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Hipstamatic is a world-class photography app and Apple’s original App of the Year!

Shoot beautiful authentic photography and become part of the world’s most creative community, exclusively on iPhone.

• Apple’s very first App of the Year
• The original photo filter app
• The inventor of square filtered mobile photos
• Plus, all of the features below :-)

Digital photography has never looked so analog. Shooting Classic provides beautifully rendered skeuomorphic cameras that transform your experience as you swipe through lenses, flashes, and films.

■ Use Multiple Exposure to shoot multiple images in one shot and get amazing artistic results ■

For the mobile photographer looking for a minimal capture interface with maximum control, shooting Pro gives you ultimate creative control.

■ Manually control focus, white balance, exposure, shutter speed, ISO, and aspect ratio ■

A full editing suite including over 20 professional adjustment tools and 12 signature presets.

• Classic Lens, Film, and Flash
• Crop
• Straighten & Rotate
• Skew
• Exposure
• Clarity
• Definition
• Exposure
• Clarity
• Definition
• Highlights
• Shadows
• Vibrancy
• Fade
• Curves (RGB + Red + Green + Blue)
• Temperature
• Tint
• Depth of field
• Texture
• Grain
• Vignette
• Before & After view by holding down image in edit view
• Undo & Redo by swiping left and right

■ Choose the overall mood of your image with Hipstamatic's signature Lenses, Films, and Flashes, then fine tune with extensive editing tools ■

Create your own Favorite Presets and even share your signature look with others. If you are looking for inspiration hit the shuffle button and explore a world of serendipitous beauty.

• 12 World-class presets
• Customize and edit presets
• Save new presets
• Presets are synchronized across your devices with iCloud
• Share any favorite preset with other photographers

■ Define your signature looks, then quickly apply them to your photos with Copy/Paste support ■

Hipstamatic is fully synchronized with your photo library. Tap on any photo to instantly edit it, and see and organize your photos in either Hipstamatic or Apple Photos.

• Runs natively on iPhone and iPad
• No need to import, just tap and edit
• Quickly Favorite or Delete photos
• Always full resolution
• Save as Separate Files (default) and keep your originals untouched
• Save as non-destructive Versions and streamline your photos with the original safely embedded within the Hipstamatic version (works best with iCloud Photo Library)
• Browse folders created in the Photos app
• Fully synchronized with Photos app and iCloud Photo Library
• View detailed metadata
• View shared image details across social networks (likes, comments, etc.)
• Capture and edit in RAW format

■ Shoot on iPhone and edit on iPad with fully native support and synchronized Favorite Presets via iCloud ■

HipstaMart™ Shop
Browse amazing filter packs available for purchase via the In-App store created by the world’s most talented photo makers. Collaborations from top fashion and street photographers to famous artists like Salvador Dali with new packs available monthly.

Get real physical prints delivered straight to your door. We built this service in 2010 because no service would print square photos, and today PrintLab is still the best square format printing service in the world. Shipping to over 200 countries!

• Print Prints (4”, 7”, 10”)
• 30” Gallery Prints
• Aluminum Prints (10” or 20”)
• Birch Wood Prints (10” or 20”)

Help us make Hipstamatic the best app ever. Send your thoughts & comments to [email protected] or message us anywhere @Hipstamatic

Thanks and welcome to the HipstaFamily!

Hipstamatic App Description & Overview

The applications Hipstamatic was published in the category Photo & Video on 2009-12-10 and was developed by Hipstamatic, LLC. The file size is 140.59 MB. The current version is 354 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• New VHS SnapPak, a glitched-out effect inspired by 1990's VHS cassettes
• Other bug fixes and performance improvements

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Hipstamatic Reviews


Continuously Crashing!  Ziggymay  1 star

Worthless. After sinking who knows how much money into this app over the years, it doesn't even work for me anymore. I get an error that the image didn't render and the pic can't be saved. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!!! Updated 1/9/19: This app could be a lot better than it is, especially when it comes to the Christmas items. Those should be available to purchase during Christmas (not a year later in a pack). Having to trade and swap is annoying because I and I’m sure many others don’t know anyone else who uses the app. If we wanted a social photo app we’d use Instagram or something similar; forced interaction to get lenses and films weakens the app a great deal and makes it unappealing.


