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Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love [Social Networking] App Description & Overview


With 40 million members, we are one of the most trustworthy and best dating apps. Whether you’re a lesbian, gay or straight, we can match you with singles and help you find love.

Zoosk is a dating app with one goal: to help people connect.

Swipe, match, chat and get ready to find your next partner in crime. Whether you're just looking for a casual partner or your other half, we help people live their best lives by providing a fun, safe and easy way to meet the perfect partner.


- Our Photo Verification tool is in place to give you confidence that the person you’re talking to looks like their profile picture. To ensure our members are who they say they are, we also provide phone number and social media account verification.

- Use SmartPick™ to discover matches based on compatibility or try our advanced filters to find the one you’re looking for. Once you find someone you want to chat with, try one of our icebreakers, write a message*or even send a gift*!

We are one of the best dating apps for meeting someone searching for love online. No more senseless swipes: download Zoosk and get ready, because meeting someone is just a click away.

-- It works! In 2019 more than 56,000 singles found love thanks to Zoosk** --

All basic members can:
- See members’ pictures
- Send Winks and Hearts
- See Carousel to discover new people

Ready to move on to the serious stuff? Maximize your chances to have fun and meet people with more exclusive features* like:
- Unlock Carousel matches
- Boost your profile
- Send gifts
- Get Delivery Confirmation on messages

When you are a Zoosk subscriber* you can also:
- Chat with your connections
- Unlock and connect with people who've viewed you
- Say yes to and start chatting with your SmartPicks™

‘’ The dating service has made it really easy to start a profile, meet other users, and cast a wide net for potential matches.’’ - Mashable

‘’ Launched in 2007, Zoosk has become the toast of the online dating world’’ - AskMen

Want to make your own opinion? Download the Zoosk dating app now and enjoy chatting with exciting people.
Fun or connection, love is here!
- All subscriptions and upgrades like coins (including subscription upgrades and upgrades without a subscription) automatically renew at the end of the term for the same duration and you will be charged again for the same amount (plus any applicable taxes) unless you cancel by turning off auto renewal at least 24 hours before the end of their term.
- Turn off the auto renewal through your account settings. Once you turn off auto renewal, your subscription and/or upgrades will expire at the end of their term. To learn more, see Terms of Use Agreement at http://www.zoosk.com/tos and our FAQs at http://zoosk.com/help. Also read our Privacy Policy at www.zoosk.com/privacy and online dating safety guide at https://www.zoosk.com/safety.
Prices are in U.S. dollars, exclude any applicable sales tax, may vary in countries other than the U.S., and are subject to change without notice.
**: 56,019 users in U.S.A said in their subscription termination process they found love on Zoosk platform.

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With 40 million members, we are one of the most trusted and best dating apps. Whether you’re a lesbian, gay or straight single, download Zoosk now and get ready to meet people!

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Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for updating your Zoosk app! We update our iOS app every two weeks in order to improve the speed and functionality of your dating experience.This release includes: - Bug fixes - User experience improvements

Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love Comments & Reviews

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- No real profiles left

Same old profiles over and over, ghost town, don’t bother

- Zoosk

Let me sum up online dating basics 101 for you - Meet a great person and have a great conversation Mid way through conversation, other party vanishes which is what “ghosting” is. Why? Someone they think is better than you messages them. End result? Leaves you frustrated you paid for that, leaves you feeling not good enough and in the end makes you rethink the whole love thing. :) Enjoy.

- To cancel

I would like to cancel and it is very hard to do so ,this is a bad sit

- Scam

I spent two months on this thing no results not even one chat, don’t wast your money

- Scam

I reckon they have bots that message you to entice you into paying for a membership, then when you can read the messages, they are from no faced profiles or profiles that have no details and poorly done, obviously fake. No one replies on this app, indicating that a majority likely do not pay for membership, furthering my suspicion that they fake message you to get you to buy. F off, this app is garbage.

- A carry on.

Do not sign up! Its free..they say! then you HAVE TO SIGN UP! Its VERY DISAPPOINTING.

- Don’t bother

This is one of the worst out together apps on offer. Not only does the app take any notice of the age or distance limitations it also does take into account any of your preferences. Don’t waste your time.

