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What is abc – live tv, shows & movies app? Watch full episodes of your favorite ABC, Freeform, FX and National Geographic shows all in one place! Episodes available live or on-demand with the ABC app!

Official site of Oscars 2022 on ABC including the news, nominations, winners and red carpet highlights. Stream The Oscars online LIVE OSCAR SUNDAY March 27th, 2022.
ABC is home to top dramas like Grey’s Anatomy as well as comedy favorites like The Conners, black-ish and The Wonder Years.
Reality favorites include American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Daily shows like General Hospital, The View and Jimmy Kimmel Live! are also part of the best entertainment around.
Binge full seasons of Throwback shows with no sign-in needed!
ABC’s live sports events include the NBA Finals, NFL, and college football and more.
ABC News has the long-running 20/20 along with daily staples like Good Morning America and World News Tonight with David Muir.
ABC News Live is a 24/7 streaming channel for breaking news, live events and the latest news headlines.
Freeform’s young adult programming features bold, groundbreaking original series and epic events like 31 Nights of Halloween and 25 Days of Christmas.
FX’s diverse catalogue includes hits like Snowfall, Archer, American Horror Story and more.
With National Geographic TV, you get groundbreaking storytelling including the acclaimed Genius docudrama series, the annual must-sea SharkFest and many more adventures.
ABC Localish is dedicated to telling positive stories that celebrate our communities across America.

Enjoy live TV** to get your daily dose of news with Good Morning America and World News Tonight with David Muir and tune in for can’t-miss live sports events like the NBA Finals and major awards shows like The Oscars, The American Music Awards, The Country Music Awards and, of course, all live shows of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars!

Enhance your viewing experience by creating a free account to save your favorites, continue watching where you left off and sync your preferences across multiple devices!

Whether you’re on the train or on the treadmill, watch your favorites anywhere, anytime!

Enjoy all ABC app shows on YOUR schedule. Download now and start watching!

Comments, questions or seeing an error? Please contact us at or through the feedback form in the app. For more information visit: .
* The most recent full episodes require a participating TV provider account. Show and episode availability are subject to change.
** The ABC app live stream is available with a participating TV provider in designated local markets. For a complete list of participating providers and available markets, visit
Before you download this app, please consider that this app includes advertising for some third parties, as well as advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies, and may include advertising targeted to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising within our applications by using your mobile device settings (for example, by re­setting your device’s advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest-­based ads).
This app also contains social media links as well as location based services to provide local programming in your ABC app livestream.
Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software, which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.
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ABC – Live TV, Shows & Movies Version 10.25.009 May 2022

We've updated the app to address bug fixes for a better viewing experience!.

ABC – Live TV, Shows & Movies Version 10.22.017 February 2022

We've added even more great content for a better viewing experience!.

ABC – Live TV, Shows & Movies Version 10.20.002 December 2021

We've added even more great content for a better viewing experience!.

ABC – Live TV, Shows & Movies Comments & Reviews 2022

- Modern Show Ambiance

What can I say about ABC it’s a great app that helps the viewer view his taste in what makes it special and. What makes it special is the ambiance that glows when a new viewer is intrigued by the moment it shines every week for new episodes. Like Grey's Anatomy that I love watching and I just love how they celebrate their surgeries with honor, dedication and sense of humble gratitude within their skills, specialities, and surgical abundance they are willing to sacrifice their lives for the most willing patient that shares a prehistory on their life. And that in a way is what makes ABC special just like the surgeries in Grey’s Anatomy that they each celebrate their work and know they are special because their human cos it doesn’t matter how different we are what matters is the love we give each other of what ABC does and. I have this certain ability to give a particular motto for certain companies and for the ABC company is Amazing, Bold and Caring on why that ABC network is a beautiful thing ever invented and I’m glad we have it. Thank You.

- Ad system is horrible and screws the viewer.

Watching agents of shield. There’s a commercial break before the last 2 minutes of the show, so you have to watch about 5 minutes of ads just to see the last 2 minutes of the show. When the ads ended, I missed the first few seconds and went to rewind. It ended up sending me back to the beginning of the commercial break. Usually it recognizes you already watched that one and skips you over it, but not this time. It made me watch the ads again for 5 minutes. Then when they were over it sent me halfway into the last 2 minutes, so I had to rewind again. But this time it sent me farther back for no reason. Sent me back 2 commercial breaks. So I had to watch another 5 minutes of ads. No we’re at 15 minutes of ads just to see 2 minutes of the show. But wait, there’s more! Since it sent me back 2 commercial breaks, once I finished the third set of commercials I fast forwarded to the end, hoping to get by the last commercial break since I’ve watched that one TWICE ALREADY, but nope. Made me watch it a third time. Another 5 minutes. So I spent 20 minutes of my life just to watch TWO MINUTES of your show. Never again. I’m done watching agents of shield on your app, I’ll just wait for it to get to Netflix where I don’t have to deal with this.

