Tango - Live Video Broadcasts

Tango - Live Video Broadcasts [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Tango is a social live-streaming platform where Broadcasters get the tools they need to manage and grow their Broadcasting business. The place to meet new people, showcase talents, and make friends all around the world!

Live video streaming is the exciting new place for content creators to earn online by turning your Broadcasts into a business!

Monetize your social community by live-streaming your talents - singing, dancing, playing music and much more. This is a chance to start your Broadcasting career and earn money with our quick, simple and easy payouts.

Get the tools you need to grow your business and become a full-time broadcaster. Grow your social business, engage with fans and followers, and accumulate as many virtual gifts as possible that can be cashed out for real income. DUAL broadcast with friends and other streamers to create cool live-streams and earn more from each gift!

Turn your hobby into a profitable business with Tango Live. Meet and engage with new people and friends around the world and show your talents and content in a new way - earning money through gifts from fans that you can redeem for real cash.

As a viewer, you can discover a world of talented live-streams. Watch and engage with your favorite broadcasters, and chat with them directly. Play games and give gifts to show your support and become a VIP to get special status.

Download the free app to discover Live video streaming. Simply go live and monetize your fans in real-time!

Unlike Bigo, LiveMe, and MeetMe, Tango allows you to live-stream your world on your terms, with the people and fans who matter most to you.

Here's 5 reasons to join Tango Live:

- Show off your talents and get discovered online: singing, dancing, cooking, traveling, gaming
- Get fans, receive gifts, earn money for free.
- Do dual broadcasts with your friends and random people from Tango Family
- Beautify your live-stream with special filters and cool masks
- More viewers=more Popular. Rise the ranks and top the leaderboard to become #1!

- Enjoy live video streams and chats on your phone or on web.
- Watch new and popular broadcasts streaming live 24 hours a day.
- Meet talented people around the world and chat with them directly!
- Swipe to view broadcasters' top moments and live reactions (Happy Moments).
- Play interactive games with streamers.
- Send exclusive gifts and special collections to support your favorite streamers. Cute kitties, animated emojis, hearts, cars, pearls, romantic gifts, and other special items
- Follow your favorite broadcasters and be the first to know when they go live.

- Public and private chats: stream your world with who you want.
- Create a personal group video or message chat for private group conversations with special fans and friends (Live Family)
- Send exclusive gifts and special collections to support your favorite streamers. Cute kitties, animated emojis, hearts, cars, pearls, romantic gifts, and other special items!

- Talk and chat with talented people nearby or from all over the world.
- Create a personal group video or message chat for private group conversations with special fans and friends (Live Family).
- Share your special stories and promote social events on your profile page for all to see!
- Participate in online live streaming events: song contests, dance festivals, music competitions
- VIP status for the best fans: Send gifts to your favorites and enjoy exclusive status
- We have an active global community of millions talented broadcasters: artists, dancers, singers, gamers, bloggers and more.

Facebook: @TangoMe
Instagram: @Tango_app
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOrHDkd9DLJVZBWP2UN9msg
Twitter: @TangoMe
Snap: tango-live
TikTok: @TangoMe

If you have any questions or offers please contact us at support@tango.me

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Tango - Live Video Broadcasts Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Broadcasters can now send gifts to others in Live Party! - Improved sign-up flow - Fresh new mini-profile look

Tango - Live Video Broadcasts Comments & Reviews

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- Boots

Worked fine till last night. Sent a message no problem. Then tried to text again and touch would not work for texting. Could delete but no response when trying to text. Received messages but unable to open. Deleted app several times and turned phone off several times. Still no response with texting or trying to read messages. Tried contacting support help this afternoon and no answer so far. Have had this app since 2012 and rarely have problems that usually can be fixed by rebooting or reinstalling but not this time. Hope this gets fixed ASAP

- Bug’s, Bug‘s, Bug’s!

I have always liked this app because of the fact you can play games with friends, family and love ones! It is so sad to see that this app has so many bugs in it now… When I receive calls I cannot answer because the talk button does not appear, I had issues with the microphones, Sometimes the video is lagging and it is not because of a Wi-Fi issue it’s just leggy and choppy, sometimes the app crashes and drops calls, etc., etc., etc.! And for anyone who is curious I am on an iPad Pro 12.9/ first generation. The experience on this device is horrible now! I don’t know if it’s because of a bad update or because of iOS 12 but this issue needs to be addressed and fixed immediately!!! One of my main reasons for being dedicated to Apple is because of the smoothness and fluidity of its apps and this one right here as well as countless others makes me feeling bad about being such a loyal customer for the quality of such Apps! Let’s get it right ladies… SMH!

- Did not like it

I signed up with Facebook and have a picture of my mom and I as my profile photo. I used to have this app so that I could face time my parents ( they are divorced) whole I was away or at the others house. We could play games while talking and do other stuff like that, but I got into the app for not even a minute when some old guy started to send me weird messages hat were directed towards my mom! The man thought it was my moms account and I was insanely creeped out! And he was hitting on me thinking it was my mom. I couldn’t block him and I had to Change my profile just so he would leave me alone. He worst part was he is 45 and my profile says that my age is 22! (It’s not) which is even more gross. I couldn’t do anything to make I’m go away and now the app is much worse than it was a few years ago. I don’t recommend it and I hate how it’s changed over the years. I miss the old app where you could only face time your contacts and talk to your friends

- Thank you

My dad left me 11 years ago and never came back. I never got to see my other 3 siblings. Because of this app, I can talk to my dad, my brother, and my 2 sisters. Without this app I never would have been able to. Thank you crew members. Without you and you app, I wouldn’t be meeting my dad in a couple of weeks. Or my sisters and brothers in a while. Thank you so much this means the world to me and without this wonderful app I never would have known about them. Again thank you so much I thank you with all my heart. This is a true story please read this. When your feeling bad about yourselves and not sure, come look at this comment for self confidence. Look at the miracle you have made happen.

