

- Exercises

The community that corrects your exercises is very helpful. You learn many tips from them which enhances your learning experience.

- Busuu

Méga bien apprend vite les langue, aide les autres à corriger leurs erreurs.

- Facile d’apprendre avec cette application

C’est bien fait et ça facilite l’apprentissage d’une langue étrangère

- Fantastique

Très bonne application pour apprendre de nouvelles langues :)

- Greet App!

Very informative for traveling the world

- Love it! I wish they fix font size

This is a great tool for learning languages. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 star is the font. It doesn’t follow the setting font size and there is no setting on n the app to increase font size either. I wish they fix it.

- Money worthy language app

Purchased the complete French subscription at half price which included all international languages that I can access! Now, I am taking summer Spanish course for credit at McGill. So, this app helps me to improve my learning skill. Great job busuu!

- Great app for learning a variety of useful languages

Free version is also quite good!

- Busuu very friendly to learn!!!

Love it! Very flexible to learn

- Most excellent!

Fun, interactive, informative, and easy to use. Muoy bueno!

- The best

Way better then duo lingo, in my opinion

- Best app ever!

I love this app. You get to connect with REAL people who speak the language you are trying to learn. More personal!

- Súper good

Really great

- Très bien fait

Cet app est vraiment bien fait et professionnel. J’apprends tellement rapidement et en plus c’est amusant. Bravo à l’équipe. Aucun regret d’y avoir investi.

- Vraiment génial

C’est une application vraiment génial. Il serait intéressant que l’on puisse apprendre l’espagnol d’Amérique Latine. Tout comme je corrige des exercices de français qui tiennent seulement compte du français de France. Plusieurs expressions ne trouvent pas écho dans la francophonie ailleurs dans le monde et même dans mes dictionnaires. Donc, peut-être à améliorer!!!

- Worth it

Very useful for new learners

- Très bien

Très simple et fonctionne surprenament bien. Je suis à la 20e les sons et j ai bien hâte d avoir terminé les 140

- Excellent

J'adore cette application. Surtout la communauté qui permet de pratiquer avec d'autres membres.

- Excellente

Plaisant à utiliser. Simple et efficace. Bravo pour le travail.

- Facile, très utilisateur friendly ! Je vais être capable de cheminer encore !

Je le suggère comme application à tous !

- Loving it!

Great app for those who can only learn Spanish on the go! All aspects of learning a new language are covered. At the same time, it's fun and almost effortless. Loving it!


This app is a rip off. The price is **$56.99** per year and will automatically renew each year. They present it as $4.99/month (month written in small and grey) in the hopes that people will not pay attention. Get Duolingo which is as good and very cheap.

- Good!

Great app to learn the basics of spanish. Me gusta!

- Incontournable!

Un complément à mon cours hebdomadaire en classe. Très complet et efficace! Ça vaut la peine de payer!!!

- For serious students

Excellent course. The best out there. It is intensive and gives good opportunity to learn vocabulary, grammar and writing skills. Very good responsive system with live tutors using messaging system.

- Excellent

Excellent site pour apprendre une langue. Surtout avec un IPad. C est moins dispendieux.

- Great app to learn spanish

Great application to learn Spanish. Good exercices, good practice of speaking and writing.

- great affordable language tutor

this ap is affordable, useful, amd fun. it brought my spoken spanish up to conversational levels and greatly increased my reading ability and vocab. this ap would get four stars if it had a verb drill and all the gramar tests lumped into one exam.

- Could be a very good app

This app could be an excellent tool to support your study of a language. The app has quirks like using a word that has two meanings and then later when asked for its definition the word isn't given in context so you have no way of knowing which definition the app wants. More troubling is the fact that not all of the functions in the app work. I have the premium edition. This coupled with poor customer support (I wrote to them about this problem and didn't receive a response), results in a mediocre rating from me.

- Pugs

Fun and useful to use in conjunction with other Spanish apps. They all offer something different so one does not get bored. Try it

- Learning spanish has never been so fun and easy !

Amazing software : simple to use and make spanish fun to learn ! I lové the community aspect to it! Price is very reasonable for what you get ! I recommend busuu to anyone who wants to learn Spanish !

