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Discover who and where you came from through photos, stories, historical documents, and so much more. Explore your family stories anytime, anywhere with the top genealogy app*, Ancestry®.

Why you’ll love to discover your family story using the Ancestry app:
• Explore your family history, add new family members, upload photos, and share stories - all with just a few taps
• Discover stories, photos, and records about your ancestors with Ancestry Hints®
• Our latest features - The new dynamic Discover feed lets you review, dismiss, and save your discoveries and hints for later
• Our latest features - Our modern layout design, makes it even easier for you to explore
• With a free trial or paid subscription easily access more than 27 billion records, photos, and more
• Preserve your history with your own personalized family tree
• Collaborate with friends and family - it couldn’t be easier

Free Features:
• Build a family tree
• Search the 1940 U.S. Census record and access millions of public records
• Receive hints based on your tree
• Upload family pictures
• Receive messages from Ancestry members
• See your ancestors' life story on a map

Available with an optional free trial or subscription:
• View more than 27 billions of records
• Add records to your tree
• Use hints to learn about ancestors
• Find pictures of your family
• Discover new relatives
• Unrestricted messaging

iPhone and iPad Features:
• Curious about your family tree? Simply look up a relative's name, discover their story, and then share it with your loved ones
• Remember the high school years by finding yearbook photos to share with your close family and friends, all with just one quick tap
• Review your personalized hints
• Add photos, hints, or ancestor stories and watch your personalized family tree grow
• With a free trial or paid subscription access more than 27 billion records, photos and more
• Sync automatically with your Ancestry account
• Easily upload photos and add facts or stories to your family tree
• Learn about historical events that affected your ancestors’ lives.

Apple Watch Features:
• Get on-this-day alerts for events from your family history.

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- Navigation becoming complex

I can’t complain about the amazing range of relatives I’ve discovered going back centuries. But sometimes the hints I get are a little frustrating, because my tree will tell me that “Joseph Smith” is the father of “Sara Brown” while the hints show that Sara is the daughter of “David Jones.” And often it’s hard on the app to navigate your way back to the more remote branches of the tree. That being said, if you’re lucky enough, as I am, to have two parents going back to pre-Revolutionary days (who happen to be light-complected), and suspect that your parents might be distant cousins, you can sometimes find out they are, and also discover Jewish nth-degree great-grandmothers; darker-complected cousins; pastors and poets and actors; Mary Queen of Scots; a slave overseer for Thomas Jefferson 😔; figures such as Robert E. Lee and Martha Washington; Irish criminals deported to the Americas; and an assortment of French Huguenots by way of the British Empire. Your husband might have the DNA test confirm that yes, despite a Greek name and an immigrant from Germany, he is nearly half-Jewish and is attached to storied family fur-trading company owners from Kastoria in Greece who immigrated to the US via Germany. And your children won’t have inherited the same percentages of genes as their siblings. Viva la difference!

- Ethnic Background Research Update

Love this app. It was amazing for me to learn that I have ancestors across 3 different continents when I did the DNA test. The “Thrulines” feature is amazing too but I would like to suggest in future updates that there can be some way to search for DNA matches that share varying percentages of ethnic backgrounds. I am very interested in connecting the dots with the Latino side of my family and finding out if possible where I can trace my African heritage as well. Since I have nearly 100,000 DNA matches and not even close to half of the people have pictures associated with their profile, it is hard to tell what ethnic backgrounds are shared with people without clicking individually on every profile. If there was a way to show any or all DNA matches who have, say, more than “10% total Sub-Saharan African and/or 25% Central American” that would be REALLY helpful in potentially connecting dots and further filling in my family tree. I would love to find where those connections are but it is really hard to do without a filter in the search that allows you to bring up DNA matches with people in specific categories. Thanks for your help! I really hope this is a feature you guys will be able to add in the future.

- Dna section not working properly

Update: working much better! Old: Let me start with the positive: the tree section is lovely, helpful, works well, and I love it. Now, the negative: the DNA section, which updated on the 1 July is not great. It is set up similar to the website, but please consider that apps are used on devices, such as a phone. The DNA section has become a behemoth if information, difficult to manage or view, crashes if you try and look at Cousin matches for a second person... it used to be quite simple and elegant with the 11 generation view, and option but not requirement to open other users’ entire trees. How can I possibly appreciate their full multi- thousand tree of information on my iPhone? I hate to complain, I use the Ancestry app daily. Some people do crosswords or sudoku. I work on the family tree, it’s my favorite puzzle. I just wish I could use the DNA cousins’ section with ease, but it seems to have become way too huge to appreciate as a simple task in bed or during down time, with the phone. It has become a project strictly for sitting at my computer. Is there any chance to make it more convenient for device use? It’s an app, after all. Thanks :)

- Unlocking My Past

Ancestry has been a joy to explore. I first started my tree several years ago, but had suspended my membership for lack of time to devote to the project. Earlier this year I decided to explore my genetic history through AncestryDNA, so wanted to continue my tree as well. I’ve been thrilled with the enhancements the site has made in the intervening years. It’s been even easier to connect the family dots through the system of ‘hints’ provided by the app. Each time I feel I’ve begun to hit a wall, a new hint is revealed that keeps me going. I’m also pleased with how the genetic app is enhancing my search. I have barely begun to explore the many connections that submitting my DNA revealed. As just a beginning, I can engage any person who is 4th cousin or closer - and who chooses to keep their connection open as well. What I’m most looking forward to is searching for all those Scandinavian relations that make up a full third of my DNA. I had no idea there was any measurable Norse blood in my past! I really am pleased with Ancestry, and AncestryDNA, and have only scratched the surface of the app’s many features and my past.

- Good App, Convenient

I really appreciate the convenience of being able to do ancestry on my phone! It makes it so easy to hop on and do a few leaves between activities. The app works well, but with a few issues. Occasionally, when trying to view something with a photo/attachment, it will say I need a paid account to view it, but usually when I go back and then click on it again, it works. Also, there are a few hints that take you to a website that you have to pay to be a member, just to see if that hint is the person in your tree (e.g. family search); I always skip those hints. Thirdly, a few hints always mess up no matter how many times you try to accept them; it just says something went wrong; try again later. (I’ve noticed this with newspaper articles.) I only give 4 stars because the census pictures only show you one page, whereas on the PC you can click to view the next page or previous page. Often the family is split between two pages, and I can’t confirm anything that is not on the page that it chooses to show me. If this were changed, I could give 5 stars, though those other problems still need addressed too.

- I have a tree with over 2000 people

If you are interested in the genealogy of your family this app will do it. But the full price of the app is way too high and the claim of newspaper artifacts is quite limited. If your ancestors come from Russia and your Jewish you will not be able to get further back than 1860. Assuming that your family came here in the very early 1900’s. My son in law is from German decent and I could trace his family back to 1675 when they came here as early settlers of Ohio, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Everyone in my family did ancestry DNA and it we found it very interesting. I had thought we were the only family with our last name in the America but with the DNA and matches I found that another family with my last name settled in Chicago around the same time my grandfather came. This I am sure of because I am a match for at least on of that clan. But I cannot figure out how we are related because the answer to that is in the small towns in Russia where the Jews were persecuted by the tzar and forced them to immigrate to the US. Instead of five stars I put four because I think they mislead me with the “all access” when it really isn’t “all access”

- Found Tons of information& Even my birth Father

It’s the best gift, I received in my life. For my 62 Birthday my son purchased me a kit. While I waited for my results, I began creating my tree. The app was easier to use than it looks and it took no time at all to master navigating my tree. Then the results arrived and wow it was unbelievable. I never knew my birth/biological father so it was interesting seeing possible relatives. But I didn’t have the nerve to contact them, so I stuck to my mom’s tree & adopted father, then tackled my husbands side exploring leaves. Then one day I had a message in my mailbox and it a matter of minutes I had my first contact with a Second Cousin .... that contact confirmed we’re relatives and although my birth father is deceased, I have Aunts, Uncles, sisters & brothers and of course tons of cousin to reach out to! Perhaps I’m one of the lucky few that find relatives, for that I’m thankful for AncestryDNA. It’s a great app and became a new hobby for a recently retired grandma. With the help of AncestryDNA we may have just figured out my next “Heritage” vacation spot.

