i Hike GPS : USA + SE & SW Canada Topo Maps

Your iPhone or WiFi+Cellular iPad can be a high-performance GPS receiver with USGS & US Forest Service topo maps! Headed into the wilderness? Buy this app now so you will always know where you've been, where you are, & where you’re going. Highest quality track recording, best route navigation & most accurate Estimated Time of Arrival of any available hiking app. No sign-up, no ads, no subscription, no in-app purchase required, making this less expensive and higher quality than the “free” or subscription apps. Recommended as the top choice in “Essential Gear for Safe Hiking”.


▶ USA: Classic USGS 24K maps for all 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico & the US Virgin Islands

Newest US Forest Service 24K maps (2015 or later)

USGS 250K and 100K (63K for Alaska) maps for all 50 states

▶ Canada south of 54° latitude: National Resources Canada 50K maps for Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island

▶ Stitches beautiful high resolution, richly detailed topo map images for seamless coverage across map boundaries

▶ Store up to 750 maps to use anytime in the wilderness without cell service. Maps from our server have a shorter download time, use less of your monthly data allotment & use less memory

▶ Print maps overlaid with waypoints, routes & tracks. Share map images & locations using email, Twitter, Facebook, Messages, Photos, Import With, AirDrop or the clipboard


▶ Record a track. View it on the map. Record in the background. Trip Timer and Odometer

▶ Show an elevation graph of your track or a route. View date, time & average speed of track points. Display the area inside a closed path.

▶ Mark waypoints by their position on a map, by tapping a geotagged photo, by projecting from a known point, or by searching place names. Refine a waypoint position when you arrive

▶ Set a quick GoTo waypoint or a full route & see the heading, direction, distance, elevation gain or loss, and Estimated Time of Arrival

▶ Create routes using waypoints, recorded tracks, or imported GPX files. Advanced route editing

▶ Export GPX waypoint, route & track files via eMail, Messages, Import With, AirDrop, iCloud Drive, Dropbox or iTunes

▶ Send KML files to display immediately in GoogleEarth

▶ GPS+Glonass satellites improve accuracy in challenging terrain with iPhone 4S, iPad mini, iPad 3 & later

▶ Barometric pressure sensor reduces elevation data noise on iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, and later


▶ Miles, nautical miles or km. ft or meters

▶ Degrees, Degrees/Minutes, Degrees/Minutes/Seconds or UTM

▶ °True or °Magnetic


▶ Tap Help in the App

▶ Online Manual on iHikeGPS.com

▶ Follow on Twitter: @iHikeGPS

▶ Email developer: [email protected]


▶ “I am VERY impressed!!!…It pretty much blows… , my previous fave GPS app, out of the water. Your track recording features, fast map downloads, and well thought out interface make it a real winner. It's very sophisticated software, and makes my iPhone just about as good as $600 Garmin… Actually better, in a lot of ways”-John in OR

▶ “Perfect for anyone camping, fishing and hiking, it'll provide great detail when you need it the most…for anyone who takes the great outdoors seriously”-David on HandheldItems.com

▶ “…thank you for developing IHIKEGPS…what a great product it is. I am impressed!…I use it hiking, biking, skiing and Jeeping”-Ammon in CO


● No device requires a cellular data plan to use iHikeGPS

● iPad 2 or later with WiFi+cellular, and iPhone 4 or later support full navigation

● iPad 2 or later with WiFi-only, and iPod touch (5th gen or later) require an iOS-compatible external GPS receiver to show your location in the wilderness & record tracks. View maps using the iOS device alone

● Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

Your dream of hiking adventures reaches new heights with iHikeGPS

i Hike GPS : USA + SE & SW Canada Topo Maps App Description & Overview

The applications i Hike GPS : USA + SE & SW Canada Topo Maps was published in the category Navigation on 2010-02-12 and was developed by James Associates Inc.. The file size is 9.10 MB. The current version is 7.1.3 and works well on 7.1 and high ios versions.

