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Uber is a ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides in minutes—day or night. There’s no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber, you just tap to request a ride, and it’s easy to pay with credit or cash in select cities.

Whether you’re going to the airport or across town, there’s an Uber for every occasion. Uber is available in more than 500 cities worldwide—download the app and take your first trip today.

Requesting your Uber is easy—here’s how it works:
- Just open the app and tell us where you’re going.
- The app uses your location so your driver knows where to pick you up.
- You’ll see your driver’s picture, vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map.
- Payment can be made by credit card, cash in select cities, Apple Pay, PayPal, and more.
- After the ride, you can rate your driver and provide feedback to help us improve the Uber experience. You’ll also get a receipt by email.

Need a simple way to get from A to B quickly? Take uberX, our most affordable individual option.

Want to save money on your ride? Take uberPOOL—you’ll travel with other riders headed your way and enjoy a lower fare.

Want to elevate your experience? Take a high-end vehicle with UberBLACK. And there’s still more options—whether you’re traveling with a big group, or need a vehicle with accessibility features.

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Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Uber App Description & Overview

The applications Uber was published in the category Travel on 2010-05-21 and was developed by Uber Technologies, Inc.. The file size is 322.85 MB. The current version is 3.325.10003 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

We update the Uber app as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable for you. Here are a couple of the enhancements you'll find in the latest update:

- Updates to the tracker screen that make your Uber’s route easier to follow
- Enhancements to the Help screen
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Uber Reviews


Needs a fix.  Dundeal07  1 star

Every time I open up the app it reverts back to UberX. It’s always annoying when you want to only take black cars and you have to go back and select it every time. I keep having to cancel and re-request a service that I always take the black car service. I wish it would just remembered what service I selected previously and keep it on that so I don’t have to change it every time I need a ride.


Terry  chamions2  5 star

Terry - best ever, even though he thinks Canada is part of the USA. JK, kind of.

Hecktor M. III

Worst  Hecktor M. III  1 star

Honest, worst people I met. Don’t try them

Boby Johns

Can’t stand the new waiting game  Boby Johns  2 star

It takes too long to get an Uber. By the time I get to ride one I have either cancel, took a lift or decided to walk.


Horrible experience  cawsac  1 star

Horrible experience- Uber drivers cancelled on me twice due to the app picking the wrong pick up spot even when I called the 2nd driver explain he still went to wrong place and cancelled on me and now they have charged me twice - HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE


Spam  Vladrake  1 star

Why I am getting text messages from your company when I never used your service before.


Ride  kathleenaq3  1 star

Dominic didn’t wait for me he picked up a different passenger. The other passenger Uber ride came. But he wouldn’t give me a ride I have breast cancer and he still wouldn’t give me a ride I want my money back


HORRIBLE  MilffuxkHER  5 star

Lately I been getting band people bad drivers smelly cars and people who have no respect


My driver and experience  Ladyrainz  3 star

I’d like to start off by saying; I’ve had some very wonderful and friendly drivers when I first started using Uber. The prices were great and it was a much faster way of getting where I needed to be instead of calling a taxi and waiting the 30+ minutes for it to get there then charge $10+ saying I wasn’t in the correct location or that they couldn’t find me, so on and so forth. As of late I’ve noticed a significant change in prices for rides. When I first started taking Uber’s it was about $6-8 for me to get from home to work, now it’s about $11-15 so I’ve seen a huge jump in prices. I have also lately had the misfortune of ordering rides and as I’m finishing getting ready within the set time limit till my Uber gets to my house (making sure I have house keys and things like that, that are needed throughout the day) I’d get a text from my driver saying they’re sitting out front and when I tell them I’ll be out in a minute, once I go out the door they are nowhere in sight and when I text them to see where they are, they say they’re at the wrong address and I’m charged more for the inconvenience of them going to the incorrect address when I have set the correct one in the pick up location. Just recently as well I had ordered an Uber so I could get to a meeting on time for work and the estimated wait for them to get there was 8 minutes, so I’m finishing getting ready and grabbing my stuff and I get a text 4 minutes after ordering saying they’re outside. So I tell them I’ll be just a minute and I’m finishing grabbing my stuff, mind you it’s 8:20 am and there is people and children still sleeping in my house so I’m trying to also be quiet to not wake anyone. As I grab my keys and open the door I get a notification saying that my ride was canceled and I was charged for the ride and a cancellation fee. When I had looked at my ride history and checked the location that the car was at it was an entire block away from my house. No heads up that they were going to leave or cancel the ride. Didn’t even bother to check if they were at the correct address. I believe that Uber needs to have better customer service to handle when things like this happen and needs to set better pricing like they used to have.