- Ok

Spanish: repetitious, so if that works for you good. If you get it the first time, it is ....repetitious. The accent is from Spain as is the vocab so not great if you go to Mexico.

- Interessant.

Clair et simple etape par etape.

- Super app gratuite!

Vraiment bien fait, bien conçu. Et je n'ai pas encore découvert toutes les options qu'offre la communauté Busuu. Bon niveau, on y développe du vocabulaire et un peu de grammaire. Je la recommande.

- Surprenant !

Rapide et facile

- Allo

C'est assez facile d'utilisation. J'imagine que nous allons pouvoir parler dans cette formation.

- Mon apréciation de busuu

Busuu est un très bon moyen d'apprentissage de langues étrangères. Je suis présentement en secondaire 1 dans un programe édicatif internationnal et aprendre l'espagnol avec busuu m'as beaucoup aider a me préparer. Je recommende busuu! P.s: gracias busuu ! sin ti no tendría un montón de cuestiones que atañen a esta en español ! Busuu es el mejor :)

- Simple

Simple, efficace et ludique, j'aime particulièrement :)

- Buuzu espagnol

Une façon interactive et stimulante pour apprendre les bases du language. Merci Buuzu

- Busuu


- Moi

J'aime très interactif et je peux le faire partout

- It's fun learning with this program

I really enjoy that it talks to you and you can interact with the community because I have no one to practice with.

- Super, j'adore!!!

Je découvre et pour l'instant je duis vraiment satisfaite.

- j'adore!

Très bonne application pour apprendre l'espagnol et pour rencontrer du monde avec qui pratiquer la prononciation!

- Bien!

La version d'essaie me donne le gout d'acheter la version a 4.99$

- Apprendre facilement et simplement.

Très bien comme cours de langues. Interaction avec les autres utilisateurs pour la correction de tes écrits.

- Cours espagnol

Efficace et clair

- Magnifico

Belle application et gratuit wow

- Stimulant

Très interactif Génial Facile à utiliser

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- Love It

Great program!

- Amazing

Great app for Spanish

- TerrePi

Fun and easy

- Wish it was free

Wish it was free

- Probably the best language app I've tried.

I am an advanced learner, and I still find the intermediate lessons worthwhile, a lot of sophisticated vocabulary and examples of how to use the vocabulary in phrases. The website and the app are synchronized, so whatever you do on one is updated on the other, keeping track of where you are in the course. My favorite features are that there is a lot of audio so you learn the correct pronunciation, that there are written and spoken exercises, which are reviewed by native speakers and you get instant feedback, that you have the opportunity to teach your native language to others when you correct their exercises, and that the exercises are interesting, with lots of realistic examples.

- Fantastic!

It is not typical for me to write reviews on apps that I have purchased from Apple. However, this app is simply amazing. I recently got a new position working in communications. To better prep myself for my position I have decided to learn Spanish and German. The app covers all of the bases. Very similar to Rosetta Stone but not half as expensive. This is an amazing portable product that I can take with me anywhere. When I'm sitting in the airport or waiting for a meeting I can be learning Spanish and German. My new found language skills will be great for my future travels which include Costa Rica and Germany. I hope you found my review helpful and that you make the investment into this application thank you.

- Similar to Rosetta stone

There are 3 parts to every unit. A clear, organized vocabulary with pictures to go along, then an example conversation for usage, then a review on each unit. I'm picking up quickly! Lots of free units to get a real feel before u buy. Don't forget to use the additional vocabulary usage notes on the first portion of each unit. They appear for certain words at the upper left corner when it turns orange, I didn't notice them at first. The units go rather quickly, I will definitely have to look through them each a few times. Only con is the Castilian lisp! I want to speak Spanish in Mexico not Spain!

- Finally, an advanced app that helps my writing and really challenges my Spanish

I am an advanced intermediate Spanish speaker (nivel B2), and I have been looking for a way to improve my writing. This app, in 15 minutes, gave me more authentic practice than I've ever had in formulating real discourse. In addition, the vocabulary is advanced. Finally, it took about 2 minutes for my writing exercise to be corrected by the spanish speaking community and although this maybe isn't the most ideal way to learn for me, I got real, authentic feedback. I will almost certainly be purchasing the whole app based on this experience.

- So far so good!

