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With Hulu you can watch thousands of TV shows and movies, exclusive Originals, past seasons, current episodes, and more.

If you're an existing Hulu subscriber, you have the option to watch Live TV for sports, news, and can’t-miss events on the device of your choice. That means you can enjoy all your TV in one place with a personalized plan that works for you—Hulu, Hulu (No Ads), or Hulu +Live TV*.

*Regional restrictions, blackouts and additional terms apply.

Stream movies, discover new shows, and more. Here’s what you have access to on all Hulu plans:

• A curated TV experience—get personalized recommendations every time you watch
• Personalized profiles—create up to 6 profiles so everyone can keep track of their shows, movies, networks, and more
• My Stuff—track your favorites by adding shows, networks, and movies for quick access across your devices
• Watch at home or on the go—all on your TV, smartphone, or tablet
• Premium networks—Get networks including HBO®, SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX®, and STARZ® for an additional monthly subscription fee

Our ad-supported plan lets you browse the largest streaming library. Stream over 85,000 episodes of the shows you love or haven’t yet discovered. Find classic hits like Seinfeld and The Golden Girls. Discover today’s most popular shows like This is Us and The Good Doctor. Get exclusive Originals from Emmy® winner The Handmaid’s Tale to the Stephen King-inspired Castle Rock, or The Act, starring Emmy® winner Patricia Arquette.

Hulu (No Ads)

This plan gives you everything you get with the Hulu plan in an ad-free* experience. *There are a few shows in our streaming library that are not included in Hulu (No Ads) due to streaming rights. Episodes of those shows will stream uninterrupted — there will just be a quick ad before and after each video. Plus, you can download from thousands of titles to watch offline.*

*Select content available for download.

Hulu + Live TV

Watch live and on-demand TV from 60+ top channels, including sports, news, and more. Plus, get unlimited access to the entire Hulu streaming library through our ad-supported plan.

Hulu + Live TV plan only available on Apple TV Gen. 4, iPod Touch Gen. 6, 4K Apple TV, or iPhone/iPad running iOS12 or later.

Download the Hulu app and start watching today.

You’ll be charged as a recurring transaction through your iTunes account starting at the end of your free trial (unless you cancel during the free trial). Payment automatically renews unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription month. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime, or turn off auto-renewal by accessing your iTunes account. Hulu is available to U.S. customers only.

Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:
Your California Privacy Rights:
Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

This app features third party software which allows you to contribute to measurement statistics (e.g., Nielsen’s TV Ratings). To learn more about digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, including opting out, please visit our privacy policy. Please see for more information about Nielsen measurement.

We may work with mobile advertising companies to help deliver online and in-app advertisements tailored to your interests based on your activities on our website and apps and on other, unaffiliated websites and apps. To learn more, visit To opt-out of online interest-based advertising, visit To opt-out of cross-app advertising, download the App Choices app at Hulu is committed to complying with the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising and the DAA’s Application of Self-Regulatory Principles for the Mobile Environment.

Hulu, LLC

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This holiday season, we’re celebrating the only way we know how — exterminating those pesky bugs to make sure you can stream your holiday content! Update your Hulu app to get back to streaming today.

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- Goodnuf, but want more.

I like the new layout. It’s easy to see him swipe through things. That said I don’t coming to contact with things that are outside the normal suggestions as often. That’s both good and bad, because I’m not exposed to some of what’s available Biggest concern is that after I’m done playing something the next thing auto plays and adds itself to my keep watching list. There are four things show up on my keep watching list that I don’t even want. I have to keep removing them, and they track my progress. This is a real issue because I’ve never watched these things on my own, and they usually play if I fell asleep or left it running for some reason

- Grayed out?

I like this app a lot. A show I’ve been meaning to rewatch is on it and has all seasons. There’s only a few things I question, and first, is that sometimes it lags and when it comes back the subtitles are on. When I go to the cog button to turn them off, it tells me that they’re not on, that they’re default subtitles and I can’t turn them off. It says “not available” in grayed out font and the button isn’t even green like “on”, yet they are on and I don’t know how to turn them off when everything is grayed out. Normally I don’t have a problem with captions, but for watching on my iPhone, they’re really distracting. Only thing I can do is exit and swipe out of the app completely and wait a bit before opening it back up. Another thing I don’t get is when I turn my phone sideways, in order to pause my show, I have to turn my phone so it’s vertical again bc the ⏪▶️⏩ buttons don’t work when my phone is horizontal, which is strange. I can’t pause or play it, or go back or forward with my phone sideways. I have to put my phone back upright and then pause/play/ffw or rewind it. But other than that it’s a great app, and I’m happy I can rewatch my show.

- Make it easier to switch plans!

as a new user i of course decided to go with the cheaper plan to “try it out”. i haven’t even gotten thru the first episode of the show i was dying to watch and i’m already so over all of these ads! the option to upgrade isn’t even on the app.. i had to go log in on the web which again requires way more clicks than necessary.. although after reading reviews i guess it’s a good thing it’s not so easy because apparently you have to wait until your current subscription is cancelled which completes a month later!??? OMG! you’d think you would want to make your new subscribers experience the best.. again you should make it easier to upgrade or start everyone out with the BEST plan first.. and then give them the option to switch once the free trial ends.. just saying.. i don’t plan to cancel right away.. i guess i’ll leave it on during the free trial and use the app if i’m that desperate to watch an episode i’m willing to sit thru the same ads over and over every few minutes while trying to get thru an episode. best believe my subscription will be cancelled as soon as the trial is up! so disappointing! ugh!

- Never ending issues

You would think for app with this many subscribers and this high of a subscription rate (for the live tv) the least they could do is make an app that works. The app has near constant glitches. It often plays the audio of one show while a completely different show plays. It never remembers where you left off in a show so you have to watch the same commercial breaks again. It freezes, it crashes. It has the worst UI. You can’t set shows that you’ve recorded to automatically delete after you’ve watched them so you have to do it manually. Even when you record shows, you can only fast forward through the commercials maybe 25% of the time. One show I record never records the whole episode. Even after I delete it, it stays this way. Then miraculously, after a week, the full episode appears. Seems like this app is perpetually a year behind it’s competitors. I really hope someone reads this and looks into all these perpetual issues, but I’m not holding my breath. Get it together. You owe your paying customers more than this.

- Commercials and streaming service

So, for the commercials I don’t mind watching. However if you want to rewind to watch a scene before the commercials break you have to watch 3 minutes of commercials (1 min when you first pass through, 1 min when you rewind, and another minute when you pass through again). It’s kind of annoying that it does that and doesn’t save that you already watched the ad breaks like other video streaming platforms. In addition, I get a lot of problems with the streaming service. Like the episodes won’t load and it tells me to come back later or refresh. I know it’s not my internet because we just upgraded it to a faster speed and out of all the apps on my phone and TV this is the only one that needs to be refreshed. Lastly, episodes. Episodes on phones can only be watched two at a time. Then you have to go to the series list for the next two episodes, which is inconvenient because of the loading issue mentioned above. I love the shows on this app, but really not worth all the bugs and issues.

- Could be way better

At first I loved this app then after using it for a awhile I found all the glitches. The time it takes to download a movie and all the buffering makes it difficult to even watch a show or a movie. I pay the extra for no commercials but by the time it buffers 25 times through the movie or show.... I give up. It never used to do this so much but now it’s all the time. I go to the other competition movie app and it doesn’t do it on that app so I know it’s not my internet. Did you get rid of someone that knew what they were doing tech wise??? Also they used to change the movie choices more often and have newer movies, even better that the competition, but now the movies are always the same and all OLD movies and horror film it’s boring and sickening. There used to be more choices, what about PBS, what about getting up to date history channel. I’d like to see some historical dramas and movies!! I pay my fee each month and I’m barely getting good use out of the app. I Really think I’ll discontinue my subscription.

- Buffering, Glitches, Selection or Movies and Shows, and ADSS

Buffering and Glitches• The app has a nice selection of shows and tv shows. But it buffers and glitches A LOT!!! This makes it hard and annoying to watch stuff. It took me 20 minutes to get a movie started. I had to constantly restart the app and exit in and out of the app; to stop the glitches. I’ve checked my WiFi and it works perfectly. You would think with the updates it has they would have already fixed the constant buffering, loading, and glitches. It gets to the point where I can’t, don’t, or want to even bother to use the app. Selection of Movies and Shows• Another problem which isn’t that big is the selection of Movies and Shows. Don’t get me wrong it has an “okay” selection but they don’t update it that much. They don’t have much of the movies or shows I’m looking for. A lot of the shows they have aren’t that popular. I find it hard to not rewatch most of the same stuff. I’ve had this app for a year now and have watched mostly everything I’m interested in. Commercials• The commercials and constant ads in the app make me go CRAZY. There are so many commercials. I just want to watch something without commercials every 10-15 minutes. With all this I recommend Netflix or another app to watch stuff. But if you are looking for a specific show that is anti popular this app probably has it. The app has issues where it gets to the point you don’t want to use it.