- I dont like the new version

Tango cannot automatic update new version without my acceptance. Last night they updated new version while I was sleeping without notices. And for the new version I cannot post my articles or read my friends’s article posts. I cannot go into my homepage or my friends homepages. New version only allow people have private chat, calls, mostly they focus on people like livestream videos, broadcasting, following people, singing or trying to making money on tango, waiting for people give them gifts. How about the others people like us, we just want to trade more knowledgeable and news or communicating with friends that we trusted? Why they took all our choice to choose. When I tried to contact them, there is no phone number for customer service or supportive, no email to write. If you’re aware to loose all your timelines memories, don’t update the new one

- Glitches

I love Tango! It is the way my boyfriend and talk when we can’t be together and want to see each other but Tango seems to be having some real glitches lately that I hope get fixed soon. Even though all my notifications are set it tells me that I can’t make or receive calls sometimes and I have to go to my notifications and turn it off and back on again. Even after doing that I still don’t get a sound when a message is sent to me. I’ve checked all volume controls and they are on and all the way up. Please help!! I hate missing messages and calls because of this.

- My location still showing even after I disabled on settings

For iOS: I did turned off location services for Tango by going to the Settings app >> Privacy >> Location Services >> set Tango to Never When I visist my own profile it show no location BUT when friends and none friends and acquaintance and unknown persons from my area look up my profile it still shows my location. I do LIVESTREAM sometimes and I had severals people’s harassment me on live telling me: —I am from your same town I want to meet you, tell wich street you live I ll come now. That’s creepy. most of them didn’t followed me, so I can’t block them all, it is uncomfortable feeling that you’re looking for privacy turning off your locations but tango still show it to other users. When I am trying to avoid especially that.

- Keep the long distance relationships close ❤️

This app is a fun and great way to stay in touch with family & friends who are long distance. Great video quality and sound keeps that face to face contact fresh. You can play games while you chat or fun face masks. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star rating is with the new live feature there seems to be no settings available to turn it off. Makes me nervous to let my child play in the app.


This app ruined everything. I got this app so I could talk to family that had Samsung’s and couldn’t FaceTime me. This guy started texting me and said he was my age of course on the profile picture was of a kid my age( I was 11 when this happened) and so I just went along with it. Then he started asking me for nudes and I said no and he was like okay. Well then he told me he was older then what he said he was and he was 21 then I said goodbye well he kept talking to me(I didn’t block him bc I thought he would leave me alone) he kept saying “I was falling in love though” and sending me emojis like this “❤️” “😘” or saying “come on bby girl u know u like me” and stuff. So I don’t recommend this app for children or for teens if it’s going to be like an online dating profile


If I could give this no stars i would, like many other people I downloaded this app to talk to my friends because I didn’t have a phone number yet”I was 10” it was normal until about two months later I started getting creepy messages from random guys with the profile pics as private parts and they were sending me porn saying it was something else like a new my little pony episode so when I clicked on it it would show intense porn and I was scared for life I, also became a victim of grooming and I gave into sending a pic or two to old men I was such an idiot, but it’s been 2 years now I’ve been and still go to therapy because of this but I do not recommend this I want this app shut down forever so no kid has to go what I’ve been through

- I’m scared to use

A friend requested this to me to use for him to call me and stuff. I don’t know if this is an app to call random people or just your contacts or friends. Either way I’m still afraid to use this. I mean I used this before and it was great. Great great app. Now come to think of it, I’m kinda scared to use this app. And I heard one review of people getting naked. And you know me I don’t wanna see people get naked. So that’s why I’m scared to use this app.

- i use to love the app

This used to be a really good app I could talk to friends and family no matter where they were. And then live came about and jumped on the bandwagon and I started doing live never got paid for it because the person that they do payments through which is the only one place called payioneer they be with me issues for several miles with paying me so there's no points for me to do lie. Are you still love the discover button and see who's local it was a good way to meet people and the chat with people locally I miss the old Tango bring the Discover me back

- Problems?? Anyone else??

I’ve had this app almost 3 years. It’s an amazing app but when I just updated the app it’s been giving me problems about the notifications. When someone messages me I don’t get a notification on the home screen or my lock screen. It works every now and then but I have to constantly go onto the app to see if I got a message. I don’t understand what happened? If you can please fix this I would love to rate it 5 stars.

- Works well but sleazy

Using to communicate with my young daughter who is on vacation. Gave her a deactivated phone. Works great over wifi for calls and video. However don't care for the social media network especially the pictures of all the "most liked" folks. It all looks a little sleazy Ana's makes me wonder if this is some hook up venue. Had to give my daughter instruction not to click on those by accident and start messaging with strangers

- Crappy hope the big fixes fix this cause i wrote them 6 times

I hope they fix the recent call thing cause when i make or receive calls on the app the calls go into my recent calls on my iphone and the connection is crappy even tho i got good wifi we can’t hear on the phone it cuts in in out so i hope they or you guys fix that


Me and my best friend have been using Tango for years, and we loved it, until they removed our favorite feature. Before, you could use filters that would fully transform you into something such as a unicorn or a burger, and I absolutely LOVED it to the point where I would call just to get to use it. It was amazing, and now that it’s gone, I don’t see a point in using Tango. We haven’t used it since. BRING BACK THE UNICORN!! Not only that, but now it’s so glitchy and low quality. You’ve ruined this app. I will no longer be using this until you bring back the good features!

- Apple restricted iOS version It’s 17+ Apple. Wake up

First, if you complain about your children then you are a poor parent. This is an app for young adults Not for little kids Tango and the Yango community does a great job removing underage users Second, If you are underage do not complain about the content. You do not belong here THIRD: Apple do not restrict my ability to choose. I want to go to private room It is my choice. Not your choice Apple. Apple has blocked access to Private Rooms on iOS devices (iPhones , IPads ) Stupid move Apple. Think about it Private rooms mean broadcast is not visible on preview of public streams. You have to pay to enter. You have to be invited! Access is already restricted!

- Tango is great

Tango is just such a great app! Whatever you are looking for socially you will find here. There are tons of sweet people to get to know from all over the world and in a sense the community here becomes like a family. I recommend checking it out weather you want to get your feet wet broadcasting or if you’d like to just meet someone special to get to know.

- Sade

Tango has been my go to video app for years! I love the overall experience it offers my fiancé and I when we are apart. Sometimes the screen can be blurry and the notifications don’t always pop up, I have had the best service with this app over FaceTime, Facebook, and other video options. Definitely recommend!

- Love Tango!

Tango is great until you’re African American and can get banned or suspended during public broadcasting for showing cleavage. If we all can only dress appropriately on a public broadcast then fine! But, why are all foreign women not getting banned or suspended for it as well? They have their busty brazier taking over the camera and stay on for hours. Smells a bit prejudiced to me.

