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Tired of having to swipe through countless profiles on dating sites, and want more meaningful date experiences with quality people? Zoosk helps millions of serious daters find love. Whether you’re a single parent looking for a second shot at love after divorce, a widow, lesbian, gay or straight, Zoosk can help you match with that special someone to enjoy your life with.

With over 40 million happy women and men using Zoosk worldwide, it’s one of the most trusted and best dating subscription apps around. Get ready to open your heart to find love.

Discover quality people
Zoosk is a relationship app with one goal—to help people connect and find romantic love. Rather than flings, Zoosk helps real people find the real love they’re looking for through a number of different means. Use the Carousel feature, which gamifies the dating experience so you can swipe through profiles, or turn on SmartPick™ and we’ll show you people you’d connect best with. If you find someone cute, you can subscribe to message them and talk instantly. With 3 million messages sent daily between Zoosk members, it’s no wonder so many men and women find what they’re looking for. Say goodbye to wasting time on dates only to learn the other person doesn’t share the same values as you do.

Advanced search filters
Sort through the millions of potentials out there and match with your perfect soulmate using Zoosk’s advanced search filters. Not only can you set your preferences at signup, like sexual preferences such as lesbian, gay or straight, but members can refine their search based on age and location. Zoosk takes this one step further by letting members search in even more detail, such as relationship history, children, ethnicity, religion, education and body type.

Online to real life – Meet nearby singles
What if we told you that your future partner could be living just a few blocks from your house, or that you worked at the same company but never knew it? Zoosk offers you multiple ways to meet new people living in your area. Filtering matches based on location means you can match with someone at your local coffee shop, and go on a romantic date to talk more after work. Location is everything!

Safe and secure
Zoosk knows that people’s top concern when searching for love online is safety. As the first relationship app to verify member photos using human moderators, Zoosk’s Photo Verification feature ensures members are genuine. Zoosk also verifies people’s phone numbers and social media accounts, and the Insignia™ feature lets users submit proof they’ve served in the U.S. armed forces, which helps us remove dishonest users from our community.

No more wasting time and energy, and definitely no more playing around. Download Zoosk and get ready, because eternal love is just a click away. Enjoy a love like never before.

Subscribe Today!
Become a paid subscriber and enjoy these benefits:

* Chat with other subscribers.
* Say yes to your SmartPicks.
* See profiles of who’s viewed you.

Subscription Prices**
1-month subscription: $29.99
3-month subscription: $59.99
6-month subscription: $74.99
12-month subscription: $99.99

**Prices are in U.S. dollars, exclude any applicable sales tax, may vary in countries other than the U.S., and are subject to change without notice.

Please note that with all subscriptions:

* Your subscription payment will be charged to your iTunes account.
* Your subscription will automatically renew and your iTunes account will be charged for renewal 24-hours prior to the end of your current one/three/six/twelve month subscription period.
* You can turn off the auto-renewal of your subscription through the App Store on your Apple device or through the iTunes store on your computer. Once you turn off auto-renewal, your subscription will expire at the end of the current subscription period. For more information about Zoosk’s cancellation policy, see our Terms of Use Agreement at http://www.zoosk.com/tos and our FAQs at http://zoosk.com/help.

Zoosk: Match, Talk, Date, Love App Description & Overview

The applications Zoosk: Match, Talk, Date, Love was published in the category Social Networking on 2010-01-12 and was developed by Zoosk, Inc.. The file size is 129.19 MB. The current version is 8.17.8 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for updating your Zoosk app! We update our iOS app every two weeks in order to improve the speed and functionality of your dating experience. When new features are available in your area, we’ll notify you in the app.

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Zoosk: Match, Talk, Date, Love Reviews


Complete scam  Jim98987d  1 star

This site is a complete scam. The vast majority of profiles are not now and have never been paying members and can’t be contacted. Expect to send fifty messages to get a single response,if your lucky.


Poor Data Security and Customer Service  YnotBoondock  1 star

My account was recently hacked and the scammer was contacting a ton of people through my Zoosk account telling them to contact an email address. Zoosk detected the issue and disabled my account. The only problem is, they won't reinstate it and they will not refund any money claiming that "many financial institutions have a 60 day window for refunds". First, the excuse is BS as you can choose whether or not to refund money. Second, it wasn't even my fault that led to my account being disabled, and 3rd, I had active conversations and was planning dates that Zoosk just ruined.


Don’t bother  CatJoanne  1 star

You can’t talk to anyone without paying a large sum of money - no free trial.


