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The Washington Post Classic App Description & Overview

The applications The Washington Post Classic was published in the category News on 2010-03-03 and was developed by The Washington Post. The file size is 135.68 MB. The current version is 3.12.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

3.12.2 includes bug fixes for logging in and for buying subscriptions.

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The Washington Post Classic Reviews


Good app, bias news  Tdogusa76  3 star

The app is good but the news is virtually all anti-Trump and anti-GOP. It's extremely one-sided.


Good interface but causes phone to heat up  Bokamba  1 star

Once again, my iPhone is getting really hot each time I use the the app. It has crashed multiple times recently.


Battery drainage?  louisS1983  4 star

Fantastic app. Best news source. I’ve been having increased battery drainage lately. The battery percentage drops approximately 1% every minute or two.


Essential beyond description  mom_grandma  5 star

With NYT and other newspapers literally saving democracy.


App is terrible  ManceRayder  1 star

The app repeatedly requests that I log in over and over again, then quizzes me five or six times to identify objects in a photo, and after all that, says that the service is not available and to try later. I expected much better performance from the Washington Post.


Customer service bad  soveta  1 star

I love the Washington Post and believe in its mission to deliver the news to the public the problem is when I recently change phones and tried restore my subscription to my new phone, the system set up to do that kept on giving me the message this function is not available right now please try again later that is unacceptable.


Be balanced  Pc10000h  3 star

Be balanced. Don’t lessen the paper by favoring a side. Be critical of both and the same with praise.

Pat O. T.

MD  Pat O. T.  5 star

Excellent & timely reporting - largely free of bias. Great political investigative pursuit!


Terrific app  zzzmichaelscott  5 star

Love it!


The fourth estate  hilltop865  5 star

Outstanding in-depth coverage of Washington, Federal government and local, national and international news. No one covers the workings of our government better, including investigative journalism of corruption and graft in Congress, the courts and the executive branch. As a federal employee for decades, I think it is not an overstatement to say that without a strong and independent Washington Post, we would no longer have a democracy in these United States.


Keep getting locked out  Kapua  1 star

I purchased the international online version. Don't waste your money. If I'm using twitter it keeps locking me out saying I'm not a subscriber. And the help function is hopeless as they don't get back to you to assist. No wonder newspapers are dying.


Washington Post  Matyniu  5 star

Great app; easy to read the stories and to navigate. News (including stories in fake news) constantly being updated Opinion pieces are great and no fake news!


Good App But Comments Not Enabled  Hura  3 star

This is a good newspaper app, with everything well organised and a handy search function. However, on both a 9.7 inch and a 12.9 inch iPad Pro, the comments on articles simply do not appear. Comments on articles can be readily viewed on the same iPad using Safari. Until this is rectified, I can only give the app a (generous) 3 stars.


Interesting, informative and accurate  janeyloulou  5 star

I love the mix of stories, each well researched and missing the errors in spelling and grammar of many other news sources. Well worth supporting these journalists!


Great connection to an Australian  KennyG1940  5 star

I am reading the Post everyday to update myself on American issues


Brilliant  Vindigo  5 star

You have great news & updates. Brilliant reporting!


Love WP app  urfriendbarbie  5 star

I love this app and the consistent brilliantly written news it gives me every day! I followed the WP first forty years ago as a young Mum at home with babies WP kept me sain during a period on a woman's life which can be quite lonely If only I had the WP app then!


The app is fine but  Colin__Sutton  5 star

it would be nice when Safari send me to a wp link it would open in the app, instead of suggesting I get the app.


Best news journalism on the planet  MaineTexas  5 star

Both the NYT and WAPO are great. But the WAPO app edges out better in it's presentation and navigation


Excellent- highly recommended  SallyAnders  5 star

Quite simply what would I do without this app?! Accessible high quality content along with strong investigative journalism. Can't go far without it.

Believer in Main Stream Media

WP = Honest Journalism  Believer in Main Stream Media  5 star

The WP may bring printed journalism back from the cliff all by itself. They have the best investigative reporting in print or television and the finest writers in the media. And they do this with total honesty and integrity. Thank you for pointing out all of the “fake news” that continually pukes from the White House.