- Bug - Paid members can’t reply to any messages

Such a waste of money! I used this app long time ago and it worked fine back then. I just downloaded the app again tonight and noticed it’s just a ripe off as nothing works. Subscribed but none of my replies go through . It’s a bug which has to be fixed and you need to add these days back to subscribers account as app can’t be used properly . Also the subscription is too expensive for the functionalities & services you offer. Not recommended at all.

- Read

I’ve paid for a monthly subscription but I’m unable to use it as every time I go & reply to a msg it won’t reply. I’ve contacted Zoosk with no reply.

- Do not join this fake Zoo Zone

If you’re a male Do not give $AU 90

- Please cancel

I have asked to cancel this account please don’t review

- Can’t message and can’t deactivate

Lots of people in there. No use if you can’t message so then you want to deactivate and it won’t let you. Something’s a little shonky with this one. Wouldn’t go there if I were you!

- Subscribing difficulty

To subscribe you are directed to tap twice on a sliding tab which is right on the edge of iPhone screen. Tapping twice takes you back to subscription bundle page. Doesn’t work. Normal iTunes accepting to subscribe is by tapping on confirm and entering password. These options are at bottom of screen in the middle. Revert back to standard subscribing to iTunes apps.

- Waste of time!

U can’t even write a msg

- Can’t trust

I’ve been in this site for a while, talked some men, but they weren’t serious, they look polite but they won’t. They want something for fun even they said they so serious. Be careful when you go to meet them. Among thousands you might lucky but I wasn’t, I won’t renews my member, waste time and money.

- Not worth the money or your time!

Same faces over & over again, too many scammers, updated and now can’t reply to messages, won’t subscribe again once my membership comes to an end......

- Useless upgrade

I have just installed two updates as recommended and now the app won’t open Extremely poor service Get it right or don’t present it as an update or improvement Especially at a time when people are looking forward to using social media Grrrrrrrrr Not value for money

- Not the best

Keep getting the same contacts , I delete but keep coming back. Very rarely get a response whether negative or positive after sending message. Thank heavens only paid for a month. subscription now cancelled...

- Disappointed

Worst dating app I’ve used so far , regret paying $35 just to see people’s messages which ANY user can send, whether you liked them back or not. I don’t want to see 1000 messages from old men or other people I’m not interested in. Plus, you get notified every time someone views your profile. It’s uncomfortable seeing same men view your profile 5 times every 10 minutes. I don’t need this information. Definitely NOT worth the money.

- Waste of time, useless app

Most of the profiles are fake. Dont waste your time in this app. Specially dont pay for subscription. You might get someone to msg you, then after a few days they will ask you for itunes or google card and thats it. Real people dont bother subscribing, so they can't reply ! So stay away feom this bs app

- Not sure how to feel

I like it , but one when I message I can’t see what I’m typing until the message is sent , two , I paid $90 and now the app won’t load up on my phone , and three what does it mean by spend an extra $10 a month and grunted everyone can message you back? I’m confused by what that means

- Zero Customer Service!...Don’t Bother!!

Two immediate problems with this dating site: 1. The requirement for wifi connectivity to use the app. It will not work with 4G or 5G phone connection alone! 📶 😩 2. Zero customer service. The submission of an online enquiry, simply meets with no reply. Doesn’t matter how many times an enquiry is submitted, there is never a response. Yet, they are always happy to accept customer subscription payments, without a problem 🙄

- Worst

It will not let me look at any messages and charges ridiculous prices just view anything & doesn’t give a lesser price for those who only want a few weeks or 1 month

- Buyer beware

I am neither attractive nor ugly - just plain. Since joining Zoosk I’ve had many multiples of messages sending smiles or greetings. But as other reviewers have mentioned previously, barely ANY of these respond to your return messages. I don’t exactly know what it is, but it has something to do with automated messages from deactivated accounts as well as the company putting up large paywalls to monetise basic communication from both sides. Buyer beware.

- Nothing but a cash grab

Cheapest option is $35.00 for one month. Without this, you’re completely unable to even read someone’s message to you. Not worth the time or money. Downloaded and deleted in hours.

- No pay no play

Completely useless unless you are prepared to pay. So if you don’t want to pay don’t waste your time setting up a profile.