- Best app of the traditional tv networks

I prefer paying for ad-free content. That said, when none of my paid subscription services carry a specific older show that I want to binge on, I cross my fingers that it’s an ABC show. This app doesn’t mess around by withholding specific episodes or seasons for cable subscribers in the way that NBC or AMC and other networks do. You don’t have to have a cable login and you can watch any & all of the shows you want, suffering through just as many ads as would appear on over the air broadcasts. No problems syncing my position across the iPhone app and Apple TV. If I let a show run and leave the room, when I come back and rewind I don’t have to sit through the same commercials again (another reviewer had the opposite experience, so the developers may have recently fixed this).

- What heck is this app

Whyyyyyy????? I ask whyyyyyy????? I am so angry 😡. I just got this app today and I already don’t like it. Why you might be wondering welll it’s because when I tried to watch a show on this horrible app it doesn’t even give me the previous Season’s to watch like ughhhhhh. For example I am on season 12 of greys anatomy and when I tried to watch that season it only showed season 17 of greys anatomy. Like I don’t understand why the creators are doing this just put the frickin seasons okay like pleasssseeeee. Anyways the reason that I am writing this review is to tell the creators to fix this problem cause lord knows that someone in this world is dealing with the same problem that I am having, honestly all I wanted to do was watch season 12 of greys anatomy. Anyways creators I hope you take my review under consideration and really try to understand were I’m coming from. I also do believe that this app would be a lot better if you fixed that problem. But I mean besides this problem it is a nice 👍🏽 app anyways the shows are for free, I mean who doesn’t like free stuff right?? I am begging the creators to fix this problem so that we as the viewers can enjoy this app.

- Chromecast issue

Why does the app close out the show you’re watching when casting from iPad?? If you open the iPad after it’s went to sleep while casting and you want to pause the show you’re watching it isn’t there to control any longer, it’s under continue watching. The app is still connected to chromecast though because the icon is still lit and still playing on my tv. If I want to pause I can’t the controls and current playing show is gone. It’s just the home screen. You have no other option than to hit the show again under continue watching and try to figure out where you were because it starts over from the beginning. I don’t have this issue with other apps. Also there’s way too many ads. It will play more than 3 minutes of ads then the show will resume for maybe 10 seconds and then play another 3+ minutes. I timed it and I had 15 minutes of commercials and only 6 minutes of the tv show I was watching in the first 21 minutes. I was watching shark tank and the program should’ve been 43 minutes and it nearly an hour and a half. So ridiculous.

- Please fix the rewind button

This is a good app. It doesn’t make you sign into a tv account (so far) or have you pay to watch an episode, it just has commercials. Some things are locked but whatever. My biggest issue with this app so far is that multiple times now, I’ll press the 10 second rewind button that they have at the bottom to bring me back to a part that I missed or didn’t hear and it will jump me all the way back to before the previous commercial break! This wouldn’t be bad if it would let me then choose where I’d like to go but it doesn’t. It makes me watch the whole commercial break over again. Not like one or two quick commercials but the WHOLE break over again. If the commercial break was 6 15second commercials you’re going to be watching 6 15second commercials again just because you missed what Diane sawyer said… extremely annoying and would really enjoy and use this app if this was fixed. Otherwise it seems to cause more headaches than it’s worth.

- Editing now that it works for me

Okay, so previously I wrote a low-rating review because the app was giving me an "Oops..." error message whenever I tried to play anything. I don't know what happened - maybe there was an update or maybe episodes just had to be a certain number of weeks old for me to play them - but it works now and I have no problem with it. Except that the "Oops..." message was nondescript and confusing. It would be nice if the message would either indicate what was wrong (connection error, login error etc.) or direct the user to contact support. As it was, I was left frustrated and unsure of what to do. (I've had bad experiences with various support teams [not ABC] over the years and so my first thought is not to contact them unless it's directly suggested to me.) But for now, it seems to work great and I have no significant complaints. [EDIT] Eeeeexcept that it just randomly crashed in mid-video. I can deal with it, but the developers might want to be aware of the issue.