- Hope O Creasman

I have used Ancestry since its inception. As a previous person stated, At first it was lacking records, but now it is amazing. If they could make the search where it would narrow down some more, because looking through 2,000 or more and having people come up who are in the 1900s when you want the late 1700s is very aggravating to me. Surely if you put the date of 1768, why are 1970s people showing up. Same with state, if I put SC and California is shown, I wonder why did I even put South Carolina, But I have to admit it does give you much more accurate information. And the DNA information amazes me. If the new ones would put their trees online and the stubborn old ones not keep everything to themselves, especially when you have given them information. Especially on the pictures. I have so many to identify and Rosa or Jose is from the same family, but they won’t share. However ancestry has really added to my knowledge and I know it will get better and better because it already has. It is sad to me because I won’t be around to see what’s to come. (I am 73.) So if you want to know is it worth it? I say a definite YES.

- Membership Purchase DOES NOT WORK in the App

The App is a scam! 😩😡🤬. You risk losing money! They tempt you with a few days free trial and charge your credit card. When your free trial ends, Ancestry deactivates your account so you can no longer see images of documents even though your card has been changed. To get your money back you have to deal with Apple. I have had an Ancestry account for years, but only activate it occasionally for a few months to see if any new information is available. This time I made the mistake of activating it through the app using Apple Pay. The app worked okay for me. If you are using an iPad, the app is more convenient than the site on Safari; however, there are a few things that can only be done on the website (e.g. inviting others to your tree if your tree is private). Occasionally the app locks up and loses connection when you try to add files to your gallery. But the main problem is activating your account through the app, especially along with the free trial offer. If you want an active membership, activate it through the website even though you will not get the free trial. Otherwise, you risk a lot of headaches trying to get a refund when Ancestry doesn’t honor your purchase at the end of the free trial.

- I like but it needs some additions

I love finding all my long dead relatives but I wish there were more detailed options for your family tree. For example, it should include siblings on each layer of the tree to make even more accurate assessments of relation. Also, including an option for adopted children would be amazing. My grandfather was adopted by his aunt, and so she kept being listed as his mother when in fact she was only his mother by adoption. As a result of this, I’m having an incredibly hard time finding out who my actual great-grandmother is because the records are only show the adopted parents name. There should be a way to include both adopted parents for the purposes of records AND the actual parents for genetic purposes. Also, it would be nice if there were more inclusive options that were sensitive to transgender individuals, including the records for older relatives who may have had to alter their paperwork because of the times they were living in. The history that you can uncover is really eye-opening and I just think everyone should be able to experience it.

- Absolutely Fabulous!

I got bit by the ancestry bug in 2009 before I became a member. What started this for me was learning all I could about my great grandfather (my moms dads father.). Great grandpa left the home when my grandpa was three years old no one knew too much about him. Before becoming a member I was able to locate the him and within three weeks I actually drove to a rural cemetery and found his grave!! I was also able to find history. A few years ago I joined Ancestry as a full member and absolutely love it! My family tree, maternal and paternal, goes back for some to the 1500s. Two years ago I did the AncestryDNA (the reports were just updated recently as well!) I can attest to the fact they are accurate because I know where a lot of my family came from and the DNA members it matched me to are relatives, some I know (but didn’t realize they were members.) Totally fascinating and soul fulfilling to know where my people came from know what blood runs through my veins. Rock on Ancestry! I’m hooked ❤️👍🏽

- False advertising

Do not believe the free 14 day trial. You may get charged & then apple itunes will not refund your money. They told me that all sales were final & that apps are not personalized. I was not told this & there is nothing on the free 14 day trial page within the app that has terms & conditions or any exclusions. I had received a previous free trial & was surprised to see another one. I clicked it thinking I’d received it because I did not keep the subscription originally. Apple itunes store kept me on the phone for over an hour refusing to refund & quoting the all sales final in the terms & conditions. There needs to be an * on the free 14 day trial page in the app with at least a short sentence stating if you’ve received a free trial that you will be charged the full subscription price for one month & not receive the free trial. This is false advertising & makes both ancestry & apple itunes store look very bad. I learned my lesson the hard way. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. Save your money & don’t even risk it if you’ve used it before. Reclaim the records offers all records for free, same ones ancestry charges for- public free records-paid for by your ancestor’s taxes & you can use ancestry through your taxpayer $ for free at your local library. I’m so angry.

- A wonderful way to find your history

I have used this app for five years on iPhones, iPads and computers. I never had to start over or begin a "new tree" because you log in and you information is secure. I love this app for several reasons the first being I have learned so much about the heroes in my family. I can see the struggles, how wars have affected family members. I found living relatives I never knew. The only problem I have is that duplicates still form too easily but the correction process has been simplified. Every update has made corrections easier to do. You can add pictures, obits notes and they automatically add historical facts to make your ancestors come to life. A ‘Warning’ though this can be addictive! Con- even if you have paid for records after having a membership for years once you discontinue or pause your membership you cannot access digital scans of records. You can however see you have the record as well as see the “detail” of the record.

- My Fathers greatest wish came true, then he died

My Father’s one and only wish was to one day know someone from his Mothers side of the family. She died when he was five. We spent many years traveling the state of Texas looking for anyone that know anything about his Mother. He sent his DNA to Ancestry and we waited... and waited.. and waited, until one day, there was a match, Mercedes. I saw that her Grandfathers name was Alfredo Alviar Chavez and flipped out!!! I sent her a message through the Ancestry app. and explained who I was and that we have been looking for years and years for anyone related to My fathers Mother’s side of the family. I gave her my email address and hoped she would answer. She quickly responded by sending an email to me and we were immediately connected. She was blown away that we knew so many details about her Grandfather. It did t take us long to get together. They came to visit on Labor Day weekend 2019. We had 3 glorious days to talk and laugh and cry. My Father was the happiest Man in the world. Then on September 19, my Father passed away. His name was Guadalupe Ibarra. He died a happy man. God kept his word and brought to pass the one and only piece of the puzzle left. Thank you Ancestry for making it possible. Without you, he would never have met his beautiful cousins, children of his uncle Alfredo, my Fathers Mother, Francisca’s little brother. What a wonderful world!!! Thank you, Dina Joy Lawrence Proud daughter of Guadalupe Ibarra

- AncectryDNA

I have been working on my family history for over 50 years and have accomplished quite a lot. Then, a couple of years ago I discovered Ancestry and am amazed about how much easier it is to do everything. Yes, there are quirks, as there are in every program, but this one is wonderful. I recently decided to have my DNA done, but was too suspicious to give Ancestry all of the information ahead of time, so I used a different e-mail address for my DNA kit, to see if they would be able to come up with the information I have on my charts (back to the 1500s in most cases). I was totally amazed that they pinned all of my ancestors down to the exact areas I was expecting them to be from, including the Jewish ancestor that is on my chart 4-5 generations back. ABSOLUTELY recommend this program. It is very addicting to do family history and this program makes it even easier with the very helpful and accurate hints. Thanks to all of the programmers!

- Not Ready for Prime Time

Unlike Reunion, this app requires a constant internet connection to display a tree. Nothing really resides on the iPhone other than a link to your online Ancestry tree. So, from a practical point showing your tree to family members around a dinner table, or while researching in a library, or many other places where a signal isn't always available - that soaks up battery time also - is extremely limited. With Reunion my tree fully resides on the iPhone - period. The fact that this Ancestry app is "free" to paying members is great - the fact that it's crippled and mostly useless speaks to the price value as well as what Ancestry thinks of its customers. Suggestion - charge a couple of bucks and have the full GEDCOM load on the iPhone and present in a Family Tree Maker format. Even if it isn't as fully featured, you'll make a return on invest in both money and added customer good will. But it's useless as it runs now. One star is a gift.

- A long time ago.......