- Watch out for trashy pictures on their live page

I’ve used tango to video chat with one of my sons, and to see videos of our grandchild, but now they have a “live” tab, I clicked on that and there’s literally hundreds of pictures of girls, mostly in various stages of barely dressed advertising that they want to be my”friend”. It’s disgusting, and I sure didn’t signup for that. As soon as I find a replacement, I’ll drop this...I want no part of porn and trafficking.

- Displeased

App is kinda cool but i will have to say i think it is absolute bs that the app not the broadcaster or an admin mute you because you don’t have money to gift at that moment i feel i spend a lot of $$$$ on this app and just becausei run out doesn’t mean i should get muted again by the app not the broadcaster. Just know this tango there are lots of apps out there and we can spend our $$$ where we want too so you should maybe figure out if you want me to spend it with you or not but im very close to uninstalling

- Live stream problem

I love this app I keep in touch to my cousin who also has this app on her tablet Sometimes I want to watch other live streams or do my own live stream buuuut it doesn’t work. I connect to internet and everything. It always says I’m can’t connected. I doesn’t seem to work as well. Hope this gets better in the new update. Please and thank you.

- Annoying notifications!!! Kill me please.

I used this app for years, but I'm really considering deleting it... I am tired of Tango pinging me to follow people, try live of watch annoying news that I obviously don't care about! I understand that you are trying to entertain people but if you could create an option to stop these notifications I'd be more than fine with that (I tried your "mute" option, for some obvious reasons I can't turn them off when they come from Tango. I Even tried blocking you guys!) Hope you take my review in consideration.

- Too many ppl getting naked

This is a bad app, they will suspend an adult on cam fully clothed doing nothing wrong but let underage kids stay on cam for hours with creepy guys trying to get the girls to take their clothes off, and those guys gifting the girls, basically paying them to get naked then after the owners make enough $ off it they kick the kid off, then if kid comes back they ignore it again till they make more money then suspend them temporarily so the kids can come bk on to do it all over again, if u want ppl naked on cam tango make it an adult app or site but keep the kids out please

- Issues

This is a great app for texting and calling friends but there’s an issue that not only I see but my friends see too, 1 of my friends followed me and 2 other of my friends, but her follow doesn’t show up on the followers list, and when she tries to text us, her texts don’t appear, and she doesn’t see our texts if we find her and try to text her, overall, it’s a great app, I just hope the creator sees this and fixed ut

- Dangerous

This guy went on my profile and started texting me and stuff he said he was 35 and wanted to tell me about umm you know what and the police got involved and my school so if you don’t want this to happen do not get it it will scar you if your young like me plz also if you post something it it is out there for anyone to see you can’t get it back or deleted this guy to mine and saved them so I am scared what he would do with them there is no update on the police I guess the can’t find him so that will hurt me grown up do not get this app it will screw you up

- I hope this helps you!🤞

So I have a crush who is traveling right now. Her phone would not let me FaceTime her. She said " Download Tango." We downloaded it! I can now connect with her and talk to her. The face filters are really cool. There are a lot more filters for girly girls tho. I'm a girl but I'm speaking for the less feminine people. The only reason I'm rating it four stars is because it gets very laggy at times and can be very annoying. Also, sometimes when we call each other it will mute us and we can't un-mute it. Thank you for reading this. Hope it helped you. (For the creators: please fix those problems, then you have a five star app!)

- Not happy

I have no idea what happened last night I updated tango and totally change the whole thing can’t find my friends and family instead im getting live streamers from Asia and india im Spanish so its not working for me, the app doesn’t even have a search section and its says the “none of the people I fallow are live” when I know for they are. So I contacted customer Service they told me Apple forced them to disable some features absurd I don’t think Apple would ask tango to take away friends and family to impose new people.


I've had Tango for years now & it was fantastic when I first got it. I've recommended it to SOOOO many people & all but 1 have left. From it not sending texts,(yet, my text has been taken & gone into outer space?!), to the stickers disappearing, to the live chat constantly freezing! *WHY ARE NOTIFICATIONS OF A SIMPLE TEXT MESSAGE NOT COMING THROUGH ANYMORE?!* I could go on, but, WHAT BUG FIXES ARE YOU FIXING?!?! Seems every update, it gets worse!! It used to be a 5⭐️app, but not anymore. You NEED to fix what wasn't broken! You will lose most of your clientele if you don't.

- Mentally disturbed

I downloaded this app so I could talk and chat with my friends at school. At first it seemed fine to me but the problem was that people (guys) wanted to chat with me. But this took way too far when I got a message of a guy asking if I was a virgin and if I was alone. I was creeped out and when I went to the guy’s profile I saw his background picture was a pic of a man’s private. I was mentally disturbed so I didn’t answer him. I definitely do not recommend this app to chat you your friends because my experience was not good at all.

- I love tango by Deveon Cannick

Hey guys I just wanted to say that I love tango a lot. I get to chat with people , we get to play games with people and you post stuff I really think that you should download tango trust me it is really fun maybe you could chat with your parents. Look up tango on App Store Remember vote for Cannick’s if you don’t you will panic

- Finally working

Thank you for listening to all of our concerns. I can once again use the app as it was intended years ago, talking and chatting to my loved ones around the world. So appreciative. When updating, pls keep in mind, us loyal users from the beginning, to continue our loyalty.

- They’re holding your information hostage

This is a porn app. The stuff people get away with are ridiculous. Then when you try to delete it, Tango doesn’t let you delete your account. They hold your personnel information hostage. Stay away. They are probably selling your email addresses and other personal info to God knows who! Over 200 Russians asking to be friends? Don’t use it. It’s been two months and my account is still active even though I repeatedly requested deactivation.

- Plz fix notifications

I love this app and it is a great way to stay in touch with my boyfriend... I love the games it had to offer and I wish there were more... the only thing I am slightly disappointed with is notifications they work but not always if they would be fixed I’d say this app deserves a five star rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Love it can’t live without it

This is the olny way to connect or communicate with my best friend I love this app so much I wanted to leave this review now I don’t normally leave reviews on apps because an opinion is an review and well I really love this app so if you don’t have it I think you should download it it’s worth it

- Help

Please help lost my feed and comments Have i7 plus can’t get into my profile or friends to see posts been 7 weeks now Second request unable to get feed and comments back per your last comments please help me I need to know how I can get it back

- Solid video calls however....

The person to person video calls are very solid assuming both parties have solid connection to the Internet whether it be cell phone data or Wi-Fi connection however there is a feature on Tango that is similar to podcasting and that feature for those of you who have children is not something you would want it is turned into nothing but a porn room. Because of this reason alone I always suggest Skype.

