5-0 Radio Police Scanner

5-0 Radio Police Scanner [News] App Description & Overview

The largest collection of live police, firefighter, aircraft, railroad, emergency, news, and ham radios. Be the first to know about weather, news, and crime updates.

Thanks for making us the best police scanner app on the market. This app is one of top 100 most downloaded iOS app since 2009 with tens of millions of downloads so far, millions more downloads than any other police scanner app.

- New “Feeds with Active Alerts” feature that shows you feeds with interesting on-going activity and breaking news happening right now along with a description of the alert, breaking info, location, and feed.
- Listen to feeds in the background. You can run other apps while listening to the police. Pause the feeds via the media controls on your device.
- Automatically attempts to reconnect the feed if you lose the connection.
- Listen to feeds on your desktop/laptop computer. Email yourself a link to the feed, and open that link on your browser or with your favorite mp3 player.
- Ability to add custom feeds
- Chat with other users
- The web browser also automatically detects feeds and integrates it with the radio. Now you can add feeds from the web by simply tapping on the feed's link via our browser.
- Share feeds with your friends by email. They do not need to buy this app to listen with you. They can listen in with any device that has a web browser.
- Worldwide coverage. Listen to feeds from the United States, Canada, Australia and more. Our app is always expanding and looking for new police radios to tap into.
- List scanners by county. Don't just list all feeds in a state, get only the ones that are from your city/county.
- Integrated map that finds your location and the location of the feed. Now you can find where the action is happening and follow along.
- Built-in police/EMS/fire/military codes and phonetic alphabet for easy interpretation. Good for any beginners who do not have the proper training and have trouble remembering what the codes mean.
- Save your favorites to the front screen of the app for quick one-tap access.
- This app will dynamically grab a new list of sources so that you will always be the first to get any new police feeds out there.
- See the popularity of each feed. Each feed lists the number of listeners who are following the action along with you.
- Choose new skins or make your own. Skins can be any photo you choose from your photos library.
- New police feeds and others are added on an hourly basis, so keep checking if we added yours recently.

Upgrade to 5-0 Radio Pro to remove ads, add even more feeds, and new features.

It is legal in most countries to listen to police feeds. However, it is illegal in some places to use this app to aid in the commission of a crime or to pose as a police officer when you are not. It may also be illegal to use it while driving. Please consult your local laws before using this app outside of your home.

Is it fake?
It's very real. Each feed comes from a person in that region with an expensive police scanner sharing the signal with you via the internet.

The delay between the real radio feed and this app is only a few seconds depending on buffering and internet speeds.

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5-0 Radio Police Scanner Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixed a bug that caused the app to not work properly on an older iOS

5-0 Radio Police Scanner Comments & Reviews

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- Love This App

I've been using this app for years. Ever since my iPod gen 2 was new. It has the ability to access emergency services radio from all over the world. But for me, I primarily use it to find out what's going on in my home town. When the fire whistle goes off it's nice to be able to listen in and find out what's going on and where. It can help to alleviate some anxiety for people like me, who can be a bit paranoid about their loved ones safety. It's pretty impressive, it even has my small towns emergency services radio on there and it's just a small town with a population of around 2000. There's no draw back to having this app. It doesn't take up much storage space on your data drive and even the free versions adverts are barely noticeable. Check it out, there's no reason not to really.

- Full page ads are the worst

I love that this app can access publicly available scanner feeds, in areas around the world that are completely out of radio range from my old fashioned RF scanner hardware. Having been a shortwave, aviation, train, and emergency services listener for over 50 years, I’ve toned down my listening to just a few minutes on rare occasions, and with over 500 apps, I stick with the free versions when I can. Apple has a perfectly acceptable ad-banner methodology that works well, to make us aware of the ad, and give us a way to learn more, if we’re interested, and earn the software developer a little (sometimes a lot of) money for their effort. I find the full-page ads to be a reprehensible way to put these ads, usually for things we’re not interested in, in our face, and block access to the app controls. Disgusting. It’s even worse, when the advertisements contain links to dangerous places.

- One of the best apps in the store

I've used this app for several years and gladly paid for the upgrade. I'm in public safety, and this app is my backup to my portable and pager. Here are a few notes on getting the most out of the app... The audio is a data stream (like listening to an Internet radio station). Therefore, it uses both battery/adapter power. Unless you have either unlimited data or a wifi connection, you might go over your limit. Also, it's a good idea to use a power adapter and not batteries. The audio typically comes from local scanners connected to the Internet. Therefore the quality may vary. Also, there may be a lag from the time a station transmits, until you actually hear it. All in all, it's a great app and highly recommended.

- Important to have our local PD on here.

During these troubling times and to have our local Police Department mysteriously disappear for whatever reason from here (and I’m sure it’s a good valid reason) has been unsettling. Thank goodness during the Rioting and craziness out there, Concord California Police have returned. Being from a family of San Francisco Police Officers (including my late sister who was murdered) I know the importance of not letting everyone know what’s going on and where..... hmmmm the criminals are smart and have phones...... Just keep broadcasting, at least until the USA can act like responsible human beings and we feel safe again!! Thank You to ALL in Law Enforcement and Fire Protection. I honor you as heroes!!