Choose from a selection of waypoint icons.

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i Hike GPS : USA + SE & SW Canada Topo Maps Reviews


Lacking organization  Adavi75  4 star

This app is amazing works great while hunting in areas with no service what so ever. The only thing I see that would make this app better would be a way to store maps and waypoints in specific folders for the different areas that may be downloaded. Would be 5 stars otherwise.


Wonderful GPS mapping App  ABusbey  5 star

i Hike GPS just gets better and better. So many free map sources, the ability to really zoom in on the topo maps, and all the extras make this a great deal. My current favorite feature is being able to pull up photos I have taken on my iPhone and iPad I have taken before and then navigating to those photo locations. Great for finding outcrops and fossil locations in the field. Too bad I can only give it 5 stars!


Fantastic app-watch support please  Roger39  5 star

I have used it for years and love it. Watch support would be great. Very high quality topo maps for no charge. Great support from the developer both for the app and for the topos he hosts on his server. Make sure your compass is calibrated before using the app. If your compass can't calibrate check Settings/privacy/location services/system services/

Off road adventurer

Incredible App  Off road adventurer  5 star

This is an incredible app. It is easy to use, full of useful features, and comes with outstanding technical support from the author, Mr. Larry James. This app can be used in place of a gps device. Great product!


Great GPS/mapping/distance app  t1f  5 star

I use this for 3 primary purposes: 1. When hiking I can see where I am and navigate to where I want to be. 2. When running it tells me how far I have gone. 3. When flying wildfire helicopter recon missions I can map perimeters and mark areas of concern. Works great with no observed glitches.


IHikeGPS  SuperUser2012  1 star

Horrible app! I want my money back!!!! Maps in my area are well over 25 years old and not accurate!!! I would not recommend this to anyone. When I contacted the developer he said it didn't matter as terrain didn't change that much overtime. He must be in prison where there is very little change over time in terrain, because terrain where I live is constantly on the move.You couldn't find your way out of a one door broom closet with this!!!!!


Great hiking app!  ok-ok-ok  5 star

Really great application for hiking. I've used in remote High Sierra to Joshua Tree, always had accurate GPS readings. Also good for elevation tracking and waypoint markers. Compass integration also super helpful. All topo map downloads are free after buying the app and are automatically stitched together to create larger map areas. I always bring a paper map, but generally this is what look at most while on the trail.


You will love it  yetinut  5 star

I've had this app for a number of years and it continues to be my go-to backcountry navigation resource. No cell-service required-just gps reception which is very reliable. My only wish is that all my devices could sync through iCloud to retain all my routes.

eastside bus rider

Almost seems like cheating  eastside bus rider  5 star

I have used this app extensively for backcountry navigation. Often I am where there are no trails. Compared to using a map and compass it feels like cheating. I always know exactly where I am and which direction I am facing. This app has saved me countless hours of wandering trying to figure out how to get where I want to go.


GreatApps!  OutdoorsTim  5 star

I purchased both iHike and iSail apps this year and they are both TERRIFIC! They were both easy to download and easy to use. I used iHike in Colorado while horseback riding in the Gunnison National Forest. 80 miles of unmarked trails in an area that was "off the grid"! No problem for this app. I downloaded the maps prior to the trip and the app worked flawlessly. I used the app extensively to track my path into the forest. With the path recorded, it was much easier finding my way back home! I still brought hard copy maps and a compass as backup, but the iHike app was my principal source of navigation. 9 days of riding on unmarked trails and I never got lost. Thanks for making such great apps!

B bar X rancher

I really like this App!  B bar X rancher  5 star

I'm impressed by the accuracy. We live way out in the country with spotty cell reception, but I can use this app in its gps mode and it works well. It follows a route accurately, I mean it traces over the road I'm driving on to a T and it can read UTM (a real plus). It located our land survey markers spot-on. The maps render quickly. Worth the price.