- On the road

I can't tell you in words how much this apps helps with life on the road during the week. To be able to see my children and my wife along with being able to play games with them is amazing. Keep up the good work Tango.

- Update

It’d be great if you guy could add this update. When someone texts you and you’re not in the app the bar notification shows up. Can you guys make it like other apps where you pull down on the notification and you can reply without having to actually go back into the app. That’d be great

- It’s awesome

I love this app so much because I can talk to my friends who have a samsaung phone. I love how you can play games and put on cool filters. But it sometimes is hard to hear. I don’t know if it’s just the service or the app. But overall this app is awesome. (Maybe add a few more games even tho there is a lot) thanks!!!!

- Tango

Tango is great because I can not call or text on my phone and I can tell my friends to download tango the only complaint is that I think that you shouldn't have to pay for the mask are an ability to sen anyway tango is a very good app

- iPhones Don’t work on app

If you have a iPhone then most likely any private video will not work. If you try to enter anyone’s private you won’t be able to either. It’s Either Apple or Tango that’s the problem and both don’t want to be on the same page and for those poor souls who buy coin will be S.O.L. When they realize they can’t party. This app needs to be fixed like yesterday and stop taking its time on “fixing the issue” and just FIX IT or say IPHONES ARE NOT COMPATIBLE!! Plain and simple. Very upset!!😡

- Just Wrong Tango!

It’s so wrong Tango MAKES ya “show your location” and doesn’t give you a “Not now” tab. You literally have to shut your phone down or click on a “show your location” to make the screen go away! It’s also wrong Tango doesn’t give you the option to remove the “Local Hookup” tab. Lots of don’t want that crap on our phones and we SHOULD be able to have that option! Please consider the wants and needs of ALL of us and allow us all those options

- Issues

Need a switch so you can turn your friends off and mutual friends off! This causes lots of problems! And its no Ones business who your friends are! And am I'm on line switch and do aways with the time you were last seen!! I don't want some people to know when I'm on line or to who and when! Good program but need a few add on to be really great and effective!! I want my privacy to anyone and everyone!

- No voice on the other side

At first 2months of using this app its good, then out of nowhere my wife cant hear any audio when we use videocall i can hear him loud and clear bit she cant hear any from her side please fix it soon as possible..thanks

- Only aim is to collect your info

Badly designed and useless snapchat wannabe. Its only purpose is to collect info about users. To delete your account you have to go to a website and fill out even more info than you gave already. Just to make sure they get more data. Then wait up to 72 hours for you to get deleted. Can we please get scammers like this off the app store? Respect that people want to leave. Make it possible to delete instantly. I am thoroughly disgusted.

- My opinion

I love it but sometimes it’s to picky with girls that doesn’t even show anything and I see some girls they show everything and they don’t do anything to those girls , also you should try to add to the gifts some Latino stuff because Latinos give more gifts

- Inappropriate

This app was at first used so I could talk to my grandparents that don’t live close. But in this past year a thing called lives have popped up. They have become incredibly inappropriate. This app has went from a 8+ to a 17+. I got followed by 2 people that had horrible content and not anything am app should hold. I have deleted this app and never going back. This app used to be a really fun place, but now I have to close my eyes scrolling to text my grandparents... FIX THIS

- Awesome tango

I love tango because i have been using it since i was little when my dad was far and i would always want to play more and more cool games. Tango is awesome to play and call friends. Now that im bigger i still use it with my mom

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- Open apps issue

Tango doesn’t open after updating last iOS software. Re-installed but it’s been the same problem

- 🙏🏻about my profile

It’s awesome Thanks to tango team I wonder why I cont see everything in my profile look like was black ore something an likely happen I’m very sad especially in this days wee need something to feel are times with some activities 😡

- I can’t find people near me anymore after last update

Dear I can’t find people near me anymore after last update .. i am not interested in people in the other half of the world .. I need to find someone near me ..thank you

- No Notifications & No GIFs

After this recent update I am no longer getting notifications of messages and sometimes messages are not sending. I hope this bug is fixed soon as I love this app. Where have the GIFs gone? I loved using them and then they just disappeared! I am looking for an alternative chat app with GIFs now.

- Tango

Tangos like the best texting app I ever had in my life, I text my friend Shreya all the time and we have so much fun like playing games, wearing masks while we FaceTime each other, and you can even send awesome photos.

- I hope tango will go bankrupt from all of my heart .

I can’t find people around me anymore. Big dislike from me and millions of people . If you don’t get it back tango will go bankrupt one day .

- ‘Discover’ seems to be missing after latest update?

I enjoy and use Tango a great deal but it’s suddenly changed. I can’t find users near to me or in other locations. Is it me or has the ‘Discover’ feature been removed?

- Tango

One thing i have to tell everyone I Was being stalked while the guy was texting me I was nine yrs old I was so scared other than that I reckon the app was pretty good

- App

This is a awesome app I recommended to my friends who have apples and Samsung’s and can’t FaceTime but please make better filters so they look real thanks and bai HIGHLY RECOMMEND

- Very disappointed

I use to see all my memories and photos plus photos of people I was following! Now all I can see is fake people that pretend to be surprised to see coin! You ruined everything! 🖕

- The best

I really like it is the best way to get in rich a family and friends and sand videos nd photo . Thank you tango


This new update is horrible, it’s now become a live chatting site with people around the world, where has near me gone? People don’t want around he world people want near them. Was much better when it used to be a grid view with people close by. This app should be boycotted until its fixed.

- Dear Tango

I need to inform you that you are trying to do too much with the app, for example I doubt anyone would actually use the games section as it just slows the whole app down and could be replaced by a edit your account page, not only would it let the app run faster it would also allow more customisation within the app and your account. I think tango could be a app of the future but you have to think about that things that are really necessary in the app and also you need to get the app out there and make it more well known. Also I have noticed that there are quite a number of adverts maybe instead of having bigger bulky adverts have one ad along the bottom as it would take up less room or have an option to remove the ads for around $1.29. I hope you take my suggestions under consideration so that you can continue to improve Tango. Thanks, Isaac

- Payment issues

I had 2 issues in June first 5 purchases without receiving any coins , 2nd double payment for one purchase. No customer service and no support, emails from 24/6 and result we will check and come back to you. It’s dodgy app and their customer service are robots.