- Dollar dollar bills

Please staph. I will use any other app that doesn’t charge such high fees

- What a rip off

This is one of the worst dating apps out there.you keep getting someone has viewed you over and over .i had a friend who I knew on here and because we talked once the app thought different.and kept sending me someone has viewed your profile.yet she told me she hadn’t since the only time we talked .its a scam .they match you with people that do not reply to a simple hello.or they are non existent.i got removed for sticking up for myself against a so called lady that called me ugly .seems this site is all about the money and trying to make people feel good by giving them hope with computer generated replies.DONT JOIN .THERE MUST BE BETTER SITES OUT THERE. Plus if they do ban you you receive no reason as to why .

- Not worth the effort setting up an account

An absolute waste of time and effort

- Bordering on illegal

The way in which they get people to join is in my opinion illegal. You get messages from auto responders and zoosk asks you to pay a membership fee to see them. I found most people on the carousel are no longer active and they also have auto responders which is designed to get you to pay for a subscription. Absolutely atrocious.

- Scams Scams


- woman are rude

its about the woman thinking they can interview for a suitable mate. Most still have kids at home who they put first, expect the men to be their 24/7 to wine and dine them... and they are even expect the guys to live no more than a few minutes away.

- Don’t use this app !!

They steal your photo and use it to catfish others !! Found more fake profiles than I did real ones.. it’s a clever scam .. but a scam all the same.. customer support is pretty bad and I think my “identity” just brought a house in India.?!? I wouldn’t trust this app if I were you !! Am still waiting for my money back .. I hope I don’t need to go to ACCC to get my cash back.. 5 sad faces !! :(:(:(:(:(

- Help

I keep getting sms messages I’m now partnered and am not on zoosk

- It’s a scam and I’m reporting it to Apple

Fake accounts send you messages that you can’t read unless you pay, and when you pay they won’t ever respond. Try it for yourself then report the app to Apple. Let’s stop this. They just make money out of us. Update: I requested a refund from Apple and receive it. Hope you guys do more reporting so we could stop this scam.

- Worthless

As others have suggested. You shouldn’t pay to Message each other. It’s the most annoying thing about this app. That’s why i have stopped using this app. I have no idea how these stupid app developers (monkey’s with computers) are getting 5stars reviews🤬🤬

- Like all of them, pure scam.

It’s not free if you can’t message anyone. That’s the whole point of using it, zoosk. I’m wondering how these scams are allowed to operate if they can’t maintain the fake profiles and who is genuine or not. Like any product. A paid user should get their money back if the product doesn’t work.

- Good but disappointed

Sorry I used this app to see how it going and I didn’t know I have to pay so? It wasted all people money :/ now I hate this app. Sorry have a best life in future

- So expensive!!

That is a lot of money for a dating app.


The app after you pay to respond to girls is an absolute rip off. The girls never message back & it’s a pattern reading other comments. Save ya money , go to a bar ..... SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN ,!!!

- Nothing to see here

So visually and operations wise this app is good and that is the real shame because there aren’t any real people ,must have messaged 40 odd women (no point being to picky ) but never got any response until it’s time to renew your membership and then you will get likes and maybe even some messages ,I’ve even had one of the “women “ message me and then when you begin your conversation there’s no response this is clearly staff operating phantom accounts to keep your membership ,most of the profiles have been on here forever so your literally looking for a needle in a haystack with a blindfold on ,save your money ,time and sanity there is nothing to see here.....

- Legit can’t even see messages

Not sure if the app is full of bot accounts or not but you can’t see messages without dealing with a pop up asking you to spend money. Why would I pay if I don’t know if I’m going to get my value out of the app?

- Useless

It costs more and more money so if you pay up and send messages they can probably not read it or reply either. Total waste of money in my region

- I Can't get the password back,

You can't get any reset passwords,if you lost yourpassword

- don’t waste your time

Want to pay money to see a probable bot message? No? Move along then.

- Cant delete my account

Zoosk refuses to let me delete my account. I’ve asked them and all they do is pause it indefinitely which I can do myself. Then I will go back on Zoosk after several months for a quick look only to find my account was reactivated months earlier and I’ve had messages that I never responded to so my apologies to those ladies. Also, how can I get messages from women that have never looked at my profile? Good luck to you all in your search.

- Hmmmmm

Like any dating site you may or may not met someone of your dreams but the thing I dislike about Zoosk is that they keep circulating profiles of past members.... members who are inactive. It gives a false impression of membership and therefore you can be sending invitations to members who will never receive your message . It’s false advertising and misleading.

