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Looking for the best way to learn a new language on your phone? Consider your search over. You’ve just discovered Busuu – the award-winning app that makes mastering languages easier, more entertaining and effective for all.

Whether you’re learning for a higher grade, a career boost, mind-blowing travel experiences or for better conversations with your loved ones, Busuu has got your back.

Jam-packed with first-rate features, we’re helping over 100 million people overcome their learning struggles, from lack of time and motivation to problems with grammar and vocab. We do this by helping our learners achieve their goals, one milestone at a time – and we want to do the same for you.



How are we doing this? We’re glad you asked. Whether you’re learning on your iPad or iPhone, Busuu helps you...

– Master up to 12 languages
That’s right, 12! Learn English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Polish, Russian, Arabic or Turkish with Busuu.

– Kiss goodbye to stressful timetabling
We’re serious. We organise your learning time for you with our Study Plan. Simply tell us when you want to study and for how long, then we’ll send you notifications to keep you on track.

– Ensure you never forget a word again
There’ll be no forgetting vocabulary on our watch. Avoid word memory blanks with the Vocabulary Review. It’ll help you revise, revise, revise and revise until the words stick.

– Master grammar, once and for all
Grammar. Everyone’s favourite topic. Well, it might be once you’ve tried our Grammar Review. From tough concepts like the subjunctive to the scary world of pronouns, we’ve got you covered.

– Master speaking with feedback from natives
You learn a language to speak it, right? You’re in luck: with our Conversations feature, we’ll connect you with our community of 100 million native speakers. They’ll be more than happy to help.

– Progress from beginner to upper intermediate level
Learning from scratch? That’s cool with us. Or learning after a long break? That’s okay, too. Busuu helps you find your level and work your way up.

– Learn from the experts
Our award-winning online courses are created by our ingenious language experts. They know their stuff, and they know how to help you reach fluency.

– Show off achievements with official certificates
With our official McGraw-Hill Education language certificates, you’ll have ample proof of your language capabilities.

– Learn anytime, anywhere
Life can take you anywhere – and your learning should be no different. Download content on your iPad or iPhone and learn on the go with Offline Mode.


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● DtGV – Best Language App 2018
● 22 hours on Busuu = 1 college semester, according to a study


A lot of the features are free, but you will need a subscription in order to get access to all features of this app. Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current payment period. Your iTunes account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your Account Settings.
You can manage your subscriptions through your Account Settings after purchase.
Privacy policy: https://www.busuu.com/en/privacy/
Terms of Service: https://www.busuu.com/en/terms/

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Busuu: Language Learning Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you for updating! We are always working hard to improve the app at Busuu. We have released new lessons for English and Japanese learners. We have also released a brand new French Business Course. We hope you enjoy them! If you enjoy using Busuu, please rate and review us. Questions? Feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at team@busuu.com.

Busuu: Language Learning Comments & Reviews

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- Great App

I have recommended this app to some of my English students because it's a great way to improve your English. I'm studying French and I love the translated dialogues they have on the ends of many of the units. They use native, non-robotic speakers and speak at a natural pace so you can hear the linking of words. I also enjoy the visuals and how they contextualize all of their wonderful flashcards with sentence examples of the words. I have a few suggestions for improvement. First, they often will throw 3 to 5 complicated rules at you and then have you practice them all at once as if you should have digested all of that info at once. I think they should introduce one rule then have you practice that one and build on that. Also, often there is no audio or translation in many of the activities and I believe that's a big loss to the student. That's one place where duolingo wins out because they are good about that. Also, I'd love more review, so past rules and lessons are woven into the new ones. Also, not a fan of the high pitched ding sound that you can't turn off. Overall very impressed and excited to keep using it. Update: Buusu is my favorite language learning app by far and far surpasses duolingo because more practical language is taught and grammar isn’t ignored. I’m studying Spanish on it now and wish I had a non-Castilian option because I’m looking to communicate with Mexicans and Latin-Americans who don’t use vosotros or that th sound for the s.

- Best Language App Out There!

I just have to say bluntly that this app is incredibly effective and beneficial. No matter the language you are learning, it teaches you actual grammar concepts and how to use them, which I find remarkable. As far as I know, no other language app on the ’App Store’ teaches you a language in that amount of detail. I am learning Japanese on ’Busuu’ and I find it amazingly helpful and effective. I have tried a number of language apps to learn Japanese and apps specific to learning Japanese, and none match the matter of excellence and quality this app brings. I have yet to complete the Japanese course, but I have tried out a few of the last lessons on the Japanese course, and the Japanese they are speaking are actually very advanced, even for English! The dialogue even expects you to know what the people in the text are saying, without Rōmaji! (Rōmaji is the Latin aid of Japanese words. Example: ‘たこ’ is ‘Tako’ in Rōmaji, and ‘Tako’ means octopus in English.) This app really leads you to having an advanced foundation and in some cases, I believe can lead to fluency! I highly recommend this app and have had so much improvement in my Japanese! This app makes you actually ”want” to learn a foreign language and this app makes it easy by giving you bite-sized lessons! I really enjoy this app and am looking forward to seeing what other amazing things I can say and do in other countries, all from the help of this app!

- Surprisingly helpful and efficient!

I love how easy it is to use, and how amazing the community is. The lessons are designed very well and the app is extremely easy to use. Just pick a language you want to learn and let the app guide you the whole way through. It’s pretty straight forward and eventually you will be familiar and hopefully fluent in whatever chosen language. I strongly suggest you try out the community feature where you can find people to help you, correct your mistakes, ask for feedback, and even socialize. It’s incredibly easy to find people and make friends. I’ve been using this app for a few days to learn French and I have already learned about 60 words. The ONLY con I can think of is that during lessons you are required to listen to a voice saying words and phrases. This could potentially be a problem because sometimes it can be hard to hear what word or phrase they are saying, especially when they talk too fast. Other than that, everything works like a charm. I don’t ever write reviews but I thought I should praise a high quality app that actually helped me accomplish something. Honestly, it is quite fun learning a new language even if you aren’t serious in becoming fluent, and that’s where this app really shines... it makes it FUN and NOT boring to learn. Anyways, I love this app and I think it’s a great tool to pass the time and learn a new language fairly easily.

- Addictive and helpful

Two weeks ago I knew only a handful of phrases of German that I’d memorized as a child. I have now worked steadily through the first level of Busuu German level one, taking copious notes, and I’m very pleased with all the vocabulary I have picked up, all the grammar I have mastered, and the friends from around the world I have made. I’m amazed at the complexity of the sentences I am able to construct within such a short time. Granted I devoted more time to it than would normally be possible. I have neglected some household chores and Facebook friends to study in every possible spare moment (before and after work). It’s terrific to be part of an international learning community. I appreciate the input and enjoy helping others. It’s great to get tips and encouragement from native speakers. I’m also planning to brush up on my other languages sometime for fun. It’s nice that that you can learn more than one language with this method for no extra charge. There is sufficient repetition of key concepts and vocabulary that they stick but not so much that it gets irritating. I think the pace is good. I think the concepts covered are good. I’d like to have learned some of them earlier (eg the endings of adjectives-which have not yet made an appearance) but it’s good to have that to look forward to. There’s a good balance of aural and written language. All in all I’m very pleased with this app and would recommend it.

- I am obsessed

[disclaimer: I bought the full account so I have features not everyone might, but I seriously recommend getting the full version, it’s worth every single penny] As an avid language learner, I’ve tried every app and website out there, and this is by far my favourite of all of the ones I’ve ever used. From the gorgeous and entertaining design to the sensical and organised lessons, everything is just perfect. I love the separated grammar lessons so much and the culture/grammar notes as I learn new things are so helpful and interesting, they really add an exciting element to my learning and remind me of how amazing it is to be opening the door to a new world by learning the language. One of my favourite things is how the lessons are laid out and how you can go about completing them. Unlike most apps and websites where the groupings are by random topics and you must do them in order, busuu has a fantastic way of taking a concept, teaching vocabulary for it, introducing grammar with that vocabulary, and making it all useful for actual communication. That to me is one of the best features, because I know that I’m constantly learning material I need, instead of crawling my way through 4 lessons about food to get to the important stuff. Busuu is amazing, and I recommend it to literally everyone, thanks busuu for motivating me and making learning so much fun!

- Love it / Quiéralo

So far, so good. I would like to thank the developers for taking the time to read this (hello! :) Also, Thank You for developing Busuu. I have been refreshing my Spanish (first language is English) and I really do enjoy this app! Much appreciated! I recommend to anyone that is dedicated to learning another language as well! I read in a previous comment that expanding the social portion of the app would be appreciated and I 100% agree ! It would be awesome to have pen pals or something set up that would allow one to practice with someone trying to do the opposite (like someone fluent in Spanish learning English would be my opposite and so I would b connected to them and we would be able to help each other one on one whenever possible . (via email, video chat, phone calls, all of the above :) or however Busuu would prefer to set a messaging system/way to communicate). I just really loved that idea and think the best way to learn a language is to actually use the language as much as possible and immerse oneself in the language consistently. Thank you again Busuu for you super cool, fun, easy language learning app! I think tech people/developers are literally some of smartest hardworking people ever and I give you Kudos !! Take Care and God Bless✌️

- Amazing App

Love the fact that I can learn different languages with a close or same curriculum as a college language course, I used to use other apps and found this one more helpful and more complete. So much , I didn’t mind paying the annual fee which is much more less that paying at any other institutions or college and you get the advantage of learning different languages at once. I’m currently learning French, Mandarin and Italian for the price of $35 a year. You also get to make friends from different parts of the world. If they are native speakers for the languages you are learning they’ll help you by correcting your exercises and viceversa, by making friends or anyone willing to help. It’s a beautiful community and you really feel the support, for the first time I do not feel embarrassed speaking words because they will also tell you how to write better or pronounce it better with no judgement involved 🙌🏻 it feels good ! I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to learn at their own pace. The app also makes a custom plan for you and it tells you how many months with consistency it will take you to be fluent. Yay!!!! If you don’t get it you’ll be wasting your time and money elsewhere! Get it!!!!

- Better than duolingo

I’m loving Busuu so far. It’s a refreshing take on learning a language vs what many other apps tend to do. This one actually includes real photos with their vocabulary, which helps solidify the language better in your mind vs mentally translating it to English first. They also have conversation demos spoken by actual ppl so you can pick up the proper inflections. AND there is a social option where every once in a while you are offered to put something out there for native speakers to read/listen and correct if needed. You, in turn, can help others by correcting their work as well. Update: I dropped my rating down by a star because while I do still love it, I feel like this lessons are only giving you the basics of what they expect you to learn? You get some vocabulary, but no practice on sentence structure for how to use it. So when the dialogue comes around, all I can catch are the few words I learned and I have no idea what they are actually talking about and what is other vocab I wasn’t taught and what are all these sentence particles I was never shown. I wish there would be a better breakdown of grammar and sentence structure because while the lessons do a great job at holding your hand in the beginning, I feel a little thrown off a cliff now.

- BUSUU🥇💖💖💖💖💖

Busuu is a great app. I love how busuu walks you through speaking new languages. I also love that it shows pictures to go along with the words and how busuu will translate the new language that you are learning into the language that you already speak. I also love how busuu has the “listen and repeat” stages where you can repeat the new language you are learning so that you can learn how to actually say the new word that you have learned. I love how busuu has added the buddying thing. That way, you and your buddy can help each other out in learning new languages. And they even pull up the buddies that are learning the language that you already know, and that speak the language that you are learning! 😀 And busuu is even FREE. Now you don’t have to waste your money on other dumb apps that cost like a million dollars every year. I was wanting to learn German because half of my family was from Germany. I was looking for apps that would teach me this, but all of them costed money-until I found busuu. I would definitely recommend busuu to others in need of learning new languages. It is a great way to learn, AND A GREAT WAY TO HAVE FUN WHILE DOING IT!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁

- Busuu is a great app

Over time, I have tried most of the language apps; Rosetta Stone, Babbel, Duolingo, Drops, etc. Busuu is the best of all of them in most ways. The language level evaluation is great for those that have some understanding of the target language but are not sure of how to rate themselves. The goal setting of a “lesson plan” helps to keep a person on track. The words taught and dialogs are very practical to what a person might experience in everyday conversations. Grammar is integrated into the lessons every few lessons. It is helpful when grammar is spaced out like this. Every so often, there will be an assignment of writing a short paragraph on a subject in the target language. This gives practice using what has been taught. You are graded by others that are also learning, and grade others on their writing skills in their target language (with you having a best understanding of your native language). The only small weakness I find with Busuu is that the grammar review after the initial lesson is not as good as with Babbel. I am doing exercises at B2 level in German and the only “practice grammar” that I ever get is on the accusative case. On the other hand, the vocabulary practice is done exactly right. It uses something like the spaced repetition that Anki and Quizlet use.