- Choose Wisely

Whatever you do, pick the plan you want from the get go. Do not try to change your plan after the fact. It doesn’t work. You will have to cancel your subscription and wait for its termination date - one month later. I didn’t think I minded having ads and then it hits you with these gross 70 second ads. I can’t watch those every 5-8 minutes when I’m just trying to enjoy a show. So I tried to change to the Hulu(no ads) plan but it won’t let me until my old plan terminates. So I tried making another account. Didn’t work; it recognizes that you have another account and says, “would you like to sign in with this one?”. When you hit no it doesn’t go through with the new account and if you hit yes, you weren’t making a new account to begin with. I’ve had this app for maybe an hour and already a huge turnoff. 3/5: the video quality was good in the 5-8 minutes I could stand watching. But most everything else is maddening.

- Great Content. Terrible layout.

I love the shows on this platform. But I run in to so many problems with quickly starting where I left off after my previous view sessions. It takes me a minute or two to get back to the episode I was watching, WHICH IS A PROBLEM I DONT INTO WITH ANY OTHER PLATFORMS. Very disappointed with the customer inference & the interaction I have had with it so far. The way the system works causes strain which SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING. I am a very tech savvy person too. But this app makes it 10x more strenuous to operate. Using this app opposed to others is a terrible experience.. The only reason I continue paying for this is because the content is great. I am very disappointed with the customer interface being a new customer. Its 2020, hope you know how to fix it. Sheesh. I’ll be sure to be talking to my friend about this too. Hopefully they get this fixed up soon. Lots of potential. Terrible platform performance so far. Don’t even get me started when I get gypped by watching 2 long adds in a row. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

- Brand new customer

Omg, not political ads! I am a brand-new customer. I took advantage of the $0.99 offer for a year. So far I am quite happy with the service except for one thing. I don’t have a problem with the commercials since I knew it would happen due to the offer price. What I don’t like is the same commercials over and over again. It seems like when watching a program with several episodes, there is a repetition of ads which is, quite honestly, not going to get me out there for those products. There are a few older dramas (and probably sitcoms that aren’t already in syndication) that I would like to watch, namely “Cold Case,” “Boston Public,” “Falcon Crest,” and “Picket Fences.” I’m sure that there are more, but I cannot come up with them at this time. I’ll keep watching. The old shows are usually much better than the reality shows like the Kardashians and Real Housewives that are on now.

- Not Accessibility Friendly

I’ve only had this app for a half an hour and I’m already so frustrated with myself for downloading it. I’m visually impaired, and while this app states that it has audio description it is impossible to use. I can’t find it anyway err on even the shows and movies it states has it, and when I go to the website to change it like it says I should it just gives me a description of what the feature is supposed to do instead of activating it. On this note, there is no way to find your continue watching. Where you can usually find shows and movies you have left off on other apps, this doesn’t have one, and if it does it need to be more easily accessible, even for beginners. It also didn’t save any of my shows/movies I clicked on that I’m interested in watching. Their “My Stuff” which I woul assume to be like Netflix’s “My LIst” only saved two of my shows I clicked on out of my eleven and one of my movies out of the eight. Over, extremely disappointed in the app and myself for having higher hopes in it.


How strange I write a review but App Store won’t post it‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️😡😡😡😡😡 Ever since latest update of week of April 20th 2020, the app crashes every time I click to open it, it won’t open it closes fast, faster than in the blink of an eye!!! This is a paid subscription that I pay more than $130+ a month for, could the developers please fix this asap!! Why should it be necessary to leave a review and never receive a reply and for it to come this far? Don’t you get paid to supervise the application enough to know there’s this huge bug or glitch whatever it is that it won’t let the PAYING CUSTOMER watch the programming without the unnecessary stress?!?!? Will this issue ever be fixed?!?! Going on a week now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think you want your customers cancelling, let us know what’s going on, update us I think we have a right to know what’s going on and not be in a loophole!!!!! Way too many ads, I pay for Ad Free TV and it’s way too many repeated ads over again!!!! Kids filter should be updated for safer TV!!!!!!

- Several Problems

My biggest issue with the app is that certain episodes won’t download. For example, episodes 1-3 of a show might download then 4 will refuse to. For someone who relies primarily on downloads, this is a pain. Also, some episodes are missing entirely from certain shows. This may just be a copyright issue, but with all the other issues this app has, you never know. More recently, I’ve been having a problem where episodes I’ve downloaded won’t play. I end up having to close the app and open it again just to make the episode play. And often it won’t save my progress if I stop in the middle. Finally, when I try to remove things from My List, some shows won’t leave. It says they’re not in there anymore, but they still appear in the feed. Honestly, the only reason I’m giving this app any stars is that I enjoy the content. I would be much happier, however, if they could fix these problems.

- Worst streaming app by far

I should not have to login every time I open the app… Even seconds later after I navigate out of it, when I go back it says there was an error and I need to login again. I still do not like how new shows do not always pop up to the front of my queue. There might be a show that I’m just not in the mood to watch and there are a couple of unwatched episodes… And that stays at the top of my queue. That’s fine until something else new or comes along it should bump it down. I was just getting used to the moronic layouts when all of these other things start happening, I thought we’ll maybe it’s because it’s not an updated app. So I cannot hear only time it just update it. Is there no quality assurance checks before and after you get released? Is there no focus group? Is there no research of what other streaming apps are doing and doing well?

- Commercial overload

I really like the app but two things turn me off about it. The first is that when picking a show they play too many commercials. Once you pick a show they play 90 secs of commercials, then they play the opening credits for your show. Then they play another set of commercials before playing the show. Then they play 2 more sets of commercials during a show that is only 22-25 mins. After the show is over they play another set of commercials before and after closing credits. I know that it is only 90secs but this adds up and makes me disinterested in watching any shows. The other feature I dislike is that when trying to watch “live tv” even when you pick that option they will make you watch the show from the beginning. Then you have to fast forward to live tv, after watching commercials of course.....

- Please Either Fix Your App Or Be Truthful

Here’s addition to my last comment - we have an Internet speed up to 1 GB and my husband is a programmer/analyst for a living, so we know the issue isn’t on our end. But will you please upgrade your servers so your app doesn’t constantly idle and lose connection. We pay for no commercials but STILL get them ALL the time. Constantly buffering. I’m a teacher so I used to use this for documentaries but now whatever you did I no longer can. Don’t even get me started on your ‘Continue Watching’ section! I have shows I’ve never watched all over it and can never find the shows I ACTUALLY AM WATCHING! And what the hell is it with eliminating episodes after only watching them once?! I started watching a series, one was Nancy Drew, the rest of my family wanted to watch the older episodes to catch up and they’re gone! What the hell! This is a brand new series people! Either fix your dam app or be honest about how you have things set up! Seriously!

- Up next fiasco

I don’t understand the algorithm behind the episodes listed in “up next”. It is so annoying to have to exit that list and go back to “my stuff” to watch another episode every single time that I cannot give more than two stars. They’re not even in “my stuff”, and why would anyone want to watch random episodes of different shows one after the other instead of watching consecutive episodes of a show? Who does that? But that’s not even the point. I would rather see the new episodes of the shows in “my stuff” in the “up next” list than a bunch of episodes of random shows. For instance, I see the option of adding individual episodes to a list called “my episodes”, which cannot be accessed anywhere. Basically a blackhole. Why not add the episodes in “my episodes” to “up next” and give users the ability to manage the “my episodes” list? Just a thought...

- Amazing App

I find this an amazing app and do not understand why there are so many bad reviews. There are tons of shows to watch of many different genres Cartoons, Dramas, Action, Comedy and so much more. I’m sorry if you didn’t choose the right plan. There have been no troubles for me except one thing for kids I find it annoying that you can’t select a age until 13 my 10 year old can only watch shows for little kids and has been begging me to let her have TV-14 but that has inappropriate content for her. So please please make you be able to do different age ratings for kids under 13 such as TV-Y, TV-Y7, TV-G, and TV-PG. I find this a problem because my daughter can only watch kid shows. I also caught my 4 year old watching sailor moon and I am positive this is not age appropriate for her. PLEASE CHANGE THIS.