In a place far far away. No knowing anyone on my fathers side of our family it was kind of sad. Who where they and where did they come from? After some connections a lot of documents and a little luck, my discovery was amazing. Having the name Jones obviously makes it difficult to ensure, with so many with the same name, that an ancestor is ours. Yet, when the documents like a Draft card has parents names and addresses which reflect the child you know. Your face lights up as each connection becomes a reality. John Lee Jones is my big find. A settler of the west in Utah, in and around Cedar City. It was amazing to read a story of how he took his family and many Saints ( Latter-day ) from Missouri through the mountains to Utah. With his huge family and friends they carved out a settlement. To say the least I feel so proud to have had family like this. Best of luck on your search.

- New update is horrible

Why why why??? You ruined a perfectly good app! It is so difficult now to see my tree. There is no contrast, the pictures are tiny, the names don’t look right. Cannot follow the lines. Terrible graphics! No new useful features. What could have been really helpful would be to view the relationship in the tree without having to click on each profile. It would be amazingly helpful to have a colored border around each person in the tree with the ability to customize a color for each individual. This way you could highlight relatives in your direct line, another color for different relationships or to highlight interesting matches or ones you want to go back and research more. So sad about this new update...I have put so much time and effort into my tree and this new look is not going to work for me. So visually cumbersome! I need a larger photo and have put a lot of effort into using photos for quick identification and sizing them just so. Too much wasted space now that is not even being used to display additional information. I’m not sure what the thinking was behind this colossal failure. I want the old app back!!!

- Amazing resources at your fingertips

When your family history research becomes so complex that you can no longer remember everything, this continuously improved app gives you complete access to an amazing range of details. In spite of my frustration that Ancestry has taken away some resources that were formerly available without additional fees, their software both on a desktop and mobile devices make the annual cost a great bargain. More than just the basic family relationships and personal data, I appreciate access to primary sources such as census records. I upload hundreds of digital photos and this app makes it easy to access these historic images. And as I travel, I always have access to the most recent discoveries I’ve made about my family. If you have an interest in your personal history, this app can keep your interest vital and enjoyable.

- Resourceful

This app has been pretty useful. I’ve used it in about 98% percent of my research. I’ve used the laptop version the other two percent. Though it’s still limited by the info that’s put into by other users. I recommend using google to add to the search from time to time. I only used the paid version for a month but it still cut some search time down. If you try the free 1 month trial, I suggest the international version. Costs a lil more but expands the search area. I’ve found out I’m descendant of a Viking “king and queen” from 850 Denmark! And they are the grandparents of the inspiration for the term “Bluetooth”. Herald Gromsonn the “Bluetooth” No telling what you’ll find! Get start! 👍 My only complaint is if you delete a sibling or a wrong ancestor, it’ll kick you all the way back to you. If you have to remove a few duplicate sibling entries, it gets annoying.

- Great for on the go!

30JAN19 Update: I don’t know if I’ve never used this feature? Tried to add burial information for my aunt last night and it won’t save. It just keeps spinning. Tried to go through “App Support” to report the glitch and it pulls up a blank page. So I’m reporting it here and docking a star until it’s fixed. After 10 years, my cousins are finally starting to become interested, so I need the app to be able to save Facts on the go. 18DEC18 Update: I’ve also been using the app to investigate shaky leaves and clean up duplicate hints in the nooks and crannies of my day. The integration with my DNA results has been amazing as well! Perfect companion to my Ancestry tree! Original: I love being able to whip out my phone to verify family stories as we're talking about them. Also, to jot down notes as my Mom remembers them so I can find the paper trail later on. Another perk is to show them pictures of our ancestors in a flash. Love it!

- I found family on the other side of the globe

This test brought me to relatives I never knew existed and opened up stories I never knew about my family. I reached out to some of the dna matches that came back and found cousins in Australia who’s grandparents were cousins with my grandparents. I found an uncle grim my great grandfathers . I never knew my great grandfather had a brother and I found out he died in the war in Greece - my great grandfather raised his brothers three boys as his own. I found their kids from the names and pieces of story my new found cousin in Australia gave me (lucky out Mother’s are alive to help us). I just started using the site and I’m starting to grow new relatives exponentially connection to another. My family is from Greece and the people I’m connecting with are in Australia Italy Canada USA and other . Science is fascinating !!!!

- Matches aren’t sync to other DNA matches

Example 1: A person can be matched to 4 siblings, but when clicked on one siblings Shared Matches’s, it doesn’t list the other 3 siblings that are being managed by that one sibling under shared matches but you can see them in the managers profile. Or if you search for them. Example 2: A uncle and niece share a cousin. Both are showing shared 10cm with this person. But when either the uncle or niece click on that shared cousin matches, they don’t see each other as a match. The niece sees not shared matches with the cousin. **Also, please bring back the under 8cm matches. They are very important in helping with researching and connecting. **And we shouldn’t lose information that we have collected and added to our tree, if we can’t afford our membership and have to cancel for a short time. If information is found while on a paid membership, that information should be able to be kept in the tree. Thank you!!

- Great app, not-so-great update

I absolutely love this app. I’ve made a family tree of over 7,000 people, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. It’s so interesting to find out these things about my family and I love that this app gives me the opportunity to do so. As for the recent update... it’s not my favorite. They completely neglected some of the app’s prominent bugs and focused their efforts on making it aesthetically pleasing. As great as the app is, there are some glitches that definitely need fixing. An aesthetic change is not what this app needs. Besides, I prefer the way it looked earlier. If you haven’t tried this app out I would definitely recommend, you do get some bonuses if you pay for a subscription but you can still get a lot of enjoyment out of it without paying. It’s a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend trying it out, but some of these bugs really need fixing.

- Ancestry mobile awesome

I have connected with over 3000 ancesters using the mobile app. When I use the app on my computer it is not as user friendly is the mobile app. This app on occasion does lock on me but overall it is the app I use the most. I recommend this app of all other online genealogy programs. Don't waste your time and money on family search it family trees. Ancestry is by far the best. AncestryDNA also opened up a can of worms. Apparently my brother who has since pasted had relationship with a woman during the Vietnam war once. And when I sent in the dna I was contacted by a man who’s dna matched me as his aunt. He looks just like all the other Adams men. However he is a very sweet wonderful man who wants nothing except to find out where he came from. Upstanding man a firefighter commander that loves to play hockey.

- Enjoy finding long lost relatives, but...

I really do enjoy the Ancestry app. Although there have been many occasions where I have had to go to the actual website, because there are functions on the website that I can’t access through the app. One would think the app would have MORE features than the website, but that’s not the case here. That’s why I only gave 4 stars. Plus, lets face it. There really aren’t that many ways to search ones family history from one central access point, except for Ancestry. But make the website & the app with the same accessible features, and that fifth star will be all yours, Ancestry. 👍🏼😉 Also, I am a paying member. With the amount of money I pay annually to be a member, not to mention through multiple years, it sure would be nice if you would throw in a genetics history test for no charge. THAT would earn you 5-Stars-PLUS!

- Have been a member for at least 19 fantastic years

Ancestry continues to grant me copius information on my ancestors. More than a few famous ancestors have been discovered and added to my trees. The biggest surprise was through the DNA testing I had performed which revealed my birth Father of which my twin Sister and I had never been told. My twin died before this revelation came out. My Mother never confided in us but was always concerned as to why I wanted to know about my ancestors. She always said they were dead and would never help us. Wished she was still living so I could let her know she was related to several US Presidents, General R E Lee and Daniel Boone. Would have loved to hear what she thought then. Thank you Ancestry for all you have provided to people like me that yearn for this information. It is who we are and what were made of.

- Overall good

Overall this is a great app, which are used extensively. They’ve improved quite a few things over the past few years. As of this writing, there are still a few glitches: The titles of attached photos often disappear when they are attached to multiple individuals (which for the time being is why I always duplicate the photo title in the description portion in case that happens). It is quite frustrating that you cannot delete records on the app like you can on a laptop. For some reason, some marriage records create duplicate marriage events, even when the people you are attaching it to are already linked as married, and even win their names are exactly as on the new marriage record. This is incredibly frustrating and happens often. Perhaps most frustrating is what seems to be a recent glitch where all of a sudden the supporting records and attachments for an event are no longer attached to that event, and sometimes even the date and location disappear. I have found when that happens if I reattach the records, it will go back to the way it was originally with that information where it belongs. If you delete a person, sometimes the person remains. I have found this is usually fixed when deleting someone else from that family or when logging out and logging back in.

