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Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD [Medical] App Description & Overview

Need help navigating the cannabis universe? Weedmaps is your convenient and complete guide to cannabis - your one-stop shop for cannabis information and the latest industry news & laws.

Discover local licensed dispensaries, weed delivery services, and medical marijuana doctors near you. Choose from thousands of local retailers throughout the US, Canada, Europe and anywhere weed is regulated for medical, adult or recreational-use.

Find deals on your favorite cannabis products and get first access to exclusive sales and discounts on CBD and all your 420 needs. New or experienced users can confidently find THC and CBD products locally and save with exclusive deals and discounts.

Explore cannabis products and brands to find the weed and hemp products you want. Browse verified user reviews from our active community across strains, edibles, tinctures, concentrates and more. Easily search and compare products by pricing, effects, flavors, genetics (indica, sativa, hybrid), strains, cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN, etc.), moods, activities, terpenes, weight and more.

Browse Interactive Maps for Dispensaries and Delivery Services: Browse nearby dispensaries and delivery services in your area and see where you can order for delivery or reserve for in-store or curbside pick-up.

Find Valuable Information on Retailers Near You: Review important information on local licensed retailers including live menus updated in real time, store amenities, hours, contact information, directions, reviews, deals, and more.

Stay in the loop: Save your favorite retailers, products and strains for quick access later and you’ll get notifications on weed deals, coupons and promo codes for your favorite pot and hemp retailers and products.

Discover Your New Favorite Cannabis Products: Use our sorting and filtering feature to browse verified brands, hemp and weed products, and reviews. Explore our catalog of products, including:

- Flower: Infused flower, pre-roll, shake
- Concentrates: Live resin, sauce, crystalline, rosin, budder, shatter, crumble, distillate
- Edibles: Candy, beverages, baked goods, snacks, cooking ingredients, capsules
- Topicals: Balms, salves, patches, lotions, lubricants, oils, sprays
- Gear: Accessories, apparel, bongs, dab rigs, grinders, pipes

Explore New & Popular Strains: Search by effect, flavor and strain type. Browse our curated collections of the best pot strains for: working out, working from home, focused studying, creativity boosting, binge watching, and relaxing.

Grow Your Cannabis Knowledge: Expand your marijuana knowledge with WM Learn, our cannabis education resource and dedicated news site for new and experienced users. Explore topics including:

- CBD & THC: The growing mainstream interest and a wide range of potential uses of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
- Endocannabinoid System: How cannabis compounds work in our bodies
- Cannabis 101: Introduction to the plant and detailed guides for growing cannabis
- Marijuana Laws: Breakdown of medical and recreational laws & legal marijuana legislation by state in the US

Founded in 2008, Weedmaps creates the digital common ground for cannabis businesses and consumers to engage.

Weedmaps doesn’t sell or participate in any marijuana-related trades.

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Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• The Weedmaps iOS app now supports orders for pick-up and delivery for your local cannabis retailers (Please note that cannabis orders may not be available in all areas) • Performance enhancements Have suggestions or ideas? Have a bug to report? We love your feedback! You can reach us on the App via “Leave App Feedback” on the More tab.

Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD Comments & Reviews

- A marijuana purveyors best friend

The amount of information available within Weedmaps is astounding. Prices, locations, doctors referrals, coupons... and that’s not including the help and advice you can get from the social section of this app. If you live where medical or recreational Marijuana use is legal, than you need this app. With your card (available via online conference with a physician), a smartphone and cash, you can have anything from flower or concentrates to Vaping gear and edibles delivered right to the safety of your own home if you so choose. Of course if you are out and about, you can locate dispensaries closest to your current location so you can peruse the current selection and pick the medication that suits your needs. I cannot stress enough how helpful this app is in locating and pricing my medicine. Gone are the old days of “you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit”, with WeedMaps knowledge is truly power.

- Problem with Weedmaps

I have been having a problem with weedmaps for about a week. I went online to my favorite dispensary and I stupidly picked the brand names I really like. Well, I noticed after I did this it was the wrong thing to do! It was only showing those brands in one form and not any others. So, I went and removed my selections and reset the filters & sorting or so I thought. I went back online and it was exactly the same. So, I called the dispensary and told them what was going on. They stayed on the phone with me and I walked them through exactly what I had done. We were on the exact device, (an iPad) at the same time repeating step by step what was happening and when they did exactly what I did. They then hit reset and it went back to normal and I hit reset and it didn't change. They had me try several things and none of them worked. I even called weedmaps which is located in California. I told them what was going on and she said she would fix it. They called back and told me it should work now. Guess what, it did not fix the problem. I called back and told them it was still not working. They took another look and said the problem was on the dispensary's end. So, now if I want something from a dispensary either my husband or I have to call them to find out what they have and order over the phone with them. If I could have I wouldn't even give them 1 star!!!! ABSOLUTELY NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT FROM WEEDMAPS!!!!!!!


I just got scammed on Weedmaps. It was my first time using it. I paid for a tooty fruity Dr. Zodiak cartridge and when I got my order it was empty and also it was the wrong flavor. I am not over exaggerating, it was empty. I had been scammed. I wrote an email with a picture to green frogs and then I called. A lady answered the phone, she answered, I told her the problem and she told me to write an email with an attached picture. I told her I did that prior to calling. She said she would look at the email and call me back. I called back and got sent to voicemail. Mind you I waited over an hour to receive my product. I called back multiple times and here I am over an hour later and I’ve been sent to voicemail at least 8 other times. I have been SCAMMED and they took my money. They then blamed me in the email that I was the third person with an Illinois ID to complain about their order. So now I am a liar and I have smoked a full gram oil catridge by myself in 10 minutes? No! They continue to argue with me telling me they are outside waiting on me to bring it out so I can get my money back. I go outside to all entrances and gates and I don’t see anybody. They proceed to tell me they are outside and they are going to leave and it’s my last chance to get my money back. They were never here!!!!!! I got straight SCAMMED! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS APP AND DO NOT ORDER FROM GREEN FROGS IN SACRAMENTO.