Great app, but there are a lot of bugs that need to me fixed. First off, the skip, I tried to resume an episode I was watching and every time I would go to skip back to where I was, it would restart the episode. Also, the ad problem needs to be fixed, it keeps playing the ads, then replaying them. Like it would have the ads run as normal, then replay them for no reason. Also there needs to be an easier way to change plans. Skipping is rather annoying as well because every time I skip forward or back it sends me back to where I was! It has even started to black out my screen at certain points in movies and TV shows. I’m very upset about this because all I want to do is watch a show, and it won’t let me! Please fix all of this!

- New app design terrible

I don't normally take time out day to simply bash apps on iTunes but this new app redesign was so freaking terrible I couldn't get the bad taste out of my mouth so here I am. Tiles really guys seriously and not just tiles poor and restrictive ways to view shows I can't just get a bunch of small icons like before that give me optimal information no I need to thumb through every single tile to see anything well I guess the days of me discovering new shows is over because even browsing your data base is a nightmare so on my iPad Pro 12.9 I see 4 tiles at a time where as before I would see like 20 or more on my old iPad 9.7 inch this is absurd I advise if you do not want to lose people just in the settings simply add a legacy mode switch to the UI so us who aren't mouth breathing idiots can enjoy browsing your selection. Ah I feel a bit better now we'll back to struggling through your terrible UI which will most likely lead to me cancelling my subscription

- Well made app for the most part

For a mobile app it’s done quite nice, in my opinion easier and quicker to use than something like the mobile Netflix app. However there are some strange caveats. The app sometimes whites out (on my home screen the app will be there but the logo disappears and I can’t even load the app by clicking on it). This usually resolves itself after a bit. This is the only app I have that exhibits this behavior. Additionally, if you’re watching a show and lose internet connection, especially during an ad, the episode might start from the beginning when you get back to a good connection. It’s happened to me once and I’ll see if it happens again. Other than those two bugs it’s been a pretty smooth experience.

- $5.99 for ads and terrible stream quality

This app has great content to be able to stream. But I hate that this app has prioritized ads over streaming connection. The app lags out almost 1/5 times I’m trying to watch something after an ad plays. I would say it might me my WiFi or data connection but Netflix doesn’t have this issue at all. All ads play perfectly but the content when streaming times out all the time. I pay $5.99 for tv like experience with all this content and the only real experience I’m getting is ads that I’m apparently paying for. I’m ending my subscription because this company puts advertising over quality of streaming which is what I had hoped to pay for. I don’t mind ads here and there. But I don’t want to watch ads every time because the app crashed on the streaming connection with pop up errors because only ads work. The app never crashes during an advertisement. Why is that?

- Please fix....

I don’t write reviews but enough is enough. Please back to the old interface but this one is horrible. FF/RW, HORRIBLE! Whenever I “start watching” a show like Will and Grace, I’ll watch two or three episode and I’ll close the app. When I go back in to pick up where I left off, not only is the show not at the top of my stuff (it’s at the bottom) but it doesn’t save my progress, so I don’t know with episode to start with... The updates are ruining this app... The app was working fine until y’all started “fixing” it. AND ANOTHER THING, sometimes the next episode won’t play unless I come completely out of the show and go back in and then I have to remember which episode it is... I see all of these reviews that go back months, why are we still having these same issues months later... I like your service but will not continue to pay for a service that has been jinky for MONTHS, not days or weeks but MONTHS. PLEASE DO BETTER!

- Swipe to fast forward has got to gooooo

I'm the kind of person who touches their screen constantly while watching a show, whether it's to check the time or to wipe a smudge or see how far along in the show I am. With your "swipe anywhere on the screen to go forward or backwards" function, I am constantly being forced to watch and rewatch extra ads, and to try and re-find wherever I was in the show before my accidental swipe. Please consider reinstating the setup with the bar at the bottom that had the button where I had to be very intentional with my tapping in order to change location in the playing time. This will make using your platform much easier on my mental health, and on my phone that gets hurled across the room every time I shoot forward 10 minutes in an episode of The Mindy Project and get stuck with an extra 120 seconds of Chevy commercials. I beg you.

- Crashes and requires reinstalling after every updates

I always know when there has been an update because the app never fails to crash mid-episode after one. The worse part is that it usually crashes right after a commercial break so when I get the app back up and running and resume the episode I have to sit through another minute of the same commercials. Simply closing the app after an update does not fix the problem. It requires me to delete the app from my device and reinstall. It’s ridiculously inconvenient and annoying. Please fix this. If I didn’t get such a good deal on my subscription, I probably would have cancelled it because of this issue. Besides this inconvenience every two weeks to a month the app does what it needs to do and is easy to navigate.

- It WAS a good app!

I’ve been using it for a year now and had no major issues. I pay for the Hulu+live tv and like how I can watch tv on my phone, laptop or actual tv. (Very handy during football and basketball season) Thought ever since it got updated (Sept. 2019) it’s been having major issues. The app completely exits from itself in the middle of a show, or the screen would go dark with a loading bar. Only to pop back up rewinding itself 20 seconds, playing then going dark again. Getting stuck in an annoying endless loop. I really like the app but if that is is the kind of service I’m going to keep having, especially paying $45/month. I might as well go back to my satellite provider. Now I don’t want to sound like I’m ranting but I ACTUALLY like this app and if it doesn’t improve soon, I’m going to have to part ways with it. So for now enjoy the 2 STARS.

- Bugs

Every time I try to open the app on my phone, it says "something is wrong: try again." Extremely frustrating. I've tried reinstalling and updating it, and it's the same problem. It won't work. Update: the previous problem has gone away, but with the new update, I accidentally fast forward my show probably about ten times in each sitting somehow. Its extremely easy to do. I end up watching extra commercials because of this, and then when I try to find my spot again, I have to sit through a second set of commercials if I click multiple times looking for the right scene. It adds a LOT of commercials to my viewing time. I also have similar concerns to others reviews, as it used to be easy to find my shows and find new things I'd be interested in, but now it's not as intuitive, and it's more difficult to quickly find things.

- Horrible streaming/improved but still issues

$15 a month for no commercials. Yet my video stops multiple times to tell me, Sorry, an error has occurred while streaming this video. We apologize for any inconvenience. Yeah thanks. It also doesn't resume videos from all devices. Save your money and skip unless you're desperate. Update: streaming is better now but there are still issues with the app. It’s constantly disconnecting from my phone. It still plays on the tv but I have reconnected to pause etc. other super annoying thing, once you’re show is finished it auto plays suggested shows not in your queue. This is super annoying when it’s a show you don’t want to watch. It used to skip to something in your queue which makes sense. Suggested shows should be somewhere else.

- You Really Need To Let People Take Screenshots

Obviously whoever added the feature which makes the screen completely black every time you take a screenshot has little to no experience with the internet. No content pirate has ever thought “ah, yes, i will capture this movie frame by frame and then splice these frames together, then record the audio separately and dub it over my newly spliced video and hope it syncs up”. That’s ludicrous. The inability to take screenshots not only serves no purpose for the actual creators of the movies or TV shows, it’s also a great hinderance to people who produce content like fanart and fan theories who would typically use such screenshots as references. By not allowing screenshots, you are actually turning legitimate customers of your content towards illegal streaming sites because This Is The Only Way To Take Screenshots Of Our Favourite Shows And Movies. No one wins. It’s frankly kind of bizarre that anyone ever thought this was a good idea.

- Not showing watched

Many times, I finish an episode with less than a minute left and when I go back to the menu, it says resume episode, then restarts episode. I don’t want to watch it again, I just watched it. I want it to show that I watched it so it is not sitting at the top of my stuff like it is new. Sometimes I will restart the episode, fast forward to the end, then wait for the time to get down to 0 so that hopefully the episode will show as watched, which it doesn’t always do. There are currently 3 shows that I have completely watched, but say resume episode and I don’t know how to get it to acknowledge that I watched it. There must be an easier way! It’s bothersome.

- Terrible forward and rewind functionality

The latest update rolled out an upgrade to the forward and rewind tool. On the surface it seems like a lot of fun and simple to use, but in practice the new tool is a nightmare. It is incredibly easy to accidentally rewind to the beginning or end of the show simply by tapping the screen when it's gone dark or trying to pull up details on the next episode. You can correct your mistake either because it immediately sends you back into a 60-90 second commercial break that locks the forward / rewind tool. Once you've finished the break and can go back to your place, you have to watch another 60-90 second commercial break to return to your original placement. It's so incredibly frustrating I gave up and went back to the desktop experience. This tool needs more testing and revisions so it's not so easy to trigger.