Amazing!  mvmv2014  5 star

I’ve been a photographer for many years and have faithfully stuck by my Nikon the whole time. This app has changed all of that for me! So many possibilities! I’ve bought so many paks that I think it’s become an obsession! All of them are high quality. To top everything off, their customer service is amazing! Thanks!

Dorothy Sebastian

The best and most fun camera app!  Dorothy Sebastian  5 star

How can I count the number of ways in which this app is awesome? The infinite number of ways to customize photos? All the super duper (and reasonably priced) Hipsta paks from which to choose? The nifty Xmas freebies? The efficient and fabulous support team (thanks, Allan!)? Now that the glitches of a month or so ago have been solved, this app is perfect again. It’s my go-to and will be forever.

Alexander J. Hovanec

Innovative Suggestions  Alexander J. Hovanec  4 star

This app used to be the glitchiest app in the store. It made you wanna throw your phone at the wall. Use just one of the custom lenses and then switch to another one and the app would crash. I complained about it and the app replied to my review. They owned up to their problem and the app is completely fixed and better than ever. Months later and their ratings shot up. I had to come back and change my old review and I advise everyone else to do so. NOW, and PLEASE listen Hipstamatic, this is just a personal request of mine but I feel it has potential. You guys have introduced so much filtering technology that the combinations and sheer abundance has become overwhelming. I now forget which combo does was and don’t have time to memorize the name of every lens and flash, and memorize what each one does. I have $50 worth of purchases and after months of using the app I still can’t pinpoint what does what. You guys need to sit down and innovate this feature. Figure out a way to order our gear more efficiently. My final complaint is that your lighthouse picture that demonstrates what each lens does doesn’t do any justice. It’s still kinda difficult to figure out a len’s potential when basing it off of the lighthouse. Any who, overall this app is a hobby in itself and you’ll become indefinitely obsessed.


I’ve been using this app since...  mjoeparker  5 star

Before the Dali pak was first available and I love it. I enjoy the insane amount of options they have added. But most of all, I love their support. Allen is the best(cheers,;)). He has helped me with many any issue. I still wish they would bring back the original disposable version. That was my absolute favorite app ever. Allen helped console me through my abandonment issues. You’ll know it’s him, because of the “cheers”. For some reason that instantly “cheers” me up. He definitely keeps me here. Thank you Hipstamatic team, especially you Allen.


My favorite photo app  jobro1356  2 star

However it’s also the one I have the most problems with. I’ve had this app for quite a few years , long before there was a pro version. I used to shoot way more more with it. I still buy every pack and new lens combo. Even with today’s update I still can’t post from the app to Facebook , Twitter or Instagram directly from the app. Nor can I edit any raw photos shot in hipstamatic or any other app including my moment app which shoots in raw. I don’t understand why. ProCamera and camera plus I can post to anything. I’m going to stop using this till it actually works.

Rebecca Ness

Photographic Artist/HipstaJunkie  Rebecca Ness  5 star

I love the versatility of this app. It has improved tremendously through the years and I’ve proudly shown my work in at least six shows dedicated to my iPhone. Thanks!

Stamp Goddess

Could be better-good luck finding your film packs  Stamp Goddess  2 star

I’ve used this program for many years and I have almost every pack and linens/film offered by Hipstamatic.. i have lived through every upgrade since iPhone 3.0. There have been several times that I have lost my gear and Hipstamatic has always been able to restore it. Recently with iPhone X i just found out that the reason why some packs are never available is because they have multiple lenses or multiple film options. Hipstamatic doesn’t want to offer these to you as your favorites because there are too many options. And is also concerned that if you buy Retro packs that the same error can occur and replicate your packs. I’ve had duplicate packs show up in my favorites and I’ve always wondered why I had to delete them… not that big of a deal but I was curious. I guess that now they no longer will, but not having gear show up in your favorites, which is where you find your basic film /lens combo options, is simply unacceptable and the developers need to do something to create an option to either provides one film lens combination with multipacks, perhaps with the caveat that you must add the others manually yourself, or provide them all... or better still program a toggle on packs that provide those multiple options instead of making you wonder where your gear is and forcing you to go go look for the options and try to remember what you’ve bought and figure out why it is missing and load them yourself manually!! As soon as you buy several packs of film you will be truly frustrated when you acquire one of the film packs with multiple films/lenses and have to go find your packs and build them manually. I’ve spent over $100 on this app and this is truly unacceptable for an app with this many options.


