Tabs & Chords by Ultimate Guitar - learn and play

Tabs & Chords by Ultimate Guitar, the world's largest catalog of guitar & ukulele chords, tabs and lyrics.

Learn how to play your favorite songs, get over 1,200,000 tabs and free daily updates with recent hit songs! Begin to learn how to play guitar from scratch or refresh your knowledge with our interactive lessons.

App includes:

• Popular songs from latest releases
• Chords, notes, lyrics and guitar scores for over 800,000 songs
• Chord diagrams with notes' placement on fretboard. Each chord features multiple variations
• Ukulele chords
• Bass tabs
• Free daily updates
• Interactive guitar lessons
• Оffline access to favorite tabs
• Quick search by type, difficulty, tuning and rating
• Autoscroll
• MIDI controller support

Editors' collections:

Collections of hand selected songs edited and fine tuned to perfection from professional guitarists for guitarists. Songs from collections chosen specifically for particular moments such as getting the party started or camping out in nature so you always have the perfect playlist ready at hand. Or focus on guitar techniques with professionally picked songs. With new collections released every Friday, endless possibilities for moments are available for you.

Powerful extensions:

Tab Pro
• Access to 250,000+ interactive tabs with realistic sound playback
• Multiple instrument tracks available for each tab (guitar, bass, drums etc)
• Loop and tempo control

Guitar Tools
• Accurate Tuner
• Precision Metronome
• Chord Library with more than 2 million chords

Tab Tools
• Print and share tabs
• Change font style and size
• "Fit To Screen" feature
• Export tabs and chords to Dropbox, send them via email with just one tap

• Original guitar effects for 7,000+ popular songs
• Special Tonebridge collection

Tab Tracker
• Tracking system that keeps you motivated
• Record videos to track your progress
• Share your videos with 2M+ guitarists

We strive for excellence and we're always eager to improve your Tabs experience! Please do not post bug reports or feature requests as an App Store review.

Let us help you in person - contact development team at [email protected] and your feedback will be heard.

Tabs & Chords by Ultimate Guitar - learn and play App Description & Overview

The applications Tabs & Chords by Ultimate Guitar - learn and play was published in the category Music on 2010-03-16 and was developed by Ultimate Guitar. The file size is 98.28 MB. The current version is 3.1.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

We take care about your feedback and in this version have fixed all critical bugs you reported:

- fixed favorites not working in offline mode
- fixed "Open with..." option not working for all tabs
- fixed transposed chords printing
- fixed sound desync in specific Tab Pro tabs
- fixed incorrect number of tabs in Top 100 section

Have any suggestions or comments? Shoot us an email at [email protected]
Keep rockin' \m/

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Ultimate guitar tabs  cr450r  4 star

Awesome app. All guitarist should have it. I gave you a 4 star because everyone can improve. ( I don't even get a top rating out of 1-3 at work). I get all 2s.

Some dudeeeee

Pretty good  Some dudeeeee  5 star

i learned a lot of songs from dis app thank you


Best tab app ever  _MrShades_  5 star



Best guitar app out there  momo1501  5 star

Easy to use and gives you clear pics of all chords


Conveniently awesome tool!!  alphatone32  5 star

I use this app religiously, I love it!! I recommend upgrading it allows the consumer to be be the most productive without annoying ads. Just a great tool for any musician.

Mikey morales

They do what they do the best  Mikey morales  5 star

This app is awesome, I use it on my phone and tablet. Both have mostly the same features but it's always a helpful tool to get down specific songs. And the cherry on top is Tonebridge syncs up with it very nicely

I find it

ILY  I find it  5 star

I love this app it's so great it has every single song


Top notch app  Mike__G  5 star

Great reference in my pocket for any song. Perfect when there's a guitar in the corner at a part waiting to be played and you need to look up a quick tab to play something new

Weary, Cosmic Cowboy

Greed based...not what I thought!!  Weary, Cosmic Cowboy  1 star

I hope this even gets through! I simply need an app, so I can see the chord changes. And to be able to print & email. Not asking too much!! Immediately after purchasing this, I tried to print...& email, & all I get is pop ups, blocking me from going any further; prompting me upgrade to pro. What a bunch of greedy BS!!! Of course I wanted to print the charts!!!! That's why I have a MUSIC STAND!!!! I don't appreciate the devil horns as a logo either. I'm calling Apple tomorrow, to get a refund. It's already been deleted from my iPhone. Thanks for nothing!! I can get chord charts FREE, by googling. I thought a nice format would be nice.

Leah jenszci

Highly recommended  Leah jenszci  4 star

Love this app so much ! It is so handy to be able to look up any song you want and find the tabs for it. The only annoying thing is that they put up a lot of adds every time you open the app which I wish they would stop


Chris Sundberg chrisXkevin 3 star

Tabs vs. Spaces: A Treatise The programming world is full of epic battles. Mac vs. PC. iOS vs. Android. Vim vs. Em…


Ulrika Sultan teknikpedagog 3 star

@Asstar112: Något för alla tekniklärare Most of the World's Bread Clips Are Made by a Single Company @atlasobscura …


Andreas Cseh andreascseh 3 star

@_DCTech: Check it out!


Use it all the time - very good  Elich91  4 star

I wish there were more flexible options for printing, and formatting what is printed. I use the app all the time trying to learn song, and other than that I don't have any complaints. Very nice job.


Limitless inspiration  Chalupacabruh  5 star

If this community didn't exist, I wouldn't have stuck with playing guitar for the past ten years. Thanks for everything you do!


Just a bad app...  Samuel512  1 star

This app has only gotten worse and more gimmicky through the years.


I like it  whtwalkwhenyoucanfly  5 star

I've been using this site at least once a week for a long time both free and paid and I have never been unable to find a song I was looking for , both my in tab and chords. Thanks guys !


Amazing app  Amazingguy7  5 star

Very easy to use and accurate tabs! I absolutely love this app!


Many Thanks  RK1978  5 star

Throughout my 7 year odyssey of "learning" to play guitar in my spare time this app has been an invaluable tool. Outside of playing with others / lessons, I can't imagine a better way to build some solid skills.


Love this app💕  Rendona  5 star

No matter what I'm looking for it there. And all the help I need to learn to play them since I'm such a guitar novice 🎸. Thanks


Great place  bearcat687  5 star

I love this app. I always start looking for some old country song but there is no telling where I wind up reading something and wind up saving another song to favorites that I didn't know I needed. There is always something to look at , to learn, to try that you just can't help becoming a better guitar player. Keep up the good work.

Dread head 73

Awesome!!!  Dread head 73  5 star

I use this app to line up lead sheets for my gigs in Ana caustic trio. Great app, allows me to have 100's of songs in one app.


This app has changed my life  jrpx14  5 star

I started playing guitar a year ago and Idk where I would be without this app y'all.

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