- Garbage

I downloaded this app years and years ago. It used to be great...fast, responsive, reliable, and minimal ads. Now? The app is absolute garbage. Every single time you open a feed, a totally irrelevant, loud, useless ad takes up the whole screen. Often, you can’t find the exit button to close the ad, and frequently this causes you to miss important audio. Want to switch feeds? More ads! Listening to an event or a feed for an extended period of time? Watch and wait as it silently pauses the feed every 8 minutes and 52 seconds on the dot. I, along with many other first responders, use this app to get vital radio traffic, and it just isn’t reliable enough for that anymore. This ad merely pulls audio feeds from Broadcastify, if you’re going to pay for a premium source, why pay this developer who has sold out when you could just pay the source? This app asked me to write a review for years, so here it finally is. 0 out of 5 stars, get something else.

- Y am I having to wait through ads when I paid for this app?

Update: Somehow when I changed devices I ended up back here on the free version. So thankful I realized it and now am not using this one I am back with the 5.0 PRO Version that I paid for. I absolutely, definitely & completely recommend the paid no ads 5.0 Radio Pro! Used to like this app a lot ! When I hear a siren, I open it & click on my local in favorites to hear if and where there may be a fire.....but this time ads took over and not only 1 ad but multiple ads with no way to close them. By the time the radio started my local police scanner, the info & location had already been broadcasted. I thought I paid for an ad free app so why all of a sudden is this happening? So What’s Up??? Otherwise would be 4.5 - close to 5 stars!

- Great app

One thing to understand with this app is that there is a delay and transmission. I use it to listen to the Fire Station my son is a Explorer at and he often text me concerning calls he is on when I’ve not even heard the call on the scanner. My best guess is that it is roughly a 13 to 15 minute delay but as long as you understand that it’s fantastic. I would have to pay roughly $400 for a high quality scanner to get real time dispatches and I would have to remain in the transmission coverage area to hear the call. This app allows me to hear the calls from anywhere I have a connection to cellular or the web. Well worth the upgrade to pro to get rid of the ads and I think the Pro version stays in the background better then the free app does.

- Is $3.99 in-app purchase ACTUALLY available??

The prices for purchase are inconsistent. In the App Store, the free- version lists the in-app purchase of 5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner as $3.99. In the app itself, the upgrade for ‘More Features/Feeds/No Ads’ took me to the 5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner app in the App Store and wanted $4.99. Of note: the free and pro versions are listed as separate apps. Since the app doesn’t offer a way to contact the developer, I’m leaving a review here. I was considering purchasing because the ads are a huge drawback and discourage me from using the free version. For example, the ads don’t pop up consistently, sometimes they display when opening the app before selecting a feed or changing to a different feed and sometimes they don’t. Additionally, if the feeds are quiet and one turns up the volume, the ads are quite loud. Perhaps it was designed this way to persuade purchasing the app.

- like a window

Like a window to the world outside the safety of the walls that protect us. Around you this law enforcement scanner makes it possible to know who, what and where events are happening. In real time the police chatter is non stop, sometimes humorous but mostly it is serious business as the men and women sworn to keep the peace are constantly on the move responding to calls all around us. It is not too hard to learn and get used to the way the codes and other information is passed along. For a hobby or for knowing what is going on near you I found it to be quite addicting and as good as a real handset. I hope you find it as useful as I have.

- The crime in my neighborhood

Is almost constant so when sirens screech by and or the police helicopter Is hovering overhead it was not uncommon to see me gathered around with neighbors wondering WHAT JUSY HAPPENED?? Then wait for the news if any. BUT now anytime a situation happens or I'm just curious about what's going on in my neighbor-hood or around my city I click on the police scanner widget and I can listen in on police calls in real time or literally within a few seconds and communication between dispatch, patrols and even AIR comes in so clear and precise, with other apps I would get so fustrated and stressed because of too many ads, static, channel changes etc.., but not anymore with this app!!! Thanks I really am satisfied with this download.

- Passing a English Essay

One time I had the opportunity to write a review an never knew there was such. I gotten up pretty early today to beat the rooster to turn on the tv for just the most amazing commercials. I see chime all day in tv. Well, I hadn’t had to get a real cup of coffee in a very long time an on my way to visit o precious family members also this early morning. We stopped at a truck stop dive yo... it’s was a messy place but, they , had; SUMATRA COFFEE ! Then out of anywhere this weirdos came around like a Internet agency that RV was parked getting fueled. Well, that’s all happened on the app that one time many months ago.. don’t you remember??

- Good app annoying ads

I like this app for the most part. I use it daily. I realize that I don’t buy the premium version so I must deal with the ads. That used to be okay, but now they pop up and cover the screen. Yesterday I had one pop up that had audio so it cancelled out what I was listening to. I know the ads are important revenue for you, but if they are at the bottom of the screen anyway, why do they have to pop up as well? I for one would never buy anything they advertise because they are annoying. I can’t get those suckers closed fast enough. Plus there are political ads as well. I don’t even want to start on that one. Please try to reconsider the pop ups. Thanks.

- Had this app for years now.