- Won’t remember my login and password!

Why do I have to login every time I use this app? Didn’t used to require that. Users need to be able to decide if they can stay logged in or not! Finally allowed users to choose their background and that helps, but the look and feel of the app is still off compared with the browser version. Default graphics are cartoonish and amateur hour garbage. Why can I not collapse a level in my tree anymore? Discoveries tab still a confusing mess of unwanted fluff that takes way too long to load. Still would like DNA information in its own section like the web version. Really dislike change for change’s sake because you always break something, make it worse, and make serious genealogical research into eye-candy fluff. Let’s get some serious genealogists on board to critique this app, get rid of the fluff and eye-candy, and get some professional quality back into this app. Also, while you are at it, how about radically reducing your subscription rates so most people can actually stay subscribed for the long haul? You charge too much for providing access to public records. These are PUBLIC records and should be free to all. We know you have access to all the data created by familysearch volunteers. Anything they provide for free should be free on your site as well. As I’ve said before, be courageous and drop your subscription prices. If you do, more people will stay subscribed over the long haul and your bottom line would be much healthier.

- Get the detailed insight to your unique history

The current ancestry app provides a convenient process to build your family tree. You can start with just a few facts or stories about close family members ; and use the hints provided by the ancestry software to expand links to other family members. Ancestry brings together many databases including military, census, birth, grave stones, residences and international census info etc. The basic ancestry app is now linked to the ancestry dna data. So, when you complete your dna testing you can then see even more relationships to your family. You can also see your dna ancestry timeline with associated geolocations. This provides a graphic map view of where your ancestors originated and their migration path to the current family residences. A treasure chest of info for those with casual ancestry interest or even more experienced genealogy pro.

- It’s decent but not most accurate

In my opinion; This is not very accurate. It says my Half Brother and I have nearly the same DNA however it is impossible since we have different fathers. I have even used my family tree to track my family roots yet it says I’m a majority English which is a lie; my English side is such a small percentage that it shouldn’t even be represented. I’m a majority Germanic and it says my German side is less than 10 percent. I believe they got the DNA right and the percentages wrong which has been more complicated by the current pandemic so I understand it was probably just an accident. It took nearly 3 months to receive my results and yet I have to say I was really let down and disappointed by the lack of accuracy and performance. If you’re thinking of doing this DNA test, I’d say what until after the Pandemic so they don’t “ rush “ your order which is why mine became so inaccurate. Overall the customer support is the best part of this company, not the service itself.

- Ancestry What would I do without thee?

Ancestry is but one weapon in the genealogist’s record set arsenal along with FamilySearch by the wonderful LDS folks who provide gazillions of Records for the grand price of free and the several other fee based sites like FindMyPast, MyHeritage etc. But Ancestry World Subscription and the Ancestry App is where I start most days when attempting to get in some roots sleuthing. Americans should not ignore FindMyPast for USA newspapers and vitals. I’ve not had much luck to date with MyHeritage’s databases but am sure I will eventually strike gold there too. For this researcher Ancestry is still number 1, familySearch and Google (both free) are number 2, FindMyPast is number 3 because I find both USA and Brit Ancestors there. For my Scotland ancestors though Scotland’s People is number 1. Generally to date I’d say MyHeritage is number 4 but gaining.

- How Love conquers all

Ancestry App is absolutely amazing. To see our connections from past generations just proves that we are all immigrants.... imagining what our ancestors risked, often leaving home never to see their parents and siblings again..... WOW! My great grandmother left Sweden at 17 years old, on a boat, alone, sailed around South America to land in San Francisco to work as a domestic. There she met my great grandfather from back East- he had been in the Spanish American War and was stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco. They fell in love, made it through the great earthquake and Fire of 1906. They survived , married and traveled by train across the country settling just North of Boston, had 5 children, one being my dear Nana, and both lived until their 80’s. Love conquers all. This inspires me as an American..... I come from strong genes, no money, but Love. MAKE SURE YOU VOTE..... #GetOutTheVote

- Amazing Paper trail

It’s fun to put everything together with a factual paper trail. It’s very cool how the app builds the tree before your eyes. I’m 58 years old, I never paid a lot of attention to the family tree— I just remember the highlights... I have put it all together and can’t believe what I didn’t know. I’m sure I know more than my parents did, a lot more. I love that I get to save the records so other family can easily see each document because that really seals it in to your brain and it becomes more meaningful somehow. So— this is about the app... I’m using it on an iPad and it is very responsive. I like the web version a bit more, it’s just more intuitive— maybe because I spent a ton of hours on the web based app before I tried the iOS version. My my MacBook Pro is four feet away from me and I’m happily using this four year old iPad if that tells you anything.

- The best way to track your family's past.

If you've ever said "one day I'm going to research my family tree" this is the way. Start by filling in what you already know about you, your parents , grandparents, aunts, cousins,etc. It's fun and so easy. Soon the app will give you hints about certain relatives and their vitals. It's up to you to decide if it pertains to them or not. The research gets exciting and it's a great way to gather your family to help with their recollections. Don't wait till it's too late. You only pay for what you want, such as access to certain government records. There's no pressure from anywhere and you're on your own until you choose otherwise. I have followed the “breadcrumbs “of my ancestors back to the 1600s. I never thought I’d be able to do that.

- Membership account access

Before I start on a rant, I would like to say that this app is really good as a starting point in researching your history. Now with that being said I find it difficult to understand y it is so hard to find info on someone that you know has a marriage or birth certificate. Very frustrating when said person is a dead beat dad that holds the key to half of your DNA. And knowing he has other children out there, that can’t be found! Anyway, off topic.... I did a 7 day trail, and was billed on the following day... less than 24 hours and then when my research took to out of the country, I was charged .99 supposedly for said records but was charged the following day for the World package.... so I now have a month of Ancestry to help me on this journey but, I find every time I find something out of the US, I’m being charged more money. Help me to understand what my 2 monthly memberships paid for!


The tree feature is awesome, and the hints are alright, but I am disappointed in the DNA results, and can’t help thinking the results are dependent on who’s interpreting them. When my aunt first took the test, a small amount of Native American showed up, which was consistent with her family tree, and matched many relatives’ results, then was taken away with the previous update. But yet the tiny amount of african percentage remained. Why was the 1% of NA removed, but not the african? The two were the same amount in the first test results. Actually, the NA was situated above the african. Seems odd that if one was going to be removed, it would be the NA. But yet relatives still show their 1% NA, it wasn’t taken away from them. I was hoping to see it corrected in this latest update, but no. I have mulled it over for awhile, and just cannot get past what a big let down the Dna turned out to be.

- So happy this exists!!

I’ve always been so interested in my family story and ancestors. I joined this site when I was a teenager and tried super hard to dig around for free because I didn’t have a method of payment (ahaa) I gave up for awhile only to return when I was older with that 💰 so I could get the full experience. In one day I discovered SO much! I was so excited to share with my family! We bonded for hours and pulled out all the old photo albums! I was able to add many photos my grandmother has to different family members profiles for other people searching to see. I don’t think anybody in this world isn’t interested by this stuff so seriously: if you’re even just a little curious, start that tree! My only issue with this app itself is the larger your tree gets, the app seems to lag a bit. 4 ⭐️ for the app - 5 ⭐️ for Ancestery 😄

- I am Still Judging You

A WARNING to anyone thinking about putting money into this product. This update is phenomenally disappointing. I’ve always sung Ancestry’s praises for being a major part in learning about my family, connecting with so many lost members, and building new relationships. The access to matches, their trees, and their shared matches had been pivotal in my research, and yet every time there is a new update there is something that is lost. I just feel so unbelievably disappointed and frustrated with this product, and feel worse because I pay for the service, but getting less and less access to resources and information. I’m really trying to stick around, but every time somethings lost it’s like what’s the point: no access to matches as a viewer, no access to trees, no way to search by shared sub grouping, no way to search by country. The app looks cute, and has a decent design, but apparently we’re all subject to a major sacrifice of efficiency for design, sad.