- Not happy

I can’t seem to access my photos to upload a new one, why would this be happening? Why does it have to cost so much just to talk to someone? You find a connection but unless you pay a ridiculous fee you can’t even go any further than basically looking at a pic of someone you can’t have.

- Scammer everywhere

Access to messages hard to access - IT back up general & not helpful. App worst dating app Ive seen

- Utter waste of time

Well, that’s $50 I’ll never get back. I’ve used a variety of dating apps and this is by far & away the worst of the lot. Filters you set in place do not work. In fact, you’ll experience a deluge of suggestions that are the opposite to what you’re looking for. Why bother having preferences in the first place? Profile pics are too small and cannot be enlarged. People don’t use their real names, so there are plenty of fake accounts / time-wasters to endure. I could go on & on...

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- Wait till they fix all the fake folks

So you get an email that says somebody wants to meet you. You open the app and much of the time it’s spam where a very young lady says she’s 70. She’ll have a phone number on the photo. Don’t waste your money!

- Zoosk was hacked

If you do an online search of “Zoosk hacked” you will see Zoosk user information was hacked. I deleted my account.

- Stay away

Matching is the worst. I live in a large city and still matched with people 50-90 miles away. The carousel is a waste, you have no idea if the woman even still use the app, or their important and relevant information. Your just liking a random picture of them 🤷‍♀️ They play on your FOMO. I unsubscribed and that very day showed 8 messages I couldn’t access without paying again. No surprise, that count stayed the same since. Actually think this is something the FTC or an attorney general should look into. Its obvious deception. This is a dying platform, expect the aggressive tactics and deception like I described.

- I can’t message anyone

I’ve been on this app for a few days and I can’t respond to messages. It will send and then disappear. Can someone help?

- I do not want to subscribe

I deleted my app and forgot to logout now I can get back in

- Censors your description

Heavily censors your words ( and therefore my thoughts) description. Anything they consider a curse word or sexual in nature is automatically removed. I’m only two days in and know that it’s not worth the money for me to have this, would like my money back and have the cancel the service.

- Umm, no

- Mickey Mouse interface - poor Search queries that allow for any extraneous info to pop up - RIDICULOUS efforts to up-sell and nickel and dime charge for services that should be included Definitely will not renew subscription, ever

- Phone hookers

This site is for woman that have sex phone##s they are always trolling for new people for $$$$$. Always viewing for new fish!!!

- So many fake profiles

This site is laced with so many one pic fake profiles that dont even have anything typed on their profile. This site also has sooo many members that are not paid members. You send a message or two, they cant read your message because they have to be a paid member to see and respond. At least highlight their profile or some other way to let PAYING members know the members from the non paying members so people dont waste their time. For the non paying no pic profiles, they should not be able to look at pics from paying members. Members should be able to post more than 6 pics. But the big thing is all the fake profiles and I’d guess the site has approx 80% without a subscription.


And it’s a money grab, BEWARE

- Can’t reply

Since late this morning I have not been able to reply to any of my messages

- Don’t Waste Your Money

Practically the same as all the other apps. Filled with fake profiles and cat fishing chics. Better off on POF.

- Ugh

Ugh, I spent way too much on this service before I realized I can’t even get notifications? It shouldn’t be too much to ask.

- Pay to Communicate?

Why do you have to pay money to talk to someone? Are you guys really that stingy for money or something. Other apps don’t charge to send a message. To be honest I think y’all should remove that because you limit so much to someone who can’t pay for subscriptions or something.

- Why

I like the app and the way it works but why can’t u just make messaging free cause now I can’t talk to anyone lol it’s kinda frustrating I don’t have money like that lol

- Scam city

So many fake accounts and meaningless notifications to try to upsell you. Annoying.

- Fake

Here’s fake cold

- Don’t do it...

WARNING: Read the most recent reviews. I’d give it a 0 star if I could. I found messages in my sent folder that I never sent! Afterwards, when I tried to log back in I got locked out of my account- it would not allow me to change my password. Same thing happened to a friend. Support said we had to create new accounts. Most of the members who were recommended to me were located quite a distance away. Was constantly contacted by fake accounts or possibly other members who were hacked also. They were messages, but each had different links to other sites - just like the messages that were in my sent fielder. Almost verbatim. Go to the grocery store - you will have better luck meeting people in the produce department! Zoosk no more!

