WeBe Bluetooth Mouse & Remote Keyboard for Mac/Win

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WeBe, a computer mouse app for the iPhone/iPad or the iPod touch, lets you have all the functions of a normal Bluetooth/WiFi mouse and keyboard in your pocket! The display serves as a trackpad. Works on any Mac or Windows machine!

Download the free WeBe Server app from this site https://www.weblooks.ch/webe/ and run it on your machine. Then, start the WeBe client on your mobile device, pick your server and start using WeBe!

### Features

- For any macOS and Windows machine
- WiFi, Bluetooth (Tethering), cable (Tethering)
- Trackpad (full screen, vertical & horiz. mode)
- Keyboard (vertical & horiz. mode)
- Move mouse cursor
- Move window, highlight text
- Left click, right click
- Scrolling, multi-touch
- Multiple screens

### Requirements

- Mac or Windows machine
- Either Wi-Fi router (LAN or ad hoc)...
- ...or Bluetooth PAN / Cable

### Instructions

- Download WeBe Server app for macOS or Windows from the website and start it
- Start WeBe app
- WeBe finds all available WeBe servers in the same network => select your WeBe server on the list and start using WeBe!


WeBe Bluetooth Mouse & Remote Keyboard for Mac/Win App Description & Overview

The applications WeBe Bluetooth Mouse & Remote Keyboard for Mac/Win was published in the category Utilities on 2010-01-05 and was developed by Gabriel Hohener. The file size is 37.34 MB. The current version is 1.5 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Updated for iOS 10

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No Bluetooth  danielsay84  1 star



No Bluetooth support. Worthless.  tc>  1 star

The app does not allow you to connect via Bluetooth. Complete waste.


Not a Bluetooth Mouse  Mikewill949  1 star

Not accurate description


Not Bluetooth! Developer, change your app's title!  Tianarhadoo  1 star

Advertised falsely. Purchased this to control Nvidia Shield TV from my iPhone. It is a app on your phone that connects to your machine via WIFI only that needs a server app. Bluetooth has nothing to do with this app, it has led me to believe it is due to the app title. Threw away my 99 cents lol


what a joke  whatever245  1 star

Glad it only cost 1.99


Horrible  guitarwiz22  1 star

Does not function at all on IOS 10 on my IPhone 6s plus. Why would Apple even allow this in the app store. Apps should have to work properly if posted and charge.

Ashraf Hijaz

Do not waist your money  Ashraf Hijaz  1 star

It does not work.


Doesn't work  BrownBunnyEXE  1 star

This app is as bas as all the bad reviews make it out to be. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE! It's a scam.


Worst app ever  Ihaveyourchips  1 star

I just paid $2 for an app that doesn't work with horrible developers. Just sad. I forgot to read the reviews before purchasing. I hope this never happens to anyone else. Smh


Pointless waste of time  Toneii  1 star

This developer has provided a dead end with unsupportable claims. The software sends you down a rabbit hole of dead links to old software. Even then it doesn't act like a Bluetooth mouse that you can easily pair, as claimed. No server software? lie. Remove this waste of time, Apple, it's an offense to the community.


...  GlyderFR  1 star

This shxt doesn't even work . I want my money back .


False advertising  Blarghblarghblarghblarghblargh  5 star

Calling it a Bluetooth when is uses Wifi is an outright lie. There are better mouse apps out there, skip this one.


[email protected]&$ing app  Audries  1 star

Waste my money


Doesn't actually use bluetooth  genep  1 star

I wanted my iPhone to be able to be used as a mouse/trackpad over Bluetooth, just like a Bluetooth mouse. Nope, you need to run software on the computer you want to mouse to so this thing is nothing but a pain.


Mr  Nerf1234567  1 star

I can't believe I didn't heed the warning of the other reviewers on this. I suppose I thought I could get it to work. It is junk. Wouldn't even find the servers. Rip off


App is not what it says it is  PhoneCritic  1 star

There is no Bluetooth support you can't use your phone as a mouse for your PC or Mac unless on wireless network. I better get a refund!!! I wouldn't even give it a rating if I had the choice, complete lies.


Webe  Jmfender  1 star

Doesn't work


Thieves  Damyo  1 star

Do not buy! Does not work class action lawsuit coming soon.


does not work dont waste your money  johnnied75  1 star

you have to be a programmer to get this thing to run, want a REFUND!


Great idea, not worth the trouble  vidicious  1 star

It does not live up to the advertised functionality. At least not without a lot of hassle. Not worth the trouble.

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