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The largest collection of live police, firefighter, aircraft, railroad, emergency, news, and ham radios. Be the first to know about weather, news, and crime updates.

Thanks for making us one of top 100 most downloaded iOS app since 2009. 5-0 Radio has been downloaded over 25 million times!

- Listen to feeds in the background. You can run other apps while listening to the police. Pause the feeds via the media controls on your device.
- Automatically attempts to reconnect the feed if you lose the connection.
- Listen to feeds on your desktop/laptop computer. Email yourself a link to the feed, and open that link on your browser or with your favorite mp3 player.
- Ability to add custom feeds
- Chat with other users
- The web browser also automatically detects feeds and integrates it with the radio. Now you can add feeds from the web by simply tapping on the feed's link via our browser.
- Share feeds with your friends by email. They do not need to buy this app to listen with you. They can listen in with any device that has a web browser.
- Worldwide coverage. Listen to feeds from the United States, Canada, Australia and more. Our app is always expanding and looking for new police radios to tap into.
- List scanners by county. Don't just list all feeds in a state, get only the ones that are from your city/county.
- Integrated map that finds your location and the location of the feed. Now you can find where the action is happening and follow along.
- Built-in police/EMS/fire/military codes and phonetic alphabet for easy interpretation. Good for any beginners who do not have the proper training and have trouble remembering what the codes mean.
- Save your favorites to the front screen of the app for quick one-tap access.
- This app will dynamically grab a new list of sources so that you will always be the first to get any new police feeds out there.
- See the popularity of each feed. Each feed lists the number of listeners who are following the action along with you.
- Choose new skins or make your own. Skins can be any photo you choose from your photos library.
- New police feeds and others are added on an hourly basis, so keep checking if we added yours recently.

*Note: Our paid app called 5-0 Radio Pro adds even more feeds - Search for "5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner" on iTunes to find it.

It is legal in most countries to listen to police feeds. However, it is illegal in some places to use this app to aid in the commission of a crime or to pose as a police officer when you are not. It may also be illegal to use it while driving. Please consult your local laws before using this app outside of your home.

Is it fake?
It's very real. Each feed comes from a person in that region with an expensive police scanner sharing the signal with you via the internet.

The delay between the real radio feed and this app is only a few seconds depending on buffering and internet speeds.

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5-0 Radio Police Scanner App Description & Overview

The applications 5-0 Radio Police Scanner was published in the category Utilities on 2010-02-18 and was developed by Smartest Apps LLC. The file size is 35.93 MB. The current version is 41.4 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- New feeds added
- Various bug fixes

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5-0 Radio Police Scanner Reviews


Lack of transmissions  Mingus1963  1 star

Can’t hear all the transmissions from any specific area ... There is a lot of dead air, meaning nothing being said when there should be.


Audio poor  Sonnyman9  2 star

Voice difficult to understand.


Doesn’t work in my area  Killa6661  1 star

Doesn’t cover townships


There’s no sound  Amberkisses  1 star

There’s no sound

i sk fk f lsl

I love this  i sk fk f lsl  5 star

I can barley notice adds and every station is on here


Professional radio channel  VR2DZ  5 star


None functioning APP!  "holtsie"  1 star

I am getting NOTHING from this APP!


Why  Paulie1906  1 star

I dnt here anything


Privacy scanner  thelegend831  5 star

I am wondering what the private channels are saying in Monterey County.


Get to listen to Daddy  45123778  5 star

👸🏻🖤👮🏻‍♂️ I get to listen to Daddy while he’s at work...it’s a great app 🥰


5-0 radio  Piszeddoff  5 star

Very good app


Das hot  YoTopRaterBoi  4 star

Das hot


amazing  vottys  5 star

Husband Cfa volunteer, purchase equipment that simply doesn’t work but with this app, I can know what’s happening and when he’s back to station and all is good . Love it


Help  Sryan2016  1 star

Not working


Keep iinfo  keepinfo  5 star

Excellent, keep you informed about what is going on in your area.