- Nothing but wannabe pornstars

If you feel like buying virtual gifts and paying wannabe pornstars a lollipop to have a private chat, this app is for you. But do it fast, as admin close your accounts regularly and lock you out of your crappy online purchases. Don’t bother emailing them...they don’t respond.

- Badge icon

Fix the badge icon it turns on and off on it’s own it also keeps popping up for a warning sayings I can’t make calls it’s annoying because I cannot tell if someone has messaged me or not.

- New tango is not the same

Why is there no discover feature anymore and I don’t get messages or followers like I used to. I can’t see people nearby can u please bring these back and fix this app. Not happy at all with this new version

- Account not deleting!!

I love this app SO MUCH but my account won’t delete???

- Mr David

I can’t see my friends photos and I can’t post my photos .

- New version disaster

The new version on 23 Sept 2017 has caused me to lose all my Tango friends, chat history, feed history. Basically doesn't recognise my profile history. Thanks for nothing guys. Lucky I still have WhatsApp and Viber.

- Vietnamese karaoke

I preferred it before the last update. I could view broadcasts from all over the world. Now since last update, I can only see Vietnamese women singing karaoke. Why can’t we select regions that we want to view?? Fix it or I’m out..

- Great app!

Fantastic App that allowes conversation across the whole world for free. Highly Recommend

- Worst app ever!!

:) I used this app to call my friend while using 3G. In 15 minutes, it consumed more than 3GB of my data!!! I cannot believe it!! And the quality wasn’t good either. How on earth can it cost more than 3GB for a 15-minute call??!!

- Great but...

I found this app amazing but for some reason I cannot video call my group chat, I don’t know if this is apart of a new update but it just won’t let me.

- Update ist not at its best

Not happy with the new update so I deleted my account. Can’t seem to find people locally and you are showing us many girls half dressed around the world.

- Great app

Meet people from all over the world 😁

- Not longer tango

Tango used to be a good app. I used to record my video calls but it’s no longer possible plus can’t access mutual friends list.

- U

I like the old update one which you can see profile page and pictures which you can click like

- Gross

Stupid app and filled with pornography!! Shows people you may know in other countries and those in your city are at the bottom of the list!! Not worth it

- No good for new update

Can’t find friends for new updates now ,tango is bad using for new update ,better everyone don’t update tango

- Can't find it 😢

I can not find this app on my iPad but it says I've got it!!!

- Baghdad

Very nice program

- App does not open

I thought I updated my phone the app does not open any more

- Can’t discover people

Hi there I cannot discover or find people from last update

- People near me

I can’t find people near me, can anyone help?

- No good

I deleted Tango , we need Nearby option to find people

- Blocked

My app is blocked how to fix it?

- Pls fix it

Playing up big time all the time

- Tango live


- Why can’t I send messages on tango anymore


- Tango


- Cheaters

They cheat poeple close there account and take there domoinds it’s a rip of this app

- Tany Pham

Thanks tango

- Bad

Very bad application

- ❤️❤️❤️

soo good 💪🏻

- Notifications

This is a really cool and versatile app. However the lack of options to turn off notifications is really annoying. Sometimes I DONT want to receive notifications for friend requests. But I want to receive notification for messages the people you have already connected with. I also do not want to receive notifications for likes and comments. There should be an option where you can turn off notifications for some features and keep them on for other features. Also when you block someone they should not be able to still see you in the friends list, or on the "people nearby". Also the in app private is really annoying & takes up a lot of battery. Block should be where you become nonexistent to them without seeing your profile at all. I would give this a 5 star otherwise.

- absolutely unsuitable for children NOT 4+

Purchased this app in May for my 9 year old so she could contact her friends. Since then it has been updated so that you can find other Tango users nearby. I found this out when I heard a message arrive on the ipod, it was a friend request from a middle aged man 800kms away. The update resulted in my child's real name, picture and location being broadcast to any other Tango user. This was not what we had purchased. If you click on the friends tab you see your own contact list, over the top is the enticing phrase "Make Friends Nearby". You get pictures, names and distances to other Tango users, these are strangers, not friends. I'm also convinced that at least one is selling her services. Needs to be removed from the store and re-ratred as adult only. I also really feel that the update should be rolled back because other parents are probably also unaware of the consequences of the update. Yes we've changed the name and picture etc, but it doesn't feel like enough, we will be removing this adult only app.

- Get faster. Put it a side in fridge in frigd in the new photo bigger

Get faster. Put it a side in fridge in frigd in the new photobomb away as say anything la la la don't talk just kep it the keep it rather chance if u gave me a chance I would take it its a shot in the dark but I'll make it bigger than before bigger than better bigger. Bigger and faster and amLler and fatter and explosive bombs away bombs away knowing with all of ur heart u can shake when I am with you their no place forgive me for what I'm about to say but for what in about do to do Ai can't take no more no it can't be true ain't running back boy u chasing and telling me lies

- Fantastic!

As a frequent international traveler, a cost effective and efficient method of communicating with my family is essential. I've been using Skype for years and have always been frustrated with poor call and video quality. Tango smashes Skype and provides a simple and easy to use interface with outstanding call and video quality... Even on slow hotel wireless networks! I have not experienced delays or call drop-out and highly recommend this app.

- Great app

A few things to fix: - when writing a msg on tango (that hasn't been sent yet) the text is deleted if you receive a notification from another app. Very frustrating when it happens. This would be the main thing to fix. - if you're playing music tango cuts off the sound when you open the app. - normal incoming phone calls have precedence over tango calls. So you get disconnected on tango - pictures you send other people and you have added a filter to (using the effects tab) should automatically save on your camera roll. Other than these minor things tango is amazing. Was very useful for keeping in touch with people overseas or people who live far away and very rarely crashed. I definitely recommend. Update: all has been fixed :) :)

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- It’s not horrible

Only complaint is the annoying harassment from dudes other than that awesome app

- Love it

Just love it

- Bugging

I like the app but i can even use it anymore everything is bugging

- Tango

How we can delete some message for not the person see the message

- Broken

I think the app is broken as I don’t see private broadcasts anymore

- Worst Customer support ever

Please help people in the app who are losing money because of lack in your system and worst customer support. Lots of hackers and frauds and scams on this app BEWARE and Never download this app

- Live Show

Great I like this app....Specially the private show option 😂

- Ugh

Can’t access chats. Laggy app. I click on something and it never opens, freezes. Developers won’t reply to emails. Would not recommend

- Not receiving calls

Is there a reason calls or messages never come through for anyone I use this with? We all have all notifications on. When I call someone it does not ring and vice versa

- Sad

I save many photos my souvenir now all lost 😔

- Count

You destroyed the old tango you brought some vitnamis. Prssttod singing whole day screaming the don’t speak any English. You can’t meet any body Ther any more bulshut

- Porn site

All it’s good for is to pay chicks to do private porn show. NOTHING ELSE! This is now a porn site or a site for scammers ! Nigerian scammers all over and they can by pass there location and make you believe that they are close to you ! They will scam you for money, doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, they are ready for both. Don’t ever trust anyone on this site ! BEWARE ! !