- Inconsistency

There is this odd occurrence whenever I use this app and I usually run into a few problems: 1) Sometimes the next episode doesn’t play. It fails to load even if I am connected to the internet, am the only one watching, and have it all paid for. 2) Sometimes, even with good connection, the app doesn’t load up anything. It’ll open but every single tab says there is nothing to see here. 3) In the same vein as failure to load following episodes, there are times where I can’t even watch a completely different show. I could let the inconsistency of following episodes in a series fail to load slide, only a small bit though, but, when I can’t watch anything else for some reason? All of a sudden nothing is watchable? In closing, either shows don’t load or the entire app doesn’t work properly. Inconsistency, sometimes it works really well and then the other half of the time it doesn’t work at all. I have deleted and reinstalled, I have turned off and restarted my phone, I have closed and restarted the app but it still has the same problem. I just end up not watching anything for a bit and do something else; which is great, although, if getting me to do something else was the goal, why pay for an inconsistent service at all?

- Disorganized

The constant changes to the layout just screams lack of confidence in the product and makes it very difficult to navigate. Please do something about the subpar subtitles do you actually watch and listen to the stories or are you just writing what you want. Fast forwarding and rewinding needs to be adjusted there’s nothing more frustrating then that suspenseful reveal that rolls right into commercial and you try to roll back a few seconds but have to watch another set of commercials. Very frustrating when you have to stop your device mid show only to come back to your place not saved and your going back and forth in the time line to find your spot only to have to watch two to three sets of commercials (I get that this service includes commercials but it’s the navigation that’s frustrating). Don’t be racist the stereotyping and picking what commercials you think I should watch is insulting.

- Autoplay Not Working!!!

Autoplay is not working and randomly stops one episode in while other times the thing will play all night long when I fall asleep. The app is poorly designed and simple features like the ability to skip credit scenes and title sequences are missing yet the price is still the same NFlix. Why do you have to pay for a headache? How can this company not build an app properly? You have billions of dollars. Last time I canceled because the app was falling apart and riddled with error messages that even uninstalling couldn’t fix on my phone and tablet. And they have no appropriate customer service. You guys have no respect for your customers and that’s why you’ll always be second or simply lose them over time to better streaming services. Maybe I’ll just cancel every other month and keep signing up for the free first month option so I can cheat you as much as you’re cheating me.

- Good! But, a few issues

I do not like the user interface set up all that much. For example, let’s say I just watched a series. I close app then re-open it at a later time. I expect to have that series somewhere on my dashboard but it’s not. In fact I typically have to retype it in the search box just to find it again. Second, I’m watching a show and I click to go to new episode; however, the GUI is gone! No play, backwards, forward, pause, scroll bar...nothing but an “X.” I contacted IT support and they didn’t know anything. So, it’s typical that I’ll have to refresh the page or log out and log in five to fifteen times over a few hours. But, in the end for the price and volume of shows it’s worth putting up with the glitches.

- Apply TV app is horrendous

I honestly don’t even know where to begin. All the complaints below apply to the Apple TV app as that is the primary way I use it, and I can’t speak to the iPhone / iPad versions. Half the time clicking on a title does nothing, especially in the “up next” pop up when an episode ends, and if you let the timer run down it replays the episode you just watched instead of skipping to the next one. Half the time when you do play an episode either the sound is a second off from the video (only fix is force quitting the app). Also have had the video appear not the play, click to play again and now two streams of the same episode are playing (one on top of the other) resulting in double audio - and the only fix is force quitting the app. I swear half of the time I use this app it is force quitting the app and waiting for it to reload. Navigation is a HOT mess. Where are the simple badges saying which shows have a new episode available? Why is the “my stuff” category not available to filter by new episodes available? Why do I need to wait for the app to “fetch new recommendations” every single time I open it up? I love love LOVE hulu’s service, and in the past the app has been very solid. However once this redesign rolled out I feel like the quality / reliability of the app has greatly suffered.

- UI suggestions....

I can’t say anything about commercials and switching plans because I already have the Ad free version and I have live tv in other means, but, during playback, PLEASE... Make the swipe to rewind/fast forward inactive until one swipes up enough first, or some other gesture to reduce unintentional swipes. I can’t tell you how many times I mess up the playback position while trying to pick up my one iPad without a case or cover because I tap the screen edge then bump the slider significantly. Make the video not pause when going from Picture in Picture back to full screen if it’s already playing. The whole point of going full screen is to continue viewing on the full screen. I know it can be done...competitor apps do it.

- Need to make it more compatible with iPhone X

Besides everyone’s concern about the sensitivity on the rewind and forward, which I agree is soooooo frustrating, I just got the iPhone X and some shows don’t take up the full screen of the phone which is the whole point of the phone! The shows need to expand through the whole screen. also it would be very helpful if they could but the time as well on the iPhone 7 when you tapped of the screen you would see the time come down and now I have to click out of the app to see what time it is and that’s frustrating as well... I know it’s a process and you’re trying i hope my suggestions help!

- Where are all the seasons at???

I'm very disappointed with the fact that almost all the shows you have never finish the show. They're always missing seasons unless it's a 1/2 season show! This is very dumb not only because we cannot finish our show BUT shouldn't all those ads you put in the middle of our shows make you enough money to give us a full series??!!!! This is very annoying. For example one of my shows had to end on an episode where there is still so much story to be told, but I could not experience this show because of this terrible idea. This is ABSOLUETLY outrageous considering we're supposed to be able to "catch up on all our favorite shows". This slogan is a HUGE LIE. If you want an app where you can stop watching in the middle of a plot on a show BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T SPEND SOME OF ALL THAT MONEY THEY MAKE GIVING US SOME GOSH DARN ENDINGS TO FINISH OUR SHOWS!!!!!😡

- Can’t play in background

I’m not going to say the new update is terrible because I honestly don’t think it is. I however have been annoyed at the fact that the tv shows can not be played in the background on the device. Normally people will listen to music as they use their device. However, for me that is tv shows. Because I have watched this particular show so much I don’t need to physically see it anymore, I have it playing in the background. Like another reviewer said, no one should be expected to stay glued to a show for an extended amount of time. That user wanted PIP and his PIP was revived. Last night even I was able to play in the background starting Saturday the 18th and ending the 19th. Please bring this back or install it if what I was experiencing was a bug. Thank you for you time.

- News subscriber

Just switched from sling last weekend so my rating is based on limited experience... So far I’ve found navigating the apps (on my fire stick and the iOS mobile app) to be cumbersome. The live tv controls are nothing like any cable, satellite, or other streaming tv options I have used... the guide is not good and only has next episodes as far future viewing so you have to search if you looking to record something. And going in and out of the guide and watching live tv is nothing short of frustrating to this point. I’m sure it will get easier with repetition but really... my wife will never have it down. And then there’s the no AMC or Paramount channels. The good thing is I can cancel at any time and there is a lot of content so hopefully they can improve the TV guide soon!

- Better mobile experience than on home TV

The mobile app is pretty good. Navigation is thoughtful and fairly well-organized. The mobile app also allows you to immediately press an icon in the center of the screen to go straight to the live broadcast instead of starting at the beginning for shows in your recording list. For some strange reason, that button is missing in the Fire tv version of the app. As a result, I have to manually hold the right button to fast forward to get to the live stream. Annoying, and particularly confusing for my elderly relatives who wonder why the show is not live and on a delay. This needs to be more like navigating and consuming on a cable provider (can’t believe I just said that).

- Giving 5 because many fixes have been done

Firstly, it’s 5 to try and help weigh in against all the people who complained about losing HDMI because it’s been fixed. And on that note thank god the HDMI lightning connector works again. There was no way I was gonna budge and spring for additional technology when I’m broke A/F all the time. The overall selection seems to be getting more bunk. Maybe start adopting shows like The Last Man on Earth as Netflix has done with Arrested Development for example. That being said I still find shows on here worth the amount I pay for the subscription. Smoothish transitions from episode to episode. I think the forward / backward 10 and 30 seconds is odd I’m used to the 1:1 that most video players use. Lastly I think the selection screen - at least on a mobile device - is too large and requires too much scrolling. Again comparing to Netflix, while browsing you can view several show title cards and multiple categories at once. For the regular streamers that’s great when I’m trying to just generally peruse highlighted shows.