- Ditto all the bad reviews

The ABC app just stopped working on my iPhone 8! I’ve had it for years and now I haven’t been able to open it in weeks. Why???? I have a Directv account and should be able to use it. I’m super frustrated. Only giving it 1 star because I want to submit a complaint. The app tries to open for a couple seconds and then immediately shuts down. I have the latest version on my phone. Please fix this pronto. I ditto all the bad reviews listed. I too just checked back to see if ABC went back to their original terms, but discovered even more bad reviews. I feel that ABC doesn't care if people use this app. I am a Directv subscriber and used the app to catch up on shows I missed a portion of because local news interrupted a show because of televising weather conditions. It was nice to know I didn't have to miss out. Well now, I'm missing out. Oh well. I'm trying to watch more shows on channels other than ABC. Hard for me to support ABC at all at this point. I had to give it 1 star just to submit the review, but I don't think you deserve any stars. 0 stars.

- Horrible user experience

I am honestly shocked that Apple let this app through. When attempting to watch a show, the app shows advertisements (which is fine), but when those ads are finished and your screen goes into sleep mode the app goes into background mode. When you unlock your device and double tap the home button and switch back to it, it rewinds what you were watching by 5 minutes. If you try to fast forward to get back to where you were it makes you watch the same ads over again and rewinds you back ANOTHER 5 minutes and goes through the 6 back to back ads ALL OVER AGAIN. At one point I watched 18 ads back to back (no that is not a typo, it was EIGHTEEN ads, one right after the other)! Additionally, when casting to Apple TV or chrome cast it continuously shows a translucent bar at the bottom of the tv screen that permanently says “your video will resume after 00:30” and never goes away and never changes. As an iOS developer myself, I don’t see why the developer didn’t thoroughly test this app more than they did. Update: Deleted app

- More Providers, More Affiliates

I think this is an awesome app, however, I do not understand why you cannot stream more affiliates of your network, or even allow all TV providers to allow people to stream ABC online at no additional cost!! When I want to watch something live on your network away from my home WiFi, I have to pay more money on ANOTHER streaming service to watch. For instance, if I want to watch Dancing with the Stars LIVE online away from home, I have to pay more money for ANOTHER online streaming service! It would literally save more money for the TV customers if you could reach agreements with Hearst Television (besides the one that you have now regarding DirecTV customers) and all of the other owners of your other affiliates, besides the eight that you already own. I think it will help your app and website improve if you do so. Other than that, I think this app is awesome!!

- ABC Live TV and episodes not compatible with iPad "older version"

I have used ABC tv app since its inception from my mini iPad, so imagine my disappointment when I received the error message that my device was no longer compatible. Shame! Although my iPad is fully functioning the ABC app will NOT run unless I have the #10 iOS update. Do I really need to trash an expensive iPad device that is not broken, and buy a new iPad that has the ability to update to iOS 10?? Ripoff! Not everyone trashes their older working model iPhones or iPads, especially if they are still fully functional. In fact, some consumers prefer to protect the environment and not add to the abundance of tech waste by continuing to use older models of iOS devices. Perhaps, an "older" downloadable version of the ABC app would be of great benefit to all VIEWERS, and increase ABC viewership. A win/win for ABC network and app viewers. Btw, tried using the ABC Local CHANNEL APP as an alternative and that did not work as well, kept getting "Error 8"message. WTHeck! Surely, ABC has experienced technology team that can fix this issue.


I enjoy ABC. I love General Hospital. It is by far my favorite tv show. I watch it everyday and also record it and watch it again. However, what I really do not appreciate is every time there is news of any kind, they preempt my favorite show, General Hospital. It is at the worse afternoon time for this to happen. The North Carolina Governor held a Covid-19 update almost everyday for a year, and it was always on at 2:00. I was sorry people were sick, but I live in South Carolina, not North Carolina. Also, I feel an update lasting 45 minutes everyday was and is just not necessary. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

- Not real cord cutting here

I’m specific about my content. The fact that I would have to sign up for a monstrous Comcast cable bill as well as their outrageous internet prices to get abc is just crazy. Paramount plus is a much better choice for live TV. There is actually better content everywhere . Most shows worth watching have been cancelled or ended. The only thing I am super missing is Jeopardy. And on that note, I won’t care if LeVar Burton isn’t signed on as permanent host. Only reality shows on here for the most part. 6abc has turned into a dog and pony show over the years. News articles are 5 second teasers with a ten second article if you are willing to sit through two more commercial sections to wait for it. I will give them credit though, their storm tracking is fabulous and reliable. Since Adam Joseph came along, they have stepped up their weather game. As far as the app presentation , the logo is now a harsh red. Very uninviting. Just my opinion. But you are not worth a cable subscription for us.