- Love weed maps BUT......

Weedmaps has been amazing tool. However I am finding that the “Big Money” Corporate America gets to have the name at the top of the list by asking people to rate them on weedmaps to get a good deal leaving small business owners not able to afford to keep up with the big money. Shame on you weedmaps for this practice! This is the one industry that belongs to “We The People” the rest of America is engulfed with corporate coldness all the way to our healthcare! What is boils down to is this........ Profit of patient care is killing America and the working class American people!! It’s proven all the time! This is the industry that politicians and corporate America shut down hard core in the 1930’s! Let’s erase profit over patients in this industry and show patients over profit is what will win in the end!! I would know! I am a RN that has been working in hospitals and for Private Practice Physicians since 1988!!! I saw the flip of patient care vs profit!!! It is a dying industry!!! Slowly dying but modern healthcare in America is killing itself by greed! Let’s not let that happen to this industry.

- Great place highly recommend!

From start to finish the whole experience is easy and friendly. Simply order online and choose from their wide variety of products. Once you order you’ll receive a text message telling you they are preparing your order and within minutes they have it ready to go! Pull up to the front door call the number posted outside and they will quickly come to your car and greet you. Every person I have came in contact with at this store has been amazing and friendly. It really makes the whole experience that much better when you have someone come to your car that actually cares about what they are doing and cares about the customer! I’ll continue to to shop here and I recommend you try it as well, never been disappointed with any of their products!

- Online orders

Horrible, you order online and they are out of the products that they have on their menus and you have to go in and Choose what you want anyway. What’s the point of ordering ahead when you have to go in and choose from what they actually have because the majority of what they offer is no longer available and I have NEVER been able to choose what I want and actually get what I ordered they are ALWAYS out of the products that they have on their menu . This has happened EVERY time! You know when a product isn’t available but advertised in any other store you can ask for a rain check and you can get the products at the price advertised when it is available. I truly believe that they advertise items that they don’t have intentionally to get you in the store and sell you something else BECAUSE they don’t have the products that they advertise or my favorite..... we ran out Huh???? You should have to put out of stock just like everyone else or rain checks I am tired of the nonsense and will be checking out the legality of false advertisement and what can be done to stop it

- Weedmaps used to be for us

Weedmaps has been with in the industry for years, and it used to be great for the average smoker. But with the new updates not only are big brands always at the top, but you can’t even filter indica and sativa. How is that even a thing? If weedmaps was really in it for the people who need their medicine, they would understand the HUGE difference between providing an indica or a sativa. You have to go through the entire menu to find the flower you’re looking for, it used to be way better. Also, even if you want a specific strain in a brand, weedmaps makes it near impossible to search for it. Forget about discovering new smaller brands that aren’t s**zzy* or Bloom. I don’t usually write reviews but weedmaps genuinely used to be a five star app, it has gone downhill since the legalization hit. Many shops even tell me that it’s too expensive to advertise on weedmaps now. They’ve gotten very corporate, and the app nor search engine hasn’t even improved to make up for it.

- Weed maps

Hello so we use your app probably on daily thank you so much we really enjoy everything about the app but last night I came into the living room where my 14 year old was watching these videos and there were a couple of kids on there “rapping” showing guns showing drugs drugs real hard core drugs all the way thru it they were promoting these hard core drugs literally showing them all over their video not to mention the guns again and in the back round it looked like they were at a skate park or something and splattered all on the back wall of this skate ramp is your logo plastered all in the background!Ya!to say the least I was very disappointed that you all would promote all that but it looks you did so I shut it off only remembering they(the rappers)started with an “S” something “Mafia” we’re their names and Iam really saddened by this sorry it was that bad yes so I just wanted to say thank you and see y’all later we’ll go ahead and figure this without y’all sadly mistaken,was a fan☹️Christina

- Best weed dispensary in all Anne Arundel county hands down

I would just like to keep it brief but I currently only have been there once which was on the 14th of October and the employees one of the bud tender name was Adam and he really helped me decide which was the best strain to go with for my problems. If I had to grade his performance it wud be a ten very helpful. Also I would like to say how another bud tender name Paul was the reason I came to this dispensary and he’s very smart and outgoing when it comes to the flowers he’s one of the best people who really knows what there talking about like he will actually listen to you and take time to fulfill all the patients needs. Great staff in general loved the store and the one manger that was working was extremely helpful and kind def the place you want to go and you can’t beat there priceys.

- Finally!!

I’m reviewing High Profiles in Ann Harbor. This was my first visit to this store. Found it accidentally. In March I drove to Ann Harbor to another very small shop. I was looking for a shop in Detroit, couldn’t figure out where stores were since Detroit is a totally unique experience. I changed my mind and headed to the one I went to in March. While driving to other shop I found HIGH PROFILE!! With COVID-19 precautions still in effect I got curb side service. Hopefully the next time I go north to High Profiles the shop will be open to the public. GREAT SERVICE, GREAT PRICES, and GREAT FUN BUYING POT ON THE STREET CORNER!! TAKES ME BACK TO THE GOOD ILD DAYS! I moved to Ohio 2 years ago from Seattle. We were one the first states to legalize POT!! It took me 2 years to finally enter a POT Shop!! I picked one of the smaller shops, then a converted restaurant, and finally my sister took me to a shop that had previously been a bank!! I personally don’t smoke pot, I like the edibles. Not all edibles are created equal!! In the 60s upper middle class kids were getting into the pot scene, I didn’t but I had friends who did. I’m hoping that Ohio will pass recreational POT, it would be really nice to be able to just go down to the local POT Shop instead of driving 3.5 hours to get to High Profiles.

