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The New Yorker informs, enlightens, and delights, with a unique blend of in-depth reporting, long-form narrative, political commentary, cultural criticism, humor, fiction, poetry, and visual storytelling. Founded in 1925, it is one of the most influential magazines in the world—regarded for its great writing, rigorous reporting, and sophisticated coverage of news and culture, nationally and internationally. With its unique breadth of talented writers, The New Yorker sets the standard for journalistic and literary excellence. There is nothing else quite like it, anywhere.

The magazine app takes readers beyond the print edition with multimedia enhancements and features, including slide shows, videos, and audio recordings of New Yorker fiction writers and poets reading their work.

If you're already a subscriber, you may have digital access included in your subscription. Download the app, and follow the prompts for “All Access” to link your account on your iPad or iPhone. (Many subscribers can also access our archive edition—every issue since 1925—at

If you have any questions about the New Yorker magazine app, please contact us at 1(800)-967-2082.

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Annual and monthly subscriptions are available. The New Yorker is published 47 times a year.

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The New Yorker Magazine App Description & Overview

The applications The New Yorker Magazine was published in the category News on 2010-09-27 and was developed by Condé Nast Digital. The file size is 32.07 MB. The current version is 4.7.4 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and improvements.

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App is Working Better But Still Needs Improvement  Chinatimt  4 star

I adore the New Yorker magazine and this app now works fairly well. I do wish they would allow for zooming in on a photograph or cartoon. When you are reading an article and you want to “zoom in” an image or a cartoon in order to see it more clearly, you cannot do so. If I want to look more closely at a photograph found in an article or a cartoon, I have to take a screenshot, leave the New Yorker app and go to my Photos app to look closely at it. Most websites and apps allow you to use the two finger zoom in and zoom out feature, but not the New Yorker.


Fix the bug please!  Astoriajane  1 star

Used to have this app on my phone (I’ve been a subscriber for years) and it worked wonderfully. Loved that I could listen to stories or read them, and see the occasional interactive thing. Now the app won’t even let me download issues. HELP.

Mac since 512k

Crashes nonstop! Not worth renewing.  Mac since 512k  1 star

I was trying to load the last issue for, ironically, a trip from DC to NYC. Hopeless! For what the New Yorker charges, they ought to be able to create a decent iPad app. Subscription ‘s up for renewal ... hmm.

No words for game

Great writing, horrible app.  No words for game  1 star

It flashes, it crashes. Such a brilliant group of writers deserve an equally brilliant, or at lease competent group of coders! And it doesn’t improve with new versions. What is wrong with these programmers?


Can’t link Apple subscription through Facebook app  Harried  2 star

The paywall through Facebook needs a serious update and right now. I hit the wall all the time and instead of just copying the link and heading to my browser, like I’ve done for years, I decided to get a subscription. I do not want the magazine company storing my credit card, so I bought a subscription through the Apple store, figured I’d be able to login through the FB paywall. Ha! Nope. I need to call an 800 number first. WTH?


Not intuitive, graphics don’t scale  vwebster12  2 star

Navigation seems designed to hide everything and challenge the user to find menus. If you use the cartoon gallery, captions do not appear for at least half of them. Gallery graphics are static and do not permit you to manually adjust to view caption


No search function.  Zandoren  1 star

No search function. I want to see a list of every article written by David Sedaris, but instead I have to open each issue and look at every page and *hope* I get lucky. What a waste.


Quit Bagging About It  kulchavulcha  5 star

This is a great magazine and consequently great to read in either print or e-copy. I especially like the “article view” which instantly converts any article into a single column that one can easily read by simply scrolling from start to finish. Especially comfy for wearers of no-line bifocals who have to live with a very narrow reading area on their lenses. No head rocking for them in order to scan whole pages.


Doesn’t work at all anymore  fiddlerspal  1 star

Terrible. Won’t download the issues anymore. Depressing!


Broken navigation  Bunchop  1 star

Impossible to go from an issue back to the library on iOS 11.0.1 on an iPhone SE


Download process should be in background!  MAP Oz  4 star

If I accept the download notification, my current reading is in effect aborted and I cannot return to where I left off. This is a big problem when I'm catching up on on articles I skipped in earlier issues. Please just start the download and allow me to continue reading, or else silent bookmark my place as you do whenever I switch to another app.

Jim Brear

Great app  Jim Brear  5 star

I have just renewed my sub for 2017. Most weeks I find an article that enriches my life. Coupled to a sub to the New Yorker Radio hour podcast rounds out the whole experience. One of the bonuses is being able to review the upcoming music gigs (which are hard to attend from Australia) and then find music by the artists on Apple Music. Best money I spend each year. I have had no issues with the app in the 2 years I have subscribed.


Unusable on iPad pro  cecilroy  1 star

This app has not been updated for iPad pro and is unusable.


