“…there's no easier way to remove unwanted items from your images...”—The Guardian

“It's in my Top 5 "must have" photo apps.”—Michał Koralewski, Photographer of the Year 2015, IPPAwards

“TouchRetouch is a terrific ‘remover’.”—Life In LoFi

TouchRetouch is an app that offers you all the tools you need to efficiently remove unwanted content from your iPhone photos.

What magic can you do with TouchRetouch?

Remove telephone wires and posts, power lines
Remove surface breaks and scratches—both straight and curved
Remove photobombers
Remove pimples and skin blemishes
Remove human-made objects like stop lights, street signs, trash cans
Remove whatever you feel is spoiling your photos


Make unwanted objects vanish right before your eyes by just marking them.
With Blemish Remover, you can touch any minor blemish once to remove it forever.


Mark only a section of a line to remove it whole; no need to be precise—the app will find the line.
If you need to erase only a part of a line, use Segment Remover.
Set Line Thickness to Thin, Medium, or Thick for better performance.


Eliminate distractions from photos with the Object Removal tool—select either Brush or Lasso, mark the content to be removed, and then tap the Go button.
Remove defects or duplicate objects by using the Clone Stamp tool.
Adjust Stamp Size, Hardness, and Opacity as desired.
Use Eraser to wipe out what has just been cloned.
Set Eraser Size, Hardness, and Opacity as needed.


Watch the in-app video tutorials for guidelines on how to use the app.
Read some tips and advice on how to get more out of the tools the app offers.

Download TouchRetouch now and have a bit of magic in your pocket.

TouchRetouch is brought to you by ADVA Soft—a developer of Handy Photo and AntiCrop. We are doing our utmost to create apps that would positively affect your photo-editing experience. Visit ADVA Soft website at to learn more about the company and the apps it develops.
For any assistance with TouchRetouch, contact ADVA Soft Support at [email protected] We welcome all your inquiries, comments, or suggestions about the app.

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TouchRetouch App Description & Overview

The applications TouchRetouch was published in the category Photo & Video on 2010-06-08 and was developed by Adva-Soft. The file size is 26.67 MB. The current version is 4.0.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

• EXIF and Wide Color support bugs have been fixed.
• UI bugs have been fixed (Loupe not working properly; Brush malfunctioning when maximally zooming a photo in).
• The issue of music stopping when opening the tutorials has been resolved.
• Line Removal algorithm for marking and removing lines of a medium thickness has been enhanced.
• Clone Stamp has been improved (you can now draw with newly-copied pixels while cloning).

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TouchRetouch Reviews

Rocque Leigh Grandstrand

Waste of money  Rocque Leigh Grandstrand  1 star

Just smudged. Want my $2


Not great!!  Chri1986ssie  1 star

This app, when you buy it, is nothing like what they show in the video when you search for the app. On the video when you highlight something with the brush and you erase it; it looks like the picture is perfect but when you physically do it yourself the picture becomes blurred where you deleted the object and you can clearly tell that someone was trying to edit the photo. So if you're looking at this app and you're debating on whether or not to pay $2 for it don't because you can get a better app than this for free!!


Worth every cent  bbp40  5 star

I love this app for QUICK & EASY object removal. A lot of the negative reviews are true, it may not work perfectly with complex scenes but it doesn't claim to work miracles. I Just got back from Europe with 1,100 pics on the phone. Removing the person with the neon green jacket in front of a field of Windmills alone made this app worth it. Won't work in super crowded places but if surrounding space is simple you can cut out a lot of visual distractions that would otherwise spoil a perfect shot.


Results you would only expect from a desktop app  JRufer  4 star

The results this app generates are truly amazing. You can literally remove unwanted objects from an image. Blemishes are a thing of the past. Never let power lines detract from a shot again. Buy this app. It is worth every penny. The iPhoto integration makes the workflow so quick and easy that it will be the first image you turn to when improving your photos. BUY IT NOW.


Hands down BEST photo retouching app EVER!!  SandieinPA  5 star

I loved this app when it first came out years ago, although back then it was a little trickier to get the hang of using. They've since upgraded it and now this app is even better, far more user friendly and I have altered countless photos, removed unwanted objects, (or people LOL) from my shots seamlessly!! But you MUST watch those (SUPER) helpful tutorials! This app is worth every penny!