- 5 Star Business Here. Customer Service/ Product.

I’ve been a member for over 2 years now and the customer service here, especially in the morning, is exceptional. I never write reviews but 3C Farms’ Gotta get one today. As matter of fact throughout the entire day the service is Top Notch. I come at all times but lately, in the morning. Ana (ah-na), is always positive, uplifting, professional, informative, patient, and has the best energy- especially that early in the morning she’s peaceful and helpful. That draws in and keeps business flowing and leaves a wonderful impression on guests. EVERY one of 3C Farms STAFF Members exude these qualities and their Bud is incomparable. From a true connoisseur, most shops can’t even mess with their pre-rolls. Ana and EVERY 3C Staff Member, dude thank you guys again for taking care of me, you guys are REAL ONES.

- Weedmaps

The app is very useful and informative. I wish I could stay logged in or the app would use a fingerprint login. It seems a little inconsistent because sometimes I am logged in when open the app and other times I'm not logged in. Many people who use this valuable app are living with disabilities that make typing on a cell phone almost impossible at times. I can log in to my credit union, credit card apps with my fingerprint. Please consider adding that option. Testing results are absent which is critical when trying to make product decisions for specific health issues. Otherwise I am very happy with the app and have learned a lot from the info available. Hopefully as we have more time with Med marijuana being legal in more states these issues will be addressed. Thanks

- Wait! What?

I am confused. This app seems to be useful when trying to locate dispensaries. I do not understand why people are using it to describe personal experience with individual dispensaries. How would any app be able to monitor individual dispensaries, accurately? Especially, taking in account the individuals who work at the specific dispensaries. It’s impossible. Maybe there are things wrong with the app. Most apps can always improve the functionality of their product. Also, does anyone actually read their comments? It becomes frustrating to understand the comments. And I am not talking about simple grammatical mistakes. I get that. If a person is so upset, why wouldn’t they want to express their concern in a understandable way? It’s really weird to me. Actually, I think I know the answer. It’s mostly about time. It takes more time to re-read and clarify the comment. It’s just laziness. Ugh

- Adjustable price range feature!

This is a pretty decent app all the way around and take to this review in hopes weedmaps would consider this new feature or maybe other people will like the idea and help make it happen.. An Adjustable price feature when scrolling through the different sections of products when viewing menus of dispensaries would be helpful. We all have different price ranges and i think it would be necessary to add this feature for convenience. This would cut the time in half for searching for affordable products buy narrowing down the selection to the desired price range. This could also save some confusion with prices later on down the road when you visit the dispensary. Besides that, the app works pretty well and deserves its 5-star rating

- Best Cannabis App

I’d say no matter where you are, Weedmaps may help you more than you know. The fact that it is Very easy to navigate is key to my satisfaction. No hesitations, no mislabeled buttons, no blurry images. Makes finding weed fun (like it wasn’t already!) There’s menu’s from local stores with up to date prices so you can shop before you even leave your house. Like a store but don’t see deals? Give them a call to see if they have any deals going on! A lot of the time the daily specials don’t get listed as they can be decided upon sporadically by the individual companies. Lots of good info on the this app. Would recommend downloading along with “Leafly” so you can research the strains more specifically and go to the store knowing exactly what you’re going to get.

- App still immature

Usable, but: 1. Always gets my location wrong based on my ISP’s endpoint, so nearby locations aren’t nearby. 2. Strongly suspect rankings not based on customer feedback but by marketing/ad dollars—the same big, expensive brands are always showcased/highlighted. 3. The vast majority of products recommended aren’t available in my area even when my correct area is shown (see #1). Why show me a product that’s not available in my area? 4. Shopping cart/online purchases barely usable and I’m not interested in doing business with the few merchants that do support it. 5. Inconsistent menu headings across merchants. Some break out concentrates and vape pens, others don’t seem to. 6. Terrible filtering of products. Keywords don’t always work... some products that should be shown aren’t and vice versa. 7. The terrible product filtering is sometimes due to the fact that some fields should be mandatory but aren’t. Weight is a good example. Is that $40 for 0.5 gram or for 1.0 gram? Who knows, it doesn’t say. And half the pictures don’t help. Also often a lot of missing pictures. 8. My biggest complaint is that the number of delivery companies has dwindled to just a few recently. Not sure if that’s for a legal reason (suspect not) or because Weedmaps has increased their fees and the small guys can no longer afford to advertise? I’m going to stop with Weedmaps for a while as I have a preferred delivery service and a backup too. Might reevaluate in a year.


This site is an awesome tool for anyone who uses THC or CBD!!! No joke, this is the best site in the world. In an instant, in the places where it’s legal (and they’ll know by your phone’s location) you’ll find what is available for delivery, websites, clothing, storefronts, strains, edibles, salves, vape, drinks, oils, candy, cereal, tinctures and the list goes on and on! Incredible with up to date pricing and supply. Key word search for whatever you’re looking for and favorites so you don’t forget what you’re interested in. Sit at home waiting for delivery either up to your door or meet outside or visit the stores. I don’t even know everything this site offers but at this point I can’t be disappointed with what I’ve already seen & used. It’s like a marijuana phonebook. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 420!

- Best Customer Service!

I go to this spot all the time. Never once have I been let down. Nothing but good vibes from everyone that works here. A big shoutout to Ivan G. andDevon they have helped me out a lot they knows what they are talking about and everything they have recommended is fire! Great attitude and beyond helpful. Cristian the same he grabs all my stuff fast and is on it appreciate when someone can make sure you got what you want! Gaby is just awesome welcoming helpful pays attention to what you want and you leave with what you want. This store period is just good vibes and fire wax, flower, clothing . People say it could be pricey but good things don’t come free and price isn’t that bad. Also great team work between the coworkers ...trust you won’t be disappointed at all!

