iFontMaker [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

iFontMaker 3 for iPad
Create your “hand”-made fonts

Stop choosing fonts and start making ones today — font creation has never been so easy and fun. With iFontMaker, your original fonts for Mac, iOS, PC and Web can be done in 4 minutes. From beginners to experts who work with Bézier curves, SVGs, kernings and custom ligatures*, everyone can enjoy iFontMaker. Create your one and only fonts in the world on your iPad!

* Since ver.3.0 released in 2020 as a free update for all the users.

■ iFontMaker is a whole world of font designing fun — Guardian

■ iFontMaker: Make Your Own Font When Nothing Else Will Do — GIZMOND

■ FONT-TASTIC — 148apps.com

## Now you can install your own font on iOS devices!! ##

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◆Fixed an issue with the sample-font picker

iFontMaker Comments & Reviews

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- Lacking in some areas

So this app is pretty great but has some issues that make it somewhat difficult to use. I’m still using it and the fonts I’ve created to have a more consistent and clean writing style on my art and my graphics. But there are some issues I’ve run into with this app that, if fixed, would make me love this app. First improve/increase your “default” brush selection or allow for the creation of brushes. I get that this is a vector based system and you can create more complex details with the pen. But many users will not be familiar with how to use that tool. I can use it but I loathe it with every fiber of my being. This feeling existed before this app, I just really hate the pen tool in general. This is my main problem with this app. Second, the learning curve is a bit steep I am someone who regularly works with the digital medium and I struggled with learning the ins and outs of this app. Even if it was just a couple of videos showing you where stuff is and how to use it that would help loads!!

- Seriously Lacking Pressure Sensitivity

I want to love this app. I purchased it some time ago before realizing it did not support pressure sensitivity. I’ve just come back to it (over a year later) to see if that update had been made but, alas, it has not. This is a major flaw as font styles are limited without it. I prefer hand lettering/calligraphy/script style fonts, but without integration of the pressure sensitivity feature, it would just take entirely too much time to replicate it. Please please please update the app to support this feature!

- Best app EVER!!!

I’ve always wanted to have a font using my hand style for CAD drawings. 30+ years in design as an engineer and technical illustrator. Used every form of Autodesk and other tools. Tried all sorts of SHX files. Never got close to what this app lets me produce. I’ve never had a crash. Maybe older versions did. This one is fantastic. Takes a little knowledge of font design to really make use of the power of this app. Grab a book on typography if you don’t understand why letter spacing doesn’t seem to work for you. Then go back in and adjust your letters using the advanced tools in the app. If you’re a graphic designer this is a MUST HAVE. If you’ve just always wanted your own carefully developed hand written copy on your digital drawings, now you have a tool to do it! Not a paid endorsement. Just stinking love using this app :)

- Best font designer for the iPad

Is it perfect, no? Other than desktop apps there is nothing on the iPad that even comes close, iFontmaker is SO much better than anything else out there for the iPad. I love working in the app to design fonts and then I move them into Glyphs on my Mac and perfect them before selling. I love the interface, the easy guide helping make sure all characters are accounted for, and the improvements (like landscape) are a big plus. I do wish there were more brushes or the ability to upload custom ones...THAT would be the first thing I would ask for. They are currently limited...otherwise for at least 3-4 years this has been my favorite app to start my font design process.

- My wish list!

Hello I'm just starting to utilize your app and would like to say it's amazing in so many ways! Although I'm having difficulty with setting the border perimeter settings and/or adjusting the selected font to reduce the size of the font so it may be fit within the lines. A palm reset would be a nice feature to be added! As well as the perimeter lines to be able to be adjusted on the main screen!... Also to install the fonts from device fonts is working very slowly! If this could be fixed in your next update would be appreciated! Also maybe an eraser feature for when lines overlap would be helpful!... I will be more then happy to give you a 5 star rating when updates are made!... Thank you for your time and concern in these matters. Thank you Alta PLEASE CAN YOU DO AN UPDATE TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR FOLDERS, WITHIN THE APP??.... "All perimeter lines should be able to move!.... ALSO A "FLIP" SETTING?... AND A MANUAL ERASER?.... All these features wold totally rock, I think most people that utilize this app as much as I do may agree! I'll be waiting Thank you

- Yet another one

I bought this app hoping it would be more diverse in languages, i have yet to find one that allows making korean characters, which i need, but i do not have a PC to be able to make a set as i would like. I dared test this by just using the english keyboard, but unfortunately it does not work, because the way Hangul is written requires the use of symbol stacking(Bat-chim). This app would be excellent if they added more languages and keyboard options. I really need to be able to make a korean type face similar to the settings i use for my english type face for comic translation reasons. I would consider expanding for the purpose of others who use more languages outside the very minimal options you have listed.