It is 2018, uber is not new and it's still garbage  pleaseletmesibmit  1 star

To be honest Uber used to be good but recently it will make cars drives right passed me and make me wait 20 minutes before I can catch a ride. This last time it charged me a $5 cancellation fee even though it gave me only 1 minute to get a block away in the rain and when I submitted a complaint only offered me $5 in Uber credit. I am not ok with a company unfairly charging me $5 and then offering me $5 in credit. It should be in cash (and that is ignoring all the time I wasted).


Scared to ride again  kaijia3  1 star

The first bad experience when I took a pool was when it was raining and I was dropped off some distance away from my house with quite a few bags of groceries. I did not argue with the driver when he denied my request to just make a turn, (so I had slightly less distance to walk) because it was a pool ride. However, the second bad experience just really traumatised me. I walked to the designated spot to get picked up by driver (pretty far for this ride). And driver screamed at me and threatened to drag me out of the car if I didn’t leave. The reason was, claimed by him, that I should not have entered the car at that location (uber’s App showed me that pick up spot). He literally could have just told me that he would have preferred to pick me up at another spot. Or simply send me a message to tell me not to get on at the location that uber set. Being a female passenger, and getting Drivers suddenly screaming at you, opening your door and threatening to drag you out of the car? I was so scared to even move. Police can’t do anything because the driver did not actually lay his hand on me. Uber, as usual, just sent the typical replies that they probably already saved... so.... bye bye uber :”(


Hi  DavidRxyz  2 star

I have no car/clock icon so cannot schedule a ride. Updated my iPhone to latest and checked the Uber app but it had been updated a few days earlier. Can’t talk to anyone for help and on line help refers to the icon which I don’t have!

reduce the charges

You charge too much..!  reduce the charges  1 star

Despite many positive experiences I can’t tolerate the rate you charge the drivers. It’s too high! The drivers need to make a living and with the associated costs the rate uber charges drivers is over the top. For this reason I have opted to use Ola. I tell all my friends to do the same and will continue to do so until uber makes the changes. Bring your rate down to 15% and I will return. Kind Regards Steve

Spelling Queen of the world

Charge  Spelling Queen of the world  2 star

How is it possible that first trip cost $50 odd dollars and return $77.65 From same location? Please advise as first driver indicates more klms travelled. Is their a rate variance? Thanks Kemal Ramadan


Driver cancelled  ajdjatktkwtktk  1 star

Waiting for a lift to the airport took 10 mins, then driver cancelled. Didn’t want to miss my flight so booked another one. Was told driver was 4 mins away, then updated to 7 and not moving. Had to cancel and grab a taxi so I didn’t miss my flight. Uber charged me $10 for cancelling my ride, for their inconvenience. How about my inconvenience of having my first driver cancel and then the second driver taking too long?? Very dissatisfied.


Not against app, against Uber  Cmmccomb  1 star

Uber regularly charge when no driver has been assigned, got charged $10 ... again last night switching back to taxis.


Fare rip-off  Hoddo26  1 star

I booked a fare last night in an emergency. The quoted price from cbd to my home was $68, which was about my expectation. I was charged $98. I did go about 2km further than I booked so I expected to pay more. In my hurried state because of my family emergency I forgot we had to collect my car from the station. But the cab fair from the station to my home is $5-$6. So to be charged $30 is way over the top. The cab fare for this trip would have been cheaper than Uber. Rip-off

Faxi Man

Can’t find my location  Faxi Man  1 star

Can’t find my location Useless

kenny mc 71

Kenneth  kenny mc 71  5 star

5star ride


Dodgy  annoyedeverytime  1 star

I don’t understand Uber drivers and them cancelling on trips because it’s too short . There are so many Uber’s that nearby me yet I get the ones 15 minutes making me late for everything. I have put in a complaint but nothing seems to change . There have been dodgy drivers going the long way to cost me extra money or starting the trip before I even get in the car. I want something done to get Uber drivers on time. They can’t be going slower just because it suits them. Also can they drive . I’ve nearly had multiple crashes because they are getting distracted by their phones and radios


Support is awful  ajay050616  1 star

I can’t get into my account because someone across the country hacked into and changed my password and it has my old phone number. I contact support and get bounced around from different people all sending me the same thing to change my password when I need my old phone number to get in. Now I’ve given up and just asked to delete my account since I can’t get in and they tell me to log in and do it myself. The support team is awful and there needs to be a call center. I’ve had to change all my passwords and freeze my card because of this, because they won’t just delete the account.


Went from 50% to 30%  YamarieM  5 star

Please email me about this. I used to get 50% off. Now i get 30% off. Why? About to stop using it. I was a loyal user but uber dropped my % off. I know people who still have 50%. How come i don’t STILL have it? 😤


GPS  Lovely2468  1 star

GPS wasn’t working very late pick up. Then difficult to follow to get to train Station missed train Should get a credit. I was very delayed for my meeting. Driver should have a working GPS. I don’t think Live in the area I was no help.