So let's begin with it works most of the time, but not the times some people would really need it to. For instance to help save some lives of the people the were unconscious after a roll over which had landed them in the river just putting their unconscious heads out of reach of rising waters. Sure I might have made it if I wasn't fiddling with getting my iPad app to give me a mile marker point through the pending ads that restrict you from listening or if it simply just does not want you to hear so the man at the other end pushes the stop button as you press play over and over. Well anywho good app next to that, be nice if they'd give the guy that presses the stop button a talk too about the importance of this app and to not do that.

- This app is great but there's one thing

..that I can't stand and it started about two weeks after I downloaded the app. I can listen fire & EMS in my county and I could listen to the sheriffs office also but now the sheriffs office won't play and the blue power button beside it only favorites isn't lite up like the other ones. Is there a reason for this or a way to turn it on. That is who my husband works through and I love being able to listen to this scanner while he is at work. In a sense it calms me because the scanner is always on at home on his days off so when he is gone and I still hear the scanner I feel better but can always listen an see what calls he is on.


The app functionality does what it’s expected to do, but when launching the app, every time, ads pop up over the screen and aren’t dismissible until they time out. The most recent ad was 15 seconds long before the cancel button was enabled! The problem is that the ads have audio, which takes over so I can’t hear the scanner audio. I only launch the app when the siren goes off in my town, and as soon as I start the scanner feed I want to hear, the ads pop up and take over, typically resulting in my missing what the call is about because I have to wait so long for the ad’s timer to expire to be able to dismiss it. 3 seconds is tolerable, 5 seconds is pushing it, but 15 seconds has made this app dead to me.

- Good app however...

It tends to crash a lot, and it's usually right after an Ad comes up, which is often. Sometimes it closes on me 3 times in 10 minutes. Also, an improvement suggestion would be to show the time in the time zone of the radio station that is selected, so if it is in pacific time the clock could adjust to that time instead of staying local time. Sometimes it buffers a lot which is frustrating because it's usually right around when something good is happening, and sometimes crashes or skips parts. It is a good, entertaining, informative app but has a few issues that if fixed would make it perfect.

- Information from the source

In this time when fake news is so rampant, I love that I can listen in to the police calls. Most of the time the situation is not as panicked as some make it out to be. Recently there were rumors of trouble coming to the suburbs but I was able to quickly listen to actual police calls. They were calm and all reports were fine. The one area where they were monitoring was easily dispersed by driving a few cars around the area. People are comforted by police presence. #backtheblue Thank you all for being there to keep us safe!

- Great app but sometimes I wonder

I love this app when it’s working! There’s been a few times I’ve got on it and it’s like everything was wiped off it ..... dead silence! I’m not sure why, if it was the app or intentionally done by my local departments but it’s really weird when it happens.... makes you wonder what’s going on they don’t want anyone to know about!!! Also, miss a lot because it seems everyone talks at the same time so you only get bits and pieces of what’s going on at times. It’s either really busy or silent! I do enjoy listening, it can be helpful! Nothing is perfect but I do recommend this app!

- 5-0 Radio

I'm siting here tonight while in the mist of a tornado warning in North Texas...this is a common occurrence during the spring each year. This scanner app allows me to listen to all the active chatter from the local amateur radio operators in the area and it's much more informative than the local news channels... Well worth the piece of mind. I can listen to communications live and bake better decisions about what my family and I should do...I am glad I have this app and feel better about what goes on than listening to the TV Weather guys who can't stop talking and playing with their radar.

- Good App... Not Good When Traveling.....

I enjoy using this app. However, it is not so good like when you are traveling. For example when I am traveling I try to tap the option "Local Scanner" and it does not work very good when you are traveling and you are trying to get the local police scanners. But if you know your city and all that and want to save it in your favorite list then that works and is easy. I just wish it would work better when I am traveling like if I am being pulled over it would be awesome if it would work wherever I am at or wherever that may be.

- Good Choice in Scanners

5-0 Radio is a very good choice for scanner apps. I have had it on multiple devices for over 4 years and have never been disappointed. There are a lot of options to get vital information from all around the world, however I mainly use the scanner to find out what happened when my local fire whistle blows. Calls come through very clear and easy to understand and finding channels is super easy. The only negative I can think of, is on the free app if you have just turned on scanner it will play an ad first, sometimes that causes the beginning of the call to be missed. Other then that it’s great!!

- Most Accurate App

5-0 Radio Police Scanner is definitely the best police radio app I've used. Even on Thursday, when it was pretty quiet, I was able to listen for reports from downtown with very little lag time. I was able to put on my suit and climb on top of the Sykes building in time to see his car drive down Ashley St. I had planned for a lot of wind resistance, as my other apps are usually about three seconds behind, but I was able to fly to the Sykes roof and wait for the thief with two seconds to spare, perfect for diving onto the hood of his car. Five stars for impeccable accuracy.

- No Longer Feasible

When first downloaded years ago it worked ok, with only one channel available for three different entities in my area. You could only hear one of them at a time, obviously, but it gave no option to prioritize which one you would like on top. That hindered the ability to follow a major important event going on because of interruptions from the other entities not involved or related to it. Now it is pretty much useless as all the entities have switched over to a different more secure radio system. This app is up to date and it does not pick up any traffic. Its time lapse counter never activates even after tapping the play arrow again, confirming that it has no access to the area trying to be monitored.

