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Features on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch:
・Browse the TED Talks video library, with subtitles in over 100 languages
・Discover inspiring, funny, or jaw-dropping talks and curated playlists
・Sign in to your TED profile to sync saved talks across devices
・Play videos on your device or send to your home entertainment system via AirPlay or Chromecast
・Let us build you a custom playlist - tailored to fit your ideal timeframe
・Download talks to watch offline
・Bookmark talks to watch later

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TED App Description & Overview

The applications TED was published in the category Education on 2010-10-14 and was developed by TED Conferences. The file size is 104.52 MB. The current version is 5.0.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

We are very excited to share the all new TED for iOS! We have spent the last several months refreshing the look and feel of our app to offer you the best TED experience possible. Each screen in the app has been updated to not only be more visually pleasing, but also more readable.
The biggest change you'll notice is our reimagined Discover section that makes it easier to find interesting TED talks and playlists on topics that are of most interest to you. Language learners rejoice! Our new "All Languages" view allows you to see a list of talks subtitled in your language of choice and enables those subtitles by default during playback.

If you run into any issues or have general feedback on our app, email us at [email protected]

ps. We don't prompt you for a review in the app because we don't want to take away from your time with our speakers. However, if you are enjoying TED for iOS, please take a moment to rate and review us on the App Store. It really helps us out!

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TED Reviews


Search Feature is Lacking  FlyGirlAZ  3 star

Love TED but it would be nice to search a topic by Speaker’s name (first or last or either). Also it’s strange that I can’t set great results by searching by topic. I can get better results searching YouTube for “Law of Attraction, TED talks” (for instance) than I can directly on the TED app.


Excellent update  CYBERKREBS  5 star

This new update is a masterpiece for education.


Updated review: still terrible  manyou07  1 star

I've been using this app for many years and the one thing that's remained constant is it's inability to do the one thing I wanted it to do. Use this app if you enjoy downloading talks to watch offline, then pulling out your phone on the airplane and seeing no talks downloaded. This has probably happened to me a dozen times now. I think it's time I bid farewell to TED talks, if not for this than because the quality of the talks has tanked over the years.


Very left sided  TmiDavid  1 star

I’ve noticed that some speakers that I have watched videos on YouTube giving TED talks are not to be found on the app, and the thing that they have in common is that they are not leftist thinkers, but moderate and right leaning thinkers. I’ve also found that the talks about Christianity several of them are anti Christian and anti God. I also found that no talks with Judaism as a topic cannot be found, but many talks about Islam empowering people and complaining about the hardships they face in America. I understand that people have different views, and that’s what’s great. But to have an app that features talks that are by people of the same mindset and not other one’s is a disservice to people to be exposed to all kind of ideas.


What's the point  QuestionableQueer  2 star

I love TED talks. I want to watch them when I fly, which is often. However, what is the point of having a download option or section if they DONT DOWNLOAD?! No matter what I do I can't get them to download. Very very frustrating. Back to iTunes Documentaries I go..... please fix this immediately TED. You're hurting your band.


Back to the drawing board  RZd133  1 star

It still doesn’t work without crashing even after upgrade.


Great App  OMA68106  5 star

Great app and even better content. Thank you.


Love Watching TedTalks  Blongnecker  5 star

Great app


Must have  sabadila1  5 star

This app is a must have if you like to learn! I love the new discover tab, where I’m able to seamlessly look through topics.


Thanks a lot  Mariommmmmm  5 star



Downloads still using data  Urabus08  2 star

I downloaded several talk while on WiFi. Then played them and they downloaded again and used data. Very frustrating.

Unique nicknames stupid

Where is the TED  Unique nicknames stupid  1 star

Used to be tech, engineering and design Now all social talks. Feel like it has been hijacked Where is the new “TED”


Likes and Lists not refreshing or updating  Kirst1810  2 star

I normally love this app but lately anything I like or want to add to my talk list doesn’t flow through to these lists. So when I try to go back to review they aren’t there. So frustrating as I often refer to these for work purposes.