I've only just started this course. So far It seems like a good one. It has more vocabulary words than Instant Immersion Spanish, which we just got for my husband. I like that! It also has a relatively clear order or learning, whereas the Inst. Imm. Spanish is not so well defined--you are free to start with any CD . I am more comfortable with better defined directions. So, this course is, I think, good for me. I may not put forth the money to go beyond the trial app since we did already purchase the other course. We'll see.

- Good but need of some improvements

First off, I love the way this app approaches grammar. I learn more efficiently by charts and following examples. busuu gives you a step by step course that helps me under sentence structure. Rosetta Stone and other programs lack this more traditional approach and they don't properly develop a foundation for conversation (for me at least). However, I do wish busuu would confirm answers in English. As much as I love the app, it is a major flaw. I need to know what was incorrect in order to improve my skills and to reinforce what I already know. It's what's keeping me from giving it 5 stars and possibly cancelling my subscription.

- BUSUU Is a Great Way To Learn!

I am using the BUSUU program to supplement and intensify my classroom studies. It is easy to use, and the varied subjects and vocabulary are interesting and relevant. The grammar and practice exercises are well presented. I appreciate that I can review all or any part of any previous lesson as often as I choose. Some things I just have to review more than once! Without a doubt, BUSUU is the best online language course I have found.

- Great iPad app

This is probably the best app I've found so far for learning And practicing Spanish. It makes me a little nervous though because I have found a couple mistakes with idioms and it makes me wonder if there are other mistakes I am learning through this app that I don't know about. For example: they use the vocab words hambrienta and sedienta for hungry and thirsty. they show the expression being "Estoy hambrienta" but in Spanish they say "tengo hambre" or "I have hunger". I love the writing sample though and I think that is a great feature and a great way to learn how native Spanish speakers structure their sentences.

- Using for review

Can't complain (too much) thus far--It's a VERY good review for myself, since you can"test" and see what level you shoud start at, though this has a few glitches if done in the iPhone's Safari (the "drag and drop into the blanks" exercise is a bit of a nightmare, since the tiles do not always go where you want them to). Interesting note: I thought I had really forgotten a few words, but then I realized the English translations of the Spanish are UK/British, which may throw off us Yanks that aren't familiar with it XD


I have been a member with BUSUU for at least three years probably longer. I have actually grown with this program as they have grown. Then until now I have been extremely satisfied. I have many language books but above all BUSUU is still the best. Their teachIng technique is precise, challenging, and moves at the pace you set for yourself. Thank you BUSUU for existing and making my world wonderful in learning "Spanish" Springmarie

- Surprisingly enjoyable

I didn't like the idea of having so many interactions with a community of other language learners at first, but it really does inspire you to do better and makes the whole experience much more enjoyable than it would be without them. I've only been using it a short while, but I'm impressed.

- App is fine but the community is rude

The app is relatively useful however when you share an exercise with the community you may receive offensive replies from a few miserable little people. And there is not much you can do about it. You cannot block the person. You cannot erase his/her offensive comment. You cannot report the abusive reply. Without this kind of protection, it would be better for the app not to have the sharing option at all.

- Helo

It is really helpful, complete, and a lot cheaper compared than you pay for course with a teacher. But, the installment of the purchases are very slow, I don't understand why date and time in installment is such nessecary? However, there are no loadings when you enter the installed/purchased courses.. I learn spanish really fast. Phrases, grammars, pronounces, audios, all there... =D

- By Island beauty la chica Diaz Emily

This is a very fun and not boring at all. This is my first purchase and I really Think it is forth it!!! Only one thing and That is I did get off and lose the buusuu program for a while when I took a break from using it online. Maybe it's because I'm using my iPhone to do this course. Other then that I really love it alot!!!

- Great app!!

I really like this app! I'm a beginner in Spanish and I'm really starting to pick up! It's kinda like rosetta stone in terms of pictures with the words! It also teaches to in within a conversation which makes it helpful, because you can know words but you might not know how to use it in a sentence! Definity recommend this app!