- Needs a good update for iPad Pro

The app is really good, unique in features, which allow users to do quick but good fonts. Unfortunately as other users have said, it crashes a lot and you have to restart the device. Other feature needed is the spacing between uppercase and lowercase letters, it is impossible that one-single-spacing works for both if you are doing a script font. Lastly, would be a treasure if the creators add support for a pressure brush since were are now in the pro era. I have requested this several times to the creators with no answer/interest from their part. Please don’t let this app become obsolete. UPDATE: Dropped my starts to 1. Instead of improving, in the app the “cut” scissors no longer work. It doesn’t paste neither.

- Request for RTL Languages

Please update this awesome app to support of Persian and Arabic languages so we can make font in our languages too and use self made font in our projects and surely we mention you guys when we publish our work , if you support RTL languages Surely you will have a larger target community of consumers and this will be beneficial for both sides of the story. Thank you for your efforts to prepare this wonderful application and I hope you will consider my request in order to make the app better and more productive.

- Small tweaks needed, but a great app anyway

Raise your hand if you two finger tap to back up every time you need to undo something on... *raises both hands high in the air* Every. Single. Time. Other than that it seems to be a great app on the iPad mini 5. My only complaints are not being able to two finger tap to undo, and the move tool and features are slightly awkward. I would love to see better options for rotating and shrinking in the future. It seems those are lacking for an app of this price and ability.

- Clean, simple, and great for most purposes

If this had the ability to erase bits, and better control over precise line strokes when drawing with the Apple Pencil—rather than having to go it and tweak—this would get the extra star for being a great, simple tool for quickly creating fonts. The online gallery of users’ submissions is a Wild West of thousands of unsorted fonts, so doesn’t function as a way to discover other creators’ work, but overall this is a nice, clean, easy-as-pie tool that actually makes adjusting kerning enjoyable.

- Pretty horrible for a 9 year old app.

This is only good for quick handwriting fonts. And even then the stroke smoothing is set so high that the result looks nothing like what you wrote. There are no settings, no way to adjust it. You can copy objects but can’t paste? What is that??? You can’t cut a hole in an object to make an A, B, D etc. you have to draw separate pieces. There are no snapping features for drawing straight lines. There’s no way to paste or import from other drawing apps. Basically nothing that has been established as “basic” in drawing apps for the last 30 years is in this app. There are NEW, free web-based apps with 20 times more features than this 9 year old paid app. It’s just sad.

- If you want five stars ...

If you want five stars, add a feature where I can take a font is that exists on my iPad (built-in or user-installed) and change part of that font, such as just changing parts of one or two letters to be more the way I would like them to be, when an existing font is 99% of what I need it to be but I want it to be 100% what I need. Can you do this? Please?

- I LOVE IT!!!

I have wanted to create a font of my own handwriting for so very long and this one is perfection. I did have a couple of crashes but I will attribute those to user error, as I was getting used to the app. I have created my first font that is available in other apps and I have got to tell you that it is the most amazing fun to type really fast in my own hand. Thank you thank you thank you

- Wonderful for making your own fonts

I’ve had this app for a number of years and have had no problems making fonts that I can install in iOS and on my Mac. Had not used the app in awhile, but opened it up again recently and had forgotten how much fun it is.

- It’s ok

Really limited, but if you want something basic and simple this is fine. Gonna go back to using font creation apps on my desktop because I need more character options, like symbols, and basically the ability to import faster files for when I draw letters in other programs with way more brush option and pressure ability

- Great App with a couple changes

Love this app. Just wish it wouldn’t freeze on my iPad Pro when trying to load a previous project. I have to shut down the iPad completely to get it to work again. Also wish there were different brush/pen options to make a more realistic brush fonts.

