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The applications The Washington Post Classic was published in the category News on 2010-03-03 and was developed by The Washington Post. The file size is 113.47 MB. The current version is 3.8.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Minor bug fixes

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Best news source  ITheI'm  5 star

Great app format. History breaking content

Sad apple fan

Easier to buy than cancel, mostly opinion pieces on Trump  Sad apple fan  2 star

You can buy a subscription from the app, but there is no clue about how to cancel. I assume I need to go back to, but they hope I don't find that out. It is too bad that most of the articles seem to be opinion pieces about tromp designed to shape opinion rather than offer real news or analysis. Technically and aesthetically the app is pretty good. I think the Washington Post, along with CNN and the New York Times are part of a serious problem in this country with news reporting. I'm not sure if it is paid interest groups that saturate the news or the fact that political polemics are perceived as profitable. Either way, it makes me trust Jeff Bezos and Amazon less.


Indispensable  N38R10L  5 star

Easy to use. The WP in today's uncertain environment is a must check several times a day and this App makes that happen seamlessly. I've been reading the WP since college and it has really become a first class news organization again in these past few years. Thank you!

David's Loanshark

Dhaynes  David's Loanshark  5 star

dhaynes is just so good with the computer devices I really like the way he uses keyboards


Great App  Jh144  5 star

The Post is the best of the best.

Notorious Nator

Great app but...  Notorious Nator  4 star

Won't keep on dark mode permanently. I have to switch in settings every time I open the app. Super annoying!! Other than that, the app is great!

K. Morrow

Enjoyable and easy  K. Morrow  5 star

I love the Washington post app!! It's not overwhelming it's very simple to do everything you want on it. The sections are separated in which stories are specifically set, you can a decided on what you wish to read fast. This is my first newspaper I've purchased and I've been happy!

Happy in SB

I love WaPo  Happy in SB  5 star

Yes it's true; I love the Washington Post. I must love it because I actually pay a subscription. So much is available for free on the web. Yet I pay because the coverage is excellent for national and international news. And of course I lean mid left. It is important for the news to be "fair and balanced." Of course this is a central tenant of journalism and really doesn't need to be stated if a newspaper is doing its job properly. The WaPo does this well. Thus I support the Post.


Amazing!  seethedemo  5 star

Very Professional and thorough. Keep up the good work


Great App (v2.0.0)  Mariejd07  5 star

Love this app! Latest update added great features. I got this app few years ago after subscribing to the Post for numerous years. I like the layout. Always available.


Mark Edwards markedwards 3 star

The Washington Post: The slow, secret death of the electric guitar. And why you should care.


Dustin Dolatowski dustinATL 3 star

The Washington Post: The slow, secret death of the electric guitar. And why you should care.


Daniel Montana mountainmango 3 star

The slow, secret death of the electric guitar. And why you should care. - The Washington Post


Great way to read the Post  Cyoung5555  5 star

Always loved the paper, really like the ease of navigating to everything I like to read.


Courageous stellar reporting  Rulenz  5 star

My only critique is if the Post and others had done more investigative reporting of this caliber before the primaries we would not be here now.


Great app.  MocoOno  5 star

Never thought I'd rather read the Post online rather than the paper but.. I read much more online.

Susie Rae 1

Greatest news. Too many blocked stories.  Susie Rae 1  4 star

WAPO has great writing and important scoops. Second favorite to AP which doesn't block stories. Remember, Democracy dies in the dark.


Quality reporting has never been more important  NYRoJoKo  5 star

The WP, like the NYT and some other news organizations, is playing a role that has never been more critical to our continued freedom and the survival of our institutions of government. I wish that were a wild exaggeration. This will be a tough year to decide who wins the Pulitzer Prize. That said, the app is very good.


Unparalleled Journalism  Teri_W  5 star

Although often beset by unsubstantiated claims of 'fake news', the WP continues to provide an honest look at American politics for its readership. Please continue to do so!


Big fan!  PJCreativeType  5 star

Still Loving getting access to this amazing paper and its reporting, especially as the investigations intensify. Keep up the good work.

Sake Fan

Why can't subscribers use this app?  Sake Fan  1 star

The Post has been doing great work, so I recently subscribed. But apparently I'm not allowed to use this app as a subscriber. So disappointing as I'd rather not use their image heavy, text light app. I'm now basically an NYTimes reader who donates to WaPo.


Wonderful!  CharleyMSHS  5 star

I read my local and regional papers every day but go here regularly. For their reporting of national events. If democracy does indeed die in darkness I know I can count on them for light. And when you can, buy a copy of the print edition. You'll be happily reading almost all day.


Ms.  SAS'86  5 star

Hot, hot, HOT!! Excellent periodical for both national and metro-DC consumers (status of Metro Rail, local arts & entertainment, et al.) !!! The cast of staff Opinion writers and Op-Ed Contributors will enrich you from various points on the spectrum ~~> My favorite!!! *Investigative Reporting* and Politics sections are superb. I can't comment on sports competition articles, but pieces on athletes and their personal stories are touching. Similarly, although articles on markets and mergers aren't my niche, even the WashPo business section is interesting!! I wish they had a fuller WORLD staff. Perhaps if *YOU* (and every "you") buy a subscription, then they could invest even more in foreign journos.

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