Pay to talk  jimsiphone1011  1 star

The site is a money pit. You can’t talk to people unless you pay a subscription fee. So anyone that dose not pay up won’t be able to see your message or if you don’t pay then you can’t see their messages.Basically making this a pointless money pit.


Horrible Service  Dissaponited33  1 star

Horrible App features, service, unable to deactivate. It’s like an app from the dinosaur era if there’s is such thing.

dont get played

Worst app ever  dont get played  1 star

Once you pay you realize that you pay just to realize that you have to pay more for it to actually work in your favor. They say you can message people but when you send a message it says I order for them to read the message you have to pay more for them to read it. Overall a waste of money and time, they send you messages that are encrypted and say once you become a member you can read the messages but once you become a member, those profiles are non existent , it’s actually better to go to a bar and pick up a date don’t waste your money or time on this .

Mochi Margarita

Don’t bother  Mochi Margarita  1 star

Unless you want to pay to even message somebody don’t bother with this app. I deactivated my account and deleted it from my phone immediately.


Money trap  ksnddisnehsk  1 star

I don’t ever write reviews but this time I will. The only way to send or see messages is to pay (30$ for 1 month) so all you’re doing is looking at pictures of people. This app is garbage and would not recommend to anyone, you start getting messages and can’t even see them, for all you know it’s fake profiles sending messages to get you to pay.


Nothing is free  jfroggi  1 star

U have to pay for everything but create a profile


Renewal  ashleymp1229  1 star

I have tried to cancel my renewal of Zoosk multiple times and have been unsuccessful. They have made cancellation near impossible and of course have renewed me another 6 months for $75. I would never recommend this to a friend because of this!

improvements are needed..!!

Zoosk the cunning rip off  improvements are needed..!!  1 star

I have tried in vain, many times to get help from Zoosk but there is no way to communicate with them - to ask them questions (so I can improve my use of their system). But they are very cunning and very hungry for money. I don’t mind paying them if I get what I need but they do not give me (or anyone) the opportunity to contact them. This tells you that they are NOT good at all. I have been blocked by their advertising rather than let me go - to the site - that I have clicked on. And this happens repetitively. All I want - is to be shown how to alter my profile. But they don’t even provide us clients with a CONTACT button - I think that really says it all. Mr. Zoosk, if you are reading this (& I am wrong) then pls show me what I am asking for. If I’m not wrong - then clean up your act a bit..!! Cheers from a “would be” happy customer that you are destroying (along with thousands of other customers who feel the same..!!).


Definitely not worth it!  imo21  1 star

The fact that you have to pay money in order to message and meet people with is what most people want to do with the flippen app. Very upset and will never recommend this app to anyone. All you want is people’s money.


Frustrating  BobathonRobert  2 star

It’s kinda laggy all around for me. While I don’t use the newest phone ever (iPhone6), Tinder and Bumble for instance work fine. Making me think Zoosk is just a lot slower. Also, you needa pay for a subscription to talk to people? D: I’m honestly not sure what perks Zoosk has to offer over other dating apps. Sure it has photo verification, but so does Bumble. So.....unless you wanna put faith into Zoosk and use your own money, rationalising it’s fine because at least they are real people.......... Just don’t. It’d be better spent on Bumble.

Mr gamer over here

Not worth it  Mr gamer over here  2 star

A month of flicking through old, inactive and abandoned profiles, and handful of views, 4 matches, 2 responses $50 bucks out of pocket, bottom line: you’re better off going up a to a girl in real life and saying Hi. Though this app may be a joke, I can’t say it didn’t show results, cos it did. Negative results are still results. :/ Tip: If you wanna do anything more than send a smiley face to anyone, have your money ready...


The app glitches  Stopremovingmodes  1 star

The app looks nice, but I have done the survey three times before I realized that it’s automatically deletes my account and i have to go and make a new one. I would not recommend this app, if you’re looking for a date for a one night stand. Use tinder or better apps like that.


Rip off  Sarjay2002  1 star

Keeps charging you after you’ve cancelled & wont give a refund. :(


Privacy issues  Jess61981  1 star

I haven’t found any proper way to erase an account which really does not encourage to use this app.

axcil 14

Zoosk  axcil 14  3 star

I’m not happy cause sending messages are not free. I much prefer POFas I’m struggling financially and am not working due to being a victim of crime.


So far not good  chablice  1 star

As a new member I’m not impressed. Difficult to use no response to my emails can’t communicate with other members despite paying top dollar as it were. Cancellation coming up real soon if they don’t up their game ASAP!


