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This wine app is different! Pocket Wine is a highly informative, easy to use interactive journal, which unlocks the complex world of wine - giving you an insight that has taken others years to achieve. It is your gateway to the fascinating world of wine and has become one of the most popular wine apps in the USA, UK and Canada.

Based on unique wine style definitions it enables you to easily navigate, explore and gain a clear understanding of all the major grape varieties and blends - there are 110 (ONE HUNDRED AND TEN) featured in the app. Wine experts have long known that grape varieties are the key to understanding wine as they are the building blocks of every wine you will drink. The app allows you to explore all the table wine styles and to add photos and details of wines you like. You can also add wines to your Cellar and view any listing of your wines (by grape, style, country, retailer, etc..) through easy to use Search and Sort functions. A unique feature of the app is that it will automatically assign styles to the wines you add and include them within the relevant grape variety. You can also tell at a glance which grape varieties you have added wines to and whether there are any in your Cellar. In short, the app provides you with a great framework to explore and record your own personal wine journey.

Please note that the app does NOT review individual wines, recommend wines to buy or try to sell you wines. Instead it provides you with a novel and easy to use model that allows you to approach wine like an expert and make your own informed decisions.

Four star review from leading US app review site 148Apps.com: "This app alone could ensure that I finally appreciate wine properly."

Rated 4/5 by Appsafari: "Pocket Wine is delightfully thorough and ... serves as your personal guide to knowing and understanding everything about wine."

Award winning website WineJulia.com said: "I absolutely love it ... this wine app is a fabulous, user-friendly, simply informative tool for wine enthusiasts of all levels. I highly recommend it."

User Comments:

"This application is sensational! I discovered my love for wine. Wonderful on pairing with foods and discovering which wine suits your palate."

"Absolutely fantastic wine reference tool. Beautiful interface, easy to use, and unbelievably informative."

"If you know anything about wine you couldn't fail to be impressed by this app."

"Pocket genius."

All the content is original and has been tailored specifically for this novel approach to wine. It does not contain brand endorsements or advertising and is fully operational off-line so there is no need to connect to the web – you can use it anywhere, at any time and you don’t have to sign in.

Main Features of Pocket Wine

• Unique wine style definitions enable you to explore table wines in a new and meaningful way.

• In each grape variety listed (there are 110 in the app) you will find four sections covering: Description, Regions, Food Pairing and My Wines.

• The main “My Wines” feature allows you to save photos and details of wines you like and to add them to your cellar.

• Discover your taste preference (and those of your friends) for each wine style with the novel “My Taste” function and share the results with family and friends.

• Search tools giving easy access to all the grape variety content and to all the wines you have saved to the app.

• Unique Food Pairing tool provides style guides and recommendations for hundreds of recipes.

• Places feature identifies the notable grape varieties and blends in the World's major wine countries, regions and appellations.

• Includes an extensive wine glossary written specifically for the app.

All considered, this app is perhaps the best investment you can make in wine. With Pocket Wine as your guide and journal you are ready to embark on a great wine adventure. Bon Voyage!

Pocket Wine App Description & Overview

The applications Pocket Wine was published in the category Food & Drink on 2010-10-29 and was developed by Wine Paradigm. The file size is 30.58 MB. The current version is 4.1.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Fix for crash when adding new wines.

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Pocket Wine Reviews


Absolutely packed with tools and info  Stuke  5 star

This app is great! The detail provided about wines, grapes, food pairings, regions, etc. is fantastic. You will be happily satisfied with this app, particularly if you are a budding wine enthusiast.


A Well Done and Informative App  pcbrp  5 star

Having recently discovered this app I have used it frequently as a quick and easy to use reference both when making retail purchases and either confirming or informing a decision on what to bring up from my own "cellar" for a meal. The app balances a good UI along with sufficient information to help wine enthusiasts at many levels.


Wine journal  Etmz7  4 star

Unable to add multiple pictures of the wine bottle, for example front and back of label. I do love this app and use it often. Hopefully the next update will have this change


Great find  Speirman  5 star

A lovely personal wine journal and cellar app with excellent information on grape varieties - has introduced me to many great discoveries and I can easily track the grape varieties I have tried and the ones I haven't. There is also a very good food pairing section and many other useful features. A great find.