Good  Fjpully  5 star



TED Talks  Maxysawit  5 star

A good app to settle down and help relax. The speakers are entertaining and heaps of useful info.


Great app - functionality request  sjcjbrksicbrndmcihrn  5 star

Can you please add a ‘Seen’ or ‘Watched’ tag for each talk?


Crashes when using WiFi  怒删之  3 star

This version is really bugged. Can’t turn on my WiFi when using TED, crashes when I use WiFi. Has to use my mobile data. This is bad.


Nice 👍  Rtea9507  5 star

It’s always got something new and it’s very easy to find stuff and it’s just great do I think this app is awesome! 😎


Crashes after Downloading 48 videos  timbrown13  3 star

I downloaded 48 videos as I’m going on holidays but now the app keeps on crashing after 10 seconds. I will delete the app and reload. Thanks for the app, I really like the talks.


4 out of 5  RubyVelvet  4 star

Love the app, love that they've kept it free, but I would love to be able to sync talks I've favourited or bookmarked across different platforms (phones, computers, TV etc)


Universal Designed  Spinneberg  5 star

So happy! VoiceOver reads the captions for reading braille. There is access for deaf-blind!


What Happened?  WilliWu  2 star

It had been several years since I had checked on TED and I could not believe the transition. From world class cutting edge science to mystic babble and motivational speakers. I guess that pays the bills, but I’m out of here.

Harry the hatchet

Please fix downloads  Harry the hatchet  3 star

Falsely indicates downloaded when video isn’t. Doesn’t play when offline. Confusing and frustrating.


Love the TED app!!  JRtist  5 star

Should be required for many...it opens you up to a world that’s already occurring, but you probably have no idea. “Amazeballs!”


Apple TV needs a Liked tab  C H A Z  4 star

The Apple TV app needs an easy way to access your Liked videos. Right now, there’s no way.

jegr hussein

Great app  jegr hussein  5 star



Please fix the download function  Sokari1  2 star

If you can let us play these videos offline after we “downloaded” them, this app would definitely would be a 5 Star one.


Still does not download properly  Gaskination  4 star

Even with the updated version I can’t get the videos to download successfully for off-line viewing. I have a dozen or so videos supposedly downloaded in my downloads section, but when I am in airplane mode I cannot watch those videos. There’s also no indication regarding the progress of the download. After you click on the download video button, it just shows up in your downloads section. But there’s no indication how much is downloaded. And there’s no way to refresh the download or restart it.

crafted stardust

Great app  crafted stardust  5 star

I love the surprise me part. :)


Impossible to connect with Facebook  EIpresident  1 star

Impossible to connect with Facebook to sync my playlists.


Best App Ever  Chekwas  5 star

This is unarguably my Best App Ever (BAE). Highly educative and inspirational, my companion and energy booster. No wonder it’s BAE 👌🏼


My talks download queue  Slim_Jed  5 star

Really amazing app, definitely my second favorite app after whatsapp, the only problem I have is why can't I chose or arrange the queue or order in which I want my talks to be downloaded in.


Terrible TED App  nyntein  1 star

This iPad app is just terrible at best. It wouldn't play videos and would always give an error (-7301). It's android counterpart works effortlessly. Fix this issue immediately and provide feedback.

Sidric The Viking

Superb  Sidric The Viking  4 star

An excellent resource. There’s always something new and surprising to discover. One little niggle, however. In the past ‘Surprise Me’ allowed the viewer to select from a list of suggestions. It would be nice to have that option again.


TED ed  linzepmac  4 star

Lovely app, fresh and simple design. The only feature is missing for me is TED ed since it is my favourite. I hope to see it in future updates.


