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Tired of having to swipe through countless profiles on dating sites, and want more meaningful date experiences with quality people? Zoosk helps millions of serious daters find love. Whether you’re a single parent looking for a second shot at love after divorce, a widow, lesbian, gay or straight, Zoosk can help you match with that special someone to enjoy your life with.

With over 40 million happy women and men using Zoosk worldwide, it’s one of the most trusted and best dating subscription apps around. Get ready to open your heart to find love.

Discover quality people
Zoosk is a relationship app with one goal—to help people connect and find romantic love. Rather than flings, Zoosk helps real people find the real love they’re looking for through a number of different means. Use the Carousel feature, which gamifies the dating experience so you can swipe through profiles, or turn on SmartPick™ and we’ll show you people you’d connect best with. If you find someone cute, you can subscribe to message them and talk instantly. With 3 million messages sent daily between Zoosk members, it’s no wonder so many men and women find what they’re looking for. Say goodbye to wasting time on dates only to learn the other person doesn’t share the same values as you do.

Advanced search filters
Sort through the millions of potentials out there and match with your perfect soulmate using Zoosk’s advanced search filters. Not only can you set your preferences at signup, like sexual preferences such as lesbian, gay or straight, but members can refine their search based on age and location. Zoosk takes this one step further by letting members search in even more detail, such as relationship history, children, ethnicity, religion, education and body type.

Online to real life – Meet nearby singles
What if we told you that your future partner could be living just a few blocks from your house, or that you worked at the same company but never knew it? Zoosk offers you multiple ways to meet new people living in your area. Filtering matches based on location means you can match with someone at your local coffee shop, and go on a romantic date to talk more after work. Location is everything!

Safe and secure
Zoosk knows that people’s top concern when searching for love online is safety. As the first relationship app to verify member photos using human moderators, Zoosk’s Photo Verification feature ensures members are genuine. Zoosk also verifies people’s phone numbers and social media accounts, and the Insignia™ feature lets users submit proof they’ve served in the U.S. armed forces, which helps us remove dishonest users from our community.

No more wasting time and energy, and definitely no more playing around. Download Zoosk and get ready, because eternal love is just a click away. Enjoy a love like never before.

Subscribe Today!
Become a paid subscriber and enjoy these benefits:

* Chat with other subscribers.
* Say yes to your SmartPicks.
* See profiles of who’s viewed you.

Subscription Prices**
1-month subscription: $29.99
3-month subscription: $59.99
6-month subscription: $74.99
12-month subscription: $99.99

**Prices are in U.S. dollars, exclude any applicable sales tax, may vary in countries other than the U.S., and are subject to change without notice.

Please note that with all subscriptions:

* Your subscription payment will be charged to your iTunes account.
* Your subscription will automatically renew and your iTunes account will be charged for renewal 24-hours prior to the end of your current one/three/six/twelve month subscription period.
* You can turn off the auto-renewal of your subscription through the App Store on your Apple device or through the iTunes store on your computer. Once you turn off auto-renewal, your subscription will expire at the end of the current subscription period. For more information about Zoosk’s cancellation policy, see our Terms of Use Agreement at http://www.zoosk.com/tos and our FAQs at http://zoosk.com/help.

Zoosk: Match, Talk, Date, Love App Description & Overview

The applications Zoosk: Match, Talk, Date, Love was published in the category Social Networking on 2010-01-12 and was developed by Zoosk, Inc.. The file size is 129.19 MB. The current version is 8.17.8 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for updating your Zoosk app! We update our iOS app every two weeks in order to improve the speed and functionality of your dating experience. When new features are available in your area, we’ll notify you in the app.

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Zoosk: Match, Talk, Date, Love Reviews

judy headrick

Your company deserves no ratings but is zero get me off this site I’ve been trying for eight months  judy headrick  1 star

I have replied several times to be off of this site I unsubscribed almost 8 months ago and I’m starting to get text from people on Zoosk and now today I got a text from someone that said I would not believe what you’ve done to my pictures if I have to get an attorney I will I want myself off of your site !!!!