- The worst app I’ve ever used

Seriously where do I start with how garbage this app is both on my computer and phone. I honestly hate this app with a passion which is the only reason I’m writing this review. It will start playing randomly when you leave it open. Just logged me off for no reason whatsoever. Terrible interface when selecting shows or trying to find the show you were previously watching. I guess you have to log in ever 30 days just to still get live TV WHICH IS SOMETHING I PAY EXTRA FOR ALREADY. There is no way to switch between live shows like just pressing a ‘last’ button. If you skip around a show because the app sometimes doesn’t save your place it’ll make you rewatch commercials you just saw. Truly one of the worst apps I’ve ever used which is hard to do. Especially coming from such a major company. If I didn’t pay for the service I would get rid of it in a heartbeat.

- It’s awesome but has some cons

Ok this app is amazing but here are some cons a lot of the time when I press on the app it just turns off and I tried powering off my phone two times it still didn’t work :( and it sometimes turns off while I’m trying to watch a show and when I go back on it. It also rewinds a bit :(also it needs to add season 2 of 911 :( because if you try watching season 3 with out watching season 2 you will be completely lost:( also sometimes it puts me on a different spot on a episode of a show than where I was on that episode :( but I do like all the variety of shows and movies it has :) although I talked a lot of bad on this review it overall is a amazing at app! And these are just my opinions :3

- Great live TV, not the best navigation

It’s a bulky interface that requires too many clicks to achieve what your looking for. This has been a great alternative to Cable, and we’re happy with the quality of streaming, but the guide and actions are not very simple. Would be easier if there are options to go straight to live TV at startup rather than having to go from main menu every time. Better sorting options for the guide would be nice too, like maybe having a favorites sections. They have “news” and “sports” channel guides, but often times they leave off channels that it might not deem in those categories, even if it is. Just needs a little refining for a better experience, but overall it’s better than paying for cable.

- Needs a fix but good

I love the app. Easy interface with a great selection but, commercials please fix them, I’m okay with the breaks and it makes sense but why another set of commercials just because I rewinded it 10 seconds? It doesn’t make sense, it should skip passed them since I already watched them I shouldn’t be penalized for wanting to replay a part of the show. Is there a wider variety of commercials also? I seem to always get the same ones. Another thing that really really needs fixing is the buffering icon in the middle of the screen when watching on my laptop, if I so as rewind a few seconds back it will stay in the middle of the screen and my only option to get rid of it is to reload the page, not only does that not continue where I left off but it’s could also be susceptible to ANOTHER COMMERCIAL BREAK. Please fix

- Random issues with no pattern

So I need subtitles, but sometimes when a commercial break is over the subtitles will randomly stop working. Now the audio cut out completely for no apparent reason. I think it’s also very irritating when I open or slide into my notifications screen or quick settings screen that the show I’m watching won’t play in the background, and just pause automatically. Furthermore, it is astonishingly annoying how if I slightly move or tap something on screen that my video will slide away. I feel like there should be an arrow specifically for minimizing the video, instead of relying on everything to slide. Lastly, if I slide out of a video for just a few seconds, I shouldn’t have to watch 90 seconds of commercials all over again to just continue my show. Please resolve these issues, thank you.

- So annoying, worst streaming service ever

I originally downloaded the app because there was a TV series I wanted to watch, full house after finishing that I started watching total Bella’s and total Divas. With total Bella’s it was pretty good not many malfunctions but when I got to total divas it all went wrong, there are was too many ads. At the beginning of the show there weren’t many ads but as I went along there was an ad after EVERY SCENE and it was the most annoying thing because I can’t just enjoy my show for 5 minutes. The most annoying part about this app is I will be watching something one minute and the next it time lapses my show and SKIPS A WHOLE 10 MINUTES! Then it goes to an ad and when I go back to watch it, I have to watch the ad again. They really need to work on this app because it was designed TERRIBLY. Bad app.

- What the hell

So, I’m one of those people that likes to rewind on my favorite scene. So, I loved it when more streaming services added the fast forward and rewind ten seconds buttons. However, is there any reason that they need to be in the middle of the screen blocking everything? Does the screen need to be dimmed when it does this? Short answer. NO. What worse is when when your pausing or using the 10sec but and hit anywhere else on the screen, either to close the dimming or by accident, the show will skip to wherever you touched. Dudes that’s what the bar at the bottom is for. You tried to make something more convenient and instead made it aggravating as hell. Literally just had the show start over twice because of this idiotic feature and I wouldn’t let me skip the tv shows channel thing that before. So, I ended up watching it three times. Seriously, not useful at all.

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- Anyone else disappointed with new update?

Just curious if anybody else is having trouble with the new update. There have been many times that I’ve been watching a show on my iPad, then all of a sudden it stops and an error message comes up saying I can’t watch the show in my region. I’m in the United States people! And then I try other shows and it gives me that same message. I’m also having trouble with the show playing and then all of a sudden it jumps back to the very beginning where the television network logo comes up and then it will jump back to where I was watching. I don’t know what’s going on. It was working fine prior to this update

- Five stars EXCEPT

Five stars...Except the latest update. instead of the movie just automatically switching to horizontal view when you push play, it stays small and brings up the list of shows you’ve watched previously/are in the middle of. Why would I want to see those while I’m watching a show? They take up over half the screen.... It’s stupid and annoying that I have to click a million buttons just to get it to full screen. And half the time the full screen button doesn’t work cause it’s so small the heat from my finger bypasses it and just makes the play/pause/full screen options disappear—so then I have to tap it again.

- Awful

The old app worked fine but was very clunky. I didn't think an update could be this bad. This app is difficult to use and is not intuitive at all. Oftentimes it errors out when playing the next episode of a show, forcing me to grab a device and attempt to play it again. I really just cannot stand the way this app is organized now. Sure, it's pretty, but the "Home" tab lists a SINGLE show. Across an entire iPad display. A complete waste of screen real estate. "My stuff" tab shows a list of your shows that you enjoy watching but it is organized in a complete non-categorical way. Very frustrating. Finally when you search for a show you want to watch (the best and easiest way to find anything, given this app's poor design), you have two small boxes with the last episode you left off on, and the latest episode. Once again, poor use of a huge iPad screen. You have tabs at the top for "episodes", but unless you know better, "seasons" is buried inside there as a small link. Constructive feedback? I suppose change "episodes" into a "seasons" button or something of the sort. However this won't change the overall design of the app being so poor and the waste of screen space. The old app was very old and also very clunky, BUT at least it was laid out logically.

- App is good but few problems

The fast forward and rewind should be 10 seconds. when you are watching a show and you want to take a break it should go to my stuff so you can watch it later or resume where you left off. you have the live tv option the bottom of your screen in between my stuff and search. Also you should have a section for stuff that will come out soon so people can have notifications if they like it so when it comes out they could watch it. You should also make it easy for customers to change their plan if they want to in the account section because it is very annoying to have to go from the app to the website.

- Good and bad

Ok so I’ve had this for about a month now I like that it has a lot of different things but since I’m paying for this service I’m I’m sure others are as well I believe we are not getting our money’s worth. For instance why is it that the fairy tale anime has been out for yrs and you guys only have the first 2 and the very last season dubbed in English like come on to be honest all the anime’s should have a dubbed version , and what’s up with your movies you guys need a more vast variety of them because like a handful of good ones again this are just some things I think is in your power of fixing so for everyone’s sake please fix it thank you

- Shows watched

For some reason, several of my shows display episodes unwatched since the first season, first episode even if I’m all caught up. I’ve tried re-watching the last/most current episode of each show to change the status to “all caught up” and I’m still not getting that status. It would be helpful if I could check which episodes I’ve already seen or check that I’m all caught up so I don’t have to try and re-watch episodes and I can be notified of new episodes. It’s really annoying to have to re-watch episodes or even trying to fast forward through episodes, but having to watch commercials to fast forward. Please don’t make me re-watch all episodes from the series premiere just to show that I’m all caught up. Please fix.

- Keeps crashing

This is usually my favorite go to app to watch tv shows but lately it has been messing up. Since the beginning of the year after commercials it totally locks up and won’t play anything. I usually have to close app and then reopen. Which is highly annoying. Then it started not being in sync with the voices after commercials. I would have to close app and reopen. Now it is crashing after commercials. It did this on the tv app so I started using my iPad and now it is crashing on here also. I just deleted app and will try again. I hope it actually works since I am paying money for this.

- Resetting closed caption for every episode...why?

