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With the #1 dating app, 3 million messages sent daily, 8 million verified photos, and 40 million members worldwide you’ll enjoy meeting singles on a dating app that works hard to make dating easier for you.

* According to App Annie and Techcrunch, Zoosk is the #1 iOS dating app in all-time revenue:

* Zoosk was named ‘best dating app of 2016’ by Wallethub: https://wallethub.com/blog/best-dating-apps/19745/

Come see for yourself why so many local singles are giving Zoosk a try…

* Personalized SmartPick™ introductions based on your likes and preferences.
* Zoosk’s Photo Verification feature that lets members submit video selfies to confirm that they look like their photos.
* More ways to meet people—quickly match up or search for who you like.
* Advanced search options including body type, religion, height, and more.
* A helpful customer support team to give you help when you need it.

Let the #1 dating app help you find more singles who are more your style.

Zoosk’s Behavioral Matchmaking™ technology is constantly learning from the actions of more than 40 million members so we can set you up with people you're more likely to hit it off with.

First Comes Like™

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* Chat with other subscribers.
* Say yes to your SmartPicks.
* See profiles of who’s viewed you.

Subscription Prices**
1-month subscription: $29.99
3-month subscription: $59.99
6-month subscription: $74.99
12-month subscription: $99.99

**Prices are in U.S. dollars, exclude any applicable sales tax, may vary in countries other than the U.S., and are subject to change without notice.

Please note that with all subscriptions:

* Your subscription payment will be charged to your iTunes account.
* Your subscription will automatically renew and your iTunes account will be charged for renewal 24-hours prior to the end of your current one/three/six/twelve month subscription period.
* You can turn off the auto-renewal of your subscription through the App Store on your Apple device or through the iTunes store on your computer. Once you turn off auto-renewal, your subscription will expire at the end of the current subscription period. For more information about Zoosk’s cancellation policy, see our Terms of Use Agreement at http://www.zoosk.com/tos and our FAQs at http://zoosk.com/help.

Have questions or want to contact us? Browse more resources:

* Help: http://zoosk.com/help
* Privacy Policy: http://www.zoosk.com/privacy
* Terms of Use Agreement: http://www.zoosk.com/tos
* Success Stories: https://about.zoosk.com/en/blog/success-stories/
* Online Dating Safety Tips: https://www.zoosk.com/safety

Zoosk - #1 Dating App App Description & Overview

The applications Zoosk - #1 Dating App was published in the category Social Networking on 2010-01-12 and was developed by Zoosk, Inc.. The file size is 120.35 MB. The current version is 8.17.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for updating your Zoosk app! We update our iOS app every two weeks in order to improve the speed and functionality of your dating experience. When new features are available in your area, we’ll notify you in the app.

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Zoosk - #1 Dating App Reviews

Tammy Luhman

No way to filter incoming messages  Tammy Luhman  1 star

I wish there was a way to filter who can see you based on age/distance. As a 28f, all I get is messages from 40 something men (and older) and people hundreds of miles away.


Predictive text  Flinchey  2 star

Used to have predictive text while sending messages now that feature is removed on my iPad. I still have it when editing my profile but not when I’m sending messages. I find my self making a lot of spelling errors while sending messages since I rely heavily on predictive text and autocorrect. Bring this back to messaging and I will give a higher rating

princess o6/ 15/ 1999

Pay money to message  princess o6/ 15/ 1999  1 star

I am not paying money so I can message just to find the right one for me like I don't get it everything is perfect until you want to message someone, you have to pay money to be able to that is so dumb


This can not be number one.  APleasant_  1 star

If you want to just see what it’s like, you won’t be able to. You have to pay to see your messages or do anything so don’t waste time signing up. You have to go online to delete the account and trust they will not make it easy. The customer service is trash. You’ll be on hold for 10 minutes and go from 4th in line to 12th. I don’t spend my money where customer service is lacking. The interface is terrible, too much. The way you browse through members is terrible. No swipe, you scroll and you have to refresh your whole “timeline” to see new members. Also either lot of people lie about they’re race and location cause my filters didn’t effect my search at all. I just would not recommend


Waste of time  singleforever  1 star

Worst dating site ever! All fakes or wanted to have phone sex ASAP...cuz u only talk to guys that light years away from u...and impossible almost to cancel subscription and u can never take down your profile..BUNCH OF CRAP!!