- Amazing

Great app for fun 🙌🏽

- Post live video

Why would you remove videos after the live? The uniqueness and fun part of this app was you could watch live video on users profile even after the live was over but it's not available anymore. Sucks bring it back

- Attention à vos enfants

Ce site a été utilisé par un pedophile quia montré. Ses parties à mA fille et lui a demandé d’en faire autant

- Shell we

Love it

- I love Tango, it’s the best app for Texts, calls and video calls

I love Tango, it’s the best app for Texts, calls and video calls

- Getting worse

No more discovering people. Messages are not being delivered. Turning this app into porn app

- Review

I’m liking everything except too many little glitches we need to iron out. Overall have been very happy with everything, even met my girlfriend from here. Now been together for couple years now. Thank you & keep up good work.

- Messages are not being received

Since update messages that are sent are not being received. Please fix

- Awful update!!!!

You got rid of Discover Tab & just made the app exclusive for Love broadcasters who are only there to get naked & make money! To heck with your app! 😡😡It’s aweful

- The worst update

They made tango now strictly for live streaming only for people who are willing to show their body off and receive diamonds and make money.... this app is turning into a porn app. Unexceptable the developer is confused. This app should be banned from use. Unless it goes back to the way it was where you would be able to search normal humans that are not willing to get naked on the app.

- Add

Add an Person multiplier so you can have more people in one live

- 100%

Favourite live streaming app for sure!!!! Great job developers!

- A must get for cam ladies!

Love this app so much I love the option to go private it’s amazing

- Love it


- Good interface and tools & call quality

Overall app has continued to improve.

- App crashes on iphone X

The app crashes after running for one or two days and does not opens after and have to re-download the app to use again i also did try to restart phone but the app does not opens please fix it

- Games

Love the games, hope more will be added. Face things are fun as well - all extra are great add ons. Video cuts in and out, but not sure if it might be a connection issue

- Fix it

I can’t get calls at all unless my phone is open

- Pretty good

Picture was clear, lag time in talking but you just work with it and also calls don’t come through if the app isn’t open. All in all I am happy with it.

- Can’t send messages

Since the last update. I can’t send or receive messages. I had someone send me a message. It showed up in notifications on my screen, then disappeared. Help.

- Good app

Good app for calling friends and family

- Fail

Tango keeps crashing while trying to open the app. You need to try to open it several times and if you are lucky to get in the app its very slow and takes time to load stuff!

- Come on Tango

When will you guys fix the chat box? There have been many updates and the issue of not being able to see what I am typing is still there. I can see what I’m typing for about a sentence and then the words disappear and I have to rely on my keyboard predictions to finish what I’m typing. It’s so very annoying and I don’t think you guys are working on it. Please see this and fix it, then I will give you 5 stars.

- Love it

It's very good! All my family use this app ! It's a great app ever.

- Excellent

I love it

- Good app

Very nice app im actaully able to use my 3G instead of wifi to do video call.love it.can u guys pls provide PC to be supported on this app too?! that be AWESOME!!!!

- Other great apps without ads

The ads on this app are extremely irritating. Also just updated the app to find out it doesn’t work and can’t find anywhere where to report this problem.

- Do not download

Piece of crap, video quality is blurry majority of the time, not only that it constantly drops calls any where from 3 minutes to 17 minutes and everywhere in between , just drop after dropping calls. What the heck man. This needs an over all fix asap

- From Sophia Blake on my opinion

I love it because when my dad is away @ work it’s a free easy way to FaceTime him when I miss him so much. Thx♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

- Robbery

I bought credits to make calls to land lines as the Tango app claims. It was a big lie. Refund my money plz.

- Fix this please

Use to be a great app, but now when people call me unless I have my phone open calls don't go through , same for anyone else I know 😭


FIX MY PROBLEM NOW!!!!! I frequently go on live and I have over 10,000 thousand diamonds that I could cash out for money, I had over 5k followers and I loved tango! By accident I changed my age to 1 years old and it won’t let me access anything! I cannot go live nor can I view anyone who is live! All my diamonds disappeared and THIS HAS BEEN LIKE THIS FOR OVER A MONTH ! I reached out to tango support team OVER 20 TIMES and they sent me 3 IDENTICAL EMAILS BACK NOT HELPING THE SITUATION AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! I am SO SO fed up with this honestly this is RIDICULOUS !!!!!!! This SIMPLE TASK TAKES THEM MONTHS TO FIGURE OUT!!!! if I could rate the “support team” no stars I would!!!!! FIX MY PROBLEM NOW!!!!!!!!

- To much

To many games and stickers everywhere, no need to plaster them all the time

- Bugs bugs bugs

Off the start the app asks you to enter your contact information and save but it never saves, and end up ehtering your information each time you start up. Another bug! Friend and i both downloaded the app. We are both on eachothers adress book but tango will not find eachother and there is no way to dial manually. THIS SUCKS!!

- Good app but....

Good app but some bug when calling someone from iphone4 to iphone3 .thé app Turn off after a few second.I hope I will have more stability soon.when I am calling someone and he answer the phone do not connect on mind it still ringing.

- Hiding option

Bring back the hiding option... There are ppl I want to be able to contact but not read their every post!!!

- News Feed Not Working

News feed does not work anymore. All I cam see is my profile.

- Used to be good...

Stop trying too hard. Focus on one thing... Too many useless distractions... Stickers, games, music, adds, surprises.

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- About a feature that was in tango before

Guys there was a feature that I want it back remember that animated videos for a birthday party or something like that? I want that feature back are used to like that firefly party video where The bees fly in the shape of a birthday cake please I want it back


Tango works over WIFI and cellular data. I use it when I'm traveling out of the country to call my family. The app also lets you play games with the person you're talking to while on the video chat.