Ross 1985

Great service and driver !!  Ross 1985  5 star

She excellent driver and great conversation


First ride  bubbastubbs  5 star

Very smooth transaction - I suggest to anyone who needs a ride. You will never feel stuck!


Rides  gamekriv  1 star

Took two rides today one to Walmart and one home and was charged for 5 more so today is not a good day for me and uber check my records Thank you. Pat Krivanek

K. L. Holoubek

Missed Ride, Two (2) of them‼️  K. L. Holoubek  1 star

I was just charged $5 because supposedly I ‘cancelled and made the driver wait.’ In fact, this driver made me wait 20-25 minutes and refused to communicate in any way back to me. I had to go back into the hotel and call a cab. I was afraid I’d miss my flight. He made ME wait. He owes me, not the reverse. The driver was Gilberto, Honda, 6UGS469. Gilberto was the second driver. The first driver who did NOT show up was Megerdish, 8FVM036. I waited 15 minutes for him. I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with Uber this morning. Two drivers and a 45 minute wait all together. The second driver showed up, unapologetic, at the same second that the cab showed up. You bet I cancelled him. Then held my breath all the way to the airport. Uber owes me an apology. Kathleen Holoubek


Terrible Customer Service - Use Lyft!  Kaaaaaileeeee123  1 star

Having been an Uber customer for 6 years, you’d think they would value your feedback - WRONG! I have had many bad experiences with this app and customer service and kept using it because it was slightly cheaper than the alternative. Well, yesterday I had a ride that almost made me miss my train because the Uber driver took many wrong turns and kept driving us in circles! Uber refused to take any responsibility, would not offer any discounts and I doubt they even spoke to the driver about his mistakes. Prior to that trip, I waited 10 minutes for an Uber pool just to have it cancel on me, forcing me to request a more expensive Uber X due to time constraints. When I tried to get someone to speak to on the phone, they informed me they don’t even have a phone customer service line! Ridiculous that they are willing to lose their “valued” customers over only a $14 charge. Spend an extra buck and use a ride service app that won’t screw you over.


Scheduling an Uber ride  Digiking13  1 star

I will never schedule an Uber ride again. I scheduled a ride for 5 am. The app said the driver would be arriving between 5-5:15 am. I received s text that the driver arrived at 4:45 am. I responded i would be down in a few min as it was earlier than requested. I had to walk a bit from the condo I was in to the lobby of the resort I was staying. I made it down to the front of the lobby by 4:55. Still before the requested time. The driver had left and I received a cancellation fee. I had to call for another driver and almost missed my flight.


In this last update nobody can’t give me tips.  djhas12  1 star

In this last update nobody can’t give me tips. And also I get in trouble with my bank account information because it automatically changed to my very old card information and I couldn’t transferred on the moment


Cancelled trip  gerbli  1 star

Cancelled trip. Disaster as we were waiting in specified area. Spoke to driver actually who did not offer any help


Good luck!  andrestern88  1 star

This app has become an absolute joke in Ireland! If the planets are aligned, there’s a chance you may be able to connect to their servers and even start looking for a car, otherwise good luck!


Attention / be aware  kekeke0006  1 star

First time I used Uber, they got twice the money and 28 € from a cancelled order at 0€. Very painful....


Fantastic!  mglees  5 star

Fantastic driver, great conversation, lots of information about the area. Could not recommend highly enough


App doesn’t work in my country  Irish256  1 star

Ireland has a terrible public transport system Uber would be so much more convenient over here instead of haven’t to get a lift to the bus station and then wait for a bus .... please get Uber in Ireland


Reliable but not good for frequent travellers  orodreth_  3 star

App user experience is good. However uber app not allowing users adding multiple phone numbers from different countries makes it a nightmare to call a driver when travelling. SMS notification does not arrive until you arrive to the destination country to change to phone number. Each time you change a country you need to spend 5-6 mins to change your phone number on the Uber app. Why don't you let people add multiple numbers?


Great absolutely brilliant  domnicbarr  5 star

Very good app. Very user friendly.


Charged for a trip I never took  sineadcam  1 star

This was my first Uber and the driver never turned up and then charged me for a trip I never took


Problem with car  Nommye  2 star

Hi it was my first ride , However, when driver came his car window were open and i asked him to open air conditioner but it was not working and it was very hot . And he told me that this car belongs to Uber and they ll sort it out so I didn’t argue cuz I don’t have an any idea that uber provides car or not to their drivers . So i get off to my destination. So i hope my review ll help to improve Uber’s quality.


Good customer service  Sambo_freshfit  5 star

Helpful guy

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