Fake  25745865534  1 star

Fake !they get get people to “want to meet you “ just so you subscribe and spend money just like all the the other dating sites , then when you try to delete your profile you still get emails about chicks wanting to meet up they target men mainly scam


Carousel  oleoteo  1 star

Worst invention ever


Used car salesman of dating sites 🙄  AB960007  1 star

I’ve found this service to be less than useless. The site forces you to select matches with limited information, so it’s a total guess as to whether you might be a good match. If you upgrade the service you need to fight to get them to stop automatically billing you. Save yourself.

A dissappinted Zoosk Member

Don’t waste your time  A dissappinted Zoosk Member  1 star

Pros -They verify your pictures -Not a lot of bots like the other sites. Cons -Not a lot of responses. -They make you pay for things that are free on other sites (sending messages). -it’s the same people over and over. -when I tried to remove connections it would reconnect somehow. I paid for a 3 month subscription just to be able to send messages. Not worth it for me.


Worst dating site ever...everything about it is bad...rip off  pkjhk  1 star

Terrible site, really really bad

Kim A1980

1 good, 3 bad.  Kim A1980  2 star

While I like the feature letting you know people actually look like their pictures there are so many more things wrong with this app. 1. Every time you scroll past someone they are notified that you viewed them. Um, what??? 2. It will continue to show you the same profiles repeatedly even though you have said no, multiple times. 3. Only way to stop seeing a profile is to block the user completely which seems a bit extreme. All in all, not worth the money!!!


Not that great  Steph0606  2 star

I just signed up and it’s okay so far. It’s weird having guys from across the country messaging me. They also have a lot of extra charges to add even more to your membership. My biggest issue right now is that my notifications don’t work. I open up the app to some messages that I had no idea I’d received.

Julie booley

The worst dating app there is  Julie booley  1 star

The functionality of this dating app is easily by far the worst one out there. I have no idea how it is ranked so high. They must pay for those high rankings. I signed up and paid for the 6 months trial and I couldn’t even make it 30 days. It’s very frustrating the way they have this app set up and I’m technology savvy. That’s probably the issue!! What’s worse, is canceling it is not easy either.


Tinder and $$$  thehannahspear  1 star

Zoosk is basically Tinder and you pay a lot for it they. They hit you with services in addition to whatever subscription you select. It is not the same type or quality people as like an eHarmony. It’s a hookup culture on Zoosk.


Worthless if you don’t pay  Nasmgirl  1 star

I don’t believe in paying for an app when they get plenty in other ways from advertisers. It is absolutely shocking how well regarded this terrible app is. Basically they trick you into investing a lot of time and money into something that then blocks those messages from being sent or read unless you pay up. Zoosk is in no way legit. Horrible use of basic human psychology for nothing but their own profit. I’ll be sticking to other apps that are more up front and can work for the person without having to pay. Wasted so much time. Would NOT recommend!

bob bob lou

Vote down this site  bob bob lou  1 star

Zoosk is all mirrors. They send people to you that live 100 miles away. And when you do start to find someone, the only way to keep communicating is to pay Zoosk more money. It doesn’t stop, total scam. Start a conversation and they have a wall built up and unless you’re going to pay more money, your communication with someone will END.


It is the trailer park of dating apps  Seanoc79  1 star

Went back onto this app after being away from it for 10 years. Same profiles coming up. There are no new profiles. 40 million singles? There was a woman posing as a 38 year, definitely was about 20 years older and her profile was her sitting in her living room with a chainsaw. It is the trailer park of dating apps


You have to pay  Ife_lipe  1 star

Not recommended. U have to pay if you want to send or Read a message. It’s ridiculous


Hyu  Mickelas72  4 star

Tart w a heart


Re  shamustwo  5 star

All good


Scam  Irishgurllover  1 star

Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam


Awful awful awful  Garyh98765  1 star

Initially seemed good, verified photos, common likes etc. But once profile created u have 2 pay 2 do anything else. It's the equivalent of using Facebook offline... What's the point? Also I've requested twice to delete my profile (no deactivate button that other apps have) and it's still there....


Nice app  SUPER ANNEY  5 star

Very good easy to operate, I recommend you give it a try!

Kiely killiney

Cool  Kiely killiney  5 star


Georgian Last

Bad  Georgian Last  1 star

The thing they don't tell you is that you need to pay money to use.


No1  Pawelritter  4 star


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