- Window

This website is amazing and easy to manipulate, although I’m still learning as a senior citizen. Extensive records are available but I have come to realize that transcription of information as dictated by non English speaking people must’ve been difficult due to pronunciation of words, letters, therefore B’s and V’s , Y’s and L’s, etc. compared to how we communicate now! Thank you for all you do. I’m enjoying the app. A window into our past and exploring all the places my ancestors came from, excitement to find out I’m Native American! Now I know why we were called little Indians as children by neighbors. Thinking to myself it was due to us always running outside to play for as long as we were allowed. I feel proud my ancestors were the indigenous inhabitants of Texas & Mexico.

- Ancestry DNA is Whack!!!!!!!!!

I activated my kit on 11/15 and they started to process it on 11/28. Tell me why have I gotten two different dates on when my results would be ready and they still not ready!!!!!!! Here we are in January and my second date for results were on January 5th........No results. I’m beginning to think they lost my test. Everyone else who has submitted their test that lives around me has gotten their results within two weeks. I asked for a refund and the supervisor was like, “I will give you one month free of ancestry...wait where is it?” I told her, “Yeah I just cancelled that monthly subscription! Why have a tree and I have no one to compare it to????” I’m so disappointed and wish I would have given my money to 23 and Me!!! Update: coincidentally I got my results today, the same day I posted the above review. Ugh. I’m not even excited now! I will give 2 additional stars. That’s it.

- Problems with update

I have not been able to access Ancestry since this update. I try to go in but the only thing that opens is a screen wanting me to set up a new tree. If I open AncestryDNA I can access my tree, but it is an all version and runs very slow. Thank you for your response. I don’t know why but it working now, after trying it numerous times I can again access my tree through Ancestry. Before I could only access it by going into AncestryDNA and when I would access the tree from there, it was an older version and ran very slow. I only gave it a 3 star rating since I have not had a chance to use it since I have able to finally access it. I have been using Ancestry for many years and have never had a problem before. I have my problems but they are due to my lack of knowledge on how to use some of the features. Thank you

- Highly useful links via trees to research, but

members of the Mormon Church have free access to certain research resources thru "Family Search" an LDS genealogical website (non members have free access also) which like Ancestry provides links to many research sources via created family trees, but maybe not as robust and extensive as resources provided by Ancestry. The Ancestry app on iPad (I'm using an iPad 2) is fairly fast and terribly useful when you don't have access to a browser on a non mobile device. I do prefer browser based work but the app is fine. With this app, as with browser based access, a paid subscription is required if you want those imbedded links (Ancestry calls them hints). You can pay by the month, which allows you to discontinue your sub at any time before the next monthly billing cycle is triggered.

- Fantastic App Save One Minor Flaw

I really like the Ancestry App. I’m on it constantly as I am a professional genealogist and it’s the easiest way to get data real-time when whether I'm standing in some ancient cemetery or at the National Archives in DC. There is one flaw in the design which frequently raises my blood-pressure: the search “feature,” if indeed you can call it a feature. The slide bar is not effective to isolate specific searches within the various Ancestry databases and there’s no way to alter the individuals dates within the search. This can make for a serious headache when you’re searching for a common surname while standing in said ancient cemetery. Other than that one issue, it’s never let me down and it’s a lot easier to pull out my iPhone and load recent pictures/media than it is to carry a laptop into the field.

- The Unexpected Ancestry

I started Ancestry trying to trace my mother’s Irish Ancestry. At some point I started tracing my father’s side and I found some pretty amazing ancestors! The first direct line I found traced back to William the Conqueror through Mary Stewart, Princess of Scotland👑 Not what I was expecting!😂 I found so many stories about my ancestors and their gradual journey to America. It is so surreal learning about the people who eventually led to me. I also found a lot of present people who are related to me because of certain ancestors, and it is kind of weird when that happens! This taught me so much, but mostly how everyone is related to each-other. Even strangers I have passed may share a common ancestor. You never know who you will find hiding in your tree! I’m glad I researched mine💕

- searching for a specific person it shows up weird

on the ipad when i start to search for a specific person in the search section i can see the unknown silowete person and there is no name written for that line in the list and when i click on the line none of the records show up or the people added that are related to that person. i am paying $40 for something that is having problems. For all these issues and bugs going on, the price to use this software and website should be quite a bit less. update: i completely logged out of app and then logged back in and then the records fully downloaded and went to search section and everything populated this time. ill start logging out after each use so I don’t run into this problem.

- Rip off

I had my account hacked, I was marked as deceased. Not amused. Next thing I know ancestry took $84 from of a closed PayPal account using an email address that was compromised over 2 yrs ago. Do you know how hard it is to actually get help from anyone during this plandemic? I started a free trial but canceled it right away. My mum took ill and is now under hospice care. That seems to be when this white Corporation seeks to profit. The fact that one even attempted to use a closed account during a time when banks have skeleton crews- no one was looking, further accessing it by a compromised account on the dark web tells me what I surmised about ancestry from day one. It’s all about money- to hell with the consumer, they will take what they want. Never mind the refund we NEVER got when encouraged to upgrade our acct. One employee insisted we needed to BUY and take the test again. WRONG. My dna wasn’t changing. We didn’t neem another swab- but what was really messed up, it was an unnecessary “sale” that a smarter employee confirmed should not have happened. A refund was promised. No refund was ever given. Ever. Ancestry changed my heritage several times. It was far more inaccurate each time. Fortunately I know where to look to find my JEWISH ROMANIAN FAMILY. I had to use another site to confirm an uncle died at Buchenwald. Waste of money, severe loss of credibility- sleazy tactics to take funds from a trial canceled 6 months ago.

- Latest Update Absolutely Ruins This App

I am afraid that the new UI lessens productivity with the service, the multiple windows are confusing even for an avid user and complicates a perfectly smooth and clean UI that was the best part of Ancestry on mobile. After years of genealogy work since 2007, the previous UI has allowed me to do more than all the previous years combined with the ability to link documents seemlessly with ancestors. I am thoroughly disappointed and can only hope in some stroke of luck that my voice is heard and the update is reversed. I've never seen a company do this after spending money and resources on development, but I assure you that this is not just initial unfamiliarity with a new update. Thank you for your time reading this.

- Good For A Family

Ok so let me explain. This is pretty cool for an app. My great uncle is working on the family tree going back to the 1600s. With the apps ability to find documents and stuff is pretty cool. But it does have a slight delay or at least it used to due to the new update. I think it’s good for a family but you do have to spend time in it to get some really cool results. I think it’s good for a family that had different heritage and family that has come from all over the world. But you really should try it when you have a chance it’s fun and isn’t to hard to figure out and gives you a weird satisfaction to see a family you barley knew. Other than the minor bugs it’s great and you should get it.

- Great genealogy app, great for those who travel to ....

Gather genealogical artifacts, information, and photos. Love how much more there is to do in Ancestry when you can’t access information. Then you can study techniques to find a new way to gain the information. It is so much more responsive than past versions. However, I would like ancestry to come up with a way for a family historian to merge all their family branches into one family tree with mutual permissions and connectivity. This would enable a cleaner search over time as more of the family lines cleave to their heritage. Plus, it would be great if DNA Circles were automatically generated from the home person to their parents to begin the task of bringing family closer.

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- Finding my family

Ancestry DNA were able to locate a number of first cousins. I was adopted as a baby and had never met a relative from either my birth or adopted family. At the age of 66 I took the plunge (and the test) because I wanted my children and grandchildren to have some idea of where we came from. I had built up a notion in my head that I was probably an illegitimate child of some poor young mum. Imagine my surprise when I found out that I was half right. My birth mother was young when she had me at 24 years of age, but I was the youngest of five boys in an unhappy marriage. Two of my brothers are still alive and I have been given a warm welcome by so many relatives. Heartfelt thanks.