- Getting suspended for nothing

I love the app I meet good people and I’ve noticed that there are so manny women showing off their bodies and doing all this other stuff that should get them taken off the app. I went on live myself and I did no show any body parts or anything I was talking to a couple of friends I made and then boom I was suspended for “ inappropriate behavior “

- My friend and I love it

My friend and I always used this to talk and play games we would get home from school and chat but it started to glitch a lot and never let you talk to her I had to wait until she got a phon to even talk again but overall it’s still good

- Prostitution without sex

They took away the “discovery” which allowed you to search or connect with people close or far from you. Now it’s strictly about money for tango letting females/males expose themselves for profit. Question is why do people send $ to go private with people you are never going to see🤔. I mean if you need to bust one or see a naked person hell go to the strip club. Better yet offer someone you can see and touch the $$ y’all spend on here fantasizing 😆🤣😂😉🤷🏾‍♂️. D U M M I ES

- Tango is a must on your phone!

I loved it. So clear image with no delay talking from one side of the globe to the other side! And it's FREE!!!! I wrote the above paragraph one year ago. I tried it since and it's getting better and better every year! 💝💝💝

- Tango live fraud

I introduced my friend to the tango app. She had enough credit to withdraw $500 from her account but tango kept refusing to let her do so. She tried more than 10 times but they kept on declining all transactions. My friend needed the money to feed her child during hard time but seems like tango live does not care. I will stop using tango app and i will make sure everyone i know stop supporting them. Very disappointed!!!!

- Be carful

I’ve been trying to delete my account on this app and it looks impossible to do this I’ve tried to go for customer support and enter how do I delete my account they toke me to a web page with a form I have to fill it. After filling the form the web page looks like it’s stuck and corrupted What a bad thing when you aren’t able to delete you’re account from such a bad application full of very bad things

- Account will not delete.

If you download this app, be careful. They have a delete account section that will not delete your account. Been half a year now and after so many tries with many more in the future to just trying to delete my account, account is still available after a week of being deleted. And no Dev, I will not be contacting you about this. Maybe add that in your terms of agreement.

- Love this

On the other line it’s a little blurry sometimes but I still love talking to my friends and other people who don’t have FaceTime. I would really recommend this app for anybody who has Annedroids that can’t FaceTime any iPhones users in less you want to color

- Too many things!!

Tango used to be one of my favorite apps to get in contact with my friends and family overseas.. I really don’t like the recent updates.!! Tango is trying to have too many things like Live, Discover , Feed, etc. I don’t mind those features if there is an option to disable them (if we don’t need them). Tango team please add an option to disable those features for people who don’t need them.

- Comment

Tango is very entertaining I enjoy it but there are 2 things that in my opinion should change. Comment while on live are delayed that can should be improved. Also the option to go into a private live or a regular should also be an option. There is only regular live.

- Calls and video chats

Calls and video chats can be better far as the signal being stronger and the clarity of the video chat as well but; over all it’s ok for someone like me in the military staying in touch with family and love ones.

- Love it

Am so loving this tango app is easy no glitches and making friends around the world and making same cash too. Keep it up guys you’re the best if you can add salary for streamers that would be excellent

- Used to be a great app

It used to be a great app to meet new people all over the world. But they have taken away that ability and now turned it into a streaming sex site. Most of the people on here streaming are asking for gifts so they will give you a private show. Coins are ridiculously priced, and after Tango gets its cut of what you spent the girls get about half of it. After 5 years of using this app I am considering deleting it.

- Rarely works

Video chats rarely go through to the other person and constantly fail. When the video does work then the audio doesn't. I have full bars, an up to date app and phone and so do my friends. Even when you turn notifications off for Tango news you will still receive daily annoying news notifications. Really wished this worked.

- Hi

I feel like tango is a great app to have but at the same time not one reason I say not is because someone called me and that personal business I wouldn’t want someone to call me and this could also be someone stalking ur page just like I deleted the app and re downloaded the app and the same person that saw my page joined my live right when I deleted the app and re downloaded after I blocked the person..

- This new version of tango makes me uncomfortable.

I don’t like it when older men keeps messaging me and hitting on me I’ve use this app a long time and never had this problem I like my privacy and I only want to message friends that I know and not random strangers and I have a boyfriend I don’t like this new tango it makes me uncomfortable when older men is hitting me and when I try to ignore them they keep messaging me to get my attention.

- Perfect!

Thank you for this! Of all the video call app this is the only app that made my calls internationally crystal clear and audible! Perfect! I hope this won’t change and wont disappoint me! Lol thank you!

- Tango rules !

This is my only way to contact and see my husband whom is overseas in the military working ! My son would be lost without this app to talk with his daddy ! I really hope the rumors of it shutting down aren’t true ! Tango RULES !

- Best video chat

Tango is a great way to talk to your friends and play games with out having to be on pause. You can still see them and play lots of fun free games and have fun with emoticons.

- Love this site

It’s really a great site I’m happy that I found it a friend of mine referred me in I have been enjoying myself better than the rest please come check them out tangle is the place to be


My friends and me downloaded this app to call each other while we aren’t going to the same school so when we downloaded it, were under the age 10 and then, my friend started getting weird messages so me and my other friend checked out tango’s reviews and found really weird stuff it scared us so, now we’re trying to find another app to communicate! !WARNING! THIS APP CONTAINS SEXUAL STUFF, AND PEOPLE THAT SOUND LIKE STALKERS AND YOU CANT BLOCK THEM!!!! IF YOU GET AN APP CHECK THERE REVIEWS FIRST!!!

- Private Live

Bring it back! I’m sick of annoying people in live public broadcasting asked for gifts. Private live I had no problem, less annoying. I’m not talking about X rate things. Don’t get me wrong. Thanks!


tango is one of the only ways i can get win touch with my grandma . she lives far away and she never has service ! i love tango ! it’s my number one recommended app to use !

- Fix this

Please make this where you can post videos free and nothing goes wrong! This is cool but fix this! Please make another app that is this app but make everything free and make it not have to have internet!!😭😤😢😠😡🥺😩😫😖😣😱👿😈😾👻💀☠️👽👾 People love me in this app!

