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Features on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch:
・Browse the free TED Talks video library, with subtitles in over 100 languages
・Sign in to your TED.com account and sync your downloaded and favorited talks
・Play videos on your device or send to your home entertainment system via AirPlay or Chromecast
・Discover inspiring, funny, or jaw-dropping free talks
・Let us build you a custom playlist -- tailored to your time frame
・Bookmark talks to watch later
・Download talks to watch offline

TED App Description & Overview

The applications TED was published in the category Education on 2010-10-14 and was developed by TED Conferences. The file size is 127.13 MB. The current version is 4.5 and works well on 10.2 and high ios versions.

This release of TED for iOS is focused on accessibility and improving our universal link support. After the last few releases, we are excited to have achieved near 100% VoiceOver support in our app. If you're a VoiceOver or Switch Control user, please get in touch and let us know how we can continue to improve our support for you!

Here's what's changed since our last release:

- The number of search results found will be announced via VoiceOver as you type in the search field.
- When the "Reduce Transparency" accessibility setting is enabled, the contrast between a talk's poster image and any text appearing atop it will be increased.
- The TED logo is now an accessibility element when used in a navigation bar.
- We improved the format of our accessibility labels for the duration of a talk or playlist.
- The structure of accessibility elements on the playlist screen has been improved.
- The accessibility label for a featured talk's play button has been improved to provide more detail and additional context.
- In the video player, the quick seek buttons now have accessibility labels that indicate the seek duration.
- Our audio player is now accessible using VoiceOver and Switch Control.
- Direct manipulation of the video player's playhead position slider is now possible when using VoiceOver.
- Video playback controls will no longer auto-hide after a delay when using VoiceOver or Switch Control. Controls will hide when playback is resumed.
- An accessibility label has been provided for the playlist "Play all" button.
- There was a crash that could occur while rotating an iPad, so we fixed that.
- We fixed a few visual issues in our audio player.
- We improved our universal link support so that any content we can't load in-app will push you to a Safari view.

If you run into any issues or have general feedback on our app, email us at [email protected]

ps. We don't prompt you for a review in the app because we don't want to take away from your time with our speakers. However, if you are enjoying TED for iOS, please take a moment to rate and review us on the App Store. It really helps us out!

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TED Reviews


Don’t bother downloading  Thereo  1 star

Sat there for 20mins while it “downloaded” three videos on to find when it had “finished” it did download anything at all. No way of knowing if it had downloaded, no box or notification


Download does NOT work  Dedemanli  2 star

The app was much better before- Why going BACKWARDS? -why there is no feedback for download progress? -why I cannot anymore do "play all"? -why downloads are not downloaded even though it shows? I hope you can solve these simple common problems and greatly improve TED reaching many people but not fail because in 2018 one cannot make a fully functional app to watch and download.


Thanks  mbineid  5 star

Thank you


Universal Designed  Spinneberg  5 star

So happy! VoiceOver reads the captions for reading braille. There is access for deaf-blind!


The download feature is totally broken  vfyang  1 star

When you clicked on download, the talks and playlists are marked as downloaded immediately, yet there is no video pulling down, and when you need to watch offline, it just hangs and hangs without giving a reason.


What Happened?  WilliWu  2 star

It had been several years since I had checked on TED and I could not believe the transition. From world class cutting edge science to mystic babble and motivational speakers. I guess that pays the bills, but I’m out of here.

Harry the hatchet

Please fix downloads  Harry the hatchet  3 star

Falsely indicates downloaded when video isn’t. Doesn’t play when offline. Confusing and frustrating.