- Stop

I canceled this app a long time ago. Why am I still getting emails with Zook members liking me. Please stop!

- Horrible

This is a horrible app and a horrible program! Everything is an additional charge not to mention even the notifications they send in your email has advertisements!!! All most all of the matches are more than 2 hours away from me, no way of drilling them down. The stupid carousel is terrible! I have nothing good to say about this service! Don’t waste your money!

- Fake profiles and messages galore!

On a positive note, I like the layout and ease of use. However, 2nd day in and I am constantly liked, loved & messaged from bots or people with fake profiles. I’m an engineer and fairly intelligent, just so you know that I have a pretty good awareness of what this app should be delivering. Also, I’ve discovered that there is almost NO WAY to add personal contact info in your profile; they have NSA level algorithms to prevent this so that you will pay them for messaging. However, many of the fake profiles have phone numbers in the pictures. This tells me that these are not 3rd party, but directly associated with Zoosk. This is shameful & pathetic! I’m going to see if it goes away within a week, but if not, I’m kicking Zoosk to the curb. If you are a Zoosk programmer, stop participating in dishonorable practices! :(

- Horrible

Never will I pay a dating website when they have thousands for free. Can’t even meet or talk without paying so screw this app

- Massive mount of fake profiles

Not worth using until they get ride if fakes.

- When you pay $24 dollars a month to talk to someone

That’s so stupid and expensive. Why bother? Like after the Coronavirus, you might as well go to a bar and buy someone some drinks and talk to them it’s slightly cheaper to buy someone a drink and have a conversation where you know if they are interested or not. This here is overpriced to hell. TINDER IS LESS THAN THIS.

- Rip off!!!!

You view profiles and can send a smiley face or heart then you get a message from someone that you can’t read until you buy a subscription with the cheapest being $32 for ONE month then you get to read the message only to find out it’s an automated response THEN you find out why nobody else responds to your messages and it’s because you have to pay for that too! A complete rip off

- Waste of time

Go through a long and boring set up process just to look at people. Can’t even talk to them unless you pay for it. Stick to OkCupid.

- Bad

This app is really bad also if you wanna cancel the payment is so hard to do that

- Crashes

App keeps closing crashing and closing

- Too complicated

It is way too over complicated to set up a profile couldn’t even do anything

- Latest version unusable on iPad Pro

The latest version when running on ipad pro is landscape mode only. this means the popup keyboard completely obscures the typing area, so you cant see what you’re doing. Is is too much to ask that your testers actually test the product on real devices, not emulators? I’m a tester, I know exactly why this happened.

- Too many Fake Profiles!!!

I’ve been on this site long enough to see the patterns... the owners of this site have hundreds of fake profiles managed by people who get paid to flood the inbox of free or expired members to make them think they are “finally” getting hits....will even use a profile that you have messaged in the past ( one of those fake profiles) and make you think, of wow, she/he finally responded! I should renew my profile to see what she said! THINK AGAIN!!! stop wasting your $$ on this site! Yes, some profiles are real.. but few and far apart!

- Horrible

This is probably the worst dating app… Simply because the technological dysfunctions are incorrigible. I have had on several different occasions where my messages simply would not go through and I would have to call over a dozen times to get them to reset my account so my messages won’t go through. Then I’ve had the same girl get a hold of my pictures not once or twice, but three times using it as a fake profile calling herself Lindsay!!! My name is Shannon! They can never stop this girl and she still gets my pictures every single time - why is that? Could it be because they said that my profile brings in a lot of traffic?!? Are they using my pictures??? Who knows but to be completely honest with you I’ve had it with this site and it’s ridiculous technological situations! If you can’t protect my pictures from somebody or if you’re using my pictures for your own sites good that’s pathetic! Not to mention they need for vetting on this site! Those men are disgusting!!! Lack of intellectual life, morals, and values...

- Not worth it

I’m a paying member...the amount of fake profiles is unbelievable! Now the app isn’t working, I can’t like, reply or send messages...and I still have 2 weeks before my subscription expires. I’m sure glad I paid money for this!!

- Scaam

Scaam gaarbage.

- The app is horrible!

Comments reach the screen but immediately get kicked off. Same with pictures..adding is a process and then they’re cropped without command. It’s a very frustrating thing when you’re in the middle of chatting with someone.

- Where to start...