- Crashes Regularly

I like the premise of the app. The creation of a font is very straight forward. Unfortunately, the overall user experience is pretty bad, as the application hangs and crashes regularly. This does not lose the characters already created, but it is time consuming to resolve. (Re-starting the application causes another crash...only a restart of the iDevice fixes the issue—until it happens again.)

- You Need This App!

I made my own font years ago but it took two days - writing,scanning,resizing,and re-touching was just *painful without this app*. This app literally makes all of your documents (and all devices and computers I use) into your own with your own handwriting coming from keyboard - that's the major reason I bought it for. It only took <10 mins. Quick notes to people has a very nice extra touch them. Many other uses for app. Useful professionally, personally, etc. thx iFontMaker!

- Best font CREATION app

There really aren’t many (if any) to compare this to. So it deserves praise for that much. I only wish the pen tool existed. This has similar tools but not similar enough. I also wish you could create your own stroke types to use. Good font creation app for iPad otherwise of course.

- “Text replacer”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great in so many ways. But, it only works on pages or other specific personal documents. You can’t copy and paste it, it is not a true font. You can’t use it in iMessage or anything else. All I would like is for a keyboard integration.

- Doesn’t fully support Apple Pencil

What’s the point of supporting the Apple Pencil if you don’t support pressure sensitivity? App said it had updates to support iPad Pro, but the most obvious thing that would imply would be the ability to use the pencil to draw your letters more naturally (I.e.: with pressure sensitivity). Discovered immediately that it does not. Uninstalled and refund requested immediately.

- Use this app

I love and actually use this app. Also my kids love it we use our fonts made on their iPads in fun ways please add iOS 12 support so we can continue to enjoy your awesome app!

- Disappointing

I was looking forward to using this app on my IPad Pro, however, I can’t even get through each letter without it crashing on me. My Apple Pencil stops responding to the app also right before it crashes. So frustrating spending this kind of money on an app that does not work properly. Ridiculous.

- Wishful

I could look past all other problems with this app if I could just copy/paste from procreate into iFontMaker. That or if they would make some better pressure sensitive brushes or brush customization. Would love to know if an update is coming.

- I Love it! Missing a Couple Things...

By far the easiest and fastest font maker there is! From letter creation to file export, it couldn’t be more seamless! PLEASE ADD... 1. More brush options-I realize this isn’t Procreate but it would be amazing to have at least a few more brush option. 2. Some sort of smoothing or snap to shape/line so that editing was a little less tedious. It’s amazing how it is and I am so grateful to have it :) Just always find myself wishing for a few more features

- Freezes and crashes

I want to love this app,but it’s constantly freezing and crashing. I also have trouble with line glitches when trying to draw letters, both with and without the pencil. Please fix!!!

- Would like more brush options!

The app is good, but I would like color and brush options, such as a lighter color on the fonts, so I could do a two tone font. Also, other brushes, perhaps a double line brush? Otherwise it is an ok font maker.

- Currently not compatible with iOS14

I’m super disappointed because since updating to iOS14 I have been unable to use the font I created. Please update the app to be built with “use installed fonts” privilege.

- Improvement Suggestions to Developer

1. Pressure sensitivity (very important!) 2. Better brushes/pen options 3. The ability to copy/paste or import svg shapes from vector apps. (i.e. Affinity Designer, copy and paste a letter we designed it there to your app, or import from a saved svg of that letter) 4. The ability to import a font we created in FontLab/FontForge etc.

- Good start

Very buggy and needs improved features (Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity, streamlining like on Procreate, etc.) so not sure its worth the price tag. But with a few updates, totally worth it.

- Customizable grid needed

Please add the option for a customizable grid and allow grid to stay on while drawing. or vertical width lines. Overall a good app

- Love but need more

Love this app, but would love more brushes or ability to upload our own.

- Please add more languages!

I really love this app, but there is one problem: not enough languages to choose from! Could you please add Hebrew, Korean, some more Chinese characters (Simplified and Traditional), Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Hindi letters?

- How do I USE the font?

I mean, it's a complicated app already, sooooo making it hard to USE the ACTUAL FONT is hard sooooo, can you make it easy to use the font you make? Please!!! ・ω・

- No SMP character support?!

