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Explore more than 3,000 free videos and learn from the world's most remarkable people. Search by any mood or topic, from tech and science to the surprises of your own psychology.

Features on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch:
・Browse the TED Talks video library, with subtitles in over 100 languages
・Discover inspiring, funny, or jaw-dropping talks and curated playlists
・Sign in to your TED profile to sync saved talks across devices
・Play videos on your device or send to your home entertainment system via AirPlay or Chromecast
・Let us build you a custom playlist - tailored to fit your ideal timeframe
・Download talks to watch offline
・Bookmark talks to watch later

Download the TED app to stay curious, informed, and inspired.

TED App Description & Overview

The applications TED was published in the category Education on 2010-10-14 and was developed by TED Conferences. The file size is 138.58 MB. The current version is 5.2.2 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

This release is a small update that fixes a few reported crashes that could happen when the app was in the background. We also fixed an issue where you couldn't enable English subtitles in some cases. If you run into any issues or have general feedback on our app, email us at [email protected]

ps. We don't prompt you for a review in the app because we don't want to take away from your time with our speakers. However, if you are enjoying TED for iOS, please take a moment to rate and review us on the App Store. It really helps us out!

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N/A 1234

Just awful  N/A 1234  1 star

The only video player in the Apple store that doesn’t have dark mode option (e.g. YouTube) or use dark mode by default (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime, xfinity, etc)... #DarkMode Also missing core functionality that is table stakes in 2018... - Mark videos as previously watched - Mark videos as partially watched - Keep my place where I left off watching #Failure


Feature Request  SurrealSoup  5 star

1. Mark talks that have already been seen. (Seen=90% Watched) 2. Add the ability to tag and star talks personally. (And filtering search results using them.) This helps immensely in rewatching talks, NOT watching some talks, and recommending talks to friends.


This app deserves 5 stars, but...  Egomaniac47  1 star

I love the app, love TED talks, but when I try to cast it on my tv (google chromecast) from my iphone (7) it won’t even give me the possibility to do so, but then if I try the same thing with my ipad mini it’ll cast it with no problem, (on the ipad) the “cast” icon appears on the top right corner of the screen, while on the iphone it won’t even appear, please guys fix this, I really like this app, it almost hurts to give just 1 star. Thank you


Good 👌🏻  MouhanadSh  5 star



Love it!  Jankery  5 star

TED is an awesome place to gain insight on the world around us! The development and social movements going on right under our nose become evident when I am exposed to TED. Thank you for all that you do, keeping it free of charge, just to make our society better.


Speed up playback?  Carson0304  4 star

Hi! I love TED talks, but love to listen to then at 2x-3x speed. Could you include that functionality in your app? Cheers!


Great service  Alex83Lopez  5 star

Solid performance.


Brilliant!  Kingpeyman  4 star

Everything is beautifully designed in this app, and the content is terrific. However, there is this one thing that’s bothering me which is the lack of some of the TEDx talks. There are numerous great TEDx talks spreading wonderful ideas, and it would be amazing if you included more TEDx talks or even created a section for them in the app. Thank you 🙏🏼


Intermittent user  jeffreyscottbrock  5 star

I really enjoy this app. I wish I was in a position where I could utilize it more. Easy to navigate through.


Well designed  Abdo18  5 star

This app is well designed, recommend it Use it enjoy it 🌹

Chesired cat

Philosophically great  Chesired cat  4 star

I use it heaps in extension English as it poses philosophical ideas that can be explored. Only problem is the app as a whole is based on experiences and ideas, not facts

Worrier Princessa

Terrible search engine in app  Worrier Princessa  2 star

The talks are amazing but most can’t be found through the app search engine. Google saves the day. (e.g. try to find Sarah Hallberg’s TED Talk on diabetes)


Brilliant!  purple3p3  5 star

Great talks - interesting, inspiring, thought-provoking. Always something worth watching when you have 10 mins to fill (and it often turns into an hour).


Great app  LKellett  5 star

Great app and inspiring content! The new UI update is much better than before but still needs some work: * Seek bar when listening to audio only content. I have to use my phones lock screen to skip forward / backward. * Ability to listen to audio content and then partway switch to video at the same point in time as the audio (e.g. This would be most useful when a demonstration takes place). * The like and list toggle icons on a talks page are ambiguous. Much like the previous UI tab design the visual language is all wrong. You're using color to indicate the selected tab on the home screen but changing these icons to a different version of the same grey color to indicate their on/selected state. Does a filled grey heart mean selected or does a white filled heart mean selected? White is brighter then grey but your using it as unselected. Show both states to two different people who have never seem the screen and they'll be confused! Use your themes red color to show its selected. Also using an indication of what the button will do (in the case of a toggle button for the my list button is an anti pattern). It should show what it is, not what it'll become! Again, just use a color highlight. You guys are sooo close...


Play button?  King_45  4 star

What a stupid app has every button except a PLAY button


No queuing of videos on Chromecast  It'sMeKazuki  3 star

I love watching TED videos over Chromecast on TV. But as I watch I couldn't let go of the iPad because I had to click and play the next video after the current one is finished. If only the app would have the queuing of videos feature just like in YouTube.


