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Want to turn your device into the ultimate mobile guitar and bass tone studio? AmpliTube puts the power in your hands with a massive collection of virtual gear that you can use to practice, play and record with world-class tone anytime and everywhere.

Build your own guitar or bass rig with up to 6 stompbox FX, an amplifier and speaker cabinet w/Mic — you can even drag and drop your stomps to sit before or after your amplifier (4 slots pre and 2 slots post).

Just plug your instrument into your iPhone or iPod touch with one of IK's instrument interfaces (like iRig 2 or iRig HD), and get ready to be blown away.

AmpliTube gives you 17 creative stompbox effects, 8 amazing amps, 10 speaker cabinets and 2 mics, 1 Loop Drummer groove from the Rock pack and 1 active track in the recorder section. You can of course expand this selection via a massive library of over 100 pieces of gear that includes amps and stompboxes from the world’s best brands like Fender™, Soldano®, Ampeg®, ENGL®, Orange®, T-Rex® and many more.

Thanks to AmpliTube's Cab Room, you will actually feel like you are in your own professional recording studio. Now mic your cabinets in 3D - from dust cap to speaker edge and by varying distances from the speaker - with up to 2 mics in a beautifully rendered virtual studio environment. There are also 16 new highly sought after studio mic models available via in-app purchase adding even more sonic richness.
Get creative with loops in AmpliTube via its Super Looper, which is available through in-app purchase. It makes it easy to record, play back, adjust levels and play along with up to 4 loops. Looper is controllable via MIDI or iRig BlueBoard.

Need a drummer? Use the built-in Loop Drummer system to jam to killer drum tracks. Use AmpliTube’s streamlined built-in 8-track recorder and DAW-style studio (available via in-app purchase) sections to record, edit and tweak and share your compositions via SoundCloud, file sharing or email.

What's more, the acclaimed Fender Collection 2 is now available for AmpliTube iOS via in-app purchase. Based on IK’s revolutionary Dynamic Interaction Modeling™ technology, it delivers a whole new level of realism, making it possible to fully replicate the behavior of EVERY component in the circuit all the way down to its quirkiest nuance and character in a non-linear and dynamic way.
With 4 models based on the astounding Fender Custom series plus 3 original vintage models from the 50's / 60's, Fender Collection 2 is the key to boosting your tone both live, in the studio and on the go and lets you play with the iconic amp models that made the history of music.

AmpliTube features:

• Lets you intuitively create guitar & bass rigs with up to 6 stomps, 1 amp and 1 cab with 2 mics
• Over 100 gear models available via in-app purchase
• Includes 17 stomps, 8 amps, 10 cabinets and 2 mics
• “Cab Room" allows 3D placement and miking of cabinets with 2 mics (available via in-app purchase)
• Add more gear via in-app purchase from Fender™, Soldano®, Ampeg®, ENGL®, Orange®, Jimi Hendrix™ collection, T-Rex® and more
• 16 different mics available for purchase
• Included single-track recorder (in-app purchase unlocks up to 8-tracks)
• Studio mode for intuitive DAW-style editing (unlocked via in-app purchase)
• Loop drummer module that plays in sync with the recorder
• Includes speed trainer, metronome and tuner
• Inter-App Audio and AudioBus support (available on iOS 7 and above)
• Project sharing between versions and devices
• Import and play songs as backing tracks from your Music Library or computer
• Export audio via E-mail, SoundCloud or File Sharing
• MIDI controllable
• Low-latency for real-time playing

More info:
Accessory info:

Requires iPhone 4s, iPod touch (5th generation) with iOS 8.0 or later

AmpliTube App Description & Overview

The applications AmpliTube was published in the category Music on 2010-06-16 and was developed by IK Multimedia. The file size is 774.66 MB. The current version is 4.4.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Fender Collection 2 models available via in-app purchase
- New Free Stomp effects included: Swell, Electric Flanger, Crusher, Dcomp, FeedBack, Phazer10
- New Free Amps included: British Copper 30TB, Vintage Metal Lead, 360Bass
- Added rest blocks to the Loop Drummer
- General reliability improvements

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AmpliTube Reviews


Great amp  jobob836294  5 star

This is WAY better than buying a 200 dollar amp that does exactly the same thing


Worst crashing app!!  JBJ5150  1 star

So I spent the money on the app, the I Rig Duo for NOTHING!!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK. The app crashes oh and crashes oh and crashes. Can't even play two chords.