- Very easy to use

This app is not only very easy to use his phone to use you can find out what's going in your community locally who is getting arrested he's getting caught where the cops are and more importantly are they in your neighborhood the Apple tell you what's going on in your area and even surrounding areas and even areas you don't live in you can find I was going to Washington DC or Denver Colorado or even your hometown back home so the app is very flexible allows you to get water for mission from multiple radios around the country it's also raise now are you

- Great app!🤯

Great app for hearing police, fire, EMS, public safety, etc. Usually we turn this on at night and listen for awhile and then fall asleep. I remember as a kid using my dad’s old school police scanner and just being fascinated and trying to learn the different codes. Of course with today’s technology and this app combined they offer the same experience: scanner for pretty much any station (even my small MI hometown of 3,000 people) AND it lists the codes for each department so you can look at what the situation really is.. it’s cool, I probably would pay for it if I had to.

- Decent Not Perfect

Does what it says mostly. I don't mind reasonable ads as the app provides a useful service. However one frequent ad is an invasive pop up that is very difficult dismiss and almost always offers something spammy,low-value, or a downright ripoff. That has to go to earn full stars. Only other complaint is that some local scanner stations aren't available—this is not a fault in the app, an increasing number of departments are switching to encrypted comms. These do not facilitate public awareness or transparency. If your jurisdiction does this encourage them to stop. Also traditional radio is less expensive.

- Great App

I love knowing what's going on in my city and where to go to see some action. the rest of this review will be me pressing the right suggested word a couple of times. I'm at a time when you are so much for a long way in hell of an old lady at a news report that a new song on my iPhone to my friends to be able too see my friends to the game with a long day ahead with its new home and watch it with my mom and my dad and his colleagues at least a dozen or a time to be the same as I am so glad you enjoyed your birthday. Thanks for reading 😀

- Listening to our Police Officers work

I have a son in law that is a police officer / swat team member. It give me a peace of mind listening to all of the cities and areas on this my phone scanner to get an idea of chat he does during the night. I am impressed on how efficient and respectful to each other as the nights issue come about and how quickly our police officers respond to the professional dispatch. The one thing that “ always “ amazing me is the “ calm “ but at the same moment the urgency they operate with during high emergent moments.

- I'm a firefighter 🚒

I love this app. We have pagers but I was wondering if there was an "alternative" and I love that I can hear my county fire, EMS, and Police scanners. I just downloaded it but I bet it will come in handy! The only thing I wish is if with your favorite channels the App would scan to them if there is chatter on them. Like if I get paged for an Alarm it would be awesome if the app would grab the Walkie-Talkie chatter for the location and I can hear exactly where it is and get updates as I'm going there. But LOVE IT! But if you could add a "pager" type function where I can get updates as I'm driving

- Handy and useful

Wondering where an ambulance or fire or police are going when they blast their siren by your home? Tune in and listen in your smart phone to be informed. Also while traveling you may find out about accidents before the other drivers around you and you can take an early detour to avoid traffic jams. When the app asks for permission to access your location, if you allow it, it will keep you tuned to local activities that may be of interest as well as give you the time.

- Very Good Scanner App

I like this scanner app a great deal. It does everything expected of a scanner, and its search function to find viable channels keep one from having to enter a bunch of frequency numbers (though you can do so if for some reason it doesn't find the channel you are looking for). It has a nice little timer that you can turn on in order to keep track of arrival time of units and total length of time the incident lasts. All in all a nice app though there are some units, like The Alaska State Troopers, do to their use of a "trunk dispatching and communication" system. Hopefully that will be next!

- Awesome selection but Ads are SO annoying!

I highly recommend this app and the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars, is because the ads that pop up are extremely annoying because it completely interrupts the radio transmission going on by the police dept you’re listening to. If they want ads, then they should fit them down at the bottom of the screen or something where the stereo speaker picture is, NOT take over the entire app interrupting what you were listening to.

- Best police scanner app ever!

This is really awesome and usually I do not write reviews but I just had to because this is so great if you wanna know what’s going on in your town or city maybe even state be cause where I live there are police cars and fire trucks going places a lot so I wanna know what they are saying. All though sometimes it is not very clear what the officers or fire fighters are saying over the radio. Overall this is a really really nice app to keep you updated on thing going on where you live or just anywhere!

- Bomb threat

Today I was in shelter in place for 3 hours at my school due to a serious bomb threat. Listening in to the cops calmed my nerves. Sure, I heard them say the bomb was in the building right next to me, but at least I could relay that to my family and tell them how much I loved them. This app worked great EXCEPT for one thing. ADS. When you're in a fricken shelter in place because of something so serious, YOU DONT WANT ADS. Your adrenaline is pumping and you're crying your eyes out and when you're shaking so bad you can hardly hold your phone, you don't want to worry about clicking out of an Ad. Seriously!!!

- Pulse Shooting

You should know that this was the app that provided all the info to Orlando when the media didn't even know the shooting was happening. It didn't fail us. Thank you for making it available. When i first started listening there were 4 active listeners to orlando fire. By 7am there were 7500 active listeners. In a time where so many needed to hear what was happening as they prayed and worried for their loved ones, 5-0 radio was there for them when the local news stations were not.

