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Construction Master Pro [Utilities] App Description & Overview

Two in one: the official Construction Master® Pro from Calculated Industries for your iPhone and iPad includes two models: #4065 and #4080 (CM Pro with Trig). And while perhaps obvious, if you change from an iOS device to a non-iOS device, you WILL need to buy a new license as they are incompatible.

Advanced Feet-Inch-Fraction Construction-Math Calculator by Calculated Industries, built with the same features and functions, and with the same core engine that powers the industry-standard advanced construction-math calculators from Calculated Industries. You’ll actually get two apps in one, since the Construction Master Pro for iPhone has all the functionality of the Construction Master Pro and the Construction Master Pro Trig -– and includes a full User’s Guide built in, as well as the ability to press and hold a key for specific help!

Ideal for Architects, Builders, Contractors, Designers, Draftspersons, Engineers, Framers/Carpenters and Tradesmen

Need to quickly and accurately solve a construction problem when meeting with a client? Left your calculator in the truck? Just pull out your iPhone or iPad, tap on the Construction Master Pro icon, and you’ll have an answer in seconds!

• You get ALL of the functionality of the handheld Construction Master Pro and Construction Master Pro Trig calculators in one powerful, easy-to-use app.
• Solve tough construction-math problems and reduce errors on the jobsite or in the office.
• Reduce costly errors and save time and money. It will help you and your crew on every phase of your projects—estimating, bidding and building.

• Created by Calculated Industries, the originator of the award-winning Construction Master calculators
• All the functionality and solutions of the handheld Construction Master calculators and optimized for the iPhone/iPod Touch user
• Entry Editing Backspace Key – with a swipe of a finger (left - to - right)
• A complete User’s Guide in English or Spanish is available free at
• Full trigonometric function: sine, cosine, tangent, arcsine, arccosine and arctangent
• Powerful built-in solutions make it ideal for completing layouts, plans, bids and estimates
• Work in and convert between all building dimensional formats: feet-inch-fractions, inch fraction, yards, decimal feet (10ths, 100ths), decimal inches and metric (m, cm, mm)
• Built-in right angle functions simplify square-ups, rafters, slopes and more

Dimensional Math and Conversions
• Feet-Inch-Fraction, Inch Fraction, Yards
• Decimal Feet (10ths, 100ths), Decimal Inches
• Preset Fractions (1/2" through 1/64")
• D:M:S, Decimal Degree Entry and Conversions
• Full Metric Function (m, cm, mm)

Right Angle Solutions
• Complete Right Angle/Rafter Calculations
• Pitch Key (Slope and Grade)
• Rise, Run, Diagonal/Common Rafters
• Hip/Valley Key
• Jack Rafters Key
• Irregular Hip/Valley and Jacks
• Rafter Cutting Angles (Plumb, Cheek and Level Cuts)
• Stair Layout Key
• Stair (Advanced – Riser Limit, Stairwell Opening, Headroom, Floor Thickness)
• Diagonal Key
• Expanded Rake-Wall
• Arched Rake-Wall

Area and Volume Solutions
• Square and Cubic
• Roof – Bundles, Squares, 4x8 Sheets, Pitch, Plan Area
• Drywall, Siding and Paneling 4x8, 4x9 and 4x12
• Column/Cone Area and Volume
• Basic Circular Calculations
• Advanced Circular Calculations
• Weight per Volume Conversions
• Length, Width and Height Keys
• Blocks, Footings

Special Functions
• Trigonometric Function Keys: Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Arcsine, Arccosine, Arctangent
• Board Feet
• Studs: Find number On-center
• User-Definable Preferences
• Cost per Unit (total costs based on unit price)
• Equal-Sided Polygon
• Compound Miters
• Crown Angle
• Advanced Paperless Tape for all functions
• 4 Memories

Construction Master® is a registered trademark of Calculated Industries, Inc.

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Construction Master Pro Customer Service, Editor Notes:

The Backspace key is back! Go to the CM Pro's app settings to enable Legacy Mode.

Construction Master Pro Comments & Reviews

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- Problem

Would I be able to get my money back? , at my Job I’m not able to pull out my phone to use the calculator for some problems, other than that. It would be a great tool!

- Handy on the Jobsite

Useful tool to have when walking the job site. Much easier than having to carry a full size calculator. I think $25 is a little more than it should cost personally, but it’s still cheaper than the real calculator. One complaint I have is the App icon looks very dated aside the rest of the apps on my phone. Hopefully that isn’t a sign that it no longer receives updates, or that it will become incompatible with new iOS versions.

- how to Export the App from iphone to android ???

how to Export the App from iphone to android ???

