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Over 400 MILLION users have joined our interactive video platform for live content and instant communication!

Meet people from around the world and showcase your talents in a new way. Broadcast your world and earn easy money off your livestreams with TANGO LIVE.

Simply go live, get fans, and redeem gifts from fans for real cash!

As a viewer, you can interact with those around you, follow your favorite broadcasters and chat directly. Give gifts to show your support and become a VIP to get special status!

Tango - Live Video Broadcasts App Description & Overview

The applications Tango - Live Video Broadcasts was published in the category Social Networking on 2010-09-30 and was developed by TangoMe, Inc.. This application file size is 105.96 MB. Tango - Live Video Broadcasts current version is 6.13.238992 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

You suffered from bad words? All offensive words won’t bother you anymore! They are coloured over and marked as "censored".
We increased maximum live chat message length from 80 to 160 symbols. Option is available for all users.
We announced limited creepy Halloween collection!

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Tango - Live Video Broadcasts Comments & Reviews

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Mike Kriaa   1 star

Porn site. All it’s good for is to pay chicks to do private porn show. NOTHING ELSE! This is now a porn site or a site for scammers ! Nigerian scammers all over and they can by pass there location and make you believe that they are close to you ! They will scam you for money, doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, they are ready for both. Don’t ever trust anyone on this site ! BEWARE ! !

Waluigi.Number1   2 star

Broken. I think the app is broken as I don’t see private broadcasts anymore

Badbunny004   5 star

Amazing. Great app for fun 🙌🏽

screwed11737474   1 star

Post live video. Why would you remove videos after the live? The uniqueness and fun part of this app was you could watch live video on users profile even after the live was over but it's not available anymore. Sucks bring it back

steyastsa   1 star

Attention à vos enfants. Ce site a été utilisé par un pedophile quia montré. Ses parties à mA fille et lui a demandé d’en faire autant

shell we   5 star

Shell we. Love it

Thinguyencanada   5 star

I love Tango, it’s the best app for Texts, calls and video calls. I love Tango, it’s the best app for Texts, calls and video calls

Apps647   1 star

Getting worse. No more discovering people. Messages are not being delivered. Turning this app into porn app

ironeyes49   5 star

Review. I’m liking everything except too many little glitches we need to iron out. Overall have been very happy with everything, even met my girlfriend from here. Now been together for couple years now. Thank you & keep up good work.

Lolasparkle   1 star

Messages are not being received. Since update messages that are sent are not being received. Please fix

Not impressedfeb1.2012   1 star

Awful update!!!!. You got rid of Discover Tab & just made the app exclusive for Love broadcasters who are only there to get naked & make money! To heck with your app! 😡😡It’s aweful

elhlasss   1 star

The worst update. They made tango now strictly for live streaming only for people who are willing to show their body off and receive diamonds and make money.... this app is turning into a porn app. Unexceptable the developer is confused. This app should be banned from use. Unless it goes back to the way it was where you would be able to search normal humans that are not willing to get naked on the app.

koahkoah   3 star

Add. Add an Person multiplier so you can have more people in one live

saraa sweet   5 star

100%. Favourite live streaming app for sure!!!! Great job developers!

🌸Barbie👑™️   5 star

A must get for cam ladies!. Love this app so much I love the option to go private it’s amazing

sarastoney   5 star

Love it. Wiiiiicked

Goalie hockey   3 star

Good interface and tools & call quality. Overall app has continued to improve.

mullanpuria93   2 star

App crashes on iphone X. The app crashes after running for one or two days and does not opens after and have to re-download the app to use again i also did try to restart phone but the app does not opens please fix it

Sbn31   4 star

Tango. How we can delete some message for not the person see the message

Perfect jake   1 star

Fix it. I can’t get calls at all unless my phone is open

Bonnie183   4 star

Games. Love the games, hope more will be added. Face things are fun as well - all extra are great add ons. Video cuts in and out, but not sure if it might be a connection issue

weryuikbcxs   1 star

TANGO SUPPORT TEAM IS RIDICULOUS!!!!. FIX MY PROBLEM NOW!!!!! I frequently go on live and I have over 10,000 thousand diamonds that I could cash out for money, I had over 5k followers and I loved tango! By accident I changed my age to 1 years old and it won’t let me access anything! I cannot go live nor can I view anyone who is live! All my diamonds disappeared and THIS HAS BEEN LIKE THIS FOR OVER A MONTH ! I reached out to tango support team OVER 20 TIMES and they sent me 3 IDENTICAL EMAILS BACK NOT HELPING THE SITUATION AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! I am SO SO fed up with this honestly this is RIDICULOUS !!!!!!! This SIMPLE TASK TAKES THEM MONTHS TO FIGURE OUT!!!! if I could rate the “support team” no stars I would!!!!! FIX MY PROBLEM NOW!!!!!!!!

Assemblyrqird   1 star

Can’t send messages. Since the last update. I can’t send or receive messages. I had someone send me a message. It showed up in notifications on my screen, then disappeared. Help.