- Horrible!

The app either never loads after freezing on the “abc” logo, or constantly quits streaming, forcing me to restart the app. When restarting, I’m forced to watch six more commercials, only to have the app freeze a few seconds after the program resumes, which then I’m again forced to sit through six more commercials before the app does it again! It takes over and hour and a half to watch a show that has a running time of less than an hour! Funny though, it NEVER freezes during the commercials!! I guess I’ll have to start keeping a list of advertisers of this app and inform them I won’t use their products until abc fixes these problems. Reading other reviews I see I’m not the only one suffering while using this app….. Then you ask me to contact support, and you have no option for using the app on an iPhone, only AppleTv, which I do not use. Just so readers of this review know, my internet is 1Gb fiber optic, with few devices connected….

- Crap App

I’m sorry, I normally LOVE the ABC app, but after the last bug fixes, it totally screwed everything up. In order to watch anything, I have to delete it and then redownload it, watch what I want and then have to delete it again because shutting it off and going back in it, well it crashes and won’t even load. I’m beyond disgusted. I was hoping that it would be fixed soon, but obviously it’s not. I do have an iPhone and the latest iOS version. I really don’t know what else to do except to see if I can watch things from the website or forget it altogether and use On Demand. I can’t be the only person who’s having this issue. But I don’t see any new complaints; which I did try going to the App Support first - didn’t find anything yet about app crashes, and of course that’s above and beyond not being able to sign in or adding your provider. Any help would be appreciated.

- Hit the wrong provider link... no way to correct?!

The provider links were really small. Hit the one next to mine and there seems to be no way to change now? This is insane! Re-downloading and installing, hoping this will wipe my settings :( update: deleted, re-downloaded, still can’t change provider. Can’t use this app because I clicked the wrong link the first time I opened it. Unbelievable. How do I completely start over? Deleting the app doesn’t the delete provider I chose apparently. I log into my account with abc (which is linked with xfinity successfully) and the app still takes me to the fios website when I try to verify. Don’t people change cable providers (or accidentally click the wrong tiny link) all the time? The help instructions tell me to go to a section of my account that doesn’t exist. Please fix this. I never dreamed that a slip of my finger would make it impossible to watch abc on my new iPad for evermore.

- WORST TV app!!!

Sooooo frustrating... 90% of the time the rewind doesn’t work... I’ve just had to open and close an episode of the bachelorette a dozen times and it still wouldn’t work so NOW... every time I miss something and need to rewind... I have to go out of that episode... into another episode... watch a minute or so of that... then go back into the episode I want to watch and finally it will rewind... have to do that every single flippin’ time!!! RIDICULOUS! On top of that.... every time I do that... I get to watch another 5 minutes of ADs!!! FUN times... so yeah, this episode should take 10 hours, I guess!!!???!!! AND... this has been happening for the couple of weeks while I’m trying to catch up on the show. Hey... ABC... go take some tips from CBS app... there’s is a ZILLION times better! I used to watch almost only ALL ABC shows. Now.... because of the apps... watching way more CBS shows. Figure it out, get it right, AND... I’ll consider coming back!

- New modification is not inclusive and very alienating

I don’t mind that ABC tries to bring their absolute best unlike the other network apps where the video player doesn’t work properly on any given day or I have pay to use the it. But I do have an issue when the update is not inclusive for users with older IOS. In the current time with all kinds of divisions and the such it is unacceptable for simple things like using an app to watch show should be that difficult. As a user I am not only disappointed but since the abc logo seems to be stuck and doesn’t take me anywhere I’ll most likely stop using and watching ABC shows. I cannot consciously and continuously support a network forcing people to buy more materialistic items just to watch a show. There is a principle at stake and I don’t appreciate that the network is forcing me, FORCING me to consume and more materialistic than necessary.

- The good and the bad….

Okay SO the reason for three stars is because it doesn’t offer PiP, Picture in Picture on my iPhone so I can watch the bachelorette LIVE and have the little screen of it in front of whatever app I’m using. I’m a delivery driver and use my phone apps to work, so it would be absolutely wonderful to have PiP while watching the bachelorette LIVE. It’s extremely annoying to have to close out and go back and forth between my work apps to try and watch it. I know they can integrate this feature into their app. Another problem is that it won’t work on my little chrome book. I can watch my sling tv on it with no problem. And if it would work on my chrome book then i wouldn’t need to watch it on my iPhone through PiP. But unfortunately I can’t do either. So frustrating! Now for the good…it plays in high definition and is free just as long as you create an account and sign in with your internet or cable provider. We have Spectrum for our internet so I use that to login so I can watch my show live. It definitely deserves three stars because I can watch my show while I work even though it’s extremely annoying due to these issues above.