- Great app For Firefighters.

I'm a volunteer Firefighter and even though we have pagers a lot of the time there delayed from when the stations alarms go off and when we get the notice on our pagers. So a lot of times when I get the notice I respond drive to the station, get there only to find out they already left or I get to watch them speed past me down the road. This app helps me because I can hear when our stations tones go off and get up and go. So by the time I'm pulling in to the station our pagers go off.

- Love the free app

I’m one of those that enjoys listening to the local police and fire and rescue. When I travel I enjoy listening to the local scanners as well. Gives me an idea if it’s worse or better than home. Had a pharmacy convention in Chicago. I was hearing what I thought was fireworks around the baseball stadium and it turned out to be shots fired. Never have I heard more radio activity than in Chicago. Admittedly never traveled to Detroit though. I’m still hooked on listening to Chicago all the way back in SC. Love this app

- Happy viewer

I really have nothing bad to say about this app. I heard that the police scanner apps u find in the App Store were delayed a little bit. I was skeptical about using them because the possibility of me listening to false or fake records. But recently I was out in the yard after dark. I seen a neighbors house down the road getting spot lighted. I turned on my app and listened to check out what was going on and sure enough I heard the police conversation regarding the situation. I give this app 5 stars

- Not cool

Right in the middle of listening to a station, an ad popped up and I couldn’t hear what the scanner was saying anymore. How stupid and crappy is that? I understand an ad popping up but why in the world would it completely interrupt something I’m listening to? Couldn’t it just have popped up but on mute with the option to listen if I wanted to while still being able to hear the scanner? Hmmm, that’s an idea. & I don’t know why it keeps kicking me off the station right in the middle of listening. I have to open up the app & go back to the station & start it again. Its happened about 5 times already & I’ve only had it downloaded for about an hour. It’s annoying & unfortunately that why this app is getting 1 Star.

- Fun and easy to use.

I find this ad very easy and fun to use. Went searching for either a new radio station or, scanner feed. I just follow the prompts. Usually I find exactly what I’m looking for, but sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by what is available. I have found a couple of scanner feeds in England that I now follow. Also listening to radio, And/or scanner feeds in Texas where I have family. Kind of makes me feel like I’m taking a mini vacation on the weekends when I follow on the air programming from taxes. It’s also nice to follow my local emergency scanner bands here in San Diego.

- Usually good

I like this app. But it does have it’s problems. It’s just not this app however. Problem is that for the Des Moines Police it doesn’t always work kind of like a server is down or something. Happens fairly frequently and seems like it’s down for 24+ hours at a time. No I don’t have the time to listen 24/7 but it’s kind of a pain when I do and no stream. Yet other Police are working just fine. Someone needs to see if something can be done about this. Otherwise a great app and would upgrade if that could be corrected.

- Fun app but quits alot

Every version has done this, it will work fine then suddenly I don’t hear it and when I check it has quit the stream and gone back to main menu. Mostly seems to be caused when messages is running and a message is received if my home screen is not on 5-0 Radio. App goes to show how stupid crooks are. Yesterday was listening to the local popo chase 3 thieves who did a home invasion around town, at one point one undercover says he is 4 cars behind them and gives exact location, if the idiots listened to their 50-radio feed they would have easily escaped. FWIW apps dropped feed twice while I was typing this. I give it 3 stars for entertainment value but take two away for poor performance.

- Reality Radio

Interesting to listen in on Vegas Metro on any weekend obviously holidays are even more eventful, but also cool to check on what's happening in my backyard too. It's comprehensive and you can set up a favs list Sometimes when I'm in the mood... I'll poor myself a drink, play online poker and listen to it in the background on my iPad, not everyday but sometimes it can be very entertaining. Plus You set your own wallpaper I have a pic of Reno 911, but the app usually just runs in the background

- WAY too many ads

The ads are ridiculous. For starters, you cannot simply click the 'x' on any of the ads at first because they do not display the 'x' until the ad has been visible for a while. You cannot click where the 'x' would normally be located because it changes from ad to ad. If you do click on the area where the 'x' would be and it's not there yet, it takes you to the ad. The ads will come on full volume, with Shaq trying to sell you some at-home pain remedy, playing over the radio until it allows you to exit the ad. It's pretty obvious the free version of this app is meant to encourage people to pay for the full version because this app is just a pain to use. Uninstalling.

- Too many adds ,

App it’s good , works as it should , has plenty of scanner feeds to browse and listen to , now why 3 stars , well am using the free version and I understand ads will be displayed and it’s ok but when the large ads pop up and take the full screen for 15 seconds it’s really annoying and frustrating , am ok with y’all having ads in the bottom of my screen but taking over the whole screen is absurd and annoying , all be uninstalling soon and moving to a less app that doesn’t cover up and take over my screen every couple of minutes

- Got Police Helicopters? Use 5-0 Radio

My formerly very quiet neighborhood now has Police Helicopters at least 3x per week now. To find out what the criminals are up to, it takes 30 seconds to open the free App and listen. Yes, sometimes you have deal with a 15 second ad. But I deleted the “other” free police app that had such long ads, the incident was over by the time I got through them. Ridiculous! Stick with this easy-to-use 5-0 Radio to find out what’s happening!