I am making fonts that support SMP characters but they just appear as a half A and another half A. Please fix this bug, please!

- No kanji support

I bought this to write my Japanese font. There are only a few kanjis and there is no way to edit the entire font. I wish i could get a refund. Also the export to their website seems shady. No way to export locally. This is not a professional tool, just a toy for kids.

- No pressure support

I should have read more closely before buying this app. Drawing lines of similar thickness is fine for some things, but I was hoping for more.

- Nice app but....

There needs to be a function to import vector shapes or convert png to vector .... would really make this app 5 stars

- Great concept and base, tools need work

When drawing the preview line does not look like the actual line you’re drawing. Difficult for precision. An eraser tool would also bump up the rating from me.

- App Keeps Freezing Up

I was skeptical about this app, but I decided to get it. This app constantly freezes up and remains unresponsive. Even after you forcefully close it out and relaunch it, it keeps freezing. Hope developer fixes this.

- Great app but sometimes crashes often

I wish I could say I love this app but it’s much too buggy and crashes often. If uou use the app, you will loose work!


This is wicked! I can’t believe it! I can literally make my own font! You guys rock!

- This app only frustrates me

The tools are super limited. The app crashes like ever 30 minutes. No settings for Apple Pencil. I can’t believe I spent money on this. If this app cost money it should feel like it cost money. Adobe’s free apps feel better.

- Crashing and poor uploading

This app constantly crashes and will not upload without buggy letters. So frustrating

- Couldn’t be happier!

So easy and fun to use!


Five perfect stars ⭐️ finally an app that measures up to what it’s intended to do. Thank you Mr. Nishidai!

- Does what it does well...could use some refinements

Just read a review that covered the lack of rotation and on screen scaling...I'd just like to echo those refinements. I do nearly everything on the iPad in landscape. As for the scaling, not a huge deal as you can import a background/template image to make adjustments to. But I did notice in scaling back up to workspace size, the stroke weight scaled too and needed further adjustment. My main issue though is working across multiple devices, a personal and a work ipad. There is no synchronization built in. You can export a file to email or Dropbox (and probably more) but it's oldschool and all too easy to forget to upload the latest changes. This also creates multiple server side copies of you font to keep track of...with different links to access them. So...in case it's not clear (I never thought to look) your font projects are uploaded to the server to be rendered. If the server goes down I'm guessing the app loses functionality. So much reliance on the server yet no sync? Oh well, like I said, it seems to do what it does well.

- Greatly disappointed

Tools are very primitive, with little ability to be customizable. Very limited. Not worth 7.99.😩

- Crashed. Now won’t load my past work.

Stuck. Please fix.

- Persian and Arabic characters not supported

I download this app to design Persian fonts. But arabic and Persian characters is not supported

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- An absolutely fantastic app!

This is a first class app and, within a few days of download, one of my favorites. As a designer I love working with custom fonts and often have hand drawn lettering I wished I could use as fonts. I had always in the past painstakingly hand lettered all such art. This app has solved all my problems in a few minutes! A great user interface and a simple as can be operation means your limited only by your imagination and what your hand can draw for fully functional typefaces of your own creation! Easily one of the best apps on my iPad and another quick answer for anyone who claims the iPad is not a creation tool. I love this app!

- Brilliant App!

I love this app soooo much, I wish I had more reasons to make fonts! I needed to make a font with a very specific detail for using in other creative apps. It’s simple and beautifully created. I think I’ll be making more fonts just for the fun of it! Well done and thank you!

- Just to let you know..this app still rocks

Have not seen recent reviews. I’m very happy with this app. I am running iPad Pro with iOS 12 and Apple Pencil. It runs well and has installed my font to my system fonts through any font..

- Not recommended at all

Works for simple one stroke text, but fails for more intricate design, which is why you buy font building app. I wasted 3 hours designing a font, which appears fine in the app, but looks totally corrupt when it's converted/processed by the web site. 3 hours billable work at $360 + $12 app = a very expensive waste of time.

- Amazing!!!