- Pretty good! I give it 3 1/2 stars (*)

PLUS: I love busuu Spanish. It's fun, uses live pictures, and the audio is very clear. I especially love that our responses are corrected by native speakers of the language, who are in the process of learning "our" language. I'm hoping that as I move on I get to stay in in touch with some of my fellow learners. MINUS: The program moves too fast. There's definitely not enough practice. No instructions are given; you're left to fend for yourself.

- The very best!

Thank you for creating such an incredibly useful app. I'm learning Spanish so much faster being able to practice in those down moments when I used to play games. This is more fun. Some suggestions to make it even better: 1. Use voices in the dialogues that are different enough, otherwise it's difficult to tell when one person ends and the other begins. 2. Some of the speakers don't use the up-voice inflection with question sentences which make them sound like a statements. 3. Include an alphabet at the beginning with the letter sounds and practice. It would be quite helpful! Thanks!!

- Excellent language study application

This is an excellent application for enhancing the study of Spanish. It is not too basic and includes a lot of dialogue as well as review examinations in an enjoyable format. It presumes that the user has a basic familiarity with the vocabulary and grammar, so the user should regard it as tool for enhancing language skills.

- Excellent

This app by far has the best user interface. I would give it 5 stars but I think the IAPs are too expensive. I understand it takes a lot of research and programming to develop an app, but a lot of people and companies fail by charging too much. If l were in an app makers shoes l would model after Mc Donald's and sell billions of burgers for a buck rather than thousands for ten bucks...

- Great way to learn

I love this app. So easy to use and addictive. I do wish it gave a grammar reason when I miss something and that I could use voice recognition on my phone. I love that it is Spanish from Spain, most apps in the US don't so they don't teach the vosotros forms nor do they use the Castilian accent. Thanks!!!!

- Way to go!!!!!!

Thank you this is exactly what I needed. The new format will make learning more understandable. The exercise in Spanish and a translation in English. I feel more engaged now than intimidated. I'm glad to see that your company truly cares about the concerns of your customers. Way to go!!!!

- Learning Spanish review

I really enjoy using busuu. I learned a tiny bit of Spanish in highschool years ago, busuu has been great getting the rust off! I am only through a few sections in the A1 level but can't wait to see how much I learn as I continue through the courses.

- Almost Perfect!

This would be perfect except for one thing. When you do the "test", you are not able to see the sentences or wording. I like to use the app while hubby is watching tv or at public place, so I put it on silent. Cant practice the test in silence as you are not able to view the question. You can hear it, but not see it

- ¡Qué fantástico!

I have found that this app is very useful and great for its range of topics and vocabulary. It is relatively inexpensive, and I am pleased with the demo because it shows exactly how the full version will be... No surprises. A good tool for building vocabulary and memory through interactive methods. This is good for beginners and mid-range levels.

- Superior language learning app

This app has several "sample" chapters that you can make use of before making an in-app purchase. Not many different activities, but offers a wide range of vocab & grammar practice. Even forming your own sentences that can be checked by expert users.

- Great Spanish course

With all my kids learning Spanish, I decided I needed to as well. This course is great - having the photos, text & sound all at the same time is helpful & I like being able to repeat things as much as I want. The kids really like it, too. Super app!

- Very well rounded

I like that I am learning how to talk as well as spell in Spanish. I think I learn more from my mistakes, and Busuu offers tests so I am getting good reinforcement of what I know and what I need to work on. Bottom line: this offers the practice, practice, practice that you need to learn Spanish.

- Great for vocabulary

I am currently using three apps to brush up on Spanish prior to a work trip. Busuu has been the strongest of the three in terms of vocabulary (through the A1 and A2 lesson). I would highly recommend the cash for the upgrade, very much worth every penny!

- Busuu rocks

I love Busuu. It is an affordable and enjoyable way to learn to communicate with so many amazing people from around the world and broaden your awareness of how close we all really are. Language is such a barrier for us to communicate and understand one another an Busuu helps to learn new language skills and connect to friends we haven't yet met. Enjoy. Abrazos Muchas Gracias Busuu.

- Quick language learning.

This method is easy and fun. I have studied Spanish on and off for much of my life but always forget what I learn due to lack of practice. This method helps me recall what I am learning and then reinforces the new words so I don't forget them so essily.

- Good to supplement learning

I am a premium on line member and I have used this program for over 2 years. I love the option of getting feed back from native speakers from different countries, very important when studying Spanish .