- Ancestry

This is a very useful site but I think people need to be more careful when accepting hints. Sometimes hints are suggested which unavoidably involve someone with the same first name and surname as someone in the family but they may be from a different family. Because sometimes these hints are accepted as belonging to a particular tree when they do not an incorrect family may become attached which is difficult to correct. People post photographs in good faith which have been incorrectly identified. You actually need to have traced your family yourself from primary sources such as Civil Registrations of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Parish Records, Wills and other sources before you can accept hints and attach individuals and facts to your ancestors. It is difficult to have corrections made but otherwise it is a very useful website. Thank you. Gael Phillips Australia

- Ancestry tree

Love the App however when I have too many of the same hints I would like to delete them a little easier than saying that they are not family. I take my iPad everywhere so it is quite easy to add details if I get them when visiting. I don't like the choices for saving or deleting. Sometimes they are correct but I just don't want to save them because they may belong to another member of the family and I can't save them to the other person. I don't like getting multiple hints from USA if I have asked for Australia, or England or Europe. One or two are ok but I have seen dozens!

- Made some great discoveries

Through Ancestry DNA, I have discovered an entire branch of the family that I didn’t know existed. There were some shocking surprises in the journey but meeting some wonderful people has made it all worthwhile. Having multiple family members tested as well as constructing the family tree is highly recommended as more hints become forthcoming. The Ancestry program is a big help but you need to understand that it doesn’t do all of the hard work for you - it can only work with the data it has so you will need to do some of your own research as well. It is good that any living people in the tree are private by default. The DNA results helps a great deal in placing the pieces together.

- Great mobile family tree resource

I have used the Ancestry app for a couple of years now, and compared with the website, the app is so much better. It shows more record information and pictures without having to pay for their member subscription, which makes it easier to determine if they are actually the person you think they are (with same name, etc). It is also more user friendly and easier to navigate than the website, especially while viewing the tree. Only criticism is it sometimes crashes when you try to add data so you have to relaunch and do it again. A minor complaint for a well designed free app.

- Great BUT ....

Love the convenience of having my genealogy portable and always in my phone for quick updates and to share with relatives. BUT .... Would love to read messages via the App, would love to know if unanswered messages are due to people not logging in or blocking - needs a “read” notification. Would be great if hints filter out documents you already have. Sometimes Ive saved the same thing multiple times. Access is very expensive and notifications about good deals for renewal have to be chased by phoning.

- My history

I am constantly amazed at the knowledge that is imparted from Ancestry and only wish that I was a bit younger to be able to grasp the technical know-how to gain the full benefits of it all......but I am getting better I think. Things need to be more clearly set out perhaps. It has been wonderful to meet my second cousin in UK through email and I hope to meet more in the future. I made an error on my tree with Lillian Bennett and have been unable to correct it, which dampened my enthusiasm. Overall, you have a wonderful program, thank you. Dellas Macdougall

- Oh so portable! In the pocket for moments anywhere.

To carry the family detail in my pocket in my iPhone and have that replicated on the iPad and computer, has simply become a given. The level of access is remarkable and I understand that the three devices are best suited for different capacities and uses. But to have the same detail in the three of them is superb. Wonderful work. I expend most of my data on this app. Does that it all? The access to photos, official records ... it never ends. Is that an obsession?

- Love it

my only request would be for another relationship status to identify partners, I'm finding there are many relationships in my family tree where the partners didn't actually marry, so "spouse" is inaccurate. At the moment I ignore this minor shortcoming. I use the app all the time, in conjunction with the website. It's really easy to use and follow. It's made exploring my family tree much easier and very enjoyable.

- Wealth of knowledge

I have been part of Ancestry for years now and sourced so much important info. I would and often do recommend Ancestry to anyone contemplating their family history. I have always helped fellow researchers when I could and I’ve also received some really useful information from others on the message boards. The many connections of living relatives has been very exciting and inspiring, allowing me to add whole branches to my tree...all the while checking resources to verify our connections are authentic. DNA is another path I’ve decided to far it has shown connections that I am checking up seems a little tricky to begin with, I need more experience before I can give an opinion on that !! I’m on the highest level on Ancestry, and I absolutely blown away by the huge amount of info I now have access to. If you can stretch your budget to afford it. However, I warn you there is no going back, but it will speed up your progress and if you can help others out, it helps to justify the cost and that is very satisfying !!

- Too many bugs to use

I love ancestry and if this app worked I would use it daily! Unfortunately it’s never worked for me. I constantly have to log out and completely reinstall, and the support people tell me to do that or use the desktop version instead. It should people that I have lots of information on as blank unknowns, it doesn’t let me see what’s in my gallery, or it shows me 2 out of 10 items. Sometimes when I move through the tree it crashes. I have thousands of hint to sift through yet it constantly shows as 0 hints when I select ‘best’. Brilliant system, poor app. Can’t wait for it to be improved because I know I’ll be addicted!

- My Ancestory

Love working on Ancestory app , I receive many suggestions from Ancestory which I find very exciting. I look forward to working on my tree every day because Ancestory whole team is working with me. One small problem is I can’t make a comment beside a the picture or other , this is on the app but if I need to comment I use my I Mack apple . I would not be with out Ancestory, Thanks all. Margaret

- Ok

Always wanted try this app was impressed but again while doing my family tree hints kept sayin my cousins were living in America which is wrong. But they we’re correct on my great grandmother asked my parents if this was right they were surprised as so there information is accurate but to many hints are wrong specially like my late grandfather his middle name is Henry and they keep saying it’s a different name please try to fix this other then it’s pretty legit

- Ancestry

Keeping you connected to your ancestors in an easy format. It is costly to maintain your subscription but I have decided to just keep paying as it’s a wonderful service. I have used other family tree gathering apps and truly this is by far superior. I would like more printable formats to share info with family that are not on the app. Go family hunting !!!

- Ancestry app is excellent

I’ve been researching my ancestors for 35 years and the Ancestry App is the best tool I have ever seen. You can find new ancestors, photos of them, where they lived, their occupation all while having a 15min coffee break wherever you are. Hints are generated for you which are quite often exactly right. Well done Ancestry. Link your Ancestry tree to the FamilyTreeMaker program on your laptop and you can sync it and you have everything you need.

- A bit harder to navigate than the website

This is a bit harder to navigate than the website, but it’s far more convenient to get info while you’re out and about. A fast way to add information while interviewing family for first hand information, you don’t need to be in front of a computer to add relatives.

- Research

I like Ancestry but don’t like that you have to pay a huge subscription to get/confirm information on line however, it’s better that MyHeritage as you can still add to your tree without having to pay(if you know the information) where as MyHeritage you have to pay to keep updating it. Hope that made sense? Since using Ancestry we have family members contact us & it has been great.

- Good but...

One thing I find disappointingly difficult is editing and changing errors some of which seem to be the result of of the way the files work. Should be more user friendly in this regard! But the auto-search and discovery facility is very useful and almost makes the cost worthwhile. As a retired pensioner, eventually the cost will be beyond my means. With ageing populations throughout the western world, Ancestry may need to consider pensioner discounts?

- Great app

A great app. So fascinating to research my family history. Well laid out and very helpful. Expensive but worth it. Could be improved by allowing you to directly copy information from other trees. E.g. if I discover that a great great great grandmother had 15 siblings it would be great to just copy those in from another tree rather than manually add them each time.

- Great

User friendly, easy to navigate and enter in known information. Expensive for tracking family history of unknown. Best if you have plenty of time over the trial period to get all you can find and cancel the subscription before the trial period ends. Retains your family tree without having subscription.

- Ancestry

Only had two days and working well, however still prefer using my computer for searches. I can see potential to update recent info at family gatherings 😀 Quick access to show family members has been wonderful Still using app after several years and finding it useful for quick entries and showing family. Also a reference point when out on research locations

- Love it

I have used this App for many years, suddenly I was no longer registered as it dropped off due to my credit card being accessed fraudulent and I failed to update my new card, once a realised and I had to reregister my account and now it's so much more expensive but I like be it any way and recommend it to everyone.

- Ancestry

I love everything about this site it’s so easy to use and the amount of information is incredible I have been using it for about 10 years and I do make use of other apps but this is where all my family history is kept and where I get most of my information from r

- Big improvements

Whilst some of the mobile platform isnt as good as the computer one, this has improved considerably. I find the hints easier to see & understand & this is a great reference point when out & about or away. I can just bring it up to check people or find someone. A lot more rigour than before.