Improved  Zxqueb  5 star

It's been about a year since I've fired up AmpliTube. Previously, I was annoyed by the pops and weird sounds that came through my headphones so I tended just to use my amp to practice, but it is a) loud, b) in the basement and c) has fewer attached pedal options. This afternoon I pulled out the irig and plugged into my phone. Wow! Lots of improvements have happened. In particular, I am impressed my the much improved sound quality. I'm looking forward to coming back to using AmpliTube for quiet practice after the family goes to bed.


Excellent!  Fdycxkc  5 star

Great sound even through an amp! Nothing else to say. I love it!


Don't buy if you're using an apogee interface  FJ MM  1 star

This app's current version does not work with an apogee interface.

Trotsky was a fool

A prime example  Trotsky was a fool  1 star

The age of workflow idiocy!


Best App ever!!!!!  Wilso63  5 star

I have purchased this app and yes I have made in app purchases. All of it well worth it. I own a Nano amp, iKlip Grip Pro, Power Bridge, iRig HD. if you like getting creative with your guitar playing, this is definitely a great app for you to play your heart out!!! To all the Wayne's of the world. ROCK ON!!!!!! Garth


Only One Problem  xxPARSONSxx4444  3 star

I love the app, and all the in app purchases are reasonable even though a little pricey. But I have an iPhone 7 and an iPad. I downloaded the full 20$ version onto my iPhone and it plays great. But then I wanted to download the full version on my iPad, and it's making spend another 20$ just because it's "For the ipad"... would've loved to just download onto my iPad from recent purchases but no. Please fix, then it's worth 5 stars


Haters are way off  jeff.g  5 star

I'm stunned at the number of negative reviews here. Maybe the reason there are so few reviews is that the rest of us are too busy enjoying ourselves rocking out with this app that we can't be bothered to post a review. Yes, there are in-app purchases. Did you expect great models of name-brand amps/fx for FREE? I've used this at rehearsals and have it handy (with my Blueboard controller) with me as a last-ditch backup for gigs (I play at least 150 club/private/wedding gigs a year). I'd use it live if I needed to. The amp sims are definitely faithful to the originals I've played through. I didn't not understand all the hate here...


Comes with nothing!  Bringerofblood1  2 star

Nice but should come with a little more amps and options! Spent 150 on irig and now have to spend 50 more for decent metal amps!


機材厨と化したエリーチカBot kizai_Eli 3 star



AudioDeluxe audiodeluxe 3 star

Waves $29 Deals, EastWest Rocktober, IK Amplitube 50% Off


UFJ | ペパー Pepperning 3 star



Nickel and Dime Strategy  Rx192A1  2 star

Don't waste your time ... this company nickels and dimes you to death for app versions (Fender, Slash, Orange, etc), and also for in-app purchases - and you can't share your purchases across your devices ... for example, if you make an in-app purchase for Amplitube on your iphone YOU CANNOT use use it with Amplitube for yoru ipad; another example, if you purchased Amplitube Fender for 14.99, your Fender amps WILL NOT import into this version of Amplitube ... BIG RIPPOFF!


Key ingredient missing...  BuckyG67  4 star

Amplitube for iPad has a host of really great features... And one glaring omission. Let's start with the good: First off, let me say that I am a huge fan IK Multimedia... I am a professional musician, and own several of their products and apps including the full version of Amplitube 3 for My PC, which I use live, and is unbelievably awesome!! The iOS version of Amplitube shares many of these features... Namely, the authentically modeled tones of iconic amps and effects. (Though arguably, not as detailed or precise as the PC version) Second, the outstanding user interface that feels instantly familiar to anyone that's even played guitar... Now for my one complaint... No post-amplifier effects! Every other comparable guitar amp app out there allows you to place effects after your amp. Even the ones that in my opinion sound and look dreadful, allow this... except Amplitube. This renders effects such chorus, delay, flangers, etc. unusable with a heavily overdriven amp. These effects generally belong after the amp.


