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Uber is a ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides in minutes—day or night. There’s no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber, you just tap to request a ride, and it’s easy to pay with credit or cash in select cities.

Whether you’re going to the airport or across town, there’s an Uber for every occasion. Uber is available in more than 500 cities worldwide—download the app and take your first trip today.

Requesting your Uber is easy—here’s how it works:
- Just open the app and tell us where you’re going.
- The app uses your location so your driver knows where to pick you up.
- You’ll see your driver’s picture, vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map.
- Payment can be made by credit card, cash in select cities, Apple Pay, PayPal, and more.
- After the ride, you can rate your driver and provide feedback to help us improve the Uber experience. You’ll also get a receipt by email.

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Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Uber App Description & Overview

The applications Uber was published in the category Travel on 2010-05-21 and was developed by Uber Technologies, Inc.. The file size is 327.41 MB. The current version is 3.335.10000 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

We update the Uber app as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable for you. Here are a couple of the enhancements you'll find in the latest update:

- Enhancements to the UI of selecting different ride options
- Improvements to the pickup experience
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Uber Reviews


Over charged  tckelco  2 star

There was no discount or wait time


The future is here!  ildi0718  5 star

I love uber! It’s cheaper than any cabs nowadays, always there when you need it and in an instant! It has gotten so easy to get a ride I really feel like were heading to the future.


Contact issues  llz15  4 star

Love Uber but hate that there is no phone contact for them with any issues that arise


Incorrect charges  newby92  1 star

I used Uber today for the first time and had a total of 3 rides. For 2 of the rides, I was standing in my driveway as the driver pulled up and I was charged a wait fee on both. How is that possible when I was standing there waiting when they pulled in? Is this a scam to tack on fees?

Elis Ro

Please have better requirements for your drivers  Elis Ro  1 star

Please do something with the quality of your drivers. They don’t know how to navigate, they take double time to pick us up m, from 3 min wait to 14 minutes, is insane, and by the time I cancel to ask for another one, my time, appointments and events are being affected in so many ways you can’t imagine. I take Uber cause my lifestyle is really time sensitive and I’m hating your app. You can refund a bad trip fare, but you can’t give me back a job opportunity, a very important class or whatsoever. Please do something!!!


Driver  trem120  1 star

My driver was high on weed and nodding at the wheel


Do not penalize your riders for your poor GPS  Stitham  3 star

If the driver cannot find me where I said I’d be I should not be charged a wait time! This happened today on the big Island and a few weeks ago on Kauai. You should really suspend all week time charges until you get your GPS more accurate. This has never happened with Lyft


Different pick up shown on map from where driver was  katszep  1 star

We wanted to be picked up at our location at the Catamaran Resort & Spa. It showed on the Uber map we were to be picked up by the taco place . We ran from our hotel to the taco place & the driver called & said he was at the Catamaran resort so we had to run back to the front of our resort .Uber had the nerve to charge us a late fee. If anything we should receive a credit for half the charge of the ride & refunded the late fee. We are going to call our credit card company & report this unfair charge.

don peck

Last nights cancellation  don peck  2 star

Driver didn’t even try to find me. I tried to text him and give him directions. He went to the wrong address. I shouldn’t be charged for his going to the wrong address


Driver went to the wrong place and left me in the cold!  birgitte!!!  1 star

Then he charged me 7 dollars for cancellation! This is outrages.

gerry the brit

Frustrating again  gerry the brit  1 star

Write and send review- never appears- just like the drivers I was originally complaining about - they agree to trip and then cancel 5-10 min later, I’m just trying to get home from the tennis...


Lies & inconsistent standards  Flash69  1 star

Getting sick of Uber; what used to a great app has been overtaken by greed at the expense of all the users. Open Uber & it will always give you an indicative time for a pickup; I guarantee this number will always be around 3-4 minutes. In fact it will take more like 10-15 minutes for the drivers to accept the job & get to you. Lies! Then the driver cancels the job. Why do I get charged $10 to cancel a job but the driver gets no penalty when they cancel? Inconsistent standards!


