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If you are looking for a great wow effect baby ultrasound is for you.

Launch the app and put your phone against your belly or your girlfriend's belly to start the exam.

Baby UltraSound will detect contact with the skin, the ultrasound display will start when the Iphone is pressed and moved along the skin.

What a great way to make your girlfriend jump with surprise when she sees the exam starting
What a great way to say to your boyfriend that you are pregnant!!!

- Baby UltraSound shows realistics live images and as such can hurt the sensitivity of younger children
- Baby UltraSound is only simulating very realisticly an ultrasound exam, and should only be used for joke purposes

Baby UltraSound App Description & Overview

The applications Baby UltraSound was published in the category Entertainment on 2009-12-23 and was developed by castelStudio. The file size is 82.16 MB. The current version is 2.1 and works well on 10.1 and high ios versions.

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Not real  Dgee10  1 star

At the very beginning it needs to say that this is not a real ultrasound app. I downloaded it thinking it was and then realized the images I saw were not real. Very disappointed


VERY UNHAPPY 😡  Dresha.b  1 star

I want my money back it’s fake . Apple shouldn’t advertise this type of crap If it isn’t real. It’s showing the same picture over and over again .


Fake  Pinkchinagirl2  1 star

This is an fake app I used it on my pillow And it showed the same thing I’m sure my pillow isn’t having a baby too🤷🏼‍♀️


What a disappointment  ZAz-4  1 star

Is there any way I can get a refund this app is bad. I used it on my wife and at Fist I thought it worked but then I tried it on my self and it was showing te same pictures...

fraud application

Poor service  fraud application  1 star

Poor and so out dated this app is a fraud


I would like to have my money back  dt_24  1 star

I WANT MY MONEY BACK !!!!!! This app is terrible!


im a men and this app saids i have a 28 week old baby  elbebo8  1 star

really disapointed


REFUND  kontar.abdul  1 star

I want my money back. Totally inaccurate. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎


Poor signal  lisalomein  1 star

This is so fake the signal so bad how you know that’s your baby once you put your phone to your stomach I don’t believe it


Bad😡  whejndnfjdbcvbdjejdjjxjd  1 star

This app is so fake I want a refund back

Toni Weinert

What a load of poo  Toni Weinert  1 star

I used this on my son & daughter (8 & 3) I would like my money back ASAP I'm 8 weeks pregnant and would love to see a pic of my own baby not some one else's !! Refund my money !!


I want my money back  Jfkfdjsjzmhd  1 star

Never buy this app it so stupid .


Scam  Sar890  1 star

Do not ever buy this app it is ridiculous. I want my money back!! It says your pregnant everytime. We even put it on my boyfriend and on my leg n says ur pregnant no matter what. What a scam!!


worst app  kjo  1 star

That was the biggest waist of money ever. $1.19 to see a pre-recorded "ultrasound" made out to be your own. What a joke!! I want my money back 


Ultrasound  Deetz2013  1 star

Complete waste of a dollar shows the same picture over and over if or when it does work. Would like my money back! Doesnt even deserve a a star but had to rate it


App blows  Ronbo435967  1 star

Don't waste your money on this app. Does not work. I should have read the reviews before purchasing. Want my money back.

Mrs. BG19

Don't get this  Mrs. BG19  1 star

This app sucked because no matter where you put it on your body it looks to show a baby or even twins this crap is a waste of 💵I want my 💵 back ASAP

Charmaine Custodio

Bs  Charmaine Custodio  1 star

Stupid apps I tried playing with this app I'm not even pregnant then it's show a baby on my iPhone crazy.... I need my money back


Terrible  Myrkis  1 star

This app is terrible and does not work. Want my dollar back, mfrs... Does not work at all and doesn't say is a joke...


Fake  Borabora3224  1 star

Fake. Showed same clip over and over again. No matter where on your body u put it. My bad for falling for it!


Please Update  DancingQueen24  1 star

The app keeps searching please update so it will work for people


Bull  Tanzanika18  1 star

This thing doesn't work it just says still searching for signal and I tried a thousand times


SERIOUS CRAP!!  Lillygrace0712  1 star

this app is crap. it is so lame. I can't believe I waisted my money on this thing. it's awful. if you ask me this should be pulled from the app store. don't fall for it.

C lo - Pac

Wow!  C lo - Pac  1 star

I was dumb enough to buy this. Wow I'm dumb.

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