- Complete waste of time but they don’t seem to care

I ordered for the first time about 60 days ago had a really great experience since that time customer service has tremendously the client along with horrible company communication. They are really good about taking the order give you an ETA of 60 to 120 minutes estimated. After 2 1/2 hours I reach out to the company and they just tell me to contact the driver. I do and his name was Dylan he did not seem to care much about my order or his time management. And basically told me to just call and complain to the company because he gets his orders late or not the way he knows how to handle apparently. They had a lot of cool things to offer but no point in ordering if you don’t get the stuff you asked for and patiently wait for. This is an industry where your “hook up” should be reliable and prompt if given ample amount of time. Until they re-strategize their business people beware of ordering from this company unless you just like to wait.

- Lit like Bic

To be open at 7am started off perfect, FCC was so clutch for me this day and for that anytime I’m in the LA area I will come through. My gal and I were first time patients and the process for intake was very easy. We was greeted by a cool and earth budtender who they call “Nike”. She was knowledgeable and kept it authentic. Gave solid recommendations on all products. Kept us comfortable, and aware of the best deals. The shop had variety of quality brands! I love the old school California vibes. Me being a connoisseur of cannabis and a huge fan of mom and pop style dispensaries, I would recommend FCC to all walks of life from corporate to hipsters lol. In closing, I just finished a big Fronta Leaf filled with the Paris OG blend with the recommended Sizzurp, Best wake and bake I’ve had in the last few months! Stay blessed ~ Blaze

- Canopi Dispensaries

This review is long overdue....Canopi has been keeping me sooo happy and high that I start the review, then I'll put my phone down for a minute to go do something and totally forget what I was doing. No matter what's the location you choose out of the three they're all the best by far with prices with top tier, middle tier, and with bottom tier selections. Also they frequently have coupons in our local monthly publications Which I really have never seen any other dispensary do the only thing the other dispensaries do is give 10% off and Canopi prices beat them even with their 10% off. And the kicker is they except Debit/Credit cards as long as it has a chip and you have ID. I give this dispensary +10 hands-down!!!

- Visit to MedMen

Had an awesomely exploring experience here. Since the new management a lot of changes in the place as it relates to retail products offered!!! Went in during holiday where there were major sales promo going on. Worked with Kenisha; who is by the way an excellent addition to their friendly and professional team! As a newbie to all the new methods of enjoying cannabis I was extremely thankful for her assistance. Her positive; knowledgeable feedback and phenomenal patience made this experience amazing and exciting. I left with a better understanding of both the strains and the supporting products. Her wit and down to earth tone was sincere. Kenisha helped to make the visit vert rewarding instead of extremely overwhelming!! Thanks Kenisha and the whole team at MedMen. We will look forward to sporting our T-shirts back in NYC!!!!

- Simply Amazed!

❤️Wow... walked into this location today and was completely stunned! First, I was greeted upon walking in by the beautiful receptionist and walked me threw the member form step by step. Took me no more then 2 minutes before entering into the back room. Once I walked in I noticed a beautiful sanctuary that I will definitely be back for this Sunday. Once in the back the amazing tenders helped me with all my needs and wants choosing the product that was just right for me. The P.R. Is a go to but, I did not see one bad looking strain! Along with the top shelf selection I chose to do some CBD patches very hard to find! Thankful for this location Quick, Amazing, and flawless! Thank you for all your help! I will be back! Something along the lines of this

- Great store overall

I feel bad because I don’t know the name of the guy that hooked me up. I was literally like 22 cents short. So the guy literally gave me 10% off. It was awesome. It’s also indicative of how they do business there. Customer first. It’s a little off the beaten path which I like. I also like the hours. There’s a reason I gave it 5 stars all around. The other thing is that if sign up for the texts messages, you will get very good deals via text. On a fairly regular basis. Like I said customer first. Since dispensary’s opened in Las Vegas I’ve been to about 7 or 8 of them. This one is by far the coolest. In basically category. Without getting all silly and nit picky it’s by far my favorite shop in town!!


It would be great if Weedmaps would look through every dispensary menu and find the deals instead of waiting for dispensarys to post them. Some places have good prices and deals daily so you have to go and look at the details and menu individually. It would be nice if weedmaps went through them and posted it on the deals or something. And like if I could type in forbidden fruit and it would show a list of the places that have it around me. The problem with it now when I type in forbidden fruit it will tell me about it but always says that non are around me. But if I look on individual menus I can find it but it takes a lot of time so I don’t do it much. If weedmaps could improve that then I would definitely give it 5 stars. I highly suggest you do this!!!

- Lakewood customer patient

I drive from Lakewood to this place at least twice a month. Why? Because it’s worth it! Fire/bomb buds. Best day to be here is Sunday at 4:20 pm. You get to pick any single day of the week deal. It feels and tastes like the bud is well taken care of. Never disappointed whenever I visit. The inside, well lets just say the place has “character”. Friendly staff always have good vibes. Security does not play around so don’t mess with them. They check you before going into main area. Sometyyou have to speak up to be heard because the music videos playing fill the background. Stay off your phone! Cool posters and atmosphere is really chill. You’ll even have good convo amongst the patrons. 5 stars *****

- East Bay Therapeutics

This has to be the best dispensary in the state !!!!! The staff were extremely knowledgeable about the different products offered for purchase as well as being able to help me find the best quality product to fit my budget !!!!!! The layout is open , inviting , and well lit . The manner in which this company displays the myriad of delightful premium flower , is unmatched . Other retailers should really think about following the business model set forth by the proprietor here . One of the best customer experiences I’ve ever had !!!!!! I highly recommend East Bay Therapeutics to everyone who desires informative and knowledgeable staff interactions that enhance the experience !!!! Wish I could triple up the stars for this place .

- This place is AMAZING!!!!