App Store  USMoxi  5 star



Difficult to access content  VictoriaByers  5 star

I thought I’d enjoy a subscription but so far it’s a total hassle. Logging in doesn’t seem to work and I’m constantly rerouted to a page asking me to subscribe. I did already. They collected payment but are locking me out. Then I get an email asking do I want to call? So I call. A recorded message tells me to call back during business hours in Washington. I’m on the west coast. Not recommended. LATER: problems solved after several hours and enjoying the content. Aggro is a byproduct of technology.


Biased Reporting to the Utmost Extreme  APT31605  1 star

#HateTrump? This may as well be the name of this newspaper now. At some point, the paper must reach an inflection point in its professional life where it realizes there is more to the story than a controversial President. Other news does in fact exist.


Great. To expensive  Aconn77  3 star

Use Google news and get it free


Love wapo; hate that auto video play  calliope1975  2 star

I can’t both read this app’s content and listen to my music at the same time. I swear every app ends up doing this. Please fix this stat.


Buggy app  Sonj  2 star

Love the content, but the app is so buggy reading the paper can try one’s patience; freezes, crashes, photos covering words, ledes change across devices, posts to Twitter exceed defined limit,... And if WaPo is reading this— hire an editor! For crying out loud! Writing for the esteemed Washington Post should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.


UNITED AIRLINES  Janalene  5 star

RIPPED... OFF by UNITED AIRLINES Booked premier business seats back in June through Tauck Tours. Called the day before our trip to confirm seating. Assured seats assigned were all set. Airline Confirmation Number: A2KQ8J The first trip on our “bucket list” was amazing in every way. The people in every aspect were welcoming and gracious until... UPON CHECKING INTO OUR RETURN CONNECTING FLIGHTS IN AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND (with Air New Zealand) on October 18, 2017 (18 hours prior to San Francisco connecting flight to Boston - noting time change) we learned OUR SEATS (booked in June 2018) were now assigned to someone new with only one empty seat on the plane. We were now on totally opposite sides of the plane! (From 3E & 3F to 7A & 7F) Hear me ROAR... Called United twice from Auckland Airport at 5:00 PM to be told we would have to speak with gate agent in San Francisco. Told the “gate agent” made this change and we can’t do a thing about it! We would have to wait until one hour before boarding to address!?! Arrived San Francisco and spoke with representative at United Customer Service. Again, we would have to speak with gate agent at 3:00 o’clock. Reiterated that we were quite upset that our assigned premier business seating could be arbitrarily changed putting us on opposite sites of the plane. We are 65 years of age, I have some uncomfortable health issues and this was our first time booking first class for a trip that from destination to destination would take us a full 24 hours! And you and your people don’t seem to grasp WHY we are both incensed and truly upset. Gate agent heard explanation once again citing there was only one extra seat and would require someone willing to exchange. After stating this was absolutely unacceptable asked if she was the agent who was responsible, she became quite indignant. And irate. I walked away. Let husband handle from there. Boarding plane told attendant these were not seats we booked. Her reply was a snide at least we were lucky to still be in first class. Really?!? Husband asked the gentleman seated next to him if he wouldn’t mind changing. HE was a gentlemen and exchanged seats. WE had to solve the issue. Inexcusable! You may have your fine print “United” but your bizarre injustice towards consumers is anxiety inducing and simply inexcusable! Add to that the snide and outrageous attitudes of employees when you have unjustly screwed clientele over... so very, very unprofessional! TRUST that we will tell our story again and again and again as far and wide as we can. You have brutalized and victimized others. Your scurrilous reputation and promises to change are well past the point of return. We will NEVER FLY UNITED again and urge others to never trust you as well. Most sincerely, The Robertsons

Capt. Charlie USN

iOS 11 zero stars  Capt. Charlie USN  1 star

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One of the 98%

One of the 98%  One of the 98%  5 star

Awesome news, stories, and information

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