- Quick & Easy

Rather than fumble around with the mouse, I can select hints photos or stories really easily. The new tree filters are great and it is a lot easier to look over lists of families so you can correct them. More in app features would be great eg delete a person without going back to home person.

- Ancestry has taken my tree so much further.

For years I did my family history by walking the hard yards, sitting in libraries reviewing records and indexes, and visiting country towns retracing the pioneers' footsteps. But ancestry has allowed me to link up to so many other branches of the family. Dead-ends have turned into leads and lost relatives have suddenly appeared.

- Great app!

It’s easy to use. You can read up about the history of each region you have a connection with which is really detailed and it explains so much. You can also fill in your own family tree and see how far you can go back as you learn more about the past. Totally recommend it!

- Just upgraded

I’ve been using the app for years and this is the first time I’ve disliked an upgrade so much. I am having trouble navigating DNA matches and moving between different kits I manage. I can’t find how to filter searches effectively like I used to. For some reason each kit shows up twice It annoys me that US yearbook clutter my discoveries page even though my research is not us based. At least put it at the bottom so I don’t have to scroll past. I only upgraded today so I haven’t even had a chance to try and work on the tree at all.

- History really can be exciting!!

Loving the brain challenge of tracing the family tree. Lots of great hints given along the way to keep my interest aroused too. So many ways to check on the past and make sure I am heading in the right direction. I love it. Even found a few lost relatives to chat with along the way.

- Perfect History

Family history is easily traced from the many records given to choose, sometimes confusing when several records are given with different dates and spouses or siblings. It takes time to sift through real facts and delete those not needed.

- Ancestry works for me

I’ve been hooked on ancestry. Com for 18 months. I was able to trace several branches of my family back many generations. You need to be very careful linking documents & other peoples tree information to your own tree. Many generations used the same Christian names & it is easy to get it wrong.

- Very useful ap

I like the Ancestry ap. it has improved over time and is a lot more functional. It's a quick way to get to my family tree to check things when I am collaborating with other family members. It would rate 5 stars but is still a little unwieldy to add information, so I still go to the actual internet site to do this.

- Needs fixing

There seems to be a few issues trying to use this app on iPad. When you look at documents, they are too small to read. When you try to enlarge them, they either cut out the bit you want or just go all over the place. This was never an issue before, but is driving me nuts as I cannot confirm the information on any of the pages.

- Simply stopped working

Was working really well until recently when it would simply sit churning when I attempted to look at notifications or anything other than the tree or profiles. I use Ancestry on my desk top most of the time, but having it on the iPad is handy. However, it has simply stopped updating profiles. I thought I’d try logging out and back in, but it isn’t even giving me the option to log in! Back to the desktop, All is fine there, so it is ONLY this appwhich isn’t functioning. I have buckets of space on the iPad, so not a memory issue, and I use high speed Broadband WiFi so not the internet speed. Have loads of gig, so not the internet access. How can something that worked so well suddenly NOT work at ALL. Looking at other recent reviews it seems many of us are having the same issues!

- Easy way to discover ancestry.

This easy to use app has helped me discover and understand my family heritage. Instead of firing up the PC, I can take a few minutes anytime to do some research. On the train, when my wife's watching a girlie show, when I'm having a coffee, anytime. Thanks Ancestry!

- Family history

Could never research as quick as what Ancestry can. Just today visited with cousins from WA and after finding an item in the police gazette of the day as a hint from Ancestry, solved a question that had not been answered for generations.... Well done, another membership on it's way.

- Ancestry Research is wonderful

I have had a DNA test done & through Ancestry I have made contact with many cousins around the globe. My tree goes back in parts to the 650 knights, ancient royal lines; my mind is blown by what I have found out from Ancestry resources👍 Thank you Ancestry I am having a great time researching my tree....... again Thanks 🙏 AAA++++

- Great app, but...

I’ve been using Ancestry for many years and I think it’s great. I’ve met lots of relatives that I hadn’t known about, and it is a good tool for research. I used to sign up for it annually, but now that it is a monthly fee, it’s a bit too much. I don’t always have the time, so it’s become a waste of money for me to be signed up. It’s a shame, as I used to use it a lot more when it wasn’t as expensive.

- Highly addictive, the hints keep on coming!

I was sceptical about paying $30 per month but the free trial was fantastic and I have uncovered a great deal of information in a short time finding ancestors dating back to the 1500’s! Every day I find out more information and ancestral links!

- Need information

I accidentally deleted a person therefore all the rest of the tree and cannot find a way to reinstall this person other than manually inputting but then the rest of the line still does not come up Can you assist please, have looked on goggle but none of these procedures work Please help Ross

- A Great Quick Fix

Using the Ancestry App search is great because it eliminates all the members family trees and mostly gives up Indexes and original register entries, often with images. There are sometimes member added photos or image copies which can be helpful.

- Ancestry

Improving as time goes on, should have relationship on hints on I pad Still goes very slow or just freezes at times, not sure if it is the internet, having said that, I have no problems on my computer.

- Great app for free use.

Amazing, easy to use, and addictive. When you add yourself, your own parents, your siblings; then there is information you are certain about, online, for your grandchildren one day. Possibly, you will find a relationship to a long lost grandmother.

- Great layout and functionality

In a lot of ways I find the app a better way to add info to the family tree than the website. The visual layout of the family tree is very appealing, and it's quick and easy to add basic information.

- Love ancestry

In love with ancestry. This has helped me connect with family, living and deceased, that i would never have got to know otherwise. Everyday a new discovery, new contacts. Great feeling to know more about who I am now is because of where I have come from.

- Ancestry app

Very handy to have when your main computer is not available, and while researching. Does everything that could be expected. The only thing lacking is a search function.

- Adds

I’m fairly new to ancestry and I find it exciting to see a new hint here and there , my dissatisfaction with this app is I did my DNA I got the results back I was hoping for a more detailed results but and for the past week or so I cannot see my DNA results as a add to purchase a DNA kit comes up which is really annoying the only way to see my results is thru a email from ancestry Hence the 3 stars !!!!!!

- I have found family

I have found family I can remember meeting when I was 3 or4 I have found them again. Also found a 3rd cousin that I have never met before it keeps making life exciting because I have more cousins to meet

- Best genealogy app

I have been using Ancestry for over a decade and the release of this app made it so convenient when working away from home or when visiting with family members. Data can be added for later assimilation into home based programs.

- Wrong version 😕

It's disappointing to know that an app I've had before, which I thought was a excellent app for mapping out a family's Connections is now not compatible with my device. Overall the app was a great one to use, it's functions were smooth and very easy to use. I would of given this a 5 star rating if I had reviewed when I could download it.

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- Wow

Je n’avais jamais imaginé que la généalogie pouvait m’intéresser, mais depuis maintenant 1ans et demi! Vous m’avez prouvez le contraire. Je prends le temps de rédiger cette avis, car vôtre application est tellement merveilleuse! Alors merci d’avoir créé cette magnifique application qui ma fait découvrir même une de mes passion!! Merci! Très sincèrement vôtre Myckaël Fournier

- Happy Hearts

I am so incredibly happy I’ve chosen this method to find out where I’m from & who my family is. We are having so much fun discovering all these new adventures, backing into the early 1700s!

- This app is awesome!

I really love this app and so does my entire family that this app had brought together. I do wish that you are able to add more Guyanese records

- Horrible support

My ipad app no longer works. I cannot view any persons profile. The web version and iphone app work great so I really don’t understand the issue here. Support has been mediocre. I’ve submitted three separate tickets trying to address this issue to no avail. I wait three days and then get a crap response like, “do you still need help?” Really? Three days for that! My iphone app and web version work fine. I would really love it for someone to reach out to me to get this issue resolved. Until then, one star.

- Love this

I have found so many relatives from so far back in history.

- Difficult to Navigate/Can’t merge family trees

Site and App are not very user friendly and I’m shocked you can’t merge your tree with another family member by the click of a button... My wife and I have to individually load each other’s contacts??? I give the site a 4 because of the awesome info it gives you!