On my iPad it’s Quite frustrating to have to reset the closed caption button each and every time a new episode starts, even though closed caption button says its on. I have to select “auto” and reselect”on”, in order to get the closed caption to every episode. I am hearing impaired and need the closed caption set for all shows without having to reset it all the time. Ohhh, and the real fun part is....sometimes when resetting the closed caption, the sound goes completely off as well! Now that’s really enjoyable! I have uninstalled and reinstalled app multiple times. Please squash this bug! Also closed caption on my smart tv runs about 2 sentences to late and picture jumps all over the place. Again, have disconnected and reconnected internet multiple times to no avail. I usually give up and turn on Netflix, which works fine.

- Not much disability access

Please do you like other apps like Netflix, would you pay your monthly subscription you have access to everything. Also where is your audio described content. Shows like a law and order SVU on other apps that had it before you bought it had all the episodes I have described. I haven’t found any of yours they do. I’ve been away for a few years thought I would come back and check it out. I’ve got a few weeks left. I may leave again if I cannot find the other describe content I need. Otherwise you have a great library of shows and movies. Would like to appreciate all of it, but I’m not going to pay monthly subscription and then pay more on my heart for shows. Not fair to ask that.

- Latest update crashes instantly

The app itself is pretty good. Wide selection. Annoyingly doesn’t have a skip intro feature and when playing picture in picture it won’t immediately load next episode but these are small things. Most recent update has screwed the pooch. Instantly crashes as soon as you open it. Have tried power cycling, deleting app and reinstalling. Please fix. Kind of annoying that subscription apps often take a long time to fix these things (looking at you HBO) but don’t give any refund on their monthly charges. A few days is understandable but it should extend your next billing date. Paying for an unusable service, especially when stuck in isolation with limited options for entertainment is not good.


I went in to start off with the one month free trial, but I was charged incorrectly. I had to talk to four separate people and it took five days to finally get a refund for an error on Hulu’s part. The whole thing made if feel like a scam where they hope you don’t notice the missing charges, and even if you do you need to go through all the steps and take your time to try and correct their error. At the end of it all I was not even offered any compensation(like a free month) even after all the time I spend trying to fix their error. Besides that, who would want to pay money and get ads? For $12 per month you get no ads but even that subscription has many things that you are unable to watch. Also, even if you get the subscription that is “ad-free” you still experience ads with some shows. I definitely would not recommend.

- chrome cast not working after update

loved the app. brag and told everyone about it and to subscribe. literally NO ISSUES and completely diff experience than any of these reviews. after recent update, can no longer use with my chrome cast and unfortunately i am a single and working mother and I can’t sit online to try and fix your app for you with customer service. the whole point in cutting off cable is to not deal with service issues and people and to spend more time doing things that matter. I will give it until my next billing cycle and cancel if it isn’t fixed. UPDATE: after writing this review, my issue has been fixed. and the updates are wonderful and friendly.

- Playback problems

I would often forward the video about hafway through an episode of a series by accident, and I would then have to go through 90 seconds of commercials to fix my mistake. Because this app allows you to forward/forward a video by tapping anywhere on screen, this makes it easier for me to repeat this mistake. I think if where was a different methods to move through videos would help, that I won’t mess up again and have to wait through so many ads all because I tried to clear a text and accidentally moved from the beginning of an episode to near the end. Besides this issue, this app works great for me and I haven’t encountered any other issues.


The app is ok but could certainly benefit from small quality of life improvements such as: adding a “WATCH FROM BEGINNING” BUTTON! Another thing I need to point out. I’m subscribed to sprint and therefore have the free version of the app. The issue here lies with the ad commercials and rewind/forward buttons: at random, during any episode, both buttons become disabled with a prompt showing “rewind/forward is not allowed during commercials” but I’m not in the middle of any commercials!!!!! I want to watch something from the beginning and I can’t because 1) there is no button with the option 2) the app is riddled with bugs and glitches! JUST RIDICULOUS!

- Good app with some cons

The app has lot of shows and variety but the biggest complain from almost every customer is the ads. It makes the experience VERY unpleasant. Not to mention, a little touch to the screen and it'll either moves or shuts down and take you back to main page. If you decide to go back where you left off, this is where it gets extremely annoying, it takes you back to first commercial you started with. You can't move forward or rewind, you're basically stuck by watching the same commercials over and over. Personally, I'm so close on giving up and cancel to find better provider. They tell you for extra$6 you can watch without commercial but it's not the case, because some shows may still restrict you from forwarding or rewinding.

- Pretty annoyed about the latest update

Running the app on iPhone. As of five hours ago it would go full screen when I rotated my phone and had portrait lock off. Now I have to press an icon on screen. Decreasing utility is NOT an enhancement. Because of this, the app will only go full screen with the volume buttons at the bottom. Thanks, but sometimes I put my phone down to the right of the outlet, and I don't want my charging cable wrapped around my phone. Also, with the volume buttons on the bottom I can no longer adjust the sound without picking up my phone. Again, decreasing utility is NOT an enhancement.

- Remove Picture in Picture

How could they have removed the most useful feature? I can no longer multi-task while watching a program because they removed Picture in Picture support. And, if you accidentally touch the left side of the screen in certain spots, the video starts over again. When you try to recover and drag you finger along the time bar, the same picture shows in the background so you have no idea if you've gotten back the the same o,Ave you were before the video reset. Not sure why they don't check out the competition (Netflix) who does this very well. Oh, and when I upgraded to the new app I had to fill out all my interests again and it seems to have lost my viewing history. Terrible experience!!

- Brutal critique, kinda

Why the hell is there only the option of fast forwarding 30 seconds? Literally every other streaming application has 10 seconds. If you guys are so hung up on having the 30s+ option then let people choose to have a 10s option. The “my stuff” section is miserably set up and would be appealing if it was organized like Netflix has their “my list”. Why should I do an endless across just to find something that’s at the bottom? AND “All caught up” should have it’s own subsection. Anyways I love the selection of shows you have available. The movies are way better than anything Netflix will have. You guys have a big selection of anime shows and I really like that

- Good but has one problem

This app is very good if you have a premium subscription which isn’t extremely expensive compared to other streaming services. The way they market this service is truthful. But I share a subscription with other people who watch different shows than me and whenever I load up the app it recommends me their intended recommendations. It’s similar to Netflix where you still have the separate name accounts but the only thing you have to yourself is the name and the shows and movies in “my stuff”. Also if someone watched the same show as me, while sharing a subscription, you’ll pick up where they left off. Make the accounts more privatized please.

- Frustrating

Two main things that irk me about the newest version of the app... first, as I’ve read many people complain about, the fact that the bar across the bottom that shows the progress of the episode extends through the whole screen, so if you bump the screen or tap somewhere a little off, it advances or rewinds the show to a different place. So frustrating. Second issue, it used to be that you almost got “credit” for watching the commercials the first time, so if you rewinded, either on purpose or accidentally, it would skip the commercials you already watched the first time and just play. Now if you bump the screen and it rewinds, not only do you have to rewatch the commercials but it seems like they are longer! Both of these issues make watching on the app very frustrating and not enjoyable. It needs to be fixed!

- Audio

. I’m watching Naruto shipudden right and you know how there’s a feature where you can either watch dubbed or subbed right English or Japanese or whatever well I’m watching naruto and it’s on dubbed then the next episode it’s on subbed so I look at episodes right and it shows the rest of the episodes are subbed, like you see dubbed and subbed of the same episode but then the rest is all subbed and it’s on the episode called truth. S:3 E:141. That’s when it becomes all subbed and the rest of episodes after that is all subbed too. So can you fix the problem where there is no more dubbed version of the episodes and make it where there is dubbed versions of the episodes. Thank you

- Horrible Update.

I like the old version. This version has a horrible layout. The rewind and fast forward feature are horrible. When they first updated the app I was watching a show. I tapped the screen to pause it and it rewound. That’s frustrating. I sometimes have to rewind to see something and sometimes it’s right before a commercial break. As you know, you can’t rewind on a commercial break. When I do rewind it plays the part of the show I needed and goes to a commercial AGAIN!! It never used to replay the commercials!! I don’t know if it’s because of the “no commercial” version they have now. Maybe they have to make up not showing as many commercials in the “no commercials” version or what. But, Mama no likey. After my first encounter with the new app I stayed off for months! My shoes are piling up and I basically have to use this app. I just miss the old version.