It’s already misery when you have to resort to online dating because we live in a society where now one talks to each other, but the carousel makes the cruel mockery even worse. I joined because I was under the impression that people who were paying would be more inclined to look for serious relationships. I found myself and about two other people my age. If I view someone, they can see it unless you go “invisible.” If you view someone, it makes them believe you are interested. They up charge for just about everything. Do Hinge and don’t bother...

- No matches based on your Criteria: failure

(4-23-2020) »CANCELED »To Stop all emails/Photos. Reported to BANK; no refunds got months; but won’t stop Emails ? STOP sending ASAP ? Stop service! FEB-to-April

- Disappointed user

I used the app in 3 instances and it was really stressing. What makes it stressful is the fact that users that look good prospects are inactive ( might be fake). On the other hand, There are tons of crazies people. However, I still gave it the chance since I had paid for a 3 month consecutively and I was so positive. Still, I had a really terrible experience with a widow-married the name Tommy, mean -hateful- disrespectful; just using the site like a video game playing with people s feelings. Another member was Lee. I report him as a dangerous user since he was targeting women from different states just to rape them. Zoosk must remove people like that from the site after investigation and confirm the report but they didn’t follow up. I never felt safe again no Zoosk or any other site. I got emotional damages from trying this site.

- Did I Get a Lemon

Bought the subscription, but I can’t write messages in the app, I have to login through a browser to write/reply to someone. In addition to that, I only get to write or “greet” people three times a day. I don’t find the site easy to navigate on Apple devices. It doesn’t seem to fit the screen properly and it’s necessary to shift around to see a profile in its entirety. I didn’t find the app intuitive and it doesn’t allow me to message. I thought Match was easier to use back when I used that. Thought I’d try something different this go around, but it is lacking.

- Not worth it

Every time I try and send a message it won’t let me even though I pay for the member crap it’s a total rip off

- Mail in your cancellation

You must mail it in versus doing anything else, normal, or considerably easier. Mail or deliver in a written request to cancel this ridiculous excuse to meet people or put yourself out there. Better luck trying something else. Thanks for wasting my money, something I regularly do on things that give back to me.

- Poor customer service and app doesn’t work properly

First off, the customer service is horrible and I mean horrible in response time and responses given. Take no responsibility and then if you want to talk refund or compensation, they tell you to go to ITUNES!!!! So my major issue with this app is that not only on the app have I lost the ability to message other members on more than one occasion but there is a limit on how many people I can like! I signed up and paid for a month subscription!!! I even paid an additional $10 dollars for a guaranteed message sent feature that also allows non paying members to read any messages I send to them! And yet twice I lost the ability to message members on the app and full website! Again, I’m a paying customer! Customer Service response is oh did you try logging out and logging back in? Oh if you want a refund try contacting ITUNES! This dating service is a JOKE!!! One star, save yourself money and don’t download or signup!

- Pay to message?

You have to pay to message someone. There are so many dating apps that don’t require this. Waste of time.

- Limited

Very basic profiles. If someone doesn’t fill out their story, there isn’t much to go on. If you’re not paying then you’re limited on what you can see it do. A SMILE counts as a message and unless you subscribe you can’t see the reply or send an actual message. There are other dating apps you can do more for free.

- Not Good

Too many perverts and you see the same guys over and over. Would not recommend.

- Hot garbage

When I pay money to join a dating app, I fully expect them to screen the fake profiles. The membership cost is already expensive in comparison to other sites, then every other feature costs extra. The interface is miserable and looks like it was designed in the 1990’s. The amount of spam and porn profiles I had to weed through made it miserable. Do not join. Do hinge, bumble or one of the other free sites instead.

- Owner

This site has somehow obtained my profile from another site years ago and keeps forwarding me sunscribers’ messages of men allegedly writing me and wanting to meet me. Problem is, I have never subscribed and therefore don’t know how the site got my email address or profile for me to even be receiving msgs. When I then click on “read msg” after being notified someone has written me, the site then requests a credit card number in order for me to sign up and read what profile it has been posting as me or access and read what the dozens and dozens of messages from dozens of guys are supposedly sending me. This is very upsetting and I can’t get rid of it .

- Delete accounts for no reason, fake accounts, frauds, etc just to get you to subscribe!