I have been trying to find the ,” perfect” strain for my anxiety and pain for two years now and now I don’t have to look any further!!! Ashlee was super helpful at my first visit and introduced me to the Grapefruit LA Confidential strain which Is THE BOMB!! I have always been a big fan of LA Confidential but adding the Grapefruit added such a sweet fruity kick that I love!! I’m telling all of my friends about Mother Earth and I am surly hooked already!!! Also I live a mile away so that’s just another added bonus - but I’d drive hours away just to get the quality and service that Mother Earth provides, you guys are awesome, thank you for helping me alleviate my pain and get back to living !! Sincerely Dana ~

- Updated brands?

I love it and once you enter your specific locations it gives you loads of locations to choose from. But when I search for specific brands some aren’t even inside the app that are grown in state,(specifically MMMP). It could be due to the recent legislations or because those companies don’t list their products on the app or the dispensaries don’t list the brands I honesty do not know so I am not mad or in no way feeling as if this app isn’t useful, it’s just when you know the pages won’t DM you back regarding how you can shop their products I just wish there was atleast an update especially since the Cannabis Cups has recently passed it would be useful if I could find those brands that were placed or even had a booth. But I love the app to the fullest that’s just my two cents.

- Don’t waste your time anywhere else!

This is probably the best dispensary in town. Excellent product selection, fair pricing on their higher end products, and everyone who works there is amazingly friendly and helpful. Gwen was my budtender last time I went in, and she was awesome. Her and Lauren kept the line moving, gave great recommendations, and just made me feel at home. It’s the kind of experience you want if you were ever friends with your weed dealer. They know what’s good, the kind of high you’re looking for, and they aren’t afraid to tell you when something is lackluster or is entirely different from what you’re looking for. So glad I found this place!

- Top Quality Service, Quick delivery, Free potent Pre-rolls!!

Great customer service, top quality flower and product, always friendly and ready to accommodate your requests with delivery in as little as 10-15 minutes, never over 30 minutes! The drivers are always friendly, especially Nancy if your lucky to have her deliver to you! Love this place! I’ve been using their service for the last couple of months and have never had any issues. I recommend everyone give them a try. Can’t beat their excellent customer service, competitive prices, the top quality of their bud and their great FREE pre-rolls with purchase! ~~Happy Customer, Stephanie~~ 😉

- More functionality

I wish the app had information on strains. Effects, etc. The biggest thing I wish this app had was to be able to search a strain and see if there was a dispensary around that had it. I can’t ever seem to figure out how if you even can do that. And I’m just trying to give you feedback but some of the dispensaries we’ve been to have said they get frustrated with being on Weedmaps because the app doesn’t have some of the features they want. The biggest one being the one I mentioned about being about to see if a dispensary has a strain just by searching it. I love the fact that you have created an app to help us on our journey of medicating. I just wish it had more features. Keep on growing and becoming a better app. Peace and love.

- We the best (delivery)

I ordered my monthly delivery (Western Collective does the delivery) the product and price is awesome. I have never liked the eatable products because they never worked on me. Last night they sent me a bonus(they always give u a gift). The eatable was called cream pie. It was some toffee treat. This thing was for the lack of better words FREAKEN INCREDIBLE!!! It is so very true We the Best, is really truly the best. The person who takes the order is outstandingly nice n knows what they are talking about. I just am blown away by the kicking product n the service. If u r reading this, u really need to check this place out. AWESOME!!! I was going to try another place, they just could not match we the best prices or free deals. We the best is really the best

- Decent app, could use some better features

Its a good app in that its the only app/website thats got real businesses that update regularly and its got a lot of choices but it could use some better features. It would be better if you could look for a certain strain across different dispensaries, you should be able to search for sativa/indica/hybrid or shake but you can really only search for brands and see what dispensaries have those. Also seems like a lot of these “dispensaries” have a bunch of fake reviews that arent really being moderated, you should be able to post a picture of what you bought in your review like you can on yelp or any other website so people can decide better if theyre likely to actually get what they think theyre buying.

- WM4L

Ever since I first started dispensary shopping weedmaps has been there for me as a cannabis consumer’s road map and window into the world of everything cannabis. From browsing menu’s of whatever dispensaries are closest, to drooling over the most sought after dispensaries menu’s, weedmaps keeps me up to date on all the latest drops. Sometimes I look at other recreational state’s menu’s just to see what they got going on, because I can with just the click of the button. Weedmaps. The cannabis world at your fingertips. The AI friend you never had who know’s the menu of all legal dispensaries and their proximity to you. Truely a part of the culture. Thank you weedmaps!!!!!!!!

- If you are medicinal marijuana patient; you need this app

So I never thought I would say that but it is so true. Regardless of your location, this app always helps me find what strains are in at my favorite dispensary so I can put them on reserve for end of the day pick-up. Not every dispensary will be as up-to-date, nor will their pictures always depict exactly what your product will be like (thankfully mine does). Additionally, most dispensaries provide a description of each product, although I have to say, some just list ratios like 70:30 indica:sativa. At the very least, the reviews of each dispensary are extremely helpful. Thank you, Weedmaps!

- Jayden’s Journey

I’m fairly new to this whole new world I’ve discovered this year and I want thank the helpful people and awesome service every single time I’ve walked through their door!! My favorite is Paul, awesome service and his knowledge added to the fact that he really does care is extremely helpful finding what works for me . Last time I was there few days ago a gentleman “Caleb “ was helping me and have to say he was awesome too! Super friendly easy to talk to I left happy. Thank you everyone at Jayden’s Journey you have a wonderful staff that all seems to work well together which is perfect atmosphere for customers as well as staff it works and I shows!!