- Fantastic

The App is fantastic, really easy to use. Fast. Amazing ❤️

- If I could give less than a zero I would

Unfortunately is ripping off Ancestry on my account. Also, I’m being charged $3.64 per month more than my subscription price was with So are they charging me that for the APP... they don’t say there is a cost to download the App but since I did my account was switched to billing and I pay more. No where on the bill does it indicate that it is USA funds so what is it? Think about them doing this to 30,000 people every month x $3.64... it adds up doesn’t it? Plus since December 2020 they took the payment from my credit card but have not paid Ancestry for it. I know this after calling Ancestry 3 times to find out why I’m still being charged when they were to give me the product free for 3 months after my years and years as a loyal member. This is a slap in the face by APPLE!

- Terrible

The latest update is TERRIBLE! They’ve added a lot of empty space but hidden all the useful info. The group colour dots or so small they’re hard to distinguish, and I still can’t figure how to access my notes for each match. How am I supposed to see how they are related. The app is now virtually useless to me.

- Review

App is quite enjoyable but one problem we don’t see all 5generation of complete family at one given time Secondly up to see app on laptop Any idea if some one can guide Thanks Swatantra Baweja

- Despise the auto correct

Auto correct and names are one bad combo! Horrible things happen. Today Alice Massie Taylor became Alice Massive Taylor. She’s dead, but still not nice. Please disable this feature!!!

- Something to consider...

Should notify me when everyone in my Family Tree’s birthday is and age they turn !

- ThruLines USED TO BE a useful tool🙁

When you took away the ability in ThruLines to back arrow to the previous page you removed most of its usefulness in the app. I really miss it and keep hoping this will be corrected. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS.

- Français

Il y a t’il une version française d’Ancestry

- Why even bother installing

I first go into the app and I put all my info and than I put my dad and my mom but it says this person dose not live in the world and now I’m very confused and it doesn’t even show my family tree

- Disappointed in the money I spent for this

This is not an easy app to use.

- Buggy

Many defects I reported via Twitter

- Price ripoff

Ancestry App is charging CAD $52.99 for a one month subscription!! I have paid that twice now. It wasn’t able to use the features I called their support line 18009589073 until I called their support line - nice person offered to help and told me the price for a one month subscription was $29.99????? Plus they had no record of my payment and said to call Apple Support. Something is very fishy here.

- Great App

Very user friendly and easy to navigate.

- New update

Do not like the new update... Very hard to navigate.

- Love it

Love the updated app it works so much better !

- Addictive

Enjoying building family history.

- Matches don’t work

When you click on any given match it says there’s a problem with ancestry and doesn’t give you any information. I’ve been trying it for days now and have even tried it on AncestryDNA but none works

- Problemas

Estoy tendo problemas para abrir la pagina de los primos para enviar mensagens algunos abren y otros dicen que algo paso mal y que lo intente mas tarde pero ya tiene semanas que esta así

- Very capable app

Very capable app, multiple trees possible which can then be tied together when you find a connection. Very happy

- No email explaining anything

I never got a email from Ancestry explaining what to do, I purchased records and was charged a 2nd time, I am having troubles trying to figure out things

- Interesting and easy to use!

This app is easy to use and it helps you to interesting things about your extended family.

- Convial et complet

Je prend rarement le temps de noter des apps mais c’est ma découverte de l’année. Incroyable et extrêmement convivial. En 10 minutes, on complete une recherche qui devait prendre des mois à faire il y a quelques années.

- Disappointing

The new app is useless! Everything you want to see you have to pay for. With the cost of Ancestry it is getting to expensive. I e-mailed my complaints and asked for a refund but received a long and tedious reply showing me what I might be able to do to fix the bugs. Urgh, so disappointed and with COVID and no job the refund would be helpful!

- It doesn’t work

App doesn’t work, it just freezes. I’ve deleted it, reinstalled it, etc and it doesn’t work

- Updated App

What a massive act of self harm. The updated App is actually less useful than the original. An update for what? It’s a research tool which can no longer be used for research. Accessing another DNA matches tree doesn’t work. Such a disappointment and no longer worth paying for.

- Ok but

Need calendar for the birthday for the day. Today is this person birthday.

- Good stuff

I do a lot from my iPad and it is very good. Some things I’m missing, like how to link information from other genealogies easily.printing is another issue that could be improved. All in all though, it’s easy to navigate. Thanks.

- App closing

App closes unexpectedly. Please fix or how do I fix it?

- Thanks!

Great app. Took some getting used to from a long while using the computer and desktop version, but worth it.

- Trees

I can’t view the persons tree from the match list! I don’t like the format of the app

- Don’t waste your money

Hello everyone i highly recommend using my I told this company to re test my dna and they refused and they were really rude to me also they dont seem to put the right communities i was even told by another ancestry tester to go to they seem to really lack the right information dont waste your money test somewhere else I did mine at my heritage and got the expected results After arguing talking with them for over a month they basically told me we wont help you and you can pay us more money if you want help Bad customer service Bad dna testing company I dont want to even give them a star I want to give them half a star

- Ancestry

Do not like the new colour scheme and do not know how to get it back to the way it used to look. Also today the app won’t even open.

- Very Poor

You can’t see yourDNA Matches. Totally useless program.


Awesome love it

- No improvements here

The last two updates in my opinion have not improved this app. I don’t think it’s fair or right that I have to have my entire device on dark mode in order to have a dark background on my tree that’s complete nonsense and a lazy app developer. Today’s most recent update now brings a smaller pane to display my matches and to add insult onto injury I can no longer see notes that I had entered for every match. I don’t know who thinks these are good decisions but as a member who is paying a lot of money every year to have access to everything that ancestry is supposed to be offering I think you need to do a better job.

- Don't like the new interface

Dark mode should be in the app. Pictures are way to small. Hope the web version won't change.

- Amazing app

It gets better and better. I liked the previous look of my tree before the recent makeover. Perhaps it will grow on me - but I doubt it. Everything else about the app is great. Handling of media files has improved greatly over the years.

- Problem with Subscription

Have been enjoying the App but last two months lost access to my World Deluxe Membership. I was still charged for the two months although could not access the World Deluxe subscription features. Have bounced between Apple & Ancestry several times but nobody able to figure out what is going on. Have been told I will receive a refund for those two months- we will see. Hope they get it figured out because it was a great, convenient App.

- Hate this new update

The new update keeps crashing. The colours are too light and I can not change it.

- Printing is terrible!

You would think for an app like this there would be options to rotate pages and ways to print out parts of your tree nicely. But nope. The print function is poorly developed. And developed is a strong word.

- How to destroy a good product

The App, was fantastic, my favorite among all my phone apps, until they decided to destroy it. They put a white over a light cream color which makes my eyes hurt. The pictures are now completely distorted. They reduced the size of the face pics. It is horrible!

- The worst update ever

Does anyone even test these updates anymore? I can’t open any profiles from the tree page unless they have a hint. Even then I have to press the leaf and go back from the hints. It’s easier to navigate the webpage on my phone than it is to use the app. I reported the problem right after updating days ago. Why hasn’t this been fixed or even addressed? Chris (genealogist 20+ years, ancestry subscriber 10+ years)

- Amazing app overall

Layout was great before, new one isn’t really growing on me. Not really to different to navigate but just doesn’t look the same. Still a great app though.

- Crashing and Colours

Latest update keeps shutting down! Also, I get the usual “pink for girls and blue for boys” colour scheme, but males now look green. Is it possible to modify background colours? Otherwise pretty good. Easier to look at hints and save items in app and then confirm your work and see other’s work through browser.

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Ancestry: Your family story 13.16 Screenshots & Images

Ancestry: Your family story iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ancestry: Your family story iphone images
Ancestry: Your family story iphone images
Ancestry: Your family story iphone images
Ancestry: Your family story iphone images
Ancestry: Your family story iphone images
Ancestry: Your family story iphone images

Ancestry: Your family story (Version 13.16) Install & Download

The applications Ancestry: Your family story was published in the category Reference on 2010-01-19 and was developed by [Developer ID: 349554266]. This application file size is 275.12 MB. Ancestry: Your family story - Reference app posted on 2021-08-23 current version is 13.16 and works well on IOS 14.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ancestry.Tree-To-Go