App not working  flemi7160  2 star

Your app used to work - seriously I’m going back to ringing taxis I can’t rely on Uber any longer Cheers


Didn’t get collect and still charged.  SommWineBloke  1 star

Need refund. Can’t understand driver . Doesn’t speak clear English and says meet at this street for collection. Not good enough. Rather take taxi. More reliable. Your support team can call me on 0417829969 to discuss. I will be complaining to ACCC as well.


Uber not happy  Sunsethair  2 star

When Uber first started it was amazing...it took the stress out of getting a taxi... Not anymore... it’s more frustrating getting an Uber now than a taxi...which is really disappointing because I prefer an uber. I’m now ditching Uber to go back to getting a taxi...less stress & less time.


Some of the worst customer service imaginable  Nick1142  1 star

Driver forced me to cancel by driving off instead of picking me up so they could take a cancellation fee. Couldn’t get another ride in time so I missed my train trip. Customer service refused to compensate me for the train ticket (which they are obligated to do under the Australian Consumer Law) despite clearly explaining the circumstances to them multiple times. Use Lyft instead.


Shocking service  Sammy.martin7  1 star

I ordered an Uber a few hours in advance as my parent was in hospital and I needed to get to work . Nobody was able to pick me up apparently despite the multiple Uber’s driving past the pick up location multiple times . Do not recommend .

Scott Sylva

Driver refused to cancel  Scott Sylva  1 star

I had an issue with a booking where a payment type had to be changed and when I put a new card number in - payment accepted for issue with previous card. All good. But - the booking I made was somehow changed to be a trip from home to the city as opposed to from the city to home. The issue is I cancelled one driver and cancelled the second driver with plenty of time to spare and they immediately cancelled when I sent a text the third driver “who was in Ashfield “ however he decided to not cancel after I called him and he drove to my house and he waited out the front to collect the cancel fee. I have an issue with this. I called the driver and had sent many text messages saying cancel something wrong I am in the city. When I spoke to him on the phone he said I have already cancelled. Then he came and sat out on the front of my house and waited to collect the fee. This is totally unprofessional. I want this money returned to me. Please look at the history of what I booked. You need to have someone who is able to cancel things or someone I can contact because the app and did not allow me to do that.


Great app!  SMcQ89  5 star

The uber app is so easy and user friendly! We have been able to use it worldwide and we love it!


Plan to hire Uber  aumitch  5 star

Hi, I haven’t tried going to the airport thru Uber. My flight is @ 5:50 am, should I get the app now to avail of your service on the morning we need you?


Issa No From Me  MariePerkyCookie  1 star

The constant confusion of where is my driver. The reports and lies everyone can make. Explain to me how I can have a five star review on lift but reported on my Uber? Doesn’t equal up now. Fix the reports and lies everyone makes. Tell people if their account is reviewed. By far the worst and most expensive driving company. Bye.


Amount of people  Shaggy9025  3 star

One thing that would come in very handy is to be able to state how many people are in your party so you can get the correct size vehicle


Preschedule  zzzzzzzzmmmmmmmsss  3 star

I prescheduled a pick up the day before the ride. The next day I had no saved trips and scheduled another pick up. The prescheduled call showed up. Not sure the disconnect in the app


Needs a lot of work  MKcher  2 star

Gps is a big problem!!!! A lot of drivers complain that the map is not correct and takes them to wrong way. Timing is another big issue, I was told my driver will be in the minute but it took him another 15 min. Improve your application it needs a lot of work !


Going Downhill Fast  Gueebs  2 star

Uber used to be a reliable and affordable service but it’s quickly becoming a headache and a scam. The pickup time you see BEFORE deciding to request the ride is never accurate. They lure you in with shorter estimates that increase dramatically AFTER you’ve already requested the ride. Then, if you want to cancel it there’s a fee. Or god forbid you make them wait an extra second, they’ll leave or charge you for that too. The “walk a few blocks to save money” feature should NOT be automatically applied, making users manually deselect it. I’ve forgotten to do so several times and had to walk in the rain because of it. To my knowledge, I don’t even think it shows you where you will be dropped off ahead of time, just where you have to walk to be picked up. The price you see also should NOT reflect this feature automatically. It’s very deceiving. I’ve also had a driver refuse to pick me up and literally text me saying he drove off because he only picks up customers that are “educated”. I contacted customer support and screenshot the text, along with the driver’s information, and was merely offered $5 off my next ride. Uber does not care about its customers.