- Provider at war with ABC

Like a child caught in the middle of a bad divorce, Dish and Nexstar are battling it out and has removed ABC from the lineup. Dish advised to use the app on my iPhone or Roku, but I am blocked because the app says that I am unable to use it because Dish is not access. There’s no way to remove Dish from the app or add a different provider. (I have xfinity for internet and can stream through a box they provided.) To Dish and Nexstar: we all know that eventually you are going to raise the rates anyway so just rip off the bandage on get on with it so your customers can get back to watching their programs in peace. As for Dish you need to do something about this because I am about to discontinue my account with you. Every year it’s the same thing with other local stations and then you justify raising the rates with the excuse that they were playing hard ball. YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE NOT STUPID!!!

- More ads than content!

I just got the nbc app (Peacock), which is better even though picture quality seems to fade in and out. But, for a few short commercials , I’ll deal with it. I choose to pay for cbs all access app because there are just so many great shows on that network, and the price is fair. Now that Dish has removed all ABC affiliates from our lineup, ($ disagreement, what else?) using the abc app seemed like the way to go. There seem to be many show options, but good grief! Each 30 minute program begins with an ad, followed by THREE more breaks due the show with 5 to 6 ads EACH! Seriously?? There just aren’t enough quality programs or content to warrant this ridiculous amount of repetitive commercials. Step it up, ABC, and make a deal with’re losing loyal customers daily!

- Unstable/unreliable. Works doesn’t work.

The app will work fine for the most part for days, or weeks, even months, but then it just starts acting up. Very glitchy sometimes. A lot of UI/ control issues. Most recent issue is when I FF/skip it will go into hyper FF mode with strange audio and not respond and/or then suddenly start over at beginning so I have to rewatch all commercials. Another issue is that it will then won’t show up in Apple TV + Up Next, or keep showing an episode even though it was finished or marked watched, and even again and again. Then there’s no way to remove watched episodes from the ABC app Continue Watching list. New episodes not showing up. App will not open sometimes or close. And on and on.

- Unstable Live Stream App

No surprise that Disney is in charge of developing the unstable platform of FX AND ABC. Unstable and frustrating platforms to use. I understand that ads plugged into their live stream content is necessary to generate revenue but can they at least make the ads run smoothly with the streaming content? Every time an ad pops up it’s a roll of the dice on whether the ad freezes the programming timeline or im forced to restart the program after watching the notorious loading progress wheel forever. Any attempts to adjust the timeline to your last spot only brings on more frustration after being forced to rewatch all of the same auto dealership and big pharma ads back to back with no success. With all of these revenue generating ads they inundate us with one would think Disney would be able to develop a smoother running live streaming app. Get it together Disney.

- App definitely has some bugs

I love being able to watch ABC shows on the go, but every time I use the app I have some sort of problem. Sometimes it being the show not loading or being in poor quality, even though I have strong connection and other times there are problems the ads. This is the BIGGEST problem. Most of the time when there are ads, when the show comes back it is already halfway into the next segment meaning I’m missing a good chunk of content. Then when it try to rewind it takes me back to the beginning of the PREVIOUS segment and won’t let me go forward AT ALL. It gets really annoying because the only way to get around this is to restart the app and then watch all the ads again :) it’s just wonderful

- Great app, but needs an update.

This app is well designed, easy to use, and has been no problem for me in the past. However, with my upgrade to the iPhone X, It has become an issue that this app hasn’t had an update in a bit. On the iPhone X, there is a gesture that replaces the home button which involves swiping up from the bottom of the screen. In many apps, there is a small white bar on the bottom of the screen that indicates where to swipe from. However, in games or apps involving watching videos of any kind, this bar is hidden, so as not to be distracting. Unfortunately, this app does not hide the white bar at the bottom of the screen while a video is being watched, and it is distracting and intrusive. I hope it will be updated soon.

- Log in issue with TV Provider

Still nothing, no response no new update, nothing. Have to wait a week for the shows to unlock before I can watch them. Glad I’m paying for cable to get blocked by my mobile device. Contacted cable provider with no avail. Fox finally got an update to fix the issue. Sorry to see ABC is getting a big head like CBS doing what they want & the subscribers mean nothing. Maybe cable companies should start holding networks responsible for their decline in subscribers. Previous post: Since I upgraded to iOS 11.0.1 when I try to connect to me TV Provider, the app continually pulsates the the 3 dots and freezes. The only way to fix this is to reboot my iPhone 5s. Can watch things w/o the login like The Good Doctor. I was also having an issue w/ FOXNow, but they have provided an update to fix it. Have checked all things on this end with no avail. Please help.

