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Featured by Apple in the "New and Noteworthy" category!

WeBe, a computer mouse app for the iPhone/iPad or the iPod touch, lets you have all the functions of a normal Bluetooth/WiFi mouse and keyboard in your pocket! The display serves as a trackpad. Works on any Mac or Windows machine!

Download the free WeBe Server app from this site https://www.weblooks.ch/webe/ and run it on your machine. Then, start the WeBe client on your mobile device, pick your server and start using WeBe!

### Features

- For any macOS and Windows machine
- WiFi, Bluetooth (Tethering), cable (Tethering)
- Trackpad (full screen, vertical & horiz. mode)
- Keyboard (vertical & horiz. mode)
- Move mouse cursor
- Move window, highlight text
- Left click, right click
- Scrolling, multi-touch
- Multiple screens

### Requirements

- Mac or Windows machine
- Either Wi-Fi router (LAN or ad hoc)...
- ...or Bluetooth PAN / Cable

### Instructions

- Download WeBe Server app for macOS or Windows from the website and start it
- Start WeBe app
- WeBe finds all available WeBe servers in the same network => select your WeBe server on the list and start using WeBe!


WeBe Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard App Description & Overview

The applications WeBe Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard was published in the category Utilities on 2010-01-05 and was developed by Gabriel Hohener. The file size is 30.82 MB. The current version is 1.5.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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WeBe Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard Reviews


Didn’t work  JohnSmath123  1 star

I want return my money! It’s doesn’t work.


This App ROCKS! 🤩  sauvage7  5 star

Fantastic, exactly what I was looking for. Easy to use and does what it promises 👍🏻


Might not be what you think it is...  stuntmatt  1 star

I bought WeBe thinking I was downloading a bluetooth keyboard that I could easily use to control a bluetooth-enabled device—specifically, an Apple TV. I know that Apple TV has it's own app, but I needed to change the wifi settings on my Apple TV and didn't have the original remote any longer. Apple recommended downloading a bluetooth keyboard to make the change. Anyhow, this is the wrong application for this task. Seems to be more for controling a computer with your phone. And, unlike a lot of apps that are ready to go upon download, this one requires downloading code to your computer to make it work. So, if you're looking for a way to control your comuptuer with your phone... I guess this is an option, though there may be better options. I downloaded/paid for it and deleted it in less than a minute.



What a waste of $2.99!!! I was relieved, after a long search, to find this app that *claimed* to make an iPhone function via Bluetooth as a keyboard and/or mouse. Not at all so! You have to download their software on the device you wish to control and share the same wireless network in order for it to function at all! I want my money back! 😡


No Bluetooth  danielsay84  1 star



No Bluetooth support. Worthless.  tc>  1 star

The app does not allow you to connect via Bluetooth. Complete waste.


Not a Bluetooth Mouse  Mikewill949  1 star

Not accurate description


Not Bluetooth! Developer, change your app's title!  Tianarhadoo  1 star

Advertised falsely. Purchased this to control Nvidia Shield TV from my iPhone. It is a app on your phone that connects to your machine via WIFI only that needs a server app. Bluetooth has nothing to do with this app, it has led me to believe it is due to the app title. Threw away my 99 cents lol


what a joke  whatever245  1 star

Glad it only cost 1.99


Horrible  guitarwiz22  1 star

Does not function at all on IOS 10 on my IPhone 6s plus. Why would Apple even allow this in the app store. Apps should have to work properly if posted and charge.


Doesn’t work  toldandretold.com  1 star

Paid for app Doesn’t work with my iMac Lies

Bk social worker

$$$$money wasted  Bk social worker  1 star

It's better to donate to poor Rather than smarties IT people ,it people they work and believe Xxxxx time waster xxxxx that's you


doesnt work on Ipad  sumsum19  1 star

I made the mistake of not ready the reviews before purchasing. I now have a app that is useless for me and doesnt work.


Fraud warning  Ppsfans  1 star

Lessons learnt. Always read the review before buying any app. 3 dollars going for nothing could have used to help the poor instead. Too desperate and excited about the Bluetooth connection which lead me to this stupid outcome. Take some time read the reviews.

Stephen Windahl

Disappointed  Stephen Windahl  2 star

I couldn't get the computer side server program to work, thus rendering the app useless. Something about installing Apple's bonjour process which should already be in my computer as I am a iTunes user. Maybe I made a mistake somewhere or maybe there is a fault, either way I couldn't get this app to work for me.


Waste of $2.  B259203178  1 star

Doesn't work with my device not happy at all.


Doesn't work on ps3  Teejaye1989  1 star

Ps3 doesn't pair with the app on iPad 3


Good but  Beno1254  4 star

This app is good but you have to get a thing off the Internet to make it work. It won't play games as well.


It does work.  Ajajajajajajajajajajaj  4 star

It works fine. You must go to webe website, download server to your computer and make sure your phone and computer are talking to each other properly (preferences).


Great once you get it working  Ash2108  4 star

I was sceptical about this app due to all the negative reviews but due to a lack of other options I took the plunge anyway. I think all the others that have left bad reviews didn't spend much time persevering with this app - I had a bit if trouble at first (partly the app, partly my Mac). The developer needs to do a better job of instructions for this app; Once I got this working it is great but very flakey at first. I use it on my mac that's connected to my TV to control it from the couch a few metres away and it's awesome now. NOTE: You have to download the WeBe server software for your Mac/PC before this will work.


FRAUD & GARBAGE!  HeibTribe  1 star

This app is broken pile of [email protected]#! Bluetooth only works with a jail broken device and the server for Windows can't connect to the Bonjour service on my laptop for some reason. In other words I just wasted my $2 on crap from a terrible developer selling apps with a fraudulent description!! Apple should have negative stars as a rating option for just such occasions...

Why not Kang

Oh no I want my money back this doesn't work at all  Why not Kang  1 star

Oh no I want my money back this doesn't work at all


Don't use  lunonokto  1 star

Does not work you will just through your money away.


Doesn't use standard Bluetooth profile  Rob__B  1 star

Downloaded this app hoping it would emulate the Human Interface Device protocol over Bluetooth. This app requires its own server to be running on the device you want to control. Poorly implemented. Would rate zero stars if possible.


...  GlyderFR  1 star

This shxt doesn't even work . I want my money back .


False advertising  Blarghblarghblarghblarghblargh  5 star

Calling it a Bluetooth when is uses Wifi is an outright lie. There are better mouse apps out there, skip this one.


[email protected]&$ing app  Audries  1 star

Waste my money


Doesn't actually use bluetooth  genep  1 star

I wanted my iPhone to be able to be used as a mouse/trackpad over Bluetooth, just like a Bluetooth mouse. Nope, you need to run software on the computer you want to mouse to so this thing is nothing but a pain.


Mr  Nerf1234567  1 star

I can't believe I didn't heed the warning of the other reviewers on this. I suppose I thought I could get it to work. It is junk. Wouldn't even find the servers. Rip off


App is not what it says it is  PhoneCritic  1 star

There is no Bluetooth support you can't use your phone as a mouse for your PC or Mac unless on wireless network. I better get a refund!!! I wouldn't even give it a rating if I had the choice, complete lies.


Awfull  AndyBorwick  1 star

I bought this to use with my Ps3 and it doesn't work with it you have to have a jail broken iPod!! Please update it so it can be used with Ps3!


Mr  Smaidment  1 star

Doesn't work


Mr  Badboyjohno  1 star

This program does not work with Bluetooth. It just robed me of my money.


Don't !!!!!  Jakes.smittie  1 star

This program is horrible , countless numbers of users cant get it to work via bluetooth for which it claims to cater.

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