Review  kmguetc!,  1 star

Got charged 6.00 for a driver that didn’t come to where I was and when I contacted him he couldn’t speak English....not fair


Refund  Peach39  1 star

Uber need to refund back people money once the trip cancelled and stop keeping it in there bank account


Slow  badhsjsj  3 star

The app is very slow you must to improve your app and fix this bug

Geovaani Bates

CONFLICTS  Geovaani Bates  3 star

Numerous conflicts. Cancelled a scheduled trip and then when returned to schedule another one I got an error message saying there was already a scheduled trip. Please fix this.


$5 cancellation fee?  Nickickk  1 star

I waited exactly at the corner where I was supposed to be, saw the Uber drive right past me. Did not even attempt to stop. I called and no answer. I watched him on the app driving away from me. I still waited then the app told me the ride is cancelled. They charged my card a $5 cancel fee. I don’t have time to call and figure out how to get my money back, I’m a rider and I just want to get from point A to point B. I’m now in a Lyft writing this review. Keep your lousy $5 and stick it up where the sun don’t shine. Terrible company. Also I deleted the app for good.


Disappointed  eliz12222227777  1 star

My ride this morning did not show up . He also charged me for he rode. I could not find him and then I tried to call him . His name was venette


Impossible to get to customer support.  SioIE  1 star

The app is designed to stop you from ever contacting support, unless your driver has an accident. Overall the service is fine. The single annoying thing with the app is that it forces the drivers to cheat the passenger rather then take the blame. To explain: Currently a driver is allowed to take a longer route then required as long as the extra amount falls within a certain limit. This can be as much as 5 euros (converted). So I routinely get drivers who will take a longer route knowing you can’t get a refund. It becomes plainly obvious when the app and Maps all show different routes that the driver never takes. If work were not so adamant on using UBER I would have switched by now.

a fr

Disappointed  a fr  1 star

I’ve just downloaded the Uber app earlier today I tried several times to book a taxi in advance ...... for the following day without success My friend accidentally booked a taxi for tonight when she was trying to book it for me for tomorrow Monday & immediately cancelled it I got a note to say there was no charge & then I got a receipt for a €5 cancellation fee which I’m not worried about but I’m very disappointed that the app is so unclear re how to book advanced reservations of a taxi


Overcharge  trufdon  4 star

I absolutely love UBER & have no complaints Re: service but....the other day in DC, I got charged for a ride the driver cancelled (internet Svc went down & driver went to different p/u point!). It’s virtually impossible to find a direct ‘customer support’ link & now I have just received an email receipt for approx. $10.29 for a trip I had on May 23rd last in Orlando??????


Cancelled trip  gerbli  1 star

Cancelled trip. Disaster as we were waiting in specified area. Spoke to driver actually who did not offer any help


Good luck!  andrestern88  1 star

This app has become an absolute joke in Ireland! If the planets are aligned, there’s a chance you may be able to connect to their servers and even start looking for a car, otherwise good luck!


Attention / be aware  kekeke0006  1 star

First time I used Uber, they got twice the money and 28 € from a cancelled order at 0€. Very painful....


Fantastic!  mglees  5 star

Fantastic driver, great conversation, lots of information about the area. Could not recommend highly enough


App doesn’t work in my country  Irish256  1 star

Ireland has a terrible public transport system Uber would be so much more convenient over here instead of haven’t to get a lift to the bus station and then wait for a bus .... please get Uber in Ireland


Reliable but not good for frequent travellers  orodreth_  3 star

App user experience is good. However uber app not allowing users adding multiple phone numbers from different countries makes it a nightmare to call a driver when travelling. SMS notification does not arrive until you arrive to the destination country to change to phone number. Each time you change a country you need to spend 5-6 mins to change your phone number on the Uber app. Why don't you let people add multiple numbers?

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