- Neighborhood High Speed Pursuit

I live in an incredibly dull part of upstate New York, and to my surprise at 2:30 in the morning, I heard tires squealing and sirens sounding off pretty much in my back yard. It freaked me out. I immediately downloaded this app and found out what was going on. It just so happened that there was a pursuit, and the two assailants were hiding in my backyard. So I sat in my living room, shotgun in lap, phone in hand, and waited for these criminals to break into my home. They never did, but thanks to this app I knew what was happening, and that I was not in fact hallucinating.

- More feed details needed.

This is a good app overall. My biggest problem with it is not knowing what state a feed is coming from. Not everyone knows that Placer County is in California. Monroe County may be Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, or Florida. It would be helpful if the location given included the state, without having to pull up the map. In some cases, the feed may be from another country. In which case, it would be nice if it stated that country on the feed title. Any other details of a feed would be helpful. Otherwise, I am pleased with the app.

- Finally!!

Finally a good scanner app that doesn’t make you sign up for anything after a 3 day trial or something like that. There are other apps that are also free with no subscription like this one but this one is the BEST APP BECAUSE where I live the feed I need to listen to for my area has 3-4 agencies using the one channel and this app tells you which police department is speaking or fire department...it makes such a big difference please never change this feature!!!!

- Helps you understand to know how the police operate

On the side of the law, or the other side, with this app you have insight into knowing some of the activity and communication between police and even how sometimes their own misinformation may be revealed in some situations as in one live encounter I had between Portland Police officers one August in 2017. Right now with Police presence in my neighborhood on this warm May night for over an hour, now the time is ten-to-three in the morning however, I get no direct connection to their activity because some of their communication is via cell phone. This is a stake out for a career criminal at the end of my block I believe. This program has helped me to better understand police activity and be aware of my own possible encounters with them. Better than just my own scanner.

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- Am very happy with this

It’s been a lot of buzzing in the sky tonight from a chopper..it got the better of me so I downloaded a police scanner which is this one and boy have the police been busy tonight... But am glad to hear what’s going on..there’s nothing worse than hearing a low chopper hovering around and not knowing what’s going on... 2 thumbs up for this scanner...thank you and thank you to the police offers who are trying to keep our streets clean..keep up the good work..

- Very good!

I'm with the New South Wales Rural Fire Service and this is a great way to keep up to date when I can't be at the station. Very useful/fast with little delay. I've got it downloaded on all of my Apple products and I think it's the best app out there!

- This app just got better. New stations.

This app is the best especially now it gets a clear scanner of Tassie my home state. Also a clear Mackay where I currently live. I love it. It’s good knowing what is happening around our community

- Great app

The app works great. Only issue is sometimes when opening the app the ads come up straight away and you need to wait a few seconds to get them out of the road to select what station you want to listen too. Apart from that, it’s great entertainment.

- No access

The public no longer has access to this channel, waste of time to download

- amazing

Husband Cfa volunteer, purchase equipment that simply doesn’t work but with this app, I can know what’s happening and when he’s back to station and all is good . Love it

- Very handy but ads are painful

The app itself is fantastic, the ads that come up and stay there for 5-10 seconds are painful when you need to listen straight away.

- Works ok for me!

I use this app when the scanner is broken - it works ok but the ads are a bit annoying. Probably if I spent some money on it I'd get rid of them, and I might do that one day. In the interim, it's doing a reasonable job.

- Scanner victoria Australia

Why can't we get local eg Melbourne metro Pakenham ,Gellong , Hastings , lilydale, backeshmarsh , vkc, police .is it because your system only covers analog air ways not digital .if so is their away to cover digital signals . Yours truly. Ray

- It's amazing and a pretty good boredom killer

Nice job! I would go on but I could write a 20 page long book about the app but I won't because it's pointless

- Love this app

Been using it for years. As a member of a volunteer Fire Brigade, it’s helpful to listen to incidents near our response area for early response as they escalate. Thank you to the developers!

- Awesome app

This is one of the most reliable police scanner on the App Store and would suggest this to everyone who wants to listen in to the police

- Police scanner

Great app just leave going in the background while you go about your business good to hear ya mates getting arrested

- Local channel

It’s great for the local fire station, I can always hear what’s going on and very clearly but that’s the only scanner channel in my region. When I see the chopper flying above wether it’s the police or ambulance there’s no local channel for me know what’s going on.

- Highly recommended

Fantastic way to keep up with what is happening in emergency situations. Highly recommend

- Bob

Wish we still could pick up the police Chanel that was great .but we can keep up with bush fires in our area thats cool

- Not as good as it used to be

Unfortunately this app has slipped since I first installed it years ago! For 1, there is too many ads and 2, there is only one channel and it’s the fire department. I’m pretty sure there was an option for police and ambulance?! I don’t see that.

- Handy app

Recommend to anyone wanting to listen to what's happening with local emergency services

- The ads?!

I know you can buy an ad-free version, but I would be happy to see the ads if I could even CLOSE them at some stage?!! I have to keep exiting the app and getting back into it, in the hopes I don’t have the same ad pop up! How annoying! Please fix this!

- Good app

This is a great app at first I had trouble finding Ballarat police station but I asked my Mum for help and she offered my to pick Grampians because Ballarat is in the Grampians region.