- Liberty Dispensary

I have to let everyone know that I have been to Liberty Dispensary many times and the staff is very knowledgeable about their products. They also go as far as helping customers with small things, such as writing something down. My fingernails were cut real short and it was painful to write, so Alexis helped me write. This made a difference. The staff, from Myeshia B., Terence (who helped with a hug; I was having a challenging day), Shaimaa, who helped look up the stranes for me. Gabrielle, spent time with me getting to know what I truely needed, Nick, Chad, also the Security at the door, Mr. Tovihlon who has a great sense of humor. The staff has so far, treated me with respect. Thank you guys!

- NACCC is Da Bomb!

Love this shop! i've been coming here for a long time and the main reason is this is the best place hands down for a wide variety and selection & the staff is amazing especially JOEY he's the man to see. Stop in and let Joey help you! He's super nice an extremely knowledgeable. If you don't know exactly what you're looking for he can point you in the right direction. They have lots to choose from an always seem to have a large variety on hand from smoke to edibles and lotions you name it they got you covered. I guarantee you'll love them just like me. These Guys Rock, stop driving all over town and hit them up for everything that you need !

- Horrible

Deleted my honest review of a business. No trash talking, no negativity, no breaking of your own rules set up for reviews...just deleted with no explanation. Well, delete this one. You show me 5 dispensaries that are suppose to be near me but it isn’t correct, you’re showing me 5 dispensaries in the area and NONE of them are the ones that are near me. You barely show the correct information and you make all the dispensaries in the state do things your way. So now they have to update this app, their websites and their actual store information....none of it is correct!! This is a horrible app that bullies dispensaries into doing it one and only one way...their way. And if you leave an honest review they will take it down. Nice. Deleting app I will just go to individual websites from this point on. I’d give you negative stars if i could.

- Hello cannabis app

Hello cannabis is great. The app is very efficient and easy to use. When ordering over the phone the lady taking my order is very pleasant and always offers better deals or weed. I definitely trust her judgement. When waiting for the delivery the time never exceeds what they say and most of the time they get here pretty fast. They always have great deals and I like how they extended the hours for happy hour. Always look forward to the goody bags they give out, they hook it up. Also they remind you throughout the week by txting your phone the deals they have for the week or that day. I have recommended this app to friends.

- New Job

I started shopping here a little over a year ago for my mom. We found out she had terminal cancer. The chemo was horrible and wasn’t gonna save her. She decided to quit chemo. I bought her gummies and some topicals to try to improve what little time she had left. Now some of my favorite memories are when we had gummies and just laughed. The 24th will be a year since she died, but the memories of her laughter I will always cherish. I quit my job (they were against marijuana, even for medical purposes) and applied at NM. I’ve been here a little over a month now and if I can help one more persons mama, I will be happy 💜 Goldie


This is the best place to get a delivery from . Why ? U ask Well because u don't need to wait very long u won't be sold items that r not refundable (vape) these people will not lie to u nor try to sell u their products this is a clean safe place providing lab tested products and at the lowest prices on the market . for alpine live resin lovers look no more u will be rewarded a free gram when u purchase two grams . If u don't know it's the best vape u can smoke .member up give them my name PRINCESS HEIDY AIMEE u will be rewarded with extra love . Join this club and be sure not to be treated like another buyer but will be honored for your business. Enjoy! With love and peace be safe❤️👸🏻🐝

- Cool idea, bad design issues need fix.

There is so much that makes me mad about using this app. First of all it’s a very good concept and I’m thankful for it, but some of the tech issues with the app itself drive me bonkers. First of all after having an account for over year it’s now telling me that I need an email to post any reviews or do anything on my account except there’s no way for me to add an email to my already existing account and when I asked for support they told me just to create a new account… How about I just delete your app? **** They contacted me and handled my issue in a good amount of time. Thanks

- Down To Deliver

I’ve had difficulty getting a dependable Medical Marijuana delivery service to my home in Sunset Beach. Down to Deliver covers Seal Beach, Long Beach, Sunset Beach, & some of Huntington Beach! I found them to be a righteous and simple way to get my Marijuana related needs met for Vape Carts, Buds, and MORE! As a medical marijuana patient for 6yrs. I have high standards and specific needs, which were absolutely NO PROBLEM for this wonderful service! I highly recommend discussing your marijuana based needs with them for their knowledgeable advice, quick delivery, and “can’t-beat-it” pricing. You won’t be disappointed!

- The Best on Weedmaps

I have used all the deliveries on Weedmaps. At first they start out pretty good. But after the 2nd or 3rd time, I have found them to be either out of the product, don’t return my order text, deliver the wrong product, delivery time at times have been 2 plus hours, and some just don’t deliver at all! However.... I have finally found a delivery that is professional, prompt, and always deliver within the hour and they have the product advertised on the Menu! Highly recommend giving them a try. And all the prices advertised include all taxes!! Debi O

- The information on the items aren't always right

How was my review false or inaccurate..... I have used your app to try and find what I am looking for... Then go to them and they don't have it... But your site says they do.... Ether your lying or they are but wasting my time is not something I appreciate at all.... So when I call and they say they can't tell me how many they have or if they have what I am looking for..... I can't post that..... Be very careful on how you choose to sensor people..... Because I've checked 10 stores that your app shows they have what I am looking for and they don't when I show up.... Some people actually use it for meds not to get high..... But I will be happy to forward this along with your reply and keep posting it everywhere I can to let good people know that weed maps doesn't care if they show false facts.... They don't care you may have to drive around to find what you want.... Maybe you hope folks just buy anything else and not get what they want.... Be careful don't be afraid to leave with out buying and say weed maps said different

- I Love the Grove

My first visit to a dispensary was the Grove of Las Vegas and it is a very good experience every time I go. Everyone was so kind, patient and professional..Courteous in-take members and the wait was okay as well..The store has a somewhat cozy modern setting and In the lobby waiting area they have large tv screens explaining the products they offer along with the cost while you wait..since then I've tried a couple of other places and the waits are to long plus there settings are not as impressive as the Grove, So I end up going back to the Grove..just love this place..on my way there now

- Mostly love Weedmaps

I’ve been on Weedmaps now for 6 years if I’m not mistaken & prefer them more over to Leafly bcuz you include everyone who a patient can get their medicine from. I just wish there was a way to find specific items without having to check each delivery service or storefront. I will say I find your menus more consistently correct as opposed to your competition I mentioned earlier in my review. I also think it’d be very beneficial if we patients had a way to contact the dispensary owners and delivery service owners. I’d love to get some of them collaborating together. EVERYONE would benefit. Weedmaps is priceless. Keep up the great work & thank you!!