N/A 1234

Still broken and needs more work  N/A 1234  1 star

Apple devices is not the place to have a crappy user experience. - UX / UI: Mark after a video “watched” after it has been played so that I know which videos I’ve seen. Grey or mask the thumbnail in search results like YouTube does for previously viewed videos. - UX: Persistence. Keep my place if I watch part of a video and return to finish on *ANY* device. If I start a video and then watch another video it doesn’t keep the place of either video. #Awful. - UX: Continuity. I often start to watch a video on my iPad and switch to my iPhone. Same for a web browser on a macOS. The last spot needs to be retained like it is on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and dozens of others. - UX: Bug. Picture in picture doesn’t *resize* to full screen when you use the 4 finger gestures to swipe back to TED from another app. You have a black screen with TED running in the corner. UX: Bug. Downloaded video wouldn’t play from iPad to Apple TV until I deleted the local download. UX: Bug. Captions turn off randomly. Captions needed to be turned back on multiple times while I was using AirPlay to play from iPad to Apple TV. These are basic video player items from 10 years ago. Either invest in a quality native iOS app experience or save your money and force everyone to use the website if you’re going to have a substandard user experience. #Fail #Bugs #ShowUpOrGiveUp #Shameful


Love the TED app!!  JRtist  5 star

Should be required for many...it opens you up to a world that’s already occurring, but you probably have no idea. “Amazeballs!”


Apple TV needs a Liked tab  C H A Z  4 star

The Apple TV app needs an easy way to access your Liked videos. Right now, there’s no way.


Crashes when using WiFi  怒删之  3 star

This version is really bugged. Can’t turn on my WiFi when using TED, crashes when I use WiFi. Has to use my mobile data. This is bad.


Nice 👍  Rtea9507  5 star

It’s always got something new and it’s very easy to find stuff and it’s just great do I think this app is awesome! 😎


Crashes after Downloading 48 videos  timbrown13  3 star

I downloaded 48 videos as I’m going on holidays but now the app keeps on crashing after 10 seconds. I will delete the app and reload. Thanks for the app, I really like the talks.


4 out of 5  RubyVelvet  4 star

Love the app, love that they've kept it free, but I would love to be able to sync talks I've favourited or bookmarked across different platforms (phones, computers, TV etc)


Developer humour is great!  Smileyivan  5 star

Ima fan of the app and the recent improvements are great. What’s even better are your great comments on what you have updated in each release. Thank you for being one of the few who demonstrate that there are still humans behind the app, and don’t just post up a generic “We regularly update our bla bla bla...” Great job!


I have a problem with offline video  =*Wolfe*=  5 star

This apps is pretty good, I use it to listen TED talks everyday. But after the lastest update I had some problems below: 1. The most problem is when I downloaded the videos to see this offline, some of the videos downloaded but can not play offline. 2. When I pause the video to use dictionary, the video stuck and can not continue play I use iPhone 6s & iOS 11


Great !! Update fixed  kikuyujen  5 star

Thanks for fixing the latest update, I was able to give back my five stars for this great app. Since installing the latest update this app crashes just as it is about to start a talk!!?? I have deleted it and reinstalled several times with no effect. I have emailed the developers last week no reply so thought I should warn people not to update until it is fixed. Still watch Ted talks on the web site. I will reinstate the five stars when I get my app back. Below is my original review which I will stand by once I can use the app. Can't get enough of your speakers. There is a wide range of topics to suit most people, personally I love the science talks the best. If I don't have time to listen attentively I just press the Hart button so I have a personal list of topics for later.


Lost all saved talks  axialclown  2 star

Over months of watching and saving talks I get an error about database reset and all gone. That was really annoying. Not signing up just to save what ive watched either. Stupid.


I have a confession ...  335.336  5 star

Last year I actually emailed TED to ask why there had not been any new talks recently. I was having withdrawals. They were on holiday. But someone even kindly emailed me back. Love you TED. Keep up the good work of educating, inspiring and entertaining us!