Dollars and Cents is the apps MO  Firstbiteoftheapple  1 star

This app is less interested in you meeting people to date and MORE interested in luring you into purchasing a membership (that many complain is difficult to cancel or stop the automatic subscription) then charging you to message anyone you might want to get to know! I did read warnings and reviews on the internet prior to using the app. I really thought about how the app developers make money and hoped others experiences wouldn’t be my experience. I was mistaken. I’m convinced that meeting people the old fashioned way is far cheaper and less frustrating. The app is not “user friendly.” You can message people after paying for message package and the app doesn’t allow you to see the messages of all members whether they have a paid membership or are on a free trial. The app uses internal data to prevent you from making contact with an intended. They dangle a carrot in front of you then they want you to pay for tokens, message packages and Zoosk emojis to “try” to get in touch with someone’s profile. I’ll allow my current membership to expire and my message package and will not be using this app again. Thanks to all the other people who wrote a review and expressed their disdain for the app. Beware of using this Zoosk app is all I can say. Anything that sounds too good to be true is in this case!!!


If you don’t pay you just give all your info and time for nothing  Chad1231234574  1 star

You can’t do anything until you give them money. Misleading by saying in app purchases. Should say you can use it unless you pay. They just farm info I think


Horrible App  Her55r  1 star

Doesn’t work well. They love to take your money and then ask you to pay for more things to be able to talk with people. Waste of time and money.


The worst of the worst  hereiznoy  1 star

This is probably the worst dating app I’ve used. They send a ton of emails. “So and so” is interested. Click the link. *Maybe* be linked to the stupid carousel and see a single pic of the interested party. Spend 15 minutes of your precious time swiping left/right/ middle through a HUNDRED profiles. Or maybe... you get linked to the carousel starting with a completely random person and think to self, how did I screw up clicking a link? See a profile you like? Good luck figuring out to actually “like” it. Oops! I just sent a message with a stupid heart emoji. Or if you’re lucky...a stupid smiley emoji. But then you get a reply! And you craft a super witty bit of repartee. Whoops! Turns out it was an auto reply. Look, if you held a Nerf to my head I could come up with some redeeming qualities of this here app. But there are much, much better options that are worth your time. These guys took $30 of my hard earned dollars. Don’t let them do the same to you.

Hong Kong glitch

System issues and more subscription choices.  Hong Kong glitch  2 star

Recently my session expired but I just got a message from one person but now I can’t reply. I’m not sure if I want to pay again fir the time being as my luck has been good, but I don’t want to leave that person hanging without explanation as to why I’m not interested. Wish you’d have maybe just a week or two week test trial to choose from. So I could st]et some things in order before I take .a break


This app is trash  Sabrina26317  1 star

This dating app is trash not only do you have to pay a membership fee but when you are gifted items you can’t do anything with them you can’t take them off redeem them NOTHING so when people PAY ACTUAL MONEY FOR THESE GIFTS THEY SHOULD GET THEM not the other people gift items pay money for these gifts and nothing happens you can’t redeem the items or nothing so don’t go wasting your money on the gifting system because ITS POINTLESS!!!! AND A WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!😡🚮if you want a good quality dating app save your money and go to a different site!!!!


Lol  Tyler0924  1 star

Garbage,going back to tinder

Dust T

A lot of fake/filler profiles! Nickel & dimes you!  Dust T  1 star

There is a lot of fake profiles and scammer type profiles as well! If their photos are unverified it’s a fake profile 100% of the time. They need to make a search filter for verified photos only. This app squeezes every dime they can from you. I paid 30 dollars for 1 month so I could write people messages turns out only paid members can reply. They charge you and extra 10 dollar for people to be able to reply. There’s also a whole bunch of other micro transactions. Stick to tender, bumble, okcupid & POF.


This site probably  deepestlov75  1 star

Holds the worst of the worst they’re either dead or not there and it’s not a very good bar of socializing normalcy...


Money  SSHOTRABBIT  1 star

I wonder how much money Zoosk is making? The customer support is shocking = 0 Take your money!!! A lot!!!


Not worth  funkymonkkey  1 star

I wasn't able to see anyone's messages unless I "subscribed". Starts from $49.99 just to see how you go for a month. We should all stay off this app. Maybe go bumble or something

zoosk no thx

RIP off  zoosk no thx  1 star

Apart from the 90+% of male members on here being crusties and not worth a look...thé way they extort money and so much and then it’s really hard to work out how to stop auto payments... don’t fall for the urge to join after using free version and being told u need to pay to read messages. They charged me about $129 for a second six month stint when I was all ready so over it!