- Cable companies WIN again

So you updated the app for AppleTV and iPhone, but you're still going to make people sign in to their cable TV provider to watch your FREE TV service that is broadcast over the air... so terrible. Your stations are supposed to be free. They always have been. That's why you have advertisers. Paying for cable doesn't change that either. In fact, it ADDS more advertisements to the consumer. If you're reading this and you have cable, you are getting ROYALLY screwed over. CUT THE CORD! The more people who do it the quicker we get rid of the middle man! Cut your cord people! Stop paying utterly ridiculous cable prices. ABC / Disney doesn't care what their customers want. They care about MONEY. People do not want to pay for TV. The baby boomer generation will cease soon and all cable company subscriptions will diminish. In addition, as soon as sports networks decide to cut ties with the cable company, there will be no more of this nonsense signing in to a cable provider to view content. I hope Fox does it first so ESPN (Disney/ABC) is forced into it. It will be a happy day for all! ABC, get out of bed with the cable companies. They are the newspaper of this generation (going... going.... GONE) For now, I'll just sit back and enjoy the TENS OF THOUSANDS of negative reviews. ;)


How about this FYI, because of my Mom, when we (my family and I) came to this country in 1973. They were basically 3 channels! ABC, NBC and CBS. My mother picked channel 7 abc, why! Ryan’s hope, all my children, one life to live and Of course General Hospital. Then the news, with Bill Butell, Storm Field (my Mom loved watching the weather) and also! She loved Peter Jennings, and Barbara Walters. So, after I left home as an adult, I have been watching ABC channel 7, for the last 48 years. I trust it. Thank you so much. PS , I am pretty sure, that I will be watching ABC channel 7 for the next 48 years.

- Ads with Spoilers and Bugs!

Watching the long awaited season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and the app is being terribly buggy with long pauses and crashes, but WORSE 15 minutes into the show I had to wait an extra day after air to watch on the app it shows a commercial for next week’s episode with HUGE spoilers about what is going to happen later in this episode!!! Huge disappointment! If I ever get it to work to play the rest of the episode the experience is still ruined. This is currently my only option to watch it, but is it going to ruin every episode like this? I had already seen a tiny spoiler headline in the day I had to wait to watch, but the ad was so much worse. Giving it 2 stars because I do appreciate being able to watch.

- Needs major improvements

I’ve been using this app on and off for a year. The concept of having the ABC network available to me wherever I like is so amazing. However, the app is poorly developed and has many issues. Rarely is there a day when the app loads on the first try. I have to empty the cache and force the app to shut down then restart it when I use fireTV. On my phone it just refuses to load at times. I frequently receive errors of “live stream unavailable” or “login into your tv provider.” I have logged into the provider and it still gives me this error. I’m very disappointed with the app development. I feel like I spend more time getting the app to work than actually enjoying some programming.

- App keeps deleting tv provider info and not accepting when I re-enter

When this app works, it’s great, but when it doesn’t, it’s frustrating. The app frequently forgets the login information for my tv provider and asks me to re-enter it, but then spends minutes spinning its wheels and eventually freezing. I have to restart the app and try again and it is currently still not working. I’ve checked and my iPad has the tv provider data in place in settings and says ABC app is using it. But the app says I have no tv provider info. I’ve double checked the login information and made sure the tv provider website isn’t down. If this piece worked consistently, this would be a 4 or 5 star rating.

- BEST @@@TV app ever!!!

2019 - well here we are and I still prefer to watch these shows over other network show but STILL can’t watch them live. Put in a ticket and all I get is we are not in your area. What? 😳🤨🙄. It’s getting close to 10 yrs now and I can watch So many others...why is that but not ABC live “In my area”? The ABC app is the very first TV app that I down loaded and it has not let me down's been close to 6 years now. I am able to wear my wireless Beats headset and listen while cooking cleaning and moving about the house. More important if I miss a show I can watch it the next day. I am so in love with this app!!!!😍 Thanks for doing a great job guys

- Ridiculous

I’m sorry but you all are taking way to long to update your system ... it took FOREVER for a particular show to finally become available to watch ... what’s the point if you allow the show to FINALLY be watched two weeks later. Secondly the commercial breaks are ridiculously long, it completely throws of the flow of the show. I understand advertisements are how you pay the bills but 10 to 8+ commercials is pushing it people. Thirdly the inability to fast forward even after you have watched the show once does not make sense and just another ploy to get the views to watch 50 commercials in one show airing. What you all have accomplished is thrown off the feel, connection and pivotal moments that the show is trying to convey.

