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Sign up in the LivePhish App for Free Trial of LivePhish+ to unlock the entire LivePhish catalog. Stream professionally recorded multitrack mixes of every night of Phish Tour on demand minutes after each show ends, and dive into the Phish Archives.

The official Phish iOS app features gapless playback, scrubbing forward and backwards within tracks, Twitter, Facebook and email sharing of your favorite songs and shows. LivePhish+ subscribers can save shows and playlists for offline playback, access the entire LivePhish catalog, including new shows during a tour and any newly added releases, watch archival video releases, and more!

Non-subscribers can stream regularly rotating Featured Shows, listen 24/7 LivePhish Radio, and stream everything in their LivePhish Stash. To stream the latest shows from current tours, sign up for a LivePhish+ subscription within the app.

Sign up for LivePhish+ Subscription for $9.99/month, or $99.99/year. Users can also sign up for a LivePhish HiFi subscription that streams the entire LivePhish catalog in CD-Quality Lossless Audio. 7 Day Free Trials are included with the monthly subscriptions and 30 Day Free Trials with the annual plans. Both the monthly and annual subscriptions renew automatically at the end of each billing period of one month or one year, respectively. See the LivePhish Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at

Subscription Payment and Auto-Renewal Details:
- Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account after 7 Day Trial of Monthly Subscriptions, or after 30 day Trial of Annual Subscriptions.
- Subscriptions automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
- Your iTunes Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. $9.99/$19.99 for Monthly Subscriptions or $99.99/$199.99 for Annual Subscriptions.
- Subscriptions may be managed by going to your Account Settings after purchase.

LivePhish App Description & Overview

The applications LivePhish was published in the category Music on 2010-06-13 and was developed by enterprises, LLC. The file size is 72.25 MB. The current version is 3.3.6 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• General bug fixes and stability improvements

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Dub Raskol

PhishLive Gives You A Remeberance of (Heavy) Things Past  Dub Raskol  5 star

Access to infinite selection cuz the songs are never played the same way twice so hot can make sick playlists w all yr favorite versions of all yr favorite songs- the 15 min The Wedge?? The 14min If I Could I Would??!! WHAT? I could listen to 1000 times. YouTube Red & all the other music sites won't have the Archive shows &...I forget what number of was but the cost of this app is so worth it when you listen to Archive #...& realize by the goosebumps & tears welling up in yr eyes bcuz suddenly your taken through sense memory back to the venue & show - every song on that archival release is heard live, was at every show they are picked from - the song was from THAT SHOW!! & at the moment the lights go down & it's dead silent for a split second & then in the next second all at once the madness is unleashed, the potent pent up energy of anticipation because yr not watching musicians magic makers explodes in the hysteric, riotous roar of the crowd bursting & blowing up all at once & it comes back & that residual energy stored in yr body from that show from that song - that Bathtub Gin from Ventura in my mind I immediately was taken back to rushing to get in but my girl was desperate for a soda & right add she was paying the opening notes of Bathtub Gin stuck & I grabbed her & told side to just keep the change & we ran & we ran & running into the show and we for in just in time for the end of Page's crashing notes- and got always know how bomb a Bathtub will be by how vicious page is w the keys - & the energy in yr mind from that experience is released again & lifts you off yr feet. Energy is never lost. It's conserved, transformed, etc., well psychic energy is the same- that sense memory had released that stored energy into your body and surrendering to the flow is like sitting on the sun while it sets (with a Slave) or add it rises (with a 2001). And you can get whatever you want. Webcasts too, you can make playlist after Playlist that are full of yr favorite gems. And I ask you, what other band - if you get tix but end up missing the show allows & will let you and OFFERS/ADVERTISES that you can redeem the ticket for the download of the show. I missed 2 nights in Jersey last year & the only thing that kept me from banging my head against the wall was that I could immediately download the shows & blast them in my apartment. It wasn't Phish's fault I missed the show! They have no obligation to do anything for me, but without having even to ask about a refund no other bands would ever give you Phish hands you the shows for you to listen to add often as for want I wasnt gonna subscribe because Spotify & YouTube Red have so much live phish stuff but they don't have it all & they don't have the Archives & I owe Phish so much, they literally saved my life in '98. 5 Stars. Get it. You will not regret it. AND PHISH IS NOT A "JAM BAND" SAY THAT AROUND ME & I'LL BREAK YR JAW. THEY ARE LIKE A CRITIC SAID, CLOSE TO MILES DAVIS' ELECTRIC BAND, THEY CREATE IN THE MOMENT SOMETHING THAT WASN'T THERE BEFORE AND WON'T BE BACK AGAIN. THEY DEFY CATEGORIZATION. THEY DEFY GENRE. THEY DEFINE MAGIC FOR an intimate review and story behind it check my Twitter thread about the July Fenwsy Shows. At Dub_Ko or brightblackrainbows - administrators please do not not post this bcuz of what I just said, I'm leading them to a longer personal review that is an extension of this for the app. And if yr gonna note pay this just edit it. Delete that part & post the rest. Thank you Phish, Eli Higgins "The Raskol"