- Good

Needs a back button

- Bugs !!!

Numbers don’t line up probably on calculator screen !!!

- Explained

I multiplied 1/2 x 3/5 and it gave me 5/8

- $25 app and they run advertizments

$25 app and they run ads; would not buy again. I want a refund

- Ads

Just paid $25 and as soon as I opened the app I get an advertisement. Sad and very disappointing.

- Amazing please add the ( MASTER PLUS EZ)

Already bought your calculators they are amazing i love them. But i wish you can make the app of the (Master plus ez) there’s a lot construction out there waiting for the calculator. I am A construction Contractor and i know the calculator is a 💣💥 for subcontractors

- I want my money back

I want my money back I want my money back I want my money back

- Recently started showing Ads

This is an expensive paid app, and yet I’m now being shown ads. Does the hardware version show ads as well? #fail

- No Advertising!!

If I am going to pay $25 for an app I certainly don’t want to be advertised too. The calculator is great. I prefer it to the hardware based version because the manual is built in, my rating is based solely on their recent decision to advertise to a paying customer.

- Always have it with me!

This is great! And even better then the physical one you can easily get help on a button by long pressing it! Great idea!

- Exactly what I wanted

As a carpenter I have used a construction master from foundations to roofs, and everything in between. When I wasn’t wearing my tool pouches I was always running back to the truck to get my calculator. Now it’s always by my side.

- Great!

I love it please update for iPhone X 🙏🏻

- Architect necessity

I use this app daily! Saves me a lot of time and don’t think I could be as efficient without it.

- Very good app for my iPhone and me love it

Very good app for my iPhone but me and love

- Better than the actual calculator

I have been using this calculator for years as a concrete business owner. After breaking and losing so many of these I finally just downloaded the app and boy was I pleased. It's crisper easier to use and honestly going to save me money and heartache when I can't find my Calc. Ty for this Very satisfied customer

- Everyday App

There's no questioning this app purchase if you call yourself a builder. The very same as the physical version, why carry two things when you can't even order a pizza from your clunky construction master!!?

- Perfect Calculator

I've used this in the field for years now. It does a great job adding inches together.

- Phone is always on me with this app.

Love this as I always have my phone on me and don't have to carry another calculator all the time. Works great!!!!

- Crashes

It crashes.

- Disappointed User of Physical Calculator and App

I have used the actual physical Construction Master Pro for years with no issues. It was essential to my work as a carpenter. The app has been great and in some instances superior to my original calculator. One example would be that I don't need to carry around the little instruction book because it built into the app. Now my app crashes. I needed to get a stud count for some walls and it kept giving me an error. I checked the help section to verify that I was doing it correctly. I was, so I checked the on center spacing and it said zero. Great, no problem, I will just go to preferences and set up the right spacing. Nope, it crashes every time I go into preferences. Please fix!

- Stair function stopped working

Tried deleting and reinstalling to see if it would reset stair function but it won't let me reinstall...

- Crashing

Hit reset

- App Crash

With new iOS, app crashes when I go to preferences.

- ????

App won't open. Had this app for years with no problem. Very disappointed

- App is crashing

When I go into preferences it crashes on my iPad and iPhone. The update erased all of my presets.

- Won't update

It started updating and just stopped halfway through the installation. It has ben great until this. Can't even use it now.

- Perfect conversion

My physical version died recently after 10 years of constant use. I was searching for a replacement unit, looking at the same physical version selling for the same price as 10 years ago, and was worried about how the cheap circuitry could go bad again. But then discovering this app and using it for a day made me a perfect evangelist. In my iPad in portrait mode, it is truly a superior version. Gives another purpose to my iPad Air. The only minor downsides are no keyboard input and the first tap is always not audible. But trivial complaints. I love it.

- The Best!

This is the best calculator for you if you are in the construction industry, hands down!

- Excellent calculator !!!

Make my job lot easier as a pipe-fitter

- Works Perfectly.

Still own the calculator. It still works great. The app has the same functionality and the convenience of it being on my phone. Totally worth it.

- The best

You won't be disappointed with this purchase.

- La queremos en español Latinoamérica

El programa es bueno pero me gustaría que ya viniera en español como la versión de calculadora de escritorio que ya poseen es muy buena y practica.

- Must have

This is a must have for any construction pro.

- Greatest construction app

Awesome app. Best help anytime at your fingertips. Can do just about anything you need to do on the job site.

- bão demais uai

xiki todo, qualquer burro da conta de usar

- Great tool

I'm not a master builder. The master builder I work for told me to get this app and learn how it works so that I may save him the time of ordering yards of concrete, floor joists and sheeting, rafter lengths, window/door trim packs, etc. From zero to job site hero for only $20. Construction Master has found a way to keep me valuable.