Apparently this site is run in some run down third world country. The support is run by some guy that apparently doesn’t understand English or how business works As well, how any sites not just ones where folks are trying to meet are run. They won’t tell me if my account was hacked etc just go create another account with a different email. How the hell do you not have the ability to unlock an account esp over some fraudulent bull ... like this? Sounds like they are trying to boost numbers up on the site. ESP since instead of seeing users names it just said “zoosk member”. They are banning legit accounts. Also I was a paying member so lost that too. This company has a mess load of fake accounts that they allow to stay on as well. Who wants that garbage?! AVOID THIS COMPANY! POF is free is doesn’t a better job at this stuff as do many others! #frauds

- Not very user friendly

I don’t like that they send you a photo of a supposed match and expect an immediate yes, no on just a visual. I get that people are very visual, but sometime a conversation makes a difference. I find it hard to get to a persons profile from those pictures and I like to at least see what that person is about. Also, they keep sending you the guys you said no on, what is the point? Also, it should take into consideration distance. I’m in CA, it’s trying to hook me up with someone in Minneapolis, seriously?!? I dislike that I cannot look up someone by their screen name. This app is not user friendly. I hate that I can’t see what I’m typing in messages. Then you hit send and there are typos or it picked up a different word. Currently I cannot even get in my account. It won’t log me in or send me the recovery/reset emails. I am trying to get a hold of someone right now and not having any success. Frustration overload!!

- I liked it at first then it screwed me over

I have used it for 3 weeks and I’ve been enjoying it, I’ve met some interesting people. Then tonight, I get 20 emails saying my photos, that had already been verified and approved 3 weeks ago had been removed. There was nothing inappropriate in any of my photos, no nudity, my face was clear, no one else was in my photos. It made no sense. I went to log into my account and it wouldn’t let me! I had to reset my password. By the time I did that, I went into my account, my age had been changed from 35 to 28? All of my photos were gone. To make it worse, it had randomly matched me with 9 men that I had no interest in dating so I had to tell them it was a mistake. I was able to change everything but I’m still receiving messages that my photos are being removed for no reason. There’s no email to write to ask for help. I paid for a membership and I’m ready to delete the entire thing.

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- Not impressed

This app doesn’t open on my iPhone, don’t know why

- No service in my region

Why can't i reg or log in?? I'm in Nigeria does it mean it's not allowed in Nigeria???

- Fake

It’s fake it’s telling me forbidden Just wasted my mb

- It’s being amazing

It’s a really nice app to use

- Garry

The site is more better than others

- Great


- Cool


- Good app

This app is so nice. Happy to be here.

- Hi


- Sign up problem

I can't sign up its just saying no service in ur region thought is worldwide

- The service is ok

The service is very ok

- Ballyrashy


- Justin

Awesome app.. Keep it up !!.

- Perfect

Simply perfect

- Nice App!

5 star for this great app!

- Not so good

The app is always says it's not i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ my region,Africa and Nigeria to be precise... Why?

- Good


- Cool App

This app is one of the best!!!

- Nice

Cool app

- Great! 

Best app I've seen in a long time

- Nice app

Very good

- Flop

It keeps saying we run out of ice cream sooo bad

- Best out of the best

This site is a nice site.

- Best app ever

This app will surely guide you through the journey you have always anticipated.

- Good place to meet friends

Zoosk is a cool place and I believe it's a good place to catch your soul mate and also the coolest app ...

- Bad app

Too much money demands, learn from other social networks.

- Zoosk

Koolest app for meeting Prescious people. Zoosk is the main thing.

- Zoosk

I love the site,loads of testimonies here and I know I will write one on me soon.....love the site

- I love zoosk .... And love using it ... It's best of all ..

Just try and see ... Zoosk is the answer to everything you ever grave for in a relationship

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Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love 8.21.0 Screenshots & Images

Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love iphone images
Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love iphone images
Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love iphone images
Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love iphone images
Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love iphone images
Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love iphone images
Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love iphone images
Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love iphone images
Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love ipad images
Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love ipad images
Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love ipad images
Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love ipad images
Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love Social Networking application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love Social Networking application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love (Version 8.21.0) Install & Download

The applications Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love was published in the category Social Networking on 2010-01-12 and was developed by Zoosk, Inc. [Developer ID: 349160526]. This application file size is 150.42 MB. Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love - Social Networking posted on 2020-05-28 current version is 8.21.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date, Love Advisories: Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes

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