B V Jeffords

Good journal and cellar app  B V Jeffords  4 star

I've been looking for a good wine journal and cellar app for a long time and this is the best I've found. Adding and editing wines is easy and search allows you to see your wines by producer, region or retailer. Your wines also appear in the listings for the relevant grape variety, which is a nice feature. Besides the journal element there is plenty of good information on wine in the app. Always room for improvement, but this app ticks a lot of boxes and has a nice UI.


👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾  NACHOSYAKID  5 star

Great app!!! Easy to use and fairly extensive. I work in wine retail & service and it's a great go to for broad info.


Papitequila  Papitequilaur  5 star

Magnificent...! What a great tool for any wine lovers.


Great App!  PegfromCA  5 star

I use this app all the time for wine and food pairings. We have a wine shop and frequently hold wine and cheese tastings and the feedback from our patrons is always very positive. Have learned a lot about different varietals that I wasn't previously familiar with also. Highly recommend!

Morgan Hill Wine Shop

Best in class  Morgan Hill Wine Shop  5 star

I have been using this app for several years and am thrilled with this latest update. It isthe most useful of all these apps for quick wine, food, cheese and tasting notes! Hugely recommend this to everyone!


Latest Update Contains Wine Journal!  audiaClay  5 star

The new My Wines section is an easy-to-use way to keep a record of your favorite wines. Start by taking a photograph of the label on the bottle you want to list or use one already in the photos in your phone. Fill in some information about the wine - menus in the app help you do this. Complete the entry by adding your own impressions of the wine. A great way to carry your "wine journal" with you in your phone wherever you go! It's a fine addition to this very informative app.


🌻 MadyCline_ 3 star

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Tori Pishkula tori_pish 3 star

@HerCampusOhioU: IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME ✨✨✨ and follow for a chance to win this wine glass and a phone pocket! Winner will be announced F…


taco belle 🥀💛 kennadee110 3 star

@HerCampusOhioU: IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME ✨✨✨ and follow for a chance to win this wine glass and a phone pocket! Winner will be announced F…


Almost perfect  bbronze  4 star

Great app - nice variety, could always add more varieties (no rosé) and I feel like some of the grapes get pigeonholed into a category (I don't agree with Nero d'avola being in the big intense category for instance) but a great app for quick inspiration. Biggest thing missing though.... CHEESE PAIRINGS! If I'm bothering to consult an app for pairings I feel like the odds that cheese is involved is rather high, so that feels like the biggest omission from an otherwise great app.


Great app! BUT...  sharpy2534  4 star

Love this app for learning about what makes up each wine, BUT just wish the app was optimized for the iPhone 5's screen then I will give five stars.

James - IL

Excellent Wine App for learning wine.  James - IL  5 star

This wine app has everything needed to start learning about wine including area originated, pairing, tasting notes , etc. I always consult this app when determining what wine to serve with dinner or visa versa.


great app  adamos82  5 star

very useful, new way to learn wine!


Suggestion for "My Taste"  denlaur  5 star

What a great orientation to the world of wine. Takes a lot of the mystery out of choosing and trying new wines. One suggestion: It would be helpful to include a way to see all of "My Notes" in one place under the "My Taste" section, instead of having to go back and search for them individually for each type of wine.


Best of the best  L3180  5 star

Hands down worth every penny , great for all levels of learning

Elaine NJ

Great on food & wine pairing  Elaine NJ  5 star

Nice wine app and easily the best I've seen on food and wine pairing.

Jack Z Alexander

Unique among wine apps  Jack Z Alexander  5 star

Understanding and discovery are essential if you want to get the most enjoyment from wine. This app does both brilliantly. Keep it in your wine canon.

Melanie Krauss

Essential wine companion  Melanie Krauss  5 star

Really delightful app that has become my essential wine companion.


2.0 crashes    3 star

Something seems to be wrong with the new 2.0 version. Lots of good new features, but it crashes when I try to use them.

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