- Stop the changes

Every time they change the app I have more issues. Like at the end of a program it gets small so it can start you on another program that probably you don’t want to watch! Also if you watch at work and have small bits of time to log on, it doesn’t keep your place as before you have to go back into the app again. Also if you back up the program you get the same 6 commercials you just recently saw. I do like the back 10 sec button though to give some positive feedback. Thanks for listening!

- Super Frustrated

I have been rewatching one of my old favorite shows “Army Wives” and tonight I was watching an episode and then after it was over I tried to go to the next one and it kept saying “Content not available” so I closed out of the app and re opened it to see if it was just a bug or something. When I reopened the app, the show was GONE, I can’t find it. It would have been nice to have some sort of warning that you were removing it from the app! Also, the whole “Watch this interactive ad to watch an episode without commercials” is bogus. You watch the ad, and then it does skip the first set of commercials, but you still have 5 other commercial stops. I’m tired of hearing the same commercials over and over and over and over again. I could recite every word from them.

- What’s happening?!

I gave a three star because I like the shows available to watch. I have accessed The Good Doctor and there were some episodes that were locked. I gave my access info to my cable and it unlocked them. However when I click on an episode that was previously locked it says there’s an error and try again. I have tried multiple times and it still won’t give me access. I have been able to watch them at the gym but not at home. It doesn’t give an option for troubleshooting the problem either. If any help can be given that would be great. Once I’m able to watch all of the episodes I’ll change my rating to a five star.

- App for commercial lovers

If you have loads of free time and love commercials this app is for you! If you stop watching a show you must watch your five commercials to restart. However you must move the episode forward as it does not remember the location you stopped at. Each time you slowly move it forward... you guessed it five more commercials. You can usually find your place after 25 to fourth commercials. This is an app for retired people. To bad most of those don't do streaming. A mostly irrelevant app. Surprised the creators haven't been promoted to government jobs.

- Too many ads

Love the app, but 6 ads in a row play several times throughout the show. No way to skip them or fast forward. I would be more inclined to listen to the ads if only 1-3 and would run less often! Also, the ads finish, the show starts back...but in 2 secs, the series of ads start again! So I’m getting up to 12 ads back to back. This happens 4-6 times throughout the show. This part could be my iPhone, but I have deleted the app and re-downloaded. Still no change!!!! PLEASE fix this issue!

- Worst App ever downloaded

Thinking ABC would have a decent app to watch my favorite shows, compared to any other television channel app I have downloaded - ABC is the worst. It crashes mid-show, playing old episode or watching live. Constantly signs me out of my provider, causing me to go to settings remove ABC from accessing, going back to ABC app and re-login with my provider (this sometimes takes several attempts). Do not respond with your generic “contact our developer customer service team”. There are enough reviews to show this is an app issue. Maybe ABC needs a new developer!! Contact NBC’s developer - no issues with their app and also allows you to continue your show in a smaller frame while switching other apps on your device. Take note!!

- Very glitchy

I’ve been using this app for quite a while now. It’s been great and working well until the last update. It’s been pretty glitchy. After I connect the app to my tv so I can stream, it’ll load up an ad first, plays part of it, then randomly starts playing another ad, and it just keeps doing this over and over again for quite a while. Then eventually will load up my show and play it. Also, the closed captioning option is not working. I always hit the little icon for that and it doesn’t do anything. It’s also not showing how far into the show I am or show the line on it after it’s over to show that I watched that episode. Please fix and I’ll give a five star. It always worked great before this.

- Good shows, bad format

I love the abc shows which is why I use this app, but it’s very poorly designed. Every time I open the app, I have to go through a routine: 1) the opening screen freezes, so I kill the app. 2) I reopen the app which then will take me to the menu of shows. 3) I click on the show I want to watch, where the app freezes for the second time. 4) I kill the app AGAIN. 5) I reopen the app for the third time which will now allow my show to open 6) app will ask for provider verification nearly every time, even though I click on the box “don’t ask again”! 7) jumping through poorly designed hoops EVERY FREAKING TIME just to watch a show while I run on the treadmill. 8) exhausting.