- Unusable app

The app was changed and now I can’t find anything. The store isn’t listed, can’t find the same doc, can’t find deals at a specific location because you can’t find the store. I’ve used this app everytime I order. The last time I used this app I had the same issue. I’m trying to use this app again, still unable to use. This is frustrating and disappointing because the app never had these issues. I won’t be using the app again. I’ll drive to a store and place my order. Thank you Weedmaps for wasting my time!

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- Quality app

So handy !

- Amazing

Best app evaa

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- Great Customer service

I have ordered from a few others on Weed Map but know one was as quick to deliver and they had everything I was looking for. So happy will be sticking with this service.The gentleman I dealt with was great. I recommend Budzone for great services and products....Terri Graziano

- Very helpful

Helps me find and try all types of goodies

- Mixed feelings about it

I have ordered from weed maps many times. I honestly thought this was a small business. Maybe someone who grows at home and opened up a small company. Specially in the start. The driver’s would take 2 to 3 hours to arrive on 95% of the times I have placed an order through text message. The website is never accurate, the person texting me will tell me what they have. I haven’t chose something from the website that is available in stock, ever. Some of the drivers will stay in the car and not even say hi to you but put down their window, handle me my package and take the money before leaving. One of them asked me to get in the car. I’m sorry but I don’t know you and don’t feel comfortable getting in a stranger’s car. Customer service 0. Until today I only had one good delivery guy which was an older white gentleman. He parked the car, came out to greet me and was very friendly/polite. Sometimes the drivers come with their friends or girlfriend like the one delivering my order yesterday afternoon. I placed my order and got ready to take cash out since I haven’t being told about another payment option yet. The driver got here in around 30 to 40 minutes for the first time. I was out going to the atm machine. I was only 3 minutes away and got back to the front of my building and spoke to the driver and his girlfriend. I said the atm machine was at the next block and apologized since I never had any delivery done before 1 hour and a half of waiting time. I was told 2 to 3 hours from the person placing my order. The driver didn’t say anything but followed me to the store and parked outside. I got out and made my payment. Once again the driver was inside the car with his girlfriend and never came out to treat me as his customer. He told me that $10 was missing from my payment. I questioned since I bought something worth $70 and until yesterday I have never paid anything over that. He explained that delivery fee is not charged for over $100 orders only. I asked if it was a new thing because I have never ever paid delivery fee and have the messages of my orders to prove. He called someone to ask them and his girlfriend started getting involved so I paid the $10 dollars, thank him and started walking to my car. He waved at the window for me to come back. Once I walked back he said “By the way make sure you have the money next time because I have no time to wait”. Look, I always received a message from the person placing my order if the driver was 15 minutes away and once he arrived. I have waited over 3 hours in one of my orders and never told the driver “make sure you’re here on time because I can’t wait. Even when my order got here late a night, passed my sleep time. I have never argued with my customers about something new implement like delivery fees. And I have worked years with customer service. I also drive for uber and got out of my car for every delivery I have made. I don’t mind the money, I mind the lack of professionalism. Delivering with friends and girlfriends so they can talk to me about new fees on their own way is wrong. It’s wrong to wave to a customer from the comfort of your car and make them walk back to hear “make sure next time you have the money ready”. I would inform my customer that it’s implemented so they can get ready to pay an additional $10 for every delivery from now on. Your drivers are the only personal contact you have for your customers so talk to them to be more professional and hire people that are good with it. Not just anyone who can drive. I also went on the website and had to look for the new delivery option that states the $10 fee. I finally found it and found out that your best weed is priced at $95. So you guys are taking $5 off to gain $10! Forcing your customers to buy over 7gs which is already a lot for your customers that don’t smoke every day. I will never buy better quality weed from you since you take that $5 to make $10. If I ever order from you again I will take a close look on your delivery process and if it’s bad that will be my last time. I will make sure to tell my friends about it too.

- Great service and APP

I would definitely recommend this APP

- Changed for what?

The entire layout has changed and I can't even search through buds in my area anymore. Makes no sense.

- legalization made it worse :(

weedmaps used to be way better and easier to use. I find it much harder to navigate and impossible to find what I’m looking for. Also not their fault necessarily but legalization has ruined their selection. I miss when it had good deals and good stock.

- Terrible

Was good, but you had to remove the black market. Literally ALL of us use this platform, solely for that reason. We are all deleting the app, as it’s basically worthless. DON’T DOWNLOAD

- No more deliveries

Used to order all the time now they forcing you to buy from government stores

- Terrible app now

Uninstalling ASAP. No more delivery? Are you kidding? This is useless now. If delivery comes back, I’ll think about reinstalling.

- Use to be a 5 star review

1 star now only because they don’t have the delivery services they use to have. Now it’s just google maps.

- Why have a deals page when there is no such thing

Don’t make sense

- Meh

Used to be really cool, stopped helping the little guys and delivery services. Guessing the group some corporate investors and are trying to legitimize. It’s always about the money.

- Stay away

Stay away from this app so many “stores” on here will rip you off and short you on weed and don’t care that they rip you off 3 or 4 grams from an ounce. I guess they don’t think people will weigh it up? Anyways stay away because most the “stores” on here are thief’s and won’t give you what you payed for.

