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Go live, get fans, earn cash!

An interactive video platform of over 400 million people, offering live content and instant communication.

Chat with people around the world and showcase your talents in a new way.

Interact with those around you, broadcast your world, and earn easy money off your live broadcasts with Tango Live.

Promote your dancing, play a live game, share a cooking recipe, showcase new music, or show off your singing skills - and redeem gifts from fans for real cash!

Tango - Live Video Broadcasts App Description & Overview

The applications Tango - Live Video Broadcasts was published in the category Social Networking on 2010-09-30 and was developed by TangoMe, Inc.. The file size is 119.96 MB. The current version is 6.5.233431 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Live video delay decreased to 5 seconds
Other fixes and improvements

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I don’t like this Update  Frank28041  2 star

I use to Use Discover option and you take out I don like it please update and and Discover again


WARNING!!! Worst App Security 😡  BchBumm  1 star

WARNING!!! Worst app security around!!! 😡 WARNING!!! Worst app security around!!! 😡 WARNING!!! Worst app security around!!! 😡 It took me OVER ONE HOUR to block of 100 NEW UNWANTED viewers. Most profiles didn’t even have a profile pic and some solicit a sex web site. WARNING!!! Worst app security around!!! 😡 WARNING!!! Worst app security around!!! 😡 WARNING!!! Worst app security around!!! 😡 ——————————————————————— Now I have people who I didn’t authorize writing and showing up on my wall. When that happens I REPORT them. I’ll do that until your app security get to be what it should be. ——————————————————————— Now I’m having people who are not allowed to follow me show up on my feed AND they aren’t even listed as a follower. Until this inept company can get their act together I’m going to report the people who are following me without my permission as sexual content. This app has the F#%KING worst app security. ——————————————————————— I recently went through my list of followers and blocked and hid all the unwanted followers and STILL I get pictures of people popping up in my feed. I can’t believe someone. Any follow me without my permission. FIX THIS F&#KING APP!!! ——————————————————————— As long as I’ve downloaded this app (a few years now) other users are able to follow me without my permission. I have blocked over 900 different users and they still haven’t been able to fix this issue. Piss poor security. 😡


Love it  roadhog1963  5 star

I’ve been on Tango for approximately the state for years are use it mainly to socialize with my family and friends I’ve met a lot of great people on Tango


Great  Zeeks75  5 star

Very nice


I like burgers  woalzmskghf  1 star

Idc if ur a vegan that’s cool and stuff but you don’t have to like shove it in my face


Great  cqpg  5 star



Not for me  xlyxlubovzj  1 star

I used this app years ago, and I remember it was the best because you can video call and play fun games but I just downloaded it again and it is super crepee like it looks more like a dating app and a gross one


Beautiful  PimpDipsy  5 star

This app got so many thots on her it should be called Thotlandia


Tango very cool  dddddddwwwwwwww  5 star



Discover  Azulappwatsa  1 star

When we gonna have discover option again!!!!


Dislike it  ANONASS  1 star

Would give it no stars if I could. The app itself isn’t anywhere as good as Live.Me! As you go live for the first time no one joins. No one gets notified that you’re live especially if you’re a newbie —- don’t recommend!


People near me  Haider80  2 star

I can’t find people near me, can anyone help?


No good for new update  MarinaPhuong  1 star

Can’t find friends for new updates now ,tango is bad using for new update ,better everyone don’t update tango


WORST UPDATE  Gbadz1  1 star

This new update is horrible, it’s now become a live chatting site with people around the world, where has near me gone? People don’t want around he world people want near them. Was much better when it used to be a grid view with people close by. This app should be boycotted until its fixed.


I can’t find people near me anymore after last update  Samiraqi1969  5 star

Dear I can’t find people near me anymore after last update .. i am not interested in people in the other half of the world .. I need to find someone near me ..thank you


‘Discover’ seems to be missing after latest update?  hoove47  3 star

I enjoy and use Tango a great deal but it’s suddenly changed. I can’t find users near to me or in other locations. Is it me or has the ‘Discover’ feature been removed?


Gross  Misshuss  1 star

Stupid app and filled with pornography!! Shows people you may know in other countries and those in your city are at the bottom of the list!! Not worth it


No Notifications  Elle_Fitz  4 star

After this recent update I am no longer getting notifications of messages and sometimes messages are not sending. I hope this bug is fixed soon as I love this app.

bad app 1 star

Tango  bad app 1 star  1 star

Tango kicked me out of my own account and now won’t let me back in no matter what I try to get back in, I know my username name and password so why won’t your app let me back in?!?


0780499934  Wqaree  1 star



It’s a great app.  muldrew59  5 star

I love the different strings and new gadgets


I don’t know how to operate the new version  kimthesoldier  3 star

I have been using tango for the past 1year now,I really enjoyed using the app to reach my friends and love ones...now I don’t know what happen to it,now I can’t search people around the world I can’t even search for the country I want to chat with


Thank you  BAAAAAAACOOOOON  5 star

My dad left me 11 years ago and never came back. I never got to see my other 3 siblings. Because of this app, I can talk to my dad, my brother, and my 2 sisters. Without this app I never would have been able to. Thank you crew members. Without you and you app, I wouldn’t be meeting my dad in a couple of weeks. Or my sisters and brothers in a while. Thank you so much this means the world to me and without this wonderful app I never would have known about them. Again thank you so much I thank you with all my heart. This is a true story please read this. When your feeling bad about yourselves and not sure, come look at this comment for self confidence. Look at the miracle you have made happen.


Great app  mOdiGs47  5 star

Very fun

Hawre Ahmad

Information  Hawre Ahmad  1 star

When I renewed the last version my Tango doesn’t work?!


Tango  alfekar  4 star

There are many porn scenes in this site please delete all these scenes now there are children entering this site and thank you


How you log out  LitKing213  4 star


Abo badr

I don’t like the new update  Abo badr  1 star

I don’t like the new update coz I can’t see new people


It has become vulgar  morakeb  1 star

This app has changed from social app to a prostitute

Robby Roadkill

Entertaining!  Robby Roadkill  4 star

Lots of hot girls on here. Watch them talk and dance for free. Pay a little extra in coins for them to take you to private room where they do naughty things. 😛


Kash  Kaash5  5 star

Have been using it for years, great app for sure,

Sahar alheloah

I like it  Sahar alheloah  4 star

It is good application .

A Majeed

Good  A Majeed  4 star

I have been using Tango for calling family and friends and its voice quality is very good.

Charlie five bellies

Tango-ed,!!  Charlie five bellies  5 star

Just brilliant...cannot believe that this service is FREE,!! Thank you.👍👍👍👍 5 stars ✨✨✨✨✨


Chat  Superiork  4 star

Cool n clear video experience


This App is fab!!  เอลลี่  5 star

Tango is the best!!


Shocks  Shockaronney  5 star

Brilliant app. Lets me stay in touch and play games with my kids. Would be lost without it.


Brilliant.  Shockaronney  5 star

Love this app.

Dim Jim

Número uno  Dim Jim  5 star

No1 one app for contacting family while travelling! Might as well be in ireland! Skype...you haven't got a clue


I love it  LMoony  5 star

My preferred program for contacting the family

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