- Not for me

So, I started the trial and I liked busuu, but as I progressed through the program I found I needed to go back to previous lessons a lot, which isn’t very easy to do without interrupting and having to restart your current lesson. That made review pretty difficult. I also was dismayed at how quickly my “fluency” rating was increasing despite the fact I continuously needed to review old material. I finally felt I wasn’t really learning much. Plus, you aren’t really taught the written languages. The hiragana and katakana seem to be included incidentally, and kanji get thrown in randomly without explanation. I hate to say this, but at least for me I found better resources Learn Japanese!!, Learn Japanese!-Kanji and Learn Japanese!!! seem to really be in tune with modern learning techniques, force you to review items you make mistakes on more often, and uses SRS review methods. You don’t need to know what SRS means, but it’s damned clever and really reinforces what you have learned. Also, Anki is great for memorizing the Japanese alphabets, it’s REALLY important to learn those first if you are even a little bit serious about learning Japanese. I think busuu could really improve itself if it took a few pages from these other programs. If they did that, and I had a chance to review the program again, I would like the chance to delete this review and give them the stars I wanted to when I first downloaded the program.

- Actually Great For Learning

It might just be my learning style, but this is by far the best app that I have found so far. I know there are probably many people saying the same thing about all the different apps out there, but you can test all of them out on a free trial anyways to see which one works best for you. Therefore, I am writing this to make sure that you at least give this one a try. I have been trying Duolingo, Babbel, Rosetta Stone, Memrise, and some others. However, I have an actual hardcopy work book that refered me to this app and it’s the best. I like it because it actually tells you the “why” and not just the “what”. It stops every so often to explain grammar and conjugation, which I didn’t see much of in other apps. Other apps just want you to use it enough until you figure it out for yourself, but my time and brain doesn’t allow me to learn in this way. I learn by having things explained to me, memorizing, and then repeating/practicing for long term memory. Other apps seem to start with the last step. This app also has many different lesson styles, which keep it interesting. Most comprehensive app so far.

- Probably the best language learning app

People are drawn to Duolingo because it’s free, I totally get it. And no shade to them, because I think that they serve a purpose. But if you’re serious about learning how to confidently converse in another language, Busuu is where it’s at. It’s very reasonably priced considering what you actually get with a premium membership. The app itself functions super well, have not experienced any issues in a month of using it. The layout is great also, very user friendly. It’s so helpful to be able to have your writing and/or speaking exercises corrected by native speakers. It’s such a valuable resource. The lessons are paced perfectly, too. I’ve tried a few language learning apps in my day, and let me tell ya, I think Busuu is the winner. I like Mango quite a bit too, for different reasons. And one suggestion I would make to Busuu would be to have a pronunciation breakdown pop up by clicking on a word. The native speakers are excellent and speak clearly, but it would just help quite a bit. Especially with French, yikes... All in all, would highly recommend! Busuu doesn’t get enough hype!

- Best language app I’ve used

I have used my fair share of language learning apps but Busuu is the app I stick with. Its key feature is having interactions with native speakers from day one. Honestly, plain old humans are a better way to learn language than AI grammar bots. You will make mistakes and sometimes sound non sensical but it’s okay because the community is really nice and everyone helps one another in learning languages. Busuu introduces concepts and new words in bite-size fashion. So that you’re making progress at a steady rate. In the dialogues, I feel like the ratio between “I’ve learned this stuff” and “let me try to figure out this other stuff” is good so that it never feels overwhelming. As mentioned above, interacting with native speakers helps tremendously in learning a new language and that makes Busuu stand apart from other apps. Will Busuu help you achieve an intermediate or advanced level on its own? No, but in addition to language tutoring sessions, flash cards and a textbook it will help a lot in your language journey from beginner to intermediate. So, yeah, in conclusion, I think the premium version is worth the money.

- 🏆🏆My Goodness this is AMAZING!🏅🏅🏅

First let me say this game has a variety of languages to learn and gives you accurate lessons! I’m learning French and I can already greet my family in the morning and start a formal conversation! This app tells you what words you are struggling on, it lets you download lessons, and lets you speak to people who fluently the language you are learning, these people can correct you and help you along the way! Talk about support! This app is great, splendid! But, it is not without its flaws. While learning lessons sometimes I do miss the meaning of a phrase or do not understand it. So, it would be great if they would tell you what you did wrong and/or the definition of a vocabulary word. Also it would be great if they started to add funny games too. Just so you can have a little more fun instead of only doing lessons and reading for a good 10 minutes. But, again this game is great, I recommend this to anybody that reads their native language well. Thank you for reading this review! 🙂

- Not immersive enough

My biggest gripe with any language learning app is there is waaay to much English (my native language) in the lessons. This app is no different. It’s so much harder for my brain to go back and forth between two different languages, rather than just being immersed in one language and not having to go back and forth. This is the way we learn as babies and this is the way that works for me. The first 3 flashcards were 3 different new Japanese words and the 4th flashcard was an English question, “This means ___. True or False.” Nooooo. I just had one card telling me a word and then two other cards of two different words and now you’re quizzing me in English? Just no. And then the next card was a sentence in Japanese asking again in English, what did I hear. If I listen to the same word and see the pictures, that’s all I need. No English. No quizzing. Just speaking and listening. If I want a translator, then I worry more about reading and writing. I don’t want a translator. I want a program that actually teaches me a language first. The reading and writing come last. So far, there is only one application that comes close to this. At the very least, I wish there was a way in this app and many other apps to have the option to only speak and listen first.

- Not enough review of previous lessons

Seriously there is a lot of new material words as well as grammar is given at every lesson, but review is only for vocabulary. Im trying to learn French and as an example in one of the lesson you flash a table in the “tip” section with a table of irregular verbs and their form to make a “passé composé” , and then some review of this verbs happen through the lesson so if I could not remember them all at one then to get though the exercise its a lot of try and errors, and lots of frustration (I guess I could have make a screen gab and cheat with it to go through....). I believe the learning should be a little bit more fun at least for me unless you are in live or die situation, were a lot of people are clearly not.... and lack of repetition and review of the grammar could eventually form gap in the very basics. Im not in position to give you any advice how to teach foreign language cause clearly you have much more experience in doing that, I just provide you a feedback. What I really like is that you have a lot of real life phrases which I think could be useful

- Great but can be improved!

Unlike other apps, Busuu is a great tool for learning a language without getting bored in a fairly dynamic way. In addition, it is designed that I can study English effectively by setting the amount of time you can allot for a day, and because it is addictive, I can study every day. In particular, by practicing how to use words correctly in sentences in this app., I can naturally acquire practically necessary grammar. However, one problem is that there is no way to review what I have studied or especially the new words I have learned. The problem is that the more I study a new unit through this app, the more this problem accumulates, and as time passes, I can't remind myself of the words I didn't know or the new words I studied. Therefore, if there is an option to review the contents of the unit I studied previous time, or add the ability to note words I don't know or want to remember while studying, it will be an app that will help my study English.

- I like it.

I like this app so far. It allows you to speak and share with native speakers of your language of choice. The only thing I am struggling with is learning alphabet with Arabic. The flash cards give you pictures, but when you get quizzed they sometimes may give sentences or match making with words. If I do not know the alphabet I have no way of knowing what it says even if I have learned the phrases or words. I’m not sure what to do about that. May I suggest a more in depth breakdown of the alphabets for each language? My language is Arabic and they have some interesting sounds that we do not use in the english language. To see the letter and know the sound associated with it would help tremendously The rest is really cool. I find it fun and engaging. As someone hoping to become an ESL teacher some day soon, I really enjoy correcting and helping the others’ exercises . Everyone is so kind and thankful. You really get a sense of purpose. Chokran/ Thanks!

- Good service, but incomplete without paying for the subscription

I really enjoy the app and it is much easier to fit these lessons into my day than the lessons of some other apps, while feeling like I am learning something new and not going through the motions to continue my streak. HOWEVER, if you are not paying for the subscription many parts of the learning process are off limits. This is very annoying and as I continue with the lessons, some of them are entirely unavailable and the next lesson is a little confusing because of the gap. If you are not interested in seeing if this works well enough for you to invest, it may not be great in the long run. For Japanese, the quizzes and many grammar lessons are unavailable when using the freely available lessons. I have learned some nuances about words I already know, so it has still been a good experience. If you can, supporting a great service is good. But if you can’t this can only help you with some portion of learning the language. This is why I reduced their star from 4 to 3. It is still useful but much less so.

- Pretty Good so far

So I was trying out some language learning apps because I’m trying to learn spanish. I was checking out the subscription prices for busuu because I liked how the app was set up and all. I was going to screenshot it to think about it later, and when I put my thumb on the home button to screenshot I accidentally purchased the 1 year plan with my fingerprint 😂. So I tried to cancel it but it won’t let me cancel the subscription. I mean the price really wasn’t too bad for a 1 year plan, and I like the app. So yeah hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be bilingual I guess. Overall it’s pretty great though, it’s got a lot of different ways to learn and I really like how you can have people who natively speak the language to show you what you are doing wrong with your speaking. It’s a great app and I think it’ll really help me learn spanish, really my only complaint overall is that they won’t let me cancel my subscription.

- Great app for language learners.

I’ve been using Busuu for a few days and the interface is smooth, it’s easy to understand. The fact that you can also set a lesson plan to learn at your own pace with built in reminders to use the app daily is a great function. You also have the ability to learn multiple languages at once, though if you want to create a study plan for the second language it will delete the study plan for the first so that is one issue I found. Ultimately the best function with this app is the interaction with native speakers, when you’re done with a lesson you have the option to either write or speak about what you’ve learned and it gets sent to the community for review and users can correct your pronunciation/spelling etc. It’s amazing to get feedback from natives, and if they are learning your language you can add eachother and correct each other’s exercises after each lesson. All they would need now is a direct message system and the app would be great.

- Best lenguaje app!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This app is perfect. I started to learn Italian a few weeks ago and I have to say that this app is the only one that has adapted to what I want. Is super easy to use and it teaches you in a didactic way. It gives you lessons at the same time it provides dialogues and audios so you can actually know the correct way to pronounce the words. One thing that I like about is that it also gives you the opportunity to test what you’ve learn by interacting with natives speaking and they can correct you if you have any mistake. I think this is a great way to learn! Also, the app helps you plan when and how much time you want to study per week. Personally I like to dedicate at least 45 min to study everyday, but if you’re a busy person I think you could dedicate even 15 min and you would be learning a lot. If you wanna learn a new language and don’t know where to start, try this app! You won’t regret it!!

- Definitely worth 5 stars!

So I’ll preface by saying I’ve tried a handful of language learning apps, none of which work for me. They start throwing phrases at me that I don’t know, they don’t actually teach things. But Busuu is a whole different game. I’m actually learning! I got to choose what my final goal is, and since I chose to pay for premium, the benefits, I find, almost outweigh the cost. They have a learning plan for you to follow, and if you’re serious, it’ll actually get you to your language goal by the end date that they set for you. I would like to see a chat system or something, so you could message a friend with a question. And also! My BIGGEST complaint is that you can’t delete a comment/correction that you post. So many times I post a correction and I find that there’s a typo, but now I can’t delete it and I end up looking silly. Anyway, tldr: great, GREAT app! Highly recommended. For sure consider premium.

- A great companion for a beginner

There are few things that motivate you in creating a habit. Busuu reinforces your need to learn and enjoy the beautiful things about a language. They accompany words with images, sounds and pronunciation. The images and sound are high quality. When you finish a lesson, the sounds of the circumference getting completed is extremely satisfying. I would not recommend using this app as the main source. Their method is not very good compared to the quality of the app. But the best parts are the conversations with sounds, context, pronunciation and word meaning. I could hear the same conversation 10 times until my brain has found the pattern. But I would not go through 10 conversations in 1 day. So, I do 20 minutes a day in the same course. This a great app and it deserves to be praised. Many languages. Beautiful content. Extensive material. I am glad this is with me for a year.

- So far so good

At 30 dollars a year, it’s definitely not a bad deal, especially if you can maintain a pattern of engagement. As with almost any app, updates such as simple ease-of-use and additional tools would improve user interface, not a big deal though. Native speaker corrections are, for the most part, quite useful. I can only see this app getting better in the future, as it has taught me immense amounts of grammar that might have taken many more months and dollars to understand. In short, if you would like to improve the structure of the language you are learning/have learnt, this is probably a good app for you to try. Not to mention, there are free portions that are less grammar-focused to show you how the app can be before a subscription/purchase is ever made. Amateur or fluent, Busuu may prove to be a nice challenge with its own rewards, if language learning is an interest you share. Cheers.