Nice upgrade to solid product  Espantaguest  5 star

IHikeGPS was awesome before and the Feb 2013 upgrade is even better. Stitching maps is a great new feature if you want to see your whole route, and the help pages are now complete and easy to follow. I use the app for bike commuting, and it's most useful to see where you've been and how much up and down you're doing on the different routes. You can easily export tracks to Google Earth and see them in 3d if you want. I love the trusty old USGS maps, and this is a great way to carry them in your pocket wherever you go.


Worth the price  Sondergaard  4 star

Used on a couple of day hikes so far, worked well. Was especially useful for assessing total distance traveled, and for emailing waypoints and tracks for import directly into Google Earth on another computer. Be aware this app is no substitute for a proper and up-to-date trail map. The two maps I downloaded were over 30 years old and showed very little of the trail systems in the parks I visited. For example the Mendham NJ quadrangle was last updated in 1981 from a 1976 aerial survey. Finally, map handling appears processor intensive; each pan or zoom-out involves a 1-2 second delay on an iPhone 4s. I'm OK with all this however, no regrets.


Superb backcountry app for Iphone  climberjohn  5 star

I've tried several apps for hiking GPS, and this is the best I've found. What's great: - Downloaded maps are high resolution and very small, about 2.5 Mb. - Track recording is very easy and intuitive. (This important feature is hard to find on other apps.) - You can email your track or location to yourself or anyone else (if you have cell coverage). This is a nice safety feature as well as good data backup. Keep in mind: - This app is battery hungry, bring a spare. - GPS signal may be lost in tree cover or in canyons, as Apple does not at present use a quality GPS chip like those in a dedicated GPS unit. - Your phone without a good cover is not very sturdy. ALWAYS have a map and compass to augment your GPS adnknow how to use them!


Understand the purpose of this app before writing negative reviews  Brentvk  5 star

This app is great. I load long routes built on my computer into the app and then use it as my primary navigation on motorcycle trips and offload exploration.


Waste of money  Nawlins78  1 star

I can't believe I paid for a app that I still have to download individual maps for basically every grid square I an trying to look at and the maps available are like 100 years old. To me a GPS app should already have maps available. I have free apps that are more user friendly


I LOVE this app  Soprisue  5 star

My goal is to locate rock art sites on a map as I hike, so I will be able to find them again. With this app, I was able to stand at the site and mark its location precisely. It works perfectly. I still need to learn how to transfer the map data to another computer, but I'm guessing this will also work well. Unfortunately, with all this capability, the app is a real power hog. They give you suggestions to preserve as much power as possible, but my solution was to forego the routing function by turning off the IPad between sites. It boots up quickly for recording my location, and then I turn it off,again until the next site.


Works really well  david94133  5 star

Regarding the complaint about dates from another reviewer: The maps are recent. Many maps say "1929" under the title because that is when the datum was established. The date of publication is in the lower right corner.


Great App for Hiking  Contessa84  4 star

Although I agree with a couple of the other reviews regarding the lack of being able to select for download more than one map at a time and the lack of seamless adjoining of maps, I really have enjoyed using this app while hiking in the Canadian Rockies and the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. And I really like that you can download maps in advance for when you are hiking in areas with no cell coverage. For now, I am only going to give it 4-stars because I would like to see the following features added in a future version: - Ability to select more than one map at a time for download. - Ability to use iCloud to sync Waypoints, Routes and Maps between iOS devices. - Add an option to display a compass overlay (or at least a true bearing display) so that you can align the displayed map with True North. - The ability to sort Waypoints by distance from your current location. - Show the distance and bearing to each Waypoint from your current position (when on the Waypoints page.) Otherwise, great app!


1929?  cloudhiking  5 star

The 1929 refers to a projection, not when the maps were last edited. These are the standard usgs topos. I use ihike and MacGpsPro to mange my gps data. It is amazing what you can do with the ihike app, it is almost a mobile GpsPro. Kudos!

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