- Just no

Sooo I had got on this and took a pic of myself and post it but it wasn’t on porpoise I did not know what I was doing but they should like sort the age group so then other kids don’t get hert And like some random ppl came and said I look cute and all but no like the way you think as more then a friend so I had to delet it bc it was wrong and I am just a child so yeah DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS GET ON THIS UNLESS TOU SUPPER VISE THEM PLEASE AND THANK YOU ITS FOR EVRYONES SAFTY also not trying to be rude just saying

- Hello

Am using iPhone and can’t see my notifications sign but I got lots of notifications that I want to read them but I can’t even see the notifications sign why ?

- Actually better than duo

Clear hd calls for those calling from an iPhone to non iPhone users. Don’t usually write reviews but I was satisfied for my first time using

- Live strippers and porn stars

This isn’t social media, it’s just a live strip/ porno site. If y’all want to argue, then why the heck does your app have a “pay to visit” private feed feature? Where, after a quick showcase of the model, users pay to get in? Apple, y’all are being ignorant and negligent in allowing apps like this to continue to exist on your App Store 😡. I hope y’all grow a pair soon and start being decisive.

- Can’t see friends Feeds

This new Tango won’t allow to see your friends post. Used to be so easy to see all of your friends post, all you have to do was go to your friends profile and all of their publications would be there for you to see and comment on if you wanted to. Now all you can see when you go to a friend’s profile are gifts that Tango wants you to spend money on.

- Excellent way of communicating with my nephews

I love Tango! It allows me to talk, play and enjoy real playing time with my lovely nephews. We live in different countries but we spend some fun time together through Tango.

- No kids allowed

This app says 17 and older so people stop letting your kids download this app. Oh and let me not forget to mention this app is racist. They don’t really like black people just Romanian Spanish and white people. I seen it first hand this app was created by Russians. And they will make sure you don’t make too much money on here cause they think black people are monkeys. I’ve heard too many people on here say that it’s wild.

- ios 9.3.5

Please Tango, upload your last version for ios 9.3.5 , we are a lot of people using the old version and we cant see broadcast ! Please do it , this app is near for 5 stars. Other apps is posible to see broadcast in ios 9.3.5, why not Tango? Dont miss more users, do an app available in all devices.

- If your accountant gets suspended

What are you supposed to do when your account gets suspended from live streaming how do they let someone get their account back?

- Horrible update

What happened to this app. It has gotten to all time low. it become horrible. now it a video app where people get paid to do lude things on cam, horrible smh. Someone drop the ball with this build. Was better years ago when u can make friends n contact family members. My day here are number before i delete account i believe most of you subscribers will follow suit.

- 🤗

Super fun you can chat while playing games with your friends go on live and it’s so fun there are also filters and you can FaceTime and you can post pictures

- Awful

I once spent money on this app for a feature they removed. I turn on notifications so I know when my friends text or call me but I only get notified of a bunch of nonsense I don’t care about. To top off this bad series of events, now when I call friends, the call is ended by an ad! And also it won’t let you use the app and keep your location anonymous!! Fix your stuff, Tango!

- Tango out control

This app used to be so nice, on the last update, tango is now bypassing all privacy controls on the phone. I can’t turn off notifications of any kind. Even if I turn off the notifications tango still making the phone to make noises...

- Yen

I'm really like this app because I can call my friends and their families from far away. Please keep up your good work so we can connect to our families and friends. Thank you.

- Love this app!!

My husband is a staunch anti-IPhone person so when he had to go out-of-state for work we found this app. It works on his phone and we can video chat just like FaceTime. This is a great app!!

- I Phone 11 Pro Max

I recently bought the new I Phone 11 Pro Max and transferred all my contents from my old 7S phone. Since then I am not able to open my Tango App in my new phone no matter how many times I delete it and reinstall it... WHAT HAPPENED!!!

- Talking to Grandma

My 2 yr old ask me if he could See and talk to his grandma who lives about 500 miles away . Tango made that possible. What a fun way my kids can keep in contact with Grandma. <3🥰💗❤️💕💐

- Love/Hate

Tango was mamaziungg when I first downloaded it about 6 months ago but now it seems like it always mutes me or the person I’m talking to or it drops the calls all the tim it’s rather annoying and I shouldn’t have to restart my phone for an app to work please fix

- Coins

I have buy 6500 coins,they charge me immediately,but I dint get the coins,I try to contact Tango support,but there is no help or E,Mail to submit your prove of purchases that’s so annoying

- 4 1/2 star for bugs

It’s great love it but it is always glitching and ending your call I love it cause you can play games and talk and there’s the faces and stickers witch is enjoyable especially for young kids but there to many bugs and glitches

- App shuts down when sharing pics

The only problem i’m facing is that it shuts off itself everytime i shared photo with another person in Video Call mode. Please fix it. It has been like this for a year now. All in all, it’s a great Video call app. Thank you

- Tango is a poem site

Bring back geographical locations, news feeds and rid out the cam sluts. It used to to good until 3 or so years ago. Make moments and livestream something you can add if you want to see that stuff on your tango account. Not everyone wants that and there is no way to change it. I like tango the way it was 4 or 5 years ago. Now it’s trashy. Not a way to meet good people now.

- Objection

I can’t open it by my phone number in iPhone 7+ .i had a account in my samsung but when I change mobile that’s not open 😭😭😭please help me

- app stops working freqly n bad customer Serv

I have run into issues and the application stopped working...reported the issue to their “customer support” with details but no response for more than 7 days. That’s really a bad Cust service, they should get back to customers issues and help solve them in 2 or so business days. I will not Rec to anyone this app... I get my 1/5 (that’s the least is allowed)

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Tango - Live Video Broadcasts 6.36.1605777264 Screenshots & Images

Tango - Live Video Broadcasts iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Tango - Live Video Broadcasts iphone images
Tango - Live Video Broadcasts iphone images
Tango - Live Video Broadcasts iphone images
Tango - Live Video Broadcasts iphone images
Tango - Live Video Broadcasts iphone images
Tango - Live Video Broadcasts iphone images
Tango - Live Video Broadcasts iphone images
Tango - Live Video Broadcasts iphone images
Tango - Live Video Broadcasts iphone images

Tango - Live Video Broadcasts (Version 6.36.1605777264) Install & Download

The applications Tango - Live Video Broadcasts was published in the category Social Networking on 2010-09-30 and was developed by TangoMe, Inc. [Developer ID: 372513035]. This application file size is 143.56 MB. Tango - Live Video Broadcasts - Social Networking app posted on 2020-11-19 current version is 6.36.1605777264 and works well on IOS 12.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.sgiggle.Tango

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