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A central hub for all your files. Read, listen, view, annotate almost anything you want on your iPad and iPhone. Files, documents, books, any content is at home in Documents by Readdle. It’s the Finder for iOS you’ve always wanted.
App Store Editors' Choice in 70+ countries

"It's a tool that will help you stay better organized." - The Verge
"The app is super quick, it looks good and options are easy to locate and use." - The Next Web
"A surprising versatile app for consumers and businesses alike." - USA Today

Documents is the most capable application on your iOS device. It’s the hub for all your files as it replaces a document viewer, PDF reader, "read it later", music and video player, file downloader, cloud integrator and bunch of other applications as the one elegant app.
Amazing attention to details, unmatched stability and design differs Documents from any app you have on the iPhone or iPad. You will use it constantly, at home, office, university or on the road, every single day.
Just have a look at the short list of things that Documents allows you to do. It's an app that makes your iPad and iPhone worth the price!
+ Import files from your computer, cloud, WebDav or any nearby devices
+ Download files from the Web
+ Store email attachments
+ Save web pages to read them later

+ Manage your files and create folders
+ Zip/ unzip, color tag, rename, etc
+ Drag and drop files across apps (!). Open two Readdle apps in Split View on iPad* and simply move files between them
+ Share files with friends
+ Protect everything with a Password
*iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4
+ Connect all cloud services to Documents and access your personal and business files anytime
+ Work in iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and other Services without downloading files
+ Set up two-way sync to specific folders to automatically upload your files
+ Listen to music online and offline
+ Watch movies by importing them from your computer or online sources
+ Great and easy access to your photo library
+ View Office files
+ Read and annotate PDF Files
+ Search inside PDFs
+ Create Text files
+ Read Books and Articles

Documents is a must have app for your iPhone and iPad!

Documents by Readdle App Description & Overview

The applications Documents by Readdle was published in the category Productivity on 2010-04-01 and was developed by Readdle Inc.. The file size is 134.75 MB. The current version is 6.9.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Today’s update is all about new features!

## FileDrop
Now you can instantly share your files of any format or entire folders with a nearby iPhone or iPad.
The only condition is that Documents is installed and active on these both devices. Give it a try!

## Download in Background
Starting today you can download files from the Web while playing games or exploring other apps. Thank you to everyone who got in touch and let us know this feature was important to them!

## Vietnamese Language is at your service now!
Từ bây giờ, người dùng Việt Nam có thể trải nghiệm tất cả tính năng tốt nhất của Documents trong tiếng Việt.
Điều này sẽ không thể xảy ra nếu không có những thông dịch viên tiếng Việt tuyệt vời, chúng tôi xin cảm ơn các bạn.

If you have questions or need support just pop on over to [email protected] and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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Amazing app:  NaumanF  5 star

Very useful application. 👍🏽


ITS GOOD  VKookAY  4 star

i been using this for a 2-3 years now and i love it but now i cant even access my downloads cause when i touch the downloads file it loads then quickly went back to my home screen.Please fix it

john carmelo

Excelente  john carmelo  5 star

Me gusta muchísimo este app buenísimo es recomendable


best but...  Alireza19  4 star

its the best doucuments app ever had but there is something(s) wrong with that 1-when i open the (*265) mkv files with doucuments,it just have sooooo many lags but when i open it with another app(vlc player)it so clearly 2-i live in iran and i cant buy comic books so i should download the digital version of comic books and i like to read them with this app but i can’t (this app dosen’t open cbr files) so i’ll be so thankful if you add this abblity to the app thank you so much (you guys are the best developers😊)

Coby Clutcher

Great app  Coby Clutcher  5 star

It allows me to put my Audiobooks on it and I love it for file sharing


PERFECT  drsuccesscan  5 star

Just one word “PERFECT”


gnomad  Gnomaad  5 star

Especially in consideration of the authors providing this app at no cost, I have found this app to be the most reliable and easily referred to, in terms of finding it in the iOS system. It replaced my old Windows Office app and is much appreciated. Thank you for a great app which is REALLY TRULY free for IOS users. 👌🏻


Love this app, but.. two things.  406396  4 star

I'm terrible at explaining (1) Please Add the option to Search and move files at the same time. its a headache trying use the search feature to find and move files, documents, etc. For example: I have a ton music files, and I had a hard time finding the artist/genre I wanted to listen to, so I decided I should create folders for each artist/genre. So I created a folder in one of the artists name, and tried to use the search feature by typing in the artist name/song, and all his files plus the folder popped up. I’m thinking “this is easy, I could just drag and drop all the files into that folder from here”. Then I noticed only two options were available; locate the file by pressing the (eye) icon, or play the file. I didn’t see an select option so, I tried moving multiple files by holding down one file until it hovers and tapping on the other files that I want to group with the file being held, which works well when the search tab is not in use, but it did nothing while the searched files were being displayed. So Just to search and move files I had to (1) search up the files name. (2) click the eye icon which takes you to the files location which automatically closes the search tab. (3) click the three dots since now it’s showing on the file and not the eye icon because the search tab automatically closed (4) move the file to your folder destination, and repeat (1-4). Yes (1) because it doesn’t save what last you searched once you’ve click the (eye) icon to locate file. How It should be implement imo: When searching for file replace the (done) option with the (select) option since the search tab can be closed by repressing the (magnifying glass) icon. I see no need to for a double close option for the search tab. While in search, if the (select) hasn’t already been selected the (eye) icon will be present. Once the (select) option is pressed the (eye) icon turns into a check boxes for multi selecting with select options on the far left how it normally works. (2) Another problem is the (starred files section). I miss using it, but can’t count how many times I cleared my starred files to the point I don’t star anything anymore. One press... puff it’s gone... No warning or nothing, you’ll have to just re-star everything all over again. There should be an option to select files or select all files before giving the option to any clear starred files, kinda like how it is when clearing deleted files in the recently deleted folder, or at lease give a small pop up under the (clear option) after its press saying “are you sure you want to clear all starred files?” (Yes or no). Also please perhaps moving the (starred files section) in between the documents folder, and the browser icon on the top left black menu. The reason of that is because once you view any file on the app, the (recent files) section pops up right next (starred files) section causing them to share one small tab which makes access to the (starred files) section, and the (recents file) section twice as small, and harder then it should be. Only way around this is to click the small recents tab, and clear all recents, but you’ll have to do this EVERY time you view any file on the app, which is why they both need their own section location like how I explained above. I’ve used this app religiously since I got it, and would gladly recommended this to others in it’s current state since these two problems aren’t really a deal breaker for most, but would really make the app ALOT easier to use. In my opinion this is currently the Best files app out right now.