- Would get higher rating but...

...In times of stress the interruption of the advertising hampers being able to navigate to right station for current fire handling information

- Really works

This app really works and is a great way to keep up to date with what's going on in my area.

- Fantastic

It's a great way of knowing what is going on area my area and if there is anything I should be looking out for.

- Suits my needs perfectly

Stable reliable feed for my aviation listening requirements.

- Used to be good

Was good but now seems buggy, and only getting worse with each new version. Wish I could roll back to an older version.

- Review

Excellent to be able to get the heads up what is happening around us. Well done.

- Actually works

I was sceptical about it working, but it actually does. Obviously mobile phones are used in most police work these days,but it’s still ok, interesting.

- Great works well

Used it for a while no problems at all

- Actually works

Surprisingly this app actually works well

- Towie's

Awesome for tow truck drivers who want to step out of the truck for a while ! And perfect reception no matter your location, a problem with hand held scanners !!!

- It's OK But no Sounds for me...

I love the app itself but ahhh no sounds Don't like it I mean I need the sounds my friends have the app on Samsung(galaxy) and they have sounds If I don't get $0UNDS Athen they'd be rlly angry You know

- Great app!

Great app that always works well. It's surprising to hear how close you are to an armed robbery in progress sometimes!

- Great app

Easy to use ,no drop outs navigating through towns and countries also easy

- Great

Helps make me feel safe when I hear sirens in our town

- Big Jim

Use this app to keep up to date with fires in our area and their potential. I use it for my family’s safety

- I know whats happening

i can listen to the police ambulance and fire bragad

- Adverts ruin a good app

As it’s intended function, the app works great. However 15-second audio and video ads that take over the screen and blast out of your speakers ruin the app. By all means, run advertising if you need to, but don’t make them so intrusive that people just close the app.

- Please put

Warning no search button!

- Keep in touch with home

Works ok but some time give me greef sometimes with a apple virus message.

- Best app!!!

Works well , I listen to it all the time...good to listen to what is going on in my area😀

- Entertaining

Easy to use, entertaining and interesting. I had zero problems using this app.

- Awesome

Does what it says it'll do! But wish there were more areas available in NSW.

- Ads are disappointing

Doesnt seem to work after latest iso update? Anyone else have this issue, top 100 feeds doesnt come up

- Keep iinfo

Excellent, keep you informed about what is going on in your area.

- Quite easy to use, good sources too

Quite easy to use, good sources too

- Best of what's really happening

It's helpful when you really need to know what's going on in your area

- Spam

Continuously tells me I'm a "lucky winner" and stops scanner feed every time message pops up which is every 15 seconds???

- The best scanner out there,very reliable 💯💯💯

Thank you for the best service

- Awesome

Very good app seems to be less then a minute out of sync

- Money back

Now that the police gave stopped this from playing are we going to get back our money we had to pay to get the app?

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- Good background distraction

App works great. Listen to local (Ontario, Canada) police radio. Good to have on in the back ground while working. Switch to large US cities for more action when board 🔥🇺🇸🔥

- Great....

Listening to the scanner at this troubled times is extremely sobering .....great app....

- Great, thumbs up.

I’m enjoying this scanner. Ive had no issues with it, personally. Never crashes, loads fast. Really enjoy how I can listen to it in the background while I do other things on my phone. Good app, I give it a big thumbs up. Really helps me stay informed about what’s going on in my city and where emergency services action is happening so I know to avoid that area if I’m heading out. I’d recommend it for sure!

- Good for RolePlay

I Use This If I Play RolePlay With My Friends And They Thing It Makes The RolePlay More Fun! Good Job!

- Orillia Ontario

It's now legal to smoke dope, eat chicken fingers and ruin Randy's stupid freddybear picnic !

- Positives and Negatives

As you could assume by the title of my review, this app has its ups and downs. On one hand, there are multiple police, EMS, fire stations frequencies worldwide which is amazing. On the other hand, you must deal with ads every time you switch pages/tabs and have some frequencies, though not many, that always have electromagnetic interference occurring which makes it unbearable to listen to. If you are really into wrested in listening to these frequencies without interruptions, I would recommend the version of the app that you must purchase as it has many more features and isn’t expensive.

- Won’t work

Can’t get any reception. Doesn’t work anymore.

- Information Hot Spot

Listen to it often to keep up on local police and fire activities in my area. Could use fewer pop-ups! Overall good experience!

- 5-0 scanner

Good scanner when it’s up and running.... but have to listen to another district to hear what’s happening in another district ....i.e(When nippissing district is down, I listen to Sudbury district and get coverage for both and even farther west)

- 5-0 Fan

I am a delivery driver so I listen to see what area to avoid when I hear a siren. Great help. Thank you.

- Disappointed

Be using for years, paid to remove ads but now won’t restore what I paid for, and now lest channels available, wasted money all these years

- Fantastic app!

Love this app.

- Ad interference

Ads pop up and block transmissions often especially ads with unnecessary sound. This needs to be addressed.

- No Police Scan in this area . . . London, Ontario

No Police Scanner in this area . . . London Ontario

- Good app too many ads

Any way to get rid of the ads ?