Is more less?  JPendak  3 star

Great extra features compared to previous versions of the app, including much more free music. However, discontinuing access to the band’s most recent show is a cringeworthy slap in the face to phans.


Me enjoy myself  Pinch1  5 star

When are reviews and surveys going to allow you to place more than five stars? This one deserves more than five for sure.


LiveStream  cmogatti  3 star

Not for nothing, but we should really be getting discounts for livestreams for having LivePhish accounts. There’s literally no perks to having it. Not to mention we need more videos on the app itself. Not with $10 a month.


Getting older  s4ilorlost  4 star

As we all are, I believe this music is aging perfectly


Live Bait  Superawesomesarah  5 star

It would be nice to see the actual show for each specific song in the Live Bait feature, especially when you download it to your playlists. Thank you as always, we love you.


Meh  JonPaul2  2 star

It doesn’t have the ability to seek during playback. Your app is in need of developers; give us all a holler. I work probono for awesome ppl like da Phish


Rarely works  WillyT_ATL  1 star

For me, this app is terrible. iPhone X user. Sometimes it plays as it should, whole songs or whole shows, but the extreme majority of the time the arrow goes 'round in circles as the song loads... When it finally starts playing, it stops 30 seconds later and I get to watch the arrow go 'round in circles some more.. Then another 20 seconds of music..etc. etc. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm at work, commuting, or at home. I wish I could get my $$ back as it certainly wasn't worth $19.99 per month. I even downgraded to the $9.99 per month hoping that would help. It didn't. I finally cancelled. How this app has such high ratings is confusing to me as my experience over the year or so I've paid for it has never been consistently positive.


Synchronization  hostillis  5 star

A strange highly energetic guitarist/song writer has evolved into my life with profound relativity. I’m a huge phish fan and love the app btw. But this person and myself will be attending the summer tour stop in Charlotte:) it’s gonna be his first phish show and I cannot deny the talent maybe you fellas will feel us

guud times

Always 🎏🎏🎏🎏🎏  guud times  5 star

Here we shine ourselves in lightness


Loading issue  Jnagugvs  4 star

I often have a hard time getting songs to load without five full bars of service :/ sad! Everything else is lovely...


Soundboard heaven  BigTos  5 star

The quintessential must have for every modern Phiah fan. I review the shows I attend closely using this app. When I feel like listening to the Divided Sky from 11/19/92 at work I can do that too. Yes, I have all the old shows on tape but let’s be honest... the interface works perfectly. I’d like it if they added the option to copy a url to a song for sharing. Right now you have to post it to Facebook. Hint... it would encourage friends to download the app to listen ;) anyway... it’s dope. Don’t be a lumpy head and download it now!


Decent app  TomFUKINbrady!  4 star

But why do I have to turn into Sherlock Homes to cancel my subscription!?


Phabulous  CMLSF2012  5 star

App does what you expect - access to your shows, all shows, and music by the band. The ability to save your shows is cool for historical perspective. One addition I’d like to see - ability to download my shows offline without requiring subscription.

Sunset overdrive rocks

HomePod issues  Sunset overdrive rocks  3 star

Of course love the music and concept of this app. We have a persistent issue in recent months with the HomePod. We upgraded to iPhone XS Max and of course the updated iOS. After this change, the music stops randomly while playing on the Apple HomePod. Only source of music to have this happen. Also the app works fine on the AirPods and by headphone cord. Please look into this issue.


Good  oakmatt  5 star



You Enjoy Myself  LastTube  5 star

Kasvot Vaxt

Story of Bens Ghost

Love it!  Story of Bens Ghost  5 star

If you are a Phish Phan, this is the app for you!


Doesn’t work without WiFi  shankthetank  1 star

Doesn’t work without WiFi

Arthur Ughs Sucksburger

Phish is a very good rock and roll band.  Arthur Ughs Sucksburger  5 star

Right guys?

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