Good search features but won’t play back downloaded videos  Pádraig  2 star

I love TED and I’ve been using it as a teaching aid for several years. When I saw the app I thought wonderful, I can now have the videos with all their information and play them back for students. Currently, I use an iPad for this, by transferring them from my laptop, but they gather up in my photo album and don’t have any information other than play length. So, wouldn’t it be great to have a place which has not only names of the videos but also the background information? I hoped in vain. The app's playback feature, sadly, does not even come close to working. Awww, so close.

K. Kumlien

4.0 deleted all my local List and Likes  K. Kumlien  1 star

I was so happy you finally implemented the login feature... As soon as I logged in the app overwrote my carefully maintained List of talks and Likes with whatever little was on my web account, without a SINGLE warning. Excuse me but this is a horrible user experience. Cherry on the cake, if I try to logout it says it will delete all of those from the device. Guys, this is ridiculous. The app used to have a share button to email yourself those lists, which was the *only way* to back them up, but you removed it for god knows what reason...

G bear 3

Deleting this app  G bear 3  1 star

... Because ted is in league or paid off by Monsanto ... I can no longer use this ... what was/is an inspiring and interesting organisation has shot itself in the head

Cliff W.

Superb  Cliff W.  5 star

I just love TED for bringing inspirational and eye opening talks and insights to us.

Fico C!

Good but with big limitations  Fico C!  2 star

I love the ted talks. However the main screen doesn't update the newest talks which means you have to look up the latest talks on the website and then manually search to find them on the app to download. Also if you download a number of talks the app tends to crash (a lot). I haven't found anyway to fix it since it crashes as soon as it opens. So I have to delete the app and go back and redownload all the talks. Which is hard because it only downloads when the app is open. This app has the potential to be great but - needs to stop the crashing - allow downloads when not in the app (if that's even possible) - and update the app for the latest talks on the new talks screen


Ipad, keeps crashing  ConorStitt  1 star

Was fine before, update please to resolve this, crashes before error report can be sent


Just keeps crashing! Useless!  DubArk  1 star

iPhone 5


Brilliant  AppWorthSpreading  5 star

Best app I have, absolutely brilliant, Ted is Amazing, Ideas Worth Spreading.


Great when it stay connected to the chromecast  Bradza-RSA  2 star

I love Ted but this app doesn’t work very well with the Google Chromecast. The app regularly disconnects from the chromecast; during this time the app is unresponsive just showing that it’s trying to reconnect. The talk continues to play through the chromecast but the app has to be shutdown to reconnect. Shutting down the app stops the talk.


My life affirming  lau007q  1 star

Whichever talk I listen to, I feel strengthened. So many unexcpected challenges with solutions that I wouldn’t have thought of, and I am strengthened and my heart just sings

Marnus van Wyk

Detailed description with update  Marnus van Wyk  5 star

Thank you for writing a detailed description in what’s new. Great app.


Keep up the good work with this excellent app  IanSZA  5 star

Keep up the good work with this excellent app


Playback speed  Fool667  5 star

Hi guys, Ted is awesome and so is the app, however I really would like to have the option to listen/watch at a speed other than 1x. Often I don't have the time to dedicate 10 minutes but if I can listen at 2x speed it makes the learning time that much faster. Thanks for awesome content!


Crash  Vurdes  1 star

Crashes when opening talk details. Even after restart and app reinstall.


Great, but no login  Angus_sa  2 star

This app is amazing for exploring the Ted universe. However, I can't login to my Ted account and access the bookmarks and watch-later videos that are connected to my account. It is just unfathomable that this is the case. Please make this possible. If that doesn't bother you, then you will love this app for how it delivers the Ted content.


TED App  PappaRomeo  5 star

Works very nice.


Broken  Ozz132456  1 star

Videos keeps freezing while the audio still plays on. Happens at the start of a video or randomly while playing.... Renders this app useless!


Nice app, yet fatally flawed  LeithHobson  2 star

This is an awesome app, unfortunately since I upgraded to the latest version it is no longer usable due to constant crashing. Please fix as soon as possible 😀

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