- Thank you Busuu

I was looking for a reliable app to learn Turkish on, and I was between Busuu and Babbel. I chose Busuu because when I came to look at the reviews, I saw that almost every comment had a reply from the developers. That shows me that you really care about your customers opinions and complaints, and that you have integrity. I've been using Busuu for only a few hours now and I've already learned new phrases. It's very reliable and unique, and the premium is worth every penny so far. Busuu isn't only an app to learn a language on but also a small form of social media, as it connects you with people from all over the world who are also trying to learn a language, and you could either help them or they help you. And everyone is so polite. I'm having a good time with the app, I'm actually LEARNING. If you're like me, and you're trying to find out who's the best, pick Busuu. You won't regret it.

- Suggestions

Hi! My name is Owen, and i’m currently learning Japanese on this app. This app does an excellent job of teaching and reinforcing information. It’s great that the app uses native speakers to help correct others work! I understand that this app has people pay money to use quizzes and other features to keep it add free, however I was wondering if it were possible to get quizzes and help from native speakers by watching ads for helping others with their exercise. (Of course leave out certificates) Unfortunately since I can’t complete quizzes I can only get 67% completion on my lessons and it discourages me from keeping the app. I would love to keep the app but i’m unable to pay and I know it’s a long shot to have someone read my review and actually think it’s a good idea to have a “trade-off” to get quizzes and help from native speakers. Although i’m most likely going to uninstall this app, I still love it!

- Overall Great, but...

I really love this app and the method of teaching because it explains some of the grammar I always wondered about, in my other studies I just remembered the phrases not always understanding why. I also like that you can download the lessons because I travel a lot on long flights and I used to be bummed that I wasn’t able to do that with other apps. Another cool feature is other students can correct your work and you can correct theirs so you can get help from native speakers. Also you can take a placement test before so if you’ve studied before you don’t have to start at the beginning or guess what level you should start at. There is a really good balance between listening, reading and writing which I also really love. The one thing I really don’t like is when you do lessons where you put together sentences the app doesn’t always tell you what the translation is, so even when I get it right I can’t confirm that I know what it really translates to. Another small thing that I don’t really like is if I get something wrong twice the app still lets me pass that level. I would prefer to keep trying to get it right and not be able to pass the level until I do. Even with that I really do like the app and purchased a subscription for a year. I do understand that it is a work in progress and the company will be continuing to make improvements. I do recommend it!

- Amazing App

I’ve written a review in the past, but thought I would give an update as I took some time away from the app. Why I stopped using Busuu I’m not sure. Pretty sure I just got sidetracked with life in general. I absolutely LOVE utilizing this app for language learning. There aren’t any shortcuts with learning something new or developing a skill, but Busuu sure does make it a lot easier! You’re able to learn a new language without it being over complicated. Review is also super easy. Not only do you get to review phrases and words as you continue with the lesson, you can also quiz yourself on words and phrases that you’ve “favorited”. It’s perfect. Since the app has been updated I love it even more. Having a language learning plan and notifications to remind me to study keeps me on track for my learning goals. I’m excited to see how much I progress over the next few months!

- Great, but

When I downloaded this app it was amazing! I completely fell in love with it, it had absolutely everything I needed and was looking for. Others apps do not have this layout and it just works really great for me. However, and the big problem is, that there is little to none content in the free version of the app. At first I took my placement test for French, and I ended up in level A2, I was so excited! But the lessons of that level and up- there were all for premium users. I could barely complete any lesson past the 40% because everything else you needed to pay for. Basic grammar lessons, review of words, essential topics, all were only for premium users. I think the app is one of the best things ever, but I am a college student I don’t have the budget to pay for the prices they are asking. Bottom line is, maybe more content from the app can also be enjoyed by people that are not premium? I would really appreciate it! -Andrea

- The BEST

This is the best language learning app!! I used duolingo for a long time, but this is actually helping me learn my target language quickly and work towards fluency, not just vocabulary. Duolingo is cute and free, but as many native speakers and teachers have told me, it won’t help you become fluent. Busuu ok the other hand is simple, easy to understand, and all the lessons are in nice small chunks that keep me engaged without getting overwhelmed. All the material lines right up with what I learned in my college level french class, but is way easier to understand! I wish I had known about this sooner. Yes the full version costs, but it’s 200% worth it, especially if fluency or mastery is your goal. A lovely touch was how they design a learning plan based on your goals with your target language. I’ve recommended it to multiple friends and we’re all using it now!

- My Review of Busuu

I rarely write reviews for apps but Busuu is such a great language learning tool. Its interface is easy to use and navigate and I love the ability to learn alongside native speakers of the language you are learning. I used the free trial and have found myself learning a lot over the time I’ve spent so far and I keep wanting to learn more. I’ve been using the app for about 8 days and have spent close to 15 hours studying German. It has been enjoyable to help those who are learning English and to be helped by those who know German. I’ve also found myself learning more about British grammar because the English that Busuu teaches is British English so I’ve realized I need to be more careful when correcting others’ English. I realize this will probably be lost in a sea of other shining reviews but Busuu has been a fun experience so far and I can’t wait to keep learning!

- The idea is there, but the learning is not.

First of all, this app is pretty complex. I have been learning Spanish for a while now and tested straight into B1. It says I’m 61 percent fluent, which is clearly not right. The way it teaches new words doesn’t give you enough of a chance to really get it into your head before it’s giving a quiz to fill in the blank with the words. Apps such as Duolingo start off with you choosing the words, you get to see them, use them in sentences, figure out how it’s used in sentences, then as you progress through the lesson, it slowly starts forcing you to use the words yourself without completely throwing you overboard. I didn’t even get a chance to learn how to spell the word in writing before it was quizzing me. It’s also EXTREMELY picky with words, it asked for entire phrases for fill in the blank portions. And I feel like at B1 you don’t understand completely some of the conjugation they throw at you. The structure is there, but it doesn’t promote you really solidifying the new information from the start.

- One of the better language apps

I like this one better than other language apps because it does offer a free version that you can use at all times, unlike other apps that give you “lives” and if you mess up you have to wait for your lives to fill back up, which ultimately makes it hard to learn a language when you only get limited attempts to answer questions. Busuu is great in that regard that it doesn’t affect you if you mess up, you simply guess an answer again. However, to access more vital parts of the app, like quizzes, you’ll need to pay for premium. I’m liking premium so far, and feel like I’m actually learning something, so I’d say it’s worth giving a try. There’s also a nice feature where people can correct each other’s sentences, so you can have someone who speaks the language you are learning give you insight!

- Finally! A worthwhile speaking app!

I love that Busuu has an authentic speaking and writing component. It’s made even better by the opportunity to have your exercises corrected by native speakers. It takes just a few minutes to help others and in return you get near immediate feedback from the community. I also really like the pace of the lessons and the topics covered. I felt like competitor apps progressed way too slowly for my purpose of moving abroad. Busuu begins by asking you what your goals are then details a plan of how to get there, even telling you how long it will take given your allotted time. I’m so glad to have found this app. I only wish you could search through your learned vocabulary words rather than scrolling through hundreds of words. I usually resort to using another app to quickly look up words.

- Only worthwhile if you pay for it

Using the free portions of this app is really frustrating because you can’t take the final quizzes or even read most of the grammar lessons. Also, the app constantly reminds you to practice your weak words and if you click on the vocabulary of course you can’t use that feature until you pay. That being said, this is a pretty good app if you pay for it because it mixes written, spoken, and receptive forms of the language and has a variety of relevant ways to quiz learners. The lessons generally take less than 10 minutes each. There is a large network of users and the „conversations“ feature allows native speakers of your target language to provide feedback and correction to each learner. The grammar is hard to learn from an app, so I take notes on those sections. I feel a lot more confident after about a month. There are also placement tests for those who have previously studied a language!

- Good app to study, no major downsides.

I purchased the premium subscription (they give you 50% off) to study Spanish. I liked the idea of the social network aspect, and the fact that the texts are read by humans, not computers. Overall, the app feels like a good textbook that was modernized and adopted to be an app, which I think is a good thing (a little bit of gamification, but not nearly the DuoLingo level). I feel that it provides a very well-rounded exposure to all aspects of studying a new language: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc. The downside is that everything is hard-coded, so there will be no infinite supply of tests (for the same words, say) that will keep you on your toes. The review goes over the exercises that you already did in the past, which could feel a little boring. Having said that, I am not sure how big of a deal it is, and I am pretty happy with the app and the purchase.

- The Best language app I’ve ever tried.

I honestly don’t even write reviews, but I am really excited about this! I’m currently trying out the 7 day free trial and after just three days I’ve decided to go through with the premium subscription. I strongly suggest you guys do the same. This app is absolutely amazing. I knew some basic things already because we all know that Spanish is required from 8th grade until like senior year but the way they teach us isn’t how the language is spoken today. It’s this super formal way of speaking . This app teaches us to communicate effectively. I’m already able to have basic communication . THREE DAYS! I understand better than I did in school and I’m not being dramatic. I didn’t retain much there but with Busuu’s study plan you have no choice but to just get this stuff. I promise guys . Trust me!

- It really helps

I have been studying Russian on my own for a year now, but I wasn’t getting far with grammar concepts because I didn’t know how to study them. I just focused on one grammatical case and a time and hoped for the best. I just got Busuu earlier this month and after reading about the certifications and seeing the structure of the lessons, I decided to pay for the yearly subscription, and also because they offered it at $30-something dollars for the whole year. A lot of the A1 lessons are things I already know, but this time around I am internalizing the grammatical concepts much better. I think you will have to study a few things outside of the lessons to reinforce what you’re learning, but this is definitely a great tool. I have been using it almost every day and am seeing results. Very cool.

- Great app, just a few suggestions

If your willing to pay, this is a great app to learn from. You can learn, memorize, quiz, and sometimes practice with real life conversations. I strongly suggest you choose this app. My few complaints are the prices, which I do kind of understand. I paid 70 dollars to be able to quiz myself, although once again, I understand. I wish it would make sure you are saying it correctly though. Japanese (the language I’m learning) is pretty different from English and very hard for me to learn, seeing as I’m very young still. That brings me to my last complaint. I wish I could choose to learn how to say everything, or how to write everything one at a time. Right now I am just trying to learn how to say it, but it has a lot of Hiragana lessons. Which is to be expected I suppose. Still, it is very good about teaching and a great app!

- Busuu exceeds Duolingo.

There’s no denying that Busuu, alongside members with a premium plan, can make its users fluent, despite only claiming to venture them to high intermediacy (b2). I adore its concept of setting you up on a plan, but perhaps it could implement a system where one could state that they would practice over thirty minutes a day. As I practice independently and within Busuu approximately three to five hours a day, it would be wondrous for further tracking how fast you can reach the level that you are aspiring to achieve. Busuu has a separate section of phrases that one should learn adequately titled “Survival Phrases”, and for each of its languages I found these to be quite useful. Especially for Spanish, English, and French, the app provides users with extra tools for pronunciation, in-depth exposure, and aid whilst learning those languages. It’s great! Although Duolingo is free and you require to pay for Busuu to witness the program’s full potential, Busuu actually provides their users with the opportunity to develop alongside and into a language whereas Duolingo is practically a vocabulary memorization tool. I am a native English speaker, and I have become a high-intermediate Spanish speaker, an elementary-level speaker in Russian (it’s quite difficult for me :”0) and a low-intermediate Portuguese speaker with Busuu. 4/5 stars.

- Worth every penny

A great app, even in it’s limited number of languages. It uses a sort of positive peer pressure to keep you involved in the community, rather than rigorous reminders and goals. It visibly lets you know your fluency in the language, spaces out the lessons well, and the basic premium costs less a year than a Netflix subscription. I’ve been learning Japanese off and on for about three years, and have used Duolingo, drops, and have tried Rosetta Stone, and this by far seems the most immersive. And even with my basic knowledge of the language, the content I already know is well spaced and still enjoyable. If the language you’re learning is on this app, I’d say it’s definitely worth checking out. Tl;dr: Helpful community, well made app, and all around worth trying.

- Great, but...

I downloaded this to brush up on the Chinese that I learned in college and to expand my vocabulary. Some of the words frequently used, aren’t officially taught, such as 是 (used as a verb to mean “to be” before nouns and pronouns). Having already studied Chinese, I knew what it meant and how to use it but I’m not sure if new learners grasp what it really means, since the meaning is never officially explained and is used quite frequently. That is just one example of what I mean. It is however, a great app and am glad I found it. Just needs a few improvements in my opinion, as far as the Chinese lessons go. What would make it more helpful, is in the example sentences, to break down the new characters and show what they mean, even if they aren’t officially “taught”. That way I could write them in notes to know what they mean and how to use them in addition to the new words or phrases the app is officially teaching.