H.a.j.e.r   5 star

Good app. Good app for calling friends and family

InSoMnIa30   1 star

Fail. Tango keeps crashing while trying to open the app. You need to try to open it several times and if you are lucky to get in the app its very slow and takes time to load stuff!

indubitiblydope   3 star

Come on Tango. When will you guys fix the chat box? There have been many updates and the issue of not being able to see what I am typing is still there. I can see what I’m typing for about a sentence and then the words disappear and I have to rely on my keyboard predictions to finish what I’m typing. It’s so very annoying and I don’t think you guys are working on it. Please see this and fix it, then I will give you 5 stars.

thayky2013   5 star

Love it. It's very good! All my family use this app ! It's a great app ever.

present forever   5 star

Excellent. I love it

begonegroceryshopping   4 star

Pretty good. Picture was clear, lag time in talking but you just work with it and also calls don’t come through if the app isn’t open. All in all I am happy with it.

TorontoLegend   1 star

Other great apps without ads. The ads on this app are extremely irritating. Also just updated the app to find out it doesn’t work and can’t find anywhere where to report this problem.

Advertorial    5 star

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Joidriss1   5 star

Great App. User friendly.

Germanjit Randhawa   5 star

Perfect. Wonderful app. Keep up the good work 👍🏻

sare040510   5 star

Great. This app works great 😊

Ladybugs75   5 star

Love this app. Works great and at a great price.

wiclee   1 star

FAKE. Free calls to US is bogus. Kept on saying "Cannot verify your phone number", there is no way to proceed.

nayeemzen   5 star

love it. fun and reliable, love it

🏀Sadie   5 star

Tango. I LOVE Tango. It has good quality and lots of fun in app features. I wish you could talk to multiple people at once though.💚

Best Trinity   4 star

Good but some problems. It's a good app and I use it often but since the new update I open the app and this ad pops up and says "Tango is fun!" And it won't let me close the ad. Please fix!

Shonnie c7   5 star

Great service. Update is excellent

Kweenkartel   5 star

Nice. Great app!

Ogidadank   5 star

Otstskt. Sfmsejsktdgmsv Zags Carnac ark barn can sfmzcvxv ha A fav show Sf AC/DC LcDm😏😆😊

Eddarl   5 star

Five star rating. Just talked to my sister on Tango from Arizona and she in Manitoba Worked perfectly.

ObsceneCupcakez   1 star

Used to work great!. It used to be fine but since like 6 updates ago whenever I try to share photos during a phone call it crashes freezes etc. No update has fixed this yet.

MikeyStclair   5 star

Really good. Amazing development, through work, through friendship, relationship. Or even better communication this app is really good.

Femmebox   2 star

I'm going to b honest.... I used to thoroughly enjoy the chat rooms on Tango - they were actually one of the main reasons why I used Tango in the first place. For the conversation, to meet new people etcetera. Since y'all made this new app (Fiesta) I can name 12 different people alone who have dropped off the map. How many months later and NOBODY who I used to speak to in the chat rooms are there anymore. Why? Because they can no longer be bothered. I know y'all have your reasons for making a separate app but no one else understands it. But thanks for ruining Tango for us all.

Fdhfnsnixbbd   2 star

Glitch. I used to be able to go on tango and text them friends and play games.... But for the past two weeks it's been Glitching.... FIX !!!

Shiamalys   5 star

Good. Like app

Ahmeed30   2 star

Bad Technic issue. I have been using it for three years, but last night it stops open! I contact the tango through email but there is no responding yes so far!!

Eeee1984mmmm   1 star

Stoped working. Since the update on Dec 9, 2016 the app won't even open up. Was great when it was working but it's a waste of space if it doesn't sort itself out with the next update

Damarik   2 star

Bit of a pain. Got this awhile ago, was "meh" but free video chat. However, just updated and now doesn't even open the app.

JameBond00777   5 star

Discover the Friendships!. I recomend this Application to every one to enjoy the Friendship with people around the World! Help share your moment and discover people around you! Thanks

Fubu-in-Ontario   5 star

Great tool. Great tool and app Big thanks to the developers

Magical Vision   5 star

Excellent calling quality. Excellent calling quality

Whiteman205   5 star

Awesome. Works great to keep in touch with the family

AA2013AA   4 star

Nice program. It a nice program . But I hate the ads .

Person422   4 star

Fun. This is a really fun app, I recommend getting it except that I think there should be more face filters, better connection, and I don't know if this is because I have ios 7 but when I FaceTime I can't do the face filters. Other than that it's really good!

Potrillo78   3 star

Ok. Is good but is keeping breaking up

CanadianChick 101   4 star

Decent. Pretty good, needs more games though. Connection sucks sometimes but it's better than some other apps. Some games are announced but they don't appear in the game selection (toppling towers)

Ticket Toronto to Amman Jordan   5 star

It's about connection !!. U need the truth it's perfect to use !! Try if

Cj1522   5 star

Fantastic App after the update!. Great app

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