44% battery used in background, app unresponsive  Arezz91  3 star

Using a pretty much brand new 6s. Was wondering why my battery had dropped significantly over night. I noticed the at the TED app, which I haven’t used a single time since I have this new phone, has used up most of it without asking. Was wondering what it did so I checked data usage, has only 500mb stored. Opened the app to check downloaded videos, videos aren’t downloaded. Then the app became completely unresponsive and froze the whole phone to an extent which I haven’t seen before. Neither home button worked nor lock button not app switcher. The phone got a tad warmer and dropped 7% battery. Within a minute the phone caught up all the actions that were requested while frozen and I was finally able to kill the app and delete it. Happy to provide error logs for you guys, chuck me an email and I’ll send them over. The app, if it works is good and the whole concept of TED is great unquestionably. Cheers


Love TED.  Jonathan123  5 star

It took a little while, but happy to see you can now have a synced watch list!


Solid App  Chadirino  5 star

The app is exactly what I expect it to be. Thumbs up.


Log In  MasterJonathan1234  5 star

Thank you so much for the Log-in feature! Great app!!


Thanks for updating!  dylanmossman1996  5 star

Can finally login to ted.com account to access saved videos!


Good app  spyjack101  4 star

Love ted talks and the app is great. Lost one star because the audio only option is confusing. Not sure why it is not available on all talks

Mitch Engle

Wow  Mitch Engle  5 star

It's amazing. So much to see and hear. No glitches or anything of that sort. Works perfectly. One of my most used apps


Great App, Great Content  Rachelskirts  5 star

I’ve loved TED talks for years, and I love how easy it is to bookmark and enjoy my favorites from the app—and how fun it is to discover new talks. (Even the weekly app notifications are perfectly timed to make me want to check out something new without making me feel overwhelmed.) Great job! Edited to add: oh my gosh, account sync is a WONDERFUL addition. Thank you!


App keeps messing up  mykiea  3 star

I have the iPhone 8 plus and this app is still having issues , fix please


Tedsters?  MRP2MPow  4 star

I really and truly enjoy Ted Talks, and this app works well. Then I noticed that I had been waiting to upgrade to the latest version. That’s not like me. I finally figured out that I did >not< like being referred to as a Tedster. Seems so sophomoric for such a sophisticated site/app. Might just be me, but it’s me.


Awesome app  Sparklegirl71  5 star

Love looking for new talks. Easy to search for talks and like that I can bookmark talks I want to listen to later.


Best App Ever  Chekwas  5 star

This is unarguably my Best App Ever (BAE). Highly educative and inspirational, my companion and energy booster. No wonder it’s BAE 👌🏼


My talks download queue  Slim_Jed  5 star

Really amazing app, definitely my second favorite app after whatsapp, the only problem I have is why can't I chose or arrange the queue or order in which I want my talks to be downloaded in.


Terrible TED App  nyntein  1 star

This iPad app is just terrible at best. It wouldn't play videos and would always give an error (-7301). It's android counterpart works effortlessly. Fix this issue immediately and provide feedback.


Good search features but won’t play back downloaded videos  Pádraig  2 star

I love TED and I’ve been using it as a teaching aid for several years. When I saw the app I thought wonderful, I can now have the videos with all their information and play them back for students. Currently, I use an iPad for this, by transferring them from my laptop, but they gather up in my photo album and don’t have any information other than play length. So, wouldn’t it be great to have a place which has not only names of the videos but also the background information? I hoped in vain. The app's playback feature, sadly, does not even come close to working. Awww, so close.

K. Kumlien

4.0 deleted all my local List and Likes  K. Kumlien  1 star

I was so happy you finally implemented the login feature... As soon as I logged in the app overwrote my carefully maintained List of talks and Likes with whatever little was on my web account, without a SINGLE warning. Excuse me but this is a horrible user experience. Cherry on the cake, if I try to logout it says it will delete all of those from the device. Guys, this is ridiculous. The app used to have a share button to email yourself those lists, which was the *only way* to back them up, but you removed it for god knows what reason...

