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With Group Text! you can easily send mass texts (on iPhone) or mass iMessages (on all devices) to groups, to handpicked set of contacts or to distribution lists. Once you create a list, you no longer have to select contacts one-by-one for a group message. Simply tap on the list or group name and you are ready to send! And if you need to send the same message many times, just save it as a template and pick it later to auto populate the text of your message. You can also easily attach a photo (iOS7 required), the address and maps link of the current or a selected position and contacts information.

Group Text! uses your text plan to send messages and replies are received on the Messages application as usual or uses the iMessages service depending on your settings.

With the Share Extension (iOS8 required), access Group Text! while you're using other apps to share content easily.

User's guide available on the web site If in doubt, send an email to support ! We reply to every request the same day.

- send mass text messages / iMessages
- easy and quick interface
- use address book groups;
- handpick set of contacts from address book
- select / deselect single recipients in groups and lists
- create and manage distribution lists from address book or manually entering recipients information
- optionally create and use message templates
- insert photos (iOS7 required)
- insert contact information in message text
- insert the current location (address and maps link) in message text
- insert a picked location (address and maps link) in message text
- send in batches
- personalized texts when sending in batches of one recipient at a time
- setting to show all or only mobile numbers
- setting to show email addresses (for iMessage)
- alert manager to schedule up to 60 one shot or recurring alerts with pre-set lists/group and text; when an alert fire send a message with only a couple taps (in-app purchase)
- optional char counter with total used chars, size of the texts, number of the texts and remaining chars before an additional text is required.
- save or load recipients from / to csv documents
- exchange csv documents by E-Mail or iTunes
- print lists
- works on iPhone, iPad or iPod (iPad and iPod can only send iMessages)
- visually impaired users can fully control the app with VoiceOver+
- landscape support
- uses iCloud to sync lists and templates to all your devices

Note: the app can't use your existing groups when syncing with Exchange. You can however create lists in the app and use them.

Check the FAQ to verify the settings to use when sending to large groups.

Group Text! App Description & Overview

The applications Group Text! was published in the category Productivity on 2010-06-21 and was developed by Andrea Vettori. The file size is 8.69 MB. The current version is 3.4 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

- iPhone 6 and 6 plus native screen resolution support
- bug fixes

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Group Text! Reviews

Daniel Rondeau

Nonfunctional app  Daniel Rondeau  1 star

Please remove this app from the App Store. It is on able to access contacts on the phone and when You try to get app support, the webpage is nonfunctional.


Bug!!!!!!!!!!!  wadbndslp  1 star

This app won’t show up in the contacts privacy. So I can’t even use it for what its intent is!!!!

SG music nut

Better than Nothing  SG music nut  3 star

I find that it doesn’t sink with my contacts at times. I had to delete and reinstall a couple of times before it starts acting up.


Xxxxxggggg  dgynnvchuhhvvf  1 star

This app will not transfer to new phone. iPhone XR. Support won’t load, contacts won’t load, developer website won’t load. Liked the app but gonna have to move to another app. No support available


Help. Can’t access.  Woundedknee3  2 star

Got this to text clients. But I can’t access it in the privacy settings. It doesn’t show up to give me the option. What can I do ? I like the idea of this but would like it better if I could use it.


No support at all!  Hawkman64  1 star

This app is cumbersome to use and offers absolutely NO support. I contacted them three times through the app and never got a response. Bye!

mr. piergoi

Help respond to emails  mr. piergoi  1 star

I would like to know why the developers email is removed and never got a response to my issue with this app? I also have questions on which no tutorials how to correctly use the email app combo which I had for over 6 months? No support anymore and now since ios12 updated one of the versions the group text is not operatable.... there are people with issues same thing and no fix for it ??? The contact under privacy no longer there even after redownloaded the app


Very poor and no support!  joy61895  1 star

Very poor. This app can not get into my contacts. I have an iPhone, and my husband and I have both gone into our privacy settings to turn on access to our contacts but the app does not show up in that list. I tried to contact the developer to see how to fix the problem, and she will not respond. We paid for this app and cannot use it :(

Allie rangel

Crashes  Allie rangel  1 star

This app was great!! But now it crashes every day . And even if I click on save to iCloud it keeps asking weekly about that.


