iRewardChart: Parents Reward Tracker Chore chart

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iRewardChart makes it easy to reward your children for good behavior and keep them motivated.

1. Type their name,

2. Select a few tasks from our list of suggestions, and

3. Reward their accomplishments with a single tap in the weekly chart

When stars have been earned, your child can pick from the default list of suggested rewards, or you can setup your own custom rewards especially tailored for each of your children, like "$2 Pocket Money" or "One Hour Of TV".

Children love to feel responsible, challenged and respected. But most children don't like being told what to do... iRewardChart also allows you to set up abstract goals like "Patience" and "Sharing With Others", so rewards teach the virtues you want your child to learn.

iRewardChart includes a backup and sync service, so that parents and children can share their chart across the devices. Our sync services is FREE to use, and uses Dropbox, which is also free.

"iRewardChart" is a full featured free version with only the following limitations:

- It supports a maximum of one child.
- It supports a maximum of four tasks per week

Please consider buying the in-app Premium Feature that allows unlimited children and tasks if the basic version is helpful to you.

iRewardChart: Parents Reward Tracker Chore chart App Description & Overview

The applications iRewardChart: Parents Reward Tracker Chore chart was published in the category Shopping on 2009-12-01 and was developed by Gotclues, Inc. The file size is 44.26 MB. The current version is 3.6 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Free NEW sync feature works across all your iOS devices
- Per-task and per-child customisable stickers
- Collaborate with teachers or family members on one or more children
- Few critical bugs fixed.

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Keeps crashing and other issues  JadieG  2 star

Latest version keeps crashing. Issues with login and auth errors. Aside from latest version, I can't back date a reward entry. I can't give a reward to my son and allow points to go negative. Response to another reviewer, you just hold the star to subtract it if you accidentally add one. Many of the screens aren't real intuitive and you have to stumble through how to use them. It also feels like the person that coded the points portion is different than the person who recorded the rewards area. They are completely different and it is like learning two different apps.

Baker fam bam

I like the app helps me get ideas  Baker fam bam  4 star

I like the ideas about the whole chart app just not sure what to do one the whole rewards Stars crowns flower parts for achievements for the children chart but I do like the app nice app


Started crashing  Nonickname!!!!  1 star

Newest version crashes when opened rendering unusable.

Rutgers nurse

Not a fan.  Rutgers nurse  2 star

I have a 7 year old and a 4 year old and this app is NOT good for them. The kids earn a certain number of points for each assigned task then the rewards equal a certain number of points. To keep my little ones engaged I do the points on a weekly basis and do not let them carry over but this app does not allow an easy way to clear out the balance. Also if you accidentally tap a task there is no way to undo it, so now you're kid has extra stars that they didn't earn. I contacted them on this and never heard back. I don't find that it's user friendly at all.


The recent update messes everything up! Please fix!  jj999888  1 star

The most recent update messes up all the tasks! Some appeared twice! The order was all wrong. I fixed everything and then when I opened it back up, the order is all wrong again.


Junk  Bookman1995  1 star

Sync feature doesn't work, nor does collaborate - how are two parents supposed to work together on this thing if they can't see the same kids???!!!! Can't believe I wasted $3 on this POS


Encouraging and I love it  Powpowmachete13  5 star

My daughter loves this app. It's encouraging and keeps her on track. The noise for earning and losing a star can be extremely motivating for a nearly 7 year-old. Lol. Very glad I came across this app. You can edit tasks and rewards simply. Very user friendly.


Best Sticker Chart App! Worth the payed version.  Ejm20  5 star

I started with sticker pop (which is really simple and works if you only have one child), but this one is so much easier to organize. I love that you can edit tasks and rewards. It takes a little playing around to get the hang of it, but then super easy! This is a great positive reinforcement tool to help kids with chores and behaviors that need improvement.

Gulf Ted

Easy to use  Gulf Ted  5 star

Friend introduced me to the app. It's simple and easy to use.


Costs  Techlogix  3 star

It's not free $4 to use the app


Disappointed  amyzhippo  1 star

We bought this app so we could track our kids behaviors and rewards. It works great on one phone, however, we have never been able to sync anything as promised. Continued messaging from the developer has been that it's coming, we are sorry, etc. Would be great if they followed through as I paid for this.


Sync doesn't work  spamhater1007  1 star

Don't buy this app!!! Sync feature hasn't worked for at least 7 months. It keeps saying they are aware of the problem and will fix it. That message has been popping up for the past 6+months and it's still not fixed. I'll post an updated review once they fix the problem.


Loved it but stopped working  ellewright13  1 star

Have had no response from customer service after multiple attempts to contact and haven't been able to use in over a month. Buying something different now.


Everyone is right - App doesn't work  RRZJF  1 star

You can download it and may be able to open for a second, but then shuts down immediately. Don't waste your time.


Get sync working  mrsbrick  1 star

It says they are working on the sync feature, but it has been saying that for who knows how long. I want the ability to sync! The rest of the app is okay, pretty easy to use.


Need to fix problems  Mdfarouk  1 star

I loved this app at first but the sync stopped working for the past 6 months !!


App Does Not Open  c.myhre  1 star

Like other users stated, the app will not open. Needs to be fixed!

This app is sooo stupid

Horrible!!!!  This app is sooo stupid  1 star

Downloaded it & tried using it but it will not allow me to open it!!!! Total bummer! 👎🏻


Doesn't load!!  Heycupcakebham  1 star

Don't DL! Doesn't work


Horrible horrible do not buy it  NikiJacob1970  1 star

The customer service is horrible. They will never respond. I bought this loving it but it stopped working. I contacted CS and never in the 4 times I write did I ever get a respond. There's wasted money so I downloaded it again on a new phone. Same thing!! Used it cannot restore my initial purchase. Delete!!! This company n software is horrible!!

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