Wonderful app, Ive been waiting a long time to be able to make a font, and without much typography knowledge I finally found an easy, intuitive and instant software (and webservice) to do that. Fantastic. Very happy, and the quality is super. I think if I had more technical knowledge I could do more with the app. It certainly helped to get some immediate ideas out and want to learn more about how to use full fontography programs like FontForge with some ability. Many Many Many Thanks. Especially, definitely, without question a nigh perfect app for anyone has a beautiful handwriting style they would like to turn into a usable digital font. Thank You!!

- Fantastic app

This is a brilliant font making app. It is very easy to use, and contains everything you might want for creating a new font. You can even create a full character set, not only with the accented and miscellaneous characters (æ, î, ø, ü, etc) but it includes a very large extended set of latin unicode characters (characters like œ, Þ, ĕ, ƥ), and even Japanese, greek/coptic, cyrillic, thai, and web and dingbats. It is great value for money and is comparable to software packages that cost $500-$1000 on a computer… I created a 135 character extended unicode font in fifteen minutes that would have taken me days if I was using conventional computer font software using the mouse etc. Brilliant!

- New version update 😊Very clever

I have made a load of fonts on my PC, and it is always a painstaking process. This new update keeps all the fast and friendly features of version 1, and adds some serious tools that should make it possible to create more easily than ever if you're working with an iPad pro and pencil. Thanks for the unexpected update🤓

- Great type maker app, simple and powerful

I love this app since 2010! It makes typeface and font creation a productive quick and easy. One thing though, I wish it would work with iPad Pro Pencil pressure. Looking forward for this feature.

- Hello

I love this app, although it cost A LOT I like it. Please change how much it costs so my other friends can get the app :) $5 maybe but it's up to you

- Great app!!

Love this app, lots of fun!! A bit pricy but it is super easy to use and creates beautiful fonts! Only limitation is that the fonts cannot be utilised by the iPad which is a shame.

- More fun than most games

I've had iFontMaker less than 36hrs and made five cool fonts - WOW!

- One Of A Kind App

[20-07-2016] No other app can do what this app can do. Although it makes everything so much easier for being able to create fonts, I have trouble with being able to zoom in enough to see and version 1 of the rounded line is sometimes straight but not always - one day it's as straight as version 1 of the squarish line, the next it zig-zags of goes everywhere but in one straight line.

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- Crashes when I try to add vectors

Its nice and easy to use but I want to use it along with other software and when I try to add vectors it freezes and wont paste the paths. Please fix this

- Needs Brush imports and still crashes

This could make you a lot of money as font design has become very popular but is not pro enough but could be it is not far off but lacks options for adding brushes and eraser or if this is too challenging to do then the option the import vectors for example from affinity designer or raster images from procreate in png.

- Wish I had not purchased

Very disappointed in this app. Does not work good with an Apple Pencil no brushes. The look of the app is nice. Should have practice page with cut paste. After you fill out all the letters it just sends it to a website to create the font. Honestly you can do that for free! Don’t buy this app it’s a rip off Especially when you can do the same thing for free online. Wish I had my money back I will forever cry for those $10

- Waste of money

It wont let me import font into procreate. Random streaks appear when I draw my new fonts in the app and I cant get ride of them. This app wasted my money.

- Can not import or create brushes

I am upset that I paid for this app and outgrew it in a matter of a couple weeks. It is useless to me or anyone that what’s to creat fonts with brushes. The brushes that are installed on it are less than adequate for any application. Don’t waste your money.

- Please add custom brushes!!!!

A good intro typeface design app, but really suffers for lack of being able to import brushes. Would be at least 4 stars if they added this feature.

- Crashes

It's ok, does what it says but sometimes crashes and doesn't save the work which is frustrating. Also, I would really like an eraser tool and a wider variety of brushes for the price of the app.

- Very cool

I want to provide balance to some of the negative (out of date) reviews. I've used the current version solidly for two days, and it did crash once. The app is especially suitable for handwriting and casual lettering fonts (you really could convert your handwriting into a font in a minute!), or even a display/novelty font. It is less suitable for someone needing a full featured font editor with multiple weights etc. With patience, someone could create some lovely fonts, though. The custom brushes convert strokes into artistic lines for very nice effects. The ability to convert lines into editable outlines makes this a powerful tool. And fonts can be easily shared, or installed on your iOS device directly, or downloaded to your desktop (PC or Mac). I was able to create a Hebrew alphabet even though the characters are not displayed by default, an easy work around allows you to create custom alphabet sets. And the Hebrew properly goes from right to left.