- Best language app I've found

I'm one of those tough cases - been trying to learn spanish for years. I've taken classes at high school and college levels, tried Rosetta, and a few other online options. As it happens, I found myself with some advanced grammatical knowledge of the language and a lot of gaping holes on verbs and nouns. I have to say I'm extraordinarily pleased with this app for the comprehensive nature of the lessons, and the social interaction component they've built in. I aso like that there is a nontraditional mix of material, where some more advanced knowledge is mixed in to the beginner's levels compared to typical courses. I might actually become fluent this time! They have functions to record and hear yourself, and to be rated and corrected by native speakers of the language you are learning. A++

- Scam

This app is a complete ripoff and a scam. It has nothing Duolingo doesn’t already have and does better. The worst part about it is that, if you do the free trial, and you forget to cancel the subscription by the end of the trial, you have to pay 90+ DOLLARS. That’s right: if you’re in a foreign country where internet is scarce and can’t find a hotspot to cancel your subscription with, then you’ll be charged that obscene amount. I lost 96 dollars, and I didn’t even use this... app. I used Duolingo and it taught me Japanese so well I was able to ask for directions and converse with foreigners in a meaningful way. Better yet, when I let my trial subscription run for that app, They only made me buy a months worth. Thanks Duolingo. TLDR: Don’t get this app get Duolingo instead. If you get this app, don’t you dare get the free trial unless you have the end date set in your calendar because they charge you for the whole year if you miss it. I tried to go through apple and Busuu to set things right, but neither could help me.

- Best Language App out there

Not only was I able to get this app during a 50% off sale (I paid $45 for 12 months), this app lets you learn multiple languages at the same time! I am currently learning Spanish and Japanese. One of the most helpful features is the social aspect. This allows you to help correct fellow Busuu-ers who are learning your native language and they can help correct your exercises in their native language. For example, I might make a correction saying, “Well done! This all makes sense, but in the USA we would actually say it like this...” I’ve only had this app for a week and I am blown away at how much I love it. I’ve tried several other language apps (like duolingo and babbel) and none of them compare. 10/10 would recommend!

- Feeling Helpless - just get duolingo

I want to start off by saying how much I love this app, it has been so easy to fit into my schedule and I have learned so much Spanish. My only issue is how helpless I feel when I’m trying to review grammar lessons. As I have progressed and the more and more vocabulary words I learn there are times when I get to a point in the lesson and all of that just leaves my brain; and there is no way to get a clue as to what any of the words mean I’m looking at. Then on top of that the with the conjugations i get you a point where I just stop for the day because my brain has tapped out. If there was a way to just tap on a word to get its definition to help remind would be great. So I want to add on to this, and yea the more you get into the lessons the more helpless I feel, new words keep getting added that I have no clue what they are. I really loved this app in the beginning but I honestly am learning more and better on Duolingo

- Nice app

I really like this app, the activities and the way new information is presented, however it has a couple of cons you should pay attention to: 1st what I really dislike about the app it’s that when you finish a conversation exercise you don’t always get a score of it, if exercises aren’t revised, then you, as administrators, should revise them, it is not cool to wait for an exercise to be revised and at the end don’t receive a score (and it is worse to receive a correction and see that the person that corrected you is actually wrong, I think you need a double filter in this corrections, we can’t rely on natives since I’ve noticed some people don’t have a clue of what they are correcting) 2nd please check the quality of your audios, they are of a pretty bad quality! Come on, we are paying for this!! (Babbel has better quality, so please do something about it!)

- Three is actually a good rating

I don’t want to make this long, but I want to be accurate. TL;DR : If you can get a special price on the membership totally worth it. If not, still a valid membership with good content. Does it work? Yes! Just make sure to put in the time/ practice when not in the app, or supplement with something more fun. Interface: Straightforward but almost too basic. I wish there was a vocabulary section for each lesson, otherwise you are reviewing the words that the algorithm thinks you should review, and that’s kind of the only way to look at vocabulary - in the review section. Content: I think the content is well thought-out. For the language I’m learning there are missing translations. It would be nice if they specified the dialect they are teaching. Community: This is one of the best features of the app. Other members will rate and correct your exercises in writing or speaking. Things I would like to see: a learning method where I can learn to speak and not write, so I’m just kind of using it that way - but there are sections where it expects you to know how to write. In learning Arabic, it is too much effort to also learn to write as I speak. A pause button in the “fill in the blank” dialogue sections. Non missing dialogue sections. Exercises that are more entertaining/interactive.

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- Worth the cost

Only offer a free trial on initial sign up so take it and try it to try all features (otherwise you’ll get stuck at lesson 2-3 like I did), but the content is great, the pacing is great. They don’t just let you tap on the translation like some other apps when you get stuck and they’ve already taught you it a few times which makes you actually learn it not just fall into the well I can just use this to fall back on. It has revision for words that it identifies you are struggling with (and you can make your own lists). The year subscription price includes access to all 12 languages unlike some other apps. They say the speakers in the app are native speakers and the French course I’m doing definitely seems so (which will be much better for my accent when speaking French) and the microphone seems accurate when picking up my pronunciation, including not always accepting what I’ve said until it concludes I’m more accurate in the way I’m emphasising certain vowels etc. I have nothing but positives to say about it. At least try the free trial, or even the free version for the first few lessons and decide for yourself.

- Already started speaking Spanish

It almost has been a little more than a week but I have already started making basic sentences which I wasn’t able to do with Duolingo somehow. I’m really enjoying this app every morning. I like to tell you a little bit more about this app. There are exercises not every but after every four or five lessons where you have to answer to an open question in Spanish where later natives give you corrections and can be friends with you. There is another useful part where you can review all the words, phrases, and grammars at one place. I always had a hard time reviewing and remembering words with Duolingo - my only experience learning language was with Duolingo I’m not trying to talk bad about it - I’m not an expert and still consider that Duolingo is not bad, you can still enjoy and have a warming community there. But here the speed of learning is much more faster which will give you a motivation and boost to learn more. Thanks for all the Busuu team members and keep up the good work.

- I’m a believer

Very, very good. Have been a DuoLingo user for several years and got a lot out of it, but it has always been glitchy with its audio tracks, and the new study format feels ineffective, tiresome and ultimately unnecessary. This is totally different. The pacing is fantastic, as is both the relevance and quality of the content, including great audio tracks of practical, conversational dialogue. Rather than being clumped together into separate lessons, idioms and conversational short cuts are introduced in a very real way as the level of dialogue progresses, which is much more in line with how anyone learns a language in real life. You can try a few of the lessons as a free user, but if you are serious about learning a language, just get the 1 year sub for the $40 price they offer you. The real gold is all in there. Worth every penny.

- Very disappointing customer service

I downloaded this application quite some time ago and used it for a short while but ultimately found it did not meet my learning needs in any way. I deleted the app. The other day I received a notification that my subscription had been renewed. I received no prior notification that the subscription was active and that a renewal would occur, which I typically get for many of my other subscriptions (e.g my Economist subscription and various bills). I emailed them straight away on receiving this notification to state that I wanted a refund as I had already needlessly paid for a year of this service. Additionally I thought I HAD already cancelled this service and I received no prior warning of the funds being deducted. As I found this service useless to begin with, I hardly want to pay for another year of it. The response I received was that this was only refundable 7 days after the initial purchase one year ago. I don’t mind paying for the first year but I do strongly object to this obvious cash grab that would leave many people short of cash just because they forgot to cancel. It doesn’t take much to send an email prior to warn people.

- Bullying is a problem

What started off as a fun experience learning a new language and helping others learn, turned into quite a sour experience. I used to use it for hours a week because it’s addictive!! However, after witnessing so many abusive comments by bullies it became an app I dreaded using knowing I’ll probably come across these types of comments. It’s off putting, seeing how nasty people can be to those who are trying to learn, and getting away with it. I’ve tried reaching out to the Busuu team to address my concerns and it’s been a couple of months now, and unfortunately, no response. Even if people can report/flag problematic comments, what’s the point of it doesn’t get deleted? Or reviewed? The bullies may very well be in the minority, but since it’s so easy to verbally abuse, that minority can easily impact and discourage a lot of users. I haven’t used the app in a while because I hate having to see these comments whilst trying to help others with learning English. Actively engaged moderators would be nice.

- Excellent way to learn Spanish

I am floored by how good this app is (for Spanish). The course is structured extremely well and contains everything you want. The lessons are great. You get a really wide variety of questions that exercise all of the skills you need to develop, from listening comprehension to vocabulary recall to “fill out this sentence with the right form of the verb”. My favourite thing is that you learn a new grammatical concept every lesson. It actually explains it to you (rather than assuming you’re terrified of grammar), then gives you questions that require you to use it in context, which helps you internalise it. Not only does it keep track of your vocab so you can learn efficiently through spaced repetition, it does the same thing for the grammar you learn, so you don’t forget it either. Another enjoyable part is that at the end of each lesson, it asks you to come up with your own sentence in response to a prompt. I think this is extremely beneficial because the goal is to be able to express yourself, so it is important to actually produce sentences. These sentences are corrected by other users of the app, and the whole thing is good fun. I’d recommend this strongly (especially compared to Duolingo).

- I highly recommend!

Hi Team Busuu, I’m a new user of your app and it’s absolutely amazing! I’m still currently on the 7-day trial version but I’m loving every second of it so far. I’m even considering purchasing the premium version. My only query, are you guys planning on developing a Korean learning course on here? I’m a leader of a few language learning communities on Amino and have been dropping recommendations to some of the members to check this app out. One of the most asked questions I get is, “Do they have a Korean course?” As much as I love the people in my communities, this question is getting quite repetitive and I would love to see an end result to this question sometime soon. You guys are one of the best language apps out there and you are really sitting on a massive mound of cash... With Kpop so popular and many fans being drawn into the language, there are lots of other (poorly structured) apps and online resources that many learners are having to turn to. Please consider developing a Korean course and I’ll definitely continue to recommend this app to everyone. Thanks for the great quality lessons and hard work guys!

- Pretty good but paid full access

(Update: I recently bought Premium because of the New Year’s Sale. I haven’t regretted it, the whole app is great and very helpful. Upped my review to 4 stars!) I think that Busuu has a very clean design and well-structured lessons, and I really enjoy using the app. I just wish there was more that didn’t require a subscription—but I do understand why there isn’t. However, from what I’ve seen, Premium is something I would definitely consider buying (especially since it’s not as expensive as that of some other apps) and might actually purchase in the future. So, if you are willing to pay the money, then I recommend this app 100%. If you aren’t, I’d still suggest checking it out, there are some good free lessons that explain grammar and help grow your vocabulary.

- Deeper learning than other language apps

Fantastic learning experience, assessing other users learning from all over the world is an amazing feature. Conversational, daily life focus is intuitive and great if you have some basics already of the language you’re wanting to learn. Paywalls & advertisements are annoying, app should be collectively funded & owned and always free to download & use. Developers need to engage with people working on survival of indigenous languages to bring them into this app, not just most common languages. The future success of this app lies in it’s ability to collectivise, not monetise, and to prioritise indigenous language proliferation.

- Great language learning resource!

I 100% recommend this app for those who would like to learn a language enough to understand some news reports and videos and grammar. Unlike Duolingo and some other apps, it actually teaches phrases that are useful, and not only is it vocabulary based, it teaches you grammar as well! I have learnt to form sentences in German using correct grammar most of the time just with this app, since when you learn a new word, it shows which “the” to use so you know the gender of the word too! Use this app and see how quickly you can start communicating with natives!

- It’s the best language learning app!

I tried a few language apps over the years but this is the best one. It’s the only one I found that gives you a test at the beginning to see your level (yes, you can also choose your level without taking a language test). It pairs learning new words with testing the vocabulary you just learned so the words sit with you more easily. The app it’s very well made and the words and phrases are very helpful and you can easily use them in real life, something that I haven’t seen in Duolingo, for example.

- Great app for learning anywhere

Highly recommended, I just wish your Review section could be more intuitive with the stage of learning you are at, or we could better choose what reviews we do. It’s also too repetitive asking me the same questions repeatedly. Suggest also the questions during the course be a little more specific to the new content learned, as it’s too easy to guess the answer by seeing it’s either estoy/estamos/estáis/están response. Other than that great app!!

- Very disappointed

Automatically renewed without any notifications, and refuse to refund even when I cancelled it on the expiry date. I know the company say they stated it ‘everywhere’ when you sign up. But first of all, you can’t cancel your subscription on the app, not from app store account, you have to go to their website log in your account and cancel it. Second, most of businesses will notify you when it’s close to expiry date, this one apparently choose not to do it. To me these whole auto renew thing is just a scam. I’ve been suing it for quite a few months, initially it was working fine for me, but the more I study, I more I find it not so helpful, it might be just me, but that’s why I stoped using it, and now with all these, I never want to use it again.