No selfie with iPhone X  Fairfaxian  3 star

Selfie cam causes app to quit, no photo. Main camera works perfectly.


Depth of field  رلبعهد  3 star

I mean the depth of field to camera Thank you


Still in love  Alice0705aus  5 star

I was a big user in the early days but not in the past few years. I have recently started using again and have rediscovered how much I enjoy it. Sometimes it crashes but no big deal - I just close the app, and occasionally I have to restart my iPhone. And a shout out to Allan at Hipstamatic support for all the help he gave me to reset my account. Very quick and clear. Yep, still very much in love.


Still keeps crashing after all these years...  fLYINGzuCCHini  3 star

Adding packs, changing film, restoring purchase, you name it.... Random. But constant.


Awesome app  Yoloswaggekejshwgwfw  5 star

Love this app, it’s my fave! A fun way to experiment with photos and tap into your creative side. Any issues are quickly resolved with a simple email. Highly recommend


Crashes After Shooting  Missxstatic  3 star

This has always been a good app and I’ve hardly ever had any problems with it. But today, the app not only crashed (took an image and it crashed immediately, which happened each time), it removed some of the settings I had created (removing what I didn’t want and adding what I wanted) and the new favourites (that I had made prior to taking the snap) didn’t save. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if this didn’t happen, then it’d be worth the constant money raking.


Awesome  jlinden  5 star

‘Nuff said.


fab  Lbj9245  5 star


Mousey Tung

Excellent App  Mousey Tung  5 star

Everyone has a smartphone with almost all the time. With Hipstamatic you now have a cool and fun way to capture pictures. The whole App costs the same as a big coffee as do the bundles. Very affordable for a lot of photo fun.


How is this 5 star?  Agathosune  1 star

All of the reviews are 7 years old. Do not buy this app. I paid $5.99 for this app in a bundle. 6 bucks gets you pretty much nothing and most of the decent looking filters and effects need to be paid for additionally. $1.49 PER lens and film? What am I paying $5.99 for? That’s not what you expect when you pay for $5.99 for an app. Apparently REFUNDS ARE NOT ALLOWED EITHER. DO NOT BUY THIS APP.


Best app ever  IZZYM2013  5 star

What a addictive app I use it for 100% of my iPhone shots I’ve got so many combos A must have app


Amazing  colesy156  5 star

So much you can do... love it


I’m spent a ton on this app.  Edchism19  1 star

How about fixing the app so it’s works. I’ll spend my money elsewhere soon.


Don’t Buy  WWaz74  1 star

Every time I open a picture it shuts down. Biggest waste of money of any app I have purchased.


Crash Crash Crash  jas194  1 star

July 1 2018 update: Deleted and reinstalled Hipstamatic 344 twice today. App still crashes every single time I try to scroll through the photo library. After many months of complaints it is obvious that the developers are either uninterested or unable to fix Hipstamatic. App is deleted for good this time. May 6th 2018 update: Hipstamatic is now up to version 343 and the app still crashes every time I try to scroll through the library. Is this bug ever going to be fixed? Will not spend any money on new lenses/films until the app is in good working order. Mar 14 2018 update: Despite claims that the crashing problem described below have been looked at, Hipstamatic crashes every single time I try to scroll through the library. This has been happening for many months. On the bright side there is now a very irritating in-app ad that can’t be dismissed. Hey, Hipstamatic, what is my motivation to buy something new from you when your current product doesn’t work and you show no interest in fixing it? Jan 4 2018 update: Hipstamatic still crashing every time I start scrolling through the library. iPhone 8 w/ latest versions of the app and iOS. App crashes every time I try to scroll through the photo library. This is such an obvious problem, why did nobody catch it before release?