kjm0bimjmpi /p;;

Speed  kjm0bimjmpi /p;;  4 star

This app is really stunning but There is feature available in mobile version for video speed control but not available on iPad please update here also.


What app and so amazing and so helpful 💕❤️❤️  DAN-ILSON  5 star

Go for it guys to west your time

Poophead Mcfartso

Good app  Poophead Mcfartso  5 star

I reviewed because I wanted to tell everyone that this is a great app


Useless support  naominikitani  1 star

After a recent update I lost most of the useful features on my 18GBs of epub files. I can no longer scroll horizontally, change the font size for the whole file, see text in night mode on many files and the screen saver function changes randomly by itself. The advice I have received has ranged from why don’t you “just select horizontal scrolling” and “it works for me”. NOT HELPFUL AT ALL. I have previously liked using this app but am now very disillusioned.


Readdle Documents  2designers  5 star

Very Efficient!

rexona boi

Yeet  rexona boi  4 star

It’s really good but it’s hard to use


Does not work  Skitzoid  1 star

This app will not make a connection. Another similar app makes the connection with the settings I have given but this app will not connect.


Awesome  Theodagod  5 star

It’s just the best app ever

Robert Lammers

Great App  Robert Lammers  5 star

One word:Excellent Fantastic,works also on my old iPad. I can not fault it


Great for work and study  ChrisM(Aus)  3 star

Great app for work and study, especially with sync for offline access to files and make it up PDFs. Really needs a means to not re-sync (download) everything if you change a cloud storage password.


Amazing app  Simzzz1  5 star

Very handy👍🏾Been using this for 3 years now


Great. Great. Great  ashftc  5 star

This is the best media and media download app for iPhone.





Music Bugs!  xkillasniper  3 star

I don’t know what’s wrong with the music playing, but it just freezes up and stops making sound, AND IT KEEPS GOING! It just stops all sound! Please fix this bug.


Add connect using IP in WiFi file transfer  Hotspoter  5 star

Ur great and I'm sure u know it! Best and most useful app in iOS.. just one thing.. i'm connecting to Document using my phone's ip address instead of '' site, and it's great.. but plz inform users about this alternative way in this section so anyone be able to connect to their phone in networks without internet access! That's it ;) & tnx in advance


Awesome  iSaac_Aradmehr  5 star

One of the best app for file manager


Great, but just one minor thing:  GabeFComic  4 star

I love this app! It works really well with what I need it to do. That being said, I have just one update request for the developers: Could you guys make it to where simply playing a video gives you the option to download it? There are so many videos on my friends’ Facebook pages that I would love to save, but can’t.


The best app!  sakuratree  5 star

Use it dairy, I have all of my important files saved on the app. Music, movies and pdf files. Can’t live without it!


My review  kurtismiller26  5 star

I love it, other than my phone deletes some apps and stuff if my storage is full, then all my songs and pictures are gone.

Twogether Events

Download files are all gone  Twogether Events  1 star

On the APP, it shows I have 126 files in the Download folder. But when I open the folder, it is empty. I tried several times and cannot retrieve them back.


Important software  refrandom  5 star

Best app


Must have app  Geezzz  5 star

This is a must have, as it does so much so well. Trust me you really want to have a copy of this app on your device.


Amazing  ZombieV9  5 star

Very reliable and fast


Good  Robertoireland  5 star

Very good

Q.Al Naser

The app is not designed to view Arabic text & books  Q.Al Naser  2 star

The app is nice and function very well but unfortunately it not compatible with right to left text and pages “Arabic text and books”. Other than that it is very good.


Amazing  12849284&2&4&29&3  5 star

Great app with great customer services! It’s a must have app! What are you waiting for? Download it already!


Zip folder?  Keaneye  1 star

This app doesn’t under stand the entire point of a zip folder. It’s supposed to compress in order for a person to send a large file in a situation where it would be difficult to send. There is zero compression.

adil sher

Fantastic app  adil sher  5 star

👍👍 fantastic app!!😍😍


😡  Yappermouth  5 star

Everytime I try to download any YouTube clips it goes straight into bloody ads it's so bloody annoying 😡


It's just great !  ruceka  5 star

Well simply put, D5 is just great and runs well on my old iPhone 5s.


disaster  Susta  1 star

everytime i teying to save files it launches multiples sites with ads.


Rubbish  cianbyrne  2 star

It's gone rubbish it won't let me download anything from you tube and usually I can and if I try to get it lots of random adds pop up

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