Terrible  bhjdbdbfk  1 star

Waste of time, most people aren’t subscribed so can’t chat and when I did subscribe it was still limited. Worst part is they automatically keep repeating your subscription and it’s really difficult to get it to stop!


Don’t waste your money.  sam/43  1 star

This app just to fool the people. Nobody talks here and they will ask money for everything. Don’t waste your money and time.


Way over priced  Digimikela  1 star

Profiles you’ve seen keep re-appearing, the quality of profiles is not great (most have only one poor quality photo), and subscriptions are expensive (ie. i only had the option for a 3 month subscription), and then they want even more money to unlock specific points of interest (eg. after you pay a nice premium for the subscription then you need to buy tokens for things like being about to see if someone has read your message).

its farked

Just don’t  its farked  1 star

Too many dead and fake accounts. More then likely set up by Zoosk to make it look like more people then there really is. Give it a wide berth.


Cancelling  nanachez  5 star

I do not like this site, automated photo of the same people all the time, I wish to delete my profile and cannot find a place to actually delete the whole profile. Therefore it is staying there and men think I am a member. I am not


Not worth the much bet  Ghtfgh  1 star

If your looking for a guy this is the place but if your looking for a guy with standards no good looks no respectful no a lot older than u yes I’ve used a few dating sights this has to be the worst never ever again will I subscribe don’t waist ya money .


Good for girls, bad for guys.  vulpem000006  1 star

Such a sexist website. Guys have to pay for “gifts”. Girls don’t give gifts. They ask for guys income and job“mandatory”, girls can remain anonymous. When you join up, you only get to see a portion of other people. If you begin to stop, they then show a larger range of people on the site and send messages you can’t read unless you re-sign up. They keep on renewing your subscription automatically so be careful and not easy to stop them with little customer service. Sometimes it takes days for a “view” to show. Just another American ripoff site.


Pay-to-talk  Travisdamon333  2 star

It’s driving me insane that you have to subscribe to even communicate to other people. Like why? There’s absolutely no reason for it!

Kinder Gentler Mercenary

I am so stupid  Kinder Gentler Mercenary  1 star

I am so stupid to give these people seventy five bucks for this app. It is clunky to use. Shoulda stuck with tinder or bumble. Needs a major programming overhaul and redesign. What the heck?


PLEASE READ B4!!!!  Kimbyron172  1 star

I didn’t read the reviews until I unknowingly spent $30 for a MONTHS membership. Just to be linked with people who have similar words in their profile as me. Typed in supercalafragalisticespialidocious? You’re match will say likes Mary Poppins. ITS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!! You’re not matched by your core but by the bull crap! Anyway, I got robbed of my money and so will you because you will be just as limited with paying as you are without.


Worst dating APP  Allykat7005  1 star

If you want to meet nobody and get ripped off, download this app. 👎


Slim pickings  lgallowens  1 star

Really the bottom of the barrel is terms of population. Lacking successful, professionals. The search criteria is ineffective. Bogus “carousel” options with people hundreds of miles away. One of the worst sites I’ve used. Don’t waste your money.


Disappointed  Sunshone169  1 star

This site will continually tell you people would like to meet you and your thinking it’s that individual send them a message they never respond they want to Chat but no one answers. I’ve been on this site for almost a year have spoken to less then 10 people and have actually met no one. False hope


Waste of time  italvibes78  1 star

Might as will just stick with one of the other dating sites. This one is going to want to charge you for anything you do and it says it needs 24 hours to even verify the screen name. Also pretty sure you have to pay to read your messages. LOL

Mr. Slim Cat

Zoosk vs POF  Mr. Slim Cat  3 star

I been on zoosk just over 60 days and I only meet one decent lady. I interacted with 12 to 15 women and only met the one. I am searching and looking for the one; in that same time period on POF I meet 15 women three of which were ladies and POF seems more interactive or maybe the woman on that site were cooler. Both sites had professional women with respectable careers, just POF got me more dates. I am not on zoosk or POF and if or when I am back on the dating scene I am going back to POF which is free and the paid POF is better than zoosk.


Scam Squeeze  mheusler  1 star

The only thing Zoosk cares about is squeezing every single dime from you.


GentlemanJerry  GentlemaJerry  1 star

Zoosk totally messed up my user login name and suddenly my profile name to that of another user. They we’re unable to correct the problem and would not give me a partial refund. Unethical company!!

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