- For Free...It’s Not That Bad

I just downloaded the app and played around a bit and I do like the features that are on there. During my spare time I like to look around and help other people practice. It does kinda annoy me that certain features for example quizzes are only available to premium members (but I can understand why). One thing I would love to have is a chat feature to further practice languages, it will be great to chat and exchange different cultures with people.

- Language; japanese

So far I’m finding this app interesting, I enjoy having to repeat words through the speaker. The issue I have is that some of the voice clips can be hard to understand as the person talks too fast, mainly with long phrases. Also some of the review questions marked me as incorrect even though it was correct, due to a random space that I wouldn’t think to type from listening to a voice clip or I used the wrong method of writing i.e. writing in romanji instead of hiragana and same the other way around.

- Forget Duolingo..

I pumped one and a half months doing two hours a day into Duolingo to end up doing phrases involving “my enemy” like what the heck dude I don’t even know how to say Happy in German after a month and a half. This teaches you things in order of how you should learn as if in a classroom (with certificates so they say?) And get onto the grammar, way more useful. As soon as they implement the grammar review (as I was a beta tester in) this app will be the best assistant to your studies.

- Beware of "trial period"

Not like other trial periods that only charge you after the expiration of the trial period. Busuu charges you immediately on commiting to the trial period. No easy way to get a refund during the trial period other than requesting through Apple. I find this practice to unfairly weigh on the consumer keeping track of time for one, I mean, if you try this app put a note in your calender and if you don't intend to continue you need to cancel on day 5 to allow up to 48 hours advance processing time. I'll put this out there that this process will be banned in the future by Apple. For the time being, be careful of this method to enforce subscription and encourage breakage. Most companies do not count gift certificates and store credits as earnings, keeping them as liabilities, with offsetting assets in the form of cash already collected. How sweet is it for a company to simply determine that a certain percentage of its trade liabilities will never have to be paid? That's breakage. If you pay and don't use your subscription, that's breakage.

- Don’t buy

Although this app is very nice and easy to use, I was very disappointed to find that even though I bought the premium version to use offline, it did not work as advertised. I downloaded several lessons - or thought I had- but when I tried to use the app it required an internet service. As I had specifically bought it for an occasion when I was without internet for 10 days, this was very disappointing. Even worse was that when I wrote and complained I was simply given the information as to how to cancel my subscription- no explanation or apology. I think I will report this to Apple as false advertising. Very disappointed.

- The best language learning application

I have tried a large amount of language learning tools - ranging from other apps (Duolingo, Babbel) podcasts (Japanese Pod 101) to more traditional textbook based learning. Busuu is the most effective amongst the online learning mediums. It forces you to practice recognising and using your learning in different contexts - something many other apps have failed to do. It is not as good as face-to-face learning but is significantly cheaper.

- Excellent, with one request...

I have used several language apps over about 3 years but came across busuu only a few months ago. First few weeks have been very positive for me. Good quality, ideal pace and I like having a measure of progress. I’d be interested in knowing if there is a roadmap for new languages that can be shared (even if only broadly indicative). I am specifically interested in Dutch and Romanian. Thanks!

- Love it! A few things to note;

The app is amazing, really helps me with Portuguese. But I just want to say one thing, on mobile, when you are completing type-in tasks, press the return button to continue (it confused me a bit at first but just press the return button). Wonderful! 5 stars! Totally recommend it! Although, I do have the premium version. I say that it worth it, really great!

- Little changes

I love this app! It’s amazing. Definitely one of the best language learning apps ever. Only thing I think needs to change is if you get something correct or incorrect still come up with the translation. I find myself knowing a lot of words and forget what they mean. But still get the questions correct. Other than that this app is perfect

- Fantasticapp

I’ve always been interested in learning as many languages as I can whilst I’m still young. I’ve tried many apps and none quite this helpful. I also love how they teach you necessary introduction skills first whilst others start teaching you about house colours. Even though I have not gotten premium I still learn a lot from this. Absolutely recommend

- I now have McHill Graw certificates.

I like how it’s academically entertaining. It offers useful daily conversation phrases, and it challenges you to speak into the app for the exercise section at the end of each lesson! You will know what I mean once you use it. I also think the fact my language skills is being assessed by McHill Graw institution encourages me to treat this app/language learning with more dedication!

- Save yourself some time and effort... download another app.

I downloaded this app to help me learn another language. Now that my grandmother isn’t well I want to be able to at least understand Macedonian, but the fact that this app only offers a list of about 10 languages, is horrible. For an app like yours to be advertised as an app to help one learn a new language, I don’t understand why you have restricted the amount of languages individuals can learn. There are better apps out there, completely free, that offer exceptional services when it comes to learning new languages. Disappointing.

- Incredible learning journey

This is the most reliable language app on the market, it’s been on point every single session. I originally bought babble and that was the worst experience I have ever had, it took my money & didn’t even refund it which made mattters even worse. This app however has delivered everything it actually promises

- ありがとう!

This is such a good app I love the features: I can practise with native speakers and help non-native English speakers, learn grammatical rules, learn words and you don’t need to unlock lessons by completing previous lessons. I also love how the lessons use pictures and how in the Chinese and Japanese it teaches me how to write the characters and how to memorise the characters example: い looks like two pegs.

- Amazing app!!!! 😆 🤗

This app is so amazing! I started only a couple of days ago and I’m very confident and satisfied with how I’m going. I’m am learning Italian because of my relatives and have achieved successful results in doing so. I’m went up 4% in fluency in one night which is an amazing result! So in conclusion, if you are reading this I would highly recommend this app!

- Excellent way to learn a language

It is so easy to learn a language with this app I can use it anywhere like public transport for 10 to 20 minutes or at home for Evan longer while it makes it so easy to learn a language very happy with it thanks for the creators and for the price I paid for a year it is a grate value

- #1 language learning app

I’ve used many language apps over the last months or so and this is by far my favourite. The beginning stage of learning a language is always the hardest but Busuu makes it fun and teaches thoroughly. I’m super excited to continue using this app and having the support that’s provided.

- Trapped in to subscription - customer service useless

I cancelled my subscription a month after signing up but for some reason Busuu didnt action it. I have now been trapped by the auto renewal for the subscription which doesnt tell you that your subscription is due for renewal, no warning, they just TAKE your money. Very frustrating especially when you have already cancelled it and for some unknown reason Busuu never actioned it. Very sneaky and untrustworthy and heartless corporation. Customer service are not replying to my communication. Very very disappointing.

- Errors in text

I am using Busuu to learn french. Mostly my experience has been good, but I have come across some errors where the text does not match the voice over. For example: In the section on getting directions for the verb Traverser, the written example is: Pour aller au commisariat, traversez le pont et tournez a gauche. (Excuse the missing accent). The voice over actually says ... traversez la rue. I imagine this could get quite confusing if it continues to be a problem.

- Busuu

Busuu is great and it is the only language learning app that gives you genuinely good lessons. It’s worth paying the money for this if you want to learn how to speak a language fast. I learnt how to introduce myself properly in less than 10 minutes of starting! You should definitely get this amazing app! 👍

- Simple, Comprehensive

Learning Spanish currently and this app has given me the motivation to complete five days each week at approximately 15mins with a fully detailed study plan. It even gives you an estimated date for the completed study plan and expected level of skill.

- I love this app!

I have been on Busuu for 2 days and I love it! I am learning Spanish and the lessons are very helpful. I like the fact that others who are using Busuu that can speak Spanish that are learning English or something can correct me if I type and sentence to them and tell me we’re I went wrong and tell how to improve and them I can do the same back.

- Locked in a learning schedule

I tried the free version to gauge if it was worth it going for a paid subscription, before you even start, you have to choose days of the week, which I chose all, and a specific time, the lessons take only 5 - 10min and after that if you want to keep studying you have to wait until the next day, in other words, if you want flexibility like me, stay away from this app, the paid subscription may be different but you need to pay $119 to find out.

- Busuu is awesome

This app is so good. I just learnt so much Japanese in one day. It’s is such a good app, although I’m a bit vague about the conversation, thing, but it would be useful. This app has so many courses even without premium, although I highly recommend premium. Also subscribe to Pewdiepie it. He will support this channel

- Amazing

Haven’t gotten too far through learning my first language, but upgraded to premium as it was on special and well worth it. It has been challenging but very rewarding and interesting. I believe this app will definitely be a success for anyone, if they stick to it.

- Upgrading my review to five stars.

The fluency scale is not explained and impossible to get to 100% after fully completing two courses. It seems they don’t teach advanced levels so the program is hard coded to 95% Could easily have said “100% fluency at B2 level instead.” What is good about this app is the program doesn’t force you to mindless endless repetition. Kind of like a good textbook converted to an app. If you want some mindless repetition then it still has a review menu. No app is perfect but combining this with something like Clozemaster and using this app to learn and Clozemaster to SRS review is a winning combination.

- Fantastic

Been trying to learn Japanese for a while and this app has turned it on it’s head. I now actually understand some hirigana where as Duolingo just throws you in the deep end and dosent really explain it very well this app is great at helping you find ways to identify each letter. Love it so far.


Busuu is a great app for learning new languages, but for me I don’t really remember them bcuz I have a REALLY bad memory 😆but I still remember some letters and words, I’m learning Japanese right now, so if you want to learn a new language get this app it’s easy not like school 😂😅, and if your reading this GET THIS APP ITS A GOOD APP and NO ads 🙂👍 ok👐have a great day 👐😺✌️😸

- Best language learning app!

I love Busuu it works perfectly and actually motivates me to keep learning new languages. I’ve tried countless other language learning apps and it is safe to say that this one is the best one for me based on the amount of progress that I have made.

- The new busuu is incredible

I purchased premium when it was still the earlier version and I can say the update is so much better! it was good before but buggy and missed a lot of crucial information, kind of sad that ive already used six months of my subscription on that though 😭

- Good app to grab

Bought it long times ago when everything in Busuu was just started. The function and user interface got a massive upgrade and now everything in the app seems more make sense. Recommend.

- Great app!

I just started using this app to learn French and what other languages I can and it has been great! I like how we have the options to be tested by writing or speaking the word, phrase etc. The idea of having other people help correct your spelling or speaking of their native speaking language has also been great. A really great app overall.

- Love it!

Quite easy and straight forward. With other apps it can be quite frustrating having the same thing repeat itself multiple times whereas here, you go at your own rate and get quizzed along the way. すごい!

- Enjoying this App

I'm learning German & have been enjoying using this app. I subscribed for a year ($40AU), but did set some reminders in my calendar 12 months from now as the sub will auto-renew if you don't unsubscribe. I'm about 10% through but so far so good. Recommended.

- Enjoying this app

Have been using the green bird for a while and have become bored, this is a very interactive and clean screen app, I love the social interaction with other learners. Would like to see a monthly calendar of streak progress ! Highly recommended !

- I love Busuu

I’ve found this to be one of the most immersive, complete and effective methods of learning a new language through an app. I’m glad I took the leap and purchased the full version. Some of my favourite features is the peer to peer support and how well the lessons are explained.

- The best

I’ve tried so many different language learnings apps (over 17 others competitors), and Busuu (which I use since 2020~2011) is by far the best (and gets better every year 🔥!) Worth to pay for what it offers! 😊💯 Highly recommended!

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- Best ! Best ! Ever !

Meilleure application d’apprentissage jamais téléchargée, très pratique et super interactif! vous comprendrez mieux 👉🏽 Just download 😀

- Bussu is the best

I have been tried to learn English for two years , and I was been upset before I use bussu . Now I'm happy because I am learning English with bussu . It is the best way to learn . I hope getting the best.now I can speak but I am not fluent and I have problem with hearing. I am sure it would be easy and well.

- Complaints about the voice recognition feature

Most content of the app are great but I have some complaints about the voice recognition feature. Many times the app cut in while I was speaking, which I found very frustrating and discouraging. On the other hand, sometimes the app said I’ve got it right when I was only speaking the second word of the sentence. I found the result of the voice recognition feature very doubtful.

- Very happy using this app

Perfect app to learn spanish. It’s helps a lot to learn spanish

- Japanese has never been so fun!

The app is very interactive and makes the otherwise tiresome process of memorizing and practice a lot more fun!

- All in all its gud but need to update this

Gud to use but need starting alphabets So that the base would be clear

- Wonderful~

Good tool to learn another language☀️

- Amazing

Amazing just wish I had the money or purchasing wouldn’t be a monthly thing and more just a buy for lifetime.

- Good app to learn

Nice app but the only thing that bothers me is that the words and sentences in the audio parts are said too quickly and even if i'm not a complete beginner in the language, they speak too fast and it's hard to understand

- Fun learning experience

Just great!

- Avis

J’adore sa m’aide vraiment a parler anglais

- Японский Ван Лав!