- Worst ux please go back to previous version

I can’t find the content I’m looking for! It might look nicer design wise. But the user experience is terrible. I touch the screen by mistake and the video jumps to a different time line. Then the commercials appear and I can’t go back to where I was until I finish watching some terrible commercials. It makes me angry to use this app it’s really buggy with zero thought about the user. And the sad part is that the old version (similar to the web version you have on your website) was great. I loved using it. It was easy to find content. Simple to navigate. Simple to rate. Simple to move to a different time in the video. Why did yo have to complicate it??? I don’t care about design and fancy fonts...I care about having a seamless user experience and watching my videos with zero frustration. Please go back to the older version!!

- Previous version was better

HATE how there is an Account tab but you cant do anything, all it says it to go to the site. What’s the point of it being there if you can’t do anything anyways? This should have been available a looonnggg time ago. Also, the new update made it worse, it was good before. To be brief, all the other reviewers list the same problems that I would. Also this has nothig to do with this update but it would be nice if you could make the next episode start automatically after the episode your watching ends instead of going through all the credits.

- absolutely horrible

i would rate this 0 stars if i could. the fast forward/rewind is extremely frustrating and makes this app almost IMPOSSIBLE to use. i really recommend you DONT get this app. the makers don’t listen to the suggestions the viewers have and i can guarantee they don’t read the reviews. the amount of ads on this app is almost overwhelming, and having to rewatch commercials is so annoying. every time i try to watch a show that’s 1 hour, it ends up taking 3 hours to finish because of watching and rewatching commercials, i can’t fast forward or rewind correctly, and frankly, the update didn’t help at all. the price is also very high compared to the quality of what you’re purchasing. all in all 0/10 app, would not recommend to anyone who actually has stuff to do and can’t spend 2 or more hours watching 1 episode at a time

- Can’t Make An Account with different emails

I have to ask why I can’t use a free trial with different emails that have varied information. Every time I try I just get a notification on me phone that states that I already have an account that links to my Apple ID, would I like to log in? When I select no, to start a new one for a different email so it can experience a free trial, the app denies me from moving any further in the process. Ultimately, preventing me from watching again without paying money. I get Disney seized the rights for FX to stream their OWN shows on THEIR platform, but the fact that I can’t create different free trials with different emails without being forced into the same one is ridiculous. Great App, but forces money out of your pocket after a month just because the Apple ID is the same. Smh

- I’m Not Happy At All

Currently I’m having the trouble with how the app won’t load ANYTHING. What’s the point of paying for a service to watch tv shows when the shows won’t load to be able to watch them? The commercials are VERY repetitive, and don’t even get me started on how long they take to load, sometimes it takes just as long as it takes to load up the episodes. I was astonished when I learned there wasn’t a an option to pay to get rid of the commercials, because now I know that EVERYONE has to live through the pain that I have. I can not believe how terribly glitchy this app is, it’s practically unusable, and it makes the experience of watching my favorite shows completely unbearable. PLEASE fix this, we are paying to use this service and we deserve better.

- It's a great app and all, but I have an issue...

I can't deny the fact that the app is one of the most used entertainment streaming services that I have, it has most of my favorite and shows that I want to see. But I have encountered a bug when I try and tried to watch a show/anime I have noticed that my list on my phone does not refreshes the list I have on watched and doesn’t keep track of what I’m watching, it has only work with the previous saved shows. I have log out to see if that fixes the problem but it doesn’t, I just wished it gets fixed, so I can continue watching my shows on my phone cause I don’t encounter this problem on my laptop

- Over commercialization successful.

I’m a capitalist I get trying to squeeze a little more profit out of your service, but this is taking it too far. Then you make it worse by making FF or RR anywhere near the commercials an invitation to watch the whole set of commercials, 200+ seconds of commercials to be exact, again! Oh and you manage to get through the commercials to start watching your show and the app locks up. You have to restart the app. Then you restart your show. Remember those commercials you watched right before the app locked up? Yep. Better get ready to sit through those same commercials again. Mind you all this is on the less commercials plan that costs extra. I was really happy with the live TV plan until you went nuts with the commercials. I’m gonna try other services like PlayStation Vue or Sling.

- Absolutely over it

I am SO tired of paying for this stupid service. If it didn’t have all my favorite shows, best believe I would take my business else where. First of all, It is ridiculous to pay a fee for a streaming service then still have adds that last for what feels like forever (not to mention the SAME ones over and over and over). Secondly, this app CRASHES all the time. Thirdly, I’m tired of it taking a million years to load just to tell me “we can not stream this right now” WHAT?! And lastly, it never remembers where I left off. This drives me INSANE. especially bc you have to watch double, triple, quadruple the adds if you’re having trouble finding where you left off. And before anyone tells me it’s my phone or cellular provider, I pay for Netflix, hbo, Disney +, and I don’t have this problem with any of them.

- Add some things please

Your content is amazing! But you are missing so many key features. First of all why don’t the subtitles go to the top of the screen when there’s a credit or any kind of text on the bottom of the screen. Netflix & Disney+ do that why not you. Also would it kill you to make a skip recap & skip intro button. I don’t want to watch a recap of an episode I just watched. Also I don’t always want to sit through the entire theme song. In conclusion, you have a great service with great content but you are really lacking in features. I’d really appreciate if you add these. I’m sorry if I sounded rude but I just really want these features.

- Best app I’ve seen

Everyone else complaining about commercials and missing content when rewinding or ff. There is an option to have no commercials but these poor scrubs are too cheap to pay the extra couple dollars. And they complain about problems that only exist because they create them from nothing. It’s a great app, and those who give it bad ratings, just know that they are those people that give EVERY app a bad rating because they aren’t tech savvy and are mad at the world. Nothing in this world is perfect and never will be, stop complaining about everything and give accurate responses, like me.

- Love it but some issues

I love this app but when hooking to my tv from my AV/USB adapter it will not play on my screen. I got the Apple brand adapter so it’s not the cheap adapter that’s the problem. Sometimes one show will display fine but when I go to watch another one it won’t display. I have to close the app and reopen it and sometime even that doesn’t work. Other than that I absolutely love the app. I love catching up on my favorite shows and being able to rewatch shows I used to watch. My son also loves it. If it would play with no issues then I wouldn’t have any problem with it. It would get a 5 star rating. I will re-rate the app after that is fixed.

- Get ready to scroll

Great variety in programming, but the UI is ridiculous. You should not have to scroll through the same menu over and again. It is completely unacceptable to have to scroll through the same programs because your place is not held. Let's say you are scrolling through HBO movies and open a movie whose title starts with M. Add it to your watch list and back out to the previous menu, and it drops you all the way back at A. You are forced to scroll through all of the same programming again and again. This is with the latest update on the newest model iPad.

- Not user friendly and buggy

It takes a while to get used to this app but it’s not intuitive at all. Like, trying to figure out how to see a specific episode, or even just trying to skip to the next episode. The other issue is that it keeps getting stuck in subtitles mode. It used to be that you’d have to turn them off every episode because they’d magically come on. Now they magically come on and you can’t turn them off. So you have to close the app after every episode and re open it again so the the subtitles go away. The other crappy thing is that if you pause the show and then touch anywhere on the screen the show jumps to a different spot on the timeline. You end up constantly changing where you’re at in the show or movie accidentally. Maybe it’s just me. Who knows. But this app needs work

- Love it!

I’ve had issues in the past but it seems that they actually read the reviews and fix them. I had an issues where I would get logged out for NO reason. No longer an issue so thanks. I would love to see you guys add a download feature without charging us extra. You know you can watch videos offline. I would also love to see that we can make actual account changes. Some people have not have access to a computer to do account changes. You could make more money by allowing people to subscribe to channels and what not. Please consider these!

- Still has issues

It still lagging. I just literally made my account and then it redirected me to log in, and it says my log in doesn’t exist 🙄 I’ve tried multiple times and nothing. I check my email and no reset link ever came in, checked my spam mail, etc. I did everything it says to get my account info, and it says it’s not recognize able. When I started over to start another account with the same information it says “looks like you already have an account and the website redirected me to the log in, and when I tried logging in it went on to say it still doesn’t recognize my account log in information. This is ridiculous i don’t know why the creators of this app say that they have fixed issues other subscribers were complaining about and it’s still the same...

