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When you need to stay connected to the people who matter most, use AT&T FamilyMap.®

*Phone must be turned on and in AT&T network coverage to be located. Internet access required.

With AT&T FamilyMap, locating your family has never been safer or easier and allows you to locate up to 10 family members on your account. You can even use the app to find a lost or stolen phone!

AT&T FamilyMap conveniently allows parents to:

- Find your family members’ phone location on an interactive map
- Locate your family from your phone, tablet, or computer*
- Create a schedule for automatic location updates
- Pin and assign names to places your family visits often (home, school, friend’s house)
- Receive safe arrival alerts directly to your phone
For example, setup a schedule to receive a text message at 3:30 PM each day to
confirm that your child arrived home from school on time.
- Locate a lost or stolen iPhone
- Track your family’s daily travels in their location history

AT&T FamilyMap is convenient for kids too!

- No need to send annoying “Where are you?” texts, locate your loved one without distracting them while they are driving.
- Get real-time alerts when your child has arrived at school without distracting them with a text while they are in class.
- Kids can check in easily by sending their current location on a map along with their choice of message, to a parent or anyone else in their contact book.
- I’m running late
- Can you pick me up?
- Just checking in
- Call me back
- Plus, add custom messages too!

Other important information about AT&T FamilyMap:
- New AT&T FamilyMap customers will have the option to purchase FamilyMap access for 30 days via Apple In-App Purchase, conveniently billed to their iTunes account.
- This service is only available to AT&T Customers. AT&T FamilyMap is secure and private. Only authorized users have permission to locate a family member.
- Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically reduce battery life.
- Availability, timeliness or accuracy of location is not guaranteed. Coverage not available in all areas. The collection, use, and disclosure of any personal information through this application is governed by AT&T's Privacy Policy found at: View the AT&T FamilyMap FAQs here:

AT&T FamilyMap® App Description & Overview

The applications AT&T FamilyMap® was published in the category Lifestyle on 2010-02-05 and was developed by AT&T Services, Inc.. The file size is 84.83 MB. The current version is 3.5 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

* TouchID support
* User experience updates and bug fixes

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AT&T FamilyMap® Reviews


Inferior product  Cbomb10  1 star

Setup process was cumbersome, but the greatest problem was the lack of location specificity. Even with all phone settings maximized, the “circle” identifying the location of my son was either a 10 block radius or verifiably off where he actually was by at least a 1/4 to 1/2 mile. Granted, I’ve only used this app for about a day now, but having sampled its results several times now, I’m sick of this high an error rate. The Life 360 is far more accurate, easier to use, and offers a volume of associated data that this app does not. Guess I’m sticking with life 360.


Hate it  appneedsalotofwork  1 star

$10 a month is nonsense! Tried to locate my son and it gave a huge area he may be in. When it did give a specific address it was still way off! Totally not worth the fee at all! Now we use find friends and it’s accurate to the area of house we are sitting in. And it’s FREE!


Getting WORSE!!  kerr1218  1 star

I’m seriously about to cancel this app. I’ve had it for 10mths. In the beginning it was great. The last two updates have sucked. It give a huge radius and now its NOT even giving correct data!!! What’s goin on??

Yoga agama

Awful  Yoga agama  1 star

Awful product. Did not work at all. Waste of money and time.


Not accurate at all  Mamzys  1 star

I did a trial for a week. This was never accurate. I would get an alert at 10:00 and 11:00 that my kids were in an area 15 min away when they were home. In the morning I would get reports they were 20 min away when in fact they were in the car driving to school. Don’t waste your money. I even set up times and locations I knew they would be there and still not accurate and believe me their phones are on 24/7

Best Great-Grandma

Delete the app still receiving notifications  Best Great-Grandma  1 star

How can I stop the notifications ?????


No support  Madinalabama  4 star

6/10/17. Diddo Wowsume, desperately needed, especially for a paid service. One bug that really bugs me is after finding multiple phone, if you then zoom out to see the all, they will all have the same pic...arg! Update 12/22/17: just downloaded 3.5. It has several new noticeable features like color coded phones located. But the pic feature is still broken. Does anyone at att read our reviews? I think not.


Not specific enough  ToughD  1 star

I tried to sign up through the myAT&T app because it said I could try it 30 days free. The link to sign up that way was broke, no matter how I got to it. So I downloaded the app which charged me right away of course, but then when I went to locate my daughter it gave me a huge radius to her location. I used it for a weekend and every time I went to locate her it gave me a radius of 10 miles or more. That doesn’t do me any good to find out where she is. I cancelled the service.


Circle too large  Jill1205  2 star

Recently whenever I use this app, it gives me about a 50 mile radius circle for my sons' locations. Not very helpful at all!!


Can't cancel  Mjg60  1 star

When you cancel in the app it tells you to call AT&T's customer support. After 30 minutes of trying they sent me to Apple Support. Still waiting.....


Brick In The Wall gailspencer8 3 star

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Broom MiiikeBroom 3 star

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Oscar Ramírez oramcas 3 star

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Not the same  Kaweeny  3 star

I am not particularly happy with the inaccuracy of the location. It was much more accurate before and now you can't get the same location twice nor can you drop a pin on the location.


Accuracy may vary????  Wperstang  1 star

This app could cause divorces and potential harm if a child is in serious danger. A 5 mile radius is not "accuracy may vary" acceptable.

Angry with both

Don't do it!!!! You will only have problems  Angry with both  1 star

If I could give it a star rating it would be a black hole Resolution was abysmal about a 1 mile radius on the subject phone. A chat with att support suggested upgrading the phone to 4g from 3G. Resolution actually deteriorated. Getting the subscription removed took an hour with att chat and another half hour with Apple. I'm still not sure that it is resolved and need to scrutinize my att statements to be sure. I blocked my card on the Apple Store


should not be allowed to charge money for this app...  dmarieha  1 star

I have used this app for a long time and since the "update" it has been just horrible...worst app ever, ever. Support tech was very nice BUT nothing worked she suggested.. Save your money, shop around and there are good, solid ones out there that are free with the option of premium upgrades. I finally found one that works... and does more than than Family Map ever did even when it sorta worked. Good luck, just saying, there are other apps out there.


Inaccurate too often  Theedre  1 star

This app is far from perfect. It tells me family members are somewhere they are not. When I accuse my family for being where they are not it causes problems. Also, DEVELOPERS, why wld u send the ones I am locating a message the I am locating them! If I wanted them to know I wld txt them! They know to turn their phones off when I try to locate them. Don't u hv teens?? I pay the bill, I shld not hv to get permission or give warning when in locating anyone on my plan.

Chi pad

This is junk don't waste your time  Chi pad  1 star

This app is a total piece of junk don't waste your time it's a rip off.


App good so far..  SweetGJ  3 star

I like this app so to locate the family. Will see how it goes. Don't like the 9.99 fee though.


This will charge you and NEVER let you cancel!  Barbarasouixs  1 star

I got this app for the 30 days free trail and it charged me 9.99 and it will not allow you to cancel. Total rip off and I have to cancel my card to stop the fees!


Love the app, but not able to update  JRTBella  1 star

I use this app ALL the time, however I have not been able to update it with this version. I have plenty of storage and the latest iOS. Unable to delete app and start over either.


Congratulations, AT&T! This is a Controlling Spouse's Best Friend  Dufbrough  1 star

My controlling husband used this app without my consent to watch my every move! It's the creepiest feeling ever to know how he was stalking me! Now I live in fear of where he is all the time!

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