Обожаю Японский! Теперь я могу его изучать

- Great for self learning!

Great for self learning especially for beginners!

- Great format for beginners

I've only been using Busuu for a few weeks and I am a beginner in French, so I can't comment on the upper levels. I find the app very easy to use and understand and I like that they cover all aspects - reading, writing, listening and pronunciation. I'm finding it very easy to put in 15 minutes a day and it's quite enjoyable. Well worth it.

- Structured lessons


- Horrible app abuses notification system for ads

Notifications are not meant for promotion. Deleting the app and cancelling my susbscription.

- Amazing !!

I’m so happy, this app is amazing 🌟

- Best way to learn a language

This is the best way to learn a language without official classes, and you still get a certificate! You can download lessons and do them if you don't have signal like on a plan or a train. LOVE. THIS.

- Quite good

At time’s the app doesn’t quite get voice recognition, apart from that it’s great!

- すごい!

I just started using this app to learn Japanese and it’s honestly amazing. Keep up the good work!

- Excellent App for Language Learning

This is a well rounded app that’s filled with great content and easily to use. You’ll be speaking a new language in no time. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

- Excellente application

Cette application est formidable! Ce faire corriger par des personnes parlant la langue d’apprentissage choisi est une excellente idée.

- Mike53L

Easy to understand Facile à comprendre

- Good app!

Perfect if you want to learn

- Muy divertido

Es como si estuviera jugando y a la vez aprendiendo un nuevo idioma

- Awesome style!

This app teaches in a great way. It just needs the option to translate in-app and it would get 5 stars! It’s a pain to switch to google translate when a new word/expression is introduced without being explained. Danke!

- Thank you!

This app has made learning Japanese so much easier for me. Thank you to the creators of this app, I really appreciate it

- Just starting but.....

Interesting topics. Clear slow speaking. Fun to join in with other learners.

- MohsinBinIqbal

It’s a wonderful app and highly recommended

- J-p

C’est vraiment complet comme cours et sans de parasse en papier tout est sur l’application! C’est génial!

- Really good

This app is amazing to learn some grammar. It really helped me learn how to structure sentences especially in Japanese XD. However, i think that it doesn’t show you enough vocabulary ( i have the free version idk for the premium) to be able to have a real conversation . Other apps like drop do a good job with that tho.

- Excellent! Best language app I’ve tried so far.

I started using Busuu to improve my German. This was a good way of testing out different language apps as I can speak a little German which made it easier to see which app suited my learning style best. Busuu is the winner hands down! I’m now learning Portuguese as well and am very happy with my progress. It includes verbal and written tests, the review includes a mix of multiple choice, fill in the blanks and written answers. The courses are very comprehensive and give a good understanding of grammar.

- Great learning Ap

This is one of the most useful and informative Language learning ap! I love it!

- Bussi

This is the best language app I have found.

- Better than Duo

I feel how I am really learning

- It’s great but

only reason I removed one star was because of the lack of a 1 time purchase option. Whether it was an individual price for each language, prechosen packs or something, I would have happily bought one

- respects fam

way better than duolingo poons

- Easy and helpful

Amazing app easy to use is free and actually helpful I learned more on this app then did in my two months of Japanese that I took in school

- Wow

J’ai bien réussi a parler japonais

- Ready to give 5 star

I paid for premium but it’s still asking me to pay pls help me in this

- Great!

An excellent learning platform!

- Très bonne application

Bonne cadence d’apprentissage et beaucoup d’informations sur ce qu’on apprend 👍 Est-ce que vous prévoyez faire des cours C1 et C2?

- japanese

i really do recommend learning japanese on this app. all the others go straight to words but this goes for characters. if you’re wanting to learn japanese, this is the one you should get.

- Smart and simple app

The way the app is designed works for me. The gradual progress of introducing new words and concepts is smart and simple. Go job.

- Good lesson order

Has a nice, structured, learning experience. Unfortunately, Busuu does not offer Dutch at this time, which I am looking to learn. Maybe sometime in the future, Dutch will become available?

- Loved it!

It’s amazing how you can make progress everyday. Thanks

- No Beep please

The application is ver well built but one main reason that I usually avoid it is that during lessons every time I answer correctly it makes a noise BEEP. No disrespect but I hate extra noises. Please provide us an option (a toggle in settings) so I can turn off all noises during each lesson. Thank you

- Great app!

I enjoy using Busuu to learn German. It is one of the apps/lessons I use to learn a new language. I really like the feature that allows other users to correct exercises! This is very helpful to have native speakers of your chosen language to suggest how to improve your answers. I like that the lessons include a lot of grammar, and explain the grammar rules. I currently have a one year subscription to Busuu, when I compared the prices of Busuu to other major language learning apps, as well as what features were offered, Busuu came out on top. (I also had a sale offer, which was a very good price for a yearly subscription!) The only “problem” I have had so far is when correcting exercises for other people, you sometimes hit enter by mistake before you are done correcting something, and there is no way to edit my incomplete answer, or a confirmation BEFORE I want to submit a full answer. I find this annoying. One other small personal preference.... when I am doing flash cards, and a word or phrase comes up that I don’t know, the answer is supplied, but I will click “I don’t know” because I do not really know it yet, and they will keep giving me the flashcard over and over until the end of the flash cards. I don’t want to say “yes I know this” because I don’t have it memorized, I don’t know it.

- Perfect


- See below

Occasional slow downs, but otherwise a great app

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- Wonderful App!!

Busuu is wonderful, and it is a great learning tool for me. I already knew some Spanish—the language I’m learning on Busuu—so I was able to complete the A1 level in about three days. I got my first certificate and was very excited! It is a great learning app that makes learning a language fun and exciting. It makes you want to continue learning and helps you with a lot of grammar concepts that you wouldn’t learn in other apps like Duolingo. My study plan tells me that I should complete the Upper Intermediate level of fluently (B2) by January 9, after studying 30 minutes a day for less than 4 months!! Busuu is definitely helping me prepare for my mission trip to the Dominican Republic, and I definitely recommend buying the premium version—it is 100x better!

- Very helpful

For the past year I was trying to learn Italian from several apps but every one was boring or very complicated but then i found Busuu, this app is fun and simple so you can learn comfortably. I was learning using Duolingo but it made me learn random words but awesome grammar tips. In Busuu you learn essential at first then you start learning basic stuff which is cool because it is like a school system, Also so you know this app is not 100% free there are some quizzes and evaluation that you need to have a subscription to open. But the lessons that are free are very helpful, i honestly can't buy the subscription so i use the free ones but i tell you IT IS VERY HELPFUL i can now start a conversation and talk about basic stuff and read and understand italian

- The best app for learning German

This is by far the best app for learning German, and I have tried many of them over the last eight years. It is very well conceived to address the idiosyncrasies of the German language. Most other apps follow the same approach for German, as they do for other languages, which, of course, doesn’t work. In addition to the concept and design, the quality of the content and the execution are superb. The paid version is not cheap, but in my opinion very much worth the money. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is serious about learning German. I would like to see C1 and C2 levels added at some point, that would be awesome and would make this app the only resource you need to get to an advanced German level.

- Overall Okay

Things that will help people in learning in any language. 1.) Explain sentence structure in any language and compare to native language 2.) Vocabulary should be listed with audio but with conjugation formats. 3.) Explain conjunction forms in more depth. The reason being is most native language speakers really do not understand even their own language basics. Also do not call the language basic in learning language form, first display it in native language with the translation as it would be in the learning language. 4.) Do not delete user downloads because the app updates. You want people to continue learning at all hours. If there is an update send a push notification that an update is available. Rosetta Stone has mastered this. 5.) Eliminate the social element I find it embarrassing and makes people feel as if they failed. A language a user is learning may have certain accents or stresses on certain letters that they have not learned yet and on the composing sections they get corrected and feel discouraged, Not everyone knows what letters need stresses or tildas also may not know how to do it and then they get corrected even though the structure is correct. Most importantly listen to suggestions for your app and not get offended when someone offers these suggestions.

- Best language app out there

I’m at advanced B1 level and it was frustrating with other apps to have to go through the lower levels just to get to where I’m at, even if they claim they have a placement test (it just doesn’t place me even close to correct). This app has a placement test that is crazy accurate in determining my level. I have learned so much with this program!! The free version is good, the yearly plan is better and doesn’t cost very much if you think about how much an hour lesson is with a live instructor and what you’re getting with this app. Tested it out on a language I don’t know very well (Italian) and wow I have learned so much at the basic level as well. Waaaay better than Duolingo. I highly recommend this app.

- Exercises great, social lacking

The learning exercises written by the professionals who developed the app are top-notch. I paid for Premium and I don’t regret it in the least. However, I find the social element lacking. One thing I see is a lot of erroneous corrections of English by non-native English speakers. Another element I find missing is that once you have submitted an exercise you cannot ask people to correct it for you; you can only hope that people might come and see it and correct it. The only way to ask for corrections is to checkmark a box before you submit it. Also, once you do make friends, there’s no way to contact them directly. One other thing— it seems like the exercises only take you up to level B2. My goal is to get to C1, so I wish it would offer one more level.

- Highly motivating and community-driven!

Let me start off by saying I recommend this app wholeheartedly to any language learner. Whether you’re serious about your target language or just need to cram in a few key phrases before a vacation in Italy, you’ll find this app so helpful. For serious language learners, you’ll start off by taking a language placement test which essentially determines your fluency. If you’ve had prior experience in a language, it’ll reflect on your progress meter. It’s quite neat how they have that there to remind you how far you’ve made it. For example, in my case, I studied Spanish a few years ago and recently decided to sign up. I took the placement test and discovered I’m Spanish A1 certified fluent already! I felt so motivated to learn more. The premium account is so worth it because of the cool tools AND the interactive community. I didn’t believe real people would correct my sentences. However, I receive responses within minutes sometimes. The more you contribute, the more likely people will help correct or praise your sentences/voice recordings. Give it a shot! What have you got to lose!? Best wishes and happy learning!!!

- Great app for learning a new language

This is a really great app! The subscription is worth it. I usually don’t buy subscription but I had to because this is one of the best learning app out here and I am actually learning a lot. Even if you don’t buy the subscription, you can still use most of the features on the app, but if you want to go that extra mile to really learn the language, I suggest buying. You also can talk with people that are from the country or speak the language that you’re learning and ask for their help, which help you in the long run. Plus, you’re making new friends at that! So if you decided to travel to one of the countries that the language is spoken, you’ll have a friend there 😀

- Such an awesome app!

I am a new beginner of Spanish. My friend recommended this app to me. What I like about this app is it teaches you not only vocabularies but also grammars, which help you learn Spanish even quicker. Because there are so many transformations of the verbs in Spanish, as apposed to English, If you just try to memorize them one by one, you will get confused or even totally lost. By knowing grammas, I started to know the basic rules and very confident about my learning process. I started as a user of the free version but later I upgraded to the paid version, which turned out totally worth of the money. The quizzes help you review and memorize what you have learned. This is so far the best language learning app I have been using!

- Great app for language learning, but difficult grammar lessons.

Busuu is my main method of learning a new language from the scratch. As the lesson structure like when you learn a new language in the classroom and allow you to study with high flexibility. I really recommend to paid for a premium account, so you can access the language in more debt. But there are some issues. When it comes to grammar lessons and reviews. The structure still unclear for an absolute beginner. The lesson contain useful grammar usage but use examples that learners never seen before. This made it difficulty to review grammar after finish each lessons. I spend nearly an hour try to go through grammar review. I got the grammar structure right but the following words are either that I never learnt before and the listening exercises are sometimes unclear for those are not good at identifying French accent at the beginning. In other words, some listening exercises are too fast and some are unclear (with unlearn words. Busuu need to organised lessons a bit better as some important words came like in, that, where etc came after some unnecessary vocabulary (as an absolute beginning) like long phrases. I would like developers to take this as a consideration. Thank you for reading my review.

- Busuu stole my money!

TL;DR: Do not subscribe to Busuu; the app isn’t worth it and the company will steal your money! I tried out Busuu premium for a year because they offered a deal and I was checking out a few language apps so I could learn Brazilian Portuguese. The app itself is a nice idea and I see what they’re going for pedagogically, but the execution doesn’t follow through. I zoomed through a lot of the lessons and passed all the tests but didn’t feel like I retained much. I eventually switched back to the free version of Duolingo and have been progressing much more! I never wanted to re-up my subscription, but Busuu charged me and refuses to refund my money despite the fact that I haven’t used their app in months, did not realize I was signed up for automatic re-subscription, and contacted them within a day to rectify the situation. Their customer service is hostile and the company uses several predatory practices to scam money out of customers. I have never had such a poor experience from accidental re-subscription (contrarily, Headspace’s customer service is excellent and quite friendly). I hope Busuu’s team gains a conscience and rethinks how they treat their customers. You would think they want the possibility of customers returning, but I guess not. In any case, until they rectify this situation, I will not be endorsing Busuu and will actively discourage people from using the service.

