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Popular Science is the magazine for anyone curious about what’s new and next. With a readership of over 6.4 million, Popular Science is a must-have for technology fans, early adopters, and thought leaders.

Popular Science puts the latest news in gadgets, software, and robotics in the palm of your hand! Our articles help anyone understand the ideas and people driving the big issues of the day – whether healthcare, energy, robotics, or defense. News and features also provide perspective on the latest breakthroughs in science and technology.

Popular Science represents the best hopes for our planet, our lives, our children, and our future. And we reveal those hopes by featuring the innovations today that are laying the groundwork for a better tomorrow. This is a magazine for readers that want the future now.

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• Cruise ship secrets—How do you float a city’s worth of people out to sea? Massive freezers, vacuum poop tubes, and hydraulic cardboard crushers, to name a few.
• Get ready to rumble—Fulfill all your childhood dreams and get behind the controls of the life-sized versions of those construction toys you loved.
• The future-proofing engine—Dubai is betting big on science, technology, diversity, and tolerance as a means to a sustainable future. Here’s how they’re doing it.
• A brief history of the pickup truck—How an American classic has evolved, from the Model T Runabout to the monstrous Ford F-150, and became a better version of itself.
• The guy Lego pays to play—A guide to becoming an adult who gets to build toys for a living, including a life-size X-wing fighter jet.
• On tears and rocket fuel—When you’re emotionally attached to a rocket, you have to say your emotional goodbye with a hug.
• Anatomy of a Dyson sphere—In an energy-deficient future, we might need to put our solar panels a little closer to the sun…
• The old-show hero—Guy Spiller does more than restore old video reels. He’s preserving history one tape at a time.
• Heavy metal—These motorcycles are bigger and badder than anything else out on the open road, so try to keep up.
• Monster mashup—What happens when you smush every elite rollercoaster together into a franken-ride? We found out.



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Awful  Estrato  1 star

Even though I signed up with a valid account it won't let me log in to actually use it. After communicating with customer service for a week in an effort to get my account to actually work I am still unable to log in. Awful app don't bother downloading, just read the physical magazine. If I could give it 0 stars I would

Kyle, Virginia

What happened?  Kyle, Virginia  1 star

Haven't had this app for some time, but good lord what happened to it? You used to be able to read articles on here without paying, now you have to pay? I realize they need to make money, but what happened to advertising? I feel as though science is already falling to the wayside in America, but now a popular science, no pun intended, magazine must limit even further those who would like access to their material?

Andy R. I.

PLEASE add support for landscape view!  Andy R. I.  3 star

I love popular science! I have no problems with this app other than the absence of landscape view. Please add support for this! I often read it on my iPad and I would much rather be able to stand it up on the table in front of me with my case than hold my iPad out in front of me while I read and risk dropping it. Not to mention my arm gets quite tired.


Science Fiction  doogie-tunes  1 star

You would think that a publication dedicated to science would impress you with it's app version. It looks like they just scanned the magazine. The text is microscopic and you have to zoom and scroll in order to read anything. There is nothing under settings to increase the font size. It is not an enjoyable experience whatsoever to read this. It is one of the most primitive apps I have ever downloaded.


Not an iPhone app  GoldenGriffin  1 star

Print edition just formatted to fit the iPhone. Not useable, can't read on phone


Pop Sci fixed  Abitaq  4 star

I had the same problem, so I deleted the app, re-installed it, and the e-version worked just fine.


Issues not restoring  Howardfan  1 star

Previous purchases are not restoring, even though I have an active subscription. I am paying for nothing.


Poorly done app  Gaspasser78  1 star

Will not let me log in even with a print subscription. Bonnier apps might as well not offer the print subscription access on all their apps.


Ridiculous  Synapse12  1 star

This is sold as an iPhone app. Meanwhile, when you open an issue it's just a zoomed out view of the print magazine that's impossible to read without zooming and panning. Can't believe this.

The Dinger

No access  The Dinger  1 star

My subscription says I have Digital access to Popular Science and I do not. I entered my account number & email as instructed in the app and nothing. I also emailed Popular Science about the problem and no response after a week. Get with the program PopSci!


Andrea Ketchum andreaketchum 3 star

@digitalsci: Discover the most popular #science research papers in May: @altmetric


親孝行垢 motolin5 3 star

@moorejh: A nice summary of why #python is becoming a popular choice for #datascience & #machinelearning HT @hdk…


Richard Haberkern invent_therapy 3 star

Set phone reminders for anything


Horrible update  SmirnoFF_ice  1 star

Absolutely the worst update. I enjoyed previous reading experience with normal fonts and interactive pages, easy navigation, simple layout. Now it is all gone. Fonts are way too small, it feels like you are reading scanned magazine in pdf format, constantly zooming in on small fonts, images are low quality as well. It really wasn't a problem to download 500mb for one issue, now it's 30mb of unreadable pages. If issue won't get resolved, I'm canceling my subscription.


Incompetence at work  Phoenixfamily768  1 star

How can a magazine purposefully cut thousands of subscribers? Is Apple giving management a kickback to FORCE customers to buy an iPad air? I'm speechless. I'd like to see the ROI on this decision. I've had the iPad subscription since its first issue, and it has always been one of the best apps in the industry. What a way to end it.


The new Layout  networkguy923  1 star

Prior versions of Popular Science had the best magazine layout of any iPad magazine, now every page simply looks like it was scanned from the print issue. It looks horrible now, especially on the iPad mini, the text is just too small.


Latest update lost my subscription  Sparkgelark  1 star

After the 18 Feb update I no longer can access my subscription, which runs through July. Trying to “Restore All Purchases” ends with an error message after several minutes of gear spinning. I also still hate the fact that I can no longer read the articles in landscape mode.

El Foo del Bar

Can't log in  El Foo del Bar  1 star

Every time I try to log in, the app crashes. I even tried reinstalling it.


Keeps crashing  Mdude4104  1 star

Please fix


Keep losing spot left off  Jackx36  1 star

I thought it was just a newsstand issue. Turns out popular science just loses track of where you left off last. That is enough to stop me from wanting to keep reading.


On again, off again  retdpgmr  4 star

I read the magazine over a period of time, not at one sitting. Whenever I return, and wish to pick up where I left off, I am brought to the cover page. I then have to search to locate the last story read, instead of being taken there by the software. This is happened in the past, where it worked, then it didn't, etc.


Crashes  Jo125643783  1 star

App crashes if you enter your subscription information. Deleted app and reloaded, same effect... Useless.


Won't Open  Hubertw  1 star

I paid for the magazine subscription, but can't read any issues because every time it tries to open it fails. It shows I have the latest "bug fixes", yet begins to open and promptly goes away.

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