I see dead profiles  Glux8872  1 star

Just another scam dating site to take advantage of the broken hearted single people that still have hope in finding the one. Waste of money...

a z member

Awful  a z member  1 star

This is an awful app. If you view a guy while scrolling it tells them you viewed them even if you have zero interest and did not click to view them. FALSE READINGS!!!!! I’m glad someone told me that it looked like I was viewing them and we figured it out. This app is crap! I’m sure it goes the same way for the ladies. You think these guys are stalking you but it’s a viscous cycle just to see who viewed you and it’s a big circle. No thanks!


Eh it could be better  Hazelkiki  2 star

To be honest I kinda like it but I just don’t the fact that you have to pay to talk to someone. It blow our chances to meeting new people that seems to have some sort of spark with them and the paying its... ruining the moment lol like I just think it should be free to talk to someone for free and you guys should just have us pay for the basics like who viewed, the replay, see who liked you etc. I’m not saying I’m too broke to pay for it lol butttt again it is expensive and I don’t feel like paying for a dating app just to talk to someone 🤷🏻‍♀️

zoosk is a scam

Scam don’t use this app  zoosk is a scam  1 star

There is nothing useful in this app other than to steal from users. They intentionally hide responses because it is fee raiser, they say individuals are looking and liking you but after reaching out to some of them after trading numbers it is fraud they didn’t do anything the app says, this is to maintain you as a subscriber. They have non users still on the site, this means they either never existed or cancelled to boost the amount or users. They also allow scammers in the network, of these are people from other countries trying to get info, emails and phone numbers from users not sure the reasons for this but I assume considering the ethics of this site I could only guess. I don’t write reviews normally but this app and its creators need to be stopped by apple and taken off the App Store for ethics and for being scammers.


A complete joke for a dating sight!  1Magnumat  1 star

First and foremost, for $30 a month you should have complete access to message, read, write and correspond without having the old phone both “$9.99 to continue/update”. I’ll take my chances without


Most of the profile are fake  mavrick99  1 star

Plz don’t take this app it’s all scam ...plz guys


Bill  %u#ke€  2 star

I don’t like to be scammed into joining these sites and then have to pay money, people should have the ability to message prospective life companions partners or friends without paying a dollar, it’s like paying for a hookah but Zoosk is the prostitute pimp 💰💰


Not no 1 that’s for sure  RobbyHay  1 star

took a while to get used to it.. still don’t know how to use it fully.. wasted money on subscribing for 3 months... 10/10 do not recommend


Not worth taking up space on your phone  Jkt.travels  1 star

Zoosk started off ok with an ability to get messages from people who were paid members, b/c of that and getting to know people I paid $9 initially to talk further with people, my second month (there was a break between months) it cost $29 and the third month $49 which I saw and though what a rip rort! It now has changed free membership to be just smiling faces and love hearts and no ability to see conversations from others which gives no incentive at all to sign up nor be a free member. Honestly just download a different app. I’ve seen men’s profiles I like but I’ll never meet them on Zoosk anyway because I refuse to be rorted by a company without knowing the quality of the conversation with those online. And to be fair I don’t think any man should be disrespected so much to think they are investing in something that will give them results and yet the majority aren’t paid members and cannot respond to your messages.


Missing subscription  movingforwardguy44  1 star

I have sent you guys messages and nobody has responded, I’m not surprised.... I have made payment for a subscription BUT it doesn’t work... I have proof that I have paid and now I’m missing out on talking to women, not very happy



Do not touch this app it’s absolute poo. Dodgy as hell.


Only on for a month  heartofthehome  5 star

Zoosk is absolutely number 1. The photo verification was a draw card for me, cancellation of your subscription is very easy. I only required my subscription for a month because I met a very special person within that time that I know if I had never signed up with Zoosk, we would never have crossed paths and that was a year ago 😊


Almost had enough  Losdsy  1 star

Needs to focus more on local people more then over 100 km away


Stop hacking my account and return my money  possomG  1 star

Dear CSR, you have hacked my account for $100’s of dollars. Please return my funds ASAP


Over priced. Not worth it  Ashlee2211  1 star

I went on this app but it’s just another money hungry thing. You can’t even talk to people unless you pay minimum $20 a month and that’s for a couple of creeps.