- Need more Ontario Canada

Need Peel Police Metro Toronto Police York Regional Police Halton Police OPP

- 5-0 Radio

Excellente app sur nos pompiers de Montréal

- Farewell old friend.

Long time user here. Have listened to police, fire and local aircraft for a long time using 5-0 radio. First the local aircraft disappeared. Now the local police and fire have bought a new digitally encrypted radio system and gone dark. Nothing left locally to listen to, but was good in the “Buford T Justice” days of police radio. Planning on deleting the app shortly.

- Too many ads

I find that the ads are showing up more often than they used to. Once they hit the screen they are of no interest and very difficult to remove from the screen. The ads are so bad that I have to close the app and reopen to get rid of the ads. I also find that after a short period of time that the app seems to have gone off into never-never land. I enjoyed it much more when you could set it and let it run without all this interaction involving ads.

- Update crashed the app

I’m running this app on an iOS 9.3.5 on an ipod. I probably shouldn’t have updated the app. After I updated, it crashed every time I tried to open it. Typically when you attempt to download the app on an older IOS, it will prompt you to download the last compatible version, I did that previously, but having just updated the app it is no longer prompting me to download the last compatible version, when I delete and reinstall the app it just downloads the latest version. Maybe it’ll be fixed soon. Fingers crossed. 5 stars when it works!!! Thanks

- You need Montreal police

You need Montreal police agian

- Careful

They hide vary well

- Very informative to know what’s going on in the area.

I have this app on all three iPads in my home,enjoy it immensely but it quit opening on one iPad even after reloading,granted it could very well be a iPad problem.

- This is actually great

I had a fire in my neighborhood and I was listening in. Love it

- No good

No digital channel for Canada

- Great app

I like that it's clear not much static like the actual police scanners!!

- iPad 2, will not open

App will not open on iPad2 using iOS 9.0.

- Sureté du Québec

Ce serait très apprécier d’avoir tout les sites... de la sureté du Québec

- Great App

Great app. It gives me very helpful information. I live in a high-rise and there are too many fire alarms.

- Hasn’t worked lately

Every time I tune into our station muskoka it says there are listeners but we hear nothing. Randomly doesn’t work for weeks on end. I miss the scanner. Wish it worked consistently.

- Awsome app

Great price and great app for my local police and fire:)

- Needs more local police Frequencies

It’s a great app, it just needs more localized police frequencies

- Great App

When I was a teen in the 90s we used to listen around on a real physical police scanner for hours, over the years I’ve come back to this app when I feel nostalgic and it always works flawlessly with little to no ads annoying my enjoyment. Thanks for a great app.

- :)

What a great app

- Good app

Love it. Just wish I could hear more encrypted channels.

- Add

Wish it had Guelph or North Wellinton

- This is good for the sake of the people

People and person’s should always know what’s going on in the 911 industry live to the viewers.

- Amazing quality and great interface

10/5 stars


I love listening to the 5-0 Radio scammer. I mostly listen to my local fire department. But sometimes I will listen to my local police too! It’s good to know you have that option to seeing in on police and firefighters. In you’re own home town. Also gives you a better idea what’s going on in your Area then the news might! The only complaint I have is sometimes when your listening on here it can cut in and out but besides that it’s a awesome app! And I love it!!

- Police scanner

Works awesome listen to the Edmonton city police all the time comes in very clear

- great

great app but is this legal? still cool thoigh

- How impressed I am

I love the quality of the radio and I hope it improves because I like listening to this app a lot because it keeps me informed which I love

- Scanner

Works well, I just wish more towns were available

- Awesome


- Scanner feeds

I like the scanner radio. But some feeds are to static’y to understand is theee anything that can be done about it

- Rating

Awesome! I love it.

- So far so good

Extremely clear and super easy to use. Best scanner app I’ve used so far at least for Canada

- Background activity sucks now needs fixing ASAP

I’ve been using this police scanner for a very long time and I always loved the app but recently I noticed if it stays in the background to long on IOS 13.4.1 it tends to stop working then I have to go back into the app and turn it on again this is very annoying as I always listen to this at night and throughout the day I would really like to see this issue fixed ASAP as this app really means a lot to me and I really enjoy using it .

- 5-0 Pretty Good

App is pretty good, with the exception of the video games that assault your screen that you can’t get rid of.

- Great app

Awesome police scanner! But maybe more selection for Ontario, Canada.

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Germantown TN Police

Be sure to tune in tonight at 8 and 10:30 p.m. to see if Santa has been spotted. If he’s coming to Germantown, with intentions of coming in your homes, our officers will be on the lookout!

5-0 Radio Police Scanner 49.0 Screenshots & Images

5-0 Radio Police Scanner iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

5-0 Radio Police Scanner iphone images
5-0 Radio Police Scanner iphone images
5-0 Radio Police Scanner iphone images
5-0 Radio Police Scanner iphone images
5-0 Radio Police Scanner iphone images

5-0 Radio Police Scanner (Version 49.0) Install & Download

The applications 5-0 Radio Police Scanner was published in the category News on 2010-02-18 and was developed by Smartest Apps LLC [Developer ID: 323131781]. This application file size is 49.68 MB. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner - News app posted on 2021-04-10 current version is 49.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.smartestapple.50radiofree

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