- So You Can Tell By My Rating

Now Busuu is great and unlike all the other comments this one is for the developers and this is great Busuu limited the only complaint is that you should have more languages now this was probably developed by one person so you should hire people to put more languages anyways beside that this is great and thank you very much developers for a free (but I would recommend the premium it as actually worth it) useful and fun way to learn a language. And to those people who are comparing Busuu to other language learning apps Busuu is not the only good language learning app drops is good and there are apps like Lingodeer and Pimsleur who are good but not for people who do not like spending money on apps but are good.

- Amazing language app! (UPDATE)

Busuu is the best language learning app I’ve used so far. No app is perfect, but Busuu provides a more holistic approach and teaches why the language is the way it is, provides an immersive experience with listening, reading, and writing exercises, and even gives a timeline for how long it would take for you to reach your goal and what you can do once you get there, such as being able to order in a restaurant or hold a conversation with native speakers. The basics are free, but the full package is very affordable! UPDATE: Well into the Japanese beginner course, the lessons take on a more repetitive approach and don’t have the explanation as in the first few dozen courses. I feel lost just as I was getting the hang of the language, but I feel like my annual subscription is now worthless. I wish I could get at least a partial refund for what seems like an unfinished course.

- The best

Like many I’ve used other language apps a popular one being Duolingo and have found this one go be one of the best. I frequently used Duolingo so I compared it to this app a lot but I’m trying to learn Japanese and I’m having a hard time finding reliable sources to learn from. I am not exactly a beginner as I have already learned some Japanese before but I find this very helpful for other learners that are just starting out learning Japanese because it is very specific which is what I love about this app. Thank you for not just throwing words out there without explaining how and when it’s used this is my favorite learning app so far I might even make this the first learning app I spend money on.

- I love it!

I love Busuu so much! The style of learning is very helpful, and you can still learn the language well without paying for premium. The one question that I have is how to redo a course. Not the whole this but part of it. I took a placement test for French because I had been learning with a different language program before I started with Busuu. I was a bit confused though when I got placed in a higher level than I was at, because the program I had recently been using was a different style. I was trying to figure out how to start from the beginning but I couldn’t figure out how. (If somebody could help me out with this that would be great!) I think that Busuu is a great app! Thank you!

- Best of the language study apps

I enjoy learning with busuu. Recently, I upgraded from free user to paying user. This unlocked many lessons which had been restricted. I believe there is an affiliation with McGraw Hill, which is a recognized publisher in the language field here in the US. One of the features I especially like is the ability to submit written work and have it graded by someone living in the land where the language is spoken. If you have curiosity about this app, try it for free. Then, if you like it, pay the relatively small annual fee and really participate. One feature I have not as yet tried is the ability to converse, on line, with someone who is a native speaker of the language that you are studying.

- Good but could be great!

First of all, a very good app to learn a new language! The interactivity with other learners are superb. The thing that is stopping this from being amazing is the repeat by voice. Lessons that require you to repeat the phrase is really flawed. I repeated random words to test it out and it most certainly passes every third try. I know developers probably think to just get help from a native speaker later on, but what’s the point of including a mandatory oral practice in the first place? Other than that, it’s very good. I might add that it would be great to include a feature that allows users to publish a question. Users can ask for grammar clarification from native speakers to answer. However, that means developers need to monitor to make sure there isn’t spam.

- Amazing app, best i’ve seen

I have never stayed hooked onto a language learning app for this long. Busuu has me hooked. It’s has a seamlessly designed challenging course structure. It makes the material appear easy, but when you look at yourself after two weeks, you realize you could basically get around in that language. Love the concept of meeting people online over learning each others’ language. I have one suggestion though. I am learning Spanish and Portuguese on Busuu. Before I started Busuu, I was also learning Korean. I was slightly dismayed to find no Korean in Busuu. However, the quality of the Spanish and Portuguese courses have made me very happy with the app even though there is no Korean.

- Great! But...

I like this app a lot. I’ve only had it for a few days but I’ve already subscribed for a year because of the features it offers and that is something I usually do not do. I really enjoy how natives can correct me and that I’m able to speak in my answers. What would make this language app even better (in my opinion) would be for the opportunity to engage in conversations with the friends you make to be able to practice the language more organically. As well it would be very cool if after certain lessons, the app could suggest songs/movies/shows/etc. for us to look up and to watch or listen to, in order to get a better feel of current events and what is popular in the perspective country. Other than that great so far!

- Overall, I think it’s helpful, with a few exceptions

I’ve been downloading a lot of apps to help me in my journey to learn Japanese, but the problem is that Busuu can be a bit limited when it comes to people that refuse to pay money for premium. The app teaches you what you need to know, but the statistics are off because you can only complete a lesson fully when you’re a beginner because it lets you take the quizzes after just downloading. After that, you can only do the vocabulary and context, so you’re missing a third of the full deal. It’s not too much of a problem, though, because the quizzes only test your knowledge, not teach you something new. Overall, I’d suggest it, but if you’re nitpicky, maybe you should go back to Duolingo.

- It’s Great...But

I truly like this app and the idea of it, but when I downloaded it I thought it would have more languages. This app did not have the language I was trying to learn, and despite that I gave it a go. However, I will be deleting it because again because it does not have my focus of language that I like. When you guys update the languages, I definitely will be back. Until then, I cannot see myself using or paying for this app. Edit: The creators are super nice by the way, and they definitely reassured me that they will be adding more languages. Can’t wait until then. It’s still a good app to use if you are interested in learning German, English, Chinese, Spanish etc. Check it out for yourself and make your own option of it.

- The latest update isn’t great

What is with the update? It’s like Snapchat all over again, the app feels much chunkier now and it’s more difficult to play the audio now, and the information feels like it’s all clustered together. Personally, I wish I hadn’t updated the app. Apart from that, the app is okay. I am trying to learn German and I wish they prioritized more common language that would likely be more useful when you travelled to the country. I also wish writing exercises were more common, because I feel like they make sure you learn the new vocabulary and how it’s written instead of skimming over it and later realizing you have absolutely no clue how a certain word is spelled. Overall, it’s decent, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

- I love it!

I really like this app, I've been using it a short time and I already know SEVERAL phrases and words in Russian and I'm amazed at how I'm starting to pick up on the alphabet, as in seeing them in a word and knowing the pronunciation, which is so exciting. I don't know what system they're using, or if it'll work for everyone, but it's working for me and I couldn't be happier. Also the fact that they let you try before you buy I think is really great. The only thing is when you feel like you need to go back and study a previous lesson but you can't remember exactly which one it was, sometimes it's kind of hard to find again. Other than that I have absolutely no complaints.


I’ve only had this for a day, and I fell in love with it. It has you start on different levels depending on how much you know and level 1 starts really east for beginners. It’s better than duolingo because Duolingo doesn’t walk you through it’s just like “here’s a language. I’m not gonna give you step by step processes just click on what it means” you know? Anyway, I totally recommend it. Plus, it’s free! You don’t have to pay for anything. I’m gonna take a German class next year but I also wanted to take Spanish because my sister and dad know Spanish and I want to know what they’re saying lol. So I’m learning Spanish on this app and it’s just great. I don’t know if there’s a better app.


I paid for the full version for a year because I like that they have the test-ins for A1, B1, ect, and I’m specifically learning two languages to test into the C1 level. The paid version of the app is good except for one major thing: everything is in the language you’re learning, at least if you test into B1 or higher. All the grammar explanations are in the foreign language, which makes it very hard to understand. And they only translate vocabularly, not the practice exercises. I end up “learning” by simply memorizing the correct answer for each exercise, not actually learning. I don’t always understand what I’m doing and that’s very frustrating. I wish they would put an option to show the english (in my case) translation for EVERYTHING so I don’t have to look it up on a different source

- Great tool

I honestly enjoy this app Tremendously in helping me learn to read write and speak Spanish. The social network set up with random civilians correcting and requesting correction on their activities really helps with the learning process just because of the interaction. I have began many different ways to learn Spanish and become bored or find myself totally overwhelmed with the writing part. This app has the total adverse effect on me and leaves me wanting to complete more exercises knowing that I am actually stating to understand most of it. Really hard to explain when another language starts to make sense and it’s the proper way or terminology. So excited two enthusiastic thumbs up!!!

- Wow, I’m actually learning

I’ve tried several times to learn Japanese. I’ve used books and apps like Duolingo, but they haven’t taught me effectively. I can’t afford a tutor. This app is free, and it’s teaching me a very difficult language in a way that I will actually learn and remember. Other apps will just show you characters and tell you to memorize them and then move on. Busuu shows you different words first, teaches you ways to memorize the characters, and uses examples so that they stick in my brain. And it makes me actually want to learn. I know it sounds corny, but Busuu makes learning learning another language fun. And I don’t even have premium. Would definitely recommend! ありがとう!

- Just what I needed

So I’m an anime fan and wanted to start watching anime that are harder to find on Crunchyroll. However, I got tired of reading the subtitles and decided, “What the heck, I’m learning Japanese.” I figured this would be a good way to keep my brain active before I enter school next year. Anyway, I tried apps like Duolingo, LingoDeer, Drops, and a few other apps I can’t remember. I found that this one worked the best for me and while it does promote its premium version, the free version really does it for me. The app is addictive and fun to use and has overall given me an amazing experience, so I’d definitely recommend it to anyone planning on learning Japanese or any other language.

- The best language app!!!!!

I’ve tried many language apps and this has to be the best one. It feels like a visual Pimsleur course. It is great because it creates a useful base for starting a language. It doesn’t start with unnecessary words that will never be used. From day one you’re using words that are useful and can be used on day one!! It feels like the creators of this app actually spent time learning languages themselves and brought in the best of everything to make this app!!! The full premium subscription is definitely a major plus. To be able to have all those tools on your phone feels like a course in a school for a language. So I’m learning Turkish and it is going great because of this app!!!!! I want to say thank you for the people who created this app!!! It is amazing!!!!! And just so people know, this is not a sponsored or endorsed or fake comment/review. I’m just really passionate about learning languages and after my friend suggested this, I checked it out and fell in love with it. Now my friend, his wife, my wife and myself are all learning Turkish with this!!! IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Love it!!

I love the app! I’m learning Japanese currently and this is the perfect app! But 2 complaints.. 1) I wish there was more languages to learn. It only has like 9 options. Please fix that. 2) Why are quizzes are membership? It makes no sense for people to buy member ship for a quiz. A quiz is something you should earn, not buy. And plus you raise the prices up in like 2 days?! You should at least give a time period of 1 week. That’s enough for me to pay. But this app is amazing for language homework in college. I’m in 5th grade currently and I love this app. I take loads of notes and stuff to fluently speak. I’m 3% fluent in Japanese! So yea those were my complaints. Please reply to this. Thank you!

- I Love this App

While I enjoy many language learning apps, this one has become my favorite. I especially like the social aspect. You get the opportunity to not only perform writing and speaking exercises but to have native speakers correct your work and encourage you. You also get to help people who are learning your native language as well. (Being able to correct people’s English on the internet without looking like jerk is awesome!) I also like the lessons. They include both vocabulary and grammar—many language learning apps leave off the grammar part and expect you to pick it up by osmosis. I understand the theory but I find leaning grammar alongside vocabulary and sentences very helpful.

- Usually prefer books and audiobooks but this is nice

I usually prefer books, and maybe some audiobooks, in another language to follow with a text. But this app really works well. The social piece is awkward at first, but very safe and helpful. I like to learn to write, read and speak a language, instead of just learning to speak it. Busuu does include the reading and writing part sufficiently enough. The only negative, is that sometimes there was more to a lesson and I wasn't swiping hard enough to get to it. So, if the lesson says you are not 100%, but you seem to reach the end, make longer swipes. It seems like changing sections takes an unusually long finger swipe. Enjoy!

- Nothing comes close

I have tried most of the language learning programs and apps you know, from Duolingo’s snail pace progression system, to Rosetta Stone’s expensive per language buying plan, to Memrise’s boring way of teaching. Nothing comes close to Busuu. The premium Plus is the plan I have, the price is accessible and mindful, progress feels fast and challenging, but not impossible, exercises are difficult, but the community corrects them for you and give you personal feedback. There is a lot you just don’t get anywhere else. The program seems more adaptable to your needs than other Apps’s and program’s one mold fills all, which clearly does not work.

