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In this addictive, ALL ages, puzzle game mix and match different combinations of fire, earth, wind and air to create an entire universe! As you create each element watch your world come alive as each element animates on your planet. The new “Planet” mode offers a new challenging way to create a universe of your dreams.
Of course the universe was not created in a day. You’ll have to work your up from a simple microorganism to create animals, tools, storms and even build armies before you have what it takes to build the universe! But beware, the power of creation may have unintended consequences, inventing the wheel might just trigger a zombie plague… Don’t worry, you are not alone on this cosmic journey! Every time you successfully create a new item you’ll be rewarded with the wit and wisdom of some of the greatest philosophers and comedians of all time. Unleash your inner god with Doodle God™!

- Now available in 13 languages: English, Dutch, French, Spain, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish & German.
- NEW Visual “Planet” Mode allows players to see their planet come alive as you play.
- NEW “Mission” Mode offers new challenging puzzles
- New Artifacts Mode: Collect ancient artifacts like Stonehenge created by amazing triple reactions.
- Mold fire, wind, earth and air to create the Universe.
- Create 300+ advanced items and concepts.
- Intuitive one-click game play encourages thoughtful, creative play
- Hundreds of interesting, funny and thought-provoking quotes and sayings.
- New “Puzzle” mode. Create locomotives, sky scrappers and more
- New “Quests” mode. Can you save the Princess or escape a Desert Island?
- New reactions with existing elements and episodes.
- New achievements.
- New Elements encyclopedia with wikipedia links.
- Improved mini-games for arcade fans.

> “Wonderfully unique concept. Deeply satisfying!” – GameZebo
> “Giving it huge thumbs up!" - TUAW
> “It’s addictive. Insanely so! Lots of fun.” – 148Apps
> “Discovering each new element was an utter delight." - AppSafari
> "You'll have to use your creativity… ruthlessly addictive." - Slide2Play
> "I would recommend buying it, definitely worth it!” - TouchGen

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Doodle God™ App Description & Overview

The applications Doodle God™ was published in the category Games on 2010-06-11 and was developed by JoyBits Ltd.. The file size is 127.71 MB. The current version is 3.0.21 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Updated to comply with iOS 12
- Facebook connection issues fixed
- Some bugs fixed. Minor ones

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Doodle God™ Reviews


Great  bray4848383883  5 star

Love it

Jerimy Sanford

Fiddle god  Jerimy Sanford  5 star

It messes with my brain in a weird way


Many obtrusive ads  Auvit  1 star

It’s just crazy how many ads there are. The game is literally interrupted with an ad for another of the developer’s project every couple minutes. Just inexcusable for a paid game with in app purchases on top of it.

Scott & Michelle

Doodle  Scott & Michelle  5 star

I love this game hope you make more


What the fleek  yoloman111  3 star

Why are there so many ads I just want gameplay and I’m a youtube so it’s pretty annoying to have to edit the ads out

Hobby lobby45$

Way too many adverts  Hobby lobby45$  1 star

It’s to the point that the game is unplayable. They also designed the pop-ups so that you can’t “not” watch them. My daughter quit playing after less than 30 minutes. Completely downhill from just a few years ago.


???  ffffcchfch  1 star

cant see anything iphone xs max

TheFake Sam Fisher

Buggy & laggy  TheFake Sam Fisher  2 star

Buggy & laggy, freezes then app closes.


It’s alright  messedupgamer  3 star

It’s a good game but it don’t let me stay on the game like if I go to the game it just stays on the black screen and soon take me to Facebook saying the game is not working go ask for permission to play it but I bought this game so improve this please


Awesome  Gam1ngk1d06  5 star

I beat it and waiting for episode 5 but it was still awesome


Ads!!!  Redsting007  1 star

2 bucks and there are still ads! Unless I choose them and you give me something knock off the interruptions!

Zach Abourezk

No just no  Zach Abourezk  1 star

I loved this game when it first came out a while ago, and I downloaded it again and it's not good now. In app purchases and adds have ruined it


Good game  Hejehenhsjwn  5 star

I like to play this game while I'm on the bus or on a long car trip it's really fun


Ads and not being able to stop remakes  12340625  3 star

I don't like paying for an app that has ads in it. I also would like to see an option that doesn't allow duplicate elements.


Astronaut, Rancher  LHagman  5 star

This game is fun, addictive, and visually pleasing. The developers clearly have a sense of humor and that keeps me coming back for more. It's not rocket's just mindless fun. Haters can hate; the rest of us know that this game is meditative, relaxing, and a real pleasure to play.


Yay!  miss_wolfie726  5 star

Found this game on my PlayStation but I like the app better! :)


Battle of Manassass  Hufiubub  5 star

Confederates beat the Yankees within two weeks. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was commended for the Southdown greatest victory during the war.


Not as good as it used to be  Hsvahdisnvagx  2 star

I don't like how they changed the wheel of fortune. Before it was only 20 seconds and you'd get a free spin. Now it's 2 hours


Here some ideas to help the doodle brand  Graphlover  5 star

1. Add something to doodle god 2. Update doodle farm to somthing more plus openfeit is dead 3. Add more episodes to doodle devil 4. More puzzles for doodle creature 5. Add more story quests to doodle kingdom 6. More countries to doodle tank 7. Make 8 bit mania basically what doodle god is right now


Good Game  Herffy5  5 star

Nice game

Doodle God™ Comments

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