Fast and Easy  Taturner76  5 star

I was able to delete an object from my photo in about 3 minutes, first try, no problems. It was simple and it was quick!


It doesn't work!  Emilia梁  1 star

I purchased this app for editing my several photos, but it doesn't work as I expected! Literally this app is using the mosaic to fix pics. Pretty bad... and I can't get my refund! The only thing I can suggest is DO NOT BUY IT!!!


Unfortunately  Zuzu1462  1 star

This app only created smudges for my pictures. Wasn't useful to me.


Best app ever  Jbjanice  5 star

I love love love this app!!! I have been looking for a app that would take power lines and such out of great pictures!!! I finally stumbled upon this app and I was amazed, I have only had it about 2 weeks now, but I can honestly say it is the best app I have ever downloaded and I have downloaded a lot of apps!!!

America's App Advisor

Back and Better Than Ever  America's App Advisor  5 star

The 5-Star App I once knew is back and better than it's ever been! This App is like having a magic wand on-hand as you edit ... to those reviewers stating their photos were ruined by this application, I only wish to say; the application is a tool. And in the hands of one who knows how to use the tool properly great things can be accomplished. Then there are those who do not take the time to learn and practice so they might use the tool properly. I guess what I'm trying to say is you made your bed now lie in it. Do not curse the tool, curse the one who wields it for being a fool. To the developer, thank you for the update - perhaps in the future avoiding a lengthy gap in between updates would please your customers a bit more. Highest Recommendation!!


Amazing Update  AlyfromBelfast  5 star

You guys did a fantastic job with the update. Huge fan. My go to 👍🏻


Preferred the older version  laurensk98  3 star

The previous version was much more user-friendly and simpler. I think they should've kept it the way it was and made another app entirely for all the update stuff.


Completely Amazed!!👍👍  DZBJAM  4 star

I downloaded what I guess was the "older" version now a few weeks ago, and it was pretty ok, on par with Photoshop's retouching tools, I've become accustomed to switching in between a few different apps and tools depending on the photo....but OMG to my surprise when I just pulled this up and was blown away by the upgrade!! I thought I had accidentally downloaded a new APP! Love the new interface and everything about the upgrade in tools and techniques! This may very well be my one stop shop (HG) App for editing photos!🙏Keep it coming!👌


Perfect for getting rid of unwanted objects!  MarianneRDavis  5 star

I LOVE this app! You can both erase people/things or pick a place to copy and clone to cover up objects. Perfect!


What did you do?  @gr82chat  1 star

I previously loved this app! What happened? This was my go to app for line removal.. now it makes a mess! 😢


Great update  VivBeeS  5 star

Just absolutely great!!


It's Even Better!?! HOW!?! 6 Stars!  Troublebaker  5 star

The first version(s) of the app were amazing. Both simple to use as well as beyond good at what it was able to do. Although not too long ago I had some quick edits to do and was, like others, a little concerned and disappointed when I opened it after updating to the latest iOS only to find a couple things not working as expected. Nooooo! I sent a message to the developer(s) to see if they were aware of the problems and if a fix happened to be in the works. I received a reply almost instantly and was assured they were both aware of the new issue(s) after the latest iOS release and they were fixing along with adding some updates at the same time. All of which they planned to submit to Apple for approval and release ASAP. Little did I know until downloading the new version that it would not only address and fix the issue(s) perfectly but also greatly improve / enhance an already incredibly powerful tool. This app is nothing short of amazing! I don't know how they're doing it but many mainstream desktop apps that I've been using for 18+ years should take note of what they're making possible on a mobile device. Kudos to the entire team on such a great application. It's easily worth 2x, 4x, 8x the price. I look forward to what you may have in store for the future, as well as the possibility for other applications - well, selfishly, so long as this one doesn't suffer because of it. If I could, I'd rate this 6 outta 5 stars and not even think twice about it. Keep up the great work all around. I like the new app icon as well, it's much more current. Thank you again!!


Go to app, now even better!  bnstarr  5 star

This is a go to app for me and now it's even better with this unexpected update! Love it!


This is PFM  JohnnyFoto  5 star

Pure F'ing Magic. I love this app. I loved the really old version I was still using and I LOVE this update. Like having a photoshop expert in your pocket.

matt the hobbit

Liked this app LOVE the redesign!!  matt the hobbit  5 star

Great app made better thanks to the overhaul. Clean and professional interface. Love the new removal tools!

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