G bear 3

Deleting this app  G bear 3  1 star

... Because ted is in league or paid off by Monsanto ... I can no longer use this ... what was/is an inspiring and interesting organisation has shot itself in the head

Cliff W.

Superb  Cliff W.  5 star

I just love TED for bringing inspirational and eye opening talks and insights to us.

Fico C!

Good but with big limitations  Fico C!  2 star

I love the ted talks. However the main screen doesn't update the newest talks which means you have to look up the latest talks on the website and then manually search to find them on the app to download. Also if you download a number of talks the app tends to crash (a lot). I haven't found anyway to fix it since it crashes as soon as it opens. So I have to delete the app and go back and redownload all the talks. Which is hard because it only downloads when the app is open. This app has the potential to be great but - needs to stop the crashing - allow downloads when not in the app (if that's even possible) - and update the app for the latest talks on the new talks screen


Ipad, keeps crashing  ConorStitt  1 star

Was fine before, update please to resolve this, crashes before error report can be sent


Just keeps crashing! Useless!  DubArk  1 star

iPhone 5


Brilliant  AppWorthSpreading  5 star

Best app I have, absolutely brilliant, Ted is Amazing, Ideas Worth Spreading.


Good app with amazing content, needs bit of work  DenisKuzmic  4 star

I've been following TED for a while and only started using this app recently. I would love to make few suggestions. On the go, after watching a video, error message pops up when trying to watch anything else. Must have!!! Please integrate LinkedIn as sharing option... Keep up the great work, TEDster

paul begadon

Crashes occasionally, otherwise excellent  paul begadon  3 star

I have a problem with frequent crashes using this app. It also freezes anytime I try to remove a talk from my bookmarks section and as a result I've got a huge number of talks bookmarked that I would like to remove. Aside from freezes and crashes this is a fantastic app with a huge selection of great talks and a well designed interface.

Marnus van Wyk

Detailed description with update  Marnus van Wyk  5 star

Thank you for writing a detailed description in what’s new. Great app.


Keep up the good work with this excellent app  IanSZA  5 star

Keep up the good work with this excellent app


Playback speed  Fool667  5 star

Hi guys, Ted is awesome and so is the app, however I really would like to have the option to listen/watch at a speed other than 1x. Often I don't have the time to dedicate 10 minutes but if I can listen at 2x speed it makes the learning time that much faster. Thanks for awesome content!


Crash  Vurdes  1 star

Crashes when opening talk details. Even after restart and app reinstall.


Great, but no login  Angus_sa  2 star

This app is amazing for exploring the Ted universe. However, I can't login to my Ted account and access the bookmarks and watch-later videos that are connected to my account. It is just unfathomable that this is the case. Please make this possible. If that doesn't bother you, then you will love this app for how it delivers the Ted content.


TED App  PappaRomeo  5 star

Works very nice.


Broken  Ozz132456  1 star

Videos keeps freezing while the audio still plays on. Happens at the start of a video or randomly while playing.... Renders this app useless!


Nice app, yet fatally flawed  LeithHobson  2 star

This is an awesome app, unfortunately since I upgraded to the latest version it is no longer usable due to constant crashing. Please fix as soon as possible 😀


Used to work now crashes  Cvz1  1 star

Used to work in iPad 2 but now crashes. I have to resort to the web and can't use the app at all. Used to love this app. Please fix this.


Love TED Talks, App needs work  his-lordship  3 star

I have been using the TED Talks app for quite a number of months now. I absolutely love TED Talks. The concepts that people present are truly mind-opening. However, the app is disappointing. There have been some updates along the way, and now every time I open the app, it crashes. I then re-open it, and it works fine (even asking me to submit a crash report which I do). Sometimes it crashes in the middle of a Talk. Due to a slower internet connection, I save the talks for later viewing. Now, if only the downloads could continue in the background! As soon as I open another app, or the iPad switches the screen off, the downloads stop. Definitely a recommended app, but please fix the problems.

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