- Great little utility

Wouldn't use it by itself, but as a practice/review tool, it's wonderful. I've never had a problem using it (two weeks and three languages now) and it's become my most used program while waiting. And it's free, so..,

- Great!

I used to use duolingo which was good but this is so much nicer! The sequencing makes more sense and they actually address grammar which is what I wanted mostly. I also enjoy the lessons have a smaller number of words but being more intense.

- Student

Immersion style learning well adapted to the mobile device. You can really learn Spanish using this in minutes a day. It's fast moving, fun and the app keeps you motivated and holds your interest. Definitely recommended!!

- Wonderful

Busuu Spanish is a great app. It teaches words and phrases. I just wish it had a voice feature to check your pronunciation. The website also has the feature to communicate live with native speakers. It would be great if that could be incorporated in the app. Great app very easy to use.

- Bussu

Bussu is a really great practice for kids my age. My wonderful Spanish teacher introduced this to me to get more practice and I hope you can add more free stuff about your family cause that is what we are learning right now and I made a good grade on that test cause of bussu.

- Great tool

I like using this because I am forced to listen not just read or speak. Being able to listen and hear what others are saying is key to having a real conversation.

- Needs tests

This is overall a ver good app for learning Spanish but I wish that it had bigger tests like for every three units just how it is on the website. Also I wish it had certificates and final exams. But overall vey good and I am mostly happy with it! I definitely would recommend it to anyone.

- fácil!

I really like this app because not only do you get lessons like all the other apps, but you can write and people from around the world can correct you. It's awesome that were all going through this together.

- Good for beginners

This app is good for beginners. I have not taken a class on Spanish yet but this app gives you an idea of what your in for. I wish it taught you how to pronounce letters and sounds. The sound "l" is different than "ll" in different words. I bought the first beginner section and am having fun and learning.

- Great app

I really like this app because it makes it very easy to learn languages in small interactive units. But you need to know some of the basics before starting to learn a language with this app or the learning curve will be flat for a while

- Excellent app

I love this app not only for beginners but advanced learners. Very entertaining I'm on it for hours. Lots of material and makes learning easy. I glad I didn't spend all that money on rosetta stone. With you kind of pay as you advance well worth it.

- Great

So this is an awesome app, but the free version actually starts off as the fully loaded and a week later you get an email saying that it will only last three more days then you lose most of the great activities that make this so educational and fun. Great app, but wish it started and stayed from day one without all the changes.

- Pronunciation is a bit too fast for beginner.

Just started & so far so good; should have the option to slow down pronunciation. I live in the west coast - a Mexican Spanish pronunciation would probably be more appropriate. My Spanish-speaking Mexican friends might think I have a lisp or some kind of speech impediment. But, as I said, can't wait for my next class.

- Fun app!

I'm trying to get serious about learning Spanish. I'm using three different apps to learn. Rotating them out as I progress. Coming back to this one is always the most fun. Kind of a break between the brain squeezers. Lol

- Fun and simple way to learn. Best I've seen so far.

I have really enjoyed learning on busu. It is easy to engage with and the pictures and sounds make it very fun to use. I cannot think of a better way to learn a language.

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Learn Spanish with Busuu 22.9.1 Screenshots & Images

Learn Spanish with Busuu iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Learn Spanish with Busuu iphone images
Learn Spanish with Busuu iphone images
Learn Spanish with Busuu iphone images
Learn Spanish with Busuu iphone images
Learn Spanish with Busuu iphone images
Learn Spanish with Busuu iphone images
Learn Spanish with Busuu ipad images
Learn Spanish with Busuu ipad images
Learn Spanish with Busuu ipad images
Learn Spanish with Busuu ipad images
Learn Spanish with Busuu ipad images
Learn Spanish with Busuu ipad images
Learn Spanish with Busuu Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Learn Spanish with Busuu Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Learn Spanish with Busuu (Version 22.9.1) Install & Download

The applications Learn Spanish with Busuu was published in the category Education on 2010-09-17 and was developed by Busuu Limited [Developer ID: 370806574]. This application file size is 173.11 MB. Learn Spanish with Busuu - Education posted on 2020-09-10 current version is 22.9.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.busuu.spanish.app

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