Misleading  disppointed3  1 star

Rating of 4.5? All I mostly see on reviews is one star how did they average this rating ? This site is the cesspool of disingenuous , mentally disturbed men

Jaller Obrim

It’s all about the money  Jaller Obrim  1 star

I think the title says it all. To use this app at all, you have to pay a subscription. Fine, that’s not totally unreasonable for a dating app, the issue is that if the person you want to talk to isn’t paying, no go. Fear not, YOU can pay for people to be able to respond to you. Additionally you can pay for more exposure, the ability to see if someone has ready your messages, and a plethora of other little extras (ones that are often completely free, check okcupid). Essentially, if you’re not willing to shell out $50/month your utility is nonexistent. ALSO, profile changes are reviewed before bing approved, this prevents the (in my case, paying) user, from including information such as Instagram/snapchat/other messaging services. Quite obviously a ploy to collect money from both parties or communication will be blocked. Last issue, I found dozens of users sporting the same picture with the generic username, my assumption is either bots (which should have been removed by admins) or artificial inflation of user numbers. Take your pick.


I can’t send message anymore  steveself19  5 star

I can’t send message anymore. Zoosk says that I should verify my number which I did. I got a code and I enter the code, it keeps on saying code is not correct. And all this starts from when I upgraded to the new version.


How much $$ do you have  Mikeee6969  1 star

Goal #1 of Zoosk to get every penny they can by charging you for every single item. Nothing special about this so called website except to tease you into thinking you can make a connect.


False Alerts  Rlg97322  1 star

Wow, time & time again the same women kept looking at my profile!!! Ummmm, except they didn’t. I know this because a few of us messaged and found out that we were not actually looking at one another’s profiles every day like the app kept reporting. Oh, and as long as I’m ranting about shoddy services to paid members... how can you call yourself the number one app when I can’t set a mileage limit? Nothing like getting profiles from 2,000 miles away to make you glad you paid to get to send messages. So far, this app has been all but useless. 👎🏻

bobs on the tail

Disappointed  bobs on the tail  1 star

Yup they don’t let you cancel in the manner they described. Look holes and more time waisted trying to get off their site.


Waste of time and money  usereviewer555  1 star

So a carousel of pictures one by one are displayed to you and you select Yes No or Maybe indicating your interest. You see 1 picture and get the persons stated age that’s it. After doing 25 times it matches you with 1 of your yes or maybes then you see they live 106 miles from you and you get to see their profile if they’ve bothered to write one. It also suggests matches for you but again they can be way outside your preference for age and location. Other apps are better. Don’t waste your time on this one. It also has the usual amount of scammers. In months I’ve not even had 1 person that has texted or wanted a phone call in the usual way.


Lou  bullthisapp  1 star

Any relationship that expects you to keep giving and there is barely any give ... I’m is headed towards disaster Zoosk keeps on taking ( your money ) While we keep giving Stay away from this app


Milk the whales  SadFace15  1 star

Can’t do much without paying and it’s not cheap. There are better ones out there that lets you at least message for free.

Biz Mo-G!

Frauds!  Biz Mo-G!  1 star

I’m pretty the makers of this app send messages from either someone who appears to be a user, or is actually just a fake profile, in order to get someone who has created a profile just to check out the app, in order to get you to pay to become an actual member.. because by enticing you with all these fake messages you can’t read unless you pay to join, you’ll sit there wondering who has checked you out. It’s bogus because once you pay and see the messages, then message them back you get nothing in return.. therefore you look like an idiot. In fact I met a girl on the app whom I’m actually talking to who showed me a message from a member where he told her “oh I didn’t even notice you had messaged me”.. she thought he was crazy till I told her I think I’ve done the same thing. She then felt bad for him. Not fair Zoosk!


Re  shamustwo  5 star

All good


Scam  Irishgurllover  1 star

Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam


Awful awful awful  Garyh98765  1 star

Initially seemed good, verified photos, common likes etc. But once profile created u have 2 pay 2 do anything else. It's the equivalent of using Facebook offline... What's the point? Also I've requested twice to delete my profile (no deactivate button that other apps have) and it's still there....


Nice app  SUPER ANNEY  5 star

Very good easy to operate, I recommend you give it a try!

Kiely killiney

Cool  Kiely killiney  5 star


Georgian Last

Bad  Georgian Last  1 star

The thing they don't tell you is that you need to pay money to use.


No1  Pawelritter  4 star



Nice app  fivelightsonahill  4 star

This app is easy and convenient!!


Brilliant!  shtereva86  5 star

It is simple and works well.


Please stop  Sophiareg  2 star

Could zoosk please stop changing my photos automatically and putting a photo as my primary picture when I choose a different one. Thank you.

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