E  WKCHE  5 star


The father In Law

No good anymore  The father In Law  1 star

Not much good here in central Victoria when police have gone to a different frequency.. Can’t get anything now


Delete  Crowmaster3456  2 star

I liked this app, but now that you got rid of the Gippsland police radio I’m deleting the app


Awesome app  meeowmster  5 star

This is one of the most reliable police scanner on the App Store and would suggest this to everyone who wants to listen in to the police


Did not work.  Map-Apps  1 star

Looks great. But no voices heard


Rating  yyggkkjjgfhrsb  5 star

Very nice


Great  LauraOT  4 star

Great app. Doesn’t always scan that well and sometimes will get “stuck” scanning for local departments, but great when it works.


Add more cities  Hbjmknbvvffff  1 star

I live in the Madison county area In Mississippi and I can’t listen to it on the police scanner can you please add

Ray Rod. Roseville Calif

Codes for scanners  Ray Rod. Roseville Calif  5 star

How can I get radio can for Roseville fire for my scanner. Thanks

Casual gal

Love knowing action in my area  Casual gal  5 star

Like that I can mark favorite areas that myself and family live and work in. Way more informative and interesting then tv lately . A source of making my day interesting now that I am retired and live alone.


Amazing  DkdjshUshdjzisbshskdbdhs  5 star

The app is 100% free. The ads are non-invasive. I love it. Thank you


Listener  htodoeastern  5 star

Great app. I listen a lot.


Ads are so LOUD  Farley213  2 star

I love this app and use it a lot. I’ve also recommended to many people. So why the two stars? I get that there needs to be ads to keep it free (thank you btw) but the new ad system is horrible. We had a big emergency on our street and needed to know what was happening and threw the app on and the video ad came on super loud and played over what was being said in the scanner. Missed the whole thing and whether or not we needed to be concerned. Now every time I put this on, the ads are just more than intrusive. Also, after having the app going for a while, I went to see if there were any new feeds in my area and got nailed with another ad. I have the volume up to hear the scanner and the ad just scared the hell out of me and my neighbors. Please go back to just the rotating banner ads. The video ones are just horrible and defeat the purpose of being able to throw it on fast when there is trouble nearby.


Feeds titles not accurate  xdeputydog  2 star

The feeds for Kosciusko Co. Indiana are not correct. I have tried numerous times to contact someone who is in charge of the feeds, but that is impossible. The Kosciusko Co. Sheriffs Office and Warsaw PD are the only feeds active. The County Fire Dispatch and EMS Dispatch have been locked out and are no longer transmitted. Who has the authority to fix this? If the person providing the feed to not going to provide what is listed then it needs to be changed. Our county is mostly rural and during severe most of the weather info comes from the Fire Dept’s. This needs fixed...!


Super Easy Use  qhfos  5 star

To help the developers, I have thought about using the pro version after using this app several times over the years. Just now I’ve used it on my iPhone SE.


Are you sure?  bossatron16  1 star

I'm a 12 hour flight away from Colorado and yet this app can scan it live? I think it's a fake unless the author actually tells me how he does it.


Not perfect  Gachla-2  3 star

It's great when it actually works.

D e Rek

Love it  D e Rek  5 star

I am in law enforcement in Ireland & I really love listening to foreign law enforcement particularly New York.


Good app  Waynefahy13  4 star

Love it

The dogs bollix

Good stuff  The dogs bollix  4 star

Good fun even for the not so geeky


Ireland  Gaffeyman69er   5 star

Need gardai channels


Great  Stretch-dublin  5 star

A very good app


Cool app!  Tyler303  3 star

Very cool app if your interested in listening into emergency services!


Nice  Somemightliveforever  5 star

I actually bought a scanner years ago for €115 - them days are gone it works like a dream


Haha  S.t.r.i.b.a.c.h  4 star

Damn the crimes people do stealing a statue of the Virginia Mary crazy and racist cops haha mad...

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