- Connection problems

Doesn't work well...

- Utility?

What is the point to forge new font on an IPad if you canot use it on it? I was a little angry to realize that I paid 7 box and at the end, it was not doing what I was expecting. On the other hand, I have to say That the app is fonctionnal and fairly well design ( I cannot compare, it is the first font making application I Ever use).

- Crash and Burn

After the last update I decided to do a new font with the completely rebuilt system. I worked my way through and was near the end at the colon and it crashed and won't open again. I don't think I have the stomach for the monotony of redoing my mediocre typography. Maybe it's for the best.

- Finally

With the new Anyfont app now I can use this font maker and actually use it on my ipad.

- Cool but crashy

I love the app; it let's you create your own font sets and upload them to your Mac or PC. Amazingly easy to create them with a touch interface. Very cool and cheap at the price. However, the app crashes regularly, losing recent edits on whatever character I was last editing. Otherwise, it's great and I hope an update will soon solve the crashing issues.

- Wow! I am addicted

Many years ago, I loved the Amiga app that allowed you to construct rudimentary fonts. Now, I have it again, except much more fluid and beautiful. Easy to use. Efficient design. Get a pogo stick and build your own personal handwriting font for be creative and let inspiration take over and create your masterpiece. Great work!

- Very good app

I did like it a lot at first, The latest revision "Sept 01 2010" was buggy. When I wanted to contact tech support to explain the problem, was not easy to find email address and when I did I got no reply.. Hmmm..

- Simple, intuitive, great possibilities

This app is outstanding. It has a simple, intuitive interface and works exactly as it's touted to work. I created a font of my own handwriting in about ten minutes. No, it's not the greatest font in the world. But I *could* create a great (or at least useful) font using this app – the limiting factor being my own typographic talent, not the app. No regrets at all about shelling out a totally reasonable $7.

- Cool, just cool

A great app for the iPad. Intuitive and fun. Love to see a greater selection of pen and brush widths, but that's a quibble.

- Finally... Something Worth Buying

I've really felt ripped off by some of the app's out there... but not this one! It was true to it's claim in that it created a font based on my lettering style and did it within 5 minutes. For anyone that likes to send personalized notes, cards or envelopes this is a wonderful solution. I can see where my entire salesfoce will want to borrow my iPad so that they can make their own personal fonts!

- Wow

I wasn't expecting something like this! Could use a few more tools and perhaps some precise editing options but otherwise this is pretty cool.

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sansab - two

🎞 〰️ Ifontmaker (ios) 🔍. , 45 bath only ❗❗ Add line ♡. (  ) สนใจ/สอบถาม  dm @PeekaSticker ----------- #แอพยอดฮิต #แอพดีบอกต่อ #แอพios #แอพตัดต่อรูปภาพ #แอพแต่งรูป #แอพไอโฟน #แอพiphone #แอพการเรียน #ขายแอพ

sansab - four

🎞 〰️ Ifontmaker (ios) 🔍. , 45 bath only ❗❗ Add line ♡. (  ) สนใจ/สอบถาม  dm @PeekaSticker ----------- #แอพยอดฮิต #แอพดีบอกต่อ #แอพios #แอพตัดต่อรูปภาพ #แอพแต่งรูป #แอพไอโฟน #แอพiphone #แอพการเรียน #ขายแอพ

Jay Ammon, Founding Director at iPigeon.institute

. You'd just (have to?) Either or, ... but I hadn't @fonteer or iFontMaker, or whatever the top selling @AppStore font custom design and illustration quick job (perhaps) leader of the moment (I dunno, maybe it does scalable details and French curves, golden ratio twirl guide


แอพ iFontMaker


แอพ iFontMaker 28฿

iFontMaker 3.34 Screenshots & Images

iFontMaker iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

iFontMaker Graphics & Design application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

iFontMaker (Version 3.34) Install & Download

The applications iFontMaker was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2010-06-25 and was developed by Eiji Nishidai [Developer ID: 377381673]. This application file size is 3.29 MB. iFontMaker - Graphics & Design app posted on 2020-09-20 current version is 3.34 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.2ttf.iFontMaker

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