Pretty good - but needs an update  StephenRants  4 star

The app works pretty well to allow access to the excellent magazine, but it needs an iPad Pro update urgently.


some bugs  schnaxxl  2 star

wasn't updating so I uninstalled it updates now, but the library seems to need downloading again it crashes repeatedly trying to download a couple of the special issues

Avid NYker

Positive Experience  Avid NYker  4 star

Pleased to report I have had no issues with the New Yorker app.


No probs  Lacalle27  5 star

After finally allowing myself the luxury of subscribing to The New Yorker (retirement does have its upsides!), I am enjoying it immensely. As for the cartoons, I'm having no trouble at all moving into and out of the Gallery.

Edward Hodgson

New Yorker iPad app as seen from Australia  Edward Hodgson  4 star

A great magazine in print and a brilliant app that preserves and enhances almost everything but the cartoons are a disaster for all the reasons cited by others.


Fix the cartoon section  NumeroUnoReviewer  2 star

No question that it's a great magazine. I'll add my voice to others and say the app needs work particularly the cartoon section closing when you swipe to move to the next one. I hoped this would be fixed by now but no luck!


Fantastic mag, App frustrating at times  CiscoSaysNeigh  4 star

I love getting the magazine on my iPad as I'm not in the US but can never get the cartoon gallery to work, just keeps bumping me out. Otherwise though it's great; esp remembering where I was reading when closed.


Vanessla Mathis VanesslaMathis 3 star

@meganamram: three years ago my first piece was published in the New Yorker! and dare i say...i'm still proud of it????????? …


TNY Poetry tnypoetry 3 star

@DrMadhuriKaira Welcome to The New Yorker’s Poetry Bot. Read Dorothy Parker’s poem, from 1925, in full:…


TNY Poetry tnypoetry 3 star

@JusticeTha2 Welcome to The New Yorker’s Poetry Bot. Read Dorothy Parker’s poem, from 1925, in full:…


Like a Monty Python skit of awfulness  NickChristie1  1 star

You could only design an app this badly with wilful intent.


Great Content But App Is Quirky  RB NYC  4 star

The content is the same great writing as the magazine that probably brought you to the app. For that, 4 stars. But, the app for the ipad is definitely quirky. If you don't have an existing subscription and account, its not at all clear how to proceed. Its even trickier if you have an account but no current subscription. In the latter case, the Complete Ipad Setup didn't work - after entering everything, the app froze. After restarting, I tried the simple "subscribe" option, which did get me the iPad subscription. But i found no way to connect it with my online login. While I think they need to update their app, the content is still worth it.

RU Kidding?864

Really?  RU Kidding?864  1 star

So I write a whole review, am forced to give this app one star, when it deserves none, then pressed "Send," only to see a message that the user name I chose was taken, and poof! My review went into the ether. (Shoulda copied, I know). I am a longtime TNY subscriber, so I try again: You'd think a media co. like Conde Nast would produce a better app. Ad intrusion is wretched. If that's all CN cares about, then they deserve to lose subscribers. Worse, though, are problems trying to link account with digital. Too bad for TNY. They're doing a great job becoming a daily go-to for news analysis, but that effort is sabotaged by poor technology.


Don't even bother  monoclonal  1 star

Don't even try logging into your account thinking that you will be able to access your subscription, even though you subscribed online while logged in to the website. Then good luck trying to link your subscription to your login information. There's no such option. Think you'll be able to get into your subscription by entering your account number? Good luck! You'll be getting an error message saying that it's already linked to your account. Then if you think you'll be able to contact customer support, you're bigly mistaken. The page freezes. Completely useless app. Do not waste your money. Get another subscription from a magazine organization that actually cares about its readers.


Worst App I've ever used  Monti287  1 star

Don't buy a subscription if you are going to attempt use an IPad to read it. The screen flashes constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY due to scrolling ads. I paid for a subscription and it is unreadable due to ads. I am very disappointed that so fine a publication has such a terrible platform. I will definitely be cancelling my subscription because this app is not useable.


Still dysfunctional  tugpup  1 star

Still the pits! Nothing happens like forever when trying to scroll. Pure garbage. Read on your computer in a browser.


2001....  Trousertrout  1 star

....crashes like it's....


Garbage App.  Airbud22  1 star

I read the reviews and decided to give it a shot anyways- big mistake. I usually never write bad reviews. The app didn't even open- said bad connection. When it did open it was laggy and buggy. Seriously? One of the best US magazines? This is unacceptable- get your %*#^ together New Yorker or you'll lose your readership fast. It's a buyers market when it comes to journalism guys- don't think short term and cheap out on your app development. No one wants to pay for a crap app, and will drop you like a hot potato for another arts and culture magazine. I'm honestly considering doing just that (a long time New Yorker reader).


Can't log in  Dednarow  1 star

Every time. Then must contact customer service who says it is fixed, and it's not. Such a shame. Want to give up the paper mag but they just can't get it together with the app.


Ads! Glitchy ads!  Jktczh  1 star

I paid for a subscription. Why are there half page ads everywhere causing the pages to twitch and scroll out of control? Very disappointing app.

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