iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times

iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times is the #1 solunar tables app and determines the best hunting times and best fishing times for any date, any location – worldwide!

- Provides all peak feeding / activity times
- Times apply to ALL wildlife and fish
- Easy-to-read tables – no complicated graphics
- Top Ranked Solunar App in Sports Category
- No subscription fees!

* Location: Auto GPS or Manual Entry or by Map
* Save favorite locations for future reference
* Major & Minor Feeding / Activity Periods
* Day Rating
* Custom Location Mapping (In-App Purchase)
* NEW - Range Finder (In App Purchase with Map)
* NEW - Premium Weather with Tides/Radar (In App Purchase)
* Moon Phase / Moon Rise / Moon Set Times
* Sunrise / Sunset Times
* Day / Week / Month Views
* Current Weather plus Hourly & 5-Day Forecast
* Calendar for checking solunar data in advance
* Send results via text
* Trophy Room - share via Facebook or email

Based on the original solunar theory, iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times determines the peak feeding and activity times for all types of fish and wildlife based on the moon position and lunar phase. With iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times, you’ll have all the solunar table information you need to know exactly when the best fishing times and best hunting times will occur for your exact location.

When arranging your next trip, just check ahead to find out the best hunting or fishing times for the date you’re considering. It doesn’t matter what you’re after or where, this incredible app will help you maximize your chances success!

-- Created by Outdoorsmen, for Outdoorsmen --

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iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times App Description & Overview

The applications iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times was published in the category Sports on 2010-04-16 and was developed by RedSnake Enterprises, LLC. The file size is 9.91 MB. The current version is 3.0.13 and works well on 6.1 and high ios versions.

iOS 10 compatibility.
Bug fixes to reduce crashing
Fixed Theme selection

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iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times Reviews


Use it constantly in hunting season  Chuckd0051  5 star

Been using for years!!! Use constantly for easy references. Built up a few seasons of scrapes. Also use for pinpointing climbers and lock ons. Also found a stand or two in the dark. #Where the heck is that tree? 😉


Great App  Marrleyy  5 star

As been accurate so far on fishing. Great way to find the same location for your fishing spots.


What a great app  IronDioPriest  5 star

I've never placed a whole lot of faith in the solunar tables. Conditions on the water are dynamic, and all kinds of things can and will interfere with wildlife patterns. That said, I've seen the solunar tables in action too many times to discount them entirely. I've come to the conclusion that all things being equal - that is to say if other factors aren't prohibitively interfering with feeding patterns - the solunar tables will give you a good indication of wildlife feeding activity. This app does an excellent job. It is user-friendly, easy to understand, and true to the solunar table.

JoNo Chance

Can't Live Without It!!!!  JoNo Chance  5 star

If you enjoy the outdoors this is a must have app! I enjoy finding the rating for the day in the same place as the lunar cycle and sunrise/sunsets.

Tommy Pafford

Get it!  Tommy Pafford  5 star

Allows you up to date and real time information on weather and feed times for the location your hunting "All the way"


Total scam  CreativeCor-Win  1 star

This is a joke. You can choose a location in New York and California and it gives you the same information. Just google the fishing almanac. It's free and way more accurate.


Does it work? Who Knows?  Rockman1  5 star

LOVE this app. I check it all the time. Sometimes I get skunked when it says the fish are super active. Sometimes I get skunked when it says I should get skunked. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But as all fishermen are looking for an edge, try the app and enjoy it. It might not be putting more fish in the bag, but what the heck.


👍👍👍👍👍  Radziszka  5 star

Have fun out there. Works for me.

Saggy hitch

Great app!  Saggy hitch  5 star

Love it!


Fishing and hunting  Huntindeer  5 star

Very good app. I use all the time to check times and they are very close too or spot on. I would recommend to use


Very practical  Sbrady6100  5 star

The app works nice and is very easy to use.

The trout tracker

Wv boy  The trout tracker  5 star

The movement times are as close to being right on any app or calendar I've ever seen!!

serpico 66

Accurate  serpico 66  5 star

App works great since the update. I have used this app for 4 years now and it's on the money!


This is the real deal. A+ App  RutJunkie916  5 star

Update works great with iOS 10. Times are spot on. Took my largest buck to date with it last season. Very impressed with this app!


Excellent app  TDawg73  5 star

I use it all year long for hunting and fishing, even for planning all types of activities using the sunrise/sunset as I travel all over the country!


Great App!  Cap'nDon  5 star

Great at predicting fishing, and better at predicting weather than local TV stations!

Matthew Pursche

Use it a lot  Matthew Pursche  5 star

Great app. Seems pretty darn accurate based off trail camera times. No complaints


Doesn't open anymore after update  Morte239  1 star

I use to love this app for hunting and fishing- and although it isn't 100% guaranteed that it shows when I will get the most action in that day, it has been right multiple times. Gravitational pulls of the moon even effect people, the tides, sleeping and awake moments. If anything it helped break up a long day of hunting where I could tell myself to be extra alert. The new update that is on the same system for iOS 7 won't even let me open the app. I can't believe that I paid money to a company that won't update their app to work anymore and just wants me to spend more money on a different version? I want an update or my money back please!!


Great app  Edensjr  5 star

Handy app. Love it


Great App  [XERO]Plisken  5 star

No question this is the best hunting/fishing App out there. Very intuitive. Does it guarantee results?? Of course not. But it's right way more often than wrong. $5 well spent... Worth every penny. Last update fixed the problem of the App closing. Recommend to all hunters & fisherman.

iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times Comments

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