- Frustrating

While I love how the app offers many shows to watch on replay, the ads are so annoying and repetitive. It is easy to cast to my smart tv, but it doesn’t recognize where I leave off if it’s paused and goes to screensaver. If I close out of the episode (to see the list of other episodes), it will continue to play on my tv. BUT, it will replay the current episode from the beginning if I click on it again to rewind, pause, or continue to watch. It doesn’t recognize that I have already watched some of the episode. It also doesn’t take you to the next episode after one finishes. The lack of smooth transitions throughout casting a tv series should be looked at.

- TV Provider Issue - resolved quickly!

Everytime I had tried to watch something it wanted me to link to my provider and it would always time out and says it can’t. I had no problems on any other device except my phone. They contacted me right away and had me do the following and it worked! Go into your device settings > Locate the ABC app > Turn off "Allow app access to device TV provider". The next time you enter the app, you may be asked to "Allow app access to device TV provider", press CANCEL or DON'T ALLOW.

- For the latest update I have 1 star

OK so I have been using the app for a few weeks now and everything was working fine. Since the newest update, it tells me that there is a problem with my Internet connection and I need to contact my service provider or something like that. I haven’t changed anything in settings all I did was update and it says that. I had watched the first two seasons of the show that I’m watching and I just started the third season when the update happenedAnd now it says that I can’t watch it. Someone please fix this issue everything was fine until the new update. I will give five stars once the issue is resolved. I love this app I just don’t like the fact that it’s not working right now

- Way too many ads. Still.

Don’t see my earlier review and am closing out of ABC once again due to ENDLESS ads. (Don’t use the rewind option—you will have to sit through 5,6, or 7 ads for your few-second rewind!)This is awful. I’m headed back to CBS, which has a good app & programming, and doesn’t cram endless unwanted advertising down your throat, turning a one hour show into a nightmare tour. Shame on ABC. This practice violates every rule of caring about customers and nullifies any good technical qualities the app may have. It’s just too much work to watch anything.

- Mostly good

I use Apple's TV app mostly, so I don't use many of the features of the ABC app. However, I've noticed a couple of annoying issues at the end of an episode. First issue: don't put an ad break right before the credits. I can tolerate the ads, but watching two minutes of them just to see a few credits and a vanity card is pretty annoying. Second issue: I hate it when the end of the show gets shoved into the corner, especially when I can't get it back to full screen. Let me see the end of the show I'm watching before you start pushing another one on me!

- Alright I guess

I use this to watch shows I missed on live T.V. Not a very user friendly interface, regular buffering, and possibly more ads than I would see on regular T.V. makes it more desirable to maybe just record your shows. The ads work where they say you have to watch just 6 commercials before continuing to watch your show but they pick the longest commercials to play. Also it buffers regularly when trying to skip back 10 seconds if I missed something, and doesn’t work very well with data, even with good reception. Just some gripes I have with this app, overall, ok I guess.

- I like the app but

I like the ABC app a lot but I get a little annoyed that there are so many ads. I have had this app for about 3 years now, and there used to be a decreasing amount of ads as the show went on. But now there are 6 ads every single time there is a break in the show. I understand ads are a must, but please go back to the old way of advertisement and not make us watch a full 4 mins of ads each “commercial” break. There’s a reason we downloaded the app instead of watching it on regular TV. Also, signing in to your cable provider seems a little redundant to me because this channel is local and the shows are free on regular TV, so why must we wait (1 week) to see them on the app?

- Good and bad

I find the app relatively easy to navigate. While this might seem to be a given, the competing networks don’t seem to always manage this. And when it works, it’s fairly seamless BUT 1) What is the point of the black bar across the top??? Why cut off the top of people’s heads? And it serves no useful purpose. 2) And fix the feeds, especially for the local segments. On a regular basis, I get nothing on the live stream. Sometimes for hours, occasionally for a couple days. On the other other hand, the breadth is quite good. Plus 1 star if they ditch the black bar, and 2 more for fixing the program feeds.

- Excessive Ads, 30 per episode

It’s impossible to enjoy this app. The excessive, repetitive ads are obnoxious and make it nearly impossible to stay sane while watching. You can’t avoid a single one while watching on a mobile device. But it gets worse...don’t fall asleep! Trying to scrub your way back to where you left off will result in watching between 12-24 ads. And just when you thought ABC was doing you a favor by offering an app...get ready to have ads rolling in the background while you sleep. Almost every streaming app quits after a certain number of episodes. ABC just keeps going. They are happy to have you listen to over 500 ads while sleeping. They probably bill their sponsors by number of ads run. Nice one ABC.

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