Doesn’t work can’t get support  Ritabak  1 star

The app was recommended to me to use with my business by a good friend. Can’t seem to get the app to see my contacts. Wrote the support group twice but received no response. So if it doesn’t work right out of the box I would move on to another app.


Don’t buy this app  NickProco  1 star

Hasn’t been updated to work on iphone7 and developer doesn’t respond to support questions. Was a great app that’s been neglected. Needs to be updated with a function to turn off iMessage. I want to send texts as SMS not iMessage but it has a mind of its own. Turning off iMessage in iPhone settings does nothing. Very dissatisfied!


Don’t use - developers have abandoned app  Me.yg  1 star

Don’t waste your money! No support for this app! Have been having issues for over a year now - will only send via iMessage even though iMessage is turned OFF, so it doesn’t send any messages. All emails sent for support have not been responded to. Pity this was once a very reliable app - used for emergency service paging


Text to a group?!  nicki1903  4 star

How is this different from regular messaging? Well this app allows you to create set distribution lists or create groups for bulk mail out with preset message creation. For regular reminders or updates to a group this works really well. Try it for yourself!

Anti Flam

Not good  Anti Flam  1 star

Didn't work. Refund


Great app for messaging  Greenie.91  5 star

This app has served me well for the last couple of years. Very handy and easy to use. Making groups is easy and manageable


Requesting refund  Dmloker  1 star

I cannot get this app to work on iPhone 6 Plus - period. I would like a refund please.

Layton spewit

Perfect for what I want  Layton spewit  5 star

I used to always have to go through and do new group texts due to slight changes in people and not finding the lady group text. NOT ANY MORE! This is sooo much better. Once I figured out how to add and subtract people from the group it is a piece of cake to use. Can temporarily remove people from a group text but they remain in the group. Thanks guys!

Awareness project

Needs improvement  Awareness project  3 star

Not all SMS in the groups get to clients so I'm not yet happy with it. Once the initial 2hours of uploading all your contacts into groups is complete its a concept that seems to work more efficiently, however as not all people in each group get the SMS you Miss out on business or whatever your intention. It's Not yet clear if this is an application problem or a network problem, however I did explore this with my network provider and they assure me everything is working fine on their end.", so I assume it's the app. Please find a fix and make 100% of SMS in groups work and then I will be very happy as I initially expected.


Awesome!  peterhird  5 star

Love it!


Very useful. Amazing app!  Franzmm  5 star

Thanks to this app!


Group text  Dtrpromo  5 star

Good app. Does exactly what it says it does. Easy to use and manage.


Do not download  Stevemac123456  1 star

Do not download it is useless. It does not work.

Mick moore

Not reliable  Mick moore  1 star

Put 45 people on the list it sends 41 messages. Can't handle iMessage so you have it turn iMessage off every time it's used. Avoid

Scruff Limerick

Not working  Scruff Limerick  1 star

This used to work perfect with iPhone 3. I now have an I-phone 5s and this app can't even send 2 messages together whether I have batches on or off or group text on or off ! Waste of money in its current format

Team secretary

Group texting  Team secretary  4 star

Use all the time to group text my Camogie teams. Would be lost without. Brilliant. Easy to set up and easy to use. Makes my life easy. Thank You!


Business owner  Pbkerry  4 star

This app is the business once you get to know how to use it and the suppose team were very help full.


It's crap  Prelude111  1 star

This app is very hit and miss with what contacts it sends texts to. It will not send texts to all contacts in your groups


Completely Useless  PLouth  1 star

This app was a complete waste of money. It does not work! Would not even let me write a message never mind send one!


Good app for saving hassle and time  Paulob16  5 star

Very easy to use and reliable. Makes testing far far easier.


Group Text  M1*  5 star

Very useful App once lists are setup it's a real timesaver

Group Text! Comments

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