- Great for Framing

Best calculator for construction. I have the physical calculator too. I've been using this for 13 years on the job site. Love it

- Nice!

I used to have to carry a contractors calculator - retail $69. Now I have this app - does all the same computations for a fraction of the cost....and I don't have to carry another device. Let's be honest, our phones are with us always :) ..... And I like the quick tips video at initial launch. Very helpful!

- iOS 7

Please get the update for iOS 7 ASAP! I love the app but this is the only one that is not working on iOS 7. Yes I am a developer and I understand iOS 7 has not released, but I really don't want to downgrade back to iOS 6 for one app! Thanks and keep up the good work!!!!

- Uhh

Great app but doesn't work in iOS7

- Cm pro construction

It is a good construction calculator .

- Great app for Architects

I have the hand held version of this calculator and find it so handy in my everyday use. I was very happy to see I can have a version on my phone too. Great work CI!

- Best App for Contractors

I am a PM and this is the most useful app I have ever come across. I use it multiple times a day. Now updated for iPhone 5.

- Construction calculator

I have been using these for years and now have added it to my phone. This one less item that I need to carry around the job site. As a superintendent, this has become one of my most useful tools. I recommend that all builders to use this.

- Owner

This does not fit my I phone 5 screen. But maybe there will be a update other than that it seems to work just like the real thing

- Not formatted for iPhone 5

Please update for iPhone 5 screen. I will change it to 5 stars when this happens because other than that it is a great app.

- Top App For Builders

Works perfectly on iPhone 5, just like stand alone unit, no need to carry calculator and phone.

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- Too damn good!

If you’re a chippy you must have this, I would have paid $100. It's that good I almost didn't want to tell anyone about it, but I thought I owed it to the makers

- Amazing

I feel like I'm cheating! The greatest tool I own .. Its easy enough. Useful examples included. Well done *****

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- Can’t understand why it’s not got full metric support

It’s a great app, well it could be, if only you could toggle it over to full metric. I can’t for the life of me understand why this still hasn’t been added. It needs metric and there should be a selector for currency and the ability to add custom sized items such as brick and block, caber flooring etc. This app is seriously missing a few tricks.

- Brilliant!!

Every tradesman should get this. It absolutely brilliant. And so easy to use. Anyone with a brain will Suss it in 10 minutes.

- Good app

This app is really good and works great just missing be able to do metric be nice to see that added

- Brilliant

I hadn't put a hip roof on in 20 years but this made it so easy. No more going through my old college stuff to recap how to work out hip lenths and jack rafter angles. It's a must have app. Just don't tell lesser mortals.

- Dan

What a tool how do you work it

- Excellent.

Excellent bit of kit. There is so much to this app it will take me some time to work it all out but so far has worked out brilliantly on a cut and pitch roof. Those old roofing tables will be left on the shelf for good.

- Carpenter

This is amazing for cut and pitched roofing. Makes working out all rafter lengths, plumb cuts, side cuts, jacks etc very quick and easy.

- Construction Pro.....

It's badass everything a designer and erector needs! Brill stuff.

Calculadora Construction Master Pro para Windows

"Construction Master Pro" hit the Top 100 iTunes Paid Apps Chart! Description and more -

Promocion de Software de Calculadora Construction Master Pro para Windows

Calculadora Construction Master 5 y Digitalizador de Planos Scale Master 5 (Paquete Estructural II)…

Calculated Industries 4065 Construction Master Pro Advanced Construction Math Feet-inch-Fraction Calculator for Con…

Calculadora para Construccion - Construction Master Pro Trig

Calculadora Construction y Medidor

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Construction Master Pro 10.8.0 Screenshots & Images

Construction Master Pro iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Construction Master Pro iphone images
Construction Master Pro iphone images
Construction Master Pro iphone images
Construction Master Pro iphone images
Construction Master Pro iphone images
Construction Master Pro iphone images
Construction Master Pro ipad images
Construction Master Pro ipad images
Construction Master Pro ipad images
Construction Master Pro ipad images
Construction Master Pro ipad images
Construction Master Pro ipad images
Construction Master Pro Utilities application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Construction Master Pro Utilities application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Construction Master Pro (Version 10.8.0) Install & Download

The applications Construction Master Pro was published in the category Utilities on 2010-05-05 and was developed by Calculated Industries [Developer ID: 370406449]. This application file size is 33.02 MB. Construction Master Pro - Utilities posted on 2020-03-24 current version is 10.8.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Construction Master Pro Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity

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