- Big shout out to canna cad in nisku .

Must go to this store !!!! The best customer service I’ve ever had . The staff always chat are helpful beyond a little.

- Pointless app now they have gotten rid of delivery

Now they have taken away the delivery aspect there’s really no use for this app

- New update is CRAP!

You CANT search for specific retailers/docs/stores, ONLY products that most times is not even offered in your area/city/province/or maybe EVEN country! Your selections & favs are NOT saved and erased; the new update is ABSOLUTELY NOT USER FRIENDLY!

- App ruined

I’m assuming they got paid off by government to only promote and display their overpriced shops. Used to be a great app now you have better luck asking the first person you see walking down the street


used to be so easy to use and now its awful

- Deleted

Due to their privacy policies & deleting the black market options

- Grass hoper

I am really disappointed. It this compagnie they owe me 125 u order on Sunday and pay via etransfer and was waiting for my order witch was told I would get within two hours then the two hours cam call and text them and they reply trying to get a hold of her was the message the y sent me that was. Sunday we are not Thursday sent many email text and called and would like my money back this is not good business and fraud u did not deliver the product or return my money please otherwise further mater will be taken carole

- Weedmaps snitched

100 probably more dispensary or delivery companies have been shut down by RCMP because im guessing there not govt controlled. I cant get weed in my area anymore, weedmaps are all mail orders which sucks and the deliveries used to be a hour or less everytime. Now its gonna take a day or two to get my product. Most companies still deliver throughout the lower mainland just not on weedmaps.

- Used to be the best

Weed maps used to be the best until they took away the whole reason for the app... the delivery. I really don’t need a store locator for weed, which is basically what the app is for now. Complete disappointment.

- No delivery anymore

The only reason most people used this was because they delivered and now they have removed this feature. Kinda useless now to be honest.

- Garbage

Only options are legal stores or clinics. Same thing as google maps... not worth the download

- Useless app now

Why? Recommendations never in town, no delivery. Google maps more useful.

- Horrible app. Just use maps to find a dispensary???

The app has no point if there isn’t a delivery service. It’s a map of where the dispensaries are... You can simply use any map app, or take a look around you. Don’t download.

- Government of Canada can GFI

Actually though the app is useless in Canada now. I can google all the storefronts already but this app showed you the delivery options which they can no longer put on the App in my area. Great for the year I used it but if you’re Canadian in the western provinces pass on this app.

- Not worth it

No more delivery plus removal of local independent storefronts turned this app into a heap of hot garbage not worth downloading

- Garbage now

Was an amazing app till they took off the local delivery services. App is trash now. Utterly useless. Don’t waste your time

- Canada

Not Michigan, not USA, Canada. You would think that be a simple thing. Ontario Canada.

- You guys made the app pointless

They took away the most common use for the app, which was the delivery feature.

- Pointless app

Was a good app till they removed all the delivery services in my area now there is zero point to having this app

- Terrible app, wasted opportunity

Terrible app, wasted opportunity. So many constant issues. One issue for example is not being able to review different products easily on the iPhone

- delivery gone

yep it be like that

- No more delivery

The independent delivery companies were pushed out by greedy cooperations and they let it happen. I no longer see any value in having this app because the stores don’t put there minus on it

- Straight Trash Sellout

Weedmaps dropped all Legacy Stores and any delivery service. Only shows the legal spots which sell awful flower and edibles with such a low does you are more likely to get diabetes before getting a high. If anyone cares about actual cannabis culture download "leafythings" an app that shows every cannabis spot. Not just the ones these sellouts take pay cheques from. All of their good reviews are people they pay. Half of them dont even say why they used the app. Sellout Garbage #whatisweedmaps #weedmapsistrash

- Not worth it anymore

You used to be able to order weed and get it delivered now it only has info of local shops, not worth getting has no benefit anymore

- Please came back to nice

Really sad that cancel the delivery store :( I'm gonna delete the app if is not coming back cuz i already know where is the guvernement store

- Widgets???

Where is the widget? I have updated every thing and still no widget 😐

- USED to be amazing

So I’ve been using weedmaps for a long time and they were always great. I would always find really good deals and could have it all delivered to my house. However now they no longer show you stores that deliver you can only view menus of places you need to pick up in store so what’s even the point of looking at pictures online when you have to go to the stores anyways and can look at it there.

- Delivery is a must

They don’t have deliver available anymore such waste

- They changed

No longer supporting local shops, no more deals and no more delivery.

- Damn

Mfs really just yanked delivery from my area

- Please fix the delivery option

If the delivery feature isn’t put back by next update I plan to uninstall this useless (without delivery) app. The one app that has progressively gotten worse as time goes by.

- App sucks now

Old version with delivery better this version sucks

- Trash. No explanation

Deliveries are gone. App is useless now

- Sux

Buggy needs lots of work not well maintained , has a lot fake sellers on there no regulation , all around 1/5

- Junk

With the delivery option not available anymore what’s the point of even having an app when dispensaries have their own websites? Pure junk and useless app now.

- It’s not what it used to be

No mote Weedmap!!!!!! Screw you!!!

- Absolute trash!!

All the good delivery services are gone? What are you guys thinking. Worst possible move!!!

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Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD 9.43.0 Screenshots & Images

Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD iphone images
Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD iphone images
Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD iphone images
Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD iphone images
Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD iphone images
Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD iphone images
Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD iphone images
Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD iphone images
Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD iphone images

Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD (Version 9.43.0) Install & Download

The applications Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD was published in the category Medical on 2010-01-28 and was developed by WeedMaps [Developer ID: 350189838]. This application file size is 99.47 MB. Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD - Medical app posted on 2021-11-01 current version is 9.43.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.weedmaps.WeedMaps