- This app is really great for kids and adults 👍👌😀🤗❤️❤️

Okay at first I opened the app and started learning Turkish And it was working without any ads and I learned with the app 2 years and still it is working and I love it and it is great for any kid or adult because there some schools that will learn you 2 languages and that happened to me because I’m learning two languages English and Turkish The Turkish language was hard so I started learning with this app and thanks for the developer and Busuu for helping us to make the languages easy❤️💞💗💝🤗😀👌👍🤩😻😸😀😃😊😇🙂☺️😌🥰😍👌👍🏆🎖🥇🏅📲🎉🎊❤️🧡💛💜💙💚❣️💕💞💓💘💖💗💖💘💓💞💕💝💚💙💜❣️💛🧡❤️💝💝💝💝💝 I wish for you a GOOD LUCK!!!👍👍👍Wish you read it!!!! From Zahraa,Iraq 10 years old

- Busuu Vs. Other apps

I first started using Duolingo because it was more popular and that's the only app I knew about at the time. So I spent a moth there and nothing against Duolingo I still use it as extra practice but it isn't as good as busuu. I primarily use busuu I have been using it for a month now same as duolingo and I feel I have learnt more using this app. Duolingo has the option for speech question but I almost never received them. Busuu has many speaking task you can complete it also has its own community where native speakers can help you. Busuu just offers many more features than Duolingo. It also has a better teaching method in my opinion. A few apps I use to learn languages: Busuu, Duolingo, hellotalk, pimsleur.

- Love it

This app to me really helps because about a year ago I used duolingo for Korean and I thought it helped a lot and this is my personal opinion so please don’t get mad but duolingo just doesn’t work because it basically teaches you sentences that don’t help and most of them are “Lets climb the mountain.” Or “I love the museum!” Which I don’t get why you would go up to someone and randomly say let’s go climb the mountain when you don’t even know that person. Now when I started learning Japanese on Busuu it gave me a lot of vocabulary and it showed me how to introduce myself. So I highly recommend this app please get the app if you are learning a language!

- Not beginner friendly

While it may be ok for learning new grammatical structures, I found it really difficult to progress as a beginner because it would throw out new and unfamiliar words once or twice and expect you to know them. It also makes you fill in gaps of sentences and if you get them wrong it just makes you re-do it over and over until you get it right. So by the time I see it a fifth time I might just know the answer because I got it wrong and was shown the answer so many times, not necessarily because I understand why I got it wrong or what the sentence even means. There is not enough review of new or difficult words and the explanations and translations are scarce. If the trial version let me try it for a few more lesson I doubt I probably wouldn’t have subscribed until I had more of a foundation.

- Awesome app, but I’m broke as hell

Busuu is an awesome app. I love the techniques that Busuu uses, and the short quick grammar tips that always stay in my mind. The graphics are awesome, and so is the website. I really enjoy learning on Busuu, except one thing...the price. I’m someone who is as broke as hell, so if your broke, or a kid, try using something different. The free trial is great. If you are not planning to pay, well then choose your language carefully cause you’ll be stuck with that the language for the rest of your life. I like the methods, except the speaking exercises are not so great. I have to say it multiple times before it works, even though I am saying it correctly. This app is great, except the price is a bit...great too.

- Certificate Option Gone for Tu and Ru

I used this app prior to the the update. I decided to go back to it mainly because of the certificate option. That option has been taken and is now only available for French, German, Spanish, Italian, and English. It used to be available for all their languages. The lessons are longer now. When I started back all my previous Russian lessons were not loaded and I have to complete them all over again. I don’t mind the refresher, but it’s taking longer now and I’m seriously rethinking continuing with the app since my main purpose was to have the certificates for Turkish and Russian. The words are thrown at you and your expected to know them. This app isn’t meant for beginners, but rather someone who’s already established a foundation in the language. You’re asked to spell words that you don’t get much opportunity to study (case in point with Japanese), I can’t be complete sure but I think the price went up, and the speakers talk fast you need to play the words over and over...there’s no way to slow down the speech. I just paid for a monthly subscription and the app failed to deliver. I’ll have to find another way to learn and prove my language skills without the certificate.

- Comprehensive and engaging.

After trying out the app for a few days, I decided to commit to a 1-year subscription, as a commitment to a year long marathon of Japanese language learning with BUSUU as a primary tool. I like the bite-size language lessons and the idea of a lesson plans. One of the great tools is the community correction of your spoken and written lessons by native speakers of your target language. I see this as a fun and helpful tool. I do wish that I had the option of taking an assessment to determine my starting, since I am not entirely a beginner, with over 160 crowns accumulated in Duolingo and over a year of language study in college. The beginning lesions have been easy, but I have been using them to fill in any missing gaps, which became apparent when I tried the intermediate conversations. At my current rate I expect to complete the beginner’s level well within a month. There have been a few occasions where my correct answers are not accepted, but I saw no way of requesting that the answer be reviewed for consideration. This is a solid language apps, but can benefit from a few minor tweaks.

- Best language learning app

I researched how to learn a language fast and this app with paid version was highly recommended. It was A1-B2 which I love that it tracks with college courses. They partnered with Mcgraw-Hill and offer certificate tests. I’m almost done with A1 just about a week into it and this is a GREAT app. It probably does not have every kind of A1 vocabulary, but it gives quite a bit and teaches the required grammar. I love the community feature where you can get and give corrections by native language speakers. I will probably zoom through this app ASAP in the new few months and use free resources after. I think it’s totally worth it as an introduction.

- Just what I’ve been looking for so long

I have used countless programs and classes and methods to try to learn Spanish and none of them ever really worked well at all. When I ran into Busuu, I tried it out and then fell in LOVE WITH IT. It has so many important features such as listening and reading comprehension, grammar lessons, being corrected by Native speakers, spaced repetition system, and more. Getting premium is one of the best purchases I have made. It gives me a clear sense of my progress which keeps me motivated to keep learning. Would recommend to every language learner. They teach so clearly and well you could be on it for hours. Busuu rocks!

- So far, it’s been incredible

I’ve been using quite a few apps like: Babbel, duolingo, drops, uTalk, fluent U, and mosalingua for the last year and a half to learn languages. Busuu is one of the more user friendly ones, making studying easy, while also teaching you the basics. I wish I could give it a 4.5 stars, as my only complaint is that the placement test doesn’t do a great job at determining what you know and what you don’t know. I was placed in intermediate level Spanish, but when I went back over the A2 lessons, there was a plethora of things I needed to learn, that I wouldn’t have if I had listened to the placement test blindly. Other than that, it’s been amazing, and I’ve paid for the year subscription.

- Nice, but user experience could be better

So far I’m enjoying but it’s VERY discouraging how many things I get wrong because I’m expecting iOS to fix my typing as I go, but it doesn’t. iOS does a REALLY good job at this, maybe at least provide an option for it to automatically correct errors as you type? The social aspect is strange too. If I’m learning French I would expect to see more French speakers learning English that I could correct. (Granted, as a native English speaker, I should be able to help out anyone, and happy to do so.) Is the number of people learning French/English too low? Having just paid for premium I’d be very upset if there’s only like 6 native French speakers in the app...

- Language learning

I haven't heard of this app until I bought a Spanish grammar book, and on the back it recommended this. So I thought I would give it a try. Now, I love it! Edit: It has been awhile since I used the app. (A lot! Probably 3 to 4 years). I report, it is still a really good app. It looks like they have completely revamped it since the last time I used it (back in high school Spanish class), but the layout is fairly simple to maneuver through. It’s great if you need repetition to learn. The beginner levels are very structured, and don’t stray too far from what you learn in the lesson. I wish I never stopped using this app!

- not very helpful

They have a community function which lets people correct each other and the stars are for that. But the teaching technique itself is awful, it uses same phrases for learning as in the exercises, also the pictures give away the answers, and some questions is just choosing the word it says, no challenge or much of learning comes from doing them. EDIT: I’m learning Spanish. Also I should add there is no good review functionality. Meaning, sure I might be at level 30, but still forget words in what I learned at level 10. Thanks for replying. I’ve added another star not bc of the app, but that when I reported bugs, the customer support (Eleanor) was good and responsive and bc you are replying to all feedback good or bad.

- A Good Combination

I have used many language courses and computer apps to learn five languages. I am using Busuu for learning Russian now, but have used five other courses, books to tapes to CDs to computers. I find that even at the beginning I am learning things about grammar and pronunciation which either were never presented in other courses or were not presented in a way I could understand. Such as, in a word such as xorosho, why are all the O’s pronounced differently, and how do you know how to pronounce each one? I find the method enjoyable and easy to follow. I intend to advance my Chinese, French and Spanish, and probably add another language or two.

- Japanese (please read this if you are interested in downloading)

I really like the bussu app! One thing I would recommend if you are learning Japanese is to use the Pimsleur app, it is very expensive, but it helps you understand speaking part. I do use the bussu monthly pay, but it is worth it! I wish that they would do more speaking. Sometimes, they skip some new words into sentences and then I don’t understand it. I actually used to live in Japan for 6 years, but I was 6 until we moved to the US, it is also easier because my parents speak English as well as Japanese. As it gets harder, I would recommend a tutor or a app like Pimsleur! Would definitely recommend though!

- Keeps you interested!

Really love this app versus other apps like Duolingo or memrise. I truly appreciate the placement test when going into a language so that you don’t have to start from scratch on something you’ve already learned and quickly become tired of the slow review to your level. It’s very versatile on top of that, with different lessons and dialogues. The language tips are very helpful. I enjoy the community corrections though I wish they would go in and correct your exercises if yours hasn’t been corrected in maybe... 48 hours? Waiting for a native speaker of your new language can take quite a while.

- Great tool

Busuu is a great tool for learning Spanish. It helps to explain the different tenses and build vocabulary and you can really see forward progress pretty quickly. One helpful trick is to go back and redo the lessons with some frequency rather than barreling through them. This additional review helps to cement the learning and make the app even more effective. I used Rosetta Stone for a year about 6 years ago. In 6 weeks are much further. I spend about 25-30 minutes a day on it and it syncs between my iPhone, iPad, and work PC so I can learn or review anytime, anywhere (even without WiFi or cell service).

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@Busuu not sure if this Busuu a #SCAM but our daughter saw special pricing good for 2 more DAYS. Woke up this morning, ready to purchase the "serious learner" for a year & the price changed & went UP! 😡Not cool. #LANGUAGE #learning #Alert #Duolingo


PSA if investigating #busuu for language learning be cautious about buying yearly. It’s great for a bit, but no ability to do the valuable part (review grammar) above basic levels, and have nothing in their schedule to do it. Sadly I’m looking for a new service now :( @Busuu

Amelia Mignonette Thermopólis Renaldi

You should try this out! I've been using a language learning app called Busuu and I think you'd like it too. Use my personal invite for a 30-day free trial and we can learn together: This is really helping me learn fast!

🍁 Valerie Blaze 🍁

I’ve been using a language learning app called Busuu and I think you’d like it too. Use my personal invite for a 30-day free trial and we can learn together: This is really helping me learn fast!

Kevin Ting

Busuu understands that learning the 'theory' and mechanics of the language are important to show us and then we can practice it afterwards too. 2/

🏳️‍🌈Stop SISEA (He/Fey)

You should try this out! I've been using a language learning app called Busuu and I think you'd like it too. Use my personal invite for a 30-day free trial and we can learn together: This is really helping me learn fast!

K / 瑞雅 🇺🇸♥️🇩🇪

@nubilang @learnitalian @duolingo @Busuu @thebeelinguapp Yeah I thought about buying it but I think when I spend money on language learning it will be on tutoring like iTalki or something


You should try this out! I've been using a language learning app called Busuu and I think you'd like it too. Use my personal invite for a 30-day free trial and we can learn together: This is really helping me learn fast!


You should try this out! I've been using a language learning app called Busuu and I think you'd like it too. Use my personal invite for a 30-day free trial and we can learn together: This is really helping me learn fast!


NEW APP! Busuu: Language Learning is available at


@kvng_oola You taking the classes? If not, I can send you a 30 day free trial of this really good language learning app called Busuu. I’d also recommend downloading HelloTalk or Tandem, lang exchange apps that you can use to practice w/ native speakers


Will you start learning a new language in 2021? Yes No Maybe 👇 👇 👇

Busuu: Language Learning 22.17.0 Screenshots & Images

Busuu: Language Learning iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Busuu: Language Learning iphone images
Busuu: Language Learning iphone images
Busuu: Language Learning iphone images
Busuu: Language Learning iphone images
Busuu: Language Learning iphone images
Busuu: Language Learning iphone images
Busuu: Language Learning iphone images
Busuu: Language Learning iphone images
Busuu: Language Learning iphone images

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The applications Busuu: Language Learning was published in the category Education on 2010-09-21 and was developed by Busuu Limited [Developer ID: 370806574]. This application file size is 138.58 MB. Busuu: Language Learning - Education app posted on 2020-12-17 current version is 22.17.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.busuu.english.app

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