- Slow down with the ads

I would i’ve gave it a five if there wasn’t so many ads so my suggestion for you is to slow down with the ads and that’s all I have to say because everything else is good so just make sure that there’s less ads and you will probably have a better rating everybody will probably give you five but you know that’s my opinion and I think it’s just slow down on the ads if you can do so much ads make them shorter but yeah cause it’s really annoying cause every five seconds ad ad ad and plus when I go back I shouldn’t have the same ad if I already watched it then don’t make me watch it again I

- Bad app

I use an iPhone 7 with the latest iOS and trust me when I say this is not a friendly app for it. There is a constant error message when watching a something that, when it happens, forces the app to forget where you are in it and either makes you start from the beginning, goes back 5-10 minutes, or makes you go to the next episode. Now if I had only lost 5, maybe ten, minutes it wouldn’t be an issue but this happens every 15 to 30 minutes several times AN EPISODE (I have been binging white collar when this happens and watching no a few other movies) it becomes annoying. And no this is not an iOS problem, this was happening when my phone was on iOS 11-ish and I thought updating would help, which it didn’t. This app is very broken and clearly not phone and/or iOS friendly.

- Counterintuitive Garbage

Please go back to the old old app version from before you thought you could reinvent the wheel. It worked. Everyone liked it. No one was confused. No one was accidentally whisked to the wrong part of a show, and forced to watch the same commercials all over again. Yes, this latest update has made a marginal improvement over the last absolutely inexcusable embarrassment of an update. It’s merely somewhat horrible now. Here’s an idea: Just let me tap or drag on the transport bar like every other video player app in existence. It works. It takes no effort to learn. It never does anything unpredictable. And it doesn’t require starting a drag over more than once just to reach the desired portion of a show. Please please please go back to the old old version, and don’t try to fix this worthless piece of garbage.

- Rewind/Fast forward

I hate that you can’t get a completely full screen, it drives me nuts, but the absolute worst thing that needs to be changed ASAP is the rewind fast forward thing. If you tape ANYWHERE or if there’s a fingerprint mark on your screens and you try to fix it, even if it’s paused it rewinds or fast forwards all the way to that point in the show and then you end up watching commercials again, which I’ve done countless times. Also, it even fast forwards to the next episode by accident which I’ve done several times. Then you have to go back to your last episode and find out where on earth you were. There should at least be an option to undo your rewind or fast forward if it does so so easily. Please change as soon as possible.

- Tried to make it fancy but it's just difficult

The new update adds pretty colors and makes the overall app look better but ultimately extremely difficult to use. Instead of having your shows that you watch being front and center, they are now on their own tab with hulu's shows they are pushing being in your face as the first thing you see when you open the app. When you scroll through the shows they take over the entire screen, making it difficult to see all of your watchlist and pick a show. Also Having both the current episode you are on and latest right next to each other is super confusing and unnecessary. The old version was much more user friendly and I can see why many people, myself included, are having issues with the new update.

- Latest for Apple TV. Better interface but worse functionality

The new guide looks good but lacks common sense like following the time. After I watch a live channel for a while then open the guide it is stuck at the time I turned my tv on. That makes no sense for live tv. Anyway maybe the next update. Would also like to see less downgrading of the stream quality. I have 125mb down and up fiber with consistent speed tests that match and it often down scales to lower resolution. Sometimes unwatchable. Oh and the app just locks sometimes and doesn’t respond. I can navigate the guide but a click does nothing. Have to kill the app and relaunch. The guide is cool if it worked. IMO the tiles are dumb. It switches from a guide view to tiles based on god knows what. For example all channels and recents look like a guide but sports is tiles. Huh???

- Update is awful.

Like other reviews not only is Ffwd and rewind an issue if you even graze your touch screen while something is playing, but it also has stopped doing auto playback to play the next episode of any show. I have to close out of the full screen, to back, remember which episode I was watching and click on the next one to play it. 23 min later I’m repeating this process. Never used to have to do that before the feature became available. Please fix. Too many good enjoyment of Hulu’s platform opportunities lost here due to this poorly functioning update.

- Trash app

Your app is trash. It constantly has errors and outages, I pay for the service and still have streaming errors that have nothing to do with my internet service. I say once again, your app is trash. The content is poorly organized when it actually works, and new content is difficult to find which leads me to watching the same things. Needs improvement to content discovery, needs improvement to overall serviceability. Continued errors will lead to members searching elsewhere to find what they want to watch. Why would I continue to get in the app in hopes that it will work when I can use another service that never gives me problems and allows me better access to content that I might want to watch. Needs some real overhauling but thanks for the cheeky messages about updates

- Nice but could be better

This is nice because it has most of the movies and tv shows BUT, it needs to be more like netflix in that you can tap the screen to pause and resume instead of just the pause button. 2nd, it needs to hav better marked buttons and some added to the main screen like to be able to go back an episode when u walk away or fall asleep. As is u hav to get out of everything and try and find the way to get into the show with out making it automatically start playing. You should be able to click play or the parts around the play button to go into the program.

- What did you do to this app?

It’s become unusable with the latest update. I tap on the bottom half of the screen to make the invisible controls show up, but instead the app rewinds or fast forwards. And when I open the app to keep watch the last thing I watched, that list is hidden among things you think I should watch and whatever is on my to watch list — and not in a navigatable gallery, but in full screen panels. The thumbnail for a show includes two buttons — a triangle and an arrow. They do two different things but are way too similar in appearance. And then I touch the text “continue watching”, instead of playing the selected video I’m taken to another screen describing what I’ve just indicated I want to watch. Please roll this terrible update back and make your app something I want to use again.

- Horrible service

If I could give ur Conpany a zero I would have bc regardless how busy u get how r u gonna shutdown ur phone lines with a voicemail abt call volume being too busy to answer and then the call disconnect fr hours!! Plus why have u NOT updated your shows that r YEARS OLD & when asked when’s it gonna be done u give some excuse abt the network not giving u permission yet but I notice that those that have live TV don’t have outdated shows so I’m thinkg this is a way to make people upgrade to ur more expensive package!! And last but not least I think any1 that has to watch outdated shows should automatically qualify fr a lower priced subscription bc it’ should be illegal to do the things he u guys r doing to your customers so I will be going to Netflix or somewhere soon if u don't fix these issues soon bc this is unacceptable! 🤬

- Fix your app

This app has gotten worse and worse. In the previous version, the show would get stuck and i would have to turn off my wifi, and then turn it back on. I got used to this glitch and was hoping that an update would fix the problem... the update came... made it worse. And now “my little fix” doesnt work anymore. It blames the error on my device, my modem, and my router... if that was the case, other streaming apps would have the same problem and they dont... so stop blaming the error on everything but your app and try to fix the problem... im tired of this error!! i want to watch my shows, i love your service, but the experience on this app is dreadful!!

- Captions Are Terrible

Whenever I tried to watch a Spanish movie I had the subtitles on just Incase I misinterpret something, but every now and then the captions just completely stop on me. I tried going to settings and toggling on/off and tried going to my phone settings and messing with the style and everything else. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and when I went back to make sure it wasn’t the movie I tried it on a random anime to see if it would translate and it didn’t. When I go to the settings bar when I tap the screen when a show is currently playing the Subtitles and Captioning is completely blacked out. It has an underlined link that says accessibility setting so I tap it and it leads me back right to where I started. I don’t know if it’s just for my phone but I know it’s definitely a problem.

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New movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu


Hulu is kicking off 2021 with a brand-new lineup of TV shows and movies to stream! 📺🙇

33 of the best TV shows to stream on Hulu 11.22.63. Hulu $ 6 at Hulu Normal People Hulu Sally Rooney's novel turned mini-series is anything but normal. Normal People traces the romance between Marian

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New movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu New movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix, Amazon and HuluAll right. Well, take care yourself. I guess that’s what you’re best, presence old master? A tremor in the Force. The...

Anas Siddiki

New movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu

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New Movies and TV Shows Will Stream on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu this Fall

APK Mirror

New APK: Hulu: Stream all your favorite TV shows and movies by Hulu

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Looking to get more out of your Hulu subscription? We have a number of add-ons available so you can stream some of the latest and greatest shows and movies. Check it out:


@blinkmeIio no here’s the link :)

Hulu: Stream movies & TV shows 7.15 Screenshots & Images

Hulu: Stream movies & TV shows iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hulu: Stream movies & TV shows iphone images
Hulu: Stream movies & TV shows iphone images
Hulu: Stream movies & TV shows iphone images
Hulu: Stream movies & TV shows iphone images
Hulu: Stream movies & TV shows iphone images

Hulu: Stream movies & TV shows (Version 7.15) Install & Download

The applications Hulu: Stream movies & TV shows was published in the category Entertainment on 2010-06-29 and was developed by Hulu, LLC [Developer ID: 376510441]. This application file size is 76.37 MB. Hulu: Stream movies & TV shows - Entertainment app posted on 2020-12-16 current version is 7.15 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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