Where is the speed up button?  yishawang  2 star

How to speed up x1.5 x.75 x.2? Do I have 100hrs in a day to watch all beautiful ted?


Videos pause every few seconds  MaroonsTP  2 star

Poor experience as video pauses every few seconds requiring hitting play continuously.


Downloads still using data  Urabus08  2 star

I downloaded several talk while on WiFi. Then played them and they downloaded again and used data. Very frustrating.

Unique nicknames stupid

Where is the TED  Unique nicknames stupid  1 star

Used to be tech, engineering and design Now all social talks. Feel like it has been hijacked Where is the new “TED”


Terribly poor update  Missy_233  1 star

The latest update has quite a few bugs. I am unable to add any videos to the “liked videos” or to “my list”. And I noticed all my previously liked videos do not show in the liked videos list.


Talks are amazing, the app... Not quite yet  Drmyers29  2 star

This app has a lot of potential but needs work. The saved for later and liked talks un-save and un-like within a few seconds. When you select like the related talks change. Many bugs. Using iPad Pro 12.9 with updated OS.


Love  Joelhaha  4 star

I wish it would save videos you're halfway through


Education, seriously?  1#@23&+  1 star

This is not an educational ap. This is a leftist propaganda machine. There are no original ideas or any other examples of what is described.


not much control over what to download or play  johnatchgo  3 star

will stop using once my prior downloads are complete, since I can't control the watch order, select specific episodes for download later, or jump back/forward to a specific time within a video, or even see the exact minutes into video very often.


Fail  ToddI777  1 star

I installed the app and searched for a Ted talk by Olympia LePoint and it came up with nothing. Google “Olympia LePoint tedtalk” and it pops right up.


Question  CaptinBeast  5 star

Can you watch the riddles from the YouTube channel


Please fix  Reitveld  1 star

- needs a setting for only downloading via Wi-Fi. – need a progress bar to show what is being downloaded and what has not been downloaded. (One of Ted’s talks state-owned Porten a progress bar is. Irony that they don’t take their own advice.) - videos should be grouped by categories to make it easy to watch similar videos. For example if I want to learn about astronomy, all those videos should be grouped together, and easy to find. I’m giving the such a low rating not because the app is good but because I believe this is the only way the developer will take notice of my comments and fix the limitations I find in the app.

Dallas Sainsbury

So good  Dallas Sainsbury  5 star

LOVE THE APP. It has awesome features way better than just YouTubing like I used to! Totally worth it!!


Download in iPad doesn’t work  barnys  1 star

Misleading implementation. Download doesn’t work.


TED ed  linzepmac  4 star

Lovely app, fresh and simple design. The only feature is missing for me is TED ed since it is my favourite. I hope to see it in future updates.


Good search features but won’t play back downloaded videos  Pádraig  2 star

I love TED and I’ve been using it as a teaching aid for several years. When I saw the app I thought wonderful, I can now have the videos with all their information and play them back for students. Currently, I use an iPad for this, by transferring them from my laptop, but they gather up in my photo album and don’t have any information other than play length. So, wouldn’t it be great to have a place which has not only names of the videos but also the background information? I hoped in vain. The app's playback feature, sadly, does not even come close to working. Awww, so close.

K. Kumlien

4.0 deleted all my local List and Likes  K. Kumlien  1 star

I was so happy you finally implemented the login feature... As soon as I logged in the app overwrote my carefully maintained List of talks and Likes with whatever little was on my web account, without a SINGLE warning. Excuse me but this is a horrible user experience. Cherry on the cake, if I try to logout it says it will delete all of those from the device. Guys, this is ridiculous. The app used to have a share button to email yourself those lists, which was the *only way* to back them up, but you removed it for god knows what reason...

G bear 3

Deleting this app  G bear 3  1 star

... Because ted is in league or paid off by Monsanto ... I can no longer use this ... what was/is an inspiring and interesting organisation has shot itself in the head

Cliff W.

Superb  Cliff W.  5 star

I just love TED for bringing inspirational and eye opening talks and insights to us.

Fico C!

Good but with big limitations  Fico C!  2 star

I love the ted talks. However the main screen doesn't update the newest talks which means you have to look up the latest talks on the website and then manually search to find them on the app to download. Also if you download a number of talks the app tends to crash (a lot). I haven't found anyway to fix it since it crashes as soon as it opens. So I have to delete the app and go back and redownload all the talks. Which is hard because it only downloads when the app is open. This app has the potential to be great but - needs to stop the crashing - allow downloads when not in the app (if that's even possible) - and update the app for the latest talks on the new talks screen


Ipad, keeps crashing  ConorStitt  1 star

Was fine before, update please to resolve this, crashes before error report can be sent


Just keeps crashing! Useless!  DubArk  1 star

iPhone 5


Brilliant  AppWorthSpreading  5 star

Best app I have, absolutely brilliant, Ted is Amazing, Ideas Worth Spreading.


Good app with amazing content, needs bit of work  DenisKuzmic  4 star

I've been following TED for a while and only started using this app recently. I would love to make few suggestions. On the go, after watching a video, error message pops up when trying to watch anything else. Must have!!! Please integrate LinkedIn as sharing option... Keep up the great work, TEDster

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