Caution if you buy ad-ons.  CM47  3 star

Good app it does what it's suppose to do most of the time. Just be careful about the in app purchases. Won't transfer from iPad to iPhone. Vice versa


Read  Thurniswolfhaley  2 star

If you're thinking about buying this keep in mind that it will give a lot of feedback and recording on it is terrible. If you play more of heavy or thrash metal don't buy this.


Crashes and lags  mtaul28  2 star

When I open it, it crashes, I then reopen it and it opens fine but lags severely. I spent 10 dollars on this app and near 70 on my iRig setup. Pedals sound great, but with the overall user experience not worth the 10 bucks. I think this version of the app should be free with all of the add ons you have to buy to get anything other than generic pedals and amp modulation.

Tim Cunningham

Refunds?  Tim Cunningham  2 star

the tones are not bad but not worth 20 bucks. And no matter what your always going to have to use a noise filter even with the slightest bit of gain so there goes another pedal you could be using.

Dick Lesh

This stuff is the worst I’ve ever encountered.  Dick Lesh  1 star

For Christmas, my kids bought me this company’s iRig BlueBoard (foot pedal), iRig Midi Interface and iRig Microphone together with a suite of relevant software (AmpliTube, etc.) Nothing worked. And, perhaps I should explain that for 40 years I was a professor of mathematics and cognitive science at Northwestern, UMass, Purdue, and Indiana Universities - as well as being a software developer and experienced user of computer-based technologies. I’ve now retired and play a harmonica in several local bands (blues, country, rock, bluegrass). I mention this only to make it clear that I’m not an inexperienced user of these kinds of technologies. When I first experienced problems with IK Multimedia’s gadgets and software, I contacted their tech support people, and all they did was to tell me to read their manuals. I did this. And, to prove that I read the manuals thoroughly, I went though one of the manuals and make line-by-line editorial comments pointing out how nearly every sentence was either: (1) unhelpful, (2) completely unclear, (3) incomplete, or (4) completely wrong (in the sense that what was said simply wasn’t accurate). Then, I once again simplified my questions and contacted IK’s tech support people. This time, I did get a few suggestions about possible solutions to my problems. But, once again, virtually every sentence in this message was either: (1) completely unclear, (2) incomplete, or (3) completely wrong (in the sense that what was said simply wasn’t accurate). Also, the tech support person stated that some of the problems that I confronted could only be solved by purchasing more equipment that performed functions that IK Multimedia’s web site claims that their products are intended to do. Next, I tried going to IK Multimedia’s web site to see if there were other ways to get technical support. The contact numbers that were given reported that “the tech support lines were down.” And now, three days later, “the lines are still down." I’ve now seem to have no options except to ask for my money back on these purchases. … If you want to get a quick verification of what I’ve said, try downloading the things that are called “users manuals” for IK Multimedia’s products. The shortcomings will be obvious. These “users manuals” are not really users manuals at all. The simply describe what the products claim to do, but they give almost no information about how you (the user) could actually do any of these things. Also, these “users guides” contain a bunch of nearly identical photographs which contribute almost nothing to the meaningfulness of the text. … In more than 40 years of using a lot of computer-based tools, I’ve never encountered anything this bad in terms of overstated claims, completely useless “users guides”, and dismal tech support.


No way to do business  Mclcsm  1 star

Bought this on iPad and liked it. I spent a good deal of money on the in-app purchases for more pedals and amps. Got my new iPhone and installed the app. I selected the "restore in-app purchases" and it will not bring down the gear I previously paid for on my iPad. For that this app deserves a terrible rating. I would give it zero stars if I could based on this garbage. It's no way to treat customers that spend their money on this product.


Almost a good app  Vannerflashback  2 star

Have to restart my iPhone 6 plus every time I want to use this app. Then it randomly plays music from my phone when I plug in irig. When it finally works it is fun to practice on.


Has been great until recently...  RockTheProject  1 star

I've been using Amplitube for two years now, and it has been getting better and better. However, my purchases keep vanishing and when I click "restore purchases", it says they're restored, but they're not. I bought the "All Styles" drum loop pack a few months ago and used it last night and it worked fine. When I went to record today, all of my recorded drum parts had vanished, and it keeps prompting me to purchase the package again. Please help me; I'll take my rating back up to 5 stars as soon as this is resolved, I just want to catch your attention. I've spent a lot of money so far in this app. iPhone 5s

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