Crashing when trying to select a camera roll pic  ssperry57  1 star

It’s crashing every time I try to bring in an existing photo from the camera roll. As soon as I start scrolling through photos, it’s just exits to the desktop screen.


crashes and I echo everyone here!  reallybadartist  2 star

I love love love this app. I wish it worked with all iphones. I still have an iphone 6S. Is this the problem?


Love the app bcoz its unique  Ranjit.RR  5 star

Great support and quick response


Used to love this app  HTY67  1 star

This was always a great app but I crashes constantly on my iPhone 8. I’m running iOS 11.4.

Lash in Virginia

Wild Versitility  Lash in Virginia  5 star

Hipstamatic has depths that one should explore. One can download combos (lens, film, flash, & adjustments) and then apply them to your photos, plus one can call up the editing tools to put a spin on an image. While Hipstamatic excels at being simple and fun, one can also explore its hidden complexity.


Crashing!!  2cowboy1  1 star

App crashes constantly while attempting to edit or even open existing photos. Using the latest iOS with iPad Air 2. This app still consistently continues to crash when scrolling through Photos library. What’s the point of having editing tools if the app won’t stay open?


Impressed  Boricubana  5 star

I first got this app back in 2011. I love it but didn’t like that I couldn’t tweak photos I took without the app. I took it out and recently got it back. I absolutely love that I can now edit pics without having to take pics through the app!!! Keep it up!!!


Fantastic app  abyskings  5 star

Love this app, fantastic variety of filters. One of the best photography apps out there.


Fantastic app  abyskings  5 star

Love this app, fantastic variety of filters. One of the best photography apps out there.


Disappointed with new update  Aaronaki  4 star

I've written before here about how amazing this app is and how I use it exclusively to take photos on my phone, about how much use and enjoyment I get from it for the very small amount of money I've spent on it, about the fact I've a 30x30" print hanging in my house which I ordered using the great print lab service and love, etc etc. I gotta say though, yours was the iOS 7 update I was most looking forward to seeing, especially after seeing the gorgeous oggl app. That app is fun and simple in appearance and things like downloading paks through it, favouriting pix and following users is well thought out and looks great. But then apart from any of the background compatibility stuff that came with the hipstamatic update, the only difference was a "7" pak that you have to pay for that gives a couple of gimmicky coloured flashes and a flat look cover, which all the previously rendered lenses sit awkwardly on top of. Wasn't this the perfect opportunity to make your two apps more cohesive both in look and in operation? At this stage of the game, the old analog layout is clunky and hinders the spontaneity of taking pix (slide the slider, select the lens, film, flash, etc). The oggl interface works far better and looks so much better aswell. The point of this app is to take great pictures (and that it does) not to pretend you're using an old camera. I feel slightly cheated by the charge to give the app a lick of paint, and now feel like my very favourite app is out of sync with the rest of my phone.


Awful  Garyt81  1 star

Waste of money, picture quality is crap. Much better free apps that do the same thing


awesome app  Lise2002  5 star

LOVE LOVE LOVE this app. so well worth the few shillings. Great picture formats!


Whatever  wvanv  1 star

Won't allow FB sharing without allowing it to advertise on your behalf, can't save photos to your library, utter waste of money!


Waste of money  IgorPL  1 star

Fewer filters available for the asking price than in other, often free apps... On the whole it feels unnecessarily gimmicky too.


Great app.  Renot108  5 star

I have been using Hipstamatic for quite some time now. Lovely variety of lenses and films. My Favourite aspect is the ability to set favourites. Can't understand the complaints about the small viewfinder. Obviously from people too young to remember "real" cameras. Also unlike Instagram this app is not just a gimmick. I think people will tire of IG long before this.

Maya Petrovic

Well worth the money  Maya Petrovic  5 star

Great app, love the variety and style of the films, lens and flash combos. Thanks for the occasional freebie, keep it up!


Why?  EddieQ  1 star

Seriously, Instagram is free and better, and has a great community. Tadaa is free and has great filters and effects and a great community. This is a paid app and is not as good. The picture viewer is tiny! I cant imagine who thought it would be more enjoyable to use about an eighth of the screen to compose a picture! Why would you take a great camera phone like the iPhone and use an app as poor as this?

Hipstamatic Comments

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